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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  May 23, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> and welcome to the finest hour. and it's still a fine day. i know maybe you don't like mondays, but what's the alternative? i would like that. you like it any happy on a monday when you wake up on monday. that's right. feeling now we have to warn you to be prepared. one of our big weather stories going forward is the fact that we're going to see triple digit this week. first time all year. it's going to be this hot. so yeah. and tomorrow it's really going to get uncomfortable. so i guess enjoyed today. get ready, john? yes, definitely enjoyed today, especially earlier in the day. get ready for the even hotter weather just around the corner. fire danger going to be higher and just the way it feels outside going to be less comfortable tomorrow and wednesday, our hottest days of >> the year so far for some spots outside this morning. skies are crystal clear all the way out to the coastline. we're going to be in for a
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pleasant day at the coast in pretty nice right along the bay, sir, inland areas where things are already warming up. fairfield pittsburgh, brentwood well into the 70's santa rosa. you're at 72 along with nevado. well, berkeley, oakland and alameda in the low 60's, you pair this heat and dry weather with our winds which are still present, especially inland and that does up fire danger, talking red flag warnings, possibility of upper 90's to triple digits. still to come right now, john, thanks for that. we've had a busy monday morning. hey, if you're traveling, crockett down towards the maze right now, 60 minutes for your drive and what you do finally hit the may's about 21 minutes to make it from the maze into the city. >> to that fremont street exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge about a 30 minute drive traveling from 80 across topards one o one. as you're making your way. the richmond center fell bridge in the last hour. we had a hot spot that's clear down to 12 minutes to make it from the tolls to one on one. well in the south bay, if you're traveling along one, 0, one from a 5 down there up towards menlo park about 36
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minutes and up in vacaville, 80 eastbound just west of cherry glen road that an accident. so you are seeing some delays there. darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. run. it's 9, 0, one. and this morning, san francisco police want to hear from witnesses who saw the moments before. >> there was a crash involving a taxi and that actually went up on the sidewalk, ended up striking and killing 2 pedestrians. everybody who witnessed it was obviously shocked by this was yesterday afternoon, new year. but when a center. >> proffers gayle ong tells us more about what happened and gets reaction from the people who are there. >> just before 04:30pm, sunday, san francisco police officers responded to the intersection of mission and 3rd streets. officers arrived on scene. >> and located pedestrians that were by a vehicle on the sidewalk. according to sfpd. >> 2 women died on the scene. others were injured when male pedestrian was transported to the hospital. unknown medical condition at this time. >> another male who was the driver of one of the vehicles
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was transported to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. these bystanders heard screams. everyone fearing taxi it was like everyone really scared, really shocked about what's the bystanders said this vehicle and the taxi were involved in the crash. >> as apd is canvassing the area for surveillance video. >> speed of these vehicles are still being determined. the impairment due to drugs or alcohol does not appear to be a factor. however, there isn't a stone that we're not going to leave and turn in an incident like this. >> and as is looking for eyewitnesses who may have seen what happened, you can be anonymous in the newsroom. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> 9, 0, 3 is a time in the north bay. santa rosa. police are looking for the person who killed a 28 year-old man in a
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shooting that happened yesterday morning was around one. 30 am on kenton court just off a highway one. 0, one. police say a man was in his car with some friends when somebody else drove up, said something to him and then opened fire. police have not released any information about the shooter or the car they were in the santa rosa police department is offering a $2500 reward for information that leads to an arrest. this is santa rosa, 6th homicide of the year. >> well, new this morning, pfizer says 3 doses of its covid-19 vaccine appears to offer some pretty strong protection for children under the age of 5. pfizer says they're going to give up all their data they've collected on this, too. health officials in the u.s. as a hopeful step towards eventual authorization of the vaccine for litt e kids. the news comes after anxious parents for months now been desperate to vaccinate their toddlers and preschoolers, especially since covid cases have begun to climb again. the 18 million children that are under the age of 5 are the only group in the u.s. right now. they're
