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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 20, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> we start with breakina news out of the east bay. a 7 year-old has been killed in a crash in fremont. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 8. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. that crash happened about 3.45 this afternoon on montrose avenue. >> police say the child was riding a bike when a car hit the child. investigators are on the scene. that area is expected to be closed to traffic until tomorrow morning
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conference. justin campbell is live on the scene and joins us. >> with the latest, what we know just i've been talking to neighbors. hear they are telling me that. 45? >> think this street right behind me, neighbors are telling me there is no there are not a lot of crosswalks here in this neighborhood. unfortunately what police say then this woman hit this 7 year-old as he was riding his bike, trying to cross the street. that grandfather was with him at the time. he was taken to the hospital. unfortunately, he passed away at the hospital. now, a lot of neighbors, as you can imagine, and people saw this little boy in this neighborhood riding with his grandfather. i'm really shocked and torn an emotional over what we arrived here. the police have had this scene blocked off. they've
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been taking the fire department has been here piecing back exactly what happened. more information will probably come in the days. we are going to stay here on the scene. we try to figure out exactly more details of what happened in as soon as we learn more, we'll be able to pass that information along to you. but obviously the family right now very upset. tragic situation, emotional reporting live here in fremont. justin campbell kron, 4 news. all right. thank you, justin. >> a red flag warning is ending for parts of the bay area, but fire crews all over the bay area are still on fire. watch the hillsides, of course, are dry. temperatures are hot. it's been windy. so any fire that starts could, of course, spread quickly. we saw an example of that today in concord. this is video of a
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fire that started around noon just off highway 4 and will pass road about 20 acres burns. the good news is the fire is now fully contain. and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has been tracking the conditions that this continues to be a problem. are things easing a little bit backing off now, which is some good news said again that northerly that dry wind. >> now starting to see a bit of a sea breeze and that sea breeze means everything. the fire conditions out there. you can see lot of that haze in the atmosphere. that's moisture coming right off the ocean waters there that on shore flow now kicking in and red flag warnings have just just to come down. so the winds are also start to back off a little bit. it was very blustery in 30, some 40 mile an hour gusts across parts of the north bay and mountain tops. very gusty. as you see now, some of those winds, not all that bad. >> so a little bit of a northerly component there, fairfield, 14 miles an hour in rio vista, 18 vacaville to a 9 miles an hour over the mountains. you're still seeing some blustery winds, 20 plus miles per hour. but the general trend now, as you see
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that sea breeze rolling in and there it is that on shore flow, all that moisture coming off the ocean and bring some of that nice moist ocean air back on shore. and so things are going prove overnight tonight. in fact, you can see that on our fire weather model as we're showing only slight chance. a fire conditions now in parts of the bay area. but as we take you through the night tonight, that on shore breeze really doesn't for the most bay area. things start to clean quite a bit is we're going to see that breeze carry that moisture well on shore, even in some of the valleys. now by tomorrow afternoon, those winds will pick up again a little bit. but more of general sea breeze. and so you get some enhanced conditions. slight chance of fire weather conditions as we head toward the afternoon with that will be just from that sea breeze. not really from an offshore wind. so the good news is that big dome of high pressure is starting to slide. so the access starts to move further inland. all of a sudden instead of getting that northerly component to the wind, we start to see more of a westerly and that brings that sea breeze. and that brings the fire danger way down into the weekend. guys,
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back to you. all right, lauren, thank you for that. covid cases are on the rise again. in fact, the cdc says there's been an 80% jump nationwide in the north bay. a senior living facility is dealing with a spike in cases. >> but as kron four's terisa stasio reports, the ceo there is hoping to curb more problems by spreading awareness. >> and right now we have about 2% of our our staff and our with active covid cases, an uptick in covid cases among residents and staff members have the redwoods senior living facility in mill valley. this is video of inside the facility. i was there documenting staff and residents becoming some of the first in marine county to receive the covid vaccine the early days were really hard. frankly, we were very, very worried about people die. we take care of seniors and frail seniors who have independent living assisted living and skilled nursing, including a
