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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  May 20, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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police officers association, president officer barry donelan officers responded to a shots fired call found at the victim out on the street and saturday you succumb to his injuries. >> that that that was the co-owner of the restaurant judon abo. >> opd homicide investigators are searching for clues to what happened at this point. they say that they do know that the restaurant was closed. the co owner of this restaurant be gunned down comes in the wake of this incident last week. also on through ville avenue here at la perle, a puerto rican it appears robbery was the motive of the 3 gunmen. in that pd. investigators are trying to determine if robbery as a possible motive. did the lucky 3, 7 shooting as well. there's a report that there a business deal. >> they went sideways, stolen vehicle. but you know, so the investigators are working on that and all aspects of this case hopefully as the investigation unfolds in weeks ahead, the circumstances
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behind what motivated this callous murder is actually discovered. >> officer donald, it says judah dabo was well, though, to the community that is restaurant was a favorite of officers at opd. >> strikes home in many respects that many officers here knew that they don't add all snow, the restaurant. well, i feel terrible for all that. all families of victims of violent crime in this city. the tragedy for us is that there's too >> oakland police say investigators are searching for any surveillance videos that may have recorded the shooting. anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police. how is it you wrote for news? >> an assistant water polo coach at uc davis has been arrested for child. the school confirmed daniel noble is facing federal charges after an investigation by the fbi. in a statement from uc davis school says it became aware of the case earlier this week but
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was arrested yesterday was immediately placed on administrative leave. he was hired by the university back in 2019 uc davis chancellor gary mayor responded to the rest by saying, quote, i am deeply concerned that individuals in our community may have been harmed if there are victims within our community, our highest priority will be to provide support for them. >> and national news, the justice department trying to raise awareness of hate crimes and making it easier to report them. there are new guidelines announced today along with 10 million dollars in new grants. it will include grant money for states interested in creating hotlines to report hate crime. there will be a focus on people who don't speak english and families with limited access to the internet. >> last weekend's attack was a painful reminder of the singular impact that hate crimes have not only on individuals. but an entire communities. they bring
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immediate devastation. inflict lasting fear. >> those new investments are part of the anti asian hate crime bill passed by congress last year. today house democrats passed a plan to give the department of justice even more resources to investigate domestic terrorist groups that they say are fueled by hate. most republicans and even some house democrats oppose the bill. they say it gives the federal government and law enforcement the power to track and censor speech as well as monitoring citizens. >> on capitol hill, there's a change in how democrats are reacting to the latest mass shooting. gun safety advocates say democrats are not pushing for stronger gun control measures like they have in the past after past shooting senate democrats have forcefully called for expanding background checks. we're banning assault-style weapons. but this time democrats are not as active as before some democratic senators say many of them feel
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there's no hope of passing a universal background check. bill. do i think it's going to get 60 probably not. but i do think it's important that the american people you are able to judge senator by senator where you stand on responsible gun safety legislation. in contrast to democrats, republicans are united in their message that guns are not the problem. >> all right. time for another look at the forecast on this lovely friday night. we're looking live at the golden gate bridge the weekend is upon us. and we're wondering just how warm it's going to be others minute pretty warm week. yes, been pretty throughout the week, but we're going to warm those temperatures up a little bit further. i think tomorrow we're going to breakdown the when someone that's some good news. fire danger going to come to an end. but what a beautiful evening around the bay area. look out toward the golden gate bridge. we've got a couple sailboats out there, enjoying the sea breeze right now in the water. why not? it's just one of those friday nights here in the bay area and looks like it's going to stay that way. temperatures
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today, 69 degrees very comfortable in the san francisco. 75 and warm in oakland, 79 in san jose, 80 in livermore. 83 in concord and also in santa rosa. the temperatures, though, by tomorrow afternoon, going to be a little bit warmer. here's the forecast for some of that sea breeze that will likely kick in by tomorrow afternoon. we see all of a sudden those colors begin russian from the ocean and start to push on shore by tomorrow afternoon. and that's what we're looking at. that will bring down the fire danger that will bring more of that moisture in the atmosphere. and that will also a cool things down just a little bit coast side as we'll likely see some fog forming there, at least by a saturday night into sunday. temperatures should be in the 50's in the 60's in the san francisco as you make way along the coastline. we've got some 50's and some 60 67 degrees in burlingame about 75 degrees in redwood city. 78 in mount view, south bay field. a lot of 80's by tomorrow afternoon and you'll see some mid 80's in places like livermore about 84 degrees in dublin. 74 fremont about 69 degrees in san leandro. 7 in castro valley about 80 in hercules. 83 in benicia about
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79 degrees in they'll be an afternoon sea breeze kicking in there. that's for sure. and along the coastline, otherwise temperatures look good. a little more fog on sunday morning. side. otherwise. lots of sunshine coming our way. then we crank up that heat. we're talking mid 90's by tuesday, wednesday in the valleys by next week. thank you, lawrence. new york city health officials are investigating a possible case of monkeypox of pay. >> confirmed this one. it will be the second known case in the u.s. a monkey pox is a very rare disease. it's a cousin of smallpox. the symptoms include fever, rash, muscle aches, chills. the first u.s. case was confirmed recently in massachusetts. the illness is rarely seen outside central and west africa. but now there are dozens of cases throughout europe. scientists monitoring the outbreak of acute hepatitis among children, say infections are up, but deaths are down the
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centers for disease control and prevention reports that 180 cases have been logged in 36 states over the past 7 months. however, many of the cases that have been added to the counts are retroactive, for example, some cases date back to october of last year. but there have been no new reported deaths in the u.s. since february. >> coming up, elon musk angrily denies allegations from a former employee calling them politically motivated. >> and in south los angeles, residents continue to pick up the pieces after destructive fireworks explosion about a year ago. why those displaced from their homes are now suing the la police department.
