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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 21, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news, 10 number one contributor to global greenhouse emissions of all investor owned oil companies in history. >> now in 10 protesters standing up to big oil. why they're trying to draw more attention to how these companies impact the environment. good evening and welcome to kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. i'm dan thorn in the east bay. dozens of people gathered outside the chevron richmond refinery to protest this afternoon. those protesters saying the company has caused environmental destruction and has violated human rights kron four's amanda hari has more about their message. >> this is actually the 9th
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annual anti chevron day protest. it's a global event and protesters do it every year right before chevron's annual stockholder meeting to draw attention to the company's impact on the environment that meeting happens on the last wednesday of may each year. so chevron designed a system to pollute and poison. dozens of people gathered outside the gates of chevron's refinery in richmond to protest what they believe are crimes committed by the oil company. stand up to call out. >> pollution, human rights violations and demand accountability from chevron's management co. >> and board of directors. protesters created this temporary piece of art that says stand up to chevron and big oil. paul has the me know is the associate director with amazon watch a nonprofit created to protect the rain he says chevron is causing possibly irreversible damage. but chevron is that holds the distinction as >> the number one contributor
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to global greenhouse emissions of all investor owned oil companies in history. he says the company is also hurting those in its own richmond community. >> he says many citizens showed up to ask for change. >> it's first and foremost have a safer finery that complies with the safety standards of this not polluting the community and forcing kids to grow up with asked. he says this year there was a second fence added outside of the gates to keep protesters away from the property. >> yet beyond that fence, chevron confirmed with a tweet that a fire broke out at an unoccupied warehouse. has the nino worries that more things like that could happen with so many seasoned workers recently striking? they have. >> workers at the refinery not were not sufficiently trained to operate it. and it's it's a risk. but the entire community, the associate director of amazon watch tells me they keep on protesting year after year in hopes that chevron will one day commit to being a greener and more sustainable company. >> in the newsroom, amanda harry kron, 4 news.
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>> now an update on the vegetation fire that's burning near vacaville and solano county tonight vacaville fire district now says the fire's forward progress has been stopped. but an evacuation warning is still in effect, as that fire has burned, at least 135 acres and is 45% contained? that evacuation warning was reduced from and earlier evacuation order. but officials are still telling peorle to remain ready to evacuate if those conditions do change. the quail fire is happening near quail canyon road and pleasants valley road. people who live on that road as well as shale peak road north of highway one. 28 and west of pleasants valley road to the blue ridge county line are all right. now under that evacuation warning. >> napa right now is not under the evacuation warning. officials say the fire is not a threat. they are. and this is a picture of what that fire looks like burning there tonight. the national weather
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service tweeting about this. >> about an hour again, the fires forward progress has been stopped with. there's still a lot of mop up to do. we will, of course, keep you up to date with the latest information as it comes into our newsroom. cal fire has also been tackling a much smaller vegetation fire near your boy in a road and tours road in san jose this afternoon. they say that fire is now under control. now we're going to be taking a look at our 4 zone forecast kron 4 meteorologist rodriguez. joining us now with a look at what to expect. we've been dealing with this dry weather conditions, the hot weather out there. it seems like it's summer yeah, really, dan, i know it's been very warm out. there are only going to get warmer and hotter in the coming days. but mother nature throwing us a little bit of a curve ball. in fact, we're going to see a shallow marine layer already starting to take shape right along our bay area coastline. over those of you along golden gate bridge. so we are seeing. >> cooler conditions out there
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right now and also a little bit of a sea breeze influences. well, that shallow marine layer influences going to extend into our driest inland valleys. so we're going to see really impressive overnight recoveries as far as moisture content goes. let's take a look at wind speeds out there right now out of the northwest. for those of you in downtown san francisco, 14 miles per hour, sustained winds and wind direction now out of the south. for those of you in concord, fairfield and vacaville, where that fire is burning so light to breezy double digit wind speeds. but vacaville is going to see gusts upwards of about 25 to 30 miles per hour shortly before midnight tonight. but then after midnight, we are going to see calmer winds to start your sunday morning. and then the return of that cool sea breeze out there for your sunday afternoon. and that's going to not only improve air quality by pushing all of that smoke and ash from that vacaville fire away from the bay area. and hopefully he won't be under that air quality advisory like we're currently under right now. but a little bit breezy along the coast, 30 miles per hour or
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less. >> thanks to that cool sea breeze influence. but the good news is that shallow marine, they're really going to add much needed moisture, especially for our driest inland valleys, specifically in solano county overnight. you're going to see moisture content in that 60th to 70th percentile range and near exactly where we should be along the coast near that 100% moisture content. thanks to that low fog bank out there that is going to develop. but we are tracking slightly warmer. temperatures are still going to be relatively dry in the teens for santa rosa and fairfield inn yacht bill. but we are going to notice improvement overall. but air quality also going to improve as well. thanks to that cool sea breeze. and we're tracking hot temperatures peaking on tuesday. fire danger concerns going to be likely, especially with warm, dry, offshore breezes tuesday afternoon and temperatures warming up 10 to 20 degrees above average, especially for warmest inland valleys in the mid-nineties. more on that in my full forecast in just a few minutes. stand back to you.
