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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  May 24, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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allow us to reintroduce ourselves, folgers. >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> that breaking news comes to us from texas where a mass shooting just happened at an elementary school. we're getting the latest information now just into the newsroom. more than a dozen people are now dead thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm just involvement. there are 15 victims. the shooting has killed 14 students and one teacher. this happened in the city of you've avail, which is about 90 minutes west of san antonio. it's very close to the mexico border. the scene is rob elementary school, which teaches second 3rd and
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4th grade students. we have lots of new video now just coming into the crowd for newsroom. and here we can see parents waiting outside for their kids and the massive amount of law enforcement that is rushing there to the scene. according to texas governor greg abbott, the shooter who is 18 years old and from uva, dale has died and it is believed that he acted alone and law enforcement. that was responding, killed him. we do have the latest statement now from law enforcement came into our newsroom less than tn hour ago. >> at approximately 32 am this morning. it was a mass casualty incident at robin lim entry school in uvalde, texas. this school has children that are in second 3rd and 4th grade. i can confirm right now that we have several injuries, adults and students and we do have some deaths. the suspect is deceased at this point, a dps is assisting with the investigation and at this point, investigation is leading to tell us that the suspect did act alone during
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this heinous crime. families are being notified and we are providing services to as the should. as far as the rest of concerns safety measures were taken to make sure that we have a safe release for the rest of the district, the for the for other city and had numerous law enforcement officers and agencies that assisted with the 60 release for those students. we do want to keep all their families in their prayers and hope you do as well. and we also want to respect the privacy of the family. the crime scene is still being worked on and again will notify the parents and the families. as soon as we have some news for that. thank you so much. >> more video now showing us the massive amount of police presence outside of this elementary school were 14 children. one teacher were killed. the texas governor also just address the school shooting. let's listen in. >> the shooter was a salvador r-miss. an 18 year-old male who resided in that you about
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it's believed that he abandoned his vehicle, then entered into the rob elmentary school in new valley with a handgun. and he may have also had a rifle. but that is not yet confirm, according to my most recent report. he shot and killed. horrific lee and comprehensively 14, 8 students and killed teacher. ramos, the shooter. he has the he himself. is deceased and is. believed that responding officers killed it. it appears the 2 responding officers were struck by rounds but have no serious injuries. it has been reported that the subject shot his grandmother right before he went into the school. and there is i have no further information about the connection between those 2
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shootings on the subject is reported to be a student to have been a student at your valley high school and it is a u.s. citizen. bottom line, is this how it? and that is? when parents drop their kids off to school. every expectation. to be to know that they're going to be able to pick their child up when that school day ends. and there are families who are in mourning right now and the state of texas is in mourning with them for the reality that these parents, we're not going be able to pick up their children. >> audi that. 14 families. maybe 15 families are dealing with this afternoon in texas. just to recap what we have learned right now. >> 14 students and one teacher have been killed in this mass shooting. we do know that the suspect, salvador. ramos, ramos wasn't quite sure on the penn station there did die at the scene. the governor there
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saying that he likely entered the school with a handgun and a rifle and that the suspect is dead. it's also being reported that he shot his grandmother. but the connection there between the school and the grandmother being shot has not been officially confirmed just yet the suspect, according to authorities, did act alone. and this is video of fbi agents on the scene. they're investigating. there is a massive amount of law enforcement there at this elementary school that teaches second 3rd and 4th graders. that's the age range that we're dealing with. that of children who went to school today and were shot while they were in a classroom or possibly outside the school. the white house is also just responded to the shooting. here's what we're getting now from the new press secretary. president biden has been briefed on the horrific news of the elementary school shooting in texas. and we'll continue to be briefed regularly as information becomes available. his prayers are with the families impacted by this awful event and he
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will speak this evening when he arrives back in the white house. the president was on a trip in asia flying back at this very moment. so he will get all the latest information as soon as he gets back to dc and if the president does make a formal address this evening and does does that and does do that on television. we will take that live for you right here during a kron. 4 news whenever it happens this evening. and this shooting in texas at an elementary school is coming just 2 days away from the. one year mark of the mass shooting that happened at the vta railyard in san jose. and the transit agency has sent out their condolences saying our hearts go out to the families of all the victims of senseless gun violence in america. there are some plans for a memorial vigil tomorrow. at the vta railyard in san jose as they mark one year since a mass shooting. there were going to be working on more reaction from local law enforcement from different police agencies
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all throughout the bay area are lawmakers are also sending in their thoughts. their reaction to what has happened today in texas. that's coming up at 3.30, today. in the meantime, we're going to continue to follow all the developments on this breaking news story on air and online. our website kron 4 dot com is a great resource. if you want to stay up to date on all the latest information, just use your phone to scan this qr code. it will take directly to our web page where you can find the latest on the investigation and reaction from lawmakers again coming up at 3.30, we'll have more on this horrific tragedy that's coming out of texas where 14 students and one teacher have been killed. in a mass shooting. so we do need to come back here to the bay area and talk about what's happening in our neighborhood. and one of the issues that we're dealing with today, it said it's really hot out their current temperatures ranging from the coast, half moon bay at 58. but antioch right now at. it's 97 degrees livermore.
