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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 23, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> well, good monday morning and thanks for waking up with this bright and early here on may 23rd. i'm reyna harvey. hopefully you had a really great weekend and more to to act. well, john sabol joining me this morning. he's been actively keeping us all informed on the weather. a few changes in terms of red flag warnings and things of that nature. good morning, john. we're back to some higher fire danger now rainess of those red flag warnings going back into effect 11:00am this morning. you're right. >> and today is going to be another warm one, too. so hoping you can find a cool
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place to get to this afternoon. if you are further inland, if you love the heat well, then you're gonna like the weather today. as for berkeley hills camera, skies are nice and clear. looking at a nice start to this morning. we are in the midst of clear skies. a nice a cool start to what will be a hot day. so obviously, i've been telling you a lot lately open up those windows during the morning hours and joy, that cool breeze during our mornings, then tried to keep it cool inside the house towards the afternoon hours. brett, what pittsburgh in the 60's same for you in santa rosa and lena, most of us are down into the 50's this morning comfortably cool. not too terribly chilly but just enough to cool you off as you're getting out there. winds noticeable through the golden gate as well as out into the delta in the central valley today. those strong winds out into the central valley is really what's going to result in that heighten fire danger out that way. and as i mentioned after 11:00am, this we go back into red flag warning territory for areas like solano county and further inland from there. 40's 50's
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60's for your morning temperatures by the afternoon. we're back into the 60's 70's 80's. even a couple of low 90's. we'll be breaking down the full forecast. all still to come back over to john, thank you for that, right. let's get a look at your bridges this if you're heading into the city right now, it will be a 10 minute drive. >> to make it from the maze to that fremont street exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. you're at about 13 minutes as you're traveling. well, out of richmond heading across to war, sandra fell about a 9 minute drive for you. there. and the golden gate bridge 37 to the toes. 20 minutes on your morning drive. well it up day for you this morning on the quail fire barring in solano county fire. crew officials say it's now 85% contained. we back away. shuns of been lifted as firefighters are making progress against the 135 acre blaze. it broke out yesterday in solano county and it's burned the hillside just northwest of vacaville near quell canyon and pleasant
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valley rose cal fire says they've stopped the for progress. the crews are still going remain in that area throughout the night because they're trying to strengthen containment lines and put out those hot spots that continues to pop up. well, as wildfire danger continues to rise as summer approaches, we spoke with fire marshal and contra costa county fire protection district assistant chief chris bachman for stephanie lin talked with the fire marshal on what factors contribute to wildfires. and he told us dry weather has helped fuel a 25% increase in the wildfires so far this year, the lack of precipitation that we had over the winter months along you know, when we get those red flag days this year, we're seeing earlier than normal. >> and now we're already experiencing some of those, you know, dry, hot, windy days that when the fire does rather than it just being contained to maybe a half acre, we extinguished with one unit. that's where those multi-alarm fires typically occur. and
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you'll see us out there for several hours before we're able to get get to mop up and get it under control. >> happening today, a red flag warning is issued and into tuesday because of the conditions in the area near where the wildfire has burned, which could lead to more fires. it will go into effect this morning at 11:00am, but it's never too early to be ready. it's expected to last until at least 08:00pm tuesday night. that includes the cities of fairfield vacaville, along with travis air force base. but the les hill is outside of that warning area. we're following the latest out of san francisco this morning where 2 people are dead. 2 others are hurt after a taxi crashed into a building on sunday kron four's gayle ong has the very latest on that investigation there. 2 people died on the scene. investigators will remain there for several hours as they piece together how this fatal crash unfolded just before 04:30pm, sunday. san francisco police officers responded to the intersection of mission and 3rd streets.