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hospice. >> ceo hunter moore says even though all of the facility's 350 residents and 170 staff members are vaccinated against covid. there are now about 10 positive cases. he says looking at the data, they seem to have an uptick in cases following holidays. and with memorial day weekend coming up, he is asking everyone to do their part. >> if they bring him back here that give it to other residents and team members and for the other residents they have to quarantine in their health could be compromised, which is a very big concern, even though they're vaccinated, they can still get it, which i think a lot of people are forgetting. but what really hurts is to is like almost every we are having challenges getting team members if get covid, then we it compromises our ability to provide the level of service and quality of care that we want to provide. >> moore says that they
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continue to follow cdc guidelines. and just this week offered a clinic for a second booster. theresa stasi, you kron 4 news. >> house speaker nancy pelosi is receiving backlash over her stance on abortion and is coming from san francisco's roman catholic archbishop pelosi will no longer be able to receive communion in her hometown after the local local archdiocese said her vow to make abortion legal crossed a line that the catholic church could not ignore the conservative catholic archbishop said that he told pelosi in a letter that she must either repudiate her support of abortion rights or stop speaking publicly about her catholic faith and that she did not do enough. she wouldn't. she would be banned from receiving communion. well, because of this state, senator scott wiener's calling for the archbishop's removal in a statement that the senator writes, quote, after supporting prop 8 and refusing to get vaccinated our right wing archbishop is now attacking one of the most effective leaders in the history of our country because
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she supports reproductive health and safe access to abortion. the archbishop's refusal to give communion to speaker pelosi is shameful. he is deeply out of step with san francisco and should be removed. kron four's ella sogomonian talked with senator wiener. today's we'll have more on all of this coming up on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. as the u.s. waits for the supreme court's official ruling on roe versus wade. >> discussions are heating up in the bay area about protecting women's access to abortion. planned parenthood leaders came together with state and local lawmakers today. kron four's amanda hari was at that meeting explains how they plan to protect abortion rights, a promise to all women that the bay area will protect their access to abortions and other reproductive health services. no judge or politician. >> should be allowed to deny women the right to control their own bodies. their own lives and their own futures. it is a direct attack on the
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practice of medicine and patient reproductive health outcomes. about a dozen lawmakers, doctors and abortion advocates came together friday to discuss a possible future without roe versus wade. not just going to protect women in california. >> but we're going to make sure women in any other state that doesn't have easy access to abortion. we have the funds fly here to stay here and to get the health care that san francisco supervisor, hillary ronen, thank the california legislature for fighting for new funding to help low income and out of state women continue to have access to abortions. the president of california planned parenthood affiliates thou to help those out of state as well. 36 million women that will be affected have to travel outside of the same thing living in order to get care that we're making sure in california that that place can be here. the california insurance commissioner also promised to continue to help
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fund abortions if and when real paul. >> the show commissioners across the bay can you know any fun like access portions every single event and desires that some leaders pointed out that the current threat against roe versus wade could create a domino effect, uses more generally about people. >> really. i'm happy that over the last to 100 years this is it you want go back to the 1950's were before and we're not going to go there. going back. >> crime for news. well, game 2 of the nba western finals. it's underway at chase center of the warriors playing the mavericks. let's check in now is kron four's. gayle ong has the tough job being inside a very loud and boisterous
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>> chase center. gayle, how you're holding up about that. >> catherine they get here. you can hear the chants are game it. i think this happened. you can hear those cheers behind me. all eyes are on the court tonight. let's give you a closer look at the crowd throughout the night. i did some video and this is just nothing but cheers and chants. >> one believes in the current. >> just love i i copies moves and i just i've been watching i want to see look up, put on a show tonight. >> well, fans out there would bring in their cheers tonight. they also brought their best outfits people are bringing their rings and their big warriors chain is
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>> fans are feeling pretty optimistic and we'll see what happens in just a few minutes left in the game. live from chase center, gayle ong kron. 4 news >> it is allowed and fun great place to be tonight. coming up, new video released today shows an officer involved shooting in oakland. what we're learning about this incident which happened last fall. plus rising cost of living for seeing some young people to make a tough decision. the big moves it. some of those folks are making and what oakland police are now saying about the popular restaurant owner shot and killed outside his business. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing.
