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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  May 21, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> now at 9, an evacuation warning right now near vacaville in solano county. as unseasonably warm conditions are contributing to a vegetation fire that's now burned at least 135 acres. good evening and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 9. i'm dan thorn that of a comeback. ation warning reduced from an earlier evacuation order. but officials are still telling people to remain ready to evacuate if those conditions do change. the quail fire is happening near quail canyon road and pleasants valley road. people who live on that road as well as shale peak
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road north of highway one. 28 in pleasants valley to the blue ridge county right now, all under that evacuation warning napa right now is not under an evacuation at this moment. the office of emergency services says smoke may be visible in eastern napa county, but the fire is not a threat to that area. right now the fire is about 45% contained and we will, of course, keep you updated with the very latest information as it comes into our newsroom. meanwhile, cal fire is also tackling a much smaller vegetation fire in the south bay. this is near your. but a road and tours road in san jose, this is from this afternoon. they say that fire is now under control. so let's take a look at what the conditions are are out right now across the bay area. here's a look at downtown san francisco. really nice looking night out there. we saw some hazy sunshine, but some really warm temperatures inland and it looks like those warm temperatures are going to be
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hanging around. meteorologist reeser rodriguez joining us now with a look at what to expect in recent pay their dan. yeah. in fact, it's going to be slightly warmer tomorrow than today, but we are going to see. >> relief during the overnight hours, especially along the coast, extending to our inland valleys, a shallow marine layer is starting to form along the bay area coastline. >> bringing us some much needed relief and moisture for our driest inland valleys. so let's take a look at when tracker poor because we are seeing sustained winds out of the northwest at 17 miles per hour for downtown san francisco. noticeably calmer for those of you in solano county and even san jose and that 10 to 15 miles per hour range. but we are tracking, though, future wind gust tonight. still going to be a little bit breezy along the coast and even into solano county, specifically for those of you in vacaville could see gusts near that 30 mile per hour range later tonight. and but then after midnight, that's what we're going to notice. calmer winds speeds out there and also the return of that marine layer influence as well. so right now,
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relative humidity, it is cooler overnight temperatures and also the moisture from that marine air making its way into the driest inland valleys with fairfield in concord. in that 40th percentile range on bill and even sonoma. little bit drier with those of you in santa rosa. still in the mid 30's. but we're going to see a lot of improvement overnight. thanks to that fog bank out there where we could get up to about 63 69% relative humidity and yacht bill. and even those of you in concord, up to 75% of moisture. with those of you along the coast, near 100% whole range of things to that low and high fog bank, even extending into the east bay shoreline. but then tomorrow we are going to still see dry conditions, especially for those of you in fairfield, 18% relative humidity by sunday afternoon. slightly warmer temperatures. but the good news is we are tracking calmer winds as well. that's going to help increase that moisture content. but we are still going to see even drier and also warmer to hotter
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conditions peaking on tuesday. critical fire danger concerns on tuesday because not only are we tracking temperatures about 10 to 20 degrees above average, but we're also going to see the return of those warm, dry offshore breezes on tuesday. more my full forecast in just a few minutes. stand back to you. >> all right. thanks. a lot recent in the east bay, dozens of people spending their afternoon outside the gates of the chevron richmond refinery protesting. they say the big oil company has caused possibly irreversible environmental damage. kron four's amanda hari joining us live in the newsroom to explain why they're protesting now. amanda. >> the protest is an annual global event. this is the 9th anti chevron day protest. protesters do it every year right before chevron's annual stockholders meeting to draw attention to the company's impact on the environment. that meeting happens on the last wednesday of may, which is next week. >> we need a decline, tend to end the use of fossil dozens
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of people gathered outside the gates of chevron's refinery in richmond to protest what they believe are crimes committed by the oil companies stand up to call out. >> pollution, human rights violations and demand accountability from chevron's management co. >> and board of directors. protesters created this temporary piece of art that says stand up to chevron and big oil. paul has the me know is the associate director with amazon watch a nonprofit created to protect the rain he says chevron is causing possibly irreversible damage. but chevron is that holds the distinction as >> the number one contributor to global greenhouse emissions of all investor owned oil companies in history. and he says they need to start making efforts to fix it in ecuador. it's a clean up of the toxic waste that chevron admitted to deliberately dumping. we're talking about 16 billion gallons of toxic waste. he says the companies also
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hurting those in its own richmond community. >> he says many citizens showed up to ask for change. chevron has been in richmond for over 100 years. >> its workers are striking now because they want better safety standards at the refinery. so chevron has an opportunity to respond and negotiate a community with communities, but instead it often vilified 7 today put up an extra fence yet beyond that fence, chevron confirmed with a tweet that a fire broke out at an unoccupied warehouse. has the nino worries that more things like that could happen with so many seasoned workers recently striking? they have. >> workers at the refinery. now we're not officially trained to operate it. and it's it's a risk. but the entire community. >> the associate director of amazon watch tells me they keep on protesting year after year in hopes that chevron will one day commit to being a greener and more sustainable company. live in the newsroom. amanda harry kron, 4 news.
