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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 22, 2022 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 how the curtain to a great >> way winds in the house. you some excitement out there had city tonight. now at 10 warriors, one game away from the nba finals. >> after beating the mavericks in dallas yet again tonight. good evening. welcome to kron. 4 news at 10. i'm noelle
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bellow. we do have team coverage of the wind tonight. amanda hari she was that thrive city with fans watching from home. but we begin with sports director jason dumas says he is leading our coverage from dallas tonight. jason, not necessarily a pretty game, but a win's a win right? >> hey, noel, not pretty, but affective. you don't get style points in nba. a win is a win and as its downs stands, the warriors are just one win away from making their 6th nba finals in 8 years. an extremely impressive run for this team this season so far they did it in many, many ways. like i said, they didn't shoot the ball. great 1st half. at one point, there are 2 for 16. >> from they tightened the defensive effort up in that 2nd half steph curry was his normal great self. he had 31 points shot the player the night. andrew 27 points, 11
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rebounds and the dunk that was heard from around the world on luka he's going to be talking about that for the rest of his life weeks. 27 11. great defense on luka doncic's and then you had jordan poole didn't play well the whole night he hit the kill at the end and the warriors when this game and they're one win away from an nba finals. truly a great when they do not want to play again on thursday in san francisco. they want to get out of here and get a win on tuesday. but after the game, steve kerr, he talked about andrew wiggins that dunkin what he's done for this team all season long. >> he was an all-star for he said fantastic 2 way player. you don't win in the playoffs without guys like he's you know, we're basically down churches so that can stay on.
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and he's another guy like staff who just never seems to get tired. he's amazing shape. so. where it says been a brilliant year for him its continued in and the postseason. >> all right. like i said, one win away from an nba finals. every guy at the postgame podium just behind me tonight said we don't want to play on thursday in san francisco. they want to complete the sweet. they want to get this job done right now. we actually we got draymond green, andrew wiggins behind me with their family having some fun it's a great move. but that's what happens when you go up 3 to nothing. dallas is a really good team in really good at home. there were 29 12 in this arena this year. that was the 4th best home record in the nba. but the warriors, they quiet at this crowd, not many people, not many people were smiling when they left. and if we hold this shot one for one second, we actually see the start
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tonight. he's coming down right now. andrew wiggins and in the pink polo. 27 points. 11 rebounds for this guy. he was an all-star starter. he had a great season and he's all smiles. as you can see right now is andrew wiggins. there he is. player of the night. dunk of his career, possibly which he has a lot of them. you know, that says a we've got steph curry behind and that we have draymond green. he's coming up as well as you can see these guys. there have been their fun now. they're having their moment now, but they don't want to be playing again in san francisco and a couple of days. everyone is happy. everyone is jovial it's been a fun series and we will have all the coverage that you need leading up to that game 4 on tuesday as the warriors look to advance to an nba finals. exciting time
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dubnation exciting times for this organization. they've been a beacon of success over the last decade. and when you're led by guys like draymond green, steph curry, klay thompson, that just tends to happen in. we're all it dream. i pass us one more time before before i sign. now he's he's given his pleasantries to seems like everybody but there you go. that's that's the warriors for you. we're going to get out of here now. everybody's having their fun. but reporting live from the american airlines center. i'm jason dumas, scrounge for sports. back to you guys. always fun to see behind the scenes type of stuff that goes after the games. i know a lot of warriors fans happy tonight. of course. >> our kron 4 amanda hari was live thrive city all day long today. she's got more on what fans are feeling like. the fans i spoke to were very happy about the way the warriors played. >> and they're feeling confident about this series. many told me they think the warriors are going to win it in 4 games on the road.