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>> now to the latest in the shooting in oakland that killed a restaurant owner. police are now trying to figure out what the motive was. june a novel was co-owner of the lucky 3, 7 filipino restaurant. he was killed near the restaurant wednesday night. police have not confirmed a report that the shooting involved a business deal gone bad. oakland police say that june a novel was very well known and his restaurant was a favorite among local officers. >> it strikes home in many respects that many officers here knew that they don't and almost no restaurant. well, i feel terrible for all that. all families of victims of violent crime in this city. the tragedy for us is that is to make
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>> investigators are looking for any surveillance video and this area and they say anyone with information is asked to please call oakland police. >> el cerrito police are looking for 3 men accused of trying to rob a home and then driving away when the owner fought back. it happened wednesday morning on king drive. police say 3 people armed with guns broke into the house. but the purse person who's living there somehow was able to fend them off the suspects. the gunman drove away, but there are chased down interstate 80 by police. 2 of the suspects were arrested, but a 3rd person did get away at one point else high school was put on lockdown because of the police search. san francisco police have identified the 2 men who were shot and killed in a police shooting last night. one of them, 57 year-old michael match fee on gain and the other one. 49 year-old rafael mendoza. police say the shooting happened after officers were responding to an aggravated assault call. this is video from the scene in the area of mariposa and owen
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streets. it's just a block away from ucsf benioff children's hospital. police have not given any details on what led up to the shooting. they only said it took place when the officers tried to contact the suspects. the case is still under investigation. >> a gun buyback event is scheduled for this sunday at peters community center. it's being sponsored by santa clara county and the city of milpitas. if you want to turn in a gun, you can take of the to the community center. you do not have to give your name or show id. the city will give people $100 for a handgun. 200 for a ghost gun or an assault weapon. of course, the goal is getting more guns off the streets and curbing gun violence. >> every gun we receive is one less gun available that could be used and a suicide in a domestic violence. and stolen in a burglary. we're actively used by an unsuspecting child. >> the event will be from
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09:00am to one in the afternoon sunday. the milpitas community centers on is calibers boulevard. officials will be checking serial numbers on those guns to make sure that they've been or to see if they have been stolen. time now for the 4 zone forecast with a live view of the golden gate bridge as the sun slips below the horizon out there on this lovely friday night. here's lawrence lawrence. what is the weekend look like weekend is looking fantastic as we go through lots of sunshine. looks like a return to some more normal conditions. fire danger going away now, red flag warnings have been dropped outside little haze out there in the bay of the sun setting. >> what was a nice day around for most of the bay area. this nice warm temperatures. fact, temperatures going a very comfortable 69 degrees today in san francisco, oakland, check. 75 79 and warm in san jose. 80 degrees and live more 83 in concord and 83 degrees in santa rosa. those temperatures running a little bit above the average for this time of year. offshore winds. you kind of get the sense as those winds bring those clouds
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away from the coastline, leaving skies, nice and clear, even out of the beaches today. it was nice and clear out there and things have changed. now we're seeing more of an on shore breeze. see that wind coming out of west of 20. and 24 miles an hour in we've still got some non northerly component, win there in fairfield, you get the vacaville still, you're seeing more of northerly wind. but tonight likely to see that continue a little bit maybe some blustery winds from time to time. but overall, we'll see more of that sea breeze and that will allow for that moisture content in the atmosphere to pick up quite a bit over the next 24 hours. so the fire danger coming to a close and well, we're looking at a very nice weekend ahead, especially saturday. i probably the best of the 2 days this weekend as we're going to see some nice sunshine and then by sunday, maybe a little more fog is a filter in along the coastline still be nice around most bay area both days, but a little fog toward the coast on sunday. temperatures for tomorrow, 50's 60's along the coastline looking at the upper 60's in the san francisco 80's in the valleys in the next few days. lots of sunshine coming our way. and by next tuesday
