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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  May 22, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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plus 0% interest for 48 months on all smart beds. ends monday >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at that's all she wrote. >> dubnation in full effect tonight at 9 the warriors taking a 3 game lead over the dallas mavericks in the western conference finals. putting them just one game away from advancing to the finals. welcome to kron. 4 news at 9. i'm noelle bellow. we have complete live team c verage for you all night long. sports director jason dumas leading our coverage from dallas amanda hari live and thrive city with fans as they celebrate the big w. we're going to start with jason, though he was on the hardwood at the american airlines center watching the dubs take a commanding 3 and o lead over the map is jason.
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this puts the warriors in a pretty comfortable >> oh, yeah, they're riding high right now. a lot of smiles going into that locker room at the final buzzer sounded. it wasn't pretty noel. the shot, just 46% from the field. 34% from 3. but guess what, when you play defense as well as the warriors play tonight, it doesn't matter what you shoot as long you hit timely buckets. and that's what they did. you don't get style points in the nba. a win is a win. and now the golden state warriors are just one win away from going to their 6th nba finals in 8 years. that is quite the accomplishment. if they finish us off over the next couple of days you saw the dunk that was heard around the world. andrew wiggins puts luka doncic in the rim. andrew wiggins had 27 points tonight when he first came to vote. a
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state, not everyone was on board. he had developed a reputation that he was not living up to his potential, but he has been a key piece for this golden state warriors team all year long is defense on one and getting timely buckets on the other and getting rebounds. 27 11 graduate steph curry. his usual great night. 31 points. and like i said, the warriors, they didn't play perfect. they didn't shoot the ball, particularly well. but they hit the shots when they needed to. and they locked up on that offensive side of the ball when they needed to as well. one, 0, 9, 100. they have now won a road playoff game. at least one of them in the last 26 series that is called championship pedigree. when you have guys like draymond green, steph curry and klay thompson, they showed it tonight. now they can finish this dallas team off on tuesday with a sweep. i saw dallas walking into the locker room soon as the buzzer
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sounded and their spirits look broken. the warriors, they smell blood. they don't want to play another game in this series and chase center. they want to wrap it up on tuesday night. of course, we'll have more coverage tonight. we will hear from steve kerr steph curry and the gang later in the 10 o'clock hour later, the 9 o'clock hour. then, of course, on sports night live and hoop session. but for now from american airlines center in downtown dallas, i'm jason dumas asked back to you guys. >> that's what we call gold blooded. all right. thanks, jason. like you have much more from you tonight during sports night live celebrations happening here in the bay area tonight as the finals are so close, fans can almost taste it. let's go now to amanda hari. she's live at thrive city. she's been there all night long man died. it's all good vibes out there tonight. i imagine. >> all very good vibes and all the fans i spoke to are very feel confident and feel good about the way the warriors have been playing in this series and now they believe
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they're going to win it in 4 in dallas. coming up this week. take a look behind me. you can see it's kind of empty. now there's a few people milling around. but if you look at this video, this is what it looked like. the moment the warriors won the game. i spoke to some fans. they got here as early as 2 this afternoon to get a front row seat to watch the warriors. some tell me they were here inside of the chase center for games, one and 2. they say they weren't going to miss game 3, even though it was on the road. i spoke to some fans right after the win. they say they're feeling good about game 4 on tuesday. >> it's awesome. i think we all knew they were going to win tonight. gaming and take it home to go for 3. >> game 4 is on the road again. some fans tell me they plan to be right back here at 5 city to watch that game with all the other fans. if the warreors were to lose game 4, they will be back here for game 5 at the chase center live at 5 city. amanda hari kron. 4 news. amanda, thank
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you. other news this evening. firefighters making progress in battling the quail fire in solano county. cal fire says this wildfire now 75% contained tonight. it's burned about 135 acres since it first sparked about a day ago. >> officials say all forward progress has been stopped and crews will continue strengthening their containment lines and the monitoring those possible hot spots until it's completely out. officials did issue an evacuation order for the area yesterday. but those have since been lifted. >> earlier today we spoke with fire marshal in contra costa county fire protection district assistant chief chris bachman. he told us dry weather has helped fuel a 25% increase in wildfires so far this year. >> the lack of precipitation that we had over the winter months along you know, when we get those red flag days this year, we're seeing earlier than normal. and now we're already experiencing some of those, you know, dry, hot, windy days that when the fire
