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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  May 19, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the levels of the conditions on the ground. so we are not anticipating a psps for the next 5 days because those conditions don't meet the threshold. >> now it's 6 o'clock firefighters in the north bay are on high alert as parts of solano county are under a red flag warning. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock. i'm catherine heenan ken wayne. the warning covers much of northern california. high temperatures and wind gusts that could reach up to 40 miles an hour are creating that. >> high fire danger. cal fire says those factors combined with the dry winter we've had are causing them to keep a very close eye on the conditions earlier in the year than usual. >> find a lot of vegetation has already. where in past years it would be july august when the those would start to show they're drying out. so this year, it's a little bit earlier that as years.
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>> pg and e says current conditions will not trigger any public safety power. shut-offs. rf you as you just heard from the pg e spokeswoman, this current red flag warning extends until tomorrow night. and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow was here the latest on that red flag warning. yes, so dangerous to see the red flag warnings going up this early. this is not as critical as what you might see later on the summer. but the kind of giving a hint of things to come in. so we'll see. those winds are really kind of how around and watching them pick up throughout the day today. it's been breezy in spots out there. even the marine headland. you start to see those hills beginning to turn. >> a little shade of brown and that's what we're worried about. things drying out early on. remember, the rain really came to an end for the most part early in the season, really ending a in late december. so here we are. we're looking at red flag warnings up in solano county as we're expecting some strong gusty winds, maybe as high as 40, maybe in some 50 mile an hour gust across the peaks there. the highest winds coming up above about 1500 feet or so. but the humidity
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all the way down between about 5.15%. want to show you fire map right now. the show you the current fire weather forecast conditions right now. you can see there are elevated around the bay area right now with the yellow on the orange, the orange being the moderate category. but as we take you through time, you watch things back off a little bit tonight, but not all areas, not everywhere, because we're going to see those winds kind of ramping up late tonight into early tomorrow morning. in fact, watch what happens as we move in a little bit closer in parts the napa county. also slow county and sonoma county. look at the winds as we head toward tomorrow morning. then you can see that area. we've got some extreme fire conditions setting up in parts the north bay by tomorrow morning. that will likely continue through about the middle of the day. it spread a little further south. so that's why we're really concerned about the napa area and slama county as those strong gusty winds will continue. not only there, but all the way in the sacramento area as well. that will begin to taper off a little bit by the afternoon, but very blustery around parts of the bay area. we continue to see those winds kind of picking up
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outside. so far. we've had pretty good sea breeze right now. but starting to see a trend in more of northerly component to the wind. you've got 36 mile an hour gusts europe. sears 0, 27 mile an hour winds gusting in american canyon. then you look over the mountain tops. now we're starting to see a little more of a northerly component to some of those winds. and that's what we're going to watch for tonight. very strong, gusty winds developing tonight and tomorrow morning, red flag warnings and fire danger running high through that period. thank you are. it's 2 people were killed. several others injured. >> as gun violence on freeways continues to plague the bay area. how that role as and confirmed to kron 4 that the latest shooting happened along 5.80, in oakland last night. police initially thought it was a crash but discovered that there were bullet holes in the side of the car. kron four's rob nesbitt joins us live with more on what oakland city leaders are saying about this investigation. rob. catherine, more highway
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cameras will soon be added along. i-580, where 2 people were killed last night. >> council members say those cameras will help but that it can't be the only step towards prevention. >> this was the scene wednesday night on i-580, near seminary avenue in oakland. chp says 4 people were discovered inside a black nissan sedan. 3 of them with gunshot wounds. all 4 were taken to the hospital. but 2 of the victims died of their injuries. it's another tragedy that we've seen in the east bay on our highways. council member dan called says he was upset to hear the news of another fatal shooting on an oakland highway homicide, a murder. >> wherever it happens, it's a problem. and so if that happens >> in the streets of oakland are on a highway near oakland. it's the it's it's bad. matter what traffic in the area was backed up for hours as police shut down the highway to investigate councilmember trevor reed was one of the drivers at a standstill on our way home from work wondering what was that impactful that was causing that delay. she's
