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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  May 23, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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kron. 4 news at 6. >> we have our emergency bucket filled and be ready. you know, every season. >> just in case. now it's 6 to counter says may, but the weather says it is fire season for the second time in a week, a red flag warning has been issued in solano county. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne. i'm justine waldman in for pam moore tonight, the national weather service says the warning will continue from now until wednesday morning. as much of. >> northern central california is experiencing red flag conditions and the red flag warning coming just days after the fast-moving quill fire burned 135 acres north of fairfield. it briefly forced evacuations in the area. all evacuation orders and warnings have been lifted. people are now safely back at home. crews worked overnight to strengthen containment lines and put out hot spots and no reports of any injuries or damage
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buildings because of this fire. >> and in the san ramon valley, firefighters are battling a vegetation fire there. the fire burned. 25 acres in the area of highland and camino tassajara roads. it's not clear just how much has been contained at this point. but you can see there's plenty of smoke in that area as that fire burns. >> we are tracking another fire in napa county right now. it's burning near pope street silverado trail and the saint helene area. this is a live camera and we could see all the smoke and how windy it is. the camera shakes around so far. this fire has burned 4 acres. there is no containment. firefighters are asking people to avoid the area. but if you do go there, use caution and make sure you leave enough room for emergency vehicles to pass. this is a developing story. we're continuing to get new updates into the crowd for newsroom. keep you posted throughout the hour tonight. and you can see the very bottom of that. >> picture, there are some structures here that little fire. so we're keeping a close eye on that. and we have record heat moving into the
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parts of the bay this in the coming days. yeah, it's going to get hotter. and these winds right now which are really more of a sea breeze in a more moist type wind that's all going to change. we're going to see more of a northerly wind and that's a concern. that's why red flag warnings are going up in the bay area. let's check out some of those wind conditions right now. these are some of the gusts in around that fire. saint lena. you see the gusts there to 23, but we've had some gusts as high. >> as 26 miles per hour, that's more of a general sea breeze. you notice where those arrows are coming from out of the west. just a general sea breeze blowing out there right now. but we're seeing that around the bay area. that's where you get the spot. fires of the grasses are very dry. and you get the even just a general afternoon sea breeze. you can see some of these spot fires picking up into the red flag zone. you can see some gusts wind to 22 miles an hour in benicia 19 in american canyon. but that also continues in a place like toss-up are in around the other fire near san ramon. you've got 16 teams, some 22 mile an hour gusts there. as we're watching that very closely as we're expecting some drier air to mix in that
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direction, you see it right here. high pressure blowing the fog away from the coastline. that's at northerly wind that offshore wind. so the air getting very dry. and even though we're seeing a sea breeze now overnight tonight, that's going to start to switch direction. so red flag warnings are going up in the county, some very dry air there expected and winds 15 to 25 miles an hour sustained, maybe gusting to 35 miles an hour. red flag warnings in effect in high fire. danger through about wednesday at 11:00am. thank you cards. another big story we're following tonight. san jose's mayor says city employees accused of misconduct are being allowed to stay on the job. and that is putting the public at risk of the mayor is now demanding the police department and the city manager and new policies and forcing. >> those under investigation to be put on administrative leave or leased on desk duty pending the outcome of misconduct investigations. kron four's dan kerman reports. >> there are 2 cases that of concern here that involved
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employees who continue to serve in their roles after some information became available to city about their misconduct. san jose mayor sam liccardo is talking about sent us a police officer. matthew dominguez seen here. >> being escorted out of the department by the chief earlier this month after being charged with himself to several females. well, on the job investigating a disturbance. he's also talking about former sent as a code enforcement inspector william geary, who was sentenced this month to 35 years in prison after being convicted of soliciting bribes and extorting from massage parlor owners. we want to be sure that involves a city employee were on it. my great concern is we weren't on it in that case and we need to understand why the mayor is calling on the independent police auditor in the city manager to review why both employees were allowed to stay on the job while they were being investigated for misconduct and to make sure it doesn't
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happen again. what's important for me is that we have clear protocols, policies and practices in place prevent this from ever happening yet. so we can fix this. what i want to do again, like the mayor said, look at the process, look at investigations and see where we can improve on the hopefully in the next couple of days. we'll put out some immediate that will change policies within the department really related to these types of incidents. short term changes may come immediately with longer term changes going before the city council in june. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> a new report says gun violence ca santa clara county, 72 million dollars every year. that accounts for police, emergency services and health costs. the county says that does not include the cost of jail. upkeep. the report also says that in 2021 550,000 guns were owned by santa clara county residents over the weekend, the county held a gun buyback initiative where police were able to collect
