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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 22, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. we rarely see any incidents like this. and in the downtown area and especially at this time today. >> breaking news out of san francisco tonight. 2 people dead, 2 others injured after a taxi crashed into a building earlier this afternoon. thanks for joining us here at kron. 4 news at 8. i'm noelle bellow. that crash happened at 3rd and mission streets in anger but pointed gardens. police say the driver of the taxi remained on scene after the crash and was also taken to
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the hospital. they're expected to survive their injuries. kron four's gayle ong just got back from the scene. she joins us live now in the newsroom with the very latest kale. noel. 2 people died on the scene. investigators will remain there for several hours as they piece together how this fatal crash unfolded. >> just before 04:30pm, sunday, san francisco police officers responded to the intersection of mission and 3rd streets. officers arrived on scene. >> and locited pedestrians that were >> by a vehicle on the sidewalk, according to sfpd 2 women died on the scene. others were injured and male pedestrian was transported to the hospital. unknown medical condition at this time. another male who was the driver of one of the vehicles was transported to the hospital. >> for non-life-threatening injuries, these bystanders heard screams. everyone fearing taxi. >> and it was like everyone
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really scared, really shocked about what's the bystanders said this vehicle and the taxi were involved in the crash. >> as apd is canvassing the area for surveillance video. >> speed of these vehicles are still being determined. the impairment due to drugs or alcohol does not appear to be a factor. however, there isn't a stone that we're not going to leave and turn. >> in an incident like this. >> and as of pd is looking for eyewitnesses who may have seen what happened, you can be anonymous in the newsroom. gayle ong kron, 4 news. gayle, thank you. other news tonight. evacuations have been lifted for the quail fire as firefighters are making progress against that 135 acre blaze that broke out yesterday and solano county flames of since burned the hillside northwest of vacaville near quail canyon and pleasant valley roads. cal fire says they'veestopped the forward progress of this one. it's now
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75% contained. firefighters are expected to remain in the area throughout the evening, though, as the try to strengthen containment lines and put out some of those hot spots. we want to get you to your 4 zone forecast this reese rodriguez standing by here. we know there's a red flag warning that's going to go into effect for parts of slow county tomorrow. i know that while those fire crews are still out there, they're hoping winds will will stay low. but it's not really likely going to happen over the next couple yeah, we're getting a cool sea breeze right now. but tomorrow we're going to see those warm, dry, offshore breezes. so those northerly winds. >> really going to have a critical impact on that fire danger threat, especially for solano county. that's why the national weather service going to issue a red flag warning starting at 11 o'clock monday morning. that's going to continue through tuesday night. but then by tuesday at the noon, we are going to see a heat advisory go into effect
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all the way through wednesday. not only we tracking breezy northerly winds, but also temperatures upwards of about 20 degrees above average. with those of you in solano county, you can actually warm up to anywhere from 90 to 103 degrees and wind tracker for right now getting that cool sea breeze and points for downtown san francisco. 28 mile per hour sustained winds. but it's that wind direction out of the north where those of you in solano county starting monday morning at 11 o'clock, you're going to see northerly winds anywhere from 30 miles per hour or less with gusts. upwards of 35 miles per hour. so it may not sound like much, but because it's been so hot and dry that is just recipe for more high fire danger disaster. let's take a look, though, along the coast going to be mild, but still on the cooler side. thanks to that cool sea breeze influence. so it's really going to be our warmest inland valleys that we have to watch out for, because those northerly winds going to impact that moisture content specially for fairfield 15% relative humidity down to 10
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by monday afternoon. and then it's going to get even worse once those 90 to 100 degree temperatures kick in by tuesday. we're going to see relative humidity, nonexistent for fearful down to 2%. so that's why the next couple of days really going to be critical out there. but seeing a lot more moisture. thanks to that cool sea breeze influence along the coast. but we're going to tuesday through wednesday of this upcoming week with that heat advisory going into effect. details on that and what you can expect for your upcoming work week forecast in just a few minutes. noel, back to you. thank embry. so warriors fans hoping the warriors will be hot as they are at drive city right now cheering on the warriors taking on the map in game 3. >> kron four's amanda harry's been there all afternoon talking with fans. a lot of people out there tonight. amanda, how are they feeling? >> they're feeling pretty confident is heard them let out a big cheer. something big happened in the game and the warriors are up by quite a bit