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98. it's real warm one out there. i'm meteorologist. meteorologist john shrable takes us now through the temperatures. >> well, on to our hottest day of the year so far in an comfortably hot, not just uncomfortable but dangerously so for many inland areas. if you have family neighbors know anybody that doesn't have access to a c and might be vulnerable to the heat. get him out to some cooler spots. those air-conditioned spots and well out to the coastline to that's going to be a much better option than staying at home. and baking under that sweltering heat that we've got so hot and still windy and dry that's resulting in the critical fire danger that does continue today for areas like solano county remaining under red flag warning through tomorrow at 11:00am winds do remain a factor. and of course, the heat only complicates things further. here's a look at today's daytime highs were already very close to these numbers, 70's 80's and even 90's loan triple digit out towards vacaville areas like san jose
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and oakland as much as 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. already. oakland peaking today in the mid 80's, san jose in the 90's. more details ahead. >> so with these hot temperatures comes the concerns for wildfire season in today in san francisco, firefighters trained alongside the california office of emergency services to prepare for what may be to come for us. charles clifford has details. >> well, here in san francisco this week, the san francisco fire department is working with the california office of emergency services to train on some cal. oh, yes, firetruck some equipment you see behind me here. firefighters from san francisco are working on using the hose is operating the vehicles from cali. oh, yes. oh, yes. provides the city and county of san francisco with dozens of these trucks. >> that can be used here in san francisco, staffed by san francisco firefighters. but if need be, these trucks can also be sent pretty much anywhere in california across the west to assist with the major wild land wildfire or some other major event. usually with fires and falls to local jurisdictions and counties and
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cal fire or the forest service to fight those blazes. but this adds an extra layer of resources to help with those large fires. >> california, we always have a lot of events. we want to make sure that we always have a capacity to respond. so, yes, it's it's like a whole nother state-wide fire department on that. we can move will be need to during emergencies. >> now the san francisco fire department says that if their fire crews do get sent somewhere else out of the city, that they still have enough staff here in san francisco to man all of their equipment and respond to all calls as needed. but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> california's drought is growing more dire. and today officials in the south bay are voting on whether to punish those who violate water restrictions. the santa clara valley water district is weighing a proposal to limit outdoor water use to just twice a week only before 09:00am and after 06:00pm property owners would also be banned from using water for 48 hours after any measurable rain under the proposal. anyone who does not comply with these rules could be
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fined anywhere from 100 to $10,000 is passed. the new restrictions will take effect on. june. 1st, you can scan this qr code right now. it will take you right to our website kron 4 dot com where you can get the latest forecast for your neighborhood. see the 7 day outlook and learn a lot more about red flag warnings and water restrictions. it's all on kron. 4 dot com. it is time for a break. but we are following that breaking news out of texas where 14 students and a teacher are dead after a mass shooting at an elementary school. new details are just coming our newsroom. we'll share them with you right after i'll pick this one up. i earn 3% cash back on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. so, it's not a problem at all. you guys aren't gonna give me the fake bill fight?