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>> ginni thomas, the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas pressured to arizona state lawmakers after the 2020 presidential election. this is according to emails released by the washington post. they say that she encouraged representatives for us old bowers and china bullock to fight back against fraud as she put it and one of them to use what she characterized as there constitutional authority to choose the electors rather than accepting those based on the popular vote. all responded to her on november 10th of 2020 telling her to file a formal complaint a she new of voter fraud or election interference in arizona, tesla
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ceo elon musk is trying to shut down some scathing accusations against him. >> yesterday business insider reported on a spacex flight attendants claims that musk exposed himself in propositioned her for back in 2016, spacex and reportedly paid her $250,000 to settle that claim in 2018 last night. musk tweeted, quote, the attacks against me should be viewed through a political lens. this is their standard despicable playbook, but nothing will deter me from fighting for a good future. and your right to free speech. coming up is forced tiger woods battles in an effort to try to make the cut at the pga championship. >> and kate rooney has a live warriors update from chase center. coming up. and next up for fun, things looking for something to do. we've got some goats. we've got some wine classic cars and for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu.
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to the world, now you know. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> we are live at the united club in chase center. as the warriors take on the dallas mavericks in round 2 of the western conference finals. game 2, it is a wild product. you're super loud tonight in this section here in the united club, they got great seats and greats eats. we're right in front of the sir. rob, stop a filipino eatery. it's part of the warriors taste makers partner with a tie shine a spotlight on local
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businesses and bring them into chase center says some delicious be a classic filipino delicacy here and lots of fans in this area getting sample all the great stuff they have to offer. we've got to check in on this game. the warriors got off to a little bit of a slow start in this one. they're hanging in there with the mavericks, but double digit. the deficit for the warriors right now. we, of course, are going to be posted with highlights and more throughout the night. let's talk some call the second round of the pga championship going down today at southern hills country club in tulsa, oklahoma. >> tiger woods battling to make the cut. meanwhile, a bay area native surging potentially into a great position. all eyes were on tiger, though, as he battled into this round 2 of the pga championship. needed a much better around that. his initial 4 over 74 to make the cut. >> and he got does approach on the 16th hole. just fix it.
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>> looking like tiger in his prime and you rolls it within 4 feet of the hole. woods capitalizes by sinking the birdie putt. he's one under 69 ensures he will play on saturday. great for him and great for meanwhile, san francisco native will zalatoris 17th hole from the trees. and he just nails. it. rolls it right up to the pin that set up the birdie putt. salah tourists who had some of his earliest golf lessons in foster city and south san francisco shot a 5 under 65 to take a one shot lead into saturday. how about some baseball yankees slugger aaron set to be a free agent. this offseason. he turned 13.5 million dollar extension. >> from new york. and although it simply a long shot, the been showing up.
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take as much as 300 million dollars. but san francisco salary cap space. this offseason and can stand in his own stockton, he has really established himself as one of the game's best 2 are power hitters and currently leads all of baseball with 14 home runs. giants fans, of course, can only hope that judge renders his final verdict in favor of the orange and black. >> and finally, you can catch san francisco glens soccer this weekend on our live streaming platform. kron on. >> the glens will take on the marine legends fc this saturday at 03:00pm and our own kylen mills will be calling the game go pilot. that's lens on kron on this saturday. you can get there by going to kron on dot feet. but that's all i got for now, 90 to dig into this limb, libya. see how this is. plus back to
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you guys. it looks very tasty. have a good time out there, kate. turning now some news in southern california. >> it's been almost a year now since a botched detonation of illegal fireworks by the l a p d led to a huge explosion in a south la neighborhood. and now families affected by that blast are saying the city of los angeles has not done nearly enough to make things right. rick chambers has the story. >> was not supposed to happen. >> that truck is destroyed, not only the truck, but much of the surrounding neighborhood. it was 11 months ago along east 27th street in south l a the lapd bomb squad was disposing of illegal fireworks when its own truck exploded in the middle of the street. we'll see everything that the enormous blast went off right in front of jose. but sarah's home destroying it and sending 5 of his family members to the hospital. now,
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nearly a year later, he still waiting for the city to pay for its admitted mistakes. i think it a point that we are waiting for. one good for a solution. >> and now with the city's not attempting to he's really have to want to today, we are filing a lawsuit against the city of la on behalf of 21 different individuals. some 35 properties were damaged by the blast that wednesday evening. >> a total of 17 people were hurt. many of those relocated afterwards by the city. have never returned. and nearly 2 dozen residents are still waiting for the city to make things right when the city is saying they accept responsibility. >> they have city promised to take care of them. and to date they have not even excepted their claim. much less provided any income. the city's own inspector general's report claims that despite objections from one member of the bomb squad. >> the police overloaded the truck with homemade explosives