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been an advocate for adding more highway cameras. and just last week, governor newsom approved funding for new cameras and alameda and contra costa counties. they will be placed along several highways, including i-580. yes, these tools are helpful. and yes, there needs to be increased strategies and partnerships and collaboration with every agency that is involved in this region. council member called agrees that the work doesn't stop adding cameras and says the city of oakland chp should consider getting the fbi involved. we have no, i have no reservation asking. >> for federal assistance in terms of investigating and solving violent crimes they're in or near our city. >> the 2 surviving victims sustained major injuries according to chp, police are still looking for any other vehicles involved and the suspects responsible reporting live. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank you, rob. >> well, last night shooting comes after a string of recent
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deaths on local freeways last july. 24 year-old india, prince killed on for that was in concord this february, former uc berkeley basketball's a superstar gene ransom shot and killed on 8.80 in oakland january. alameda county sheriff's cadet david, when shot on his way home to san francisco. that was on 8.80, and toddler jasper wu killed in november of last year. and again, we're talking about 8.80, in oakland. >> happening now, the east palo alto city council is holding a special meeting to discuss the recent violence in that community. this is in response to the deadly shooting at a family park that killed a man and injured 3 others on tuesday. this video from witnesses shows families and children running after the shots were fired at jack farrell park. police say the man killed in the shooting was route field, sees a cousin of raiders star davante adams. investigators say 4 shooters
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responsible for the more than 30 rounds that were fired in the park. senator dianne feinstein has introduced a national bill to raise the age to buy assault weapons from 18 to 21. >> the age 21 act is what they're calling this. it comes a week after a panel of judges world that california's 21 year old age limit on gun sales is unconstitutional. federal law currently requires people to be at least 21 to buy a handgun. the legal age to buy assault weapons like those used in the buffalo shooting. that is still 18. >> a leader of an antiabortion group is facing several felony charges for allegedly leading an attack on a san francisco board, jen clinic and our grant lodes joins us with more on that investigation. grant catherine ken san francisco's district attorney chesa boudin said today a group of antiabortion activists broke into a san francisco women's clinic. >> recorded hospital staff and patients and stalked a doctor.
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the group's alleged leader aaron. jonathan hurley is now facing felony charges. this is a picture we have here of some of the vandalism boudin's office says it's investigating. hurley and others are alleged to have defaced and damaged a bronze statue of the madonna and child at san francisco general hospital covering it with fake blood and stickers with doctors names on them. dean says this is just another example of the current attack on reproductive rights. this is a critical issue. >> cisco is a critical issue across america. and what we're seeing is that women's rights to control their own bodies are under attack. >> according to be dean's office, another suspect christian turner was cited and released and an arrest warrant they say is pending for lauren handy. another suspect said to be involved in the activities. the da says this investigation is ongoing. ken and catherine,
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back to you. all right, grant, thank you for that. the family of a missing south bay man is asking for help to try to find him. >> peter land has not been seen since saturday in the cupertino, san jose area land was last seen around one 15 saturday driving away from his home. you stand 6 feet tall. weighs about 250 pounds has black hair and brown eyes. family says he does have some mobility and heart issues and needs medication. he told a crowd for stephanie lin that because of his condition land is considered at risk. >> and, you know, this is the hardest thing i've ever been to in my life. i mean, my my dad being missing is knowing he's out there by himself. >> it's really hard to have a message for your dad. yeah, i mean that if you're out there watching this, you know, mom and i. love you very much. we care about you you know, we can get through this together. you know, please come home.