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officers arrived on scene. >> and located pedestrians that were by a vehicle on the sidewalk. according to sfpd. >> 2 women died on the scene. others were injured and male pedestrian was transported to the hospital. unknown medical condition at this time. >> another male who was the driver of one of the vehicles was transported to the hospital. >> for non-life-threatening injuries, these bystanders heard screams. everyone fearing taxi. >> and it was like everyone really scared, really shocked about what's the bystanders said this vehicle and the taxi were involved in the crash. >> as apd is canvassing the area for surveillance video. >> speed of these vehicles are still being determined. the impairment due to drugs or alcohol does not appear to be
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a factor. however, there isn't a stone that we're not going to leave and turn in an incident like this. >> and as of pd is looking for eyewitnesses who may have seen what happened, you can be anonymous in the newsroom. gayle ong kron. 4 news. in the south bay, the milpitas police district attorney office and the board of supervisors all held a gun buyback program that happens sunday. well, this is the 10th year that santa clara county has been doing these kind of events. and officials say over that time, they've gotten some 7,000 firearms from people, but they haven't been able to hold one of these for the last 2 years because of the pandemic. these are anonymous. no questions asked events where the goal is just to release and to prevent these firearms from ending up in the wrong hands. >> we know there a lot of unwanted guns in people's homes in their households. >> and if anything, you know, those firearms can just get so any news on the streets for, you know, gain your time. we also know that these firearms
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used in domestic violence incidents. you know, that these firearms are being used to, you know, unfortunately for suicides, an accidental discharge is that usually involve our youth because they're so curious, right? so if their unwanted firearms in the home, we want to provide a space for people to feel free to sell them to us. >> after the guns are collected, officials check to see if they belong to someone other than the person who turned them in and they returned it. if not, then they're destroyed. and the east bay, the oakland a's may not be in oakland for much longer. less deal gets done with the city for a new ballpark at howard terminal. call for stephanie land. talk with oakland, mayor libbp schaaf. over the weekend about whether she thinks a deal will get done to keep the a's rooted in oakland. >> can fans expect to see a stadium or not? >> absolutely. it is going to happen and big news this week. >> the greenbelt alliance, a very respected environmental organization, just came out with a big endorsement for the
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project, not about the ballpark. and i think it's a great reminder to people this is much bigger than baseball. what they said is this is a great example of smart development that is going to help address climate change as well as the housing crisis. what sort of challenges still lie ahead for this? well, the next big milestone is going to be the vote from the bay conservation development commission. they have the authority to take howard terminal out of port use designation. they're going to have a big public hearing on that on june. 2nd. and then they'll take the vote. june 30th right now, their staff has recommended that howard terminal come out of port use, but it's up to those commissioners. there needs to be a 2 thirds vote on june. 30th. and if that vote doesn't happen. the project is dead. but we're very excited that the staff analysis the project moving forward and we believe there. it's just so much to
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love about this project, not just for a's fans, but 18 acres of new waterfront 3,000 units of housing, tons of union jobs and great environmental standards. what is your message for? oakland a's fans watching this right now. this is going to happen. people keep the faith, but don't take it for granted. we need you to show up show up on june. second at that, the cdc hearing show up on june. 30th. >> because elected officials need to hear that. we love this project. we want it to happen. >> well, we also talked with mayor schaff about a number of topics like crime, abortion access and though she might indoors for mayor, what her term expires at the end of the year. that full interview is online right now over on our website at kron 4 dot com. well, from 4 is your local election headquarters. so we want to give you one last reminder, today's the deadline to register for california's
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primary election applications can be found online and at your local city hall or public libraries, the election will thin out the field of candidates in the lead up to the november 8 general election on san francisco ballots, though many are focused on the recall of district attorney chase that item is under proposition 8 on your ballot to see more about what will be on your ballot specifically. just head over to website at kron 4 dot com. you can find an explainer link over there and on the state level, voters are also picking the top contenders for governor state attorney general u.s. senator u.s. representatives and secretary of state. lawyers fans celebrated sunday night as it does win. game 3 on the road in dallas. it was a watch party at thrive city kron four's amanda harry talked with fans and has more on how they feel. >> the fans i spoke to were very happy about the way the warriors played and they're feeling confident about this
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series. many told me they think the warriors are going to win it in 4 games on the road. >> take a look at this video. this is from the moment the warriors won the game. i spoke to some fans. they got here as early as 2 in the afternoon to get a front row seat to watch the warriors. some tell me they were here inside of the chase center for games, one and 2, they say they weren't going to miss game 3, even if it was on i spoke to some fans right after the win. they say they're feeling good about game 4 on tuesday. >> it's awesome. i think we all knew they were going to win tonight. gaming and taking home over 3 a game. 4 is on the road again. some fans tell me they plan to be right back here at 5 city for that game to watch. but the crowd, if the warriors were to lose game 4 will be back here at the chase center for game 5 at thrive city amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news is harvey milk day celebrations rang out in
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san francisco. we're going hear from organizers about the work that still needs to be done to honor the late city supervisor. the would have been 92 today. this was yesterday. what is monkeypox and should you be concerned about cases found in the u.s. we hear from the bay area doctor on his thoughts on the monkey pox. and some relief is on the way for american parents and their children as the first of several emergency shipments of baby formula arrive in europe will have more details from the capital will be right back.