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right now with of less than 10 minutes left. so they're feeling pretty good. you can see behind me there are a little quieter now. they're focused on that game and trying to help the warriors pull out the win. i spoke to some fans they got here as early as 2 this afternoon to get a front row seat to watch the warriors. some tell me they were here inside the chase center for games, one and 2. they say they weren't going to miss game 3, even though it was on the road at halftime, i asked some fans what the warriors were going to need to do to win this we need to limit our turnovers. the turnovers are always a killer for so so why not just, you know? >> yeah, share the ball. we got we really, you know, quick pass, whatnot. but i think the turnovers and if you limit that is that we just find nation in the house, the to a great wins in the house. you know what, though? >> win or lose. tonight, there will be another game in dallas on tuesday. some of the fans i
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spoke to said they'll be right back here at thrive city for that game as well. i'm going to kind of talk to some fans right after this game ends to see their reaction to whatever happens. all of that for you on kron. 4 news at night live thrive. city amanda hari kron. 4 news. amanda, thank you for that live report. the first shipment of baby formula from europe has arrived here to the united states. that plane. >> landed earlier today in indiana as part of the white house's operation fly formula, 40 tons of baby formula was on board that flight and is now headed out to be distributed. it will not only fill empty shelves at stores, but it's also going tsome hospitals and home health care facilities across the country. president biden said this afternoon the white house. has secured another flight to transport nestle specialty infant formula to pennsylvania. he says that should happen in the next few days.
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>> we can only be in your full power when we claim and we're proud of who we are. so that's why i'm >> the castro was filled with celebrations today in honor of harvey milk. today would have been the former supervisors 90nd birthday. he dedicated his work here in san francisco to lgbtq rights and uniting communities. kron four's taylor bisacky was there. >> here at harvey milk plaza, dozens gathered to celebrate harvey milk day and all of his contributions, city state leaders and community organizers are all here saying it's more important now than ever to carry on what bill has taught us. spirits are high in san francisco's castro district on sunday as crowds came out to celebrate harvey milk day on what would have been his 92nd birthday. the former san francisco supervisor made great strides for the lgbtq community in san francisco, california. and beyond knowing that this really is the sort delays even
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is like the pride like in is really important to and come out. harvey. >> is was socially important big year for our community and as well as for just basic. >> human rights on this special day, the friends of harvey milk plaza and sf parks alliance also gave us a look at future redesign plans for this space in honors. milks memory he someone who was warm and have movement the most. good morning. when craig was a friend of milk's and worked with him during several campaigns. despite all the progressive changes made over the past few decades for human rights, craig says milk would be disappointed to see some of those feats. now in question, do you want me disappoint? that we've that back again
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with that indeed senator scott wiener also spoke about the current threat to reproductive rights has leaked opinion from the supreme court reveals that roe v wade may soon be overturned, but would hardly say if you are the day. >> he would say number one, get out of the street, which we will do. number 2, you've got win elections. we have to win elections many here saying it's times like these that we need to remember what harvey's taught us in i think there's strains we know for a fact if and when they do roe v wade they will be coming for marriage equality next. and then if they want to come after we're going to put on more of a fight than we ever and we know how to organize and we know how to speak to harvey has revealed there are huge plans for this harvey milk plaza to carry on his plans are expected to break ground within the next couple
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of years. in san francisco, taylor kron. 4 news. >> several government officials taking to twitter today honoring harvey milk day. vice president kamala harris saying, quote, harvey milk. one said it takes no compromise to give people their rights. those words have never been sure as we fight to stop hate, protect reproductive rights and strengthen the right to vote. speaker of the house nancy pelosi also tweeting today saying in part, quote, hashtag harvey milk day is an opportunity to celebrate the strength, passion and vision of an extraordinary leader. his legacy continues to inspire people around the world today. and every day we remember the joyful fight he waged to overcome hate and build a brighter future. coming up tonight at 8.30, harvey milk's nephew stuart will join me live. we'll talk about his uncle's legacy. stick with us for that. plus. >> memorial day just around the corner. find out just how much it's going to cost you to hit the road or catch a flight for the unofficial start of