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not eligible for a covid-19 vaccine. and today starting today, masks are required schools again in berkeley. they are u.s. district says those rising covid rates of >> inform their decision to bring the mandate back with kron four's will tran standing by in berkeley with the news for parents and kids will. >> i'm looking over my shoulder, guys because you can see the kids outside. they are perfectly fine. no teacher, mister fletcher will not walk up and say, hey, kids mask up because they're outdoors. but once they finish their snack and the head indoors, then they will have to mask up. in fact, we've got some video earlier this morning. this is the kids. these are the kids showing up. a lot of company, obviously by their parents. this being a middle school and before they even hopped out of their cars, many of them already have their mask up. so everybody was well informed. i'm sure the school district sent out e-mails even before today. of course. so nobody was surprised. they are
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surprised by the school district, meaning that they saw the co covid cases go up. berkeley was actually one of the first districts in california and perhaps the first school district in the bay area to go ahead and say, you know what, you don't have to wear your mask, but they saw the numbers, 107 cases last week. and they said, you know what, with graduation just around the corner, substitute teachers are hard to get your hands on their stretch. then it's time to mask up again. data chance with the permission to talk to. really articulate young lady this morning. just 11 years old. she is a company by her dad. here's what she had to say about masking up. i think it's important because covid like. covid chances are rising up. so i think it's pretty important to wear a mask because you don't want to be stuck at home with covid the whole time. >> so i think it's good because it's also for the community. so other people don't get sick where you're like, oh, no, i don't like to wear a mask or you're okay
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with it. i'm okay with it because i always wore one. even when the mask mandate was lifted. and her dad was right behind just nodding saying i totally approve of that. so it looks like everybody is on board. >> if you saw my interview at 8 o'clock, even the teachers are on board as well. they know just how important it is to make sure that covid-19 stays at an arm's distance, especially with finals and graduation. so close away just 2 weeks into the end of the school year. and they just want to finish strong. even administrators. they are not going to meet face to face if they can possibly help it. they will hop back on zoom and let's talk about the curriculum, at least for the next 2 weeks. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. well. >> 9, 0, 7, is the time in other health news. it's the monkey pox that are grabbing headlines across the world right now. they've been reported in the u.s. several cases have. but local health officials say they're not too worried about it. they say you shouldn't panic. monkeypox is rarely seen outside of africa.
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but as of this weekend, yes, there were about 80 cases confirmed worldwide. only 2 here in the u.s. at the moment. the last time we saw an outbreak of monkeypox is back in 2003 ucsf doctor peter chin-hong says that symptoms at the beginning stages anyway. do mirror a lot of what we see in covid. >> fever muscle fatigue. but 2 weeks later wants 2 weeks later. you get this on missed. a couple rushed. it starts in the trunk was to the extremities and looks like a pox of fluid filled blister. if you're traveling, don't worry to change it. i'm definitely not panicked about it. i'm just curious >> doctor chin-hong says that if you notice any of these symptoms, obviously contact your doctor or health official to get more advice. president biden, who's in japan right now did speak about it this morning. he says he doesn't think this outbreak will be as as covid was when that first was reported, biden says the smallpox vaccine works for monkeypox. and that here in the u.s. we have a
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pretty big stockpile of the smallpox vaccine says we can handle any kind of outbreak that happens. >> kron 4 is your local election headquarters and today is the deadline to register for california's primary applications are online or you can go to the local city hall, our public library and get won. the election is going then out the field of candidates in the lead up to the november 8th general election. and in san francisco, all eyes are on the recall of district attorney chase dean. that item is under. you'll see proposition h on your ballot to see more of what is on your ballot specifically go to kron 4 dot com. we've got a special section. the link there to give you the information need as a voter on the state level, voters are going to be picking the top contenders for governor state attorney general u.s. senator u.s. representatives and secretary of state. >> well, the warriors are just one game away from the nba finals and sweeping the dallas mavericks. hopefully that happens. but we're 3 o lead now with yesterday's victory.
