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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 20, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> and was that the warriors take game 2 in the western conference finals against the dallas mavericks. as for joining us for kron, 4 news at 10, i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine. heenan. fans are ecstatic. celebrating the team's 2 straight wins against
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the mavericks at home. and we've got that team coverage of tonight's thrilling kron four's gayle ong has that chase center. she's got reaction from fans. but first, kylen mills is also a chase center with a look at that. how the warriors pulled off game 2 >> hey, guys, an incredible comeback win for the golden state warriors in game 2 of the western conference finals. they were down by as much as 19 late in the 2nd quarter. they could have easily given up. however, they battled. they put their heads down and they went to work. let's take a look at the action here at chase center. the dubs looking to go up 2, nothing in this critical series. ave star luka was fantastic in. there were reports out that he was feeling sick leading up to this game. you could tell by the way he played, he came out on fire, stepback 3. he had 18 in just the 1st quarter. 42 on the game. the maps are up by as much as 19 3rd quarter warriors make their run curry into the lane. the no look pass to cub on looney the hoop
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and the harm dubs back within 5 coach steve kerr had a big hug for loom dog. what a career-high. 21 points in this game. you love to see it. 4th quarter with steph on the bench. ford auto porter junior splash knocks down the corner 3 to give the warriors lead a critical bucket from him. then the kill shot. curry. from deep. another one down. steph puts this one to bed warriors win it one. 26 1.17. they lead the series. 2, nothing game 3. >> coming up on sunday in dallas. and the unlikely hero of this postseason continues to be warriors center kevon looney. he has a career-high. 21 points and ships and 10 rebounds. head coach steve kerr said after the game looney is everyone's favorite player. he is so much respect in the locker room and everyone on this team just loves him. he provides so much stability for this warriors squad. now the got the tough task of going on the road and trying to take game 3. >> in dallas for now, we're
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live at chase center kylen mills kron 4 sports. all right, kyle. and that's all the sports action. but to be inside chase center as a fan. >> we're all watching on television. a lot of us across. gayle ong inside one of the 18,000 plus inside watching it in person and she has more on how the fans react at all this scale. >> first >> i-10 fans are waiving these vendors sticks a gold, but it's under sticks to cuba and chant for the players. it was a wild scene. take a look at the moment. the warriors, one attacks and videos of fans. they were so excited jumping on their seeds, waving their hands in the air wing. high fives. they are just grateful and happy the way got it done again. >> i mean, we have we've got to put them the baby. but we
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came. >> even when the warriors were losing in the beginning of the game, the fans still went wild and the energy kept going and the after party is happening over at thrive city. as you can see, we're ina is cleared out and the ducks will be on the road headed to dallas. and there are some season ticket holders will be at that game in texas reporting live from chase center. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> gayle, thank you for that. right now to some serious developing news out of fremont, a 7 year-old boy was killed earlier today while riding his bike. that crash happened about 3.45 this afternoon on montrose avenue. police say the little boy was riding a bike when a car hit the child kron four's. justin campbell is in the east bay. he's been covering the story all what's the latest? justin?
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>> it witnesses here in this neighborhood are telling me that car that hit the little boy came from this direction and hit him right here. and here's what i want you to see. we'll have our photographer pan to the ground. people are already coming out, leaving flowers, lighting candles for a makeshift memorial to remember him will roll some video. so you can see what the scene looked like earlier this afternoon. when i got police have this area that roped off what they are saying happened. the 7 year-old boy was riding with his grandfather when he was hit by this car. that was driven by a they try to provide first aid to him. he was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. that woman was also taken to the hospital, just shaken up from what had we spoke to a few neighbors hearing with a song. take a listen to what one of them had to tell us.