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>> all right, amanda, thank you so much for that. now to a cleanup that was happening in the south bay today, people were out there gathering in and picking up a lot of items out there. as we saw a bout, thousands and thousands of items were able to get picked up. and this is all because of the national river cleanup day and santa clara counties, water valley district, not hesitating to get out there, do their part. as you can see some video here. this is from sanchez, ponds, cleanup location overall, more than 500 volunteers came out today to participate in this program, including members of the unhoused community. organizers say overall they removed more than 23,000 pounds of trash and recyclables and cleaned up over 30 miles of the creek. well, rising temperatures out there combined with the first day of summer, just a month away means that voters are going to be out hitting the water. the u.s. coast guard is urging people to be responsible. today is marking the start of national safe boating week crowned forcefully to go explains what you need to know to ensure a safe trip.
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>> in order to prevent an emergency meet and greet with u.s. coast guard and other first responders like this. the maritime agency is imploring voters follow the laws before taking to the sea. you wouldn't think to drive the cars. don't drink and drive the coast guard says alcohol use is the leading million contributing factor in deadly boating accidents. accounting for at least 18% of deaths always wear a life jacket in 2020. the coast guard says 86% of drowning victims who died were not wearing a life jacket. keep in mind, life jackets are required to be on all vessels, including kayaks, canoes and paddleboards and under federal law, life jackets have to be worn by anyone, 13 years of age or younger. you like to live by the motto, semper products. and we found one of the best ways to avoid accidents. >> is to be prepared before going out on the water. petty officer second class. dylan staney sharing that advice with the public during a safety event. saturday.
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>> at fort baker in sausalito, check the coast guard websites and whether prior to getting underway just adequately for the weather and and prepare at the dock soon as as soon as those they leave the dock. i mean, what's on the boat is on the boat. take the vital steps to ensure what and who was on the boat returns with the boat. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news now. here's a pretty cool story. san francisco police helping mom deliver not one but 2 babies in a car. sfpd say. >> they responded to a driver needing help getting to the hospital when they got to the scene there. they say they saw a baby was being delivered. of course, they jump leak with quick quickly jumped into action to help out that when the fire department arrived. moments later, another baby was delivered. unbelievable. both the mom and the babies were sent to the hospital and of course, they were sent to the hospital. they were trying to get to. we've been told that the mom and her twins are doing just fine tonight. all right. way to go, guys. coming
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up, we'll take you to a fan favorite restaurant right here in san francisco on tonight's dine and dish. >> plus, several businesses in the south bay victims of smash and grab thieves. we're from those who work there and operation fly formula under way. now is baby formula makes its way from europe to the u.s. will have more on that story coming up after the break. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing
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>> welcome back. baby formula is on the way after the president authorizes shipments in order to combat the shortage here in the u.s. basil. john reports as u.s. officials are still working out the details in order to get them us needed formula onto the shore store shelves. >> the first shipment of baby formula will make its way from europe this weekend aboard a u.s. air force c 17 jet. this is special cargo because of the importance of getting. >> medical a baby formula to families that need it. the 1.5 million eight ounce bottles from a factory in zurich, switzerland. >> are scheduled to arrive in plainfield, indiana sunday. >> we expect about 6,000 pounds of baby formula per palate. it is the first shipment of what the white house is dubbed operation fly formula baby formula. this is probably a new one for us. but we're here to help. we can depend on us. and when you need us, we're there for you. this past week, congress passed legislation to make
