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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  May 24, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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kron. 4 morning news. a top eu now for 29 going on for 30 am. >> here on this tuesday morning. and it's supposed to be a hot lunch, but just how hot it's folks actually be with john shrable as bit tracking all of that job. i've got the fans ready. got to fans ready to i need another i say at this point, the a c. >> maybe something you just need to leave the house for because we are looking at a day that will be dangerously hot for many areas, especially those of us that are a little bit more susceptible to the heat. we're climbing well into the upper 90's. a couple of low triple digits for the statement. so as we venture into this heat, it's one of the first times the season. it's been this hot and we need to find ourselves a cool spot, staying plenty hydrated as well. get that ice water out and stay hydrated towards the afternoon. skies are clear this morning from the coast all the way inland. abundant sunshine throughout the day today. right now, temperatures
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50's to 60's as they've been tell you the past few days. enjoy these cool morning hours. long dog walk jog, all things to do beforeywe heat up this afternoon and then avoid too much exposure and especially too much review, rigorous strenuous activity outside later on. as that will dehydrate. you really quickly in this heat, solano county. again, one of her windiest spots and that pairing of 90's to triple digits, dry conditions and winds is resulting in red flag warnings. critical fire danger yet again today. hot afternoon. temperatures range from the 70's at the coast, 80's by the bay to those upper 90's. even a couple triple digits inland. your full breakdown is still to come. rain or john. thank you for that. he will thankfully no hot spots along the bay bridge this morning. >> it will be about 10 minutes to make it from the maze to that fremont street exit. the san mateo bridge, as you're traveling from a 80 to one o one. you're looking at a 13 minute drive. a lot of richmond heading across towards sandra fell 9 minutes
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and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes for you. a deadly weekend on the streets of san francisco as police are investigating 2 crashes that left 3 pedestrians dead. one happened near that. you're above one to center and the other near golden gate park kron four's amanda hari spoke with street safety advocates about the crashes and how the city can work to create safer streets. >> this is a really a tragic weekend here in san francisco. okay. let me very sad. and but i was not surprised because our streets have for a long time been incredibly dangerous for pedestrians to crashes involving pedestrians of left 3 people dead on saturday, an 82 year-old woman was hit near 37th avenue and fulton street. >> on sunday, a taxi crashed into a building near the your bubble when a center killing. 31 year-old henderson and 17 year-old mary henderson of
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florida. united states on the sidewalk. that's how things. >> i think things are out there. more to lindsay with the organization walk. san francisco says 3rd and mission streets are on the city's high injury network. the streets marked in red make up just 13% of the city's streets. but 75% of the crashes occur on those streets. well, police are still investigating the details of this crash. she says speed is the number one cause of severe and fatal crashes in the city. you go much faster than 25 miles an hour. you can someone they're probably not going to make it. fulton has also been a part of the city's high injury network. john lewis off ski is part of the sf mta's citizen advisory panel. >> he says city officials need to re evaluate the layout of the streets. it's simply a the streets. it's simply a lack of imagination an prioritization of drivers. >> rather than families and residents, lindsay says she is already imagined ways to make the streets safer. one thing
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you can do you don't have parking close to the intersection of all and the posts in there. so that for some of the new all this disability lights can help module a traffic so people can get a lot of speed when they're driving their car when second tour going need to have no turn on red left. according to walk san francisco, 10 people have been killed while walking in san francisco this year. >> amanda hari kron. 4 news said. >> on the peninsula university avenue in east palo alto is now back open in both directions. that road was closed last night from runnymede street to bay role because of this rollover crash. this is video from the citizens app. you can see the car on its side with debris all over the senate tale sheriff's count on the sham. a tail sheriff's county office and east palo alto. police responded to that crash. well, at this time they're calling this a major injury crash and they have not said how it even happened or who exactly was hurt in this. well, in the
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east bay, this cars doing donuts during a sideshow. in alameda, you can see there's a crowd of people, several other cars watching this don't happen. this all happened on saturday evening just before 6 at alameda point officers patrol that area until all the vehicles left. police say they expect to see a lot more sideshows as the summer is getting closer. so officers are going put in more effort to prevent the illegal activity from happening. so soon, city police have arrested a fearful man in connection to a hit and run that killed a 15 year-old the crash happened around 02:00am on saturday. may 14th on highway 12 and perry are dry. james rabara junior, a student murray hill high school died in that crash. police announced yesterday that they arrested 58 year-old clarence early job said he's been booked into solano county jail. legislation that bans
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police crime labs from storing and or using any victims. dna for criminal investigative purposes has passed in the state senate senator scott wiener making that announcement yesterday. this comes after a rape victim's dna was allegedly used by san francisco police to connect him to an unrelated crime. earlier that year. well, the practice drew wide condemnation from lawmakers and a promise from sfpd to stop the practice. police chief bill scott announced the department he's taken steps to stop any further aisuse of dna evidence collected from victims of a crime. a troubling trend. the fbi calls sextortion is on the rise. one south bay teen commits suicide in late february after interacting with a cyber scammer. the teen's mom told us how sextortion works and her message to parents watching this kron four's. justin campbell has their story.