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>> all right, thanks a lot. baby formula is on the way after the president authorizes shipments in order to combat the shortage here in the u.s. as basil, john reports u.s. officials are still working out the details in order to get that much-needed formula onto store shelves. >> the first shipment of baby formula will make its way from europe this weekend aboard a u.s. air force c 17 jet. this is special cargo because of the importance of getting. >> medical a baby formula to families that need it. the 1.5 million eight ounce bottles from a factory in zurich, switzerland. >> are scheduled to arrive in plainfield, indiana sunday. >> we expect about 6,000 pounds of baby formula per palate. it is the first shipment of what the white house is dubbed operation fly formula baby formula. this is probably a new one for us. but we're here to help. we can depend on us. and when you need us, we're there for you. this past week, congress passed legislation to make baby formula more available to
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americans by loosening restrictions on formula that qualifies for federal food assistance by. >> providing more facts abilities. >> to usda is states in helping parents meet their children's nutritional needs. one house bill would give the fda 28 million dollars in emergency funding, but its fate in the senate is uncertain. pentagon press secretary john kirby says once the imported formula or icy indiana, the rest of the job is left to hhs in the fda, making sure that that everything is safe and ready for distribution and how that guns, how that gets under store shelves. >> that's not a task that the department of defense has been been given. agriculture secretary tom vilsack will travel to indianapolis to welcome the first shipment of formula reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. the supply chain disruptions are also making it difficult for bay area families to find baby formula. >> this week, as basil
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mentioned, lawmakers in washington passed 2 bills to address this problem. the bay area, congressman roe conn and joined his colleagues this week in calling for the president to invoke the defense production act. >> i think frankly, the administration needs to do more. it's a huge issue in my district. mean, i i know people who are going store to store to store to look for baby formula and it's unacceptable to never happened. >> congressman comments as that much of the blame falls on the food and drug administration. he says the fda is delayed investigation into baby formula maker abbott. nutrition contributed to the shortage. abbott's baby formula plant was shut down in february after several babies became sick after consuming their products. san francisco police helping a mom deliver not one but 2 babies in a car. sfpd say they responded to a driver. >> needing help getting to the hospital when they got to the scene. they saw that a baby was actually being delivered. so they quickly jumped into action to help out. then when
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the fire department arrived, moments later, another baby was being delivered. both the mom and the babies were sent to the hospital. yes, of course, they were taken to the hospital. they were trying to get to in the first place. and we're told that mom and the twins are doing okay tonight. nice work by all. coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 10, president biden is working to provide more help to ukraine. the latest on the multibillion dollar package. >> intended to do just that. and residents in one michigan town are picking up the pieces tonight following a rare tornado plus businesses in the south bay targeted by criminals. more on the damage criminals. more on the damage they left behind. when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics
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south bay. several businesses in milpitas were targeted in smash-and-grab thefts. one of those burglaries >> was caught on camera kron four's gayle ong has the story. >> at least 4 businesses were targeted in this plaza. the owner of this restaurant says it's going to cost almost $600 to repair this window. >> it took 15 seconds to make way with the cash register at 1000 tasty restaurant in milpitas surveillance video capturing the suspect around 2.40 in the morning saturday owner or really arriving around 08:00am to a smashed window and a broken computer. the window does fall off everywhere here. maybe like 10 seconds.
