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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  May 20, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a friday, which is terrific. and we're looking forward to a wonderful weekend. we are. yeah, it's going to be packed. one, especially today with 2 main events happening this evening in the city. so get those errands done, maybe try to leave work early because tonight you get it and the warriors were going to be live with. the warriors are in a bit. first, let's check the weather, which is going to be warm again. hi, john. yes, it's going to be another warm one today and another windy, 1, 2, inches. the unfortunate thing about today because otherwise it was looking like a really nice one. you've got the east bay hills right here sitting into the sunshine. same for you all the way up to
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the coastline. >> we're going to be full of sunshine today. whether you're in the city or in our inland areas. good news for the giants game. it's going to be beautiful weather out there. daytime highs in the 70's for the city, but we're still holding on to the 80's inland and that pairing of 80's later today with some of our strong winds does mean critical fire, danger, solano county under red flag warning through 08:00pm tonight. 25 mile per hour winds for the time being winds gusting as high as 40 miles per hour out into our inland valleys. at times today, we'll be breaking down. everything you need to expect as we move into this weekend. still to come john, thank you for a few issues out there you need to know about like this accident. 80. >> north of davis street in san leandro. so you are seeing delays along. i-80 and a little bit along 2.38. as you're traveling this morning. so that fremont street exit under 17 minutes for your drive. looks like traffic is improving along the bay bridge. hey, a 21 minute commute for you. making your way from a 80 to one o one across the san mateo bridge and the south bay. we've also
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seen a few delays about 42 minutes along one. a was traveling from 85 into middle park and along crockett down towards the major at around. 21 minutes darya. james, back to you. no one right now. we have breaking news from overnight that we've been following all morning. 2 men died in san francisco. they were involved in a police shooting. you know, the department says the shooting happened after police responded to an aggravated assault call for sarah stinson following the story for us in the newsroom. >> sarah? >> i just talked with san francisco police. they're still trying to figure out what unfolded the investigation very much ongoing. we know san francisco police responded to an aggravated assault call and it ended with 2 men believed to be suspects dying. take a look at video that we have from the scene. the officer involved shooting happened at 7.48 last night right after police say they responded to the aggravated assault happening near near and streets. that's right. off of 2.81, block from
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ucsf benioff children's hospital. both men were treated for their injuries on scene. one died there and the other died at the hospital. police have not given us many details only saying during contact with the 2 men, an officer-involved shooting occurred. the latest release from the police department did but did not specify if both suspects were shot by police officers or how many officers fired their weapons. all of this is being investigated right now by the city's district attorney's office. several divisions of the police department and chief medical examiner sfpd says they're committed to transparency. so a town hall will be held within 10 days about this officer involved shooting. this is a story we'll continue to follow right here from the kron. 4 news room for now. send it back to you. >> ok, thank you very much, sheriff 8, 0, 3, and other breaking news that we're following from overnight. a man died in a shooting in oakley. police say this was potentially an act of self-defense with kron four's camila barco in the newsroom to explain camila.
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>> diane james oakley police tell me a 74 year-old woman shot and killed a man moments after they had a physical fight. the woman was not arrested after police say that she was acting in self defense. oakley police went to a home as you can see her see here on your screen on cypress road around 12, 30 this morning when they got there, they found a 51 year-old man who had been shot in the driveway. the officers and paramedics, paramedics tried to help the man, but he died at the scene. officers tell us the 74 year-old woman had an elder abuse restraining order against the man who died and before the shooting. officers say that there was some physical violence between the 2 and officers say the woman was defending herself and shot the man. now at first, the woman was detained and questioned, but after full cooperation officers let her go. officers tell me that another woman and men man were also detained, but they were
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let go and they aren't releasing the name of the man who died until after they notify his family. officers are still investigating this. but for now, the woman isn't facing any charges. back to you guys. all right. thanks a lot. camilla. >> customers and employees of a restaurant in oakland are mourning the death now of the owner. june an avo was the co-owner of lucky 3, 7, filipino restaurant. he was shot and killed near that restaurant wednesday night in oakland in the restaurant is going to be shut down at least indefinitely closed anyway. while the staff in the community mourn the loss, his customers also remembering him as a man who left an imprint on the community. >> community, he's about putting people together. he's ease about hope plan oakland back together again and to see take from somebody tests positive. they are taking away a positive person that's helping the neighbor by. that's hard for
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>> police haven't released any information about the shooting, how it happened. a motive or even anything about this suspect in this case. but what you know, if we find out >> in these bay, police are looking for the people who broke into a home in el serino, but it ended up that they took off because the homeowner fought back. this h,ppened on wednesday morning on king drive. 3 people had guns and broke into the house. the person living inside fought back. >> and the robbers took off. they drove away in a car and were chased by the police on interstate 80 near central avenue. all 3 at one point got out and made a run for it. police caught the driver and a passenger, but a 3rd suspect got away. >> 8, 0, 6, is the time. let's turn our attention to happier news. we've got the warriors tonight taking on the mavericks in game 2 of the western conference finals and the excitement is we'll have another game. one was fantastic in kron. four's will tran is following this live from san francisco. high. will.