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new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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>> welcome back. 8.14, on this sunday night and a professional bay area. cyclists has been shot and killed. and austin, texas. now
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u.s. marshals are searching for her suspected killer. investigators say this all may have been the result of a love triangle. kron four's gayle ong has the story. 25 year-old anna wilson who went by mariah is known to be a rising star in the pro. cycling community. >> wilson was living in san francisco. she traveled to austin to compete in a race earlier this month. according to the u.s. marshals, wilson was found shot and killed in austin on the night of may 11. she was found inside the home where she was staying. the hunt is underway for 35 year-old caitlin armstrong of austin, an arrest affidavit reveals a romantic entanglement indicating wilson's death as a result of a possible love triangle. court papers say the night of the murder wilson went for a swim a pool in austin. would colin strickland, another cyclist armstrong in stricklin were dating at the time. wilson was found shot to death, according to the affidavit, the affidavit further explained that strickland told police during a break in his relationship with armstrong. he met and began dating wilson.
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strickland has been cooperating with police wilson's family released a statement that reads in part, there are no words that can express the pain and suffering. we are experiencing due to the senseless tragic loss. mariah was a talented kind and caring young woman. her life was taken from her before she had the opportunity to achieve everything she dreamed of our family and all those who loved her will forever miss her. >> that was gayle ong reporting for us tonight. the family of wilson also said in a statement they will not elaborate about the ongoing best investigation, but they say wilson was not in a romantic relationship with anyone at the time of her death. to the south bay where the milpitas police district attorney's office and the board of supervisors held a gun buyback event today. santa clara county has been doing this type of event for a decade now, officials say over that time they received some 7,000 firearms from people. they haven't been able to hold one of these for the last 2 years. you're the pandemic.
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these buybacks are anonymous. no questions asked events where the goal is just to prevent these firearms from ending up in the wrong hands. we know that there. >> a lot of unwanted guns in people's homes in their households. and if anything, you know, those firearms can just get so any news on the streets for, you know, gain your time. we also know that these firearms are used in domestic violence incidents. you know, that these firearms are being used to, you know, unfortunately for suicides, an accidental discharge is that usually involve our youth because they're so curious, right? so if they are unwanted firearms in the home, we want to provide a space for people to feel free to sell them to us. >> after the guns are collected, officials check to see if they belong to someone other than the person who turned the men. they will then return those firearms to the rightful owner. if not those guns are destroyed. time now to check in on your 4 zone forecast this evening. it is still light out, which is still it was just kind of fun at this hour now reserve 100
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guests joining us with a look. murray's, i feel like just a week ago would have been dark at this point. really? >> i know it was like i know one of the sun would have started going down, but it was really a lot this sunday night. i think that's always great for this time of year in the bay area, especially on a weekend and get it to last a little bit longer, right? let's take a look at high temperatures today. we were very seasonal along the coast and east bay shoreline, mid 60's for downtown san francisco and oakland in the low 70's. so few degrees above average. there are about 5 to 10 degrees above average temperatures for warmest inland valleys, checkout conquered flirting with 90's, warming up to 80 degrees when you should be in the 70's. so, yes, some are really going to kick into high gear for the first couple of days. this upcoming week. temperatures out there right now, widespread 50's and 60's. but check out conquered. 75 degrees. more than 20 degrees. warmer than half moon bay at 52 degrees. and widespread low to mid 60's. for those of you
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in the north bay. but santa rosa, 76 degrees. so still a little bit mild out there. very pleasant temperatures, but beautiful sunset out there this evening. we are noticing a little bit of haze from that fire in vacaville, but it is making. >> for a spectacular sunset out there right now. so if you get out and enjoy it, but radar for right now, we are tracking crystal clear skies and not much of a marine layer in the coming days. so i know we typically should be seeing that. may gray pattern not going to happen because of above average temperatures heading our way mid 50's. so it is going to be a mild night out there with half moon bay. only cooling down to 47 degrees in daytime highs tomorrow. temperatures really going to warm up 5 to 10 degrees from today's daytime highs. the biggest warm-up going to be for those of you in the east bay shoreline because of those northerly winds in the low 80's. and today you're in the low 70's. so 10 degrees warmer right there. santa rosa and avato flirting with the 90's in concord n livermore in the upper 80's with along the coast 60's and 70's. so even
