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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  May 23, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> ruthless steph curry was certainly feeling himself in game 3 of the western conference finals last night. punctuating a 16 point first-half with one of his patented know, look turn around 3 pointers, but the mavericks did not appreciate cree celebration. apparently of words were exchanged and players from both teams. they had to be separated. cooler heads, though, did prevail as the warriors go on to games that was one of 9 to 100. >> runs in the sense snaps it outside the wiggins goes by >> and that's why you sitting at home watching get yeah, out of your seat. it's certainly one of the most talked about moments in last night's victory. a massive dunk.
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andrew wiggins over dallas superstar luka doncic's each. the referees originally called it an offensive foul on wiggins. but you look closely and they looked closely, reviewed it and reversed the call, giving wiggins the points and a true poster is a shunt that will be in some bedrooms of and there's a still image of the dunk. i mean, that could could have been 11 feet that, well, it would have banked it yeah, the still image. you had 27 points as well. andrew wiggins that, you know, really cementing himself. i think it's one of the true core pieces moses moody saw the reaction from him on the bench to say was that? yeah, that was definitely a yes. so that the dubs they got the win last night, game 3 of the finals >> yeah, it was really pretty at times. a win is a win. so now they are just one away.
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>> they need one more win. the weer warriors clearly looked like the better team last night and they can wrap this thing up in dallas tomorrow night. our sports director jason dumas, us is in dallas with how the dubs are field today. right now on the cusp of another trip to the nba fights. >> a day later, the warriors are on the brink of their 6th nba finals in 8 years. this team has been a beacon of success over the last decade and each and every team has been different in this year is no different from that. a bunch of new faces andrew wiggins, otto porter junior, jordan poole, 3 guys who play a key part of this team who have never been on this stage before they are growing up before our eyes. i asked jeff curry who has been here, of course, for every single team that has advanced deep in the playoffs. what makes this team different staff told me is these new guys who have never been here before. they are learning on the fly. our entire team is learning on the fly and that's what has made this run. so special.
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>> you know, the injuries and and door. lineups and who's available. we really didn't know is going to look like. and we talked about just trying to peak at the right time. continue to get better. everybody says that you're going to play off room that we really had to prove that. and to get to this point where we that is the identity of this team that slowly figure it out and got better as each game. the series, you know, and we have more opportunity to keep proving that it's been exciting being able to kind of get my first. >> this variance with his own also guys been through has questions best possible. but they also allow me to feel a kind about my so fun, like i said, never have whenever i have questions that getting the right answer. so >> the warriors will now look to put the dallas mavericks away on tuesday evening.
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dallas looked like their spirits were broken when they left a floor on sunday night down 3 to nothing. no team in nba history has overcome a deficit and the warriors they don't want to play on thursday night in san francisco. they want to get this done. we'll have coverage right here on kron 4 leading up to tip off on tuesday evening. but for now, i'm jason dumas, us out in dallas. back to you guys. all right. >> well, the first phase of operation fly formula is being called a success over 130 pallets of nestle alfamino infant formula arrived in indiana yesterday came from germany. the single shipment is expected to provide enough formula to take care of 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers for a week. the specially formula it won't stock store shelves, but instead will fill the needs and hospitals and clinics and pharmacies. vice president kamala harris says that alleviating the shortage is one of the administration's top priorities.
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>> i know this is a scary situation. for parents and caregivers who are taking care of these babies. administration is working around the clock to ensure that there is enough safe baby formula available for all who need >> over 100 more pallets of gerber formula are expected to arrive in the coming days altogether. about 1.5 million bottles are scheduled to arrive in the u.s. from europe this week. the u.s. agriculture secretary says store shelves should return to normal just a matter of weeks. and world news, president biden is in japan. today's meeting with the emperor and prime minister to discuss a shared vision for freedom in the indo pacific. the press did have questions about the potential for a confrontation with china over taiwan and whether the u.s. was willing to intervene of taiwan's independence is threatened. president biden gave a firm yes to that question. the
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white house says that's not a shift in policy, though. >> we agree with the one china policy we signed all the attendant agreements made from there. but the idea that. that can be taken by force just taken by force is just not. it's just not appropriate. >> historically, though, the u.s. has not gone so far as to commit to military intervention in taiwan. now, the latest headlines from ukraine. a russian soldier has been sentenced to life in prison in the first war crimes trial. >> since the invasion, the 21 year-old soldier pleaded guilty to shooting an unarmed ukrainian man in the head in the early days of the war in court. he asked the window for forgiveness saying he was ordered. to do the shooting over fears that the man would share russian troop locations with ukrainian soldiers and poland will not be purchasing