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>> have some is good. more is better as they say. i met the warriors chase center and you can see the box office right behind me. if it makes you go, what how much? i got your back because it won't cost you anything if you come down to thrive. city, they are getting it ready for tonight. should be ready. maybe a couple of hours before 6 o'clock tipoff and they expect thousands of people to be here. this is the party for the golden state warriors. if you can't be inside, this is the place to be. here's anthony kind enough to spend some time with me this morning. your thoughts on game one. the warriors won by 25 points. they really didn't even need klay thompson. the only at 15 luka is us to tell them to only 20 points. what's your prediction for game 2? play better. play even better even though they won by. 25. yes, because the matter is going to bring in for game 2. they have to. you think so. you luke other i guess the
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game plan is let luka do what luka it does and then shut down the other players like that strategy. yes, and i believe coach kerr is a great coach and you'll figure it out. yeah, because coach kerr says the best way to figure out the warriors is to be in their i like the warriors playing themselves to figure out their own weaknesses and then go from that. exactly. okay. so scores for tonight's game. you think? you know, do predictions but a state warriors in 5 warriors in 5 and you can come down thrive city. look at this. you can have a whole bunch of games, a live concert to have music. they'll have all kinds of beverages. you your credit card for that. the warriors are a billion dollar business. but if you spin right, you can get your hands on some chapstick. some plastic sunglasses that you fight over. and then when you move in, you're like, oh, my goodness. i fought for that. come on down here. they have so many things going on the music. there's the jumbotron you could be outside. you can
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cheer is. well, if you can get this, you can probably pick it up at costco for the low low price of maybe 500 bucks or so. and then the entertainment. that's the tnt bootheel have ernie johnson, kenny, the jet smith, charles barkley, shaquille o'neal. and any time charles barkley says that the warriors will lose. that means they will win. i'm predicting the warriors will win maybe by 10 points tonight then they go to dallas. still one of those games. i agree with my man, anthony. there warriors in 5 i love game. thank you very much. well. >> 8, 0, 9, right now. and still ahead on the ground for morning news, the senate passed a bill to help ease the strain that moms are feeling because baby formula is in short supply across the nation. we'll see what's happening in a live report. and cal fire is getting ready for the wildfire season as we are getting ready for yet more heat to come, john. we are but at least taking a step back from the hottest temperatures
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today in the 80's for our inland areas, which are also going to see our highest fire danger. >> partly because the heat, but mostly because the winds and the dry conditions will be breaking it all down in your forecast, if you are getting ready hit the roads, you wonder what the traffic looks like. wonder no more. we'll have a look at that. once we get back from break. you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star. and you shine.
