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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  May 18, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> a teenage pedestrian and in a city was killed in a hit and run over the weekend. and police are now asking for help from the community in finding that driver kron four's haaziq madyun has the latest on the investigation. a white cross candles and flowers marks the site of the roadside memorial where 15 year-old james rebar and was killed by a hit with a drive. it happened saturday at around 02:14am. at the intersection of emperor, a drive that highway 12 in sassoon cities. >> it's just comprehend any time we lose a life, but especially one so young. >> jaden barrett is the spokesperson for the fairfield sassoon unified school district. he says gave borrow was a student at our meal high school. he talks about support services available for those who are in mourning. our hearts really out to the or the family that's been affected by this hit and it's
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really taking a toll on the entire district, especially the sites and we're offering all that we can to help support both the family and the students who are with james. the superintendent said crime for a statement that reads, quote, the fairfield to sun unified school district, our staff and our students are deeply saddened over the tragic loss of james rebar. >> our thoughts and condolences go out to his family members and for is quote, i see i got i got a candle over there for him. >> richard zakaria says lives a short distance from the scene of the deadly collision. it was set to learn that the teen lost his life. you know, it could someone son. you know, some others, child, it could have anybody's day. >> investigators with the sassoon police departments say they are searching for clues to what exactly happened. police say they do know that james was walking home after visiting with when he was hit by a vehicle and the driver did not stop. there are no
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cameras at this intersection. however, police officials say that they are following up on several leads in the investigation. anyone with information is asked to contact soon. police has it lead. kron. 4 news. the country is still reeling from the racist violence and buffalo, new york. >> today, san francisco da chesa boudin lead a rally against hatred and violence and among the people joining in city supervisors, police officials, faith leaders. the da says his first priority is to crackdown on ghost guns. he says his office has filed a lawsuit against manufacturers that was last year, but says now it is time to turn up the heat. >> we must do more. we must go faster. so i commit to you today. before next monday. we will file a motion to move aggressively forward and that goes can case to put the pressure on the court and on the manufacturers that are
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profiting off of pain and suffering and violence in our community. shame on them. >> says he is also planning to push for more victim resources in city budgets and says he's working with the department of justice to crack down on gun possession for prior offenders. we are less than 3 weeks away from the midterm elections here in california, a new poll is shedding light on just how voters in san francisco feel about. >> some of the city's biggest issues. kron 4 stephanie lin breaks it all down. >> voters are not happy with the state of the city. that's according to the latest city beat poll. a survey done by the san francisco chamber of commerce and dignity health. check it out. just 20% say the city is heading in the right direction. 76% of surveyed voters say the city is on the wrong track and 83% of voters say crime has gotten worse. 55% of surveyed voters say crime and public safety is a major issue. a number that rose 9% from just last year.
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nearly half of respondents say they are likely to move out of san francisco in the next few years. and 25% say they'll do so because of crime, dignity. health also asked people about the policies that matter most to them. 78% of voters said they wanted to see more enforcement of existing laws banning open air drug dealing and 75% of surveyed voters said increasing the number of police and high crime areas should be a priority. most voters also said they are in favor of opening new mental health centers for those dealing with drug abuse. here's reaction from dignity health spokesperson. >> these are not numbers. we're getting more. this is not lime even let steven. america is still the city's. that's why over many generations only because accents challenges and rest.
