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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  May 22, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> good evening. welcome to kron. 4 news at 6. i'm noelle bellow game 3 of the western conference finals has tipped off in dallas as the dubs look to take a commanding 3 game lead over the maps tonight on their home court here in the bay area, though fans are out of thrive city to watch the warriors try and do just that kron harry, it's out there all night with them. amanda, how are people feeling out there tonight? >> it very, very exciting. you
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can probably hear how noisy it is here around me. that game is about to get under way and everyone i spoke to is very confident about a warriors. tried to take a look. you can just how many people are out here right now. but there were even more people trying to get into and you take a look at your screen. this is video of the line that wrapped around the building to get into this watch party chase center. workers had to turn some people away because he's just so many people were here hoping to get in. i spoke to one man who says he got in line at 02:00pm to make sure you get it to thrive city yet to see right in front of the screen and says he loves watching the game with the people everybody's here for the >> win or lose. tonight, there will be another game in dallas on tuesday. the warriors don't
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win tonight and tuesday. we'll be back here at the chase center on thursday for a potential game. 5. i'll be here all night and i will let you know how fans are feeling on kron. 4 news at 8 live and thrive city. amanda hari kron, 4 news. it is loud out and that thank you for that other news this evening. firefighters are making progress in battling the quail fire in solano county. cal fire says the wildfire now 75% contained. >> it's burned about 135 acres since it first sparked just a day ago. officials say all forward progress has been stopped. crews are going to be continuing to strengthen their containment lines and monitor for possible hot spots until it's completely out. officials had issued an evacuation order for the area yesterday. but that has since been lifted. now there is a red flag warning that has been issued in solano county that begins tomorrow and it goes through tuesday. it's all due to some conditions in the area that could lead to more fires. low
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humidity, breezy winds. they're expected to begin around 11 o'clock monday morning. that warnings expected to last until at least 08:00pm tuesday night. it includes the cities of fairfield and vacaville, along with travis air force base. however, valais technically outside this morning area. we do want to turn now to kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. she's joining us with more details on this red flag warning. what else we can expect member esa 9, 0, well, yeah. we're going to track northerly offshore winds around 35 miles per hour or less. starting monday morning at 11 o'clock. >> lasting through tuesday night. for those of you in solano county and then by tuesday into wednesday for solano county, that red flag warning going to be replaced by a heat advisory because we could see scorching heat as high as upwards of about 94 to of more than 100 degrees in the coming days. so let's take a look at when tracker for kuz. right now. we are tracking a cool sea breeze influence, even extending into
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our inland valleys. but future wind gusts when that red flag warning goes into effect. as you can see, those northerly winds out there in vacaville and fairfield with that cool sea breeze influence. keeping temperatures on the mild side along the coast in the coming days. downright hot as you make your way in london. let's take a look at relative humidity because once that red flag warning goes into effect, the airfield will already be into the teens later into monday afternoon near that 10th percentile range. and then in the single digits, a little to no moisture for north bay, an east bay valleys on tuesday. once that heat commences. details ahead on the warming trend because we're going to get a sneak peak of summer with temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above average. noel, back to you can get hot. all right. marie said thank you, santa rosa. police are asking for your help finding the person responsible for a deadly shooting this morning. >> according to investigators, it happened shortly after one, 30 am on kenton court just off
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the one o one. police say a man was in a car with some friends. when someone drove up said something to the victim and then opened fire. the only information police are releasing at this point is that it was a 28 year-old man who was killed. no information on the suspect or suspects or any information on the car they were. and but the department is offering $2500 to anyone who may have information. this is santa rosa, u.s. 6th homicide of 2022. over to the east bay now where oakland police are investigating after they found a man's body inside a burning car on high street. the fire department was called first to put the car fire out. but when they told that vehicle from the scene, they say they discovered the dead body inside homicide detectives were called in to try and determine how that person died. that information has not yet been released. down to the south bay where the milpitas police district attorney's office and the board of supervisors there held a gun