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and wednesday, we're in the mid 90's in some of the hottest spots. thank you. cast prices at record highs. congress has passed a bill to try to crack down on alleged price gouging from energy companies. >> the bill seeks to criminalize excessive hikes to gas prices. the law would give the federal trade commission the power to investigate big oil companies when they inflate prices unfairly. some lawmakers have criticized the bill saying that americans need more immediate relief as guys, gas prices continue to surge. the bill ultimately passed by 10 votes. but received no republican support suggesting it will fail in the u.s. senate gas prices set a new statewide record today hitting $6.8 a gallon. meanwhile, state lawmakers are still trying to come to an agreement on a relief plan that was promised a driver's months ago. the department of finance as governor newsom continues to stick with his idea of sending $400 direct payments to california car owners. if passed, it would
8:21 pm
take dmv between one and 2 months to put together the data needed before those payments could be rolled out. but legislative leaders have proposed a plan of their own to send direct payments to california taxpayers based on income and family size. the newsom administration says that could take until after labor day to get those payments out. >> and just see the governor and the democrats have made really no progress on to buy any kind of release. you know, whether it be a gas tax suspension or rebate. it's just terrible governments. >> this week republican party leader james gallagher's plan - to suspend the state's $0.51 a gallon gas tax. >> us parents could finally get some relief from the ongoing baby formula shortage because shipments from europe are on the way that includes the french production company. it's part of the president's so-called operation fly formula flights could be arriving as soon as this weekend. vo include special
8:22 pm
hypoallergenic formulas. the pentagon says that hoping to get one and a half million bottles of baby formula. bay area. health officials issuing some advice to help parents deal with the whole shortage. they say california is actually doing better than a lot of other states. they continue to urge breastfeeding when possible. talking to a doctor before you switch formula brands and families are being told not to make their own formula or water down to try to make it last longer and avoid using expired formula or giving toddler formula to infants. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> still ahead tonight at 8 o'clock and devastating fire kills 4 pet set, a dog boarding facility. what firefighters are saying about a possible cause. >> also, yes, the irs is behind and getting people their refunds this year, but it's not all bad. we'll explain.
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>> if you're still waiting for your tax refund, there's a tiny pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. the irs says payments that are behind 45 days or more. well earned 4% interest. millions of people will benefit because the agency is way behind on processing returns. one financial adviser said if you have a few $1000 coming, you
8:26 pm
know, get an extra couple $100 or so. the average payout in interest is $18. you probably will not be surprised to hear that more and more young adults are. >> moving back in with their parents and the problem. sky-high rents. we know it's high around here, but a new york city, for example, rents are up. 32% last year. meaning the many discount deals offered during the pandemic. those are long gone. so parents are suddenly getting a little company. >> i did head and we've got to to save some money. am i going to have the pace >> moving in might not be an option for everybody when parents can help. some young people say they're just moving to more affordable cities. >> straight ahead at 8 o'clock tonight, oakland police released body camera video from last night's deadly officer-involved shooting or to take a look at that. plus, a 7 year old riding his bike killed after being hit by a
8:27 pm
car in fremont. that's breaking news tonight. we continue to follow that story and we'll have the latest from the cdc on the outbreak of acute hepati usic throughout)
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to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. >> we continue to follow that breaking news out of the east bay. a 7 year-old boy has been killed in a crash in fremont. yeah. that crash happened about 3.45 this afternoon on montrose avenue. police say the child was riding a bike when a car hit the little boy
8:30 pm
