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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  May 24, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. 9 o'clock. and this is when it starts getting interesting. yeah, lies. >> i think start turning pretty quick here. as we get towards the afternoon. we got john's leading off the hour with again that warning. we're going to see whether and temperatures today. we haven't seen yet this year, john. yeah, these are the hottest numbers of the year so guys too hot. even for lovers. there's alcatraz marin county in the distance of a san francisco. all of it looks beautiful. got a ferry out there. nice morning for all of that. but temperatures are already climbing. we're clear all the way out to the coastline. that's the spot to be. if you want to spend a lot of time outside from this point forward today, look at brentwood. you're 81 degrees already livermore and dublin and the upper 60's so comfortable in those spots. pittsburgh, you're warm and
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quick at 75 now, santa rosa at 72. so even though numbers are still fairly comfortable, we are rising really quickly at this point and will continue to do so all the way through the afternoon, eventually taking us well into the 90's for a whole lot of the bay area. pair that with some windy and dry conditions. and yes, fire danger is still a big concern. all the ful breakdown. still ahead, you know, we can't we can see the map so we can shout of the bay bridge approach to too bad. about 20 minutes. it looks like to get from oakland out to a san francisco. so all in all making good time. >> all right. listen, i know one is a time right now and we're just going to get couple more looks at the bridges. even other bridges. look pretty nice. san mateo bridge looks good here and >> just zooming in on the hot spots. that rain has been falling like over san leandro to 38. >> to milpitas to 37. she didn't fall on that but not too bad when you consider what
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i'm just as we peruse these mouse. just want to remind you how today's tuesday before memorial day, so getaway day, these maps are going to be all lit up with on a wednesday and thursday specifically. so. >> get out while the getting is good. all right. let's talk about the warriors because that's the big story this morning. today's the day game for the western conference finals. the warriors could very well if they win. >> against the maps, not only sweep them, that that would be their ticket to the nba finals. pressure pressure. we've got several games come here. if that don't do it tonight. >> but it would be nice. yes, everybody is going to be ready for that victory at thrive city. that's where the party is getting started. kron 4 sarah stinson out there early save in the spot. hi, sarah. >> well, i'm out here on my throne in the game of warriors. this is just one photo of that you can take advantage of here at thrive city and it is the ultimate spot for dubnation to watch this critical game against them take a look at the screen
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that you get to look at the game. i mean, it's a massive over 3,000 square foot screen that you can watch tonight's game and hopefully watch the warriors beat and sweep the maps in this series so we can finally head to the nba finals for the first time since 2019, the team and as fans were feeling confident after the last game, when steph curry scored the team, 31 points and andrew wiggins added 27 points with an epic dunk. if you're not going all the way to dallas, thrive city is the next best option. it truly is the spot that all of the different events here. they have all the activities for the kids. entertainment lounge seating kid zone and it's a great spot it. get into this game because people are going to go in the watching this game, especially during the most epic moments and hopefully at the end when we win. let's hear now from the warriors executive director. we talked the executives about
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just how exciting it is to help drive city because it's new and it's been extremely helpful for fans when there's an away game. >> no, we don't have to play a perfect game, but you still have to compete. you can't let your guard down in terms of the little things that matter to match that energy and that level of focus doesn't matter much. come out from on offense or if you get every stop as you settle into the game and you can figure out and get it 48. >> a cape. steph curry, of course and hear from him before tonight's game him saying we don't have to play perfect game. we just need to win. and we're hoping we win. but again, if you need a spot to watch the game, this has become the best spot opens up at 4.30. and you really need to get here early. i would recommend 4 o'clock because the lines going to be extremely long. it's first come first serve. so if you don't get here early enough, then you could. they could say sorry are at capacity. can't come in. you can bring a cooler with snack, it's and
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food, but you cannot bring any alcoholic drinks. there are some restaurants here that you can buy some drinks at. but other than that, you guys, this is spot. this is the night and this is the game. they all got to stay up and watch for those of you who wake up early like us going to be a long one. but it is going to be worth back to you guys in studio. >> all right. it's exciting. thanks so much, sara. cannot wait are at 9, 0, 5, is the time. >> we actually have some breaking news to share with you this morning. just into the newsroom. we have word of a possible case of monkeypox, big investigator right now in sacramento county at their division of public health officials are waiting now for confirmation from the cdc. and if the test does come back positive, it would be the first monkey pox case reported in california. now, state officials say the person who may have monkeypox recently came back from a trip to europe, which we know there are some cases there. the patient is at home right now. doctors say they haven't been in contact with anybody else since they've been back. so the risk of transmission of the public right now is very