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>> take a look at this video. this is from the moment the warriors won the game. i spoke to some fans. they got here as early as 2 in the afternoon to get a front row seat to watch the warriors. some tell me they were here inside of the chase center for games, one and 2, they say they weren't going to miss game 3, even if it was on i spoke to some fans right after the win. they say they're feeling good about game 4 on tuesday. >> it's awesome. i think we all knew they were going to win tonight. gaming and taking home over 3 a game. 4 is on the road again. some fans tell me they plan to be right back here at 5 city for that game to watch. but the crowd, if the warriors were to lose game 4 will be back here at the chase center for game 5 at 5 city amanda hari kron. 4 news. other news tonight. a red flag warning has been issued. it starts monday into tuesday. >> all due to some conditions in the area that could lead to
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more fires, low humidity and some strong winds or what officials are worried about. >> it will go into effect at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. never too early to be ready, though. it's expected to last until at least 08:00pm tuesday night and includes cities of fairfield and vacaville along with travis air force base of allay technically outside of the warning area. but always good to be prepared. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joining us now with more on that red flag warning mabrisa. hi there. no. well, yeah. and our northerly winds not going to be as gusty as what we typically see issued for red flag warning. >> gusts 35 miles per hour less. but because it's been so warm, hot and dry for the last couple of days and weeks for that matter. national weather service already issuing a red flag warning going into effect monday morning through tuesday night because of those warm, dry, northerly breezes. so right now we're getting more of that cool sea breeze influence, especially for those of you in downtown san
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francisco. 21 miles per hour sustained winds, but it's those northerly winds that are going to start to peak by 11 o'clock monday morning. that certainly is going to be cause for concern. those winds going to continue throughout tuesday as well. 35 miles per hour or less. and that's why we're going to see relative humidity. that means our moisture content drop into the single digits to teens. in fact, we're going to be down to 10% relative humidity by around monday afternoon and extremely dry to nonexistent by around early tuesday morning into early tuesday afternoon, fairfield, just 2% little to no moisture by 3.45. for your tuesday afternoon yacht bill as well going to be in the single digits. so critical fire weather conditions. it's very unfortunate that we're seeing this already in the month of may. we typically don't start to worry about fire danger in the bay area until around june july. but it has been
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accelerating and also starting earlier because of these above average temperatures. and it's only going to get harder from here were that red flag warning going to be replaced with a heat advisory starting tuesday afternoon through wednesday night for solano county. you can see temperatures upwards of 103 degrees mid 90's for most of the bay area. but your memorial day forecast coming up at your 10 at 10 outlook in just a few minutes. noel, back to you. thank we're following the very latest of san francisco tonight where 2 people are dead. 2 others injured. >> after a taxi cab crashed into a building this afternoon. kron four's gayle ong has the very latest. 2 people died on the scene. investigators will remain there for several hours as they piece together how this fatal crash unfolded just before 04:30pm, sunday. san francisco police officers responded to the intersection of mission and 3rd streets. officers arrived on scene. >> and located pedestrians that were by a vehicle on the
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sidewalk. according to sfpd. >> 2 women died on the scene. others were injured and male pedestrian was transported to the hospital. unknown medical condition at this time. >> another male who was driver of one of the vehicles was transported to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. these bystanders heard screams. everyone fearing taxi it was like everyone really scared, really shocked about what's the bystanders said this vehicle and the taxi were involved in the crash. >> as apd is canvassing the area for surveillance video. >> speed of these vehicles are still being determined. the impairment due to drugs or alcohol does not appear to be a factor. however, there isn't a stone that we're not going to leave and turn in an incident like this.
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>> and as of pd is looking for eyewitnesses who may have seen what happened, you can be anonymous in the newsroom. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> coming up here on kron, 4 news at 10 relief on the way for american children as the first of several emergency shipments of baby formula right from europe, where those shipments are headed. first after the break.
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>> national news this evening where the first military shipment of baby formula has touched down in america. the shipment comes from europe. it's just the first of many expected to come here. kron four's washington correspondent basil john reports on how that formula is going to be distributed to try and best address the shortage. >> good evening. it's the first part of operation fly formula and u.s. officials say this will make a big difference in the country. this air force c 17 jet touched down in indianapolis sunday morning. >> on board 40 tons of baby the shipment provides an a formula. >> to take care of 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers. >> produced in switzerland truck to germany and flown to the u.s. is the first shipment in the biden administration's operation fly formula.