traffic. investigators have been on the scene in the area. probably will be closed to traffic until tomorrow. but kron four's justin campbell has been out there and joins us what are we learning tonight? justin? it does traffic. investigators have been in and out all night long. but here's what i want you to show you show you will have our photographer pan to the left. >> we have neighbors that are now coming out here doing a candlelight vigil. this neighborhood is a very tight knit community. you can see this candle and flowers right here it is. the indian community. so a lot of people here new this little boy in this community. i walk you through. we'll show you some video of what the scene looked like earlier what they are telling us. a woman that was a driver actually heat. this 7 year-old boy, he was riding with his grandfather. i grant father was with him. this is
8:31 pm
something that they would do in the neighborhood. they would ride bikes. and what weire hearing from other people here in this neighborhood that once that woman he had this child, she was very dramatic. she would attic. excuse me. very traumatic herself. that child was then taken to the hospital at the end where he was pronounced dead. we got the chance to speak to somebody who arrived on the scene shortly after listen to what he had to say to describe it. >> so there's people screaming there is like a kid on the ground. i at first that like, you know, a kid, the kids hurt. i want to like i think there's a kids hurt. so and then i realized afterwards when it came back on site there's actually a car on that lawn and i realize that, you know what, this kid got hit by a car. >> the woman actually went to the hospital herself. we were
8:32 pm
told that she stayed here on the scene, cooperating with police as far as investigation where that is going, we will get more information from them. and as we learned that will pass that along to you. for now. we're live here in fremont justin campbell kron, 4 news. thank you, justin. such a sad story. >> we are getting our first look at oakland police body camera video shows an encounter with an armed man with mental health problems who shot at officers. so actually the shooting happened back in september of 2021, the police department says it shows the courage it takes to be an oakland police officer. our justine waltman walks us through the video and >> video from september of 2021. shows gunfire exchange between oakland police officers and 50 year-old jeffrey carter. the department says it released body camera and security of video of the incident to be transparent. police say they got a call about a man with a gun on
8:33 pm
telegraph avenue and 21st street just before 7 in the morning. they say carter fired first and hit one of the 2 officers. both officers fired back hitting the suspect twice, led us >> 9.40, be shots fired. so far something shot a i'm hit. i'm hit as well. video from the scene shows us the number of evidence markers on the street. police say after getting hit, the suspect got up and ran a few blocks away towards martin luther king junior boulevard. officers followed. i'm not sure it gets the gun they ended up at an apartment building where police fired a beanbag to stop carter. but it did not work. chief leronne armstrong put out this video message about what happened next. he barricaded himself inside a building. >> the local police department's crisis intervention officers,
8:34 pm
tactical negotiator and alameda county mental health professionals are on scene communicating with carter who was armed with a knife and stabbed himself. >> after a 30 minute standoff, officers took carter into custody. got him treatment for his injuries and brought him to jail. >> oakland police say the wounded officer was shot in the leg and is still on leave while recovering. his partner returned to work in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. for dogs have been killed in an overnight fire at a kennel in brentwood. >> investigators believe the fire was accidental and some viewers might find this video disturbing. investigators think an electrical problem in an air conditioning unit caused the fire happened at the dirty dog. canine and fitness retreat in brentwood just before 10 last night. fire crews did contain the flames to one building. but again, for dogs died of smoke inhalation. >> we were able to rescue and
8:35 pm
save 15 animals that were on the property as well. whether it's a civilian loss of life or even a, you know, a family pet. all those are important. and all of our lives and they mean a lot to everybody. >> firefighters say they have regular training and performing cpr on pets. >> meantime, services have resumed at that camel. time now for our 4 zone forecast. as we give you a live look outside sfo. catherine looks like there's kind of a layer of fun. i know fog mist. yeah. can't be smoke. >> no, it looks like that. but it's pretty. and that's what it's a 35 and others alive. like i love that. yeah about that. and nice time of year. people out there and enjoy some sunshine. >> looks like this weekend. you could be able to get to lots of sunshine coming our way should be a fantastic weekend ahead as high pressure sits over head, especially saturday. you can see a lot of sunshine all the way to the coastline. you can see some of that haze inside the bay, too.