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our beaches not cooling down into the 50's. we're going to be in the 60's for half moon bay and pacific. and taking a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast. heat advisories in effect for solano county. you could actually reach 104 degrees by tuesday into wednesday. that heat advisory going into effect tuesday afternoon through wednesday night. so not what we should be seeing this time of year could see some record breaking heat in the forecast. but i wish it felt like spring out there because that fire danger threat going to stick with us for most of this upcoming week at the earlier we or the earlier we get so warm, though, the more anxious we all got about fire seasons. yeah, definitely little concerning reason. thankgiving saw. >> well, com for your local election headquarters, we want to give you one last reminder. tomorrow is the deadline to register for california's primary election. applications can be found online and at your local city hall or public libraries, the election is going to thin out the field of candidates in the lead-up to
8:21 pm
the november 8 general election on san francisco ballots, though many are focused on the recall of district attorney chase aboudi iin. that item is listed under proposition h on your ballot to see more about what will be on your specific ballot. all you have to do is head to kron 4 dot com. you can find an explainer link. they're on our as far as the state level goes, voters are also picking top contenders for governor state attorney general u.s. senator u.s. representatives and secretary of state. world news tonight. russia's invasion of ukraine has entered its 4th month. the fight has now moved to the southern and eastern regions of ukraine. russia has focused its air strikes and shelling on the donbas region pressing forward after claiming a pivotal victory in mariupol. this all comes though, as poland's president made a surprise visit to the ukrainian capital in a sign of unwavering support for the country. still ahead here
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tonight at 8 global warming effecting more than just our drought conditions. in fact. >> it's likely creeping all the way into your bed at night. we've got details of how climate change it's affecting your sleep. and next week, the unofficial start of summer. what you need to know before you catch a flight or hit the road for memorial day.
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24 on this sunday night. and if you can believe that we're already inching closer and closer to memorial day weekend. >> aaa is predicting more than 39 million people will travel over the unofficial start of summer. nearly 35 million hitting the roadways. another 3 million expected to fly. if you're one of the millions hitting the roads, though, triple a just released its list of the best and worst times to drive. take a look at your leaving town on thursday. the worst time to be on the road is going to be between 01:00pm and 08:00pm. so you're better off leaving early in the morning or waiting until late at night. the same is true. on friday. worst travel times expected between noon and 07:00pm. if you're trying to leave saturday and sunday, you are better off hitting the road before 10:00am and on monday as you're heading home, triple a suggests leaving
8:26 pm
before 11:00am. of course you might want to consider those gas prices well before heading too far out of town, we've got the average gas prices across the bay area. brace yourselves a san francisco, the most expensive coming in at $6 and $0.32 per gallon of regular gas. napa county. also seeing prices above $6 and $0.30 over in the east bay contra costa and alameda counties. both seeing prices just below 6.20, a gallon and solano county has the cheapest prices in the bay area. a gallon of regular there only going to cost you about $6.4. it feels bad to say only $6.4, but that's pretty good for the bay area. all right. coming up uk farm using gps to >> keep track of their cows are going to tell you how it works. plus, what is monkeypox and should you be concerned about cases found in the united states? we're hearing from the bay area, doctor. and after the break, the very latest on the quail fire in solano county. we'll be right
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>> we begin with this half hour with another update on the quail fire. firefighters making progress as they battle that will fire in solano county. cal fire says this one's now 75% contained. it's burned about 135 acres since it first sparks just a day
8:30 pm
ago. officials say all forward progress has been stopped. crews are going to continue strengthening their containment lines and monitoring possible hot spots until it is completely out. officials had issued an evacuation order for the area yesterday. but that has since that lifted. now today, fire marshal and contra costa county fire protection district assistant chief chris bachman discussed wildfire season as a whole. he says dry weather has helped fuel a 25% increase in wildfires so far this year. >> the lack of precipitation that we had over the winter months along you know, when we get those red flag days this year, we're seeing earlier than normal. and now we're already experiencing some of those, you know, dry, hot, windy days that when the fire does rather than it just being contained to maybe a half acre, we extinguished with one unit. that's where those multi alarm fires typically occur. and you'll see us out there for several hours before we're able to get get to mop up and get under control.