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to follow breaking news out of texas where an 18 year-old gunman has opened fire at a texas elementary school killing 14 school children. one teacher and he's injured others, according to the texas governor greg abbott, the gunman entered rob elementary school in uvalde with a handgun and possibly a rifle. he also said the shooter lived in that city, which is about 80 miles west of san antonio, rob elementary school, which is where the shooting took place today has an enrollment of just under 600 students serves students in the second 3rd and 4th grade. law enforcement has not provided the ages or the names of the children who have been shot and killed today while they were at school. and joining us now on the phone is
3:15 pm
representative john garamendi. we appreciate your time so much, sir. >> america can't anymore. this without some real serious federal legislation. >> and so times for many times you're going to say how sorry we are a tragic it is and not passing the legit. control over we're ready the american public down here and just 14 kids arrive in the back in 1988. >> school shooting california sen at least at the shelter. and the i was kind of a law california that help are stalled. these years later. still. >> and here we are about a week after that horrific shooting in buffalo, new york at a grocery store. we are approaching one year since the mass shooting at the vta rail
3:16 pm
yard in san jose. thoughts and prayers just are doing it anymore, sir. and we're talking about the legislation that needs to happen. a lot of the tweets that i was seeing also about mental health. we don't know anything about this suspect, but we do know that there can be something done. i'm sure about getting guns off the streets. so what can you do as a elective representative to make that happen? >> and at this a long, long time to cleveland shooting was in my legislation ultimately did come california. thankfully, senator and signed copy didn't i level and that lasted for 10 years at the level in the assault weapons and continues here in california, california. fortunately, over the years. >> and put in place the toughest gun safety laws in the nation. a model for the rest of the nation. much of the legislation that we've in the past with mike thompson, my colleague, nafta area 3,
3:17 pm
not legislation bottles after the california, but we can't get it through. cannot get to the senate, although we did pass in the house and we need to understand that, you know, they say that is not guns to kill people. it's people that so people are just not true. you saw that this kid was able to get a gun, other mental health problems. no doubt about a major, major challenge. and that also. dad. there's that. we will never know how he came to do. this was in a mental health issue. it will find out that it some online by some group we don't know. we may find out something that this complex. yes, individuals will have mental health issues. no doubt about individuals may i think allies on the on the internet,
3:18 pm
a social media. there's no doubt that's the case. that appears to be the case in buffalo where fellow radicalized the. by social media. all of issues back karlsson and fox put forward about basement. very all of that the and we have to have gun control legislation. just texas isn't open. but make sure it got anywhere in texas. and i understand you can also carry on school grounds or maybe even a school ground. i don't know. >> yeah, that's all information that we're going to learn in the the coming days about how this suspect got these 2 guns. the governor said he possibly had a handgun and a rifle and also find out about what, if any type of security was at that school, if there was any type of a security officer that was
3:19 pm
allowed to carry a weapon or any of the teachers that were allowed to carry weapons, that they had them. if there is even a chance to use them all that information will come out during the investigation. the video that our viewers are watching right now is of grieving parents either outside the hospital or outside the school or at reunification center waiting to find out information about their students, about their kids. that could be anywhere from second 3rd or 4th grade. i i wonder what representative, but you would say to parents here in the bay area who have, you know, kids that age that are in school or in any age school about it, what you would be doing to protect them to make sure that this doesn't happen here. >> i have have grandchildren that or have that image. and there's pride. i've got i don't children or teachers and their particularly when this happens in the school because you get copy get kept silence
3:20 pm
and notably is going to be on the social media and corners of this nation. will be seen a hero. so there's all of those issues. but the bottom line of this is he had a handgun. and he was motivated to use it. what is the motivation? what radicalized and the to shoot 14? innocent children? all right. go back to the clintons going 1988, what radicalized guy. no health issues. no doubt about it. and at the same time he was able to get an assault rifle. this kid was able to get a as long as guns are out there. risk is there and the children in the schools. they're to tell you all across the state of california and they go home, there's going to be ace sherry, us here in each of these children. certainly and the parents had with the
3:21 pm
teachers. he said there was there a a security guard at the school? why in the do we have actually security why do we have know the characters? because country you they are everywhere and they're readily available. and the supreme court of the united states is making it more and more possible. these guns to be that made available. right to bear any sort action any time, any style anywhere? i don't think so. that's what the supreme court is taking us over the last 20 years. here we are. >> representative garamendi, thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today to talk about this horrific tragedy that has unfolded in texas and we really appreciate your time.