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baby formula more available to americans by loosening restrictions on formula that qualifies for federal food assistance by. >> providing more facts abilities. >> to usda is states in helping parents meet their children's nutritional needs. one house bill would give the fda 28 million dollars in emergency funding, but its fate in the senate is uncertain. pentagon press secretary john kirby says once the imported formula or icy indiana, the rest of the job is left to hhs in the fda, making sure that that everything is safe and ready for distribution and how that guns, how that gets under store shelves. >> that's not a task that the department of defense has been been given. agriculture secretary tom vilsack will travel to indianapolis to welcome the first shipment of formula reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> well, the bay area's not immune to the supply chain disruptions. many families here struggling to find baby formula as well as basil just mentioned, lawmakers this week
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in washington passed 2 bills to address this problem. and bay area, congressman roe conn and joined his colleagues this week and calling for the president to invoke the defense production act. >> i think frankly, the administration needs to do more. it's a huge issue in my district. mean, i i know people who are going store to store to store to look for baby formula and it's unacceptable to never happened. >> congressman, kind of says much of the blame falls on the food and drug administration. he says the fda's the late investigation into baby formula maker abbott nutrition contributed to this shortage. abbott's baby formula plant was shut down in february after several babies became sick after consuming their products. house speaker nancy pelosi is being barred from participating in the catholic tradition of communion at the san francisco archdiocese. the decision was made by the archbishop in response to her pro-choice stance on abortion kron four's ella sogomonian has the story.
9:16 pm
>> as a federal protection to an american woman's right to abortion is challenged. san francisco archbishop salvatore cordileone has publicly called out catholic house speaker nancy pelosi for her pro-choice stance, which he says is not in line with his church for that reason, he sent her a letter friday explaining that he determined she is not to be admitted to holy communion. california senator from san francisco, scott wiener came to pelosi's defense that is incredibly active democratic go up. if you're. >> and it needs to stop. >> archbishop has also been outspoken against the right to marriage and a few years ago, a group of more than 100 catholic leaders took out a full-page ad in the local paper asking the pope to remove him because of his divisiveness. senator wiener claims cordileone were sent here by the last pope as punishment to be a sore in the side of a progressive city. it would be fantastic to have an archbishop here who really cared about this community. >> who might disagree? what
9:17 pm
might not agree with every single position, but several systems take, but least make some effort to understand this community people. the archbishop maintains that pelosi is perpetrating grave evil. >> and has not responded to his attempts to speak with her in 2014 and nationwide survey said 24% of women who got an abortion were catholic. senator wiener says pelosi is just fulfilling her duty to her constituents by protecting roe v wade. >> that was ella sogomonian reporting for us. we reached out to the archdiocese of san francisco for comment but have not yet heard back. take a look at this. an unusually colorful cloud formation over the peninsula. this photo was sent to us by a viewer named ken. he says that his wife, dani, actually took this photo this afternoon. and ken says that his kids absolutely loved. looking at this cloud today. i'm meteorologist rodriguez is telling us that this is a phenomenon known as
9:18 pm
cloud iridescence are simply rainbow clouds that we're looking at. looks very cool to look at. yeah. it's almost like a big rainbow in the sky and it's really cool because it mainly happens with. >> thin cirrus clouds and those water droplets get reflected by the sunlight. >> hence that rainbow color that we see so very cool. cloud cover. thank you so much for our viewers for sharing that because i mean, i posted on my twitter page and it's blowing up there. so thank you so much. just take a look at current temperatures and even today's daytime highs because we were certainly above average 5 to 10 degrees above normal downtown san francisco. 68 degrees. when you should be in the mid 60's. this time of year is about 5 degrees above average. there. but san jose and even those of you in livermore mid 80's when we should be in the mid 70's. so yeah, i know the calendar says spring summer about a month away, but we're already getting a sneak peak of summer with even hotter. temperatures expected by next week. let's take a look at temperatures out there right now. thanks to