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more than 400 guns at that event. supervisor cindy chavez said the county decided to examine the cost of gun violence after the 2019 shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. she said that the report offers an opportunity for the county to weigh strategies for addressing gun violence. >> there are communities all over the country that have used a different kinds strategies to lower gun violence as an example in cities like philadelphia, frankly, they're finding that by cleaning up a community, you can lower gun violence. so we i think there are plenty of opportunities for us to look that aren't necessarily all very cost prohibitive for us to be able to address us. >> santa clara county has enhanced gun control measures, including mandating gun owners to have liability insurance and passing a local ordinance that prohibits processing selling or assembling ghost guns. >> in the north bay, santa rosa, police say they arrested a man who they say shot and injured another man around 11
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30 last night. it happened on greenwich avenue. investigators say the 2 men know each other and they were sitting inside a car when somehow the shooting took place after the victim was shot. the suspect took him out of the car and drove away. police say they were able to find the suspect shortly after that, the victim is now recovering from the gunshot wound and is expected to survive. police have identified the suspect as 28 year-old jose baltasar. but the motive for the shooting is still under investigation. >> here's a car making doughnuts during a sideshow in alameda. and as you can see, there's a crowd of people there. several cars watching the stunt. it happened saturday evening just before 6 at alameda point. officers say they patrolled the area until the vehicles left. police say they do expect to see more sideshows as summer is getting closer. so officers will put in more efforts to prevent this illegal activity from
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happening again. >> san francisco mayor london breed says she will not march in the city's annual pride parade. mayor breed's announcement comes after a decision from the pride board not to allow lgbtq members of law enforcement to march in the parade while in uniform. mayor breed's office released a statement that reads in part, quote, i love the per a pride parade and what it means for our lgbtq community and for our city. it's one of my favorite events. however, if the pride board does not reverse its decision, i will join our city public safety departments are not participating in the pride parade. our forces he has reaction from san francisco's lgbtq police officers. >> and a lot of san francisco's lgbtq plus office who is not being able to wear their police uniforms of this year's pride parade. the spokesperson for the san francisco police officers, pride alliance officer catherine wynter says they will not participate at all.
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talk about why that decision has been made. >> every one of us to be able bring authentic self every part of to pride and celebrate who they are. not being able to wear our uniform just the i can see those that came before us. in fact, winters says some lgbtq members of the san francisco police department have participated in pride going back 30 years. >> however, that it did 2020 with the nationwide civil unrest in response to the murder of george floyd by officers at the minneapolis police department followed by covid-19 shut it down pride altogether in 2021. this year marks the return of the pride celebration. however, the executive director of sf pride explains why the pride board of directors chose not to allow officers to return in uniform this year. i think all of our society in the last 2 years have realized that we have more as far as how
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policing is conducted in the united states. >> especially communities of color. and so i think this is a response like all of the nation to that and say that, no, we can't go back to the way things before were before because that wasn't good. the mayor of san francisco is weighing in as well. she released a statement that reads in part, quote, i will join us to the public safety departments that are not participating in the pride parade. >> i've made this very hard decision in order to support those members of the lgbtq community who serve in uniform and our police department sheriff's department who have been told they could not march in uniform and that members of the fire department who are refusing to march out of solidarity with their public safety partners, unquote. >> well, we're disappointed in the decision. we hope that we have found a compromise for be included in the parade. >> all right. is it? it was founded on. that is really based on the roof. the various have francisco ideals of
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radical inclusion has it. but you crowd for >> and coming up at 06:30pm, tonight, kron four's political analysts will join us live to weigh in on the reasons behind mayor london breed's absence from the pride parade. again, that's coming up in a few minutes at 6, 6, 30. >> turning now to our coronavirus coverage. pfizer released new data today showing its three-dose coronavirus vaccine is 80% effective in children ages 6 months to 5 years old. the company says it protected against symptomatic infection. the trial was not big enough to estimate protection against severe disease for that age group. vaccines from both pfizer and moderna are expected to be authorized for the youngest americans in june or july. >> the masks are back on its schools in berkeley throughout the rest of the school year. the district is reinstating its mask mandate due to a rise in covid-19 cases among students and staff over 100 cases. districtwide were recorded just last week.
