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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  May 18, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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santa clara county. that's the county that really is at the forefront of controversial covid mitigation measures. kron four's rob nesbitt reports on how the public health director there says the nation would be in a better place, said other areas followed her lead. the country's first known covid deaths happened in santa clara county on february 6, 2020 because the public health department here to do a lot of first and why doctor cody continues to recommend precautions for more than 2 years. the covid statistics have been daunting this week the cdc confirmed that 1 million people in the u.s. have died from the virus. it is very difficult to comprehend. doctor sara cody says the restrictions she put in place at the beginning of the pandemic, help santa clara county avoid a high mortality rate and something other should have learned from. >> this other communities had fared as well as we have relatively speaking, hundreds of thousands of people would still be alive in the united states. hundreds of thousands.
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she says santa clara county didn't just have stricter rules, but ones that most residents followed keeping the death toll to 2,281 people as of wednesday. really this region >> you know, at every turn really stepped from sheltering in their homes at the beginning of the pandemic. when we had really no other tools available, stepping up and getting vaccinated to wearing their masks. she says the current rise in covid cases is due to a subvariant of omicron that spreads more easily than omicron. >> the number of positive cases being reported aren't as high as the january surge. but doctor cody continues to stress the importance of being up to date with vaccinations testing when sick masking indoors that none of these layers are 100%. >> they are. none of them are perfect. and that's why you have to use many of them together. >> doctor cody says those santa clara county's mortality rate is lower than most other counties. there were more covid deaths here last year
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than all other infectious disease deaths combined over the last decade in san jose. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. a new report is saying that the world may not be learning any important lessons from the pandemic. according to a panel set up by the world health organization, we are no better prepared for a new pandemic than we were when coronavirus hit back in 2019. this panel says there's a lack of progress on forms like international health regulations, meaning the world is as vulnerable as ever. the authors say some progress has been made, including more robust funding for the w h o. but they say the process has been far too slow and the response to another pandemic could actually be worse because of the financial constraints. many countries are dealing with right now. >> the cdc has updated covid safety guidelines for domestic travel people traveling around the u.s. are now urged to get tested for covid is close to the time of their trip is possible. health officials say no more than 3 days before you
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depart. that includes people who are fully vaccinated and boosted the cdc also recommends getting a test after the trip, especially if you've been in large crowds. the agency. he's also reminding travelers to be aware of local covid rules where ever you are headed. selena gomez and young mental health influencers chatted with doctor jill biden, surgeon general vivek murthy today. >> about the need to have real conversations surrounding mental health. the event was a collaboration between him tv and the first lady. activists say they want to go biondi stigmatizing mental health issues and work on increasing access to resources. they're pushing for more education and funding for services like therapy and school counseling advocate diana chao says that the best method is getting ahead of mental health problems before it's too late. >> we don't want to be just reactive to mental illness. we want to be proactive about mental well-being. 50 1% of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 14. and so by the time we talk about
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what happens afterwards, that's a conversation that's too late. >> an online survey conducted c found that nearly half of all high schoolers certain who were surveyed help persistently sad or hopeless. major development tonight as millions of families struggle to get baby formula just a short time ago, as we mentioned, president biden invoked the defense production act to speed up production of infant formula for washington, d.c., correspondent raquel martin joins us now live. raquel, big development tonight. the formula shortage, though, has been going on for weeks now. and some people say. >> what took so long for the president to act. >> good evening will. that's right. and we know that this is been a matter of life and death for many families already at least 2 infants have been sent to the hospital because of this baby formula shortages. why the white house and lawmakers are really taking things into high gear right now, looking for any solutions to try and speed up production and get formula back on shelves. late
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wednesday, president biden announced he will invoke the wartime defense production act to require private companies to help ramp up supply. a baby formula. also on tonight's announcement from the white house plans to make it easier for foreign manufacturers to sell formula in the u.s. in a letter to the hhs secretary, president biden says, quote, >> this will ensure that we're using every available tool to get american families, swifter access to the infant formula they need. we're going to keep working on this and focusing on this until. >> every family, every child can get the formula that they need. the house will be in order. lawmakers on capitol hill are also kicking things into high gear. we are laser-focused. wednesday. house lawmakers move to advance the plan giving low-income families more flexibility to buy different types of formula through government programs. think about and being a mother. you need to feed your baby, connecticut. congresswoman rosa delauro says the plan. >> also gives the fda 28 million dollars in
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emergency funding to fix the supply problem and prevent another one from happening. if the crux of this is providing infrastructure, if you will. >> in order to do what needs to get done, this is a catastrophe. but republicans like texas senator ted cruz, a the fda's involvement, has done more harm than good. we need to stop these asinine regulatory barriers and a missouri republican senator josh hawley says he wants to hold hearings to get to the bottom of the shortage. i can't figure out what in the world is going on at the fda or abbott for that matter. i got a lot of questions. >> right now it's unclear if there isn't a bipartisan by and for this legislation to get all the way to the president's desk. many republicans are pushing back saying they're not on board with the expensive price tag. for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> thank you, raquel. coming up tonight, tiger back on the prowl. how woods is preparing for it. his second major tournament since nearly losing