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we've got a national health crisis in this country. we had be he's san francisco is up in many wonderful ways immunity from the the numbers also do not look good for san francisco. dha dean. >> he faces a recall election in just a few weeks and 67% of surveyed people said they will vote to recall him. >> dignity health says these results show san francisco voters are paying attention to changes in policy and want to know about resources addressing their concerns, meaning there will likely be a lot of eyes and ears on the candidates and measures on the midterm ballot in the newsroom. stephanie lin con for news. in national news. a former minneapolis police officer has pleaded guilty in connection to the death of george floyd. >> thomas lane. he was the officer who held floyd's legs
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down during that 2020 arrest instead of facing murder charges, he agreed to plead guilty to second degree manslaughter and aiding second-degree unintentional murder. both the prosecution and defense attorneys are recommending a prison sentence of 3 years. lane and 2 other officers were already convicted on federal charges. lane has not yet been sentenced in the federal case. now to our 4 zone forecast as we step outside on what's been a really nice day and evening around on the whole bay area. you're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, which is really quiet right now. yeah. depending on where you were. got pretty warm. did. yeah. i mean, it was it was hot specially we're back in the 90's are going to back off just a little bit. but >> not done with the real heat yet. we've got more on the way as we head in toward the weekend. but beautiful skies out there right now on a mostly clear all the way to the coastline. little ways. developing out toward the golden gate bridge. you see it out there, but no to fog as of yet. but it's going to still
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be hot in the central valley tomorrow. 97 degrees in fresno about 96 in bakersfield numbers will back off a little bit. you'll see a little bit of a sea breeze in the sacramento. all about still hot. 91 and the san francisco's to the upper 70's. you're backing off into the 80's by tomorrow afternoon. still breezy along the coastline. 65 degrees. and sunny in daly city and look at the 66 in millbrae. 67 in burlingame, as you work way inside the peninsula. the temperatures in the 60's and the 70's, the south bay enjoy beautiful weather. warm temperatures well in the 70's, but no 90's. there for tomorrow. still some mid 80's well inland around the bay area, especially in the interior valleys and then looks like as we head in toward the next couple days. temperatures can start to come back just a bit. in fact, as we get into saturday and sunday, high pressure builds back in sunny and warm, getting hot in the next week. back in the nineties on monday and tuesday. thank you, lawrence. today, house lawmakers heard from experts about what a post roe v wade america would look like. the hearing comes after a leaked supreme court draft opinion
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shows the justices are poised to overturn roe v wade. democrats are pushing for congress to quickly pass a bill that would grant abortion rights nationwide. republicans say they don't support that. new york democratic congressman jerry nadler told lawmakers on the house judiciary committee that if the leak supreme court draft opinion is issued and roe v wade is overturned, the impact will be, quote, devastating. exacerbate an already dire crisis and abortion care accident. we will fight for legislation at every level of government. >> to protect women's health. >> democrats say congressional action is urgent. the high court is expected to issue its final decision within the next 2 months. >> so i had that crazy high price really should have been a big red flag. what was saying about a listing for the victorian home made famous by the full house tv show.
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>> zillow says the famous full house, a victorian home in san francisco is not for sale. it was listed this morning for the crazy price of 37 million dollars. the listing was a fake. they're not sure how it happened. it was quickly removed. said in the statement that does use different tools to try to prevent bad information going online. clearly didn't work this time. the problem was not discovered until it had been posted.
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house known from the tv show full house. it is in san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood. it was last sold in october of 2020 for 5.4 million dollars. coming up in sports giant streak of wins against the rockies comes to an end. sports director jason dumas says has highlights plus. >> he's live at chase center with a warriors update. coming up. oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what?
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> as a down in the belly of beast of the chase center. obviously we have the game going on right now. before we get to the actual score, i want to show you this t-shirt right here. obviously the first 2 rounds you guys saw that everyone was wearing black t-shirts. now the warriors won both series, but the fans they were asking me on twitter. they were e-mailing me. where are the gold church that they had at oracle? it looks like the warriors listened. so it's a sea of gold out there in the concourse and in the actual stands. so it gives us that oracle feel even though we're here at chase center. now let's get to the score. we're midway through the 2nd quarter of this one right now. and the warriors are winning. 35 to 30. it's been a great game. they've been playing great defense for luka doncic. of
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course, steph curry and company didn't play well. jordan poole also >> had a couple of big shots. reggie bullock, he just hit a shot. so it's a two-point game. we've got your live but guess what? the warriors? they aren't the only show in town. we had the giants and a's in action. let's start with the giants. barry, colorado. they had one well straight coming into this game. we're going go to second ending mike, to stretch a up the middle. brandon crawford scores to make it 2 to one rockies. the giants eventually took the lead on a couple of sac flies. bottom of the 8th. tie game cj takes jose alvarez deep to right and way out of the bleachers. that's a 2 run homerun rockies. take a 5, 3, lead. that was your final score. the giant streak is over in colorado at 12. how about the a's over there across the bay bridge from