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agriculture secretary tom vilsack met the flight. he says the normal commercial process would take 2 weeks to get the shipment to the u.s.. >> as a result of the united states military's involvement. we're going to get this year in a matter of days. vilsack says this is badly needed formula for babies and children with special dietary needs children who allergies, where the regular form formula just simply will not work. however, this first shipment will not fill empty store shelves. it goes to hospitals and some health care facilities across the country. >> but more shipments are on the way a single plant shutdown helped create the formula shortage in the u.s. u.s. economic council director brian deese told cnn's state of the union. the u.s. must encourage more companies to produce formula. so that no individual company has this much control over supply chains. vilsack promise. there's an effort to get this closed formula production facility in sturgis michigan
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back open as soon as possible. and the expectation is within the next couple of weeks, we'll begin to see product from that facility. vilsack says americans can expect store shelves to return to normal in a few weeks reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> health news tonight. monkeypox has been detected in america. a local health officials, though, say they're not panicked about it and you shouldn't be either monkeypox rarely identified outside of africa. but as of friday, there were 80 confirmed cases worldwide, including 2 here in the united states. last time we saw an outbreak of monkeypox is back in 2003 ucsf. doctor peter chin. hong says symptoms actually start off much like covid. >> fever muscle fatigue. but 2 weeks later wants 2 weeks later. you get this on mistake, a bull rush that starts in the trunk was knicks remedies and looks like a pox of fluid filled blister. if you're traveling, don't worry to change it. i'm definitely not panicked about it. i'm just curious
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>> doctor chin-hong says if you do notice any of those symptoms, contact health authorities to report it. as for covid-19 headlines, cases are on the rise. according to data from johns hopkins university cases in the united states have passed 83 million. the data also reports more than 1 million deaths due to covid. the rising cases come as the cdc has begun recommending a 3rd dose of the pfizer vaccine. for children 5 to 11 with the cdc recommending a 3rd dose of the pfizer vaccine for children 5 to 11. world news tonight. the fighting in ukraine has moved to the southern and eastern regions of the country as russia's invasion enters its 4th month, russia has focused its air strikes and shelling on the don this region pressing forward haftar claiming a pivotal victory in mariupol. this all comes as poland's president made a
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surprise visit to the ukrainian capital today. all in a sign of unwavering support for that country. an update for you now on this hour on the quail fire burning in solano county. cal fire officials say it's now 85% contained. evacuations have then lifted as firefighters are making progress against that 135 acre blaze broke out yesterday and solano county. it's burned the hillside northwest of vacaville near quail canyon and pleasant valley. roads. cal fire says they have stopped forward progress. crews are going to remain in the area throughout the night to strengthen those containment lines and to put out any hot spots. today we did speak with fire marshal and contra costa county fire protection district assistant chief chris bachman. he told us dry weather has helped fuel a 25% increase and wildfires so far this year. the lack of
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precipitation that we had over the winter months. >> along you know, when we get those red flag days this year, we're seeing earlier than normal. and now we're already experiencing some of those, you know, dry, hot, windy days that when the fire does rather than it just being contained to maybe a half acre, we extinguished with one unit. that's where those multi alarm fires typically occur. and you'll see us out there for several hours before we're able to get get to mop up and get it under control. >> still ahead here at 10, some good news from the oakland zoo. details on how rose the orphaned mountain lion cub is healing. stick with us.