9:19 pm
that marine layer influences, pacifica cooling down to 49 degrees and we're tracking low 70's for those of you in concord. so quite the spread out there from our coolest coastal city to our mildest inland valley. very pleasant for those of you in concord. hope you're enjoying that. i know it's very warm out there today. same for fairfield, flirting with those 90's today. but now we're starting to cool down to 69 degrees and widespread 50's for most of our north bay valleys with of allay at 62 degrees. let's take a live look outside at city hall lit up in pretty pastel colors in pink and even purple out there this evening. and we're going to notice a lot more cloud cover. thanks to the return of that shallow marine layer overnight, especially along the san francisco peninsula coastline. even extending into the east bay shoreline. and we are going to notice some much needed moisture content. thanks to that fog bank out there extending into our driest valleys overnight. so going to notic some much needed relief in moisture there with overnight lows
9:20 pm
tonight, widespread low 50's but antioch, all this city at 60 degrees in half moon bay, about 15 degrees cooler at 45 degrees. but today you actually broke a record low this morning. cooling down to 38 degrees. so thanks to that blanket of cloud cover overnight. you're actually going to be a little bit milder in the mid 40's, but daytime highs tomorrow, very similar to today. widespread 50's and 60's along our beaches and coastline with 70's throughout the east bay shoreline and 80's, as you make your way inland. but santa rosa, 88 degrees but half moon bay trying to flirt with 60's. but 59 degrees. but let's take a look at our next 7 day forecast because we're going to warm up in a big way peaking on tuesday and wednesday. our warmest inland valleys could be 20 degrees above average. so we're going to be extremely hot, breezy winds, warm, dry, hot conditions, fuel and a recipe for high fire danger. so so far no red flag warnings issued or fire weather watches. but we're going to keep our eyes on that in the coming days because as you can
9:21 pm
see, dangerously hot weather and all of the gains that we got from our spring showers pretty much diminished because of the summer, like warm to hot temperatures. but the good news, dan, we're going to cool down just in time for memorial day weekend. 70's returning for warmest inland valleys just in time for the long holiday weekend next week. back to you. >> our recent thanks. a lot of what a place to eat. some good food and watch game 3 tomorrow. well, we've got just the place for that. and it's right here in san francisco will tell you where it is after the break. and tomorrow
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is game 3 in the western conference finals. and what better way to a cheer on the warriors that with some good food and some friends? >> they can live. the aca's tells us about a fan favorite right here in the bay area for tonight. dine and dish. >> original joe's jays to the locals lives up to its name. original, authentic north beach in on game day in the restaurant's bar. it's game on. this is really good. we're here with some friends i'm here in wall. a favor to regulars. original jones goes all out, bartenders and waitstaff flash team colors, it's the niners or the giants or for golden state warriors, you can count on jay-z to get to. it is whether the teens
9:25 pm
up. trying tear and there's comfort food provided by chef benji of fresh fish chicken marsala or stake off the grill. you might enjoyed in the dining rooms, red booth or if you just can't tear yourself away from all the action you can cheer on the team in close proximity that any number of big screen tv's. all in the company of your fellow sporting is in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron. 4 news definitely looks like a fun place to hang out. still ahead on kron, 4 news at 9 o'clock of fire continues to burn in vacaville. >> we'll have the very latest on the fight to contain it. plus, california is now facing yet another drought this summer here. how governor newsom is planning to deal with it and we'll be taking a look at how one store is using a i to protect their staff and customers. >> and tracking warmer
9:26 pm
temperatures for the 2nd half of the weekend. my full forecast coming up after the break. stay tuned.
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another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business.