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does rather than it just being contained to maybe a half acre, we extinguished with one unit. that's where those multi-alarm fires typically occur. and you'll see us out there for several hours before we're able to get get to mop up and get it under control. >> now there is a red flag warning that's going to be issued in solano county. it starts tomorrow and goes through tuesday. all due to conditions in that area that could lead to more fires. low humidity, breezy winds expected to begin around 11 o'clock monday morning. the warnings expected to last until at least 08:00pm tuesday night. this includes the cities of fairfield and vacaville, along with travis air force base, allay technically outside of that warning area. we're turning now to kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez with more details on that warning. the yeah, we're going to see those northwesterly winds. 35 miles per hour or less starting early monday morning. >> all the way through tuesday night with little relief and recovery. as far as moisture
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content monday night through tuesday morning. so let's take a look at wind speeds out there right now. getting a bit of a cool sea breeze influence, even extending into our warmest inland valleys. downtown san francisco, the breezy us out of every one. 23 miles per hour sustained winds. and that's going to be the big weather story along the coast. cool sea breeze going out. a lot of moisture content and also mild temperatures with hot inland highs expected because of those warm, dry, northerly breezes. in fact, they're going to start by around monday morning at 11 o'clock right when that red flag warning goes into effect, meaning imminent fire danger. so even the winds won't be as gusty as what we typically see with the red flag warning. remember, just tracking gusts upwards of 35 miles per hour or less. it is enough to start a fire if it does spark because it's been just so hot and dry so far, especially for the last couple of weeks. let's take a look at relative humidity because we are going to see by monday afternoon we
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pair field just down to 10% relative moisture. so near the single digits in the teens for those of you in yacht bill overnight recovery in the 20's to 30th percentile range. so little to no relief. that's why that red flag warning going to remain in effect through tuesday night because as you can see by early tuesday morning and afternoon, little to no moisture for fairfield and even for parts of our east bay valleys. so we are going to see that critical fire danger in impacting most of the bay area with heat advisories. then going into effect starting tuesday afternoon through wednesday night because inland temperatures for most of the bay area in the mid 90's, about 20 degrees above average. but for solano county, you're going to have a heat advisory because you could see daytime highs upwards of 103 degrees too hot for this time of year. remember, it's spring. we should be averaging 60's to 70's this time of year, not 90's and triple digit heat. more on that in my full forecast in just a few minutes. noel, back to you. >> agree. some in san
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francisco tonight, 2 people are dead. 2 others injured after a taxi crashed into a building earlier this afternoon. kron four's gayle ong has the very latest on what happened. 2 people died on the scene. investigators will remain there for several hours as they piece together how this fatal crash unfolded just before 04:30pm, sunday. san francisco police officers responded to the intersection of mission and 3rd streets. officers arrived on scene. >> and located pedestrians that were by a vehicle on the sidewalk. according to sfpd. >> 2 women died on the scene. others were injured when male pedestrian was transported to the hospital. unknown medical condition at this time. >> another male who was the driver of one of the vehicles was transported to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. these bystanders heard screams. everyone fearing taxi. >> it was like everyone really scared, really shocked about
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what's the bystanders said this vehicle and the taxi were involved in the crash. >> as apd is canvassing the area for surveillance video. >> speed of these vehicles are still being determined. the impairment due to drugs or alcohol does not appear to be a factor. however, there isn't a stone that we're not going to leave and turn in an incident like this. >> and as apd is looking for eyewitnesses who may have seen what happened, you can be anonymous in the newsroom. gayle ong kron. 4 news. coming up tonight at 9 today is harvey milk. day celebrations rang out in san francisco. we're going to be hearing from organizers. >> about the work that still needs to be done to honor the late to the supervisor who would have been 92 years old today. and some relief on the way for american parents and their children as the first of