8:31 pm
>> we do have a red flag warning that's going to go into effect tomorrow for this exact area member isa, talk to me just a little about conditions out there yet very dry, warm out there even right now. and remember those showers in april last month that we thought was going help delay fire season for a couple weeks because of the warm and dry temperatures that we've been experiencing the last couple of days. all those games gone. so that's why we're seeing. >> those red flag warnings already in place out there starting tomorrow morning. going to go into effect for solano county and that's going to remain in effect through tuesday night. but then starting tuesday afternoon, this whole area shaded in red is going to be replaced by orange. and that's because we're tracking heat advisories. temperatures anywhere from 94 to upwards of 103 degrees expected for solano county with that heat advisory going to remain in effect through wednesday night. so the next couple of days, we really need to be
8:32 pm
safe out there bay area because we're tracking critical fire weather conditions. not so much right now. fortunately we are tracking calm winds out there right now in solano county, fairfield, a little bit breezy in the teens, but we are seeing more of that cool sea breeze employees. but tomorrow that wind direction going to change out of the north. so what typical textbook example of those warm, dry, offshore breezes? 35 mile per hour wind speeds going to cause that red flag warning because they're out of the north warm temperatures, dry conditions. that's why we're seeing that red flag warning going into effect starting early tuesday morning. and even the winds are expected to calm down by tuesday night. and thanks to that cool daytime heating. still going to be very dry out there. so it's going to remain in effect all the way through tuesday night. but let's take a look at future wind gust because the coast going to have a very different story. it is going to warm up. but on the milder side. so we're going to see a lot more moisture. thanks to those westerly cool sea breezes
8:33 pm
getting that pacific ocean moisture heading into the east bay shoreline as well. but it's the warmest inland valleys were by monday, especially into tuesday. we could see a drop to as low as 5% with the relative humidity just in that 20th to 30th percentile range during the overnight hours. let's take a look at temperatures because for the next couple of days we are going to see get even warmer tuesday and wednesday. little change for inland valleys, widespread mid 90's up to 103 degrees for solano county. coastal relief on thursday. still warm for warmest inland valleys. but the good news is we are going to cool down with seasonal temperatures next weekend just in time for the long holiday weekend finally get to see that may gray out there on friday into saturday, slight warm up sunday and monday back in the low 80's. but it beats being in the 90's or triple digits. noel, back to you. we always need a great days after the high heat wave. murray said thank you for the first time ever. >> hikers now have official access to a famous grove of
8:34 pm
redwoods. the grove of titans at jenna di, a state park up in del norte county houses, some of the world's largest and oldest trees boardwalk trail opened yesterday, giving visitors a chance to visit the 300 foot tall giants in northern california. the groves location has been a secret since 1998, but after gps coordinates were posted online in 2011, officials say the forest was nearly loved to death because people just kind of flock to that grove and then they ended up trampling the vegetation. but this new trail now lets the public see the titanic redwoods without damaging their fragile ecosystems is some good news staff. monkeypox. it's been detected here in america. but local health officials say they're not panicked about it and you shouldn't be either. monkeypox is rarely identified outside of africa. but as of friday, there were 80 confirmed cases worldwide, including 2 here in the united states. the last time we saw
8:35 pm
an outbreak of monkeypox is back in 2003 ucsf. doctor peter chin. hong says symptoms actually start off much like covid. >> fever muscle fatigue, but 2 weeks later wants 2 weeks later. you get this on mistake, a bull rush that starts in the trunk was to the extremities and looks like a pox of fluid filled blister. if you're traveling, don't worry to change it. i'm definitely not panicked about it. i'm just curious. >> doctor chin-hong says if you notice those signs, contact health authorities and report the case. the annual make a splash tour hosted by the usa swimming foundation arrives in the bay area tomorrow. some big-time athletes are going to be there, including a time olympic medalist nathan adrian, our stephanie lin got to speak with him this morning about the importance of being able to learn how to swim. your safety tips for people who are heading to the water in general as the weather starts to get warmer.