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with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ >> continuing coverage tonight on the vegetation fire burning in vacaville. that fire happening near quail canyon road and pleasants valley road. there isn't evacuation warning right now and seasonably warm conditions are contributing to a vegetation fire that has now burned at
9:29 pm
least 135 acres. as of now, that fire is at 45% contained. the solano county office of emergency services has issued an evacuation warning for that area. earlier there was an order. this is affecting all of the homes. they're on pleasant valley road and shell peak road north of highway one. 28 and west of pleasants valley road to the blue ridge county line. napa county right now, not under any sort of evacuation as of this moment, the office of emergency services says. >> eastern area of napa county, but the fire is not a threat to the county. of course, we will be working to keep you up to date on this story on air and online has the very latest information becomes available. and we'll be taking a live look now at the transamerica pyramid out there. this is in downtown san francisco. >> not a bad night out there. we saw some hazy sunshine here in the san francisco city
9:30 pm
area, but also warmer temperatures out there inland. what are we looking at in terms of the weather with this fire is burning right now. the recent? yeah, that's right. down the actually do have an air quality advisory in effect for most of the bay area because of those moderate air particles. >> from that smoke and ash in that nearby vacaville fire streaming through not only the san francisco peninsula, but the northern portions of the east bay as well. but the good news is we are tracking cooler temperatures in the mid 70's. this should be near your daytime highs. so just an indicator of just how hot it got there in vacaville, you're finally reaching your average daytime temperature here at this 9 o'clock hour. relative humidity still a little bit dry. 22%. >> but a huge improvement from the 6 o'clock hour. we were in the teens and wind speeds in the single digits. so we're going to see a lot more moisture overnight. thanks to that shallow marine layer right off the bay area coastline mixed in with that smoke and fog also known as
9:31 pm
smog going to impact your bay area forecast tonight. but we are going to see, though, a stronger seabreeze more of those westerly winds improving air quality throughout most of the bay area today. so hopefully firefighters get the upper hand tonight, especially thanks to that shallow marine layer going to provide some much needed moisture into our driest inland valleys. but temperatures out there right now for your saturday night. those of you pacifica, 49 degrees bierly in the low 50's for half moon bay. just because you're noticing that cool sea breeze and shallow marine layer san jose 62 degrees with mid 60's. for those of you in livermore, dublin and la. also in the low 60's and downtown san francisco already cooling down into the mid 50's. so when tracker for we are going to see northerly winds out there, but it's going to have more of that cool sea breeze westerly influence tomorrow. and even for your game day forecast, we are going to notice clear skies by or sunday afternoon. temperatures in the mid 60's
9:32 pm
as our giants take on and face off against the san diego padres. first pitch at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. and we're going to see mid 60's with temperatures eventually warming up into the upper 60's for downtown san francisco. so very similar to today. mid 70's throughout the east bay shoreline, widespread mid 80's for warmest inland valleys and then mid 90's by tuesday and wednesday of this upcoming week. so we're getting a sneak peak of summer, dan, it's a hard to believe that we haven't really had much of a spring. but the good news is spring-like temperatures riding next weekend starting on friday. thanks to the return of that deepening marine layer and also we're going to see seasonal temperatures with our warmest inland valleys, cooling down into the 70's. so relief about a week from today. back to you. >> alright number, said thanks. a lot of fires in low water supplies are just 2 of the concerns with another summer of drought ahead of u.s.. governor gavin newsom was in southern california today. spotlighting efforts to cope with our historic drought. christina pascucci
9:33 pm
has more from carson. >> it's 800 ad. >> we have never experienced in the west coast. the united states consecutive years, dry years like we have experienced california governor gavin newsom address california's ongoing watdr challenges after 3 years of drought and said any water agency that has an impose mandates after the executive order he signed late march will be forced to do so by june 10th, 400 to 436 water agencies. >> have approved plans. >> that they be removed will be moving on and the wreck the rest, which about 8%. we'll have mandates thrust upon them. he spoke on the side of carson's joint water pollution control, which treats 260 million gallons of wastewater a day. >> behind him, the recycled water project, a partnership between the metropolitan water district in la county sanitation district that by about 2030, intend to provide advanced treatment of wastewater to make it drinkable. the full-scale
9:34 pm