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>> he's very quick photo show 3 other businesses were hit overnight. one other restaurant, a bakery ending nail spa, the windows have since been repaired. people who work in the area say crimes have been increasing since the pandemic began and it is not the first time leaves restaurant was burglarized just 2 weeks ago. security cameras captured 2 pinged rowers near the cash register. like the 3rd time for this year. and the average time we have to >> spent a lot of money. so you even though with for are gone, the insurance company, but he sure will be goes high. >> a police report has been filed and the surveillance video was also turned over to police reporting from milpitas gayle ong kron. 4 news a memorial continues to grow tonight with flowers, candles and toys for a little boy who was struck and killed by a car while riding his bike in fremont. the crash happened on montrose avenue friday afternoon. >> police say the child was rushed to the hospital, but later died from his injuries. >> well, kids 7 or less so
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much left for him to do. i feel all really sorry for the family. >> residents in the area say that a lot of people tend to speed through their neighborhood and that there needs to be more done to get the drivers to slow down. meanwhile, there's no word on if that driver that hit the boy will be facing any charges or if speeding did. in fact play a factor. >> now to a look at our 4 zone forecast kron, 4 meteorologist rodriguez. joining us now with a look at what to expect recent. hey there, dan. yes, certainly a warm one out there today. 5 to 10 degrees above average once again, warming up into the mid 80's for our warmest inland valleys, about 10 degrees above normal. for those of you in san jose and livermore and downtown san francisco trying to flirt with 70's. but 68 degrees with oakland in the mid 70's today. so very pleasant temperatures there. but we're going to see temperatures tonight. cooling down already in the upper 40's. for those of you in pacifica and half moon bay.
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thanks to that shallow marine layer with widespread mid 50's right along the bay area shoreline. sam, a tail and oakland at 56 degrees. a little bit milder for san jose in the low 60's as his dublin. but check out conquered no longer in the 70's. so cooling down in the upper 60's at 69 degrees easily. the warmest city out there in the bay area. but widespread low to mid 50's for most of our north bay valleys. with the exception of allay currently in the low 60's. so we are going to track some change is already happening out there tonight. shallow marine layer not just along the coast, but even extending into the east bay shoreline. with that live picture that we just saw on the east bay over berkeley, going to bring some much needed moisture. i know it's been looking and feeling really dry out there. so this marine layer coming at the right time, especially to help out firefighters battling that vacaville fire tonight. so hopefully they get the upper hand on that and take advantage of that moisture. that mother nature is offering out there. thanks to that low
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fog bank overnight lows tonight, widespread low 50's but happened a 45 degrees. in fact, you're going to be noticeably milder compared to this morning when you woke up to 38 degrees. that was the coldest record overnight low for today. so enjoy the mid 40's. thinks that blanket of that shallow marine layer, antioch in the low 60's. so still a little bit milder there. temperatures holding steady or slightly warmer than what we saw today. still going to be in the 80's for warmest inland valley. santa rosa, 88 degrees. mid 70's along the east bay shoreline for oakland and hayward and downtown san francisco. 68 degrees. so holding steady from today's daytime highs. temperatures really going to peak on tuesday and wednesday of this upcoming week, 10 to 20 degrees above average. so i know it's spring. we should be in the mid 70's for most of our warmest bay area valleys. but we're not really going to see those temperatures cool down in the 70's until next friday. and saturday for the start of your memorial day
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weekend, perfect beach day weather sunday and monday when we warm up into the mid 80's. but fortunately not the 90's. we just have to. you see the 90's near. think yourself on them. >> very it really is. especially when you have warm, dry, breezy offshore winds. let's hope we don't go under any red flag warnings. but if we do, let's plan ahead. pencil cea's alternate status. that enough yet things stand. all rea said thanks a lot. there are now 2 confirmed deaths in a rare tornado in northern michigan. the storm touching down just after 3.45? >> in the afternoon yesterday in the city of. that's about 60 miles south of the upper peninsula. and that tornado, as you can see here, flipping cars and destroying homes and businesses, 2 people in their 70's died at a mobile home park. more than 40 other people were injured. tonight, the city is enforcing a curfew church and community leaders in laguna woods gathering today in a show of solidarity. they expressed enduring
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support for the irvine taiwanese presbyterian church, which was targeted by a gunman last week. one person was killed and 5 others were wounded. they are calling the attack a politically motivated act of hate. >> the shot that you experienced last sunday should not have happened. there's no place in our community and in our society for any type of hate. we need to stand together. >> the 68 year-old suspected shooter was born in taiwan and reportedly has ties to a mainland china organization opposed to taiwan's independence. he has now been charged with murder. >> today, the youngest victim from the buffalo supermarket shooting was laid to rest. this happening this afternoon in front of hundreds of family members and friends who gathered to pay their.