8:36 pm
>> i mean, the first one is thing being one are safe. actually it's much the real word is being water physicians anybody is going to ocean and strong currents might myself knows how powerful the water. before that even that it's it's really hard well as for my sins. and and so shown that for my lessons can reduce the risk of john by up to 80% in children and drowning. is the second-leading cause of accident or injury related death in kids under the age of 14. so really nice to go hand in hand and important messages your chances so much since. >> the make a splash tour will also include 2 time medalist elizabeth beisel and four-time medalist cullen jones is also going to be there. they'll be enrichment tomorrow from 04:00pm until 06:00pm offering a q and a and community swim lesson. they'll be on. that will be on one east richmond
8:37 pm
as we mentioned, some include a q and a with the olympians and that community swim lesson. >> well, stay with us. so long. farewell saturday night live saying goodbye to a few cast members got details after cast members got details after the break. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability.
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>> now to the latest on a mass
8:40 pm
shooting down in southern california that left a young man dead and 8 others injured. it all happened in front of a cook, a lounge in san bernardino county. sara welch has the details. >> you know, look good. you know, good kid. comforting words following the death of alan gresham. >> my nephew is gone. you know, they will never be forgotten. but an evening of fun turned violent when someone opened fire at a crowded lounge late friday night in the 3600 block of highland. >> we just gunshots in a lot of kids running. most of the kids were under 18. there was a lot of kids running, you know, and their investigators say the gunfire erupted inside and then spilled into the street. >> when the hail of bullets stopped, 9 people were wounded. we went to the game. bangor. he grabbed with the school. you've got lot lies. this, you know, he working at the barbershop. he got his own car, you know, stay at home with his grandmother. you know, look good. you know, good kid. >> san bernardino detectives say this started as an
8:41 pm
altercation between at least 2 people inside the blue flame lounge. multiple gunshots were exchanged. tensions ran high as loved ones waited for answers. san bernardino police say when they first arrived on scene, they were confronted by a hostile crowd. and because of that aggressive behavior asked for additional backup from the sheriff's department to secure the scene. regression lost his >> detectives say the special event party where the shooting took place was unpermitted. >> and while securing the scene, they arrested one man for possession of a loaded stolen firearm as police track down and identify those responsible for the deadly gunfire. they're also working to shut down the business whose illegal activities they say led to this mass shooting. >> i don't know that shocking anymore because it's happening everywhere. it's sad, though. it's sad because i live i live here. >> and i want to see change.
8:42 pm
>> for your help tonight, could global warming be cooling down your sleep? scientists from university in denmark say rising temperatures worldwide are causing people to lose roughly 2 weeks of sleep yearly analysts studied more than 47,000 people with the wristbands to track their sleep and compared again that against climate data. the study says the elderly were 2 times more affected. then middle aged people, lower income people and women also made the list of those most impacted. stick with us. we've got sports for you on the other side of the break.
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with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ >> and nokron 4 sports. >> tonight, the golden state warriors with a chance to make the dallas mavericks co knight knight in the words of dove star steph curry. the warriors came into this game with a 2, nothing lead in the western conference finals. no, this isn't a close out game. however, no team has ever come back from a 3 nothing series deficit. let's head to dallas to see what happened. the series moving to american airlines center for game 3. >> fans packed into cheer on the map is a lot of blue out there in dallas. 1st quarter curry. >> gets the ball. the kick out the fake. the 3 splash. it's good. the dubs off to a hot start tonight. they leave 1970, a few minutes later.