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to the world, now you know. this. the oakland zoo has given us another update or cub date, if you will, on rose the orphaned mountain that some hikers rescued from san mateo about a month ago. >> zoo keeper saying she's gaining weight and continuing her physical therapy to increase our strength and flexibility even more. she's also becoming more used to people as the weeks go by adding that they will continue working with her until they find her for ever home. very sweet. well, right. >> time now to get your check of your final check of your 4 zone forecast. things are going to really heat up over
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the next couple of days. got a red flag warning. i know in effect for some places starting tomorrow. but reese around riggins has all the details for you. a there are no yeah, definitely for solano county and temperatures. >> still mild out there. even at this 10 o'clock hour. let's take a look at concord in the low 70's. you're exactly 20 degrees warmer than pacifica in the low 50's out there. everything else in between and for those of you in santa rosa, out of the 70's and in the upper 60's, but still mild temperatures there with petaluma cooling down in the mid 50's as is downtown san francisco at 54 degrees. so it is going to be a mild night tonight. but daytime highs tomorrow going to be even hotter than today for our warmest inland valleys. we're flirting with 90's for most of our north bay and east bay valleys. but those of you in santa rosa and avato, you're actually going to warm up ia the low 90's tomorrow. remember, you should be in the 70's this time of year. so we're going to be about 10 to 15 degrees above average there, 5 to 10 degrees above normal for the coast and even east bay shoreline downtown
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san francisco. we should be in the mid 60's. instead, low 70's with oakland, 80 degrees and san jose. 84 degrees. and it's only going to get hotter from here. are many heat wave going to peak tuesday through wednesday. those of us county, you can to 103 degrees. most of our warmest in the valleys in the north and east bay in the mid-nineties. but the cooling trend won't start until memorial day weekend next weekend. so it's going to be hot out there. stay cool bay area. definitely stay cool. be aware of the fire dangers around you because of that. something got to keep in mind when we get to see those 90's. scary for us. yeah, definitely. that's all the time we've got for kron. 4 news at 10. thanks for joining us here. we've got sports night live coming up after the break.
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sunday and welcome into sports night live. i'm kylen mills. we've got a great show ahead for you. so let's get right into it. >> tonight, the golden state warriors for the chance to make the dallas mavericks co late night in the words of dove star steph curry, golden state came into this game with a 2, nothing lead in the western conference finals. no, this wasn't a close out game. however, no team has ever come back from a 3 nothing series deficit. let's head to dallas to see exactly what went down the series, moving to american airlines center and fans packing it in for game 3. here 1st quarter curry gets the kick out here. the fake nails, the 3 pointer and makes it look easy. the dubs off to a hot start tonight. leave 19 7 a few minutes later. >> nats star luka doncic's from 32 feet to beat the buzzer. worst up by 3 after
10:31 pm
one early in the second bad news for the warriors forward. otto porter junior lands awkwardly on his left foot wincing in pain here. he did not return maps able to take control. we did learn that x-rays were negative for poeter junior. so there's a positive spin. has guard jalen brunson, the spinning layup 7, nothing run. dallas. 34 29 mount sleet a few minutes later here come the warriors splash. another 3 warriors up one at halftime. that was a check this out. some scary hours for warriors fans after a bizarre play right here. curry trips over a fan on the sidelines. he appears to be okay. still not what you want to see. thompson in the western conference finals, thompson misses the 3 for draymond green crab support. back to thompson for the slam. thompson finally getting hot in the 2nd half. bob myers and joe lake of the worst front office loving it. closing moments of 3rd chef curry
10:32 pm
looking up something hot. the stepback 3 and check out this high school celebration. a little shimmy to stan van gundy. 10 point golden state lead at the end of the search, the stars are out in dallas chiefs qb patrick mahomes and his fiance. brittany watching courtside was starr's been watching the series 4th quarter forward. andrew wiggins. this cut and junk poster rising. >> star luka doncic's. wow. rookie moses. moody can't believe it hands said let's take another look. that was a thing of beauty iconic moment from the series there. now the kill shot. thompson out to jordan poole. it's a pool party knocks down the corner 3 and and a celebration from him blows a kiss to the dallas crowd. that's all she wrote from this one. warriors win it one '09, 100 the final score. they take a commanding 3. nothing series lead. the dubs can close out the mask tuesday in dallas. our own sports director jason dumas, swiss at