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northern california. the groves locations been a secret since 1998, but after gps coordinates were posted online in 2011, officials say the forest was nearly loved to death as people flocked to the grove and trample the vegetation. the new trail now lets the public see the titanic redwoods without actually damaging their fragile ecosystem. so good for everyone involved there. well, could global warming be impacting your sleep? scientists from university in denmark say rising temperatures worldwide are causing people to lose roughly 2 weeks of sleep each year. a study more than 47,000 people with wristbands to track their sleep. they compare that against some climate data study says people over 65 were 2 times more affected. then middle aged folks, lower-income people and women also made the list of the most impacted. i feel like i sleep less. but i thought that was just because i was getting older. i don't that that's
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just like normal, but maybe not time for a check of your 4 zone forecast. taking a live look at san francisco from our sutro tower camera i feel like i want to start seeing in summer nights from grease because i know it's still kind of nice out some and levin had i do not have those vibes. >> yeah. all right. let's take a look at high temperatures today because he warmed up in the 80's today. flirting with the 90's. for those of you concord at 88 degrees. >> very seasonable and pleasant along the coast and east bay shoreline in the 60's and 70's. they're all of that is going to change tomorrow because we're going to see 5 to 10 degrees of warming. >> to start out your work week monday. temperatures out there right now in the low 50's but just barely for those of you in pacifica and half moon bay, check out conquered more than 20 degrees warmer in the mid 70's. everything else in between. so we're tracking widespread 60's and even 50's out there. but santa rose,
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another outlier, very pleasant temperatures. even at this 9 o'clock hour at 71 degrees. and let's take a look at coit tower looking absolutely radiant out there, especially with that twilight background radar for we're not really going to see great for the next coming days, especially with temperatures tuesday and wednesday peaking 20 degrees above average for warmest in the valleys and along the coast, we could be about 10 degrees above normal. so overnight lows tonight because of today's slight warm-up mid 50's out there. 47 degrees for happened and the other outlier. 62 degrees for those of you in antioch. so high temperatures tomorrow, widespread upper 80's to low 90's for warmest inland valleys in the east bay and north bay. santa rosa, you can warm up to 91 degrees. san jose mid 80's with downtown san francisco in the low 70's and we do have a giants game. they're taking on the new york mets tomorrow. first pitch 06:45pm. low 60's expected because we're expected to warm
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up in the low 70's by your monday afternoon getting a cool sea breeze influence. so that certainly going to feel refreshing there. but we're tracking hot temperatures out there. so no. well, i hope you have air conditioning where you live down cold feel like if you live in the city, you don't have air conditioning. you just open the window and hopefully get sorry. that warm air just blowing in your face. yeah. >> yeah. temperatures going to really get toasty. not so much along the coast but inland in the 90's. we both got the memo we when it kind of sleeveless tonight. kai, no colorful tonight times. that should be the name of our group are singing group. actually jewel tones. thanks. >> other news tonight, santa rosa police. they're asking for your help finding the person responsible for a deadly shooting that happened this morning. according to investigators happened shortly after one, 30 am on kenton court. >> that's just off the one o one. police say a man was in a car with some friends. when someone drove up said something to the victim and
9:20 pm
then opened fire. the only information police are releasing at this point is it was a 28 year-old man who was killed is no information on the suspect or suspects or the car they might have been in. but the department is offering $2500 to anyone with information. this is santa rosa's, 6th homicide of 2022. in the east bay, oakland, police are investigating after they found a man's body inside a burning car on high street. the fire department was called first to put out that car fire. but when they towed the vehicle from the scene, they say they discovered the dead body inside homicide detectives have been called in to try and determine how that person died. information has not yet been released. a professional bay area. cyclist shot and killed in austin, texas. now u.s. marshals are searching for her suspected killer. investigators say this all may have been the result of a love
9:21 pm
triangle tahera rahman reports from austin as the search for her alleged killer continues. >> police say anna mariah wilson was staying at this home on maple avenue with a friend. she was getting ready for a bicycle racing heiko but never made it according to new police documents, investigators say last wednesday evening wilson met up with another professional cyclists. colin strickland to go to deep eddy pool. police documents say strickland and wilson had a romantic relationship at some point. but the day they went swimming, he was living with his girlfriend, caitlin armstrong. police say one strickland dropped wilson back off at the home. he lied about it to armstrong telling her he went to drop flowers, offer and that his phone died. police say an anonymous friend reported that they were with armstrong in january when armstrong learned strickland was allegedly having a romantic relationship with wilson. police say the friend remembered armstrong saying she was so angry she wanted to