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russian natural gas anymore. today the country's climate minister announced the termination 30 year agreement with russia. russia cut off poland's supply in april for not paying for the energy in russian currency. ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky called for the complete withdrawal of all foreign corporations from russia. and his comments came during a virtual speech before the world economic forum. whether time now as we're back here in the bay, taking a live look out there in san francisco, clear blue skies in the city. >> it's certainly not a summertime site. you expect to see the fog, but we do have a holiday weekend approaching. yeah. inching closer to so clear. you can see forever just forever. yeah. memorial day weekend not too far away. the unofficial beginning of summer, right? so here we go, folks get ready to go out there. and what a beautiful weekend we had. and now, yeah, that's temperatures start to warm up outside as we get
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ready for the holiday weekend. forecast. maybe a little wrinkle in the long range forecast will show you just a moment right now. you get the sense that big dome of high pressure overhead, that bridge a lots of sunshine and we're cranking up the heat, nearly triple digits over the next couple days, at least in the valleys. then that ridge starts to break down. >> get a couple of weak fronts come through. that will drop the temperatures we head in toward friday and the weekend. of course, the memorial day weekend and watch this. how about that? wouldn't that be something if that comes through like that, that would be some rain moving to the bay area on sunday early in the morning. a memorial day weekend. of course, you a lot of folks like to go out there do little camp and you have to watch that one very, very closely after that looks like stay a little bit unsettled than long rates. but temperature wise for tomorrow, the big story will be the temperatures numbers in the 60's and 70's san francisco. not too bad. just a nice day, but you get inside the bay numbers heating up in a hurry and work your way down the peninsula. you go from 80's to hot 90's in the south bay tomorrow. and some of those temperatures near triple digits in the valleys. yeah,
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it is going to be scorching hot in many spots inland. >> thanks, lord. still to come, warning from southwest airlines about a giveaway scam. it's gone viral on social media. southwest
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airlines is warning customers about a facebook free. >> ticket fake facebook account by the name of southwest air fans created this past weekend. a post
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claimed that southwest was celebrating its 69th anniversary by giving away 2 tickets to everyone who responded. but the word done the post, as you can imagine, it went viral and received more than a million comments. southwest airlines actually celebrating its 51st anniversary. and sorry to say the airline is not giving away free tickets. >> still ahead, we're following the death of the bay area, pro cyclist who was shot and killed in texas. why investigators are saying a love
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>> a professional bay area, cyclists from marin county has been shot and killed in austin, texas. and now u.s. marshals are searching for her suspected killer. investigators say this all may have been the result of a love triangle kron four's gayle ong has the story. >> 25 year-old anna wilson who went by mariah is known to be a rising star in the pro. cycling community. wilson was living in san francisco. she traveled to austin to compete in a race earlier this month. according to the u.s. marshals, wilson was found shot and killed in austin on the night of may 11. she was found inside the home where she was staying. the hunt is underway for 35 year-old caitlin armstrong of austin, an arrest affidavit reveals a romantic entanglement indicating wilson's death as a result of a possible love triangle. court papers say the
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night of the murder wilson went for a swim a pool in austin. would colin strickland, another cyclist armstrong in stricklin were dating at the time. wilson was found shot to death, according to the affidavit, the affidavit further explained that strickland told police during a break in his relationship with armstrong. he met and began dating wilson. strickland has been cooperating with police wilson's family released a statement that reads in part, there are no words that can express the pain and suffering. we are experiencing due to the senseless tragic loss. mariah was a talented kind and caring young woman. her life was taken from her before she had the opportunity to achieve everything she dreamed of our family and all those who loved her will forever miss her. >> gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> wilson's family also said in a statement they do not believe that she was in a romantic relationship at the time of her death. >> the man accused of attacking comedian dave chappelle is not apologizing for what happened. instead, he's explaining why he did it
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during an interview over the weekend. the 23 year-old says she tells jokes about the transgender community in the homeless were, quote, triggering. says he's experienced homelessness himself and faces several misdemeanors, including battery and possession of a weapon with intent to assault. he's also facing a separate felony count of attempted murder for allegedly stabbing his former roommare at a transitional housing apartment last december and is due back in court for that case on june. 2nd. a caravan of vehicles displaying antisemitic messages shocked a lot of people in southern california over the weekend. >> in west hollywood, one truck was seen parked at a gas station had propaganda and disparaging words about jews on it. later, a group of people was seen surrounding a black customer. she was getting gas. la county sheriff's deputies were called to the scene but only monitor the situation. the display came on harvey milk day and just a week after the mass
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shooting in buffalo, that many are calling a racist inspired act of domestic terrorism. the city of west hollywood released a statement saying the display is distressing and that it has no place in that city. recently released pictures show the intake pipes. they're visible above lake mead's surface and that's the first time anyone can remember that water levels are now below 1050 feet above sea level, lowest ever level this month. authorities discovered 2 decades old human remains and more are expected to be found as water levels continue to decline. as we take a live look outside san francisco right now. this is the view from our camera on sutro tower. yeah. beauty shot there. san francisco. warmer than usual. >> chief meteorologist lawrence centering on over to discuss the conditions. yeah,