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>> last respects to 32 year-old roberta drury. she was described as someone with a smile that could light up a room. drury was one of 10 black victimsokilled in a targeted rampage by a white-supremacist shooter. a major development overnight in ukraine as russia is declaring its biggest victory yet russia says its forces have completely captured the strategic port city of mariupol. the last ukrainian defenders surrendered from a steel plant that's been surrounded for weeks. they did so with permission from president, volodymyr zelensky. it's not clear where they were taken, but the red cross has registered them as prisoners of war. mariupol has been hardest hit by the russian invasion that began 3 months ago. it's now in complete ruins and more than 20,000 civilians are feared dead. president joe biden has signed a 40 billion dollar package of military and humid, a humanitarian aid for ukraine during a visit to seoul. the
10:21 pm
aid from the for ukraine comes as the eastern european country is vowing that it will not stop its fight with rush until all the forces. there are expelled during an overnight addressed to his citizens, a competent president zelenskyy said that ukraine had, quote, broken the backbone of the largest or one of the strongest armies in the world. still ahead here on kron, 4 news at 10 o'clock. the latest booster guidance from the cdc, the democratic, the >> the demographic the agency says should start considering a second booster. the cdc has
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updated its guidelines for covid-19 booster shots. the cdc says that. >> people that are 50 or older should get a second booster if at least 4 months have passed since their first booster dose, the changes because of the steady rise in infections that we're seeing. new confirmed cases have surpassed an average of 100,000 a day this week. covid hospitalizations have increased by 31% nationwide in the last 2 weeks, a federal judge is blocking president biden's plan to ease pandemic restrictions of the mexican border. the ruling continues the order that denies migrants, the ability to request asylum under u.s. and international law. so far,
10:25 pm
nearly 2 million migrants have been expelled under title. 42. this was a trump era order that was put in place in 2020 to help stop the spread of covid-19. the department of justice says that it will appeal the decision. the white house released a statement saying that the authority to set public health policy nationally should rest with the cdc and not a single court, but that they will follow the court's orders and continue to enforce title. 42, the fda is investigating a multistate salmonella outbreak that it believes may be linked to some jif peanut butter products. a total of 14 people in 12 states have reported getting sick because of the outbreak. 2 of those people have been hospitalized. the salmonella cases have been traced back to a plant in lexington, kentucky, operated by the jm smucker company because peanut butter can have a two-year shelf-life. consumers are urged to check their pantries. the fda says those infected with salmonella may experience fever,
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diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. coming up next, it's national safe boating week. find out how you can stay safe in the water. this out. >> and going to look and feel like summer in the coming days with temperatures, upwards of 20 degrees above average tuesday and wednesday of this upcoming week. your full forecast coming up after the break.
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>> rising temperatures
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combined with the first day of summer being just one month away means that voters are hitting the water. u.s. coast guard is urging people to be responsible. today marks the start of national safe boating week. kron four's fleet ago explains what you need to know to ensure a safe trip. >> the u.s. coast guard wants you to keep this in mind. life jackets are required to be on all vessels, including kayaks, canoes and paddleboards and under federal law life jackets have to be worn by anyone, 13 years of age or younger. 86% personnel that we rescue. >> are not wearing life jackets are victims of boating accidents. petty officer second class dylan staney sharing that statistic and other advice with the public during a safety event saturday at fort baker in sausalito. >> where service members urged the visitors to take all precautions before boating sure. checking the water. >> take this safety course and check the coast guard websites and whether prior to getting underway press adequately based on the weather and always boat sober.
