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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  May 19, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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3, 7, you see every walk of life. every color of the rainbow. everyone is there just loving the food in the community. in light of the novel's passing the restaurant released a statement saying, quote, >> we have entered a time of uncertainty. and although june would want us to keep it moving and keep it pushing, we find ourselves lost without him. she was he was always he's really he loved left his he was very giving always even if i pay for my 40, always to an extra. the restaurant confirms an avo was shot on the 2800 block of brookdale avenue near his business at around 9.40, wednesday night. >> police say the victim was pronounced dead at a hospital. >> a motive has not been released. customers are in disbelief. i would see him literally every day. >> and always was a good day, block parties, you know, kind of stuff, just what a
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community. and it was really a great guy. and it is it's this is half investigators have not released any information on the shooter. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. today. the 18 year-old accused of killing 10 people at a supermarket in buffalo, new york has been indicted. >> by a grand jury there. he also face the relatives of some of the victims. authorities are investigating a hate filled manifesto. he appeared to was shared online in the hours leading up to the attack. the fbi shared this week. he appeared to be inspired by the 2019 mosque shooting in new zealand that left more than 50 people dead. he's pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. the exact charges are not public yet, but he is expected to return to court on june 9th for his arraignment. >> the 9-1-1 emergency dispatcher could be fired for hanging up on a woman who rules reporting saturday's deadly grocery store shooting when the gunfire started. an employee of that tops grocery
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store called 9-1-1 with spring. so obviously is not to alert the shooter of her presence or that she was calling the dispatcher asked why the woman calling was whispering and the caller said, quote, he still in the store. the dispatcher then hung up on that woman. was completely unacceptable. on monday. >> the individual was put on administrative leave pending a hearing which will be held on may 30th in which our intention is to terminate the 9-1-1. call taker. >> the gunman police say dropped his weapon as he exited the store and wasetaken into custody. buffalo's police commissioner is calling the massacre an absolute racist hate crime. >> following years of mass shootings, including the one last week in buffalo, some lawmakers on capitol hill believe there is in need for an active shooter alert system
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nationwide. idea would be to create an alert system that works like an amber alert. >> it's really easy to send the signal within a certain amount of space is say watch out, take cover. but we have to give law enforcement. >> every tool they need to neutralize the threat and really mitigate the harms that come from them. >> the bill they're sponsoring would also appoint an active shooter alert coordinator from the department of justice to develop best practices for the system. the supporters expect the bill to receive heavy bipartisan backing and passed in june. >> senator dianne feinstein has introduced a national bill to try to raise the age to buy an assault weapon from 18 to 21 bill is called the age. 21 act. this comes almost exactly a week after a panel of judges ruled california's 21 year old age limit on gun sales is unconstitutional. right now, federal law requires people to be at least 21 to buy a
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handgun. the legal age to buy assault weapons like the one used in the buffalo shooting. it's still a teen. >> the man accused of attacking comedian dave chappelle at the hollywood bowl earlier this month. now faces attempted murder charges in an unrelated case. isaiah lee is accused of stabbing roommate during a fight and a housing complex in los angeles. early december. police say that it was at media reports about the chappelle attack that led the stabbing victim to identify lee as his attacker. he's pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder charge. >> continue our coverage now on asian american and pacific. it pacific islander heritage month. we checked in with karl chan in oakland, chan is a committed advocate for the aap i community and certainly a voice for victims of hate
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crimes, which soared during the pandemic. ron forcefully to call shares his story. >> community activist carl chan is essentially a full-time volunteer who works part-time as a realtor to provide for his family. and we need to bring people together as president of the oakland chinatown, chamber of commerce, such and works free the mind donates his time to more than a half-dozen other organizations as well pushing for an end crime he system with especially those targeting elderly members of the asian american and pacific islander community. kind of almost getting used to it, which is not the same year-ago chan became a victim when he was attacked from behind on a street near chinatown by a man who was eventually charged for the assault but not a hate crime. he was convicted but served less than a year of his three-year sentence. inspired as a young boy by martin luther king junior's. i have a dream speech chance supports freedom of speech and the
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equal right to a defense but was disappointed by the large showing of support his attacker received the day he was sentenced as they pushed for them and to be treated for a mental illness rather than imprisonment. and it's ok, i understand people may be caring, but >> i felt that that was site almost an attempt and he in the past year chan who immigrated to the bay area from hong kong in the 70's has helped organize volunteer safety foot patrols in chinatown as well as add surveillance cameras in the area with the video being used to help solve crimes. >> he says safer streets will lead to people from all backgrounds, feeling more comfortable with one another. this up and the senate. you charge it respecting each >> and the approach is home to find unity. what came together and chan is committed to continuing the work for his family and yours. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 com for celebrating asian american pacific islander
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heritage all month long and next thursday at 6.30. >> we'll bring you a 30 minute special hosted by our very own will tran. >> coming up, she is letting go of the steering wheel and holding on to the reins. why one woman is now commuting on a horse. >> all right. and what wildlife officials are doing to try to protect an for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you.