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low. but they are monitoring this will keep you informed. also new this morning, san jose mayor sam liccardo says he's tested positive for covid. he released a statement yesterday saying he took a test after feeling sick yesterday and it came back positive. he says he's thankful he got the vaccination because it's keeping his really mild right now. that's why he was encouraging everybody to get their shots. if you haven't got the vaccine yet, get it. if you haven't got your booster shot than yet, get it. also wear your mask and get tested if you feel sick, get tested that we all know if you need to quarantine yourself and slow the spread of the virus and also coming from mayor liccardo. he is cracking down on bad behavior by city employees. >> 2 cases are at the forefront of this movie is making earlier this month. we told you about a san jose police officer charged with exposing himself to several women while on the job. and here's the chief actually escorting him out of the building and also earlier this month during this month, a former san jose code
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enforcement inspector was convicted of soliciting bribes and extorting from massage parlor owners. mayor, like artis is what concerns him is that both of those city employees were allowed to stay on the job and continue interacting with the public long after the misconduct allegations were made. >> i'm interested in a focus on establishing very clear triggers. for administrative leave so that taking employees off the line where there is credible. complaint made about conduct of a criminal, a predatory nature. >> the mayor is calling on the independent police auditor and the city manager to investigate review both of these cases. >> well, troubling trend called sextortion is on the rise in the bay area. south 18, in fact, died of suicide late february after interacting with a cyber scammer. the teen's mother has a message for parents and kron four's. justin campbell shares her story.
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>> they probably spent 4, 5 hours giving you just getting to and then couple hours of pressure and he just handle the pressure. so he took his life. rather than see those pictures posted on the internet. pauline stuart says her 17 year-old son ryan last had a good head on his shoulders. he was a member of the future farmers of america. >> and ready to a teen. washington state university until late february when a cyber scam or reached out to him. stewart says the scammer posed as a woman sent ryan a picture and rian sent one back. then the scammer demanded $5,000. rian sent a fraction, but it wasn't enough. the fbi says it's called 6 torsion and they are targeting young men through social media. >> social media means everything to them. >> we're in lockdown and that was their way to reach kids.
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>> stewart says she had parental controls on her son's electronics. but parents must sit down with their kids. might the talk to your kids about there, what are on and there and also let them understand that not everybody that reaches out to them is who they say they are. >> the fbi says the scammers have been traced back to africa, but for a mother in mourning, her new mission is educating other parents. >> on sextortion is we just need to make sure that we. >> educate and do all that for other people so that that they can't do it. anybody else reporting in morgan hill, justin campbell kron, 4 news. yeah, it's a 9, 0, 9, on the peninsula. one person died in a rollover crash in east palo alto last night. this is video from the citizen app. we learned a little more about what happened. the crashes on university avenue between run mean street and they road. and police say that the person was driving down university speeding lost control of the
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car and crashed into a tree. and there's a car on its side. all of the debris. they closed the road, clean it up best, a gated and then reopen. >> well, because of the historic drought, californians could see mandatory statewide water restrictions. governor is warning of that urging if we don't conserve enough that it is going to be a statewide, a drastic measures that we're going to be looking at. kron four's will tran is live at the details. will. >> it's not even extreme anymore. the governor is using the word crisis and for good reason because we haven't seen rain in quite some time. >> that snow pack 14% of the average level. and then the largest reservoirs, including say lafayette reservoir is only 15% of the average high. we're not even talking at its very peak just the average amount. and we're 50% at that particular level. and that's why he met with the water agencies about 2 thirds of them throughout the state of california yesterday saying