facility will produce 150 million gallons of water every day enough to serve more than 500,000 homes. >> making it one of the largest purification facilities in the world. if they're successful scaling this water recycling project at the scale they're proposing the have never been a project like this in u.s. history. the race to supply water comes as a new report from first street foundation says the risk of wildfires damaging homes here in california is expected to increase significantly the next 30 years. it shows much of california and florida face a one to 6% annual likelihood of wildfire today. but that skyrockets to between 26 and 86%. >> if you're interested in finding out more information about this recycled water project, you can visit mwd h 2 o dot com. i'm christina pascucci reporting from carson. >> a memorial continues to grow tonight with flowers, candles and toys for a little boy who was struck and killed by a car while riding his bike
9:35 pm
in fremont. the crash happened on montrose avenue yesterday afternoon. police say the child was rushed to the hospital but later died from his injuries while kids, 7 year-old has so much left for him to do. i feel all really sorry for the family. residents in this neighborhood telling us that speeding is a problem and that there needs to be more done to get these drivers to slow down. meanwhile, there's no word. and if that driver that hit the boy will be facing any charges or if speeding played a factor. now to the south bay where several businesses in milpitas were targeted by smash-and-grab thieves. one of those was caught on camera kron four's gayle ong has the story. >> at least 4 businesses were targeted in this plaza. the owner of this restaurant says it's going to cost almost $600 to repair this window. >> it took 15 seconds to make way with the cash register at 1000 tasty restaurant in
9:36 pm
milpitas surveillance video capturing the suspect around 2.40 in the morning saturday owner or really arriving around 08:00am to a smashed window and a broken computer. the window does fall off everywhere here. maybe like 10 seconds. >> he's very quick photo show 3 other businesses were hit overnight. one other restaurant, a bakery ending nail spa, the windows have since been repaired. people who work in the area say crimes have been increasing since the pandemic began and it is not the first time leaves restaurant was burglarized just 2 weeks ago. security cameras captured 2 pinged rowers near the cash register. like the 3rd time for this year. and the average time we have to >> spent a lot of money. so you even though with for are gone, the insurance company, but he sure will be goes high. >> a police report has been filed and the surveillance video was also turned over to police reporting from milpitas gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> 2 people were killed in a freeway shooting along 5.80, in oakland on wednesday. and
9:37 pm
police have yet to release any information on the possible suspects. earlier that day, a beloved restaurant owner was killed on fruitvale avenue june. >> i bought a june abo was shot and killed outside of his restaurant. >> the lucky 3, 7, it was the 43rd homicide. oakland police have investigated so far this year and today kron 4 stephanie lindh spoke to oakland, mayor libby schaff about her plans to address crime in the city. >> yeah, i just want to start by june and that the whole family that runs lucky 3, 5, 7 is just beloved in oakland. it's actually in my neighborhood. i've eaten there many times. they even hosted one of my very campaign walks when i ran for mayor 8 years ago. so just horrific tragedy. but the good news is that with regard to those freeway shootings, which oakland has had a really disconcerting number up, that the governor
9:38 pm
heard our request for cameras and so in a revised budget, he is now funding cameras in just 4 counties in the entire state. but 2 of those are alameda and contra costa. the funding is for 200 cameras and they are going to be on 4 different freeways that run through oakland, the 5.80, the 8.80, the 24 and very importantly, international boulevard so we are watching you. please behave we are going to hold anyone accountable. who is engaging in violence on those freeways, but also reckless driving. that takes a lot of lives as well. do we have a timeline for when those cameras are going to be installed? well, i will tell you, as soon as that came out, i've put in a call to caltrans to ask if we can start the installation now, typically it wouldn't start to july when the budget takes effect. but i don't think we can wait. and what is the message to oakland residents who are? you know, they say they're getting fed up with
9:39 pm
the crime. well, absolutely. and this has been part of a national increase in violent crime. i can say that we have been able to bring back our successful cease-fire approach and we are seen some promising signs. homicides and shootings are actually down 20% year to date compared to last year. so we do feel like things are moving in a better direction, but her effect tragedies like this. i don't make anyone feel that. we have more coming up from mayor schaff at 10 o'clock. what she thinks about the city's changes. >> or rather chances to build a new a's ballpark at howard terminal and avoid losing the raiders to or rather the a's to las vegas. we all know the security cameras are everywhere, but artificial intelligence is changing the way they are being used in a story that you'll only see here on kron 4 justin campbell tested one such system at a grocery store in san jose to
9:40 pm