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>> just like a car. it is illegal to operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. he should another capacity. if you too many people are too much on the boat, too many supplies. crab pots stacked high on fishing vessels and stop. it tends to create unstable environment on the >> which create problem to capsize mind with the weather and and dangerous for the crew. >> it doesn't hurt to be overly cautious. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 >> today is also national river cleanup day and santa clara counties. valley water did not hesitate to get out there and do their part. this is video from the sanchez ponds, cleanup location overall, more than 500 volunteers came out today to participate in the program, including members of the unhoused community. organizers say overall removed more than 23,000 pounds of trash and recyclables and cleaned over 30 miles of creek. fires and
10:31 pm
low water supplies are just 2 of the concerns with another summer of drought. that's ahead of u.s.. governor gavin newsom was in southern california today. spotlighting efforts to cope with our historic drought. christina pascucci has more from carson. >> and 800 ad we have never experienced in the west coast. the united states consecutive years, dry years like we have experienced california governor gavin newsom address california's ongoing water challenges after 3 years of drought and said any water agency that has an impose mandates after the executive order he signed late march will be forced to do so by june 10th, 400 to 436 water agencies. >> have approved plans. >> that they moved will be moving on and the wreck the rest, which about 8%. we'll have mandates thrust upon them. he spoke on the side of carson's joint water pollution control, which treats 260 million gallons of wastewater a day.
10:32 pm
>> behind him, the recycled water project, a partnership between the metropolitan water district in la county sanitation district that by about 2030, intend to provide advanced treatment of wastewater to make it drinkable. the full-scale facility will produce 150 million gallons of water every day enough to serve more than 500,000 homes. >> making it one of the largest purification facilities in the world. if they're successful scaling this water recycling project at the scale they're proposing the have never been a project like this in u.s. history. the race to supply water comes as a new report from first street foundation says the risk of wildfires damaging homes here in california is expected to increase significantly the next 30 years. it shows much of california and florida face a one to 6% annual likelihood of wildfire today. but that skyrockets to between 26 and 86%. >> if you're interested in finding out more information about this recycled water project, you can visit mwd h 2 o dot com. i'm christina
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pascucci reporting from carson. >> take a look at this. this is an unusually colorful cloud formation that was hanging out over the peninsula today. this was sent to us by our viewer, ken. he says his wife, donnie, took this photo this afternoon. ken says it is kids absolutely loved. looking up at the sky today. tells me that this is a phenomenon known as cloud iridescence are simply rainbow clouds. it's pretty cool. looking the lot of viewers got quite the treat it. they looked about the bay area skyline today and it's mainly with those thin high cirrus clouds, the water droplets within those clouds actually get reflected by that. some like creating that rainbow effect. so. >> really cool out there. the more you know, dan, the more you tension, one of our producers, that thing said that they wanted they wanted it called the dragons taylor, something like that. i know right just and some. very cool. so thanks for our viewers for sharing that with us. i know. >> my producer was recent. we
10:34 pm
need to put this on air. so of course i headed tweeted. so thank you so much. yeah, we got in. we did it. all right. so let's take a look. >> bay area forecast for your saturday night. noticeably cooler out there along the coast. thanks to that shallow marine layer, upper 40's for those of you at half moon bay at 48 degrees. 20 degree difference from concord. 69 degrees. so out of the 70's. but flirting with 70's. nonetheless, even at this 10 o'clock hour and everything else in between seeing a lot more mid 50's out there, low 50's for those of you in petaluma. let's take a look at wind speeds out there because that has been the big weather story for the last couple of days. fortunately, no wind advisories are red flag warnings today. winds out of the northwest right now for downtown san francisco at 14 miles per hour. >> and out of the south in solano county for vacaville and fairfield in the teens. so could see gusts in that 20 to 25 mile per in shortly before midnight tonight. but well below that wind advisory level
10:35 pm