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you've got to do more. you've got to lean on your customers could be levying fines could be educating all of us again, teaching us how to save water are reminding people you have to save water. and the governor's been beating this drum for quite some time last year he asked people to conserve about 15% of our water usage. instead, it actually went up not down. so he's not very happy about what's going on. but the governor is watching somehow somewhere he's should some comfort in this. we had a chance to talk to some people this morning and they said, yes, we are trying our very best. >> it sometimes i mean, we're no longer allowed to really just let water run. we had people to conserve. the showers retaken 15 minute showers anymore. are you noticing that your showers are faster than i? this morning? i turned off the water and especially my teeth in between. you know, just because, know, we have to. >> and james just talking to
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other people this morning. there are saying that just the land right behind me, forget about the tower over my shoulder. just the land with the reservoir going lower and lower all the time. they're seeing more land and less water. and so even without the governor telling them, this heat will tell you and the lack of rainfall and that land, all 3 things put together and you can do your own math that we are in a crisis. the governor says he wants to circle back in about 2 months to find out exactly what's going on. back to you. and we'll also quick patrol goes on tight. >> he patrol you. you took off the jacket, has a feeling now. cali and day. that's getting on the hot side. all right. thank health is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. >> 3 people died over the weekend due to separate car crashes. we'll tell you what after school officials are. >> trying to do to prevent accidents like this from happening again. plus, california lawmakers facing a deadline to pass a number of
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bills before the week is done. we'll have a rundown for you. and yet 7 pitchers enough. now that's going to take us into the 60's and 70's of the coast. that's the place you want to be inland areas. well, you're looking at numbers finding well into the 90's, even triple digit or to your forecast ahead. >> and maybe you're trying to get some things done before the heat starts. well, a lot of people already have the
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>> 9.15, right now. and will you heard whaley said it was hot out there already and get more and more so as the day progresses. good morning, john. yes, it's heating up already. coastal areas. you're going to be warm but not as hot as our inland areas. golden gate bridge per golden gate park. there's a good spots to get to today. if you have a chance we are under a red flag warning through 11:00am tomorrow for our inland areas like solano county heat advisories paired with those out into the central valley. temperatures rising as hot as 100 degrees in vacaville later today. still keeping the winds still keeping very low humidity. that's the critical fire danger. so want to stress that in addition to staying hydrated and keeping yourself safe, you've got to consider that fire danger. as you venture out there today, clear skies at the coast, all the way of wind. we don't really have much marine influence going on and that's allowing all of us to get warmer than we did yesterday. windiest of conditions out in the solano county, the north bay mountains. and right along the coastline, the biggest issues will be further inland, though, because of the heat in the really dry weather out there. high pressure ridge
9:17 am
firmly in place. we've been that way for a while. that's going to keep us dry. but what it's not necessarily going to do is keep us hot. that only last for today and tomorrow, this northwesterly wind is really cutting off a lot of the ocean influence that typically keeps the bay cooler than our areas like the central valley. that changes into thursday as that northwesterly wind relaxes. we're going to see the return of some ocean cool there pushing on into the bay area. even some fog in misty drizzly, conditions at the coast for your thursday morning. and temperatures inland as cool as 10 to 15 degrees cooler than what today and tomorrow are about to be. so there is relief ahead of us. if you need relief today, coastal areas, a good option for you or maybe just a movie theater, a library. air conditions spot is definitely going to be very welcome. redwood city in palo alto 90 degrees today. san jose at 91 90's as well and the tri valley up through walnut creek and concord. while fremont hayward through oakland up to richmond all well into the mid
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to even upper 80's. there's your triple digit in vacaville not far behind you, fairfield, antioch, pittsburgh in napa at 98 or 97 degrees tomorrow. still a hot one. but look at what happens after that. we cool quickly down into the low 80's and even upper 70's by the weekend. it meant and bayside cities from the 80's to just the low 70's by thursday. reena. john, thank you for that. well, we are picking up if you're traveling along 5, 81, 80, maybe going from crockett. >> down towards the maze about 26 minutes for you to make that drive this morning. the bay bridge has been busier. now we're finally going down just a bit. 19 minutes to make it from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit as you're traveling into the city, the san mateo bridge now down to under 14 minutes from a 80 to one o one we were at about 22 last time we checked in there. 48 minutes down to the south bay along one o one. 85 in to menlo park 2.80, also moving along pretty nicely as well. if you hop on 8.80 and you have to go from san leandro down to milpitas around 32
9:19 am