8:46 pm
mass star luka doncic's from way downtown 32 feet to beat the buzzer. >> warriors up by 3 after one 2nd quarter of bad news for porter junior injures his right leg. he left the game was taken into the locker room for x-rays maps. take control. echoes porter junior to the bench to not good news. jalen brunson spinning and finishing the lay up 7, nothing run for dallas. 34 29 mask with the lead here come the warriors curry. another 3 words of one at half. time was a wall. check this out. just before halftime, curry is way down. trips here over a fan on the sidelines. he appears to be little bit of a nervous moment there for warriors fans. 3rd quarter. clay misses the 3. so rain gets the rebound back to clay for the slam. liars and
8:47 pm
chile. war's front office loving it. closing moments of the 3rd shot. more from curry nails. the stepback 3. and look. at that. little shimmy ice cold from steph shot clock, right? stan van gundy, 10 point golden state leads and the 3rd. and by the way, patrick mahomes and his fiance, brittany watching courtside at the game, 4th quarter warriors up by 8 forward. andrew wiggins had an incredible game. finished with 27 points. post arises. star luka doncic's just no regard for human life. moses moody data showed shot of him. he can't fully another. look. the kill shot. incredible. alright clay now how to jordan poole knocks down this corner and a lot of the celebrations are seeing from the warriors kisses lows. a little kiss rather to the dallas crouch. his wares take game 3, one. 0, 9, 100 golden state. now with a commanding 3. nothing seriously. and we've got some
8:48 pm
boots on the ground in dallas. our very own sports director jason dumas joining us live now from american airlines center. jason, what was the atmosphere like whether any or any warriors fans in the house? >> highland, there was a whole bunch of warrirrs fans and a house. in fact, they are all here right now. a lot of the players, parents, some of family friends all standing by waiting for the warriors took come back out and emerge from the locker room to celebrate them. i mean, look, the warriors only shot 46% from the field. 32% from the 3 point line. but when you play defense the way that they play tonight, it really doesn't matter. i mean, this game, it was ugly at times. but in the nba, you do not get style points. a win is a win. and now they're just one win away from their 6th nba finals in 8 years. the exclamation point to this game came in the 4th
8:49 pm
quarter on 2 dunks by andrew wiggins won on luka doncic. and then later, a couple tipping dog. and that really got the warriors going. the crowd was dead silent after that, seeing their franchise player get poster eyes like that. kylie get this. this is now the 26 straight series that the golden state warriors have won at least one road game. so yes, steph, klay and dray. you can get at least pencil in at least one game on the road now. hey, they're just one away from getting passed a series in getting the sweep. they know they have to remain focused because they want to play again next week in the bay area. they want to wrap this up on tuesday. you know, dallas is going to be hard to close out. he turned in some of the lights out on me. they're they're mad at a loss here tonight in dallas. but we still have a lot of coverage here from american airlines center. dallas was 29 12 in this building this season and the warriors came in and pretty much zipped up this fan base from start to finish and never really got
8:50 pm
that loud. but as i said earlier, that he just one more win to advance to another nba finals. for now, i'm at the american airlines center island. back to you. >> jason, one more question for for, you know, the warriors outscored the maps 30 to 21 in that 3rd quarter. they've been hot all season long in the 3rd. was there any certain play that you saw that was the tipping point or what changed in that 3rd quarter? >> they just started making shots kiling. i mean, they were so cold from the three-point line in the 1st half. at one point, there are 2 for 16 from deep. they started hitting shots and that defense really turned up a notch. they're giving luka fit. they kept switching their defense, giving him different. looks at one point, moses moody was playing a box in one on luka. then they're playing a to three-one. then they switched it up to man defense. just really a brilliant coaching effort from steve kerr and the warriors defensive coordinator mike brown made life very difficult
8:51 pm
for luka doncic. they never felt comfortable this mavericks team and you can really tell and like you said, colin, they created that separation in the 3rd and then the 4th. we also that dunk by andrew wiggins. that was really just that was the series in a nutshell. it took the air out of this building and, you know, you can see i saw the mavericks as they were leaving the court walking through the tunnel. their spirits are gone. their spirits are broken, going to stay has an opportunity to wrap this thing up on tuesday and give me a new kyle and some rest before a possible nba finals matchup. >> all right. we love to hear that. jason, thank you so much. we'll check in with him in just a couple minutes. at 9 o'clock on to some baseball. now back here at home. it is armed forces weekend in major league baseball master gunnery sergeant peter wilson play the national anthem on his file and for the giants padres game. thank you to all those who serve to unfortunately game didn't go so well for san francisco. in the manny machado hits a sinking line drive darren ruff just misses
8:52 pm
on that type 2 runs score. what was ruled a double. this was a 5 run inning for san diego. machado had 3 doubles and a triple a run away with this game 10 1, the final score they sweep. the giants are now 4 and a half games up on for second in the national league west. the a's in anaheim facing the angels. still so green in the crowd there. some oakland fans down in socal already 3, one la in the 7th. mike trout takes one high and deep down the left-field line out of here. a solo shot routes 12 of the year. shohei otani also homered his 9th a's lose. 41. they've dropped 2 of 3 games to the angels. oakland begins a series in seattle to law. that's all we've got for sports for now. but we'll have much more from the american airlines center coming up at 9 o'clock. well news. we'll be right back.