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>> a fire weather watch is in effect through this weekend for santa clara county. and because of that, we went to cal fire's training facility to see how they're preparing. kron four's. justin campbell has more. >> this week firefighters have been training for fire season. these 2 are practicing a hose lay where they land connect hoses for sometimes for miles to reach a remote fire. another practicing putting on his self-contained breathing apparatus within 2 minutes. one, 32. friday on these firefighters will need to be ready to go. currently is going to staff for additional engines tomorrow. >> because right now we are in a red flag warning that's supposed to last another few days. >> battalion chief carlos out into our with cal fire says this year alone, there have already been over 1700 fires in california. burning 7500 acres? the temperatures,
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climate change. >> and we you know, i mean, we're in a drought. we've been in a drought for years and unfortunately doesn't look like we're going to get significant rain to make a difference. he says in santa clara, the fire calls have already started coming in over the last few days out. qatar says many are brush fires caused by humans fire start by people moment. >> during mid-afternoon, like now, as you can tell by these winds, one spark is going to take off and unity it's off to the races. he's asking you to cut your grass in the morning and create defensible spaces around your home. if you have any trees close to your roof line or anything like that. >> up. we also asked you clean your eves and that once again, that gives us fighting chance for us to send the firefighters in there and protect your home. how can tar says they do need more firefighters? but the ones they have are properly trained and ready for what's to come. reporting in morgan hill, justin campbell kron. 4 news.
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>> so you can do is be prepared for as in this case it's heated. yeah, plenty of it. and we know that fire danger is already high. anyway is about an hour to the real kind of fire danger, whether it's big reminder to be very cautious. really yes, i know yet. next weekend memorial day weekend. so many people going to be out and about enjoying it, it is really nice. as long as you don't mind, sweating a little bit. as you venture outside this afternoon. >> we are looking at san jose sitting at are all that sunshine skies. stay clear whether you're at the coast along the bay or further inland. well, through the day, honestly, well, through the weekend, the biggest catch today isn't the heat. even though we are warm, it's actually technically the coolest of the forecast. it really is how low humidity will be paired with the winds. it will be especially gusty up into solano county. winds gusting as high as 40 miles per hour up there in humidity. we're sropping well below 10%. so that means critical fire danger today as you should head outside. enjoy that sunshine. but first and
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foremost, be mindful of this high fire danger. fairfield napa was peak vacaville, even danville. some of our windiest of spots. we are going to see winds coming down a lot tomorrow. and that's why we see red flag warnings expiring after 08:00pm today. tomorrow is a much calmer one. but as we know, with the dry conditions with the heat, we got to be thinking about that high fire risk even after the red flag warnings to expire. high pressure ridge is to our west right now. that's actually one of the reasons that we are so windy as high pressure builds back into the forecast next week, which could be a little bit calmer. but we're about to get a whole lot hotter as we move into tuesday and wednesday of next week. so for the time being, we're avoiding the 90's hanging out in the 80's under warmest bowl today into tomorrow. 80's and sunshine. definitely a nice one. our heat lovers are sunshine lovers going to love the field this weekend? 60's at the coast. mid 70's for both mission and financial districts in san francisco in 60's right along highway one temperatures elsewhere in the bay, mostly in the 70's today
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and then a few low 80's palo alto at 78 san jose taking a break from the 80's at 79 degrees. same for you in pleasanton livermore in hayward, oakland at 78 degrees. well, danville up to concord back in the low 80's vacaville, you near the triple digits just a couple of days ago. so that 83, although still warm, is going to feel a lot better. unfortunately, it's very windy up towards vacaville. that's the red flag warnings in solano county. winds calm or tomorrow. temperatures fairly similar for saturday and sunday monday we'll start to warm things up and by tuesday and wednesday, there's those 90's again, rain. john, thank you for will we don't have an accident. this is a long 5.80, westbound there. >> west of macarthur boulevard in oakland. so you've got a few lanes are blocked. i would say take a 80, but you can see is just as busy as 5.80. you might have to take east 14th. if you're trying to navigate and get through that a 40 minute drive into the city right now, maze to that freeman street exit was check on the san mateo bridge. we do
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have a traffic hazard, right? as you're getting ready to exit the bridge there along one o one. so about 19 minutes for your drive as you're traveling highway for traveling out of antioch to concord around. 23 minutes for you. as you're traveling and 5.80, in a 19 minutes to make it from crockett down to the maze. arya. james, back to you. >> thank you. ran a national news this morning. legislation to protect low-income families from baby formula shortages is on its way now to the president's desk for his signature after the senate passed the bill unanimously nearly half the nation's product remains out of stock with jessi tenure with the very latest now from dc. good morning. >> lawmakers call this a rare moment of bipartisanship that proves just how dire the situation is. for many americans. >> this is a horror for families. senators say a nightmare scenario of a nationwide baby formula shortage prompted them to act quickly in a bipartisan way.