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so we've just learned now that the president is going to be addressing this horrific shooting in texas at that elementary school where 15 people lost their lives today. we understand that will be happening during the 5 o'clock hour. our plan is to bring that to you live during kron. 4 news at 5 o'clock this evening. the president also ordered that all u.s. flags be flown at half staff. his administration just put out this statement saying i hereby ordered the flag of the united states be flown at half-staff at the white house and upon all public buildings and
3:25 pm
grounds that all military posts and naval stations on all naval vessels of the federal government in the district of columbia and throughout the united states and its territories. this will happen until sunset may 28th a 2022. so that will be on saturday is the 28th flags will be flown at half-staff in honor. of the 15 people who lost their lives today. this terrible shooting. and it's coming just 10 days after a shooting at a grocery store in buffalo, new york that took the lives of 10 people. this is now the 27th school shooting that federal authorities have recorded this year alone. it's the second deadly shooting since the one that took place at sandy hook elementary school in 2012. democratic senator chris murphy addressed all the shootings on the house floor just a short while ago. >> in sandy hook elementary school after those kids came back. into those classrooms. they had to adopt a practice.
3:26 pm
in which kids would say. if they started to get thoughts in their brain about what they saw that day. if they started to get nightmares during the day. reliving stepping over their classmates bodies as they tried to flee the school in one classroom. that word was monkey. and over and over and over through the day, kids would stand up and yell monkey. and a teacher. a paraprofessional have to go over to that kid. take them out of the classroom. talk to them about what they had seen. working through their issues. sandy hook will never ever be the same. this community in texas will never, ever be the same white. why are we here? if not to try to make sure that fewer schools and fewer communities go through what sandy hook. he's gone through. what uvalde is going through. our heart is breaking for these families. ounce of love
3:27 pm
and thoughts and prayers. we can send. we're sending. but i'm here on this floor. to literally get down on my hands and he's in it my colleagues. find a path forward here. work with us. to find a way. to pass laws that make this less likely. i understand my republican colleagues will not agree to everything that i may support, but there is a common denominator that we can find. there is a place where we can achieve. agreement. may not guarantee. that america never, ever again sees a mass shooting. that may not overnight cut in half the number of murders that happened in america. it will not solve. the problem of
3:28 pm
american. violence by itself. but by doing something. we at least stop sending this quiet message of indoor cement. to these killers brains are breaking. you see the highest levels of government doing nothing. after shooting. what are we doing? >> the shooting in texas, the deadly shooting at a u.s. great school since that shocking attack at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. that was almost a decade ago. we're following the latest out of texas for you here during kron. 4 news you here during kron. 4 news at 3. we'll be right bac
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>> we're following breaking news out of texas this afternoon. 14 children and one teacher dead after a mass shooting at an elementary school. the suspect is also dead and we learned that the shooter did act alone. there are a lot of new developments coming into our newsroom. kron 4 s noelle bellow is monitoring them. she joins us here now live with the latest information. >> you know, 14 elementary students.
3:32 pm
>> we're having a little issue with your microphone here. maybe we'll give you one second here to see if we can get that sorted out so we can get the latest information from you. we do know as we're getting all this information in that the shooter has also been named and he's an 18 from the that community. we want to do is. well, just go over the information right now. again, that acted alone and is dead. officials say he is a resident of that community in texas and entered the school with a handgun and possibly a rifle. we do have video from the scene as this horrific act played out at rob elementary school. that's in a town that's about 80 miles west of san antonio on the school serves just under 600 students who are in second 3rd and 4th grades, the ages and identities of these 14 victims has not been released, nor has any information about the teacher who was shot. and noel joins us now here live with more on what we're learning
3:33 pm
about the victims and what unfolded today at this elementary school. >> of the status of their we heard a short time ago from local law enforcement. there were also several people injured in this shooting, including 2 responding officers to the scene conditions right now are unknown from images we've seen of the campus underneath the school site. and the nietos leading us to believe there is a large latino community. they're involved e the town is home to about 16,000 people. it's just 75 miles away from the mexico border. we know the president has been briefed on this shooting as you reported just a bit ago, he's ordered all american flags to fly at half-staff through the end of the week as a mark of respect to these victims. now, the president has yet to put out an official statement on the shooting are waiting for that later this evening. but we are getting reaction from other lawmakers, u.s. senator dianne