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>> land was also a scene in his car. it's a white 2014 honda cr-z 2 door coupe. the license plate number is 7 dbj 0, 9, 2, there's a yellow sea sticker on the back left window. family says he enjoys hiking on various trails in the cupertino area, including at san antonio parking. the limon tall, though, so he could be near those areas. land was also looking into storage units. anyone who has any information on his whereabouts is asked to contact the santa clara county sheriff's department. alright, turning to sports news. let's talk about the warriors. they. >> now hold a one-game lead over the dallas mavericks after a dominant victory in front of the home crowd. a lot of fun to watch. they beat the mavericks by 25 points and now it's time to look ahead to game number 2 kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney joins us now with the highlights in the latest from today's practice session. they must be pretty fired up. kate. >> i think they are feeling
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some good mojo right now. that's the term draymond green used. i mean, wouldn't be great if every game. what like game one did for the warriors. but you really can't bask in the glow of a dominant performance like that for too long because you've got to turn around and try to do it again. >> tomorrow, game 2 does promise to be a bit more of a challenge. the warriors remember had 4 days off before last night, but the mavericks won game 7 of their last series on sunday. and so you almost expect a team to drop off a bit after a hard fought game. 7 victory like that. so even though the warriors are happy with the way they played their ball distribution there, 56.1% shooting and they're excellent defense. they know the mavericks will bring a different look to game 2. and so they need to be prepared for those adjustments. >> you think about all that stuff and we talk about that in our coaches do they change their their lineup? but all i'm going change combinations today. >> you know, try to do certain
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things. we try to pinpoint stuff. from our own team were, you know, we might be vulnerable. you know, if if if you're coaching against us, you know, what would you do? and we have that debate in. internally. i think most teams to that. so. you can't predict it, but you try to be prepared for for different things that might come. >> new walker wants warriors fans to be prepared to get some instructions for fans who plan to attend tomorrow's game. 2 make note of the tipoff time. it's 6 o'clock. that's about an hour earlier than usual for those weekday games at chase center and soaker told fans to get there early and fill up the arena last time out. they were people trickling in a little bit late. they don't want that to happen again. they want it loud, catherine. ken. >> all right. thank you very much, kate. coming up, the cost of gas and set another record today. and it is affecting more than your wallet. >> ukraine is getting a big boost in its war against
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russia. will have the latest on the assistance coming from the united states. also, police want help from the public in tracking down the killer of an oakland owner of that and oakland restaurant. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million.
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for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. he's bay restaurant owner was gunned down and killed near his establishment overnight. it happened in the 2800 block of brookdale avenue in oakland and kron. first believed to go
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talk to a long-time customers of lucky 3, 7, >> they describe the owner is a good man with a big heart. >> abo treated everyone who visited his oakland filipino restaurant, lucky 3, 7 like family and his longtime customers say losing him is like losing one of their own. and remember one time someone think they have enough money to pay. >> he said incitement. go ahead. we've got to you guys next to the restaurant has identified june as the person oakland police say was shot and killed at around 9.40 wednesday night. it happened on the 2800 block of brookdale avenue near the restaurant. not boko investigators have not released any information on the shooteru >> police say the victim was pronounced dead at a hospital is a tough loss because it was a sense of loss and a positivity >> you know, didn't sit down to eat is to know they have to worry about any type of the >> violence. anything because
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nobody wanted to bring that over there because he has such a on the neighborhood. for now, the restaurant will remain closed indefinitely. >> in light of the novel's passing, the restaurant released a statement saying, quote, we have entered a time of uncertainty. and although june would want us to keep it moving and keep it pushing, we find ourselves lost without him. eat. >> community. he's about putting people together. he's ease about hope plan oakland back together again and to see take from somebody tests positive. they are taking away a positive that's helping the neighbor need. but that's hard for me to understand. motive for the killing has not been released. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> san franeisco police are looking for suspects in the shooting of a man and the mission district early this morning. it happened on mission street about 01:00am. the victim says he heard a loud pop sound as he was walking, then realized he'd
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been shot. he is hospitalized and is expected to be okay. anyone with information is being asked to call police. san jose piano teacher has been arrested after allegedly touching a student in an inappropriate manner. that man has been identified as. >> 63 year-old james robert cannon. he was arrested yesterday. the victim as a teenager receive lessons from canada in los altos where cannon conducts private lessons. police say there are no other known victims, at least at this time. hundreds of ukrainian soldiers have reportedly surrendered and are now being held by russia as prisoners of war. russia says more than 1700 soldiers who had been. >> inside a steel plant in mariupol have given up since monday. the red cross has been gathering information now registering them as prisoners of war. that's an effort to ensure their humane treatment under the geneva convention, though the red cross is supposed to have access to the