minutes to make that drive. let's get a look at the richmond center fell bridge tolls to one o one about 8 minutes taria. james, back to you. tempers are winners and losers with our financial expert rob black morning, rob. morning area. i think that what happened to snapchat kind of makes sense because he's not the one that you send it and then like it implodes like it blows up right after you send the text or whatever. that's snapchat is a social app and it's i think it's kind of for 16 year olds. 25. >> and what they're really telling us is not so much about the imploding messages. it's more so that advertisers are starting to get worried about the back half of summer and maybe even in the holiday season as april. 21 steps and everything's fine. but then they slowly start to say things are starting to deteriorate. you see that out of other companies as well. so those are some of the eyes stories out there. i think a in today's christine lagarde, i really, really like she's an
9:20 am
economist. she's worked for the imf. she's in charge of the ecb, the european street bank. she said a bitcoin and cryptocurrencies or worse 0. i think hear that before it happens or if it happens and the crowd and fixes the economy stinks. it's worthy of note. we're starting to see more companies lay off people or denounce potential layoffs. so that's part of the economic cycle. and we're in the inflation is hurting earnings earnings is hurting profits. expectations going forward. so now we're starting to say, let's cut down on labor that's help inflation, too, because if you know more people are more likely to take less than more. so it's just a weird bad year, except unless conan o'brien. he's got 150 million dollars for some of his out there. and i i think that's interesting. they're selling it to sirius xm satellite, which i don't really quite get as far as a podcast play. but it's out there one of
9:21 am
universe. >> but while you get that, what like is it serious like? is that also? i think i think the players for podcast earlier, spotify and may be >> serious doesn't seem like they've got a lot of talent and people like howard stern >> bite. >> long format. audio is picking up. so i see why they're doing it. i just don't see the full commitment there. i would not keep cocoa with gone with a different platform and then and then i see you're saying that abercrombie also is down a minute. if you want to hit every down one but but >> i was interested about walmart with the draw. i didn't know because i guess in california we can't get drone deliveries. you're saying they're expanding and there are people in other states that really are getting their stuff delivered by drone. >> yes, that's the kind of want to hit kind of in it because i haven't actually use the service yet. what you're getting or things like kids mac and cheese and batteries but they extended over 4 million homes. now. and you
9:22 am
don't think walmart has a drone company kind of think of amazon is a drone company. and if i were driver doing delivery, it's a hot one. how long? my job is safe. i think for a while i think trying to take over as long as men have shot guns and drones look like birds. i think is big thing but i could be wrong. and as long as i get my car and which by the way, a lot of people are getting in their car ftr memorial day. >> yeah, 82% of us are driving for the i think me included. i'm a stay at home and they drive. but record gas prices for 59 in the united states up 51% year over years. last year's $3.3. of course, it's not like that in california because we have a lot higher gasoline taxes to help protect our environment and roads. but car travels down about 8% year over year. so there we are being hit at the pump. maybe it's a little covid worries me that slim flay stories. but i think that gas price. 6, $7, like that. sticky evening. it
9:23 am
started i got exactly stay close to home with the v 11% of us are taking evs on vacation this year. that number is growing. him just leave time to charge. that's all i'm going to tell you. >> all right. thank 5 per cent per mile. yeah. know you say you just after that. you have to work in the charging time. thank you, rob. and i love all right. if you have a question overreach on facebook or overreach on facebook or twitter, we'll be right back. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate to severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within keeping you one step ahead of eczema. hide my skin? not me. and that means long-lasting clearer skin and fast itch relief for adults. with dupixent, you can show more skin with less eczema. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes,
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for controller, yvonne yiu. talk to as an executive atist top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. 9.25. right now state lawmakers are racing against
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time. they're kicking off a marathon week of work. has this friday is what's called house of origin deadline, meaning any bill introduced in the assembly or senate has to pass through its original house by that time friday. each chamber has hundreds of bills for floor votes to get through this week. abortion protections are top of the priority list for the democratic majority in the assembly. 2 measures passed are going to extend abortion protections to doctors and our state abortion patients. one prevents doctors and nurse practitioners from state punishment for helping with abortions and the other aims to shield patients and doctors from out of state lawsuits. bills passed in the assembly this week will head to the senate before reaching the governor's desk later this year. it's 9.26. and coming up next. >> the new data coming in from vaccine makers could mean that covid shots are going to be available for the littlest kids. we'll tell you what's going on with that. just a few minutes.