10:33 pm
american airlines center for this game. he talked with the player who's gotten some surprising, but crucial minutes. these last 2 games, rookie moses, moody. >> we're fresh off of a one o 9, 100 when golden state warriors win game 3 against dallas here with moses moody it it american airlines center moses. it wasn't always the prettiest, but it was affecting. you've got to get the win. you don't shoot the ball. great, but you get stops when you guys need to and you get buckets when you guys need to and you're kind of sprung into action. you are the rotation for a while until last game. i know you've said it earlier this year. you have to stay ready in case you're in the situation. but i feel like that might be easier said than done with the mindset, not knowing when you're going to get in. but when you do get in plainwell like you did in making the right place. center, your toes, you know, even know that even though they're over there on the you know, the game's going i know,
10:34 pm
sounds ended at this point. but it's the truth is just trying to stay ready. so got to get ready. >> all right. andrew wiggins had a huge game tonight. 27 points. 11 rebounds. >> making lukas life difficult on one end hitting buckets on the trends, we're getting those rebounds. he's been so good for you guys all year long. what is it like to have a for front row seat to that and see him do his thing on a stage like this really big to see him step up. it stays like this, you know, his game so fluid them for as much takes so in demeanor and the way he carries himself on the court, he threw it something you can kind meyer just saying that faces the onto the next play, no matter what goes on. so what am i said like that? it's hard not to steph has been saying this for a while now to close out game. always the hardest. >> i know you guys don't want to play a game on thursday in san francisco. what's it going to take to get this win in dallas on tuesday in a move on to the nba finals? i mean, it will be a dog fight. so we've
10:35 pm
got to come out that match their intensity, ms the aggressiveness and figure out a way where like we've been >> also. >> that moves moving. guys, back to you. >> thanks, jason. one of the key players in this game and series forward andrew wiggins for the warriors tonight. you 27 points. 11 rebounds, including 6 offensive boards. he also chipped in 3 assists and was a team best. plus, 22. he also had no turnovers, which is huge. head coach steve kerr said after the game, the worse really felt his impact on the glass. he was able to extend possessions by grabbing some of those offensive boards. also, he's been big throughout this entire series game to wiggins had 16 points, 5 boards, 5 assists, one block, one steal just one turnover in game one. he had 19 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists a block and a steal. he's also taking on a big defensive workload being the primary defender on mask star luka doncic's in easton that extremely well. he's received praise from across the warriors bench from his teammates from the staff members and coaches. everyone
10:36 pm
just really impressed with andrew wiggins play. he's averaging 29. 21 points per game in this series. he's made it really hard on mask. star luka doncic's wiggins was asked after the game. what is his game plan? what is his focus heading into this matchup? he said first, his focus is defense to make life difficult for to do everything possible to get in his way to play in physical and then on the other end of the floor, look to make his life difficult by making him work on defense, driving the lane, moving off the ball, getting involved with screens and he's done that very well. here's head coach steve kerr on wiggins performance. >> he was an all-star for he said fantastic 2 way player. you don't win in the playoffs without guys like he's you know, we're basically down churches so that can stay on. and he's another guy like staff who just never seems to get tired. he's amazing shape. so. where it says been a
10:37 pm
brilliant year for him its continued in and the postseason. this film energy. you know, as the main thing when i see the rim, that's all seems. >> i take away from me. stay challenge. do we so thank you for that. >> was talking about that massive dunk over josh still ahead here on sports night live we have more reaction from the worst on their game. 3 win. coming up. plus of weekend so far for the giants that they avoid being swept by the padres this afternoon. local park. we'll have a look at the action straight ahead after the break.