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school officials say this is the second biggest surge they've seen throughout the pandemic and because they're short-staffed for substitutes and have just a couple more weeks left of school officials and students say they want to finish strong. >> i think it's important because covid like. covid chances are rising up. so i think it's pretty important to wear a mask because you don't want to be stuck at home with covid the whole time. so i think it's good because it's also for the community. so other people don't get sick. unified accounts for about 9,000 students across 15 campuses. schools are trying to move in door. >> activities outdoors all in an effort to keep transmission rates low. coming up here during kron, 4 news at 6, the first emergency shipments of baby formula are now here in the united states. >> so where they're headed and when more is supposed to arrive. >> 3 people are dead over the weekend involving separate car crashes with francisco. officials are planning to do to try to prevent more such
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>> state lawmakers are racing against the clock as a key deadline for bills approaches this coming friday. >> our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what's happening and some of the proposals that were closely tracking.
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>> california lawmakers monday kicking off a marathon week of work. this friday marks what's called the house of origin deadline, meaning any bill introduced in the assembly or senate must pass through its original house by then, each chamber has hundreds of bills up for floor votes to get through this week. abortion protections at the top of the priority list for the democratic majority in the assembly monday to measures passed the 2 0rd votes extending abortion protections to doctors and out of state abortion patients. ab 26. 26 prevents doctors and nurse practitioners from state punishment for helping with abortions while ab 16, 66 aims to shield patients and doctors from out of state lawsuits. >> we must ensure that these foreign states laws do not come into our borders. there's our abortion funds and the women who are seeking care at risk. another bill passed monday, a b 24 la, which would allow social media companies to be held legally liable for harm stemming from online addiction in kids. the bill
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boasting bipartisan support era social experimentation on children is over. >> and we will protect kids. everyone is welcome to innovate. they need to innovate with responsibility. they need to innovate with products and services that are not designed to harm our kids. other bills that will be closely watched this week include several efforts to boost the state's gun control laws. bills that aim to give the cannabis industry tax and regulatory relief plus homelessness and housing pushes bills passed in the assembly this week will head to the senate and vice versa before reaching the governor's desk later this year at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> is your local election headquarters? and today is the deadline to register for california's primary election, which will happen on tuesday, june 7th applications can be found online and at your local city hall or public libraries, the election will narrow down the field of candidates in the lead up to the november 8 general election. on san francisco ballots. a lot of
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people are focused on the recall of district attorney jason burdine. that item is under proposition h on your ballot to see more about what will be on your ballot specifically depending on where you live in the bay area. you can go to kron 4 dot com and find an explainer link. but on the state level, voters are also picking the top contenders for governor state attorneys. general u.s. senator u.s. representatives and secretary of state. >> other news tonight, san francisco police are investigating crash that left 2 people dead over the weekend. officials say a taxi crashed into a building near that. your wrist when a center that was around 4.30, yesterday afternoon, police have identified the 2 people who died on the scene. they are 31 year old willa henderson and 72 year-old mary taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. a pedestrian was also taken to the hospital. his condition is unknown at this time and the cause of the crash is still
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under investigation. >> an 82 year-old died following a car crash near the golden gate park senior center in the outer richmond. san francisco officials say the car hit the victim at 37th avenue and fulton street on saturday. and that area is designated as a senior zone. san francisco supervisor connie chan wrote this on twitter. it's heartbreaking and unacceptable. that full has been part of the city's high injury network. we must continue to work towards vision 0 to prevent serious injuries and fatalities. >> californians could see mandatory water cuts amid the growing drought crisis as the hotter summer months approach today, governor gavin newsom raise that possibility of meeting with representatives from major water agencies, including those that supply water to the los angeles area. the governor has avoided issuing sweeping cuts in water use and instead favored an approach that gives local water agencies the power to set usage rules for the areas