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9:30 am
berkeley looking nice. it's sitting into the sunshine out there right along the bay all the way towards the coastline. expect all that sun. so where we are with current temperatures, will brentwood. you're at 82 degrees already. dublin conquered nevado santa rosa among spots that are in the 70's. and we're not even to 10:00am. yeah, oakland and alameda in the low to mid 60's currently still comfortable for most of us. so do take advantage of the cooler conditions. what we've got him, the heat is definitely building quickly, windy inland. and that is going to result in heightened fire danger all over again. and all of the full breakdown on what to expect on this tuesday forecast to come right now. john has been a busy morning for a lot of folks out there hitting the road say if you are traveling into the city right now, so that fremont street exit around 19 minutes. >> to make your drive. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. you're at about 13 minutes to make it from a 80 to one o one. let's get a look at highway. 24 wannacry down to 5.80. a lot of improvement here. so just
9:31 am
under 13 minutes as you're traveling there, highway 4.40, minute drive from antioch into cockpits to 42. and if you're hitting the road to the south bay along one, 0, one. 44 minutes from 85 into middle park darya. james, back to you. >> reyna, thank you. 9 30's the time in san francisco. mayor london breed says she will not march in the city's annual pride parade. her announcement comes after a decision was made by the pride board not to allow lgbtq members of the san francisco police or sheriff's department march in the parade proudly in their uniforms. proffers mattoon has reaction now from officers at that department. >> and a lot of san francisco's lgbtq plus office who is not being able to wear their police uniforms of this year's pride parade. the spokesperson for the san francisco police officers, pride alliance officer catherine wynter says they will not participate at all. talk about why that decision has been made.
9:32 am
>> every one of us to be able bring authentic self every part of to pride and celebrate who they are. not being able to wear our uniform just the foreign the legacy, those that came before us. in fact, winter says some lgbtq members of the san francisco police pdepartment have participated and pride going back 30 years. >> however, that ended 2020 with the nationwide civil unrest in response to the murder of george floyd by officers at the minneapolis police department followed by covid-19 shut it down pride altogether in 2021. this year marks the return of the pride celebration. however, the executive director of sf pride explains why the pride board of directors chose not to allow officers to return in uniform this year. i think all of our society in the last 2 years have realized that we have more as far as how policing is conducted in the
9:33 am
united states. >> especially communities of color. and so i think this is a response like all of nation to that and say that, no, we can't go back to the way things before were before because that wasn't good. the mayor of san francisco is weighing in as well. she released a statemene that reads in part, quote, i will join us to the public safety departments that are not participating in the pride parade. >> i've made this very hard decision in order to support those members of the lgbtq community who serve in uniform and our police department and sheriff's department who have been told they could not march in uniform and in support of members of the fire department who are refusing to march out of solidarity with their public safety partners, unquote. >> well, we're disappointed in the decision. we hope that we have found a compromise for be included in the parade. >> all right. is it? it was founded on. that is really based on the roof. the various have francisco ideals of radical inclusion has it. but you crowd for 2.