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>> fact that we're back on the station with the opportunity to chase a parents again, after, you know, 2 like i said, ever being back with it. >> our but with a new cast of characters, this is an opportunity to do some special. so. >> extra motivation trying to take advantage of the opportunity. you know, they don't. i'm gonna they don't you should take it for granted in there. there's a limit to how this feels good, but i'm not could be over the year win that game. and then. >> you can celebrate that when happens. but then you got to put that behind us again. and we want to. when the whole
10:41 pm
thing it was everybody is going to start the year and here we have a golden opportunity to. do that monday and i know we're all so excited when that time comes. yeah, i love the the position we're in. i love the fact that our team. >> came in got the win tonight. you know, this was the one we felt like we had to get, you coming here up you've got to take advantage of your momentum. you you can't let a team back in. we know how good alice's. so i'm just really proud of the way our guys played tonight and competed in and got the job done. and you still a lot of when we come out and win this game. we knew that. and so we came out with a certain intensity level of focus, loathe it. you know what? take 2 come on the road and still want. and, you know, we did that tonight not to i said changes too, you know, coming out and take care of our businesses next game. but we we we kind of wanted to go
10:42 pm
all in on this one for sure, because we felt like it was a game that if we come out and play our game, we this team all it down. you know, they got some very good players. so. >> we're going to go take it. you're not going to do it to us. and have to. just play together. players unit, you know, struck the numbers are much. >> that was your golden state warriors. is there only one win away from reaching another nba finals some baseball now the giants looking to avoid being swept by the padres this afternoon at oracle park. here's a tease of how this went. outfielder luis gonzales was san francisco's best picture today. it is armed forces weekend. by the way, major league baseball master gunnery sergeant peter wilson played the national anthem violent before the game. >> on to the action. top of the 4th, of course. thank you to all those who served by the way, padres infielder jake cronenworth sends one into the hole and right fielder run scores padres. take a 3.
10:43 pm
nothing lead. it only got worse from here. i hate to tell you next batter manny machado. it's a sinking line drive to left hip roughed just completely misses the ball to run score on what was ruled a double the tied a franchise record with 4 extra-base hits in this game. he had 3 doubles and a triple later on in the 4th. wil myers up at the plate drives one deep to it bounces into the bleachers. the crowd trying to grab that ball. it's a ground-rule double to more runs score 7, nothing padres in a 5 run inning. top of the 5th jurickson profar hit. would face and a beer bottles thrown at him by fans in the left field bleachers friday night slack's up. all right. another run scores profar hustles into second. i was shirley satisfying for him after dealing with a little bit of a mess. with those fans on friday. padres roll 10 to
10:44 pm
one. the final score machado's bat on fire in this one. the padres sweep the giants in 3 games. san francisco host the nl east-leading mets starting tomorrow. >> the oakland athletics trying to turn around an ugly start to their season. they sit at the bottom of the a l west right now. today, oakland turn to lefty swerve and cole irvin on the mound as they look to win the series against the angels, the gameplay down and so cow in anaheim. still some green in the crowd. there you see a couple of a couple of oakland fans, maybe first inning shohei ohtani hit sends one deep to straightaway center back back. >> don't for a solo home run ohtani's 9th of the season. one, nothing angels. bottom of the second, mike trout of the rights grounds one to second but can hit. he's got some wheels. the a's don't even make a throw as trout easily might runs it out and get an infield. hit a run. scores 2, nothing angels. 5th inning brandon marsh census blooper
10:45 pm
to center. it drops. another one comes threes. if angels single for scoring a variety of ways in this game, right in the 7th, they go back to the conventional method. trout to left takes one high and deep down the left field line out of here. bye, bye, baby. trout's 12 of the a's lose 4 to one. they dropped 2 of 3 games to the angels. oakland begins a series in seattle tomorrow. how about some college baseball now? the 8th ranked stanford baseball team locked up the pac 12 regular season title last night. completing the sweep of usc. now the cardinal looks to make a deep postseason run as they prepare for the first ever pack told baseball tournament this week. >> i caught up with stanford ace alex williams and head coach david asker earlier this weekend. what has been working so well for you all season. >> pretty much just throwing in my commands and big time and feel just get themselves out really big strikeout guy. but a defensive and help me out a lot and just throw strikes. you've really emerges that friday


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