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pretty amazing. ready for one more win cover. sarah stinson is already with the gear live in san francisco. hi, sarah. >> yeah, we're feeling good. heading in tomorrow night's game because of what we saw last night. it was incredible. and from friday night's game, we just continue to beat the mavericks. and so we're feeling good about this week. take a look at video from last night's game. the school was 109 to 100 and of course, with the warriors winning in dallas. nonetheless, we thought that maybe, you know, the mavericks would have the home-court advantage wasn't enough to beat us. the warriors can head to the nba finals if we win again tomorrow night, they will be playing again in dallas. the play of the night, though, was let's get to that a dunk by warriors, andrew wiggins. people are calling it poster worthy epic, iconic, everyone online is freaking out. he took flight over luka doncic. it was incredible to 3 played
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it. so many times just doesn't get old. and you see snapshot and i'm sure that is going to be a poster probably already is being printed right now. at first it was called an offensive foul. but coach kerr challenges successfully wiggins played an incredible game. a team high for 40 minutes and had a playoff career-high. let's hear now from coach kerr about how wiggins didn't. >> he was an all-star for he said fantastic 2 way player. you don't win in the playoffs without guys like he's you know, we're basically down churches so that can stay on. and he's another guy like staff who just never seems to get tired. he's amazing shape. so. where it says been a brilliant year for him its continued in and the postseason. >> we cannot wait to see williams play tomorrow night. tipoff is at 6 o'clock. and of course, if you can't make it
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to dallas, you can go to the second-best option, which truly has become thrive. city at chase center. it was packed. the lines were long. it is first come first serve. you can also register online, but it is a fun spot to be in and you can really feel the vibe because all of the nation is there darya james, it's going to be another incredible game. we're going to on the edge of our seat until the very end. and then we can do the victory lap personally. i'm not doing that yet because i'm still has no you want to jinx it. want to wear anything wrong either. don't say anything. >> don't wear anything. that's not like that's not your dorm. >> i can guarantee you if we win tomorrow night is going to be so hard to get to sleep because all going to have to find a way to fall asleep right away to it's going to be difficult. what it will be fun. thank you. i was going to be rough. yes, it >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. fire crews are working in a while for on solano county. and there we have update on the progress in coming up. >> plus, a manhunt under way right now for the person suspected in killing a cyclist
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from the bay area. we'll tell you why police say her death might have involved a love triangle. >> and today is going to be a hot one, but not as tomorrow is about to the 70's for a step in oakland, 80's for san jose. some 90's in with your forecast ahead. >> and we have a traffic hazard on the bay bridge. slowing us down just a bit. will get a look at
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p>> 9.15, right now and we're talking about the heat, which
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is really going to be pouring on by tomorrow. boy, we're talking triple digits this week. good morning, john. i want to talk so yes today. well into the 90's for some of our hottest cities tomorrow, we'll have those triple digits returning, fred. a lot of our inland spots enough for some heat advisories and red flag warnings for the middle of the week this morning. just look so beautiful, though. so here's the key. enjoying morning hours today, tomorrow and wednesday and then maybe finding the cool place to get to during your afternoon hours. maybe it's the library or the movie theater, whatever you need to do that as a c get over to radar shows you the clear skies at the coast all the way inland. we're all under sunshine today. winds will very definitely windiest at the coast. the north bay mountains, and then out towards the central valley and the delta. that's where the pairing of heat winds and dry weather is resulting in especially high fire danger. little calmer, comparatively near the bay, which also have some of our most comfortable temperatures seeping need to be out about this afternoon. may beach is an area like
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oakland, hayward or burlingame. those spots will be on the nicer side. as for our advisories, the lighter hues of red. those are your heat advisories which actually go into effect later this week. red flag warnings do take effect at 11:00am today, though, and that includes solano county where we have the quail fire yesterday. crews have stopped the ford advance of that blaze that is burning just above the hills of vacaville. but today's red-flag warnings, the heat, the dry conditions, humidity below 10% paired with the strong winds is going up. fire danger even further high pressure ridge in place. keeping us dry for the foreseeable future. here. so here is the guy that was the bad news. the good news, though, is the fact that today tomorrow and wednesday are just the hottest of days after that thursday into friday, we really start to cool things down. so doesn't take long for us to work our way out of this heat wave and back to some much more comfortable conditions and back down to some conditions that will at least make fire weather a little less critical 60's for your highs that the coast 70's
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alongside the bayshore. as i mentioned, some of her bayshore spots will be the nicest to be a burlingame at 72 today. sam. a tale. really nice. 75 warm. but not her hottest by any means in the south bay with san jose. 83 fremont hayward up to oakland in the 70's. while richmond, you'll barely get up to 80 degrees. walnut creek and concord nearing 90 90's for much of solano county as well as over to nap and yacht bill sonoma and santa rosa in the upper 80's tomorrow and wednesday, our hottest of days solid mid 90's inland likely a few triple digits. thursday, though, will back temperatures off as much as 10 degrees and further cooling into the weekend. by saturday. our inland areas only in the upper 70's rain. tom, thank you for that. will we do have a traffic hazard right on the bay bridge near the toll plaza. so a disabled vehicle. >> that down a little bit. 17 minute drive making it from the maze to that fremont street exit. now, the san mateo bridge, no delays along 1, that's why we have a 13
9:19 am
minute commute for you as you're traveling across towards the peninsula. well, if you're traveling southbound 6.80, doubling down to fremont. that's a little under 20 minutes. a lot 8 80's silly down to milpitas about 26 minutes to make that drive. so thankfully, no major issues here and the south, a little one, a one. 85 into middle part around. 33 minutes for you to 37 17 to 18. 82. i don't see any major delays slowing you down crockett down towards the maze 5, 80, 80 around 15 minutes for you. there and we'll leave you with a look at 24 walnut creek down to 5.80, about 12 minutes. james, back to you. >> time now to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black and rob, good morning. we're waking up to a day where we're seeing a pretty healthy bounce in the dow looks pretty positive this morning. what are you reading in the headlines? >> yes, well, let's start with friday. the s p 500 hit bear market down 20% from its january 5 highs. its definition markets are good.