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buyback event today. santa clara county has been doing this type of event for a decade now, officials say over that time period, they received some 7,000 firearms from people. they haven't been able to hold one of these for the last 2 years due to the pandemic. those buybacks are anonymous. no questions asked events where the goal is just to prevent these firearms from ending up in the wrong hands. we know that there. >> a lot of unwanted guns in people's homes in their households. and if anything, you know, those firearms can just get so any news on the streets for, you know, gain your time. we also know that these firearms are used in domestic violence incidents. you know, that these firearms are being used fortunately for suicides, an accidental discharge is that usually involve our youth because they're so curious, right? so if they are unwanted firearms in the home, we want to provide a space for people to feel free to sell them to us. >> after the guns are collected, officials check to see if they belong to someone other than the person who turned them in and they were
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turned them. if not, that was the firearms are destroyed. a developing story this evening, a professional bay area cyclist shot and killed in austin, texas. now u.s. marshals are searching for her suspected killer. investigators say this all may have been the result of a love triangle kron four's gayle ong joining us live now from the newsroom with those details. gayle, an interesting story here. it's been more than 10 days since her death. >> was discovered and her killer is still on the run. >> 25 year-old anna wilson who went by mariah is known to be a rising star in the pro. cycling community. wilson was living in san francisco. she traveled to austin to compete in a race earlier this month. according to the u.s. marshals, wilson was found shot and killed in austin on the night of may 11. she was found inside the home where she was staying. the hunt is underway for 35 year-old caitlin armstrong of austin, an arrest affidavit reveals a
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romantic entanglement indicating wilson's death as a result of a possible love triangle. court papers say the night of the murder wilson went for a swim a pool in austin. would colin strickland, another cyclist armstrong in stricklin were dating at the time. wilson was found shot to death, according to the affidavit, the affidavit further explained that strickland told police during a break in his relationship with armstrong. he met and began dating wilson. strickland has been cooperating with police wilson's family released a statement that reads in part, there are no words that can express the pain and suffering. we are experiencing due to the senseless tragic loss. mariah was a talented kind and caring young woman. her life was taken from her before she had the opportunity to achieve -verything she dreamed of our family and all those who loved her will forever miss her. the family of wilson also said in a statement that they will not elaborate about the ongoing investigation but wanted to clarify wilson was not in a romantic relationship. >> with anyone at the time of
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her death in the newsroom. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> gayle, thank you. coming up tonight at 6 we go to the annual harvey milk celebrations in san francisco. we're hearing from organizers about the work that still needs to be done. dawn of the late city supervisor who would have been 92 years old today and some relief on the way for american children as the first of several emergency shipments of baby formula arrived from europe. got details on
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>> welcome back kron. 4 is your local election headquarters. we want to give you one last reminder. tomorrow is the deadline to register for california's primary election. applications can be found online and at your local city hall or public libraries, the election will thin out the field of candidates in the lead up to the november 8 general election on san francisco ballots, though many are focused on that recall of district attorney chase abboud iin. that item is under proposition h on your ballot to see more about what will be on your ballot. specifically head on over to kron 4 dot com. you can find an explainer link on our web site. there on the state level. voters are also picking the top contenders for governor state attorney general u.s. senator u.s. or representatives as well as secretary of state. i need to open lineup because i did get my ballot in the mail a while back. just haven't cracked it open. embrace a
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yeah. it know. wow. that for me. let's take a look at today's daytime highs. 5 to 10 degrees above average for warmest inland valleys. only going to get hotter from your from 90's to triple digit heat expected for warmest inland valleys. more my
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>> well, the castro was lit up with celebrations today in honor of harvey milk. today would have been the former supervisors 92nd birthday. he dedicated his work here to the lgbtq rights as well as uniting communities. kron 4 s taylor bisacky was there. >> here at harvey milk plaza, dozens gathered to celebrate harvey milk day and all of his contributions, city state leaders and community organizers are all here saying it's more important now than ever to carry on what bill has taught us. spirits are high in san francisco's castro district on sunday as crowds came out to celebrate harvey milk day on what would have been his 92nd birthday. the former san francisco supervisor made great strides for the lgbtq community in san francisco, california. and beyond knowing that this really is the sort delays of giving is like the pride like in is really important to come out. harvey. >> is was socially important big year for our community and as well as for just basic.