9:34 am
>> santa rosa police arrested a man who they think shot at another man sunday night. this happened on greenwich avenue near the safeway on guerneville road. >> the 2 men investigators say knew each other and they were sitting in a car and then one of them shot the other. police say that 28 year-old jose baltazar. push the victim's body. then out of the car after the shooting and drove away, the victim was treated for his injuries and is expected to recover >> a deadly weekend on the streets of san francisco. police say they're now investigating 2 crashes that left 3 pedestrians dead on sunday. a taxi crashed into a building near yerba buena center killing 2 women from florida. and then on saturday and 82 year-old was hit near 37th avenue and fulton street near golden gate park martin lindsay with the organization walk. san francisco says that particular area of 3rd and mission streets that accident on sunday is known to be a high injury area.
9:35 am
>> united states on the sidewalk. that's how things i think things are out there. very saddened. but i was not surprised because our streets have for a long time that an incredibly dangerous for pedestrians. >> according to walk san francisco, 10 people have been killed while walking in san francisco this year. >> it's 9.35, and it could be shots around the corner for the youngest kids 5 and under the age of 5 actually against covid. doctor john schwartzberg with uc berkeley school of public health. >> says that we may see the shots for the little kids by the end of next month. and that's for everybody under 5. so 6 months through the age of 4, the cdc also encouraging boosters for those who are 5 to 11 years old, they would get their second vaccine. and then 5 months later, get the booster. >> we today from. pfizer that their 3 dose regimen for children 6 months through age
9:36 am
4. has good efficacy. that has good data with the 2 dose regimen. so both of these are going to be carefully evaluated by the scientists. the fda, the fda advisory committee and the scientists at the fda. >> and doctors first for does advise you to make sure they get your kids bec.use he says that's the best way to boost your immune system and avoid serious. it was harm and seriously getting sick. if you do get covid in other health news, the cdc is responding to requests from the release of monkey pox. vaccines from the strategic national stockpile because global cases are on the rise. and we just heard that there's a case in sacramento. the agency says it has 1000 doses of the monkey pox vaccine and they expect to have many more doses in the coming weeks. they also have a more than 100 million doses of a different smallpox vaccine. but that one has a significant side effect right now. there
9:37 am
is a confirmed case of monkeypox in the u.s. there are 4 suspected cases. and as we said, we just learned a crowd for with that. we got where there is a case now of monkeypox it. yeah. case of monkeypox related to travel in europe is being investigated. >> by the sacramento county division of public health. >> 9.37 is the time and a device touted to prevent infection and spread is being deployed. now for those monkeypox patients, it's called the shuttle and its an innovative isolation transport system. you can kind of see it being used here. it was initially used to battle ebola. well, now the greek air force is using this very device to pick up to british patients have been diagnosed with monkeypox on an island off the coast. the patient will be inside this fb shuttle protective bubble while negative pressure prevents any contaminated air from escaping health care workers can then move infected. people and even attach a a ventilator without having to expose themselves to any viral particles.