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and the blast vessel just couldn't contain it yet. the city continues to frustrate and disappoint the victims. this is my call. this is my use a change if you change that with my seat. that was rick chambers reporting for us tonight. the la city attorney's office says that it's reviewing the suit and had no comment. >> the 26 year-old man who owns those illegal fireworks will be sentenced in august in federal court. now, a 4 zone forecast as we step outside to get show you a little bit of a miss hanging over the golden gate on a really nice friday night. yeah, that's beautiful lot, lawrence. speaking of friday night, time for fun things. yeah, a lot of things going on in the bay area. of course, we try to give you a little flavor of all the different things are happening. little stressful this week. lot of people working out that we may have just the thing for you to start out. how about a little goat yoga? that's right. it's a thing. vicki >> we'll tell you all about that. that's right. if you go to half moon bay that you have the other doesn't sound like a
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lot of fun, but apparently it's a great time. they'll be middle of that. you're cold. you're clothes walking on your back or your stomach looks like he's but no, it's just walking on top of it. and folks just say it's a wonderful time that will be in half moon bay. that's going to be the limits farms that starts 11, 30 on saturday. skies will be mostly sunny, mild temperatures will be a bit of a breezy afternoon. go there. have a lot of fun. how about this? you like classic cars. this might be a fun one to go to the classic car show that is going to be in fremont. that starts 4 o'clock in the afternoon on sunday. she got the whole day to enjoy and then get out there on check out some really nice cars. the temperatures should be very nice there as well. expected some mid 70's in fremont, sunny skies, warm temperatures just a bit of a breeze in the afternoon. a nice to see some of these coming back now. he's been gone for a while with covid, but the art wine festival returning the pleasant hill. this is going to be a two-day event that starts tomorrow at 11:00am. it will be a bit on the toasty side plan on temperatures there in the mid
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80's. plenty of sunshine and very warm. make sure you wear some sunscreen if you're headed out. of course, a lot of art line, lots of food, lots of music out there at those festivals. and here's a fun one. how about bug day and bug olympics? it's back in san francisco at the randall museum that starts at 10 o'clock in the morning. they're going to have bug contests and a magnet race. all kinds of fun stuff to check out to see actually talk to some bugs scientists out there, too. it will be mostly sunny and mild. temperatures are going to be the 60's there just a bit breezy toward the afternoon. that's very latest. guys, back to said that i want to say, ok, maggots from the how about golf and we knew they were smart. but >> wait till you hear how they have figured out a way to treat their own skin problems.
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>> there's a new study that says dolphins will rub against karl to use it as medicine for skin ailments. swiss researchers, a shot video of several dolphins taking turns and rubbing up against a they say they're selective to look for particular type. the coral release is kind of a gooey substance when the dolphins were up against it turns out it has antibacterial and anti accident properties. how did the dolphins know they they're they're not down there. pretty smart. they're reading books. another big story out of oakland for seniors have really bright futures ahead of them. all of them graduating
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with. >> gpa above 4 point. oh, and already completed more than 10 college courses. they are the top academic scholars that leadership, public schools, oakland, campus, besides being the school valedictorian. yes, i martinez is graduating with a 4.7, 2 and has earned 4 degrees from laney. college is accepted a full scholarship to harvard. he will study computer science or computer juan lopez has a gpa of 4.6 1. he applied to get this. 57 colleges. he finally decided to attend the university of pennsylvania to major in political science on a full-ride scholarship. so he can be the first in his family to attend and graduate college hosts. why a man is lopez is a first generation college student who will be attending uc davis and the fall he completed 21 college courses from balancing high school and job internships and ap coursework. and we're not done yet. ariel lee martinez r
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really meant martinez. part me is graduate with 4.0. 4, 2, gpa. she has her sights on double majoring in nutrition and child development. she's already completed 10 college courses that are transferable to uc berkeley where she is set to attend in august. our congratulations to all of these extremely smart, gifted students who've overcome some adversity to get to where they are caused juggling so much. some of them at once. very impressive. that wraps up kron. 4 news at 6. we'll see it in an hour at 8 o'clock. have a good night.
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are you ready to du more with less asthma? ♪ ♪ >> announcer: elon musk versus the flight attendant. >> her shocking claim against the world's richest man. >> announcer: the former marine imprisoned in russia for to your speaks out. his harrowing experience. elevator baby. it's because she got on the elevator pregnant and when she got off, she had a baby. i >> announcer: the hero passenger who landed the plane with zero flying experience. speak of a pilot who was stricken comes forward. >> miracle after miracle after miracle. >> announcer: amber heard


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