8:36 pm
>> more that see haze, the moisture coming in from that on shore breeze. now, watch what happens in the winds as we take you through the night tonight into the day tomorrow, all of a sudden you get toward tomorrow afternoon. >> then you'll start to see a surge of all the colors here. that is that on shore flow kicking in. and here comes bringing all that moisture. all that seabreeze well inland to keep the fire danger running lower temperatures tomorrow. >> it could be nice in the san francisco. you've got some 60's in many spots there. and how about 64 degrees in daly city tomorrow? 62 overnight. if you're headed there you get inside the bay of find some warmer number. 67 in millbrae. 63 in brisbane's south san francisco about 68 san carlo. 74 in palo out to the south bay filled with many 80's by tomorrow afternoon. and you can see that in the east bay to into the tri valley are in the mid 80's. many spots fremont should be nice. sunny skies. 75 degree. 74 in hayward and 72 in union city. 75 for our friends in oakland. 73 in berkeley, about 8385 and sunny and bright and conquer sea breeze will be blowing
8:37 pm
through the delta tomorrow. so be aware of that said again, that offshore wind, it looks like that sea breeze will be kicking in bringing those temperatures in the 80's back toward the coastline. we've got in the 60's there out toward the beaches, but still mostly sunny. and then 70's and 80's in much of the north bay next couple days. go to keep those temperatures on the warm side in london packed as we head toward next week next tuesday and wednesday. how about some mid 90's getting hot in many spots inland. >> lawrence, sounds good. thanks very much. still ahead, a day after some heavy losses, what russia is now doing to boost its military forces. and this just in the warriors win the dubs are have taken. the mavericks are leading 2 games to none in the western conference finals. kate rooney will have the highlights of tonight's game. and why a man who worked as an assistant coach at uc davis is now coach at uc davis is now facing federal charges. i joined the district attorney's office
8:38 pm
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thomas, the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas pressured to arizona state lawmakers after the 2020 presidential election. this is according to emails released by the washington post. they say that she encouraged representatives russell bowers and shot a bullet to fight back against fraud as she put it. and one of them to use what she characterized as they are constitutional authority to choose the electors themselves rather than accepting those based on the
8:41 pm
popular vote. well, a correspondent to her november 10th of 2020 telling her to file a formal complaint that she knew of voter fraud or election interference in arizona, an assistant water polo coach at uc davis has been arrested for child. the university confirmed annual noble is facing federal charges after an investigation by the fbi. he's expected to be arraigned sometime today supposed to be arraigned in a statement from uc davis. >> the university says it became aware of the case on wednesday. no one was arrested yesterday and was immediately placed on administrative leave. he has been ordered to stay away from the campus. if you return to the campus will be arrested. an investigation into his activities to the school is also underway was hired by uc davis in 2019. uc davis chancellor gary mayor responded to the rest by saying, quote, i am deeply concerned that individuals in our community may have been harmed if there are victims within our community, our
8:42 pm
highest priority will be to provide support for them. >> coming up next sports, a wild and thrilling game, too. as the warriors battled back, they were down 19 points at one point, kate rooney has highlights and live report highlights and live report from ♪ pop it like it's hooooot. pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪ pop it like it's— pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50 popcorn chicken combo. only at jack in the box.