9:38 am
>> we'll take a break at 9.37. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. a nationwide poll is finding out just how americans feel about the state of the nation. we'll show you what the issues are top of mind for and after the break, a new report showing just how much money santa clara is spending. 10 of our county is spending each year on handling incidents involving guns. and at the coast today, expect some pretty comfortable numbers in the 60's to 70's under a lot of sunshine. that same sunshine, the company by not so comfortable numbers inland. >> highs climbing to the hottest the year so far, 90's triple digits. your forecast is ahead. >> and now might be the best time to get some things done. keeping a close eye on your commute on this tuesday morning. we'll have a look at morning. we'll have a look at that. want to get back. there is nothing
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>> it's 9 41 and in the south bay, gun violence is costing santa clara county 72 million dollars every year. that accounts for police, emergency services and health costs. but that amount does not include the cost of jail of keep a report just out. also says that in 2021, santa clara county residents owned 550,000 guns. and you're looking at the done by bach back that they had there over the
9:42 am
weekend and they collected 415 guns. so those are out of hands. supervisor cindy chavez says that the county decided to examine the cost of gun violence following the 2019 shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. she says that this report offers an opportunity for the county to weigh strategies for addressing gun violence. there are communities all over the country. >> that have used a different kinds strategies to lower gun violence as an example in cities like philadelphia, frankly, they're finding that by cleaning up a community, you can lower gun violence. so we i think there are plenty of opportunities for us to look that aren't necessarily all very cost prohibitive for us to be able to address us. >> santa clara county has enhanced gun control measures, including mandating gun owners to have liability insurance and they passed a local ordinance that prohibits processing selling were assembling ghost guns. >> it's 9.42, nothing
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> we are back at 9.45. and quick update on the wildfire that was burning to our north of the red flag warning currently, in effect, comes just days after a fast-moving fire called the quail fire burned about 135 acres just north of fairfield briefly
9:46 am
forced evacuations. the fire is now 100% contained and all those evacuation orders have since been lifted. and luckily, there been no reports of any injuries or any damage to buildings. this was all contain to rural areas. >> and they put it out and there was a fire in the san ramon valley. a brush fire burned about 90 acres around highland and camino our roads yesterday. in fact, by the time cal fire got there when they first responded, it already burned 25 acres, but it's contained. now and they are investigating the cause. they did just watch out like that. you know, everybody is watching for hotspots and watching for anything to flare up. we do not need any sparse at all with the dry weather and the dry conditions where hot weather. yeah, that's been the big story this morning. let's get to the weather center now with john. good morning. yes, fire danger definitely p concern today as we see temperatures climbing into the hottest of the year. so far. >> we're still under red flag warning for solano county. that could news obviously is the quail fire. there does have 100% containment. but
9:47 am
with such windy conditions, hot conditions in very dry conditions today, especially for solano county, but also for the rest of the bay area. fire danger continues to remain a very much so at the forefront of all of our minds along with that, even if you are just hanging out at the house today, this is where it starts to get really uncomfortable. inland heat results in temperatures that are getting dangerously hot for areas further inland, like solano county in eastern contra costa and alameda counties. if you are in these spots, know someone who is vulnerable to the heat and does not have a c make sure to get him to a cool spot this afternoon library shopping mall, movie theater. all those are going to do the trick. if you have a chance maybe get out to the coastline too vacaville. 22 miles per hour. winds gusting as high as 30 miles per hour. very dry out there. very hot yet again today in tomorrow's temperatures will be the hottest in red flag warnings for solano county. don't expire until tomorrow midday. now we may see this high-pressure ridge remaining in place, but we are in for
9:48 am
some changes in this forecast, which will bring some relief. the northwesterly wind, which is really keeping our cool sea breeze cut off from reaching the bay area is going to relax starting tomorrow. we're still going to be very hot tomorrow. but that does open the window for the return of a nice seabreeze come thursday. and by thursday morning, we're back into some fog at the coast. even some misty drizzly conditions out there and a nice cool down for inland areas as much as 10 to 15 degrees cooler comes at a come thursday compared to wednesday. so today, tomorrow or the days that you just got to get through this warmth. and then we have some to look forward to for the rest of the week and into the weekend peninsula. pretty comfortable today. you get down to redwood city, though, and it starts are 90's, which will continue through the south bay on into the inland east bay, too. fremont union city hayward up through oakland and richmond hanging on to mid to upper 80's. while you cross over to walnut creek and concord and you'll be at 96 triple digits for vacaville and not far behind that for fairfield, antioch, pittsburgh, more
9:49 am
napa. well, santa rosa at 96 for your high. here's a look ahead at our temperatures today tomorrow, easily, the hottest will cool down for the rest of the forecast, though. look at that weekend. looking great highs only in the upper 70's inland. if i saturday john, thank you for that. will traffic is improving out there? hey, if you're taking one o one right now. >> traveling from 85 to menlo park around. 36 minutes for you to make that drive to 37 to 18. 82 also moving pretty light at this hour traveling into the city. it's still an 18 minute drive. as you can see, we don't have that build up that we did right here at the toll plaza. so traffic is moving pretty quickly. once you get past the tolls 80 to one. 0, one, 13 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula and out of richmond tolls to one '01, 7 minutes for you to make that drive. let's check on the golden gate bridge 20 minutes. 37 to the tolls. and if you are taking highway 24 walnut creek down to 5.80, about 12 minutes. darya. james, back to you.