9:22 pm
kill wilson. according to the affidavit, investigators tested armstrong's recovered gun and found, quote, the potential that the same firearm was involved in wilson's murder is significant. investigators say security camera footage from a nearby home showed an suv matching armstrong's vehicle parked at the house one minute after wilson entered it. and after strickland had left, police say armstrong couldn't explain why her car was there when officers interviewed her. >> that was to herro raman reporting for us. the family of wilson also said in a statement they will not elaborate about the ongoing investigation, but they did want to clarify. wilson was not in a romantic relationship with anyone at the time of her death. still ahead here tonight, monkeypox cases popping up all over the world now, including here in the u.s.. >> we're from a local doctor who gives us the signs and symptoms but first, an
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important deadline for the california primary. quickly approaching what you need to know. make sure you can cast a ba
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>> kron 4 is your local election headquarters. so we want to give you one last reminder tomorrow is the deadline to register for california's primary election. applications can be found online as well as at your local city hall or public libraries. the election is going to thin out the field of candidates in the lead up to the november 8 general
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election on san francisco ballots, though many are fo sed on the recall of district attorney chase that item is under proposition h on your ballot to see more about what will be on your ballot specifically. you can head on over to kron 4 dot com. there you can find an explainer link as far as the state level goes. voters are also picking top contenders for governor state attorneys. general u.s. senator u.s. representatives and secretary of state. so a lot too. well. is shutting down abortion conversations among workers, the palo alto tech company, which owns facebook, the vice president of human resources told employees not to have abortion discussions on internal tool workplace saying workers are not to voice their opinions or debate about abortions. morality or other aspects of the issue at work. they cite worries about a hostile work
9:27 pm
environment. however, employees say topics like black lives matter and migration and transgender issues are still allowed to be discussed. >> and still tracking 70's for warmest inland valleys. at this 9 o'clock hour. 73 degrees for concord with low 70's. for those of you in santa rosa, only going to get warmer and hotter after today. details ahead on that in your full sierra forecast after the break.
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>> we can only be in your full power when we claim and we're proud of who we are. so that's why i'm >> the castro filled with celebrations today and our in our of harvey milk today would have been the former san francisco supervisors 92nd birthday. he dedicated his life's work here to lgbtq rights and uniting the community. kron four's taylor was there. >> here at harvey milk plaza, dozens gathered to celebrate harvey milk day and all of his contributions, city state leaders and community organizers are all here saying it's more important now than ever to carry on with milk has taught us spirits are high in san francisco's castro district on sunday as crowds came out to celebrate harvey milk day on what would have been his 92nd birthday. the former san francisco supervisor made great strides for the lgbtq community in san
9:31 pm
francisco, california. and beyond knowing that this really is the sort delays even is like the pride like in general, is really important to and come out. harvey. >> is was socially important big year for our community and as well as for just basic. >> human rights on this special day, the friends of harvey milk plaza and sf parks alliance also gave us a look at future redesign plans for the space in honors milks memory one warm and have movement the most. good morning. when craig was a friend of milk's and worked with him during several campaigns. despite all the progressive changes made over the past few decades for human rights, craig says milk would be disappointed to see some of those feats. now in question
9:32 pm
of he would be disappointed. that we've that back again. we knew that needed senator scott wiener also spoke about the current threat to reproductive rights has leaked opinion from the supreme court reveals that roe v wade may soon be overturned, but would hardly say if you are the day. >> he would say number one, get out of the street, which we will do. number 2, you've got win elections. we have to win elections many years saying it's times like these that we need to remember what harvey's taught us in i think there's strains we know for a fact if and when they do roe v wade they will be coming for marriage equality next. and then if they want to come after we're going to put on more of a fight than we ever and we know how to organize we know how to speak to harvey has revealed there are huge plans for this harvey milk plaza to carry on his memory.