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>> well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news to talk to you now. 04:15am, here on this monday morning. a lot happening in terms of whether we need to be on the lookout for that really try conditions that we're seeing out there. john, what's happening over the next few days? yes, the rain that we've got, the dry weather sticking around. we've got the hotter weather just around the corner for us to were already hot, but were >> heating things up as we work our way into the start of this week. so we're right back to it. as far as the high fire danger is concerned. the golden gate bridge looking
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nice and clear this morning. nothing like any fog out there anywhere in sight. so we are up to another clear start this morning. a nice way to kick things off. good morning for a jog. getting back outside to some easy commute conditions for your monday. start now as far as fire weather goes, you can see a lot of the central valley and even solano county is lit up and some varying shades of red. this lighter shade. those are heat advisories that actually going to affect the middle of the week. we'll see our very hottest of temperatures. red flag warnings. will those go into effect 11:00am today for the northern end of the central valley into solano county. it's going to be a pairing of strong winds, bone-dry humidity again and temperatures in some of these spots climbing into the upper 80's to low 90's. now, as far as winds go, it is going to be breezy out towards the valley yet again today, breezy out towards the coast as well. not excessively windy for bayshore city. some of our calmer areas will be right along the bay. we are seeing that cooling effect from the winds, at least a giving us some of that cool feel for some spots that
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dry does up fire danger further inland, especially so another warm one today, another wind out of the north and west monday, looking crystal clear and dry tuesday, looking crystal clear, dry so on and so forth throughout the remainder of this forecast, we really don't have anything coming into bus that up. so it is going to be a consistently dry consistently warm forecast all the way through as far as temperatures go will be in the 50's to 60's at the coastline today and then a range of 70's 80's to even low 90's elsewhere in the bay area, really, really warm afternoon. san jose getting up to 83 degrees today. looking at fremont at 78 degrees for your daytime high and will be looking at temperatures even hotter for areas like concord, walnut creek, nearing 90 88 87 degrees. oakland comparably really nice at 76. a few 90's and fairfield in antioch in 91 napa in pittsburgh, at 90 degrees in vacaville are very hottest at 94 today. santa
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rosa up to 89 degrees. a look ahead. temperatures tomorrow. wednesday will be the hottest of your forecast. after that, we will fall into the weekend highs back into the upper 70's low 80's for very warmest by friday and saturday. so we do have a midweek. he bumped a all kicks off today, but especially gets to be problematic tuesday and wednesday. that's when we'll be needing places to cool down during the afternoon hours and also having to especially be mindful of the heightened fire danger that comes with the hot and windy weather rain. all right, john, thank you for that if you're traveling into the city this morning, once you reach to the maze, what you make it to the maze. >> about 10 minutes to make it to that 3 months. gx in the city, san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. about 13 minutes for you this morning. let's check on the richmond. sandra fell commute pretty light at 9 minutes for your drive. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes this morning. back
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at home to the latest on that mass shooting in southern california. a lovely young man dead and 8 others injured friday night. it all happened the front who in san bernardino county. so we're welch has the latest for us. >> you know, look good. you know, good kid. comforting words following the death of alan gresham. >> my nephew is gone. you know, they will never be forgotten. but an evening of fun turned violent when someone opened fire at a crowded lounge late friday night in the 3600 block of highland. >> we just gunshots in a lot of kids running. most of the kids were under 18. there was a lot of kids running, you know, and their mom. investigators say the gunfire erupted inside and then spilled into the street. >> when the hail of bullets stopped, 9 people were wounded. we went the game. bangor. he grabbed with school. you've got lot of lies. this, you know, he working at the barbershop. he got his own car, you know, stay at home with his grandmother. you know, look good. you know, good kid.