8:19 am
this truly is a record amount of time. the senate unanimously passed a bill thursday that will help low-income families buy more formula by loosening the restrictions on the brand's and amounts qualify for the wic program. there's something else available. >> you can you can get it that we're not going to put any barriers up. michigan democrat senator debbie stabenow stresses wic participants by about half the formula in the u.s.. but arkansas republican s% senator john boozman says this legislation will ultimately benefit every american family by ensuring formula manufacturers and regulators are always prepared to respond. >> to any shortages supply disruptions while the fate of a separate house bill to give the fda 28 million dollars in emergency funding remains uncertain. president biden announced he will invoke the defense production act for the shortage and use the defense department to fly back product from overseas. we've got our marching orders and will work through this. pentagon spokesperson john kirby says the department is still working to identify the pickup and drop-off locations. we all
8:20 am
share the same sense of urgency. fda commissioner robert califf told lawmakers distribution is the biggest hurdle in alleviating the shortage. within days they will get better. >> but it will be a few weeks before work back to normal. >> and caleb says the added manufacturing plant that's been closed since february due to bacterial contamination, largely contributed to the shortage, but should be able to restart production in a matter of weeks. it will then take, though, up to 2 months before new product hit store shelves in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> it's a 20 and the better business bureau says that there are scammers exploiting the baby formula shortage. some of them are using social media and they have targeted ads out there as well spurts recommend and remind you that you use a credit card and make sure that that car has fraud protection. if you're doing an online purchase of this type, are really any type. 8.20. and coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. elon musk is fighting back against
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harassment allegations. here is a just released. a new statement on twitter. we'll tell you what he has to say.
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>> tesla ceo elon musk is
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trying to shut down some scathing accusations that just came out. the business insider reported yesterday. >> a spacex flight attendant claim that musk exposed himself to her and propositioned her for in 2016. and then 2 years later, space x reportedly paid her $250,000 to settle the claim. just earlier this morning, musk had this tweet, quote, the attacks against we should be viewed through a political lens. this is their standard despicable playbook, but nothing will deter me from fighting for a good future. and your right to free speech. >> well, the valero oil refinery in the nation is getting cited now for violations that led to the death of a worker at the plant last november. cal osha announced the citations just yesterday and its roots regards to 35 year-old luis gutierrez who died after losing consciousness due to an are gone leak at the refinery. now the letter was cited 4 times for either knowingly violating the law. we're not taking responsibility. a responsible steps to address what was a known hazard. the
8:25 am
violations are categorized as both willful and serious cal osha's also citing 3 contractors for violations related to the death. the proposed fines total 1.7 million dollars. the leros portion of those fines come to about 500,000. we'll take a break in a 25 coming up on the kron 4 morning news. several bills on different topics are moving their way through. the california legislature will give you an overview we'll be right back.
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some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now.
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for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you.