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all-white-meat chicken. and good good sauce. ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50 popcorn chicken combo. order on the jack app today. >> an 11 year-old child is among the latest victims of russia's war on ukraine. ukraine's president released video today showing a missile strike on the palace of
8:45 pm
culture. this is a building in the northeastern region of kharkiv. he says the child was among 7 victims. he called the attack absolute evil and stupidity. ukrainian authorities say they have repelled more than a dozen russian attacks and the east over the but the situation on the front line is getting worse. meantime, russia's parliament is considering a bill that would allow russians over 40 and foreigners over 30 to join the military and it's a sign russia needs to bolster its troops after some heavy losses in the war. lawmakers say it would allow the military to take advantage of the skills of older professionals, especially people trained in using high precision weapons. right 40 is the cut-off for russians to enlist in the military. the cut off for foreigners is 30. health officials in new york city are investigating a possible case of monkeypox. if confirmed. >> it would be the second
8:46 pm
known case here in the u.s. monkeypox is an extremely rare disease and a cousin of smallpox symptoms include fever, rash, muscle aches and chills. the first u.s. case of monkeypox was just confirmed in massachusetts. the illness is rarely seen outside of central and west africa. but there are now dozens of cases being investigated throughout europe. scientists monitoring the outbreak of acute hepatitis among children, say infections are up, but deaths are down the centers for disease control and prevention reports 180 cases have been logged in. 36 states over the past 7 months. however, many of the cases have been added to the counts are retroactive, for example, some cases date back to october of last year. there have been no new reported deaths in the u.s. since february. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk.
8:47 pm
>> going into game 2 of the western conference finals. the golden state warriors had 2 major objectives against the dallas mavericks stop luka doncic and stop the mavericks from shooting threes. well, able to do both those things in the 1st half. so with the warriors be able to battle that that was the real question here at chase center. the warriors looking for the 2 and oh, start to their first couple games here at chase. dodge hitch, though, came out on fire. stepback 3. he had 18 in the 1st quarter 16 to run for the maps. andrew wiggins attacking luka. obviously the game plan. he bounces it in. but the warriors down by 7 after one and things get testy in the 2nd quarter. davis bertans nails the 3 pointer then gets tangled up with lead hits the floor. he doesn't like being upended and gets into bertans face. a double technical was called draymond
8:48 pm
green talking and he has to be escorted away. he already had a technical foul himself. jalen brunson had a big 1st half of 20 points. 3 pointer here now is go up by as much as 19 steve kerr and jason kidd have a moment together. steph curry heats up late in the second hit back-to-back 3 pointers. he had 20 points on the 1st half. but dallas up by 14 at the break. so we go into 3rd quarter warriors make their run curry into the lane and the no look pass to come on money and the hoop and harm jobs back within 5, 4th quarter with step on the bench. otto porter junior knocks down the corner 3 to give the warriors the lead. under 8 minutes to go. jordan poole. dribble handoff. he knocks down the 3. it's a pool
8:49 pm
party at chase center. with a big hug for looney who had a career-high. 21 points in the game. all right. closing time now stepped down the lane lays it up and he's fouled. 9 point warrior lead. the 4th quarter was stuck on the bench. we go to the kill shot. curry. 3 pointer. it's down step. put this one to bed warriors win one 25 to one 17. they lead the series. 2, nothing game. 3 is in. dallas on sunday. all right. how about the second round of the pga championship at southern hills country club in tulsa, oklahoma. couple of big storylines heading into this one. tiger woods trying to battle his way into making the cut and a bay area native looking pretty sharp. >> but all eyes on tiger woods. in the match. you need
8:50 pm
a much better around that. his initial 4 over 74 to make the cut. and he got it. his approach on the 16th hole just sticks. it looking like tiger in his prime and he rolls it within 4 feet of the capitalizes by sinking the birdie putt. he's one under 69 ensures he will play it on saturday. great for him and great for golf. just go native will zalatoris. how about him? 17 poll from the trees and he just nails. it. rolls it right up to the pen that set up the birdie putt, dollar tourists who had some of his earliest golf lessons really close by and foster city and south san francisco shot a 5 under 65 to take a one shot lead into saturday. and you can catch san francisco glens soccer this weekend on our live streaming platform. kron on the glens will take on legends. fc this saturday at
8:51 pm
03:00pm. >> and our own kylen mills will be the one calling the game. the sf glenn's on kron on this saturday. you can get there by going to kron on dot tv. not only do we have great base basketball right here in the very right now. we've also got some pretty great soccer. all right. that's it for sports. now, back to you in studio. all right. a lot going on. a great night for the warriors. thank you, kate. appreciate it. >> there is going to be on the big screen. we're going to tell you where a major motion picture is being filmed right now.