threshold in your giants forecast as they take on the san diego padres. first pitch at one. 00:05pm, mid 60's expected cool sea breeze as well to start the game with wind speeds increasing upwards of 30 miles per hour by the end of the game day and temperatures warming up into the upper 60's for downtown san francisco with mid 70's throughout the east bay shoreline, widespread mid 80's. for those of you in san jose conquered even napa and allay. but santa rosa, a little bit warmer, flirting with the 90's at 88 degrees. and then we're going to see widespread mid 90's for a hot as inland valleys tuesday and wednesday of this upcoming week. threat of fire danger as well because of some breezy, warm, dry, offshore winds in the forecast for tuesday. so far, no fire weather watches. a red flag warnings have been issued. the going to keep an eye on that in the coming days because it's spring, but we're not going to cool down to spring-like temperatures until the 1st half of your memorial day weekend. next weekend, sunday and monday warming up into the low to mid 80's and widespread 60's 70's along the
10:36 pm
coast and east bay shoreline. so no heat waves there, but we just have to get through tuesday and wednesday of this upcoming week with no threat the bay area forecast. the in - good news is relief is in sight. back to you, dan. all right. thanks. a lot breeze of the oakland a's may not be in oakland for much longer. >> unless a deal gets done with the city for a new ballpark at howard terminal today. kron 4 anchor stephanie lin talked with oakland, mayor libby schaff about whether she thinks a deal will get done to keep the a's routed in oakland. >> can fans expect to see a stadium or not? >> absolutely. it is going to happen and big news this week. >> the greenbelt alliance, a very respected environmental organization, just came out with a big endorsement for the project, not about the ballpark. and i think it's a great reminder to people this is much bigger than baseball. what they said is this is a great example of smart development that is going to help address climate change as
10:37 pm
well as the housing crisis. what sort of challenges still lie ahead for this? well, the next big milestone is going to be the vote from the bay conservation development commission. they have the authority to take howard terminal out of port use designation. they're going to have a big public hearing on that on june. 2nd. and then they'll take the vote. june 30th right now, their staff has recommended that howard terminal come out of port use, but it's up to those commissioners. there needs to be a 2 thirds vote on june. 30th. and if that vote doesn't happen. the project is dead. but we're very excited that the staff analysis the project moving forward and we believe there. it's just so much to love about this project, not just for a's fans, but 18 acres of new waterfront 3,000 units of housing, tons of union jobs and great
10:38 pm
environmental standards. what is your message for? oakland a's fans watching this right now. this is going to happen. people keep the faith, but don't take it for granted. we need you to show up show up on june. second at that, the cdc hearing show up on june. 30th. >> because elected officials need to hear that. we love this project. we want it to happen. >> we talk with mayor shout about a number of topics today, including crime, abortion access and who she might indoors for mayor when her term expires at the end of the year, you will find that full interview right now on our website kron 4 dot com. from searching to smartphones. google has a bunch of new products they're planning to roll out this year. rich demuro has the latest in tonight's tech smart. >> every year google holds an event called google io where they show off their latest advancements this year. there was a lot of hardware on display including a smartphone for under $500.
10:39 pm
>> my check 1, 2, taken. you guys hear me. >> a remote work joke to kick off google. i o 2022 and saw 2 years of starting many meetings on mute. i thought i should double check. >> the yearly event is where google shows off its latest advancements. they think what we've got this year is this idea of. >> there are all these little bits of google that just exist and being lean your life. >> even if you have something physical, hardware from a new immersive view on maps merges street and aerial views to virtually check out neighborhoods and restaurants. a feature called seen exploration. let's use your camera to see ratings and other information overlaid on products. google continues its work on more inclusive ai with a new 10 great skin tone scale to guide products like its camera in search, for example,
10:40 pm
search for makeup and narrow down by skin tone. all of this is part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring that the web is as representative as our world. google says its pixel 6 smartphones have outsold its pixel 4, 5 combined. a new pixel has many of the same features and will sell for just $450. it's just really good phone that maybe not exceptional. and if everything is going to do. >> but it's going to be a really solid and good phone for of pretty reasonable price. the new pixel smartwatch will have google maps and wallet. plus 5th, it features to track fitness and sleep. it will launch alongside the pixel 7 later this year. who will close the show with a sneak peek at futuristic glasses are lined up the tech nerd in me these homes. they display voice translations in real time, be able to. so they're in and talk and conversation with somebody of my real-time translations happening right from their eyes. and that's just mind boggling to me.