9:20 am
if you're under the age of 35 okay. if you're under the age of 60 bear, markets are pretty scary for over 60 need that money very, very soon. i like bear market, especially if you're under age. 35, it's a great buying opportunity. this weekend, biden talked lifting the trump sanctions against china that would help fight inflation. inflation covid in china are 2 biggest short-term threat. so we need to get under control, especially tied towards oil tether. got some by the biden administration say, you know, stable points need to be stable. you've seen tether which the stable coin it's crispy tied towards the dollar stable. i'm its its assets are pouring out of it into disaster for shareholders of, you know, what they think is an asset is quickly deteriorating. big point, a full 70% more. i read from an analyst this morning down to 8,000 of note, starbucks is closing 3 stores for good
9:21 am
rush. that's about one percent of the revenue and boston i don't know about this one, but they're introducing a a t h c infuse know know that the first one to the markets. >> okay. might sampling at some point down the road. you know, i'm glad you said that. i'll be by this weekend, i hey, i'm always open trying something new. that's a little out there. but who knows gap, ok, let's change the topic before get campaign and what he gets in trouble. you mentioned people over 60. so when we talk about that a bit because i know second topic involves people in their retirement years and eat. the fact that you typically think the costs are going go down after you retire. but i when it comes to medical bills, no, no. >> yes, some things costs some short, like travel actually go up as you're still young and healthy. you want to see the kids and the grandkids out. but health care is the big issue for retirees. and i warn people and that's what the average couple after the retiring spent over $315,000
9:22 am
on health care. you're and that assumes they get part a part b and part b of medicare, medicare and not free. a lot of people grow up thinking that they are his costs associated with them. health care costs for the average couple asked 300,000 in retirement this year. it's now 315,000 seat. could see inflation need that a pretty aggressively. women will need about $165,000 after they in about 150,000 women to outlive men is the thought they're set to be a little bit longer dealing with diseases that cost a lot of money. so if you're cruising towards retirement and i talk to people every week and i'm shocked at how some people have like a million dollar house. michael, what do you do about health care costs? what health care costs? they're they're they're real. 315,000. the average couple that's only go higher. >> wow. okay. and then our topic today. >> wall street loves a good story. poppers are the mergers
9:23 am
and acquisitions and i guess i heard this but electronic arts is looking. >> for a buyer looking for somebody to buy it. >> yeah, there's been some acquisitions in this industry take to picked up the scene, got activision because they've got corporate culture that bad that's against women. and how kind of a bro culture thing going on? they're selling to microsoft. and now he is like we have hundreds and hundreds or so employees. we want to sell to because that's because the labor and inflation costs. so it looks like electronic arts is up for sale. they got football got mad they've got quite the franchise there they have. he got 580 million active users on their accounts right now. so wall street likes things like subscriber numbers. we see netflix losing subscribers. they need to look at what kind of hard to say. maybe we can grab them. the companies that are being talked about are apple, disney and amazon. i would like to see netflix get in on studio. what's different scene? good video game and a action superhero movie. not a lot. me
9:24 am
look kind of the same these days. so i want this is healthy, james, because when we look at each other and say james is worth a million dollars, you someone comes and goes now he's worth 1.0. 1 million when you start getting, but it could increase the valuations and it's a kind of a sign the market bottom mean, when companies like apple, amazon, we can do a little bottom fishing. interesting. okay. well, we'll see where that story goes. rob, thank you as always. >> let rob know if you wanted to talk about this company or that like ea. we've got his facebook and twitter handles there on the screen. you can also it, rob at rob black dot com. thank you, rob. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste.