9:33 pm
>> plans are expected to break ground within the next couple of years in san francisco, taylor kron. 4 news. >> several government officials took to twitter today honoring harvey milk day. vice president kamala harris saying, quote, harvey milk. one said it takes no compromise to give people their rights. those words have never been truer as we fight to stop hate, protect reproductive rights and strengthen the right to vote. speaker of the house nancy pelosi saying in part, quote, harvey milk day is an opportunity to celebrate the strength, passion and vision of an extraordinary leader whose legacy continues to inspire people around the world today. and every day we remember the joyful fight he waged to overcome hate and build a brighter future. and california senator dianne feinstein saying in part, quote, today would have been harvey milk's 92nd birthday. his unwavering dedication to fighting for equality will forever remain an inspiration. time now to get you a check of
9:34 pm
your 4 zone forecast this hour. we're taking a look at the golden gate bridge tonight live thing things seem to be moving along. well, there on the bridge. murray surround rig as standing by. >> with another look at the city him of recent well, yeah, and you can see city hall lit up in rainbow colors in honor of the harvey milk day. love is love is love right there. let's take a look at your forecast as we're tracking clear skies and no marine layer inside and even warm temperatures expected for those of you in this as well. in fact, are going to see temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above average as we slowly start to warm up with truck in the mid 70's monday. low 70's for those of you at south lake tahoe and even mid 70's for most of this year tuesday and wednesday of this upcoming week. so, yes, spring, definitely not in the forecast. feeling more like summer like temperatures out there in this year's same for the bay area as well. temperatures out there right
9:35 pm
now in the low to mid 50's along the coast. but widespread mid to upper 50's for the east bay shoreline. with the exception of berkeley at 61 degrees conquered in the mid 70's. still so very mild temperatures are was santa rose at 71 degrees. but most of the north bay valleys currently in the mid 60's and temperatures tomorrow really going to heat up, especially for those of you in the north and east bay valleys. thanks to those warm, dry, northerly breezes. we're tracking upper 80's to low 90's. so about 10 to 15 degrees above average, there. and even in the low 70's for downtown san francisco. remember, we should be in the mid 60's this time of year. it is spring after all, but no, not in the forecast for tomorrow. according to to the temperatures that we're tracking to start your work week monday with low 80's expected for those of you in oakland when you should be in the upper 60's this time of year. it's only going to get warmer and hotter from here. temperatures for warmest inland valleys, peaking on either tuesday or wednesday with very little change in the
9:36 pm
forecast between those 2 days where we're going to be upwards of about 20 degrees above normal. and those of you in solano county, you're going to be under a heat advisory those 2 days. so fairfield vacaville, you could reach temperatures as high as 103 degrees with 80's continuing along the east bay shoreline and 60's and 70's along the coast with temperatures. not really returning your average with spring-like forecast until friday that finally see the return of a great back to, you know, well, thank you, member isa now to the latest on the mass shooting that happened down in southern california left a young man dead injured. 8 others. >> it all happened in front of a cook, a lounge in san bernardino county. sara welch has the details. >> you know, look good. you know, good kid. comforting words following the death of alan gresham. >> my nephew is gone. you know, they will never be forgotten. but an evening of fun turned violent when someone opened fire at a crowded lounge late friday night in the 3600 block of highland.
9:37 pm
>> we just gunshots in a lot of kids running. most of the kids were under 18. there was a lot of kids running, you know, investigators say the gunfire erupted inside and then spilled into the street. >> when the hail of bullets stopped, 9 people were wounded. we went to the game. bangor. he grabbed with the school. you've got lot of lies. this, you know, he working at the barbershop. he got his own car, you know, stay at home with his grandmother. you know, look good. you know, good kid. >> san bernardino detectives say this started as an altercation between at least 2 people inside the blue flame lounge. multiple gunshots were exchanged. tensions ran high as loved ones waited for answers. san bernardino police say when they first arrived on scene, they were confronted by a hostile crowd. and because of that aggressive behavior asked for additional backup from the sheriff's department to secure the scene. regression lost his
9:38 pm
>> detectives say the special event party where the shooting took place was unpermitted. >> and while securing the scene, they arrested one man for possession of a loaded stolen firearm as police track down and identify those responsible for the deadly gunfire. they're also working to shut down the business whose illegal activities they say led to this mass shooting. >> i don't know that shocking anymore because it's happening everywhere. it's sad, though. it's sad because live i live here. >> and i want to see change. >> that was sara welch reporting for us. there's a growing call in congress now for there to be an active shooter alert system nationwide. democrats and republicans teaming up on this one wanting to create a system similar to how the amber alert system works. >> it's really easy to send the signal within a certain amount of space is say watch out, take cover, get innocent people out of the area so they can protect the rest of us.