10:41 pm
>> definitely showed off a lot more hardware this year. but for a lot of it, we're going to have to wait that an expensive new smartphone doesn't launch for another 2 months. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. contact and capture. well after years of expensive delays, boeing scoring a big victory after. >> it's astronaut capsule pulls up in parks at the international space station. as you can see here that starliner's arrival, nasa finally realizes its effort to have crew capsules from competing u.s. camps in companies flying to the space station. of course, spacex has a huge lead after completing the same test 3 years ago. boeing's had no humans onboard. just a test dummy. stanley is making his way back to marvel studios in a unique deal that will include future appearances and marvel movies and television shows before he
10:42 pm
died in 2018, the beloved co-creator of spiderman, the avengers and the incredible hulk was well known for his many cameos in dozens of marvel's comic movies 20 year. the 20 year deal is giving marvel the right to license the name and likeness of lee for use in feature films and tv productions by using digital technology and archival footage. lee was the editor-in-chief of marvel comics, 1960's and he was part of the team that created some of the superheroes that are now the bases, the world's biggest blockbuster films always got to enjoy one stanley pops up in one of those marvel movies. always a lot of fun. looking forward to seeing what they do next. all right. let's going to do it here at kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. we don't go anywhere. hoops. sessions coming up next.
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>> you're watching kron 4 hoop session. >> welcome tosa special postseason addition of concession. i'm kate rooney and not alone. you can tell. i'm joined by kron 4 sports director jason dumas, son jason is not here because he is in dallas for game 3 of the western conference finals. the warriors get ready to trying to get 3 no in the series against the mavericks. jason, you said it's pretty hot down there. >> and hot and humid, 93 degrees. you can feel it soon you step off the plane. so it's not that bay area weather it's that hot. be it. as is
10:46 pm
he? >> well, hopefully excuse this horrible joke. i'm not to make both these teams will be bringing the heat to the court tomorrow as well. what's like down there? so far? they haven't been there very long just a few hours. but can you kind of tell that they've got some playoff stuff happening there? >> yeah, they're excited. actually thought the plane is funny. i x and head coach in current commentator pj carla's amount. he was he was walking around the terminal. i assume there being here for the game it and talk to him. but there's signage at the dallas luka poached pears. we're all in this together. dallas mavericks pipes. i mean, it's so they have started, you know, the playoffs here you know, is going to be a rocket environment at the american airlines center. dallas a very good home team. well for best record in the nba at home this
10:47 pm
season, that warriors actually has a second home wrecker. the final one in the playoffs home. you know, they want to come out inspired because especially in the fast and they last for friday you have to expect is going to be a little after happened there is that when they take the court also that? >> yeah, it's easy to see team go up 2 games to none in the think okay. they have the potential to run away with this thing. but as you say, certainly not an easy task to get another win on the road, especially you look at the sluggish starts, the worst brought not just last night, but in a couple of games. this postseason. they did not score the map. 68 to 45 in the 2nd half. of course, that's how you win a ballgame. but what are some of the things that you think the warriors are going to need to kind of overcome and figure out if they want to be able to still one or 2 on the road here. >> well, they just can't have those slow starts, you and they had several of those slow starts an mfa series and it really, really against a better team. they could lose the series just they get down in a hole early they want to
10:48 pm
is that was they got to a strong start and that game was never really in question. when you're playing a team who is as good as whole as dallas, you do not want to get that fan base around want to get behind early 1000 with 29 12 at american airlines center. you got to get out to a quick start. that is the main thing we haven't seen it yet, kate. we want to get at least one of playoffs even though they came back and it wants to have a great game for a range. we're going to get a curry flurry sooner or later. why not one of these games in dallas? why not being 3? because if they win game 3, they really break the spirit of this past did a pretty decent slowing luka in game one. >> last night we got some reports early before the game that he maybe wasn't feeling 100%. he's dealing with some flu-like symptoms. >> turned out he could still shoot the ball. just fine. going 12 for 23 from the floor. but at his home court,
10:49 pm