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8:55 pm
well, governor newsom declared today as harvey milk day and california castro lit up with celebrations in honor of the late san francisco city supervisor. >> he was born on this day. back in 1930, they dedicated his life's work to lgbtq rights, being the first openly elected official in the state. and one of the first in the nation. joining us now from south florida tonight on the phone is harvey milk's nephew stuart milk. he's the founder of the harvey milk foundation.
8:56 pm
stuart, thank you for joining me this evening. when i first moved to san francisco milk was one of the first movies that i actually watched. i wanted to better understand what all this giant of a man did for this city and for the lgbtq community, your uncle of the 92 today. how do you honor him on his birthday? >> well, you know,-i join people around the world and honoring the ultimate sacrifice that my uncle made, which was obviously his you know, he he it was it was something that he knew was very likely to happen for someone who spoke out not just for lgbt rights, but the rights of everybody. so today was both a celebration and a reminder of the work we have tv do as we see more and more people being marginalized being attacked, not only in the u.s. but around the world, gpbut even here in the u.s.. i mean, i don't know if my uncle could imagine that we would be we'd be talking about them and
8:57 pm
not having the right to control their bodies that we'd be talking about the attack immigrants and the amount of transphobia that's taking place. so it's a both a celebration and a reminder that the civil rights movement goes on and the civil rights movement is is is a movement that is not just note, you bet to move, but it's a movement of all communities that are marginalized and diminished and that we must work together. that's really the hallmark of the work that he did in san francisco. he was the first lgbt person to reach out to other minority communities, saying that we must band and so this is a day of both celebration and a reminder of what my uncle should for and his call that we've been together. >> well, i mean, a lot of people are really feeling unsettled about the future of rights, as we you know, it's the the supreme court seems poised really to to overturn roe v wade as you're kind of mentioning, you are the founder of the harvey milk
8:58 pm
foundation. what do you want people to know about your foundation and what you guys on a daily basis? >> yeah, i think the key point of the work of foundation is the importance of disability. the interconnection between all been minority groups and that our work is global as what we see what's happening, not just in the u.s. but around the world. what to tell turning routines individuals running against women's rights the the rights of of immigrants. we must stand together and it's it's really we we do about 2 thirds of our work and you know, we're we're we're heartbroken. we were working 3 years ago on the and look what's happening in ukraine today. it's at there is an interconnection with all this. you had 5 near prudence, you know, at one point saying that, you know, justification for attacking ukraine was because they had tape rights. we see marie le pen running on a camp team against lgbt
8:59 pm
people in france. we see, victor, you been in and hungary who are taking away the rights of lgbt people to be visible and at the very core disability of all minority communities is the key and we must stand together. >> stuart, thank you so much for joining us tonight. and for the work you do with the harvey milk again, stewart is the nephew of harvey milk. we really appreciate his time this evening. kron 4 news at a time. that wraps us up here. companies at 9, though, starting in just a couple of minutes. >> stick with
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