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yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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>> an endangered species of salmon in northern california
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is being relocated because of climate change. wildlife officials are gathering chinook salmon in the sacramento river and transporting them up to the eagle canyon dam near reading. it's a temporary effort to try to boost the salmon population. experts say the winter run, sam and we'll have a better chance of survival in those cooler waters near redding. adding they can't afford another year of poor production. 2021 was a down year for the salmon harvest due to the drought. speaking of the latest map is out today from the u.s. drought monitor the image on the left shows our current conditions as of today on the right. that's where we were this time last week, although there has been no real change here in the bay area. a sliver of san bernardino county in southern california has fallen into the exceptional drought category, which is the most severe. it's the first time we've seen that level of drought anywhere in the state since january. >> the cost gas is hurting. everybody's bottom line. but
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one woman in germany has a novel solution. she's going old school swapping out her suv for a horse. yeah. stephanie decided the gas prices were just a little bit too much for her select lee. she does own a horse farm. so that helps for her commute. she been taking a carriage to work for over a month. now, the distance from her home to the farms about 3 and a half mile. so her commute takes or an hour. but the 33 year-old says it's really saved a lot of money out to $260 a month to be exact. she called it the most ecological and beautiful form of transportation. >> they just chill outside work look work us. still ahead as the biden administration rushes to get more baby formula on the store shelves, lawmakers expressed
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>> what a mess here. the biden administration is promising. relief is on the way for millions of families being affected by this baby formula shortage. today, the fda commissioner testified before congress where he faced grilling questions over the shortage. they are washington, d.c., correspondent raquel martin joins us so how soon could we see some formula back on the shelves? >> good evening will be fda commissioner did provide some light at the end of the tunnel. we know that. >> the administration is working overtime to try and help these families that are
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struggling. and he says that in a matter of weeks, if not days, family should get some relief. >> the fda says parents see more baby formula on store shelves in a matter of days. it will get better, but it will be a few weeks before work back to normal. at a committee hearing thursday at commissioner, robert califf told house lawmakers the abbott plant and michigan that triggered the shortage. we'll be back online soon. police saying today we've already made significant progress. late wednesday the president announced he's using the defense production act to make sure formula makers have the resources they need to increase supply. the administration also is launching an operation to fly in formula made abroad to the u.s. we will not formula into the that is not safe. but while welcoming the progress, lawmakers on both sides are frustrated by how the fda is handling the shortage. we need answers. we need them. that democratic congresswoman rosa delauro says the fda needs
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explain why it took so long to respond to contamination concerns at the abbott plant. how many more illnesses and deaths were caused due to the fda? response next question, which by the fda is the on the side of habit. >> side of the american consumer. california republican david valadao says the biden administration did not take the shortage seriously. his administration appears in shun them alleviating issue. >> but it's taking too long to get to this point. >> and many democrats say part of the problem is lack of resources at the fda. it's why yesterday we saw house democrats has a plan that was in 28 million dollars in emergency funding to the fda. of course, no republicans backed that effort, they say was unnecessary and just too expensive. we watching raquel martin, back to you. rick so is congress doing anything you know, try to help with this formula problem?
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>> well, there is a bipartisan effort to try and help low-income families. we know and house yesterday and all still in the senate today they pass legislation to try and help wic recipients who then restricted during this be able to purchase different types of baby formula. of course. >> this is a temporary fix as the biden administration tries to boost supply. the next coming days. >> of all the things to run out of baby formula, ok? raquel martin reporting live from washington for us tonight. appreciate it. rick. a >> oklahoma just advanced a bill to ban abortion at conception. critics call it the most restrictive abortion ban in the country. it would outlaw nearly all abortions in the state except to save the life of a pregnant woman or if the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest. oklahoma's governor is expected to sign it. vice president kamala harris had this to say about it. >> from the moment of fertilization. outrageous. and it's just the latest in a
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series of extreme law around the country. >> vice president making those comments earlier today in a virtual meeting with medical professionals are all from u.s. states with some of the nation's tightest restrictions on abortion. that includes oklahoma, kansas, texas, missouri and montana. the supreme court is expected to issue a final ruling on abortion in the next 6 weeks. a leader of an antiabortion group is facing several felony charges for leading an attack on a san francisco abortion clinic. that's the accusation. san francisco district attorney chase aboudi made the announcement today. >> according to his office, erin jonathan hurley was part of a group that invaded a san francisco health clinic filmed video of patients since talk to doctor who provides abortions. this is a picture here now, some of the vandalism that office says