9:39 pm
there is no reason not to do this legislation right now. there's no greater more urgent need than right now. >> the bill they're sponsoring would also appoint an active shooter alert coordinator from the department of justice to build best practices for the system. they expect heavy bipartisan backing and for the bill to pass sometime next month. to some national news now where the first military shipment of baby formula touchdown in america. earlier this afternoon, the shipment comes from europe. it's just the first of many expected kron four's washington correspondent basil john reports on how that formula is going to be distributed. >> good evening. it's the first part of operation fly formula and u.s. officials say this will make a big difference in the country. this air force c 17 jet touched down in indianapolis sunday morning. >> on board 40 tons of baby
9:40 pm
this shipment provides an a formula. >> to take care of 9,000 babies in 18,000 toddlers. >> produced in switzerland, truck to germany and flown to the u.s. is the first shipment in the biden administration's operation fly formula. agriculture secretary tom vilsack met the flight. he says the normal commercial process would take 2 weeks to get the shipment to the u.s.. >> as a result of the united states military involvement. we're going to get this year in a matter of days. vilsack says this is badly needed formula for babies and children with special dietary needs children who allergies, where the regular form formula just simply will not work. however, this first shipment will not fill empty store shelves. it goes to hospitals and some health care facilities across the country. >> but more shipments are on the way a single plant shutdown helped create the formula shortage in the u.s. u.s. economic council director brian deese told cnn's state of the union. the u.s. must
9:41 pm
encourage more companies to produce formula. so that no individual company has this much control over supply chains. vilsack promise. there's an effort to get this closed formula production facility in sturgis michigan, back open as soon as possible. and the expectation is within the next couple of weeks will begin to see product from that facility. vilsack says americans can expect store shelves to return to normal in a few weeks reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> meanwhile, for your health monkey pox has been detected in america. however, local health officials say they're not panicked about it and you shouldn't be either. monkeypox is rarely identified outside of africa. but as of friday, there were 80 confirmed cases worldwide, including 2 here in the united states. the last time we saw an outbreak of monkeypox was back in 2003 ucsf. doctor peter chin-hong says symptoms actually start off much like covid.
9:42 pm
>> fever muscle fatigue, but 2 weeks later wants 2 weeks later. you get this on missed. a couple rushed. it starts in the trunk was to the extremities and looks like a pox. so fluid filled blister. if you're traveling, don't worry to change it. i'm definitely not panicked about it. i'm just curious. >> doctor chin-hong says if you notice any of those signs or symptoms, contact health authorities and report it. coming up tonight in sports, andre, with. >> andre wayans puts the exclamation point on game 3 is the warriors are just one win away. now from nba finals. kylen mills has the highlights. has reaction.
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when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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>> time now to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast. 9.45 on this sunday evening. quite tower. all lit up tonight in blue. i'm guessing for the warriors. maybe tonight. remember surgery as have the hitsville my got their name yeah. we're tracking mild temperatures still even at this near 10 o'clock hour in the bay area. live look outside in the east bay over berkeley. >> a little hazy out there right now. but tomorrow we are going to notice some moderate air particles for the east bay, good air quality for everyone else in the bay area. so just keep that in mind for those of you with any pulmonary or respiratory issues in the east bay. but
9:46 pm
temperatures widespread 50's but check out san jose at berkeley in the low 60's with concord at 73 degrees. more than 20 degrees warmer than our coolest coastal cities like half moon bay am barely in the low 50's but very unique microclimate forecast out there right now this evening for those of you in the north bay getting more northerly winds for santa rosa. you warmed up into the upper 80's today and you're cooling down into the low 70's. so finally feeling some relief there with petaluma in the mid-fifties. thanks to that cool sea breeze influence said napa and allay currently 64 degrees as you step outside right now for your sunday nights of temperatures tomorrow in the bay area. only going to get warmer from here. in fact, we have the giants they're going to face off against the new york mets. first pitch at 6.45. in the evening and we're still going to be in the low 60's because temperatures for downtown san francisco warming up into the low 70's about 5 degrees above average. there, 10 degrees above average for oakland and hayward in the low 80's with
9:47 pm
concord livermore. and even napa flirting with the 90's. but santa rosa nevado, you're going to hit that low, 90 degree mark. and it's only going to get hotter from here. 10 to 20 degrees above average tuesday and wednesday. and it's very ironic know. well, because i know memorial day weekend is the unofficial start of but we're actually going to start the weekend cooling down to seasonal temperatures. return of that may gray. a lot of people going to love that. but you do have any barbecue plans sunday into monday. we're tracking a tease for warmest inland valleys. so you want to hit the beach on monday. it's going to be really nice out there. and a lot of people have monday off and you have mondays off. yeah. risa, thank you. >> now to an update on a story that's been getting a lot of attention online and arkansas water tower with the mural of johnny cash on it was vandalized in a very specific way. >> as andrew epperson explains, while the man in black is all cleaned up, locals are not going to forget this incident anytime soon.