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>> when i come back from work, he was riding bikes and he was playing around with still speechless. it's it's really >> a lot of them have also said that this road, 75 miles an hour. people are speeding on this road. this is a very tight knit community indian community, d. they're telling us that they want to come together to do what they can to support the boy's family. also, they plan to do what they can to try to get more stop signs here. we're live tonight here in fremont justin campbell kron. 4 news. all right, justin, thanks very much. >> now for a look at the 4 zone forecast as we have this pretty live look over san francisco on this friday night friday. nice night, warm night
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around the bay area. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by. feels a lot like summer out there. yeah. really starting to look like that pattern doesn't. it is a view that warm temperatures all week long today. again, kind of windy in spots early on specially in the north and the east bay's. now we're seeing more sea breeze kicking in a little haze out there. no to fog. i think we'll see a little bit over the over the weekend, though, that fog likely make a return by saturday night into sunday. temperatures today running above the average 69 degrees downtown san francisco. just a beautiful day. 75 in oakland, 79 in san jose. 80 in livermore. 83 in both conquered and san rose on the warm side there and all those numbers above the average, the winds have been the big x factor. as far as the fire danger is concerned and they've changed directions. now you can see that on shore when that delta breeze now beginning to blow. still some of those winds, 2023 miles an hour. but we're worried about those northerly winds, especially across parts of slow county. even those winds are beginning to back off. now and starting to switch direction. fairfield now looking at a west wind at 7 miles per hour. so the north
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there in a vacaville at 8, but the winds are beginning to back off a little bit. now, still a little gusty over the mountain tops. i think it will remain that way overnight tonight. but the general trend is toward seeing more of that on shore breeze. and that is some good news. our fire weather forecast model is showing you the yes, still sly conditions in parts the north bay, as we're looking at some of that toward vacaville, you see some of that yellow and some of that orange toward winters. but if we take you through the night tonight, so going to be a little bit active in spots. there's we'll still see some gusty winds over the mountain tops. but then as we head through the morning hours, there you go. the middle of the day looks like things calm down quite a bit. as far as the fire danger concerns will see humidity come way up and then by the afternoon, just general danger, as we are going, expect to see that sea breeze kind of ramp up around the bay area. fact, you can see as high pressure really going to start to work its way over head was just begin to move in today. and so with that, we have that northerly wind now tomorrow, the access that researches shift a little further to the east. that means likely going to see more
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of that sea breeze, 2 or more on shore, especially by tomorrow afternoon. in fact, the model is picking up on it as we head through the night tonight. yeah, things are going still be a little bit breezy in the north bay, but by tomorrow afternoon, all of a sudden you can see this russian here comes that onshore breeze. a nice breeze bringing down the fire danger around the bay area. keep the temperatures from getting too hot. but it's looking like a nice day and we do have a lot of heat in the forecast in the next 10 days. yeah. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. all right, lawrence, thanks very much. >> talking about the fire risk, fire weather, a fast-moving fire in the east bay, unfortunately, could be a sign of things to come as lawrence just mentioned, hot weather expected over the next few days and that combined with the dry conditions out there. i mean, the potential for fire danger. kron four's dan thorn has the story. >> this fire burning near bay point quickly grew to more than 20 acres friday afternoon. the smoke was visible to drivers on highway 4 and for the crews on the ground still actively spreading the job, not only required putting it out. they also had to save these nearby
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buildings from burning. there was a short evacuation put in for some of the commercial businesses. >> up along the top of will pass road no structure took place and we were able to get everybody back and the businesses hot weather mixed with wind gusts blowing over sun-baked hills makes for a dangerous combination. >> scenes like this can be found throughout the bay area. the fire threat continuing for the next several days. whenever our humidity drops like it did today and we a little bit of those, you know, high gusts of winds. that's kind of the fire behavior we anticipate to see and we're already experiencing it today. fire crews in the national weather service have been telling people that now is the time to be prepared for wildfires and with low humidity hanging around, preventing fires should be top of mind reporting in contra costa county, dan thorn kron. 4 news. in the east bay, a 74 year-old oakley woman shot and killed a man and what? >> police are calling an act
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of self-defense. that happened about 12:30am, at a home on west cypress road. police found a man who'd been shot outside the home. he died at the scene. investigators said they had a history of physical violence and the elderly woman had a restraining order against him. she says he became violent and she had to open fire. she was not taken into custody, but police are still investigating in the south bay, a woman who was arrested and charged for shooting near san jose state university. earlier this week. >> will not be facing charges. this all happened early monday morning when jessica garrison called police to report that her boyfriend had been shot when police showed up. they say they found the man dead and determine that prior to the shooting. the 2 of them have been fighting for the gun. but today, the santa clara county district attorney's office says that based on the available evidence, they decided not to charge her with any crimes in connection to the death of her boyfriend. but the investigation is still ongoing.