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>> human rights on this special day, the friends of harvey milk plaza and sf parks alliance also gave us a look at future redesign plans for this space in honors. milks memory he someone who was warm and have movement the most. good morning. when craig was a friend of milk's and worked with him during several campaigns. despite all the progressive changes made over the past few decades for human rights, craig says milk would be disappointed to see some of those feats. now in question of he would mean to disappoint that we've that back again with that indeed senator scott wiener also spoke about the current threat to reproductive rights has leaked opinion from the supreme court reveals that roe v wade may soon be
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overturned, but would hardly say if you are that eye. >> he would say number one, get out of the street, which we will do. number 2, you've got win elections. we have to win elections many years saying it's times like these that we need to remember what harvey's taught us in i think they're we know for a fact if and when they do roe v wade they will be coming for marriage equality next. and then if they want to come after we're going to put on more of a fight than we ever and we know how to organize and we know how to speak to harvey has revealed there are huge plans for this harvey milk plaza to carry on his plans are expected to break ground within the next couple of years. in san francisco, taylor kron. 4 news. >> it looked pretty nice out there. blue skies. we do want to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast tonight. taking a live look out at the golden
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gate bridge. still pretty bright out there. come from. are all just murray's rodriguez standing by with a look at what we can expect as we move into the evening. him to pay their yeah, we're tracking cool coastal cities face of that cool sea breeze and warm inland valleys, 30 degree difference out there right now between concord. >> 83 degrees in half moon bay currently at 53 degrees. and those of you in solano county, specifically fairfield flirting with 90's. 87 degrees at the 6 o'clock hour. so a lot of sunshine safe to say marine layer not going to be in the forecast with these above average temperatures heading our way overnight. lows tonight, mid 50's. so it is going to be a little bit milder. but for those of you at half moon bay, 47 degrees with antioch. 62 degrees for your overnight. temperatures in daytime highs tomorrow. we're going to be in the upper 80's to low 90's for warmest inland valleys with santa rosa nevado going to reach that ninety-degree mark oakland in the low 80's with downtown san francisco, 70 degrees. and those of you in fremont. 85
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degrees for your monday afternoon. and we're going to notice those san francisco giants taking on the new york mets tomorrow. 6.45 will be the first pitch with the low 60's and a little bit of a cool sea breeze. but let's take a look at the heat because that's going to be the big weather story in the coming days. specifically tuesday and wednesday, mid 90's for warmest inland valleys. those of you in solano county could warm up to 103 degrees. hence the heat advisory and red flag warning going to be in place for the coming days. relief just in time for your memorial day weekend. thanks to that marine layer back to you know, well. thank agrees now to national news where the first military shipment of baby formula touchdown. >> earlier this afternoon here in america. this shipment coming to us from europe. it's just the first of many expected here. kron four's washington correspondent basil john reports on how this formula is going to be distributed. >> good evening. it's the first part of operation fly formula and u.s. officials say
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this will make a big difference in the country. this air force c 17 jet touched down in indianapolis sunday morning. >> on board 40 tons of baby the shipment provides an a formula. >> to take care of 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers. >> produced in switzerland truck to germany and flown to the u.s. is the first shipment in the biden administration's operation fly formula. agriculture secretary tom vilsack met the flight. he says the normal commercial process would take 2 weeks to get the shipment to the u.s.. >> as a result of the united states military involvement. we're going to get this year in a matter of days. vilsack says this is badly needed formula for babies and children with special dietary needs children who allergies, where the regular form formula just simply will not work. however, this first shipment will not fill empty store shelves. it goes to hospitals
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and some health care facilities across the country. >> but more shipments are on the way a single plant shutdown helped create the formula shortage in the u.s. u.s. economic council director brian deese told cnn's state of the union. the u.s. must encourage more companies to produce formula. so that no individual company has this much control over supply chains. vilsack promise. there's an effort to get this closed formula production facility in sturgis michigan, back open as soon as possible. and the expectation is within the next couple of weeks will begin to see product from that facility. vilsack says americans can expect store shelves to return to normal in a few weeks reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> coming up in sports this evening, the giants looking to avoid the sweep against the padres. kyle
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the golden state warriors are just 2 games away from the nba finals tonight, they look to take a commanding 3, nothing lead over the dallas mavericks in the western conference finals. that game is going on right now at american airlines center. >> so far the worst held an early lead. the score. 21 14, again, the worst jumping out to an early start. they look good so far, but we will have those full highlights for you coming up in our 8 o'clock sportscast. it is armed forces weekend in major league
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baseball master gunnery sergeant peter wilson play the national anthem on his file and for the giants padres game. >> thank you to all those who have served very cool there. unfortunately, the game didn't go well for san francisco in the 4th manny machado hit a sinking line drive during rough, couldn't handle it. 2 runs score in what was a what was ruled a double. this was a 5 run inning for san diego, which i know had 3 doubles and a triple the padres run away with this game. 10 1, the final score. they sweep. the giants are now 4 and a half games up set for second in the nl >> the a's in anaheim facing the angels down in southern california. still so green out there in the crowd. already 3, one la in the 7th mike trout takes one high and deep down the left field line. out of here. a solo blast routes 12 of the year a's lose. 41. they dropped 2 of 3 to the angels. oakland begins a series in seattle tomorrow or can, by the way.
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>> orange i know. but look orange today. okay. all right, out you on your of a little truth. warriors blew its warriors with truman uttered all right. we'll go worries. we're going to have all the highlights from the game later tonight at 8 o'clock kylen. thank you. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 6. >> we'll be back at 08:00pm. be sure to join us. then. yes, sorry, dodgers.
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