see how ai is preventing shoplifting. >> picture this scenario. someone walks into lynn ortiz market on meridian street. they decide to take home a nice bottle of more low only. they also decide not to pay yet. but before they can walk out of the door, this store manager steps in and stops them. going to talk to you for a minute. it's on camera here. pick you up. the would-be thief is stopped in their tracks. thanks to state of the art technology store. director rick sanchez says they've been using ai to prevent shoplifters for 6 months. have you ever coached some every time it's been spot on every time. the ai is able to detect
9:41 pm
these based on body gestures. this is a this is all that's required for us. to deploy the software to enter store here og with vision of french based company that has expanded to silicon valley. he says the technology utilizes existing camera systems to spot shoplifters were detecting for a few dozen different gestures. some of the gestures being sliding like so slight things in your coat pocket or sliding items in your back pocket slide adjust your backpack. >> various gestures like that within after those gestures are detected, it alerts a manager in real time on their phone. sanchez says he gets 10 to 12 alerts every day. it tells us basically on the camera with what there so we don't really have to run anywhere. we school right to the aisle there at sanchez says certain merchandise is always coming up. missing meat deli cheese items are still a lot medicines from
9:42 pm
>> liquor greer will now because i learn artes has been able to stop some of their expensive cheese and wine from flying off the shelves because of the loss. >> that these retailers are incurring. it's driving prices up for the rest of everybody else, right? and so we're hoping that by controlling, you know, loss from shoplifting and in retail stores around the world. we know we we we kinda protect know, gee says the technology does not detect race, gender or the size of the person is being used in over 1000 hardware, liquor and grocery stores globally. and they're planning to expand. >> reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> all right. very cool. still ahead, a local university is going to get some time on the big screen. more on that just a few minutes. but also we've got sports coming up with the warriors landing in dallas, up 2 zip in the western conference finals. we'll have the latest from head coach
9:43 pm
steve kerr and kate rooney next.
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
>> but now in our 4 zone forecast, breezy rodriguez. joining us now with a look at what to expect recent. yeah. finally cooling down after our morning saturday afternoon live look outside at san francisco international airport. we are seeing a shallow marine layer out in the distance and temperatures starting to cool down into the upper 40's along the bay area
9:46 pm
coastline to pacifica and point raise currently at 49 degrees. bodega bay, a little bit cooler at 47 degrees and widespread mid 50's around the bay area shoreline with low to mid 60's. as you make your way inland. of course, the one outlier conquered currently and still in the low 70's, even at this near 10 o'clock hour with widespread low to mid and upper 50's for those of you in the north bay. but the lake little bit milder at 61 degrees and temperatures tomorrow about 5 to 10 degrees above average. so we're either going to hold steady or be slightly warmer tomorrow than worry. we're today. 68 degrees for downtown san francisco with mid 70's of peas. for those of you in oakland and hair hayward and widespread mid 80's for warmest inland valleys with the exception of santa rosa 88 degrees. so yes, flirting with the 90's, but we're going to see widespread mid 90's for warmest inland valleys tuesday and wednesday of this upcoming week. >> 10 to 20 degrees above
9:47 pm
average. so we're getting a sneak peak of summer. but the good news is on memorial day weekend. ironically, our unofficial start of summer, we're actually going to cool down next week into exactly where we should be with mid 70's returning to our warmest inland valleys. and here's our very own kate rooney with sports. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors arrived in dallas satur%ay with the texas side. the lead in the series after a crazy comeback win in game 2. the dubs are up 2 games to none in the western conference finals, which is a pretty good place to be at that strong start to the fact that the warriors have won a road playoff game in their last 25 series. that's an nba record. and you might say not should be shaking in there, cowboy boots. but here's the dallas played well shot well in game 2. and they've still got one of the best young stars in the game and luka doncic's despite feeling sick friday went 12 for 23 from the
9:48 pm
floor and put up 42 points. so the key for any team looking to beat the mavericks is to contain luka. steve kerr addressed what golden state will have to do defensively in sunday's game. 3. >> we're just trying to defend their team as best we can. the very difficult team to guard talent and ability to stretch the floor and create shots for everybody. so it's a difficult assignment. we've done well, i think for, you know, a game and a out of the 2 that we've got to make sure we are you know, losing sight of of our defensive goals. >> eastern conference semis, heat at celtics game 3. boston came back from a huge deficit to make it close. late jalen brown. 3 of his 40 points as the celtics are within point. but bam adebayo. good not be denied with jimmy butler on