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>> house speaker nancy pelosi, a practicing catholic, is now being barred from receiving communion at the san francisco archdiocese. the decision was made by the archbishop in response to her pro-choice stance on abortion, saying that she crossed a line that the church cannot ignore. kron four's ella sogomonian talked with state senator scott wiener tonight who is condemning the moveon. ella joins us now live from our newsroom. ella. >> ken and catherine, senator wiener says that this is a shameful moved by an archbishop who continues to be out of step with san francisco's values. >> as the federal protection to an american woman's right to abortion is challenged. san francisco archbishop salvatore cordileone has publicly called out catholic house speaker nancy pelosi for her pro-choice stance which he says is not in line with his church for that reason, he sent her a letter friday explaining that he determined she is not to be admitted to holy communion. california
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senator from san francisco, scott wiener came to pelosi's defense that is incredibly active. democratic boy >> and it needs to stop. >> archbishop has also been outspoken against the right to marriage and a few years ago, a group of more than 100 catholic leaders took out a full-page ad in the local paper asking the pope to remove him because of his divisiveness. senator wiener claims cordileone was sent here by the last pope as punishment to be a sore in the side of a progressive city. it would be fantastic to have an archbishop here who really cared about this community. >> who might disagree? >> what might not agree with every single position. >> but several systems take, but least make some effort to understand this community. people archbishop maintains that pelosi is perpetrating grave evil. >> and has not responded to his attempts to speak with her in 2014, a nationwide survey cited 24% of catholic women. >> got an abortion. senator
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wiener says pelosi is just fulfilling her duty to her constituents by protecting roe v wade. >> san francisco archdiocese website has been down for several hours now. and a request for comment was not returned. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thank you for as our country continues to wait for the supreme court's official ruling on roe v wade discussions are heating up in the bay area about protecting women's access to abortion. planned parenthood leaders met today with local and state lawmakers. there talking about how to protect abortion rights. kron 4 s amanda hari has that story. a promise to all women that the bay area will protect their access to abortions and other reproductive health services. no judge or politician. >> should be allowed to deny women the right to control their own bodies. their own lives and their own futures. it is a direct attack on the practice of medicine and
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patient reproductive health outcomes. about a dozen lawmakers, doctors and abortion advocates came together friday to discuss a possible future without roe versus wade. not just protect women in california. >> but we're going to make sure women in any other state that doesn't have easy access to abortion. we have the funds fly here to stay here and to get the health care that san francisco supervisor, hillary ronen, thank the california legislature for fighting for new funding to help low income and out of state. women continue to have access to abortions. the president of california planned parenthood affiliates thou to help those out of state as well. 36 million women that will be affected have to travel outside of the same thing living in order to get care that we're making sure in california that that place can be here. the california insurance commissioner also promised to continue to help fund abortions if and when real paul.
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>> he should commissions across the bay >> you know, any fun like access portions every single event and desires that some leaders pointed out that the current threat against roe versus wade could create a domino effect to more generally about people. >> no, really. i'm happy that over the last 50 to 100 years, this word is that want go back to the 1950's were before and we're not going to go there. not going back. >> cried for news. the first flights of baby formula from the to the u.s. they're coming in from europe are expected to arrive soon. this is a lot of parents are have been desperate to find supplies in the ongoing shortage. it is a part of president biden's so-called operation fly formula and he's making moves
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to step up production of formula here. in the meantime, let's hope that those shipments from europe will provide some relief and the next few days. and local health officials offering some advice. so they're saying that compared to other states, california really not doing that badly. although that might depend on who you talk to. they are still encouraging breastfeeding, one possible talking to a doctor before switching formula brands and that they're telling families not to make there own formula, not to try to water down, to make it last longer and they say do not use expired formula or give toddler formula to infants. we have more details on kron 4 dot com. >> lawmakers say they don't want americans to fear of baby formula shortage ever again, the senator is pushing legislation to try to help ease the current formula crisis and prevent future shortages. the emergency infant formula acts take steps to increase domestic production. washington
10:19 pm