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money will be pooled between the men's and women's teams and split among all the players. players. we'll also get revenue generated by u.s. soccer federation matches including broadcast money. >> this deal is going to have ramifications throughout the entire world. you know, it's game changing moment here in the u.s., but it has the potential to change how international soccer and international sport do business. >> this comes after a lawsuit for equal pay and gender discrimination was settled between the u.s. soccer federation and members of the women's national team. and in golf, tiger is a go for the pga championship tees off tomorrow. it will be the second major woods is competing in since making his comeback after that. a horrific car accident which was some of the year and a half ago. now, last month at the masters, woods made the cut and he was dealing with that rugged terrain at augusta national, extremely hilly. this time he'll be playing at the southern hills course in
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oklahoma, which is a bit flatter, but it is still southern hills. a tiger has the leg. >> this could be limitations and there's lot of hardware in there. and and they're certainly limitations to what i'm going to be able to do. and i'm going get stronger. i don't know how much that is or how much range of motion ever get back. shows us how a better than was. you don't want to go. >> yeah, tiger get the biggest bet was made on tiger woods today. a $20,000 cash bet made over the counter at caesars. the cosmopolitan in vegas, 60 to one odds to win. so that guy who spent $20,000, if tiger wins, he'll get 1.2 million dollars, a lot of money there. tigers scheduled to tee off just after 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. >> still ahead, senator alex padilla pushing to protect dreamers whose time in the u.s. might be running out. more on the calls for
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meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c.
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2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours. >> hundreds of thousands of young people who came to the u.s. under their parents visas. they face deportation when they age out of the system. our washington correspondent alexandra limon reports on the issue and on legislation that proponents say would help these young people and the u.s. job market. >> democratic lawmakers are pushing for a bill to protect the young immigrants not covered by dhaka who call themselves documented dreamers. i'm scared. >> when i graduate may ph d
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that i would have to self deport to india. they came to the u.s. legally on their parents visa as their parents, green card applications are stocked and backlogs that are sometimes more than 50 years long once they turn. 21, these young people lose their legal status. you now have to self deport to a councry that you may have no wreck recollection of if they remain in the u.s. they become undocumented immigrants. more than 200,000 documented dreamers across the country who are living in limbo. senator durbin says the u.s. needs the soon to be young professionals. think about how many times we've been told. we don't have the workforce. we need. >> we're desperate to find people to fill the jobs. while congress has been unable to pass comprehensive immigration reform for decades, this group of democrats is hopeful that this more legislation has a real shot at passing. the bill would allow people like millie
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herrera to apply for green cards aging out of the 21 means instructing my path in higher education. it makes applying to college is a lot more complicated and it makes my future a moving target with bipartisan co-sponsors. supporters believe the legislation pen get enough votes to become law in washington. >> alexandra limon. >> now to the latest from ukraine. the first war crimes trial is happening in connection to the invasion today. a russian soldier pleaded guilty to killing a 62 year-old ukrainian citizen back in march. but shishimarin was arrested allegedly shooting the ukrainian man in the head. he faces life in prison if convicted ukraine, along with the u.s. and others in the international community have accused russia of atrocities during its war on ukraine. they say they've identified more than 10,000 possible war crimes. russia has denied targeting civilians and has accused ukraine of
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staging the atrocities. nba commissioner adam silver is working side by side with the wnba to try to bring brittney griner home from russia. >> silver says the nba was following the advice of experts when it did not take a more aggressive approach during the early stages of griner's to tension. he says the league has been in touch with the white house and the state department working towards her release. the biden administration says it griner is being wrongfully detained currently faces drug smuggling charges that carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in russian prison. the justice department is now asking the committee investigating the january 6th insurrection. >> to hand over transcripts of witness testimony, including some testimony from associates of former president donald trump. according to multiple media reports, officials want the transcripts to help in a justice department investigation into the storming of the capitol. federal prosecutors have been operating on a separate track
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from house lawmakers. and so far the 2 sides have not shared information. >> a former minneapolis police officer involved in george floyd's death pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges. thomas lane held floyd's legs down during the final restraint unrest back in 2020 instead of facing murder charges. lane agreed to plead guilty to second-degree manslaughter and aiding second-degree unintentional murder. both prosecutors and lane's lawyers have recommended a sentence of 36 months in prison. he and 2 other officers were already convicted on federal charges. flight data from a black box recovered from the wreckage of a china eastern flight indicates. >> someone crashed the plane on purpose. this is according to the wall street journal. it says information from the black box suggests someone in the cockpit push the controls of the boeing plane into a nosedive. 132 people died when the jet slammed into a mountainside in southeastern