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fighters without restrictions. it is not clear how many other ukrainian fighters might still be inside the plant. the nearly 3 month long siege of the city. meantime, is lurching to a close president biden met with the leaders of finland and sweden today as those 2 countries move to join the nato alliance. >> the trio walk side by side at the white house mirroring their unified message. president biden emphasized his belief that finland and sweden will make nato stronger, but their applications are facing pushback from turkey, which is concerned that expanding the lions could anger russian president vladimir putin and cause him to retaliate. >> there's not a threat to any nation. it never has been. nato's purposes defend against aggression. we are right now having a dialogue with all nato member countries including turkey on different levels to sort out any issues. >> nato's top military
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officials says he's confident the standoff will be resolved in the 2 nordic nations will have their membership request approved soon. back here at home, gas prices continue to go up the average price of gas in california is $6.6 a gallon, of course, in the bay area will be lucky if you can find that san francisco's most expensive place to find a gallon of regular gas. right now it's averaging $6.30 for a gallon of regular the cheapest gas you can find in the bay area is in solano county averaging just over $6 a gallon with prices continuing to skyrocket. some drivers are filling up their tanks just enough to get them where they're going. and it's affecting their summer plans. >> not the whole thing. just to take me back to san jose tonight. even it takes like $9.95 were down with the trucks were going to stay. gas is just it's killing us and >> we're going to find things to do as a family enjoyed where we are. >> triple a says the demand
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for gas has slightly decreased, but the high cost of crude oil is continuing to drive these prices up. and up. yeah, i'm now to our 4 zone forecast. we're looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza on what's been a a >> sometimes blustery, warm day. it's been blustery for a while saying that. but it has been it's been a a very windy spring here so far really want see those winds wrapping up tonight as that offshore wind is going to be kicking back in tonight to feel the effects of that beautiful ridge of high pressure overhead today down below lots of sunshine. >> all the way to the coastline. couple high clouds moved through today. we cold front kind of sliding by now. those winds are going to ramp up again. so we talked about the red flag warnings up tonight and tomorrow? well, we've got a high wind advisory also in effect for parts of the north bay, the east bay, as we continue to see some of those winds expected to be 20 to 30 mile an hour sustained, maybe gusting 30 to 50 miles per hour. that begins tonight at 11 o'clock and continues
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until 2 o'clock in the afternoon. on friday. a weak cold front coming through what we call a dry cold front sliding by. you can just see some of the high clouds from a moving by. that's just enough to really ramp up the winds as high pressure builds on the backside of that, these winds start to get going this. what we're looking at overnight tonight. here's the very latest forecast models we take you through the night. all of a sudden we start to see some purple showing up in others the direction of the winds coming out of the north that is that dry northerly wind kicking in tonight and really wrapping up overnight tonight, 30 40 mile an hour gust showing up our models. now and stronger gusts over the mountain tops that likely continue through the morning tomorrow. and then i think by the afternoon things begin to subside. more of a sea breeze kicking in and the which should calm down heading into the weekend. >> thank you, lauren side. coming up, why this was known as suspense. stay in the california legislature. the bills which survived and those which did not. california
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lawmakers are moving forward with hundreds of bills which addressed problems including a gun violence, abortion. >> and homelessness today as what they call suspense day. that's when bills that could have significant financial effect are either killed or passed quickly. >> our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what survived. >> suspense day at the state capitol did not get off to a smooth start after a power outage. delay business for lawmakers thursday. welcome you today's historic first and hopefully only session in the
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swing space. the swing space is a separate new legislative office building come to order by early afternoon, the assembly and senate appropriations committees begin combing through hundreds of bills on the suspense file. the suspense file is reserved for bills that could cost the state more than $50,000 from the general fund and $150,000 from special funds. it puts bills on a metaphorical chopping block to pass is among those that survived wednesday. a package of bills aiming to reduce gun violence in california. that includes 2 measures allowing private citizens to sue gun makers and sellers. >> plus, restrictions on ghost guns and firearm advertising to children. the approval coming after lawmakers, a joint session in memory of shooting victims from across the country this week. >> i'm sick and tired being sick and tired. lawmakers also moved forward with a set of bills that attempt to ramp up abortion access and protections, including one that would establish a fund to help low-income and out of state women get abortions. i they also approved a set of
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bills providing tax relief to the cannabis industry. >> which has warned of the potential collapse because of high taxes and regulations. another survivor governor gavin newsom's care court proposal. the bill aims to get the severely mentally ill off the streets and into treatment, which in some cases could be forced to close out. meanwhile, lawmakers ok bills to pull some investments from state retirement systems. one bill requires that that's meant from fossil fuel companies by 2030, another requiring the same. plus, a ban on state contracts with companies linked to russia and belarus. now these bills head to the senate and assembly floors where they face a key deadline to pass by next friday. >> at the state capitol, ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> coming up, a bay area black owned wine association is celebrating 20 years in business and its hosting a two-day event this weekend. we'll tell you about all the activities you can take part. the cdc has voted to recommend the covid booster shot for children age 5 to 11. but when will those shots be available?
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