correspondent basil john has the story. lawmakers want to make changes to prevent any future baby formula shortages. this is not just a problem for some babies. the problem for the vast majority of infants and their families. new york democratic senator kirsten gillibrand worries the problem could threaten national security if left unchecked. national security cannot be fully achieved without human security, which requires access to nutrition, clean water and basic necessities of life. brand is now advancing legislation to increase domestic production. >> and give the president the authority to allow certain baby formulas to be imported and sold in the u.s.. we need more resources. the fda has like 6 people who do this, which is we need a lot more people to do the work. some republicans agree a similar shortage can't happen again and it's time to give states the tools they need to solve future challenges. there's no flexibility for the state and others to move to other caught types and there was no contingency plan by the administration that nor has
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there ever been. west virginia senator shelley moore capito has not seen gillibrand's bill but believes the priority should be securing domestic production. we need to make sure that if something were to happen and the fda has to close the facility that we had the ability create and make. >> at alternate facilities, both senators agree. >> taking the right steps will also stop problems like hoarding and price gouging reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> still ahead, what oakland police are now saying about the murder of a popular restaurant owner. >> and getting money and drivers pockets will have the latest details from governor newsom's office on when we might get that $400 pay for the higher gas prices. >> and as covid cases keep rising, the local assisted living facility where they're spreading. the message awareness is the best protection. (music throughout)
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>> covid cases are on the rise again. in fact, the cdc says there's been an 80% jump across the country in the north bay. a senior living facility is dealing with a spike in cases. but as kron four's theresa stasi reports, the ceo there is hoping to prevent more infections by spreading awareness. >> and right now we have about
10:24 pm
2% of our our staff and our with active covid cases, an uptick in covid cases among residents and staff members of the redwoods senior living facility in mill valley. this is video of inside the facility. i was there documenting staff and residents becoming some of the first in marine county to receive the covid vaccine the early days for really hard. frankly, we were very, very worried about people die. we take care of seniors and we'll see the independent living assisted living and skilled nursing, including a hospice. >> ceo hunter moore says even though all of the facility's 350 residents and 170 staff members are vaccinated against covid. there are now about 10 positive cases. he says looking at the data, they seem to have an uptick in cases following holidays. and with memorial day weekend coming up, he is asking everyone to do their part. >> if they bring him back here that give it to other
10:25 pm
residents and team members and for the other residents they have to quarantine in their health could be compromised, which is a very big concern, even though they're vaccinated, they can still get it, which i think a lot of people are forgetting. but what really hurts is to is like almost every we are having challenges getting team members if get covid, then we it compromises our ability to provide the level of service and quality of care that we want to provide. >> moore says that they continue to follow cdc guidelines. and just this week offered a clinic for a second booster. theresa stasi, you kron 4 news. >> turning now to our covid coverage, students and staff berkeley unified schools will have to wear masks again through the end of the school year. officials say schools within the district are seeing a spike in covid cases indicating that there's transmission on campus. the indoor mask requirement takes effect on monday. the 23rd
10:26 pm
mask requirements will also be in place at school events. and that includes upcoming graduations. broadway is extending the mask mandates in theaters in new york until the end of june owners and operato s of all 41 theaters in that area agreed to the extension. earlier this week, new york city officials strongly recommended medical grade masks in public indoor settings, but the mayor stopped short of requiring them the mask mandate in theaters has been in place since broadway reopened last summer. it's been renewed on a month by month. bases. >> coming up next for you can turn in a gun and get cash in the bay area this weekend. another effort to get more guns off the streets. >> and we're looking at a nice start to the weekend. lots of sunshine coming our way. so warm temperatures to we'll check out your tentative coming up next.
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>> there are more details tonight in the police investigation into the murder of a popular restaurant owner in oakland. kron four's haaziq madyun has the latest on the search for a motive. >> we're learning more about the investigation into wednesday's deadly shooting at the lucky 3, 7, filipino restaurant in oakland. and it's just one of >> 3 murders that nice. >> oakland police officers association, president officer barry donelan officers responded to a shots fired
10:30 pm
call found at the victim out on the street and saturday you succumb to his injuries. >> that that that was the co-owner of the restaurant judon abo opd homicide. investigators are searching for clues to what happened at this point. they say that they do know that the restaurant was closed. the co owner of this restaurant being gunned down comes in the wake of this incident last week. also on through ville avenue here at la perle, a puerto rican it appears robbery was the motive of the 3 gunmen. in that pd. investigators are trying to determine if robbery as a possible motive. did the lucky 3, 7 shooting as well. there's a report that there a business deal. >> they went sideways, stolen vehicle. but, you know, investigators are working on that and all aspecss of this case hopefully as the investigation unfolds in weeks ahead, the circumstances behind what motivated this callous murder is actually discovered.