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>> they probably spent 4 or 5 hours giving you just getting to and then couple hours of pressure and he just handle the pressure. so he took his life. rather than see those pictures posted on the internet. pauline stuart says her 17 year-old son ryan last had a good head on his shoulders. he was a member of the future farmers of america. >> and ready to a teen. washington state university until late february when a cyber scam or reached out to him. stewart says the scammer posed as a woman sent ryan. a picture in ryan sent one back. then the scammer demanded $5,000. rian sent a fraction, but it wasn't enough. the fbi says it's called 6 torsion and they are targeting young men through social media. >> social media means everything to them. >> we're in lockdown and that was their way to reach kids. >> stewart says she had parental controls on her son's
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electronics. but parents must sit down with their kids. might the talk to your kids about there? what op so on and there and also let them understand that not everybody that reaches out to them is who they say they are. >> the fbi says the scammers have been traced back to africa, but for a mother in mourning, her new mission is educating other parents. >> on sextortion is we just need to make sure that we. >> educated and do all that for other people so that that they can't do it. anybody else reporting in morgan hill, justin campbell kron, 4 news. the u.s. is responding to a request for the release of monkeypox vaccines from the strategic national stockpile as global cases continue to rise. the center for disease control says it has 1000 doses of the gene ios vaccine and expects to have many more the coming weeks. it also has over 100 million doses of a different smallpox vaccine.
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but that one has significant side effects currently, there's one confirmed case of monkeypox in the u.s. and 4 suspected cases. well, turning to our coronavirus coverage, there may be good news around the corner to get those under the age of 5 vaccinated against covid-19. there's more attention being given to children 5 to 11 who can now get boosters kron four's terisa stasio has those details. >> if the state of that we've heard about holds up, i think we we may very well see by the end of june. a vaccine available for children 6 months to arrange for doctor. john schwartzberg with uc berkeley school of public health. on the latest news coming out about getting those under 5 vaccinated against covid-19. we today from. >> pfizer that there 3 dose regimen for children 6 months through age 4. >> has good efficacy. that has good data with the 2 dose regimen. so both of these are
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going to be carefully evaluated by the scientists. the fda, the fda advisory committee and the scientists at the fda after schwartzberg adding, especially right now with the latest surge. it is a difficult time. >> for those with young children is for an awful lot of families. i know they just been so frustrated that they've. >> whole environment is filled with covid and they can't protect their child children other than doing the kinds of things we're doing at the beginning of the pandemic. the cdc now encouraging boosters for those between 5 to 11. >> 5 months after receiving their second vaccine doctor schwartzberg says that with omicron spreading and variants leading to break through cases boosters are the best bet to boost immune system against a serious harm. covid-19 can cause still so much unknown about. >> what kind of knock you lay shun. you do have if you don't have covid. we know a lot. but
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the problem is the game's keeps changing the vaccines or previous infection or a combination of those. give us very good protection against what we're most concerned about hospitalization and death. they probably give us good protection against getting long covid, which is terribly important. but they're not giving us great protection against. asymptomatic infection, where we could spread it. somebody else. or getting sick. >> to recess stasio kron. 4 news warning to moms about seeking alternatives during the current baby formula shortage. some new moms are turning to social media seeking milk from somewhere or someone else. according to the fda and the american academy of pediatrics, it does carry risk. that's because milk is a bodily fluid and it varies from mother to mother. also, the organizations note that donors should not be suffering from any health conditions that could be transferred to
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babies is they shouldn't be taking any medications and donors should be tested for illnesses such as hiv and hepatitis your best bet. talk to your doctor about what's best for your child. coming up next to the kron, 4 morning news. the warriors look ahead to game 4 as they hope to close out the series. >> tonight, highland hills has reaction from the team will be right back after the break.