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guys, you know, we've been talking about fires and fire conditions around the bay area. now we've talked about one near saint lena, one near a san ramon this afternoon in these kind of pop-up fires you get especially sea breeze that we're seeing right now. that's not even the offshore wind setting in yet. so look at this. we're getting that sea breeze, but it's gusting over 20 miles an hour in st. louis. and we're talking about 26 mile an hour gust. >> in europe, bill, 24 mile an hour gusts and you can see those gusty winds continuing around much of the bay area, especially inland that start to filter right through the delta. and that's where we start to see a lot of those winds developing. then you can see the areas shaded in red. this is when we get into county and those winds gusting to 25 right now. but out of the west that some more of a a wind that is blowing now right through the delta. but the concern is, is that overnight tonight that is going to start to turn more toward a northerly wind and then all of a sudden, well, things get really dry in the atmosphere. and before, you know, we start talking about red flag warnings. in fact, one is in effect now. that will continue until wednesday. high pressure building in. you can get the sense now that ridge already
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doing its work in blowing that fog off the coast line that's bringing that dry conditions in the bay area over the next couple days. that's going to be coupled with the very hot temperatures. and that's why we're concerned about fire danger. right now, though, that sea breeze is blowing outside that on shore flow continuing right now. that will begin to switch though overnight tonight. that's why red flag warnings are going up and county where the humidity expected to drop down between about 5.15%. get windy there, too. maybe not as windy as the last event but still some sustained winds. 15 to 25 miles per hour. maybe gusting to 35. but the hills are very dry. and you watch now as the humidity really starts to dry out as we head toward tomorrow morning in the afternoon. and there you go by about 3, 4 o'clock in the afternoon. we're talking about humidity level only about 17% in napa. only about 5% in fairfield. that is bone dry. that is desert dry air in the slow county outside. otherwise you've got some beautiful conditions along the coastline of the sea breeze blowing out toward the golden gate bridge. skies are nice and clear.
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that's what it's going to stay for the most part tonight. temperature wise. hey, it's beautiful out there now. 81 degrees and warm in san jose. it is 89 in concord. 67 degrees. cool off. now in san francisco, 60 degrees and 79 in novato much hotter. weather is expected tomorrow afternoon. >> just into the kron. 4 we are tracking a new fire and that the county they're calling this the pope fire. it's burning near pope street silverado trail and the saint helene area. this is a live camera. you can see the smoke right now. no word on acreage or containment doesn't look to be huge. that's good. you just hope they can get this thing extinguished quickly before it spreads. firefighters are asking drivers to avoid the area if possible. they say, though, if you must travel there, use caution and allow emergency vehicles too pass that area. napa county devastated in 2017 by the north bay firestorm. the atlas fire hit hard there. so
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people, of course, are on edge anytime the smallest fire breaks out. and it's this dry developing story we'll continue to update it. and bring you more information throughout the night. it was spotted in san francisco over the weekend that we have video of the coyotes spotted in the mission district yesterday morning. just >> trotting along prancing down the street. looks like an adult coyote. it took off right after i got spooked by an approaching ambulance. then in the north bay, one neighborhood in vallejo is getting word out bear cub citing this is by the crest ranch park by highway. 37 up the hills. the viewer tells us that in the 20 years and they've lived there, they've never heard of bears or mountain lions in their neighborhood until now as a reminder, a secure your trash can lids and don't move. leave any food out since you know that at all? attract hungry bears and of course, never approach any wildlife. up
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>> for the first time, hikers have official access to a famous grove of famous and beautiful a boardwalk trail opened this weekend, a gift peopleea chance to visit the 300 foot tall giants in a northern california is grove of titans. as it's called.
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it's at the jetta. deiah smith redwoods state park. the grows location had been a secret 1998. yeah, along the coast there, not far from the oregon border. however, after gps coordinates were posted online in 2011, officials say the force was nearly loved to death as people flocked to the grove and trampled vegetation. out there. pay homage, keeping distance from the medicaid. get right off some site serenity. now that wraps up kron. 4 news at 5. thanks for being with us this hour. but stick around a lot. more news ahead is coming up on kron. 4 news at 6. ken and justine are here with a look at that. thanks, guys. think that much. thanks so much. here's what's coming up tonight. at 6 o'clock. we are. >> tracking the high fire danger in parts of the bay area tonight, the latest on the fires burning in napa county n. right now is a red
5:57 pm
flag warning remains in place for parts of the north bay. >> plus, the san francisco pride parade is returning after a two-year break, but not without some controversy. why san francisco mayor london breed says she can't support a celebration unless some big changes are made. >> i'm ken wayne, i'm justine waldman. the news at 6.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> we have our emergency bucket filled and be ready. you know, every season. >> just in case. now it's 6 to counter says may, but the weather says it is fire season for the second time in a week, a red flag warning has been issued in solano county. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne. i'm justine waldman in for pam moore tonight, the national weather service says the warning will continue from now until wednesday morning. as much of. >> northern central california is experiencing red flag conditions and the red flag warning coming just days after the fast-moving quill fire burned 135 acres north of fairfield. it briefly forced evacuations in the area. all evacuation orders and warnings have been lifted. people are now safely back at home. crews worked overnight to strengthen containment lines and put out hot spots and no reports of any injuries or damage


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