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>> 9.26. and happening now. we want to give an update on the quail fire. this one is burning in solano county. we have some good news as of this morning is 90% contained. yeah, that's up from the 85. when we first woke up this morning, it's burned about 135 acres. they worked overnight to strengthen containment lines, put out hot spots. you can see the video. they work from the air and from the ground to do that. yeah. and yesterday they were on quail canyon in pleasant valley roads and it was burning there on the hillside northwest of vacaville about an hour after it started people in that area on those roads they were ordered to evacuate, but they lifted that and they were allowed back. luckily, no reports yet of anybody being hurt by this fire. no damage to any buildings. it's all been in undeveloped land. hopefully they can get full containment here. pretty quick
9:28 am
time now is 9.27. coming up on the kron. 4 morning news freeway shootings are happening more often in oakland. we're going to tell you what mayor libby shaft plans to do about them. another crazy day? of course it is—you're a cio in 2022. so what's on the agenda? morning security briefing—make that two. share that link. send that contract. see what's trending. check the traffic on your network, in real time, with the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. lunch? -sure. you've got time. onboard 37 new people, with 74 new devices. does anybody have any questions? and just as many questions.
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>> 9.30, right now. and you know that if it's now, that's going to be a dwindling for you to do things like, you know. >> runs like take the dogs out that kind of ashley as we head into tomorrow, john, we're
9:31 am
talking about triple digit heat coming back to the bay. let's get the latest now. good morning, john. big guys. yeah, the triple digits tomorrow and wednesday are the ones to especially watch out for the hottest of the year. so far. >> most of us in the bay area inland will stop in the upper 90's. but there's likely a couple of areas which will reach those triple digits. you had to the central valley in the sierra foothills, going to see a lot of those 3 digit numbers. now, as far as we go in the bay today, skies are nice and clear from the coast all the way inland. beautiful set up this morning. we've had a comfortable one so far. right now we're in the 50's 60's and starting to near 80 over in brentwood where you're warming really quick at 79 now, pittsburgh fairfield santa rosa nevado into the 70's. so temperatures are wasting no time climbing now. so enjoy the relative cool that we still have only going to get hotter from here in the afternoon. then especially tomorrow. we already have high fire danger this weekend. we're going to see elevated the next several days as repairing winds with hot and dry weather. all more about that. still ahead, rain the
9:32 am
eve of that. what traffic is moving along pretty nicely. hey, if you're in the south bay. >> that down to 30 minutes to take one. 0, one heading from 85 in to menlo park and to 18. 82 also moving pretty nicely as well. head into the city. it looks like they turn lights off yet again. 90 minutes to make it from the maze to that fremont street exit, the golden gate bridge. we're down to 20. we've gotten up to about 25 37 to the tolls as you're traveling along the golden gate, the highway for a 14 minute drive or any act into concord's to 42 darya. james, back to you. thank you. run. it's 9.32, and a professional cyclists from marin county was shot and killed in austin, texas. and now u.s. marshals are searching for her killers. investigators say this may have been the result. >> of a love triangle and to her. no raman has more from austin. >> police say anna mariah wilson was staying at this home on maple avenue with a friend. she was getting ready for a bicycle racing heiko but never made it according to new police documents,
9:33 am
investigators say last wednesday evening wilson met up with another professional cyclists. colin strickland to go to deep eddy pool. police documents say strickland and wilson had a romantic relationship at some point. but the day they went swimming, he was living with his girlfriend, caitlin armstrong. police say one strickland dropped wilson back off at the home. he lied about it to armstrong telling her he went to drop flowers, offer and that his phone died. police say an anonymous friend reported that they were with armstrong in january when armstrong learned strickland was allegedly having a romantic relationship with wilson. police say the friend remembered armstrong saying she was so angry she wanted to kill wilson. according to the affidavit, investigators tested armstrong's recovered gun and found, quote, the potential that the same firearm was involved in wilson's murder is significant. investigators say security camera footage from a nearby home showed an suv matching armstrong's vehicle