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>> well, for the second time in a week we're keeping an eye on red flag conditions in solano county. the national weather service says the red flag conditions will continue from now through tomorrow morning across much of north central california and clean most of solano county. there's already been one fire in the area this past weekend and with fire season arriving early this year. cal fire is asking that everyone, not just those who live near the current red flag conditions, the red. >> i think that we're really pushing is making sure that you have your defensible space around your home and also make sure your family is prepared in the event that a fire does happen near you that you have your skipper out already. preplanned. you have the evacuation bag and a go with supplies like water and food. just a new for a couple of days. >> we have those guys on kron 4 dot com. if you need tips on
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what to put in your go bag or how to weather proof your home and we can't talk about wildfires without talking about the state's drought. californians could see mandatory water cuts amid the growing drought crisis as the hotter summer months approach. governor gavin newsom raise that possibility in a meeting on monday with representatives from major water agencies. >> the governor has avoided issuing sweeping cuts in water, use and instead favor an approach that gives local water agencies. the power to set those usage rules for the areas they supply. california is in its 3rd year of drought. and most of the areas in the state are classified as either severe or extreme drought. with that being said back here at home, the weather today is going to be a warm one, but again, not to use too much of that water. maybe can keep some water and a little cup or judge and hydrate that way. good morning, john. yeah. if you do need to water do it during morning hours because there's less evaporation that occurs during that time. don't
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waste your time. watering this afternoon. >> it's all just going to have her aides and your lines. not honestly going to take on too much of it. we are going to be seeing fire weather warnings here. red flag warnings continuing until 11:00am tomorrow. solano county, as we've mentioned on up through the central valley and are those red flag warnings. heat advisories also in effect for those same areas. now, the reason solano counties under that red flag warning it's a pairing of humidity that's below 10%. winds still gusting as high as 30 miles per hour. in today's some of our very hottest of temperatures, areas like vacaville climbing to the triple digits. we have the quail fire burning up there in the hills right above vacaville. fortunately, we have 100% containment on that blaze now, which is really good news as we enter the core of this heat wave the next couple of days. today, skies are crystal clear whether you're at the coast right along the bay or further inland, we're all going to be looking at abundant sunshine. we're at the coast in the bay. that's going to feel pretty nice. but our inland areas that searing heat not going to
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be so comfortable this afternoon. so stay hydrated. get yourself a nice bag of ice. but in that water just drink plenty of water this afternoon, getting any sort of workout out of the way this morning, the run, the dog walk during morning hours in avoid too much strenuous activity and exposure during the afternoon hours. none of us are acclimated to this heat, but especially those of us are more vulnerable to the heat, keep them inside or maybe get to a movie. the library, some place to cool down come the afternoon. high pressure ridge in place keeping us dry. you can see that today and tomorrow and futurecast. we've got nothing but sunshine in this forecast that's going to carry us all the way through the day tomorrow. after that, we see the return of some ocean cool there. and it's very evident in futurecast actually pushing into the bay come thursday morning, chances of drizzle and some mist along the coastline. some fog to be starting the morning thursday and it cool down of well over 10 degrees. that includes our inland areas which will fall from the upper 90's to just the low 80's by thursday. so
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relief is just around the corner, 60's and 70's at the coast while bayshore cities will be into the 80's, even 90's. burlingame at eighty-four degrees for your daytime high foster city. 85. well, redwood city, palo alto and mountain view. all right, at 90 degrees today, san jose at 91 for your high. that's 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. fremont on up to hayward and eventually into oakland and berkeley in the mid to upper 80's concord and walnut creek in 96. there's your triple digit in vacaville getting close to that. and both fairfield in antioch at 98 santa rosa, all the way up to 96 degrees today tomorrow, just as hot as today. but after that, there's your relief cooling into the weekend and really even the remainder of the week by thursday, low 80's for warmest of highs. and by the weekend, many of those same areas flirting with the triple digits today will only be in the upper 70's reyna, john, like it happened. i don't know if i like it this hot. all right. let's go ahead. go ahead and look at your traffic for this morning.