9:48 pm
>> the only thing leaking on kings lens larch street. tony atkins is garden homes yet keep a lot of after crews fix this water tower, formerly leaking about 30,000 gallons each day. look definite backed off and look at that. and i thought. >> and guys got good shot down with a he well, the cleveland county sheriff's office says last week 38 year-old timothy sled shot a hole into the tower. >> perfectly placed to spring a leak on this. johnny cash silhouette. what i thought was kind of funny. but, you know, it wasn't good the atkins is live right next to the tower. they say this week they've seen people from everywhere. man stop in the middle of the road are out of their car. start. >> snapping shots. you know, king's lynn is not used to getting national attention. i didn't think it would go as far as that they were tmz got to hope that, you know, no, i never thought. and now that the story's been flushed.
9:49 pm
watkins is say they hope the stream of torts doesn't run dry. come on. >> yeah, we love play and went after. thank you. >> wow. that was andrew epperson reporting for us tonight. police have not said weiss lead shot the tower or the extent of the charges he might face as a result of that little print time for sports now. >> kron 4 sports. >> tonight, the golden state warriors with a chance to make the dallas mavericks co night in the words of dump star steph curry, golden state came into this game with a 2. nothing lead the western conference finals. no, this isn't a close out game. however, no team has ever come back from a 3 nothing series deficit. let's head to dallas to see what went down series moving to american airlines center for game 3 fans hacking into cheer on the maps. lots of blue out there. 1st quarter curry gets the kick out. the
9:50 pm
fake up close. a 3 pointer splash. the dumps off to a hot start. tonight they leave 19, 7 a few minutes later. map star luka doncic's from 32 feet to beat the buzzer worse by 3 after one on to the 2nd quarter. bad news for the warriors. ford auto porter junior lands awkwardly on his left foot was wincing in pain here later heading into the locker room for x-rays. maps were able take control. by the way, those x-rays were negative. reports are out. your guard jalen brunson, spinning the layin 7. nothing run for dallas. 34 29 maps lee here come the warriors curry. another deep 3 down at falls were is up one at halftime. check this out. just before half-time. a bizarre little moment here. curry trips over a fan on the sidelines. he appears to be okay. but some scary moments for warriors fans just hoping curry is 3rd quarter dubs up 7 clay misses the 3. the rebound by on clay
9:51 pm
for the slam. he's feeling it a much better 2nd half for thompson. bob myers, joe lake, i'm also loving it. closing moments of the 3rd more from curry males. this step back. and an ice cold reaction from curry to a little shimmy to stan van gundy's 10 point golden state lead at the end of the 3rd on the 4th quarter, patrick mahomes and his fiance. brittany watching courtside enjoying the showdown in dallas. 4th quarter action words, a fight 8 andrew wiggins, just an unbelievable dunk here. post arises doncic's. oh, my goodness. that was like the exclamation point on this game. rookie moses moody can't believe it. hands on his head. another look at that. wow. on to the kill shot. thompson out to jordan poole. the corner 3 could be the yes. just gets it. live and lows. a little kiss to the dallas crowd. you love the sea of words. take game 3, one. 0, 9, 1, 100
9:52 pm
golden state. now with a commanding 3. nothing seriously. and we have our very own sports director, jason dumas, us all the way in dallas at american airlines center. joining us live now. jason, what were your takeaways from this big game? 3 win. >> i really just show the worries championship at a greek island. it wasn't pretty, but it was affective. they got buckets when they needed to. they got stops when they needed to and they won this game. you don't get style points in dmb a win is a win. and now guess what? they're just one win away from their 6th nba finals in the last 8 years. right now we're in the bowels of the american airlines center back by the locker rooms, the food buffet for the players right there, steph curry's actually getting ready to walk into the post-game show right there. as you can see, steph, he's walking walking into the interview room with raymond ridder. now. this was one of those games where they just
9:53 pm