10:31 pm
>> donna lynne says this shooting of another beloved community member and oakland is the latest in an endless stream of lives lost to gun violence in the city. 3300 shootings last year. >> 3300 shootings that year. those numbers are just they're astronomical as the police department continues to attract out and there doesn't seem to be any. i've by elected officials in this town to try and stem the tide of violent crime. >> oakland police say investigators are searching for any surveillance videos that may have recorded the shooting. anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police. how is it you wrote for news? >> there is a gun buyback event in milpitas this sunday hosted by santa clara county and the city of milpitas. you can turn in guns at the milpitas community center. you don't have to give your name. you don't have to show id. the city will give people $100 for a handgun. $200 for a ghost gun or assault weapon. the
10:32 pm
goal, of course, is to get more guns off the streets. >> every gun we receive is one less gun available that could be used and a suicide in a domestic violence. and stolen in a burglary. we're actively used by an unsuspecting child. >> that event will be from 09:00am to 01:00pm sunday at the milpitas community center, which is on east calibers boulevard. officials will check serial numbers on guns to see if they've been stolen. >> the first of a number of funeral services for victims of the tops grocery store shooting in buffalo, new york took place today. the family of 68 year-old deacon hayward patterson said their final goodbyes. patterson was one of the 10 people shot and killed when a gunman opened fire at the tops market in a predominantly black neighborhood. a buffalo grand jury indicted that 18 year-old suspect for felony murder charges. he's been ordered held without bail. he is due back in court on june 9th.
10:33 pm
authorities continue to investigate hate crime and terrorism charges. the justice department is taking new steps to try to raise awareness about hate crimes to make it easier to report them. top leaders at the doj unveiled the new guidelines and 10 million dollars new grants today the new initiatives open up grant opportunities for states that are interested in creating hate crime reporting hotlines. they're also intended to reach out to people who don't speak english and people have limited access to the internet. >> last weekend's attack was a painful reminder of the singular impact that hate crimes have not only on individuals. but an entire communities. they bring immediate devastation. inflict lasting fear. >> the new investments are part of the anti asian hate crime bill passed by congress last year. today house democrats passed a plan to give the department of justice even more resources to investigate domestic terrorist
10:34 pm
groups that they say are fueled by hate. most republicans and even some house democrats opposed the bill. they say it gives the federal government and law enforcement the power to track and censor speech as well as monitor citizens. >> 4 dogs were killed in an overnight fire at a kennel and brentwood. investigators think that fire was accidental. some viewers might find the video hard to watch. it is believed the fire began because of a problem and an air conditioning unit happened at the dirty dog. canine and fitness retreat in brentwood just before 10 last night. fire crews kept the flames from spreading beyond one building. but for dogs died of smoke inhalation >> we're able to rescue and save 15 animals that were on the property as well. whether it's a civilian loss of life or even a, you know, a family pet. all those are important. and all of our lives and they mean a lot to everybody.
10:35 pm
>> he says firefighters do regularly train in performing cpr on cats and dogs, dog services. meantime, have resumed at that, carol. the man who ignited a big sur wildfire that killed 12 endangered california condors has been sentenced to 24 years in prison. we had video there of the dolan fire, but it reached that condor sanctuary and 2020. this is ivan gomez who was found guilty of 16 felony counts, including arson animal cruelty. prosecutors say that he told them he set the fire while illegally growing marijuana in the los padres national forest. that fire also injured several firefighters. it destroyed 10 homes. >> now your 4 zone forecast with a live look at sfo tonight and friday, 9 people have. >> plans for the weekend and we want to know off. it will be a good weekend to do stuff. i'm thinking the answer lawrence's. yes. yeah. it
10:36 pm
looks like a great weekend to get out there to enjoy think saturday, especially probably the nicest day of the week. ending up to get away forecast for you looking good. all the airports locally. san francisco, no delays. oakland looking good in san jose wide open and clear th re. how about this? the monterey bay may see a couple of patches of fog. some cooler temperatures. >> in the monterey, upper 50's there, 64 degrees and slim is about 66 in carmel and 65 degrees. in santa cruz, southern california. yeah, not bad at all. these temperatures can usually be kind of warm at this time of year. but 73, that's very comfortable in pasadena. 72 in anaheim and the high country. if you're headed to lake tahoe, hey, looks like beautiful weather up there. enjoy those nice, comfortable temperature. 63 degrees in south lake 65 degrees in truckee, headed over reno plan on 73 degrees and plenty of sunshine. now. stick around for the weekend. you can see some very nice weather. in fact, temperatures going to be warming up on sunday and by monday, you're pushing near 70 degrees up there with some partly cloudy skies around the bay area.