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>> if you are traveling into the city right so that fremont street exit route 2 minutes for your commute. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. about 13 minutes to make it there. well, out of richmond heading across the war, sandra failure at about a nine-minute drive and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes on this tuesday morning. the lawyers are getting ready for tonight's game. they're hoping to sweep game 4 against the dallas mavericks and the giants suffers another big loss. and this time that's against the mets. colin mills has those highlights for us. the dubs lead the series 3, nothing after dominating the match with their defense ball movement and rebounding. however, players say the close out game is always the toughest. now star luka doncic is one of the nba's top scores leading the league in scoring this postseason. worst coaches and players say they know he can be dangerous on any night. they need to come ready. >> with this look at the last 2 series, i we. for 2 on that
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first close. opportunity. for different but you have to continue to focus on the game plan and what adjustments we might may. no, we don't have to play a perfect game, but you still have to compete. you can't let your guard now in terms of the little things that matter to match that energy and that level of focus doesn't matter much. >> come out hot from on offense or if you get every stop as you settle into the game and you can figure out and get it 48. >> let's head out to the td garden. the celtics looking to even up the series with the could find out who the worst might play. one of these 2 teams 1st quarter, derrick white throws it up to jason tatum. he had a game-high 31 points capping off 18 to one run. interesting fan. their 4th quarter celtics with a nice lead out horford in nice. caleb got it salutes the crowd
4:52 am
horford with 4 blocks on the night. celtics crews to 82 the even up the series at 2 games apiece. game 5 coming up in one on wednesday. back in miami. on to the mound. the giants hosting the mets looking to snap a first. bottom of the second. no score one on for brandon he drives one to straightaway center. giants strike first on the 2 run blast. top of the 3rd tied at 2 apiece, july for pedophile alonso. he calls this one high and deep to left. no doubt about that one. pitch for the second straight night. it was that ugly game. 2 of the series coming up on tuesday. all right. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> we'll take a look at this one neighborhood and the lay hole was getting the word out about a bear cub sighting. this is near crest ranch park. why highway 37 in the hills? the viewer tells us that in the 20 years they've lived there, they never heard of bears or mountain lions in their neighborhood until now. as a reminder, authorities say secure your trash can lids. don't leave food out since it can attract bears. never approach any wildlife. well,
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airplane manufacturer bombard ea reveals plans for a new high-speed business jet. the company says the global 8,000 will be the world's fastest and longest range business jet. they can hold up to 19 passengers and will have a range of 8,000 nautical miles. it also travels more than 720 miles per hour. the company has already started test flights with a new jet becoming the first transport aircraft to reach supersonic speeds with aviation fuel developers expect the jet to enter service by 2025. around the corner. >> well, coming up in the next hour, the dup's hoping to clinch game 4 against the dallas mavericks will have more on how the warriors are prepping for the game. and you may soon see water cuts heading into the summer live. governor newsom is urging water agencies to tackle the state's drought issues head on. plus, with the first time lgbtq members, all the san francisco police and sheriff's department are not allowed to
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when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning far.
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>> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on tuesday. a little easier than monday, right? you get the hang and i'm james and today's the day we've been anticipating his warrior fans. >> we've got the big game tonight. we'll talk more about that coming up yet. we're just going to stick with the blow. we want to mess anything up. just shades of blue. be fine. you go. want to do anything out of the ordinary. okay. now's not the time for anything outside for that matter i got hot enough for you yesterday already. yeah. and it's going to be a blistering one today. good morning, john dissipating. the warriors dreading the weather. that's the way today's going. we're looking at a really hot one this afternoon. climbing well into the upper 90's to even a couple of triple digits out there for our for inland areas were still this morning on the embarcadero. no movement on the flag. and the nice clear morning at the bay bridge. easy commute this morning. an easy morning to get outside to take that extended dog walk. >> and the job before temperatures do warm up. right now we're in the 50's. so really mild start comfortable weather. get those windows


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