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>> 20 right now and we're looking warm time to come. i don't. yes, just. as far john's i can see. >> yeah. getting warmer as we go. john. good morning. yeah. next week it's over again. and we're staying warm this weekend to we may be backing off the 90's, but we're still saw the in the 80's. >> beautiful morning. out there. half moon bay got a lot of people enjoying the time being out there right along the coastline. skies are clear from the coast all the way inland. we are really windy today, which is honestly the biggest catch to what will be our coolest day. technically as far as temps co 50's 60's for current numbers. brentwood, pittsburgh
8:29 am
fairfield conquered munger spots in the 60's. some of our warmer spots right now will be a windier spots, though, fairfield down to danville on up towards the napa. some of our windier areas today in critical fire danger because of this pairing. we'll be breaking down. all you need to know not just for today, but for the weekend, too. all still to come. >> reyna, john, thank you for that, right. a couple issues along the peninsula down here. redwood city, southbound one, 0, ripple avenue. we've got an accident. so you're seeing a delay along one? 0, one and right here, 92 westbound east of south delaware street in san mateo traffic has are also causing some delays a little under 14 minutes to make you from the maze into the city to that fremont street exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge. remember, we have the traffic hazard. so it's about 15 minutes or so to make it from a 80 across towards the peninsula of in pittsburgh. another accident westbound for east of bailey road slight delay as you're traveling along highway 4 and looking at those drive times because of that 20 minutes as you're
8:30 am
traveling from antioch, into conquered darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain. a 29 in the south bay. next. thursday marks one year since the mass shooting at the vta railyard news on may 26th of last year that a worker opened fire. >> inside of a building killing 9 people. we spoke with a vta asked about how employees are doing and what their plans are to honor the victims. >> crawford's amanda hari has the story. >> i think emotions and memories are still extremely and still very fresh. it was on may. 26 to 2021 when these 9 people >> were killed by a co-worker and a mass shooting at the vta rail yard. but stacey hendler ross, but the santa clara valley transportation authority tells me for many employees, it feels like it just happened. what i hear a lot around the agency is people saying i can't believe it's been a year already. hendler ross as vta leaders are trying to be sensitive to what employees may need.
8:31 am
>> including continuing to offer counseling and she's noticed that community members are also supporting one another. what's going on with each other and how are you feeling today? and what can i do to help you and lift you up just in the past few days, crews finished demolishing the building where the shooting happened. been vacant since the end of the investigation. it was very difficult to go back into that building for any reason. and the ross is the completed. demolition is another step towards healing for the vta community. she says there's a plan to rebuild, but it hasn't been finalized yet. as for marking one year since the shooting, hendler ross says vta leaders talked with the employees and decide on a candlelight vigil. it's scheduled for 6.30, in the morning at the guadalupe rail yard. that's about the time first responders received calls about the shooting last year. employees expressed a desire to >> observed the first anniversary of this incident
8:32 am
in a private way where they could support each other without being in a fish bowl. so to speak. family and employees will be invited to attend in person. >> everyone else will be able to view it as a live stream. amanda hari kron, 4 news. it's a 31 in. there's a battle going on in washington over what's going to happen if indeed the u.s. supreme court does overrule. >> and overturn roe v wade, democrats say if republicans win control the senate in the midterms in november, that they would try to eliminate the filibuster to pass a national abortion ban. >> choice facing america is simple. elect more magma republicans want force pregnancies and champion bans without exception. we're elect pro-choice. democrats will protect women's rights. >> republican senator shelley moore capito, meantime, says she is not particularly interested in getting rid of the filibuster. >> i'm not in favor of eliminating the filibuster.
8:33 am
the leader mcconnell, if the ballots were to change has said repeatedly he isn't interested taking down the filibuster. >> democrats say the party that owns control of the senate could have the ability to ban or to protect abortion rights nationwide. >> leader of an abortion anti-abortion group is now facing felony charges in connection with an attack on a san francisco abortion clinic. we spoke with a member of that group kron four's gayle ong has the story. >> we will not tolerate this kind of behavior will not tolerate in san francisco and we will stand up against efforts to criminalize reproductive choices. san francisco district attorney chesa boudin announcing charges thursday against a group of anti-abortion activist. >> the da's office released this photo of a defaced and damage bronze statue of the madonna and child at san francisco general hospital covered with fake blood in stickers with a doctor's name on it. the da says one of the activists, aaron jonathan hurley of los angeles is now