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
>> this could be fun. keep an eye out for some hollywood, a listers and the east bay and in the bay area. director christopher nolan, the shooting, his latest movie at uc berkeley. a viewer sentosa photos. these are vintage cars they're using in the movie spotted around campus. nolan's movie is called oppenheimer said in the 1940's it tells the story of american scientists j robert oppenheimer and his role in developing the atomic bomb. the sounds impressive, including killian murphy, emily blunt, matt damon is a nut. florence pugh and robert downey junior. it will hit theaters in july of next year. >> and if you want to call the warriors to dallas is going to
8:55 pm
cost you more than just a ticket to the game. we checked flights out of sfo this weekend. the cheapest round trip ticket we could find was a red eye on frontier airlines leaving just before midnight tomorrow and returning just before midnight on monday. that ticket about 400 bucks. not too bad. there is a similar fight for the same price flying out of oakland. but most of the other flight we saw around 6 or $700. so getting to the game, it's going to be and that doesn't count the cost of the ticket. if you could get a ticket in boston where their fanatical about yeah. but can you imagine if you got a ticket? they were talking about dallas for boston. we're talking about dallas for dallas out. okay. i'm getting i'm getting ahead of has that championship. maybe most of so dallas and that kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. >> grant vicki standing by with what's coming up at night. all right. you guys would take little discombobulated after watching
8:56 pm
the game all right. thanks, we are following story for you. breaking news out of the east bay. a seven-year-old has died. >> after getting hit by a car in his neighborhood. we're live in the scene with the latest on the investigation. reaction from neighbors and terrible trying to spike. >> plus, a red flag warning may have expired tonight. however, firefighters say the danger is not over. just this afternoon, crews had to respond to this grass fire burning near concord chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the weekend. weather conditions. skip it here. kron 4 news at 9 is next.
8:57 pm
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and now most admired alum!
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get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> tonight at 9 breaking news out of the east bay. a 7 year-old has been killed in a crash in fremont. police say the child was just riding a bike when they were struck by a car. the investigation into what happened continues tonight. thanks for joining
9:00 pm
us, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis 8. i'm grant lotus. this crash happened around 3.45. this afternoon. >> on montrose avenue you the area is expected to be closed off to traffic until tomorrow morning. kron four's justin campbell is live for us in fremont with the latest on what happened. she's just in just 7 years old. >> vicki and grant just a tragic story. neighbors here are just really shaken by what's happened. here is what i want to show you. if you look right here, we'll have photographer pan to the ground. they have already started coming out, putting a candle light, a vigil for this 7 year-old killed right here riding his bike with his grandfather. people tell us they saw them every other day riding their bicycle. roll some video. so you can see what the scene looked like investigators have been coming back through here do the night. also speaking with the fan here's what. happened that we know so far. it was a woman
9:01 pm
that was driving the car that hit the 7 year-old boy. that's what witnesses are telling us. he then was taken to the hospital where he died at the hospital. that woman was also taken to the hospital because she was so shaken up from what happened. the grandfather also tried to help this 7 year-old boy, but unfortunately he did pass away one of the neighbors that we spoke to told us listen to what he says he think could be done here in this neighborhood. so so hopefully this doesn't happen again. i personally think there's not enough stop signs and kuz on this road. like i >> some people are driving really fast at night. even think they times people are driving 50 and what i'm trying to get to school in the o% morning when my brother drops takes me to school. you know, it's really hard to get on the road without was safely because these guys are driving like 15 the morning. and, you know, sometimes a nighttime, the driving it like


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