10:37 pm
should be a great start your weekend. how about some 60's in a downtown san francisco as you make your way into the sunset? little bit cooler. some 50's and 60's there and along the five-fifteen 60's out toward the beaches with a stronger seabees for the afternoon inside the bay wind, sheltered and beautiful weather all day long. sunny skies throughout the day and temperatures in the mid 70's very comfortable in palo alto in redwood city, 70 degrees in san mateo. 77 in mountain view, the south bay filled with many 80's by tomorrow afternoon. then maybe some mid 80's, i thinkinto the tri valley. while back inside the bay. 75 degrees in fremont. 72 in union city and about 73 degrees in hayward, 74 in oakland tomorrow on sunny and bright. 85 degrees. warm in walnut creek. 18 hercules. and you'll see that sea breeze, a little more through the delta tomorrow. of course, with that northerly wind today, kind of that high fire danger event. but now looks like that will all change. we head into weekend with that sea breeze picking up in the afternoon. moving right through the delta back along the coastline. yes, i'm pretty comfortable weather see a lot of sunshine, but some fog likely to make
10:38 pm
return, maybe as early as tomorrow night. more that on the way, at least along the coastline sunday morning. then looks like next week. yeah, we're going to crank up those temperatures. we've got some 90's by tuesday and wednesday of next i don't like it yeah. that is seen sort thank you, art. with gas prices at record highs, congress has passed a bill to try to crack down on alleged price gouging from energy companies. >> the bill seeks to criminalize excessive hikes to gas prices. the law would give the federal trade commission power to investigate big oil companies when they inflate prices unfairly. some lawmakers have criticized the bill saying that americans need more immediate relief as guy, a gas prices continue to surge the bill ultimately passed by 10 votes. but received no republican support, suggesting it will fail in the u.s. senate. as gas prices reach record highs in california. state leaders still have not agreed. >> on the best way to deliver promised relief to drivers. ashley zavala has the latest.
10:39 pm
>> california gas prices set a new statewide record friday hitting $6.6 per gallon of regular unleaded. according to aaa, the governor and the administration are ready to go. department of finance spokesman hd palmer said friday the governor continues to stick with his plan of sending $400 direct payments to california car owners and talks continue with legislative leaders. we've been ready to go for the last 6 or so weeks to get this moving our main concern. the governor's main concern is let's move as quickly as possible to get this direct relief to people. >> as fast as we can to the people who needed the most. palmer says newsom's plan is the fastest. it relies on the department of motor vehicles and a 3rd party vendor to help process the payments. palmer says if passed it could take the dmv between 30 to 60 days to put together the data needed and payments would soon follow. but legislative leaders have proposed a plan of their own to send direct payments to california taxpayers based on income and family size. >> but newsom's admi istration says it could take until after
10:40 pm
labor day to get those payments out by relying on the state's franchise tax board. in a statement friday assembly speaker anthony rendon and senate pro tem toni atkins said, quote, the prices californians are seeing at gas stations throughout our state are staggering. and a reminder that so many people continue to need help stretching household budgets during these unprecedented times. the urgency being felt is real and valid and we are working to resolve the differences between our gas rebate proposal and the governors with the final agreement to be included in conjunction with the june 15th budget. our goal is to provide meaningful relief to individuals and families. and we have every confidence that we will meet that goal to just see the governor and the democrats have made really no progress. >> entre by any kind of release, you know, whether it be a gas tax suspension or rebate, it's just terrible governments. republican assembly minority leader james gallagher has been pushing for a suspension of the state's $0.51 gas tax since the start of the year. he says his party next week will attempt to once again force a vote on it as an inflation related increase to the state's gas tax is set to
10:41 pm
go into effect july. first, we have to act. and so, you know, we're going to we're going to force the issue again. i hope that our colleagues will will join but, you know, something has to be done in sacramento. ashley zavala kron, 4 news. >> the biden administration is offering 500 million dollars for school districts if they go green, that money is available for districts and bus operators. if they get new, 0 emission buses and replace the older ones, the money will be available over the next 5 years. a total a 5 billion dollars will be available. applications are being accepted through august 19th. >> the price of rent to cross the u.s. hit another record high and there's no end in sight. the national median rent in april reach more than $1800 a month. that's up almost 17% from a year ago. rents are expected to keep going up during the summer due to demand and rising costs to buy a home from higher interest rates. the average rent could reach $2000 by
10:42 pm
august. miami saw the biggest spike at 52% while chicago saw a 22% increase in rent prices last month. if you're still waiting for your tax refund, there's a tiny pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. the irs says payment center behind 45 days or more will earn 4% interest. millions of people will benefit as the agency is way behind on processing returns. one financial adviser said if we have a few $1000 coming back, you'll get an extra couple of 100 or so because of the interest. the average pay out in interest is $18. >> and that does it for kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. nice to say that 15 minutes early. but there's a reason for that hoop session with kate's and kylen. >> coming up next, have a great evening and a great great evening and a great weekend. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me.