8:34 am
facing felony and misdemeanor charges that include trespassing, stalking and vandalism be will protect medical providers. we will protect the rights of patients to seek medical services. >> that have to do with their reproductive health. >> but kristin turner, the executive director of pro life, san francisco is calling the charges against hurley overblown. she says that she and others visited the clinic to do good. we went to zuckerberg, general hospital 2 months ago to provide resources to community members who are often at lee underserved. we know that the majority of abortions happen. >> because of financial reasons. so we want day to get roses to people considering abortion and connect them with financial resources. >> turner says the interaction at the clinic was recorded, but the video was not published and the faces of the patients were blurred. turner says she was cited and released after visiting the clinic. we went down to the san francisco hall of justice to to support our friend agent early. >> so we believe is unfairly
8:35 am
targeted because of the content of the speech and not he's actually acre. >> which falls under his first amendment rights. it's really important that our community continues a long rich history of direct action and the bay area and aj was only doing that. >> it was a long reporting. the da's office says that an arrest warrant is outstanding for one of the other participants involved in that activity. >> 8.35 the time. senator dianne feinstein a bill that would raise the national age requirement to buy an assault weapon from 18 to 21 years old. california already had a 21 year old age limit on gun sales until it was ruled unconstitutional. just last week, a federal law requires people be at least 21 to buy a handgun. but the legal age to buy an assault weapon is actually still 18. >> well, lawmakers on capitol hill say that there is a need for an active shooter alert
8:36 am
system nationwide. actually, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they do want to create a system like this kind of like the amber alert system. this bill would also appoint an active shooter alert coordinator from the department of justice to develop some best practices for the system. >> it's really easy to send a signal within a certain amount of space to say watch out, take cover, get innocent people out of the area so they can protect >> the rest of us. >> democratic congressman david sisler and says that this bill is getting some pretty decent support from again, both democrats and republicans. any does expected to pass in june. >> it's good thing 36. >> coming up return on the kron 4 morning news. people in east palo alto want some changes because there is a deadly shooting. recently. we're going to hear what they'd like done. and you own a ford. they're recalling thousands of suvs right now. we'll see which ones they need to take back.
8:37 am
>> in today, we're hanging on to the 70's for most of the bay area. that includes san francisco, oakland and san jose. beautiful sunshiny days ahead. what a windy one at that as well. your forecast to come. >> and a few issues out there. we just had a traffic hazard pop up along the bay bridge and issues along the peninsula will take a look at that. once we get back from break.
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>> it's a 39, a coalition all workers and san jose state university students are upset with parking fees at the westfield valley fair mall and santa clara, the fees were instituting earlier this year. so here's a new deal is the mall. let's part 2 hours free. but then they charge a dollar an hour after that or up to a maximum of $10 a day. workers can pay $40 for a monthly pass. but the workers in the students are protesting yesterday. they want an end to this new parking policy because they say they will make enough to afford it. they say that they're just barely squeaking by on the mall's usual minimum wage for those workers. >> we're not done fighting for this issue. there's you know, the signs are behind me. it's it's definitely. inconvenience for not only the employees, but the shoppers, small business owners as well.
8:41 am
>> we did reach out to the mall for a comment on the parking policy. but we haven't heard back yet. >> well, ford is recalling 39,000 suvs because of engines that could potentially catch on fire. they say this recall applies to some suvs made in 2021 2020, you'll be notified if you own one of them. they're asking these owners, though, to take their cars and park them away from structures until you can take it to a dealer for these repairs. they weren't specific with us as to what is causing these engine fires. but your dealer should be able to tell you. out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs,
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and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours.