9:34 am
parked at the house one minute after wilson entered it. and after strickland had left, police say armstrong couldn't explain why her car was there. when officers interviewed her. >> tahera rahman reporting and the family wilson also said in a statement they're not going to liberate on the ongoing investigation, but they wanted to clarify that she was not in a romantic relationship with anyone at the time of her death. >> in the east bay, oakland, police are investigating now after they found a man's body inside a burning car on high street. the started out as a report of a car on fire. so the fire department came out, put out the fire and were preparing. so the vehicle away when they saw a dead body inside. so that's when homicide detectives came on scene. they're working right now to try and figure out who this person was, how they died. that information not yet known, but we'll stay on the story. let you know when we find out. this morning, there are no leads on a deadly shooting that happened last wednesday on interstate 5.80,
9:35 am
in oakland. 2 people were killed in that freeway shooting. police have yet to release any information about possible suspects. but freeway shootings have been in the headlines in oakland for the past year. there's been some high-profile ones for stephanie lin had a chance to speak with oakland mayor libby schaff here in our studios and talked about her plan to address the shootings. >> but the good news is that with regard to those freeway shootings, which oakland has had a really disconcerting number up, that the governor heard our request for cameras and so in a revised budget, he is now funding cameras in just 4 counties in the entire state. but 2 of those are alameda and contra costa. the funding is for 200 cameras and they are going to be on 4 different freeways that run through oakland, the 5.80, the 8.80, the 24 and very importantly, international boulevard so we are watching you. please behave we are
9:36 am
going to hold anyone accountable. who is engaging in violence on those freeways, but also reckless driving. that takes a lot of lives as well. do we have a timeline for when those cameras are going to be installed? well, i will tell you, as soon as that came out, i've put in a call to caltrans to ask if we can start the installation now, typically it wouldn't start to july when the budget takes effect. but i don't think we can wait. >> it's 9.36. and this coming thursday marks one year since the mass shooting at the vta rail yard and san jose it was may. 26 last year that a worker opened fire in a building killing 9 people. >> the vta plans to honor the victims this thursday with a candlelight vigil and ceremony at the rail yard beginning at 6.30, in the morning. and it's only going to be for employees and their families. but the ceremony will be live streamed. >> at 9.36, this morning will remind you, we're just one week away from memorial day. the unofficial start to
9:37 am
summer. and this year, aaa is predicting moreethan 39 million people are going hit the roads over the holiday weekend. nearly 35 million say they're going to drive another 3 million. we are expecting to fly. if you're going to be one of the millions hitting the roads, aaa just released its list of the best and worst times to drive. and so we've kind of put the information here together for you. if you're leaving town on thursday, which is when a lot of people are the worst time to be on the road is between one in the afternoon and 08:00pm. you're better off leaving earlier in the morning or perhaps late at night. if you want to beat the traffic, the same is true on friday, the worst travel times then are expected to be between noon and 7 on saturday and sunday are better off hitting the road before 10 in the morning because it gets really jammed after that. and on monday, as you're heading home, aaa suggests leaving maybe before 11 o'clock. and all of this, of course, as gas prices are hitting record levels, you're going to have to tank up before you go. and here's a look at some of the average prices we're seeing across the bay this morning.