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they supply. california, of course, is now in its 3rd year of drought. and most of the areas in the state are classified as either severe or in extreme drought conditions. >> and now to our 4 zone forecast as we take this live look outside here in san francisco. there's the transamerica. pyramid blue skies out there today is not even the warmest day of the week. it's going to get hotter yeah. maybe near triple digits. i think even by tomorrow afternoon, some places well inland. >> going to see these temperatures soar and you're going to see these numbers. yeah. getting near 100 degrees in some of the valleys out there right now. enough of the sea breeze blowing. you can see a little haze in the atmosphere. that's just the moisture coming off the ocean right now with that sea breeze. but the temperatures looking nice outside right now. 76 degrees in san jose. cool. 55, though, in half moon bay, 82 in lemore. 86 still in concord, 90 in brentwood and hot. 89 and santa rosa. 73 degrees in petaluma and 77 in the bottle. offshore winds. yeah. high pressure building in. you can see what's happening now is that ridge builds in. you start to see more of that northerly
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component, the wind that blows the fog off the coastline, making it clear even out toward the beaches. so you're going to see those winds, though, right now near see more of an onshore breeze. that sea breeze kicking in. but i think overnight tonight you're going to see more of a northerly wind kicking in and that's why the fire danger is going to be elevated. you'll see it right here as we take you through the night tonight. all of a sudden you start to see those colors coming the sacramento valley back into parts of the north bay in the slot county parts of the napa mountains there. you can see some of those gusts, 18, maybe 30 miles per hour. fire danger is going to be running high through wednesday. thanks, lawrence. >> the first phase of operation fly formula is being called the success over 130 pallets of nestle alfamino infant formula arrived in indiana yesterday. it came from germany and this single shipment is expected to provide enough formula to take care of 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers for one week. this specialty
6:22 pm
of these babies. our administration is working around the clock to ensure that there is enough safe baby formula available for all who need >> more than 100 pallets of gerber formula are expected to arrive in the coming days altogether. about 1.5 million bottles are scheduled to arrive in the united states from europe this week. the u.s. agriculture secretary says store shelves should return to normal in a matter of weeks. >> coming up, an urgent manhunt under way for a woman wanted in connection to the killing of a bay area. cyclists. why police say she was released and where they think she might be. now.
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>> right now the u.s. marshal service is leading a nationwide search for the woman accused of killing a professional cyclist, possibly because there was a love triangle. kaitlin armstrong is charged with first-degree murder. >> police say she shot and killed pro cyclist anna mariah wilson. the same night that wilson was seen with armstrong's boyfriend. wilson was living in san francisco. she traveled to austin, texas to compete in a race earlier this month. let's get the latest now from reporter kylie be
6:26 pm
>> known as mo. 25 year-old anna mariah wilson was an up and coming cycling star, a rising talent on the gravel cycling circuit. i really what a really hard effort and at the end on may 11th, the 25 year-old athlete was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds at this austin home. a manhunt is now underway for 34 year-old caitlin armstrong, a yoga teacher accused of wilson's murder. yet evidence pointing to a crime of passion. >> and i have to believe that the that the elite status that they have as athletes. >> is the primary reason that they on this so quickly because normally this isn't something that that law enforcement is like tearing the doors down to it to us as it happens so frequent. in an affidavit, police say the victim wilson had met with the suspects. current boyfriend colin strickland. >> the night she was killed. wilson in strickland, both pro
6:27 pm
cyclist who stricklin said briefly dated last fall when swimming and to dinner before strickland drop wilson off at the home where she was later found dead. detectives say one minute after wilson arrived, security footage showed an suv similar to caitlin armstrong's appearing to pull up outside when officers confronted armstrong with video evidence she provided no explanation and continue to remain very still in guarded. police later told her she was free to go. investigators say an anonymous tipster they call credible, told them armstrong discovered stricklin her boyfriend was having a romantic relationship with wilson. the tipster telling police armstrong became furious and was shaking with anger and quote, won it to kill her. i know the first thing the martians will do is they will start to financials. >> so credit cars, atm
6:28 pm
withdrawals. i'm using a credit card at a at a hotel. >> that was kaylee, be sun reporting for us tonight. next here during kron, 4 news at 6 san francisco pride parade is coming back after being but i'm cause for the past 2 years. why does mayor london breed say that she will not be there? a political expert is going to join us live to weigh in on the mayor's move. >> over the police uniform controversy and a tragedy in southern california. one person is dead. several others critically injured after falling hundreds of feet. >> over a cliff tonight, what we're learning about what went wrong. and the memorial day holiday weekend, not too far away. could rain not he'd actually be a factor your weekend. we'll talk about (music throughout)
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