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it's investigating. hurley and others are alleged to have defaced and damaged a bronze statue. >> of the madonna and child at san francisco general hospital there covering it. they say with fake blood and stickers. >> with doctors names on them, san francisco's da says this is just another example current attack on reproductive rights. this is a critical issue. >> cisco is a critical issue across america. and what we're seeing is that women's rights to control their own bodies are under attack. >> according to be dean's office, another suspect christian turner was cited and released. an arrest warrant is pending for lauren bryce handy. another suspect they say involved in these activities. the investigation, according to is ongoing. >> whether time taking a live look outside right now is the golden gate bridge. way off at the distance. there. >> he's like summer out there. lawrence is back with us. and
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yeah, shorts and t-shirts. how about that? you know, we talk about all the fire danger now. let's talk about the good stuff. i mean, it feels good out there. you've got that sunshine got the warm weather temperature backed off a little bit today, but still comfortable. and these numbers running above the average for this time of year, looking out toward the golden gate bridge. beautiful as we've got a nice warm temperatures in many parts of the area. even now 75 degrees in san jose. looking good there. 73 in palo alto. 75 in dublin. still 84 in concord in the napa valley. 82 degrees in santa rosa. 68 fairfax and 79 degrees in the bottle. so still some nice temperatures out there. all courtesy of high pressure. you really kind of gmt the sense other taishan around the ridge. you see some of clouds rolling on by. those are kind of scooting on through and that ridge kind of taking care of us for today. now, we did have a cold front that came through and that started a stir up a change. now in the patterns, high pressure tries to build in behind that. we start to get some of those gusty winds developing. and that's what we'll see overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, some very gusty winds, especially over the north and parts of the east bay over the mountain tops above 1500 feet. could see
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some of those gusts of 40 and 50 miles per hour. temperatures, though, down below it is going to be another beautiful day outside tomorrow with the exception of some of the winds out there, temperature wise numbers running up in the 80's in the concord, 81 degrees in lamoore. 83 in the napa valley looking a lot of 70's around the bay in nearly 80 degrees in san jose. well, toward the coastline, you're going to see mostly clear skies and temperatures there should be in the 60's. the next few days, though, things begin to change a bit high pressure re establishes of those winds are going to calm down more so by tomorrow evening and that high pressure really warms the temperatures up again on saturday. i think that ridge weakens a little bit with more fog and clouds moving in by sunday, lawrence. up next, a heartwarming reunion between >> a kindergarten graduate and the officer who saved his
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>> it's that time of year again where family and friends and students all gather together to celebrate graduation, toss their caps up. sheriff's office in georgia is sharing the heartwarming moment. a graduating kindergartner. not a cap was reunited with the officer who saved his life years ago. >> out bigger over you. >> how are you? you may may. it's funny. haha.
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>> he does have a cap and gown. turns out new kindergarten graduate. their hunter long gave a big old hug their that detective scott duncan after his ceremony at an elementary school in georgia in 2017 when hunter there was just 2 years old. officer duncan saved hunter from drowning in a partially drained pool at his home. duncan performed lifesaving cpr on little hunter until he >> started to breathe again. the cherokee sheriff's office shared the reunion on facebook writing. these are the types of events that remind us why we do what we do. hunter now says when he grows up. once we a police officer. >> well, that's just fitting. you love to see stuff like that. you know that there's so much a negativity that we highlight that when you see something like that, it warms your heart. hopefully they'll be we'll be buds for years to come in the high school
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graduation, same thing. grows up to be a really great police officer indeed. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 to being with us this hour. stick around, though. a lot more news ahead is coming up on kron. 4 news at 6. ken and catherine are here with a look at i love that story. second story. yeah. and did you work happened kindergarten now thinks we didn't do ceremony. that's really far back. yeah, again. think they just said goodbye and showed us the part of what we've got coming up at 6 o'clock, gusty winds, warm temperatures have firefighters on high alert tonight as a red flag warning remains in place for parts of the north bay. our own lawrence karnow standing by with the latest information. plus, san francisco district attorney jason aldean announces charges against. >> an anti abortion group that targeted a local health clinic. his message to the community as a nationwide debate over abortion rights
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continues. >> i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. the news at 6 o'clock coming up next. (music throughout)
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6.
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>> take a look at you make in the levels of the conditions on the ground. so we are not anticipating a psps for the next 5 days because those conditions don't meet the threshold. >> now it's 6 o'clock firefighters in the north bay are on high alert as parts of solano county are under a red flag warning. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock. i'm catherine heenan ken wayne. the warning covers much of northern california. high temperatures and wind gusts that could reach up to 40 miles an hour are creating that. >> high fire danger. cal fire says those factors combined with the dry winter we've had are causing them to keep a very close eye on the conditions earlier in the year than usual. >> find a lot of vegetation has already. where in past years it would be july august when the those would start to show they're drying out. so this year, it's a little bit earlier that as years.


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