9:38 am
san francisco on average 6.32. and it slowly trickles down from there with the cheapest being at the bottom of the list. solano county at 6, 0, 4, pick the county nears to do. and you can see on this list that you're paying about 6 bucks, no matter which way you slice it. so it's going to be expensive. but as daryn has been advising you this morning. if it's expensive for you are maybe this like going there before you head out on that long road trip, right? and less like you can drive to kansas where i'm sure it's cheaper, but you need to guess to get their trip. >> all right. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news celebrations ringing out in san francisco this weekend for harvey milk. we're going hear from organizers about the work they say that still needs to be done. >> to honor the late city supervisor. we'll be right supervisor. we'll be right back. there is nothing like dairy milk stop trying to replace it it's not gonna happen wow it happened if you love milk, this is your nextmilk ♪ ♪
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>> happening now, the fda is investigating a salmonella outbreak across several states involving. >> peanut butter jif peanut butter. that is what they're concerned about right now because 14 people in 12 different states. so they got sick after eating this peanut butter. investigators traced the salmonella to a plant in lexington, kentucky, run by the j m smucker company. so what you know is circling some lot dates and all a sudden there's so many different ones that really, if you do eat jif, peanut butter, what you should do is go to kron 4 dot com because you've got a whole list of what's involved and the ones that you might want to throw out or take back to the store. whatever i know
9:42 am
that we never got jeff, because that was a name brand. >> sure. but i always wanted visit kid. but, you know, my mom was like, no, we get the big forget he no butter peanuts. yeah. >> anyway. so just check because they have gotten a few reports of this. we haven't heard about a recall or anything like that. leave all the information you need on kron. 4 dot com. >> all right. at 9.42, for the first time ever. hikers now have official access to a famous grove of redwoods the grove of titans at jeddah deiah smith state park in del mar to county is home to well, the world's largest and oldest trees, a new boardwalk trail opened up saturday, giving you a chance now to visit these 300 foot tall giants in northern california. the world's location has been secret since 1998, but after gps coordinates were posted online in 2011. officials say the forest was inundated with people who just wanted to come see the trees and the well. the force almost loved to death is how they're putting it through the a lot of the ground cover being trampled.
9:43 am
so the new trail, we'll be safe for you to walk on and it will allow you to see these titanic redwoods without damaging any of the fragile ecosystem. so it's a win-win for everybody. >> trees we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ at lowe's, you'll find products from veteran-owned businesses all throughout our store. 26,000 veterans and military spouses work here. and our no annual limit discount program saves military members and spouses 10%. every day of the year. at lowe's, our dedication to you is limitless. ♪ ♪
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9:45 am
>> 9 45? and in sports, the giants start a three-game
9:46 am
series at home against the mets today. and i'm still hopeful wearing the orange even though they were swept at home. yeah, it was tough. great start, though. >> to the game yesterday. there you see master gunnery, a master gunnery sergeant. >> playing the national anthem with the violence. a beautiful. yeah. it beautiful way to start. and just if the game had just gone our way would have been perfect. but it didn't. dawn, fortunately. and here's some of the highlights with manny machado. they're hitting hitting that one in the left-field padres scored twice on that 5 run inning put down and it because they ended up beating the giants tend the one that was the final score. all the a's didn't do much so don't watch these highlights if it hurts too much. sunny day, though. >> the angels lead 3 to one in the 7th and then yard. mike trout hit one deep down the line for a solo home run and the a's ended up losing 4 to one. everybody gets new day today, a new series. so you
9:47 am
got the giants series at home. got oakland waking up in seattle and they start a three-game series against the mariners. >> ok, well, let's find out what the weather is going to be like. if you are going to the giants game this evening, be thankful you're doing it. >> after the peak heat of the day. this this is true or not. her host even hotter high job. thank goodness as well that you're in a little bit of a closer location to both the bay and the pacific because it's our inland areas that are getting super high giants game tonight, looking pretty good for the game starts on the warm side. but by the time we reach the evening, you want that extra layer with you looks nice and sf this morning we've got the clear skies there. quite our no cloud cover. a little bit of a breeze there as well. you can see cloud cover as well offshore. so we're not going to have any fog at the coast today. lots of sunshine all the way through the day for inland areas. the pairing of our hot weather are dry weather with the windy conditions is not a recipe that is boding well for fire danger. windy at the coast, the north bay mountains, but especially into solano county in the central valley. we're
9:48 am