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>> san bernardino detectives say this started as an altercation between at least 2 people inside the blue flame lounge. multiple gunshots were exchanged. tensions ran high as loved ones waited for answers. san bernardino police say when they first arrived on scene, they were confronted by a hostile crowd. and because of that aggressive behavior asked for additional backup from the sheriff's department to secure the scene. regression lost his >> detectives say the special event party where the shooting took place was unpermitted. >> and while securing the scene, they arrested one man for possession of a loaded stolen firearm as police track down and identify those responsible for the deadly gunfire. they're also working to shut down the business whose illegal activities they say led to this mass shooting. >> i don't know that shocking anymore because it's happening everywhere. it's sad, though. it's sad because i live i live here. and i want to see
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change. >> well, that was sara welch reporting for us this morning. the biden administration is using special emergency powers to deal with the baby formula shortage. washington correspondent alexandra limon joins us live with the very latest steps. the administration is now taking. good morning, alex. >> reyna, good morning. the department of health and human services says that 7 day, but sarah has invoked the defense production act to ensure that manufactures have enough supplies and ingredients to be able to make more baby formula. >> after president biden gave the department of health and human services, the authority to use the defense production act to increase the nation's baby formula supply. the secretary of health and human services is now using it to ensure abbott nutrition. the company that shut down one of its plants has enough raw materials to get back up and running and the expectation is within the next couple of weeks. we'll begin to see
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product from that facility. hhs says it will also use the defense production act to ensure reckitt a consumer goods company involved in manufacturing formula hasn't of access to single use products like filters. and the administration is also taking other steps to try to get baby formula to families who need opit. this air force c 17 jet flew into indianapolis sunday with 40 tons of baby formula on board the shipment provides an a formula. >> to take care of 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers. this shipment is from europe and is formulated for babies with special dietary needs. it will head to hospitals and home health care facilities. >> across the country, not store shelves but more shipments are headed to the u.s.. we're going to get this year in a matter of days. they're also long-term problems that the administration and lawmakers say need to be addressed. so that. >> no individual company has this much control over supply
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chains. >> now officials say that americans can expect store shelves to return to normal in the next few weeks. once that abbott plant is fully operational and their production levels return to normal. live in washington. alexandra limon. >> thank you for that update. alexander. well, coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news this week is the unofficial start of summer. what you need to know before you catch a flight or get the role for memorial day. we'll be right back after the break.
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we're just one week away from memorial day. the unofficial start to summer and this year triple a predicts more than 39 million people are going to travel for the holiday weekend. nearly 35 million in hitting the roadways. another 3 million expected to fly. if you're one of the millions hitting the roads, aaa just released its list of the best and worst times to drive. take a look. if you live in town thursday, the worst time to be on the road is between 01:00pm and 08:00pm you're better off leaving early in the morning or late at night. the same is true on friday. the worst travel time is expected between noon and 07:00pm on saturday and sunday. you're better off hitting the road between 10:00am and on monday as you're heading home, aaa suggests leaving before 11:00am. this is all for
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drivers all across the country are dealing with record high gas prices. so these are the average gas prices across the bay area. as of this morning, san francisco, most expensive coming at 6.32. for a gallon of regular napa county. also seeing price above $6 and $0.30 and the east bay contra costa and alameda county. both seem prices just below 6.20, per gallon and solano county has the cheapest prices a gallon of regular. there's going cost you 6, 0, 4, still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, a bay area post cyclists found shot and killed in texas. we have the very latest on the investigation will be right back. well, welcome back
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to the kron. 4 morning news at for you. now, 04:30am, here on the monday morning. the weekend was great. we're consistently seen warmer temperatures. and john, you've actually been tracking that not just warm out there. also some warnings to tell people about this morning. exactly rain. unfortunately back to red flag warning territory starting at 11:00am today. >> for neighbors over in solano county as well as out into the central valley. the rest of us may not be technically in red flag warning territory, but a reminder over the weekend of that fire up in solano county that we are definitely back into that time of year. we've got to start thinking about fire season looking outside this morning. skies are clear all the way up to the coastline. a very nice morning is aheadus


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