3:34 pm
feinstein writing another day, another mass shooting. i'm speed speechless at the evil that is running rampant and behind all of these acts as a firearm. our gun laws are so lax. we don't even require basic background checks for guns bought online at gun shows or from private sellers. we can't even keep guns out of the hands of children. she also noted so far this year there have been more than 200 mass shootings leaving more than 230 people dead. more than 840 people injured. governor gavin newsom has also tweeted out this afternoon, he says, quote, another shooting and the gop won't do a thing about it. who the are we if we cannot keep our kids safe? this is preventable. our inaction is a choice. he goes on to say we need nationwide comprehensive common sense gun safety. now senator scott wiener echoing that sentiment in a tweet of his own. he says 14 more children have been murdered because of our nation's refusal to stop the tidal wave of easy to get mass
3:35 pm
killing machines. he says it doesn't have to be this way. congress must act and east bay congressman eric swalwell also tweeting out this afternoon referencing his own 3 children saying he wishes he could look at them and promise he will always protect them. but that would be a lie. he says america arms the most dangerous people to the teeth, leaving every child vulnerable to being shot in their class. this is not a policy defect. he says it is. it is by gop design. he ended with our ip victims of uvalde. now, thursday marks one year since the vta mass shooting that left 9 innocent people dead down in the south bay vta tweeting out this afternoon. condolences to the families involved e and all families who are victims of mass shootings just seen a couple of things to note. this afternoon's shooting is the deadliest school shooting at a u.s. grade school since the sandy hook. a shooting that happened almost a decade ago. it is the deadliest. in texas
3:36 pm
state history also would like to know the national rifle association or nra annual convention is scheduled for this weekend in houston, texas. former president trump is set to speak at that convention on friday. of course, we're going continue to follow this story all evening long for now live in the newsroom. noelle bellow back to scene. thank you to all. and we will not talk about our forecast here in the bay area's. we work to get more information about the situation that's unfolding in texas into our newsroom. >> it's hot out there for much of the bay area, especially inland. santa rosa roasting right now at 97 degrees. san jose. 92 our meteorologist john shrable has our forecast. >> well, we love talking about parent with temperatures as hot as we are today, golden gate bridge areas like the marin headlands the presidio in golden gate park. these are the spots to be a no. it's a tuesday. so many of us are working. but if you have a chance to venture out here, you get to enjoy the sunshine
3:37 pm
and get to avoid the heat that is sparking up. both heat advisories and red flag warnings for inland areas. areas like solano county do remain under that critical fire danger and that red flag warning through tomorrow at 11:00am. it's a pairing of the 90's and even triple digits with winds that will be continuously breezy and very dry both today and tomorrow. now, if you're just done with this heat already, here's the good news. even though this high pressure remains firmly in place, keeping us dry, it's not necessarily keeping us quite as hot. northwesterly winds are blocking out that ocean influence that oftentimes moderates, the bay area compared to inland areas like the central valley. well, that northwesterly wind begins to relax tomorrow. that opens the window for some ocean. cool there to slip right back into the bay area. specially starting on thursday. that's going to come along with the return of coastal fog. even some areas of drizzle and misty conditions right along the coast in a much cooler forecast all the way inland.
3:38 pm
temperatures from wednesday into thursday. we're going to fall as much as 10 to 15 degrees. so the numbers that you are seeing in your 4 zone forecast today, comfortable at the coastline. hot for both are bayshore in inland areas aren't necessarily going to last. get through these. get to that cool place today for the rest of the day today. and then you do have something to look forward to later on this week. mid-nineties for the tri valley mid to upper 80's along the east bay shoreline and vacaville getting all the way up to 100 degrees with that critical fire danger. this we've noted a look ahead in our next 7 days today, tomorrow, easily, the hottest and then temperatures plunge on into thursday as that cool ocean air makes its return. staying cool for the rest of the forecast. it's time for a quick break here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock. but we do have a live look here. >> at the situation in texas where 14 students >> were killed today. and one teacher all during a mass shooting at an elementary school were gathering. the latest information and we'll have it for you right after this break.