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where i'm at right now. they were taking on the twins, a little man in a baseball. this one got ugly for oakland. pretty quick. rise. he hits a high fly to left center. chad pender. can't get it. that makes it 5 to 2. 6 inning, 8 to 2. ryan jeffers live one into left. run scores. there's a play at the plate. but christian bethancourt can hang on to it. twins win. tended go down. 14 for oakland has lost their last 7 games. guess what? this weekend, we're going to have soccer on you can catch the san francisco glance this weekend on our live streaming platform. kron on the glens will take on the marine legends. fc this saturday, 03:00pm. and guess what? our very own kylen
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mills. he is on the call. so that's going to be a lot of fun. that's saturday at 3 on kron on now. guys, before i go. chase in oracle, it's been compared a lot. chase is different. you know, it's kind of like an experience. obviously got the warriors, great team in town. but some of the places where you can get food is crazy. it's like you're fine dining in an arena right now in that room for dessert. and they took me up some desserts right here. we have a milkshake. that's a that's a cheesecake on top of that milkshake. they're right here. this is chicken and waffles, chicken. a waffle cone. so catherine, ken? i'm sorry to make you guys jealous right now about take a sip of my milk shake. we're live in. good out here at chase. i miss you guys in the studio. but i see you guys tomorrow. see you guys tomorrow. back to you guys. yeah. no, he's not missing us very much about the 7. good time. thank you, jason. a landmark equal pay deal has been reached in the
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world of sports. the u.s. soccer federation is announcing a historic bargaining agreement. >> that will pay its men's and women's teams equally the world cup prize money will be pooled between the men's and women's teams and split equally. among all the players. players will also get revenues generated by u.s. soccer federation matches, including lucrative broadcast money. >> this deal is going to have ramifications throughout the entire world. you know, it's game changing moment here in the u.s., but it has the potential to change how international soccer and international sport do business. >> this comes after a lawsuit for equal pay and gender discrimination was settled between the u.s. soccer federation and members of the women's national team. not our 4 zone forecast as we step outside and show you what looks like a really warm sfo know does that lawrence is here the long-range summer forecast. i want to hear this. you know, jason, have that. what was that cheesecake on? top of the milk shaking that
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might come in handy this may not want to have too many, but it looks like it's going to be pretty toasty across the western half. the united states. here's your long range forecast. this takes you through a june july. >> an august and so you get a lot of union this. what happens? sometimes you get a big dome of high pressure sitting across much of the west and there you go. you can see just baking and above normal temperatures through colorado and utah stretching in nevada while right in the bay area in california can see a fall in white part right there. that is equal chances. that means probably not going to be that hot. in fact, with a la nina sometimes will get cooler than normal summers. and that's all we can hope for us. we've got fire conditions running high already in out there tonight. we've got a sea breeze beginning to kick in outside a beautiful evening out there. lots of sunshine around the bay area. the temperatures very, very nice. still, 88 degrees in la mora hot. 91 still in concord and pittsburgh. 93 in brentwood, 71 in san francisco. 71 in
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oakland, 88 degrees in nevada right now in 81 in petaluma. we've got a cold front that's going to drop to the bay area as we head in toward tomorrow. it's a dry system. it's going to kick up the winds outside. and so we're some cooler temperatures, i think around the bay area tomorrow, a little bit anyway, you'll be back. so the hot 90's will be back in the 80 so warm still inland spots. 86 in live more about 88 in the app about 85 degrees in santa rosa. still 60's in the san francisco. but we've got to watch out for the winds with dry cold front. those winds really going start with and starting tomorrow, especially in the north and parts of the east bay, right through of the delta county temperatures are going to be a running a little bit cooler over the next couple days. then we heat back up on saturday and sunday and by next week we're talking more 90's on monday and tuesday. thank you, lawrence. coming up, lawmakers want the irs to treat americans fairly why they fear the tax system is split into 2 tiers.
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>> for your money tonight, the irs might be treating people differently based on income. the federal accountability office says taxpayers who make more than $200,000 a year. our audited less often. then households of low and moderate income lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are calling on the irs to make the system more fair. >> millionaires, billionaires
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at vastly different experiences with the irs. and the average american. >> why does the irs focus on lower-income order? it's rather than those of the wealthy. >> the irs says it is trying to improve service saying it's working on a huge backlog and modernizing the agency for your health tonight. it's estimated that more than 3 million americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year. >> that's according to the american cancer society and the american society of clinical oncologists. the groups say the vast majority about 3.3 million americans will have basil cell or school, a squamous cell carcinoma while a little under 100,000 will have the less common. but the more dangerous melanoma. there is some good news, though. experts say melanoma is killing fewer people likely due to new treatments. >> and that wraps up kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock. and you want to spread some more sun
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