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china back in late march, survivors of last year's called or fire are pleading with president biden to give them emergency funding. >> but we will rebuild with is what we have. you know, can get from our property and our land. and other than that, we have my kids do for each. but his play sports. we can keep our pay here. we have no water. everything. you know, he's been ripped apart. >> fema denied grizzly flats, residents, individual assistance, which would have funded needs like temporary housing and emergency home repairs. only president biden has the ability to overturn fema's decision. >> the national weather service has put out its wild fire potential outlook for june and it's not good. the bay area and much of northern california are at a greater than usual chance for significant wildfire. that's the red area you see on your screen. we're not alone. we have seen a few showers this
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spring. yes, but no significant rainfall in the bay area since october and december's atmospheric rivers. a little storm there in early january. but temperatures this week expected to climb into the 90's in some spots they already have. and there's a fire weather watch an parts of the north bay tomorrow and into friday. all right. check in with chief lawrence karnow. yeah, it. >> any relief yet know really tiny. now we're just headed into those dry summer months. and so here we go. we felt the temperatures warming up today, kind of getting a taste of things to come. yeah, gorgeous all the way. the coastline got nice. clear skies out there all the way to the beaches today. the temperatures. i mean, it just very, very nice. even along the coastline today we've got red flag warnings going up, though, starting a thursday morning at 11:00am a slow county. you're looking at some gusty winds there. 15, the 30 mile an hour sustained, maybe gusting 40, maybe 50 miles per hour. the humidity dropping way down to into the a single by off, especially on friday as that's when we'll
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see that real strong northerly wind kicking in. want to show you the long-range forecast model for the temperature outlook for the summer. this is through june, july and august and you'll notice more that big heat dome right there over colorado. you get a new mexico parts of texas stretching back into nevada. california, though, looks like we're kind of on the edge here. in fact, it kind of just get as equal chances. if you throw in the forecast long, the new there's a chance we could see below normal temperatures, especially near the coastline. let's just hope for that as that. hopefully suppress some of the fire conditions, but things will be picking up. you see him picking up again today. here's our fire forecast model and you can see some of the yellow. the orange already showing up today by tomorrow afternoon. it will be more. so in fact, we're going to see a much stronger northerly wind kicking in around the bay area. and that is going to make for some blustery conditions and dangerous fire danger as we head through that period. so we've got to take some extra care. that's not like it's a severe situation like you'll see and not august and september and into october. but you get the winds
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that are going to be that strong in the air that dry, it doesn't matter. we could see fires burning of something get started. so be extra careful out there. we're seeing a sea breeze now, 20 almost 30 miles an hour into san francisco. we've got a cold front coming to town this. what school going to generate all the winds outside? there's not much to it. it's a dry cold front. so it's going to come through string to the bay area. probably drop the temperatures a little bit. but by tomorrow afternoon it's going to kick up. the winds are going to see those winds really getting going specially late thursday into friday. here's a forecast model for some of those winds taking you through time. gusty winds expected on shore breeze is out toward the coastline. but look at this. you get that northerly wind inland and that's what we're worried about. those winds are really going to ramp up as we head into friday. look at all the colors out there, the purple that's representing winds over 40 miles per hour going. watch it very closely. fire danger running high for at least the next couple of days. all right, lawrence. up next, taylor swift addressing the graduating class of 2022 at yankee stadium. >> what she has to say during
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her commenceme you know, if
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you ever listen to us, taylor swift, who knew that she was late talks about sings about her said turmoil in her life will today. >> she talked about it at the college graduation ceremony. >> we are led by our gut instincts. her intuition our desires and fears are scars and our dreams. >> and you will screw it up.
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sometimes. so a and when i do, you will most likely read about it on the internet. >> the musical superstar spoke at the end. why use commencement ceremonies at yankee stadium during the echo there? she recalled how she's been criticized by some as she grew up in the music industry and encourage the young grads to let the negativity in your life go. she said hard things will happen to us. we will recover. we will learn from it. we will grow more resilient because of it. swift receives an honorary doctorate at the ceremony. yeah. the message et it it's near a song about that frozen. let it go. yeah throws and that's not taylor swift. no, it's not. and that wraps his hit 5 of flies. thanks for being with us this hour. a lot more ahead. coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 6. catherine and ken are here with that. yeah, very down to >> all right. thank you.
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coming up at 6 o'clock of the state of the department were talking about the san jose police department. the chief laying out reform plans after syria's of >> controversies involving his officers. and it is tipoff time for the as they take on the dallas mavericks in game one of the western conference finals. we're live at chase center. fans showed up to get ready for all the action go. dobson ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. the news of coming up next.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching 4 news at 6. >> and now it's 6. the game is on. the warriors host, the dallas mavericks game, one of the western conference finals, the biggest series, by the way, chase center has ever seen. hello, everybody. thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news at 6. i'm catherine heenan and i'm ken wayne. the bay is buzzing tonight and of course, hoping that the blue and gold can take care of business as they continue their quest for. >> yet another nba championship, we're going to be following all the activities all night long. but first, a kron four's gayle ong is a inside chase center. and gail, i know you've been talking to fans. what are you hearing? >> well, catherine, and just a moment ago, but fans were chanting go as they're going


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