going to see some issues because of really dry conditions paired with the strong winds, humidity falling below 10% winds in excess of 30 miles per hour. in temperatures for solano county. well into the 90's for many spots, high pressure ridge in place is going to keep us dry for the foreseeable future as well. so not a lot coming through to under up to our dry weather. what we will have, though, is a bit of relief from the heat. so today, tomorrow, wednesday, the core of this heat wave after that thursday will begin a big cool down thursday into friday, falling into the low 80's inland by the weekend. most of our inland spots joining the rest of us in the upper 70's today, a nice one of the city 60's and 70's for san francisco, certainly breezy out along the coastline. a little calmer for a bayshore cities in comparison, at least burlingame at 72, san mateo. really nice. and 75 1 of our nicest areas. well, san jose at 83 today, 70's along the east bay shoreline 80's consistently for inland east bay cities with walnut creek
9:49 am
and concord inching towards 90 and solano county. well into the 90's today, vacaville at 94 degrees, knapp and youngsville also back into the low 90's for your highs. today is a warm up leading to tomorrow's hottest of conditions, some of her for this to inland spots could rise into the triple digits tomorrow. central valley and sierra foothills will be in the triple digits. that's some heat advisories for neighbors to the east by thursday, we're cooling over 10 degrees by saturday of the weekend. even our warmest temperatures only in the upper 70's rain. tom, thank you for that will. unfortunately we have an accident. 80 westbound. >> right near that trez in on that exit. so about 17 minutes for you to make it from the maze to that fremont street exit. so traffic picking up just a bit because of that accident heading across towards the peninsula. 8.80 to one o one about 13 minutes for your drive. so thankfully, no major issues along. want to want to slow you down. well, out of richmond heading across towards sandra fell about 8 minutes for you as you're traveling from the tolls to one o one and the south bay
9:50 am
back down to 31 minutes. traveling along one. 0, one from 85. and to menlo park to 18. 82. no major issues along to 37 17 as well. let's go ahead, ali, with a look at highway 4 as you're traveling from antioch, into conquered a little under 60 minutes story. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of 9.50, right now that castro was full of celebrations in honor of harm me. harvey milk who yesterday would have celebrated his 92nd birthday. yeah. >> he's spending his legacy is well known. he's dedicated his work to the lgbtq rights and other a community as well. try to bring people together cough or sailor. the second has more. >> here at harvey milk plaza, dozens gathered to celebrate harvey milk day and all of his contributions, city state leaders and community organizers are all here saying it's more important now than ever to carry on what bill has taught us. spirits are high in san francisco's castro
9:51 am
district on sunday as crowds came out to celebrate harvey milk day on what would have been his 92nd birthday. the former san francisco supervisor made great strides for the lgbtq community in san francisco, california. and beyond knowing that this really is the sort delays of like the pride like in is really important to me i had to come out. harvey. >> is was socially important big year for our community and as well as for just basic. >> human rights on this special day, the friends of harvey milk plaza and sf parks alliance also gave us a look at future redesign plans for this space in honors. milks memory he someone who was warm and have movement the most. good morning. when craig was a friend of milk's and worked with him during several campaigns. despite all the progressive changes made over the past few decades for human
9:52 am
rights, craig says milk would be disappointed to see some of those feats. now in question of he would mean to disappoint that we've that back again with that indeed senator scott wiener also spoke about the current threat to reproductive rights has leaked opinion from the supreme court reveals that roe v wade may soon be overturned. but with harvey said, if you or your that, i >> he would say number one, get out of the street, which we will do. number 2, you've got win elections. we have to win elections many years saying it's times like these that we need to remember what harvey's taught us in i think they're we know for a fact if and when they do roe v wade they will be coming for marriage equality next. and then if they want to come after we're going to put on
9:53 am
more of a fight than we ever and we know how to organize and we know how to speak to harvey has revealed there are huge plans for this harvey milk plaza to carry on his plans are expected to break ground within the next couple ground within the next couple of ♪ ♪
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> 9.55, almost done for monday morning or on kron. 4 morning news. our next show is at noon and 12 boards. noelle bellow is standing by in the
9:56 am
newsroom with a preview. hi, noel high daria, there is more fire danger in the forecast. already one wildfire burning in the bay area. another red flag warning set to be in effect by noon today. we'll have the very latest on the conditions in the north bay. plus, we know gas prices are high, but at 7.25, for a gallon of regular gas. yeah. >> it's happening here in the bay area. we're going to tell you where to avoid filling up your tank as we help you plan for memorial day weekend. we've got those stories and much more coming up on kron. 4 news at noon with no. well back to daryn. yeah. >> all right. thank you very much, noel at 9.56. will leave you with this. >> we leave you with this. leave you this amazing rescue video. chp haha, too. >> lower themselves down to this cliff. mussel rock park in daly city to rescue. you see him in a minute. this gentleman who somehow got halfway down the cliff and was stuck on a by the way. yeah,
9:57 am
not prepared for that. so not sure how this happened. but any event they got in harvest up and flew them to safety. okay. if you're going to be out enjoying nature, i would say do it early. yeah. i know everyone's looking for a place to get to maybe the library instead it is going to be hot tomorrow and wednesday. our hottest days already warm today, though, getting close 90's. something that i have my car looked terrified.
9:58 am
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