9:49 pm
the bench student knee swelling, he carries the heat with 31 points and 10 rebounds. miami's defense also had 19 steals and 33 points off turnovers as the heat win one o 9, one. 0, 6, so they now lead the series 2 to one in game 4 is monday in boston. an ugly incident friday at the giants game padres jurickson profar had a couple of baseballs and a beer bottle thrown at him in left field. >> after the game, he called giants fans the worst in the league. you kind of can't blame him in this instance and saturday profar in the lineup but not on the field. he was the designated hitter. bottom of the 8th 2, nothing. san diego, wilmer flores. >> last one to left that out for a solo homer. >> giants cut the padres lead to a run. sounding the fog horn. bottom of the night, taylor rogers in to try and close it out for the pods and gets luis gonzalez looking at
9:50 pm
the breaking pitch to end the game. giants go down to the one. they are going to look to salvage a game in the series on sunday. meanwhile, the a's were down 5, nothing to the angels going into the 8th but scored 3 times the last one on this wild pitch with the tying run in scoring position. luis barrera. who hit a walk-off homer to beat the angels in oakland a week ago. can't new at this time. he strikes out so the a's go quietly in the 9th angels win 5, 3, days trying to take 2 of 3 in anaheim on sunday. lot of a blustery day in tulsa, oklahoma, for the 3rd round of the pga championship. tiger woods shot a 9 over 79 his worst round ever at a pga championship after the round he decided to withdraw, seeing no sense and continuing while fighting pain in his surgically repaired leg. then san francisco native will zalatoris leader coming in. did not have a good round either. shooting 3 over that set up a birdie with a
9:51 pm
beautiful ship here. and he's still only 2 shots back of the leader. vito pereira going in to the final round. finally sf glenn's soccer on kron on glenn's down to nil. they battled back. >> with a goal from chi, i'm sure a lot of me in the head or and guess what? our own kylen mills was doing color commentary. let's take a listen to her breakdown of the goal. excellent job by the lens. just service a dangerous ball in. they had numbers in the box. the far-post header just like they drew it up. >> kylen really does know her step. she is our soccer guru here. she played in college, unfortunately for the glens. they could not equalize falling to the one timer in legends fc. but this is the first of 3 glenn's games will be broadcast. >> our online streaming channel kron on's so time to enjoy a little soccer. that'll do it for sports. stand. >> all right, kate, thanks a lot. coming up, hollywood director christopher nolan is
9:52 pm
bringing his skills to a bay area college campus. we'll
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus is coming back. the beloved circus that closed in 2017 after 146 years is returning with an all human cast. that's right. no more animal performers. and this is meeting the approval of animal rights groups. ringling brothers is also adding digital content, consumer products, school curricula, youth circus arts programs.
9:55 pm
and of course, more the new ringling version will be debuting in the fall of 2023. stanley making his way back to marvel studios. this is a unique deal that will include feature appearances and future appearances in marvel movies and tv shows before he died in 2018. the blood co-creator of spiderman, the avengers in the incredible hole was well known for his many cameos in dozens of marvel comics, movies. the 20 year deal is giving marvel the right to license the name and likeness of leave for use in feature films and tv productions. but using digital technology and archival footage. lee was the editor in chief of marvel comics in the 1960's and he was part of the creative team that created some of the superheroes that are now the bases for some of the world's biggest blockbuster films. very cool with before that. finally at 9 o'clock, keeping an eye out for hollywood, a listers in the east bank director christopher nolan. he's shooting his latest movie at
9:56 pm
uc berkeley. a viewer sent us some photos of some of the vintage cars that were spotted around campus. nolan's movie is called oppenheimer. it's set in the 1940's and it tells the story of american scientist j robert oppenheimer and his role in developing the atomic bomb. the ca the cast for this movie, impressive includes killian murphy. emily blunt, matt damon, florence pugh and robert downey junior. wow, that's quite a cast for this movie. it will be hitting theaters in the july of next year. and that's going to do it here for us at 9 o'clock. the kron, 4 news at 10 is beginning in just a few minutes. don't go anywhere.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news, 10 number one contributor to global greenhouse emissions of all investor owned oil companies in history. >> now in 10 protesters standing up to big oil. why they're trying to draw more attention to how these companies impact the environment. good evening and welcome to kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. i'm dan thorn in the east bay. dozens of people gathered outside the chevron richmond refinery to protest this afternoon. those protesters saying the company has caused environmental destruction and has violated human rights kron four's amanda hari has more about their message. >> this is actually the


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