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>> all right. we'll take a quick break from our coverage of what's happening in texas and talk about something that happened to a santa cruz homeowner who was just shocked to find themselves in a position that not a lot of people have to go take a look at this picture. raccoon got stuck in the roof of their home. that was under construction. realizing time could be critical. the homeowner had to safely push the raccoon through the hole
3:42 pm
so that it would not suffocate. and with proper instruction from emergency services. the resident was able to free that raccoon safely. animal services told us this kind of behavior is not typical of raccoons, but it turned out that this mama had babies and one of the houses vents. so she was just trying to get back to them. the whole family now is all back together. taking a look, though, at our current temperatures on this very hot tuesday. when will we start to cool off? we'll find out after the break. >> plus another live look from texas where 14 students and a teacher are dead. this is a look outside of rob elementary school where the shooting unfolded this afternoon. families still waiting to find out about their loved ones. we'll have more information we'll have more information it's beautiful out here. it sure is. and i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. that means that i earn 5% on our rental car,
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>> and then nice distraction. the warriors are given gearing up for game 4 of the western conference finals. if they win tonight, they will be on their way to the nba finals. kron four's jason dumas says in dallas at american airlines center with what we can expect today, she brooms, jason, or even get a sweet. what do you think? >> that that's what the warriors hope. that's what dubnation hopes for the warriors. just one win away from their 6th nba finals in 8 years. in one right. this is
3:46 pm
familiar territory for this organization. but then in another right, it's pretty crazy to think that they have gone this far. this team has gone through so much in the last 2 years. 2 years ago, they were so bad they had the 3rd pick in the nba draft. then just last year, they didn't even make the playoffs. they lost a home game in the play in route to the memphis grizzlies. it was an embarrassing loss. they've had so many injuries over the last 2 years. klay thompson didn't play for over 2 and a half years. steph curry and draymond green. they were in and out of the lineup for 2 years and a lot of people around the tba. they were sure that that trio of clay dre and stepped good play championship level basketball anymore. but guess what? now? they are on the brink of an nba finals. they became the hunters, not the hunted. so it's easy to see why they can be distracted and it caught up in all that
3:47 pm
hype as they look for another nba championship. but guess what? i was that shoot around today and everyone at shootaround was laser focused. everybody doesn't want to play another game in san francisco and a couple of days. they want to get back to san francisco and rest if they win today, they will have on. they will have 8 days. all they're not content. they know the close out game is the hardest. they don't want to play another game on thursday. want to wrap this series up tonight. they can see their goals staring them dead in the face. but they know they want to accomplish that. they'll have to stay in the moment. i was juror and thinking about anything beyond that tonight's game. that's where the danger lies. so >> we have to be locked in and focused just like we were in game 3 when we got off to a really good start and we set a good tone. we know how how dangerous dallas's, how well they play at home there. i
3:48 pm
think more likely tonight to to make some shots early and and get off to a good start. and we we need to be prepared. we need to be on edge. nothing else matters. fact that you are so close to getting back to opportunity to compete for championships like >> can you allow your mind to >> kind of wonder a little bit. but then we. leverage our experience enough to know that you can't do that. and for us. always say stay locked in on what's happening right now. i haven't over so that they're in the game. and about just, you know, stay in the moment because what is fun and compete? you have to remember how much fun this stages. this atmosphere. but done anything. it. >> so guys, you can feel that sentiment. they're locked in their laser focused. they want to get this win and end this
3:49 pm
series so they can get some rest before the nba finals. but with all that being said, it's still hard to completely focus on basketball. obviously, the tragedy down in southern texas just over 300 miles away at that elementary school. everyone here is thinking of that. so it's a day where they want to win the game. obviously they want to finish the job here in this series, but their mind isn't completely on basketball. just a very strange feeling in the air with that tragedy that happened about 300 miles south of here in dallas. just game. >> yeah, jason, i was wondering if the players or the warriors and said anything about what had unfolded during the school shooting. not that far from you. a couple 100 miles away. there was anything planned before the game tonight. and also just a coach kerr has said anything because he's been a longtime advocate for more restrictive. the gun laws. >> yeah, well, steve kerr is
3:50 pm
set to talk 6.30, central time 4.30, back there on the west coast for you guys. and it's almost certain that he will address the situation when he sits down at the podium. as you said before, he had always addressed these type of issues. of course, steve lost his father to gun overseas many years ago. so this is near and dear to his heart. we will certainly hear from him. we haven't heard what they were before the game. i would imagine there will be a moment of silence. like said justine has just 5 and a half hour drive from dallas. that small town in southern texas. so >> it's definitely affected a lot of people. i came in the arena. you hear people talking about it. you see people huddled around the tv trying to get the latest news courses and of thinkable tragedy. and it's it's something that we have to deal with. why we do our job. and if it makes it kind of a weird feeling, but that's what's going on right now here in dallas. >> jason dumas live for us. warriors. all right. we