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is the time california lawmakers made decisions on whether to move forward with hundreds of bills which deal with everything from abortion rights to gun violence. it's called suspense day at the state capitol. that's when bills that have a significant financial impact on the budget will either be killed outright or passed quickly. we've got ashleigh zavala now to explain. >> suspense day at the state capitol did not get off to a smooth start after a power outage. delay business for lawmakers thursday. welcome you today's historic first and hopefully only that session in the swing space. the swing space is a separate new legislative office building
8:45 am
come to order by early afternoon, the assembly and senate appropriations committees begin combing through hundreds of bills on the suspense file. the suspense file is reserved for bills that could cost the state more than $50,000 from the general fund and $150,000 from special funds. it puts bills on a metaphorical chopping block to pass is among those that survived wednesday. a package of bills aiming to reduce gun violence in california. that includes 2 measures allowing private citizens to sue gun makers and sellers. >> plus, restrictions on ghost guns and firearms advertising to children. the approval coming after lawmakers, a joint session in memory of shooting victims from across the country this week. >> i'm sick and tired being sick and tired. lawmakers also moved forward the set of bills that attempt to ramp up abortion access and protections, including one that would establish a fund to help low-income and out of state women get abortions. i they also approved a set of bills providing tax relief to the cannabis industry. >> which has warned of the potential collapse because of high taxes and regulations. another survivor governor gavin newsom's care court
8:46 am
proposal. the bill aims to get the severely mentally ill off the streets and into treatment, which in some cases could be forced close out. meanwhile, lawmakers ok bills to pull some investments from state retirement systems. one bill requires divestment from fossil fuel companies by 2030, another requiring the same. plus a ban on state contracts with companies linked to russia and belarus. now these bills head to the senate and assembly floors where they face a key deadline to pass by next friday. >> at the state capitol, ashley zavala kron. 4 news >> 46 right now we're checking out the weather on a friday well into the morning and you can already feel that is going to be a nice, warm day. a warm-up is beginning. good morning, john yapp that sunshine already warming things up out there. beautiful sunshine at that, though. looking at the east bay out at the bay looking good coastal areas, bayside areas inland areas are all the same. lots of side and not a whole lot of temperature variation today. our hottest areas are definitely still inland, but a hot it's only the low 80's
8:47 am
today. now the reason we're still under red flag warnings for the valley out to county. >> is because not just the warmth but because of winds gusting as high as 40 miles per hour in some of our lowest humidity of this forecast today really is truly a dry day. humidity dropping as low as 5%. thanks for critical fire. weather conditions in areas like solano county where vacaville fairfield looking at gusts of 30 to 40 miles per hour for your wind similar in danville nap. and that was peak too. winds are going to fall tomorrow. and that means after today red flag warnings are going to expire now. that's not to say we're out of the woods as far as fire danger goes. but at least we are in for a calmer forecast the rest of the weekend today. our highest fire danger day despite the slightly cooler temperatures, high pressure ridge will further strengthen into next week. this should allow winds to calm a little bit, but it's also going to allow temperatures to climb a lot more. and we'll be back into the 90's by tuesday of next week. skies will be nice and sunny today. we're going to keep that around tomorrow sunday. well into the start of next week, too. so that's not
8:48 am
something that's going to be changing. if you're heading to the coast today, expect 60's and a bit on the breezy side bar kundera going to be beautiful. mid 70's out there and both mission in financial districts, 70's as well from burlingame, down south mountain view and even into the south bay, where you're taking a break from the 80's. still pretty close, though, san jose at 79, similar numbers for the tri valley and the east bay shoreline with hayward at 79 in oakland at 78, still low 80's from danville, up to concord as well as from vallejo, over to antioch and on up to vacaville over to napa and sonoma. all these areas still in the low 80's today tomorrow and sunday will see the return of some mid 80's. so just a touch warmer for those days, but also calmer as far as winds go, the heat really builds back in next week and notice that this forecast is staying dry all the way through. so fire danger is that we've got to think about all the way through this forecast. reyna. john, thank you for that. a few delays along the peninsula, us really slowed us down along one o one like this
8:49 am
accident. >> redwood city, southbound one. 0 one at whipple avenue. a little further up. 92 westbound east of south delaware street. and so 82 or 2.80, might be good options for you traveling into the city this morning. there's a traffic hazard right near the treasure island exit. i-80 westbound near. so about 60 minute drive. i've been looking at drive times and they haven't really fluctuated since that accident happened. so that's good news. 30 minute drive making way across towards the peninsula. a 80 to one o one up in pittsburgh. got an accident westbound highway 4 east of bailey road. just a slight delay. nothing in the rant. so not too bad. that drive time. 17 minutes to make it from any act into conquered darya. james, back to you. thank you. 49 people in east palo alto are making suggestions about changes. they want to see this after a deadly shooting that happened at jack farrell park on tuesday in broad daylight. kids and families were sent scrambling. copper's tale of the second has the story.