as you said, it could be a different ball game, especially with the news. we got that andrew wiggins was listed as questionable on the status report today. steve kerr did say that he expects him to play in game 3. but how do you see that shaking out? because we get to spend a lot of time going one-on-one against luka. >> no. a huge deal. and evening of plays is something that will have to monitor this event means kind of slowing him down and he's not going because over weekend has been the key to the series. like i said, look at it. look at the players but off on friday night. but still may then working down the other and and are waiting was aggressive. the little girl was guarding him. so he's hiring luke that out one little bit on the defensive and ask he's so yeah, a little bit guys numbers. he had a great game, but i still don't think and played by the defense just that guy's going to score, he's one of the best players in the world like that's just because with the bears are, you don't really shut down a guy like that. but if you can make his life, you can tire
10:50 pm
them out. if you can make him guard you're doing your job we didn't have done just that. this entire series. so if he anything less than 100% or 80%, it could trouble for the warriors because he's been the guy tasked with kids really making little bit life. yes, cull and he's having a great series you know, but my states and it just kind they have to list them. on the injury report for nba rules. it it didn't seem all that concerned. what we're talking to him for his media availability today. but is that really something that will have to keep an eye on get to the 2nd quarter and sound and seem right with and really probably that injury that bothering him. so that will probably be the storyline of the game for the warriors, at least heading into he said we are due for a curry flurry. if you're a betting man, do think tomorrow night is in fact that we're going to see it. >> you know what?
10:51 pm
>> it a betting man. i would probably take the mavericks on sunday just because of the fashion they lost on friday night. the blow that lead to a 14 at the half. it will that i'm going. and the war is kind of is. walk, though, down and snatched victory out of their hands. these guys all have pride. it's a home game. they're back in this were embarrassed night before and game one, they were blown out. they're going to really hungry for a win. i think i think they might get it. but i do think the worries will split in dallas, which means i think, though, went on tuesday as the un said, you know, most pencil it in the last 20 series, the warriors have won a road playoff game. you're going to get one here with a good game 3. i think this thing is going to end this week. dallas wins on sunday. i think they'll come back to san francisco game 5 and they'll probably shut it out then. but up, it's going to be a good
10:52 pm
game out to you know, i love seeing the warriors play on the road because when you have that championship pedigree i think for a month in clay who have every source the ways and it's really cool to see how they play and those kind of atmosphere people are breathing down in >> yeah, lucky one who gets to be there and see it in person. jason dumas, thank you for hopping on. stay cool out there in dallas. >> thank you. i see you guys too. >> let's check in on the eastern conference finals. he'd at celtics game 3. boston came back from a huge deficit to make it close. late jalen brown, 3 of his 40 points as the celtics are within a point. >> the fan at a bio could not be denied with jimmy butler on the bench due to knee swelling, he carries the heat. >> with 31 points and 10 rebounds, his defense also had 19 steals and 33 points off turnovers. the heat win one o 9, one. 0, 3, they lead the series 2 to one game. 4 is
10:53 pm
monday in boston. all right. still ahead, the latest and
10:54 pm
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now. >> welcome back to session. hey, charles barkley has been antagonizing warriors fans since golden state punched its ticket to the western conference finals. >> the good-natured warriors fans, charles barkley feud continued after last night's game. when chuck, despite the dubs when he wore the jersey
10:56 pm
of maverick 7, 3, 290 pound center boban marjanovic more commonly known as just both on and the dubs fans. barkley have it and shock had no problem firing back >> i just don't know. stop. and was too. don't know that sure. is over. but matt smart. >> yes. nagin, d berkeley has said repeatedly that he's rooting for the mavericks because he, quote, hates warriors fans. this is something that's been going on for years. no doubt check is doing it with a smile, though, and enjoying every second. and check out who took some time today to attend the dallas wings. wnba game. that's gary payton, the second and jordan poole. poison rocking the number. 24. >> a gumbo la jersey. she's a
10:57 pm
wnba all-star game mvp and the first team, all league selection. so makes sense. pull as a fan. nice to see the guys get to have a little fun and supporting women's hoops. the wings won. by the way, with j p's favorite player scoring 20 points. all right. that'll do it for this edition of hoop session. >> we'll see you tomorrow with jason dumas says report from down.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
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