9:50 am
>> thank you very much. 9.49. is the time and americans are sharing their attitudes now towards the economy towards inflation. >> summer travel, a whole host of topics. we're queried in a nationwide poll and we've got adrian banker now breaking down the numbers. >> more than 1000 registered voters participated in the poll and a clear majority said that they're being hit hard by the economy and feeling the full weight of inflation. nearly half of the voters polled in the latest news nation decision desk hq survey say they're financially worse off today than they were a year ago. that represents a 15% increase from the same question asked in april and in a time when 66% of americans asked claimed that their living from paycheck to paycheck just over 7 in 10 people report cutting back on purchases this month. a majority saying that they're eating out less traveling less and buying fewer groceries with summer travel season about to begin about 64% of voters. we spoke to said that they've canceled their
9:51 am
vacation plans. 27 1% report modifying their plans to smaller vacations closer to home. only 7% of voters. we spoke to said that they're taking bigger vacations are more expensive vacations this year compared to previous years against the backdrop of the recent leak of a draft supreme court decision overturning roe v wade that 1973 ruling giving women the constitutional right to an abortion around 63% think abortion should be legal in all or most cases compared to 36% who want abortions banned in all or most cases. and finally, one of the biggest takeaways from our poll is president biden's continued slide in approval ratings with voters roughly 57% of americans registered to vote disapprove of president biden's handling of his job. that's up from 53% in april. more than half of voters say inflation is their top concern, followed by crime coronavirus and unemployment for news nation. i'm adrian bankert.
9:52 am
>> 9.51 in the big story is the big shortage of baby formula. that help is on the way. in fact, it's already here and headed to hospitals and pharmacies right now. this is part of the first phase of operation fly formula. and you can see the pallets arriving here. the biden administration is teaming up with countries in europe to fly these supplies from europe to the u.s. to help with our shortage. roughly 130 pallets of nestle. very specific infant formula arriving in indiana sunday. that's what you see there that came in from germany and that single shipment is expected to provide enough formula to feed 9,000 babies and 8,000 toddlers for all week. it's a specialty formula that is going right to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies not to stores yet. not this batch. >> i know this is a scary situation. for parents and caregivers who are taking care of these babies. our administration is working around the clock to ensure
9:53 am
that there is enough safe baby formula available for all who need >> and then there are over 100 more pallets of gerber formula. those are supposed to arrive in the coming days all together. about 1.5 million bottles are scheduled to arrive in the u.s. from europe this week and the u.s. agriculture secretary says we should see the products return to the store shelves of the be plenty for everybody in a matter of weeks. >> it's 9.53. we'll be right back.
9:54 am
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>> just about done for the morning on the kron. 4 morning news. but our next show is at noon and you can tune into that. noelle bellow is in the news with a preview. hi noel. hi darya. we are tracking that california case of monkeypox. we're going to speak with a doctor this afternoon about the signs and symptoms and how to keep yourself safe from catching at. plus, san francisco firefighters are going to be undergoing wild land fire training today as we are officially in wildfire season. now we're going have a live report from their training. we've got all that and much more coming up on our noon newscast. stick with us. back to you guys. and we're rooting together because no got the yellow news that the blue go. warriors tonight. >> between now and then john bull going to skies. and then the suns can the yellowish too. so there you go there next i it doesn't feel and it's going to feel hot people
9:57 am
are partying, it thrive. city watching the game. exactly. so we're going to be warm out there. at least you're not inland thrive city. you're going to be in the 70's and even 80's pretty consistently right there at tomorrow is just as hot as today. cool down a lot after that. look at this weekend, guys. 70's for the most part. and that's a vacate we cover. a lot of people don't have monday off from super nice memorial day weekend, well, that's it for us here on the kron. 4 morning news. thank you so much for joining us.
9:58 am
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