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and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. >> you're watching kron. 4 hoop session. >> chase center. the site of game 2 in the western conference finals between the warriors and the mavericks tonight. hi, welcome to session, kate rooney and kylen mills here with you. and boy, did we ever get? here tonight at chase center for game 2 warriors looking to make it to a no win. the series. >> yeah. okay. the fans got their money's worth. you came out to this game and it was
10:46 pm
loud here in chase center tonight. this was really the tale of 2 halves in this game. the worst came out incredibly sloppy in that 1st half 10 turnovers in those first 2 quarters. they're down by 19 late in the second. it looked like they were maybe going to throw in the towel. however, they completely turned things around in that 3rd quarter, kate. and they managed to battle back in this game. they say that that's what championship teams do. they find ways to win. let's go ahead and take a look at how this one went down. the warriors hoping to the sweep of the first 2 games at chase center. get a 2 and oh, start. >> in the series. but look at dawn church now star came out on fire, stepback 3. he had 18 points in the 1st quarter, 16 to run for the maps into weakens talking. say the game plan. he bounces it in. but the warriors down by 7 after want. now, here's where things started to get testy in the 2nd quarter. davis bertans nails the 3 pointer. that gets tangled up with damion lee.
10:47 pm
lee. it's the floor. like being up in it. and he gets chance face know this really was no one's foley stepped over chances. he stood up no harm intended, but the refs get together and ended up calling a double technical, only invert and draymond green just talking. it has to be escorted away. he already had attacked himself jalen brunson had a big 1st half of 20 points. 3 point or thereabouts go up by as much as 19 steve kerr and jason kidd. the 2 head coaches come in a moment together. 2 great players. steph curry. you know, he's going to get going eventually keeps up late in the second. it's back to back 3 pointers. he had 20 points in the 1st half. but dallas up by 14 at the break. >> onto the 3rd quarter warriors make their run curry into the lane. how about that? no. look. pass to looney the hoop and harm dubs back within 5. 4th quarter with steph on the bench. ford auto porter
10:48 pm
junior splash knocks down the corner 3 to give the warriors the lead under 8 minutes to go. jordan poole. it's a pool party dribble handoff knocks down the 3. shea center going up to that point loving, is there the fans getting loud here? her with a big hug for looney who had a career-high. 21 points. it's closing time, steph. tell him the lane lays it up and he's fouled. 9 point warriors lead. here's the kill shot. curry. up goes the 3 pointer down. falstaff puts this one to bed when it won. 26 one 17. they lead the series. 2 zip game 3 on sunday in dallas in cape the words and got to like where they sit in the series right now. >> yeah. exactly where they wanted to before they take it to dallas. you are in control of the series. >> absolutely. let's hear some reaction from head coach steve kerr and the players.