3:51 pm
continue to follow the tragedy of texas for 14 children and a teacher were shot to death at an elementary school today. >> president biden is expected to address the country about this latest mass shooting. we expect that to be happening about 05:15am, tonight and we'll carry that for you live. but right now joining us live, this california senator alex padilla. thank you so much, senator, for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 to talk about this horrific tragedy. >> thank you to sting for having me but bp before we speak any further, i just want to say not just as a u.s. senator, but it's a father of 3 school-age children. my heart goes out to the families of all the entire vote while the community. this is a senseless that does not need to happen. >> how can we prevent something like this happening inside of a california school, the school in texas where this happened is where second 3rd and 4th graders went to school today. probably thinking at
3:52 pm
the end of the year was coming. that summer was right around the corner. and there is just shocking tragedy there. how can we make sure that this doesn't happen to our families here in california or in the bay area or really anywhere else in the united states. again. >> but the design some common sense things that i can't and should be done. but let me sort of set the stage for anybody who's watching by saying this that i grew up in california and i remember a grown up with a fire drills, an elementary school all the way through high school or the quick drilled the trapped roles that we didn't. school elementary school middle school high school to think that our kids have to go up practicing active schroder drills is absolutely heartbreaking. and sadly, a reflection of where society is today. but the good news is to you at your question. we know things that can minimize the chances of things like this. happening again, smart, common sense gun safety measures like expanding background checks
3:53 pm
that are required before people who may commit can acquire a firearm. we know when assault weapons ban was in place for the nation, it's insight this went down and this all weapons ban is still in place in california. now we're still learning details of what happened today in duval, the texas. but these are just some of the things that we can do to minimize the chances of tragedies like this happening. and i also want to be very, very clear the only reason we haven't been able to make further progress on gun safety in congress. it's because republicans refused to act. you have for my democratic colleagues all day long. we're ready to vote to put this in place. now we're ready to vote to keep our children safer. and it's influenced by the power of the nra and other elements of the gun lobby that simply refuse to let these millions go through. >> do you think that we should do anything about changing the age in which a person can
3:54 pm
legally own a gun? should it go from being 21 to being it is 18 now should go to being 21 years old. >> i'm fully supportive of that. i know the state of california has tried to move in that direction again, republicans in the gun lobby are trying challenge those types of smart gun safety measures. respect the second amendment. but my god, we have to respect the lives and the futures of our children. first. >> do you think that there should be some sort of trigger lock or a fingerprint type of warning on a gun that would allow someone to be able to use it in a, you know, safe situation. >> so they get there so many a smart proven ideas on how improve gun safety from how we store them you safety measures on guns committed by
3:55 pm
fingerprints or anything we can and need to do more. and the only reason we have been able to make more progress as a nation is because their republican colleagues refused to go against the gun lobby, go those who are just ok with extreme violence that has to and didn't pray that people across the country. keep this in mind what we've got vote in november. know who it is. it stands with you on gun safety and the safety of our children and who doesn't. >> last question for you here you have any idea what the president might be saying to the nation tonight, other than offering condolences and being that type of commander in chief. >> yeah, look, i looking forward to his remarks in just a little while. you know anything about to president biden, you know, his compassion, you know, his heart having suffered loss of different types in his life and so i you will absolutely
3:56 pm
connect with the families. the parents all last the children today, sadly, but he's also i'm sure going reiterate the call for federal action. maybe this additional action that he can do in a state of lee. but the ultimate solutions require congress to act. and you know what else should be a wake-up call from my colleagues. inaction is a choice. any member of congress who refuses to act to improve gun safety and reduce violence in america is making a conscious choice to make our communities a less to think that people have to worry about their safety. when you go to the grocery store, we saw the buffalo just last week to think that you can feel safe going to grow from house of as you saw in southern california and elsewhere in that recent and yet another shooting that just a school elementary school, my
3:57 pm
god, what is this nation wake up? >> i hope soon serve help soon. senator alex padilla, thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock. we really appreciate your time. just a quick recap of the events that we've been watching for you this afternoon. 14 students and a teacher all killed today at their elementary school in a suburb outside of san antonio. it's horrific to be talking about this once again, but we really appreciate your time. i'm justine waldman. we'll have much more coverage for you tonight during kron. 4 news at 5, including covering the president's address live and then a few tonight in prime time.
3:58 pm
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