8:50 am
>> it's disturbing video of a child running and screaming for on some a community members of east palo alto. for many, it revealed the true fear of dozens of children and parents. we're playing and jack farrell park tuesday evening when 2 pairs of people fired off. 33 shots killing one man and injuring 3 others. it must have been about 50 kids out there. all of a site in all of this transpired. it and i'm ducking and dodging at same time. i can't that because i'm looking for my baby. i kind of find life. it was very many children. 3 minute crying in writing that mom was at the park that day. >> during city council special meeting on thursday, she raised concerns about the safety at jack farrell park. >> other parents advocated for security cameras and more police patrols at the park. the loitering that triggered this, the cause this that was the foundation for all of this. we have to stop the loitering. i fully support cameras on the parking lot. the interim city manager says
8:51 am
>> the city is currently looking into those options. this event really has led. >> us to look how we provide services that would protect the community. city leaders address the area's troubled past and all of the work they've put in over the last decade to make this a safe place. >> raiders football star davante adams who is from east palo alto, just visited this park a couple months ago to give back to the kids in his community. >> and tragically, his cousin, ralph fields, junior was the victim of this shooting. police say they have no new information on the suspects at this time. updates from yesterday to today. we have still up no new witnesses. >> we need our community to come forward and come together. >> it give us the information we need to bring justice for the fields family and i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> well, an update now to a story we brought you yesterday. but california highway patrol confirming that 2 people were killed in a shooting along interstate 5.80, in oakland. and this
8:52 am
happened near seminary avenue. chp says 4 people were found inside a black nissan sedan. 3 of them injured with gunshot wounds. all 4 went to the hospital, unfortunately, to died from their injuries. traffic was stopped for hours as police shut down the highway so they can investigate. and oakland city councilmember trevor reed was stuck in that back up and gave us a reaction. >> were seen in living and experiencing the were driving home in the midst of it. so it affects us all and we have to do more to deliver the safety that we deserve in the city. >> councilmember reed is an advocate for adding more highway cameras. in fact, just last week, governor newsom approved funding for new cameras that would be placed along several highways across the state. and one of them is interstate 5.80. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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55. a groundbreaking ceremony in san jose for the newest addition to the city's japantown. >> hi glennville park was approved for construction back in 2020 and it's now being built on an empty lot on north 6th street. it's expected to open to the public next year. the community chose to name the park in honor of 19 th-century german immigrant john highland who helped establish the chinese
8:56 am
community on that very site decades before the area would become known as japan town today. there's a lot of significance of the location the the honoring of john hyland with the name of the part, but also for the future. tremendous new part with a great asset for our community. >> and new cultural center is also being built right next to that park, san jose's japantown, by the way, just one of 3 remaining in all of the united states. apparently the other 2 being located in los angeles and right here in san francisco. >> it's 8.56. and coming up in the next hour or 2 men are dead involved in a police shooting in san francisco will tell you what happened in a live report. plus, police are investigating another deadly shooting in oakley. we'll tell you why they say this one was self-defense and the warriors in the mavericks face off game 2 tonight. we'll hear how draymond green fields
8:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> made it to the finest hour on the finest day friday. i'm darya and i'm james on a friday. that's going to be packed with excitement with the warriors playing tonight and the giants as well in the city at the same time in the
9:00 am
same part of the city. you know, be a little crowded if you want to be there, go early. if you don't want to go, don't away. >> there's plenty to do. the weather is going to cooperate. just be beautiful all weekend, john. yes, today back into the 80's we fall. and that is very welcome. because those 90's we had mid week a little too warm at the coast today. expect some 60's, beautiful start to the morning in half moon bay sitting under sunshine from the coast all the way inland. temperatures are rising quickly. we're back into the 60's now for a whole lot of the bay area. oakland, you're at 62 right now. conquered 66 degrees. >> tied with napa for our warmest spots in the bay. at the moment, we'll see daytime highs climbing back into the 80's inland. unfortunately, along with those warm temperatures comes the wind which is still resultitg in some critical fire danger specially for for this inland areas like solano county. i'll be breaking down everything else you need to know for the weekend's forecast. still to come right to john, thank you for friday has not been without issues like this one.
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