10:49 pm
>> the mvp chance are usually for steph when he steps up to the free-throw line. what was that like for you? >> it was never fan. i shot a free 3 least in the game. so so voters are negative for it was cool. cool moment for made 2 free throws even better loon is got everybody's favorite. >> you know, he is so respected in the locker he's an incredible pro. does his job every comes in? whether we play him for 10 minutes or his demeanor is the same as work ethic is the same. he's an incredibly smart player and sort of gives gives us a lot of stability that we need so long as has been brilliant. it's just amazing to be a part of people. don't think people understand how hard it is. no, we won't just to be here. and
10:50 pm
just mean the professional that he is the way that he plays. he's great every single day. i don't know. i don't know. i'm so happy for him and i'm glad to be a part of that. so it's headed to the big were. >> him being available was the biggest thing he wanted to accomplish and need to see that we see the work put in. to making that a reality. and now in the playoffs. >> just taking the next step. he brings a lot of joy to what we do in the locker room. kind of the call that using the locker room. he kind of just as a good, great demeanor about him. he's the risks of like the vets and the young guys. it's pretty pretty awesome seeing, you know that a role. >> what a night, kate. for warriors center kevon looney. he was asked and post game when the last time he scored 20 plus points in a game was he just laughed and said i can't even remember it turns out it was his freshman year
10:51 pm
playing at ucl a loud been a long time and he didn't go to different ways tonight to slim it down a couple times posting up and landed in just a really great night for come on looney. he's such an important piece on this team you know, really one of the stalwarts you can count on him for rebounds. you can count on him in the post there. he's the biggest guy. they have and he's durable. i mean, he's started every game this season pretty much. to see him come out and have a moment like this where he really led the warriors offensive explosion was huge. yeah, absolutely. >> and he's done on both ends of the floor throughout the series to i mean, we can't overlook the defensive effort that he's put in just his presence presence in the paint and what it does for this team. there are several times last game in this game where he ended up getting switched on to luka doncic's the unstoppable star and he did his thing to make it difficult for him. actually in this clip right now, you're looking at looney just getting. busy on defense and getting busy down low. his rebounding prowess is another thing that's been massive for this team. they won the battle on the boards
10:52 pm
almost every game. but one in that memphis grizzly series against the best rebounding team in the nba during the regular season. and again in the series against dallas, it's been huge. winning the battle on the boards. and louise, a big reason behind that. yeah, absolutely be one of the most important players on this team. you saw that the love that he gets from his teammates. yeah. her gun, not big hug. steph curry calling him his muse after the game and we're officially calling this the loonie. get right island. yes, this is the luna game officially. i mean, it was just really something special when we heard the mvp chance break out here at chase center. see step to the line in the 3rd quarter. it was funny, though, after the game that he said it makes him uncomfortable. he's not someone who looks for the limelight. he just puts his head down and goes to work and that's why he's provided so much stability for this team throughout the season. he's a were caught workhorse. you mentioned he's durable and it's great to see him finally get some of the limelight that he deserves. i think they're going to have to pay him a little we can expect them get a big contract going to come
10:53 pm
on. let me let's talk a little bit about. >> the warriors defense. they're going to do that when we come back after the break here on session. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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10:55 pm
to this special playoff edition of kron four's hoop session. a little bit of taunting going on before the game. kate has the tnt crew is
10:56 pm
out here and doing their live pre-game show at the thrive city plaza. charles barkley. every dubs fans favorite player right was out there. will you came out here a couple days ago said that he did. san francisco didn't want to come to the city has the entire series at every chance he gets. he doubles down on this, made comments about the dubs fans earlier today and they did not like that. look at the signs that they were holding up, thumbs down over berkeley on the tnt set to kull. want to take it up to doesn't want to take that. >> no, he was saying before the game that he was picking dallas just because dubs fans. >> so let's hear a little bit of a back and forth between barkley and the war zone. draymond green. >> dre shooting the ball and warm up and you never shoot it in the game. 2 and a half to i it's also to, you keep going keep going to the fans. i
10:57 pm
promise you that. that's what i may go. get all the smoke. they want my brother. they got more reason say i know they do what they got to go back to their lifetime. oklahoma beat all bar grandma. feel pretty good about my pretty good shot other? >> draymond green. a big factor. in the words defense, they really locked down in the 2nd half. they were able to shut down mass star luka doncic's can limit that 3 point shooting to just 20% in the 2nd half, which was huge cape, huge dream and always loves to have something to be bothered by special edition of best in cape verde island. those check it out from chase center.
10:58 pm
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