had to do they do say they got the job done. we porter. >> walk down the hallway. a little someone asked him, how are you? he said i'm going to be good. i know you mentioned that those x-rays he had were negative. so. >> little sign of relief to hear him say he's going to be good, too, because he's an important part of this team. but the guy tonight was andrew wiggins. we saw the dunk over luka. i'm sure that is going to be the highlight of his career. don't you want a guy like that in that moment? it rents work on the glass. 11 rebounds and he's been the guy for the warriors all season long. two-way player. he didn't have the greatest reputation when he came into san francisco. he's dispelled all of that. what he has been one of the most important players for this team all season long. steve kerr echoed that sentiment just a few minutes ago in the post-game press conference. >> he was an all-star for he said fantastic 2 way player. you don't win in the playoffs
9:54 pm
without guys like he's you know, we're basically down churches so that can stay on. and he's another guy like staff who just never seems to get tired. he's amazing shape. so. where it says been a brilliant year for him its continued in and the postseason. >> all right. another person who just walked by me as scott anderson, his family, his mother, we've chatted with winds mom over the last couple months for a story we did is actually her birthday. she said, jason, can you give me a birthday? shout out. say happy birthday from patricia anderson. shia. she had a birthday today. so everybody is happy. but they are complete. they you know, they they're not settling for anything but a sweet. this is a team that wants to get a win on tuesday night. that's their mindset. they don't want to play off thursday. sorry warriors fans. if you have tickets for game 5 on
9:55 pm
thursday. this team want to wrap it up and focus on an nba finals to do that. they will have to win in close this series out as steph curry said last series against memphis to close out. always the hardest. the look to do that on tuesday night. we'll have coverage leading up to that game right here. kron 4 news. but for now from the american airlines center in dallas, i'm jason dumas. skyland back to you. >> thank you, jason. we'll check in with you. coming up at 10 o'clock on the baseball back here in the bay. this armed forces weekend in major league baseball master gunnery sergeant peter wilson play the national anthem honest violent before the giants padres game. however, the game and go so off of san francisco in the 4th manny machado nailed that one. the left darren ruff just missed it completely. with 2 runs score. what was double? this was a 5 run inning for san diego, but shadow and 3 doubles and triples andres run away with this game 10 1, the final score. they sweep. the giants are now 4 and a half games up on sf for second in national league west. haze
9:56 pm
over anaheim facing the angels green in the crowd there in southern california. already 3 one la in the 7th mike trout sends this one high and deep down the left field line. >> out of here, solo shot for trout. his 12th of the year. shohei ohtani also homered his a's lose. 41. they dropped to 3 games to the angels. oakland begins a series in seattle tomorrow. and i like our color coordination here. you're supporting the giants. i'm supporting the dub. so we've got it all right. we've got it all going on. a lot of support going on. coming up at 10 o'clock. my goodness, much more about this warriors win. >> they're up 3, nothing. now a team is never come back from a 3. nothing serious deficit. season. so i don't why have i don't see them abs breaking that record. teeth or yeah, i'm looking forward. very unlikely. so i'm ready to buy plane tickets. let's go. boston or miami. up next for the warriors. so it's a very
9:57 pm
exciting time. would you rather boston ramey? miami? better weather. boston, td garden is just, you know, iconic. so i'm up in the let me get back to 10. all we'll me get back to 10. all we'll be right back that. some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now. oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. -but i just... -so thanks, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you!
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but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it. there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability.
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>> that's all the time we have grown kron. 4 news at 9. we've got much more coming up for you at 10 o'cloc
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