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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  May 25, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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action. >> vice president kamala harris sharing sentiments that many people are feeling this morning following the murder of 19 children and 2 adults and a texas elementary school this morning. we're following the latest on the investigation as well. what is what we're learning about those young victims? >> from the bay area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. we're going to get to our top story few minutes. you might want to get a little kids out of the room. actually not have them. watch the news this morning might be a suggestion of because we are going to get to those fairly quickly. and some of the details in the story might be triggering for some. so we just want to put that out there. we'll get to that coverage here in a minute. but first. >> let's get updated on weather and traffic and prepare you for another hot day around the bay. >> yeah, guys, we're looking at just another warm one today after this. we do cool down, though. so there's relief just around the looking out there
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this morning from berkeley hills cam. you can see the golden gate bridge out there in the distance. there's no fog whatsoever that something that changes in a big way come tomorrow will see the return of fog. some coastal cloud cover even some misty spots of the coast. and most notably for all of us, a big cool down for your daytime highs tomorrow. as for current temperatures right now we're in the 50's and 60's side from brentwood which is city hit. 81 degrees and notable. stand out. we are going to be seeing conditions today that are mild to start hot to finish. definitely enjoy those morning hours. we're still in the midst of those cooler temperatures later on today. winds are going to come down pretty nicely. and we're also going to look at some really big changes. come tonight will be breaking down. everything you need to know. that sets us up for the cooler. rest of your forecast. still to come right now. john, thank you for that. will traffic has been building across the bay bridge this morning? we're at about 17 minutes for your drive. time near the meter lights went on. >> about 45 minutes ago or so. so to make it from the maze that free must exit going to
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take a little time no delays along the san mateo bridge just under 12 to make it from 80 across towards one o one this morning and the south bay, if you're traveling along 1, starting at 85 heading towards menlo park about 31 minutes now to 18. 82. no major issues there to 37 also moving at the limit. we'll go ahead and leave with a look at 6.80, double down to fremont. 14 minutes. 8.80, on the southbound side. slight delay. northbound side. traffic is moving at the limit. darya james, back to you. 6, 0, 2, and the developing story is the. another school shooting, a shooting involving kids that are all under the age of 11. >> 19 were killed. 2 teachers were killed and your reaction is what just about every american is feeling right now is mix of sadness. >> ration, rage, frustration. again, as daryn mentioned, this was the scene at that texas elementary school as the video capture. those moments that first responders were on
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scene taking some of the wounded children away. parents showing up nearby looking for. confirmation about the condition of their child. but as daryn mentioned, sadly, 19 of those children were killed. 2 teachers as well. and unfortunately, that. tally may continue to rise this because we know that a number of other kids were also shot and wounded. >> the gunman after opening fire and various classrooms. he ended up being shot and killed by an officer. and this was all just as the live element re school is getting ready to celebrate the end of the year. yeah. mary beth mcdade has the latest on what happened. >> video has surfaced allegedly showing suspected gunman. >> 18 year-old salvador ramos entering robb elementary in uvalde, texas. >> police say armed with a rifle and handgun and wearing body armor. >> authorities say after entering the school which was filled with some 600nd 3rd and 4th graders, he unleashed a
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bloodied massacre around 11:30am, killing at least 19 students and 2 teachers and injuring numerous others. again, my heart was broken today. >> a small community. >> what we need your prayers to get us through this. authorities say got into some domestic incident with his grandmother earlier in the day at their home and shot her. the uvalde high school student then allegedly fled the scene and crashed his truck near the elementary school. a witness describes what he saw seem justice. it's to jump the sense he had a backpack. and you know, this. >> he had a rifle. >> there was a massive response of law enforcement that flocked to the school. they got into a gun battle with the suspect before killing him. let me assure you. >> in shooter is deceased and we're not actively looking for another individual or any other suspects in this case. meantime, worried parents rushed to the scene searching for answers. >> trying to find out if their child was dead or alive. nobody's telling me anything.
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>> now he's telling any time anything. and one of the parents are saying that there's kids possibly held at the funeral home. >> a texas state senator says the suspect recently purchased 2 assault rifles on his 18th birthday. >> however, it's not clear if they were used in the mass shooting. investigators are looking at many things, including his social media accounts. >> there are pictures of guns and ammunition on what's believed to be as instagram page and a warning saying kids be scared. they're also looking into whether he sent cryptic instagram message to a random teenage girl. los angeles saying he wanted to share a little secret. meantime, investigators have been combing through his gray ford f one, 50. >> well, her says are seen arriving at the school. >> that was mary beth mcdade reporting. as for ramos is representative of the texas department of public safety confirmed last night that she was in critical condition at
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the hospital were looking to find out if there's any update on that this morning. we'll let you know. >> meantime, lawmakers in washington, they're angry. they're outraged. they're wondering why there's been another mass shooting and how it's going to stop. yeah, this morning democrats are once again calling for gun reform. unclear how successful they'll be this time around. alexandra limon joining us live from dc with more on this. this this story that just repeats all too often. alex. >> yeah, james darya democrats, including president biden are pushing for gun control measures they say are common sense and could at least help with the country's gun violence problem. but it doesn't seem like they'll have, you know, very much success this time around. already we're seeing very little abbott, high or interest from republican lawmakers on those types of measures. >> the massacre at an elementary school in uvalde, texas is the deadliest school shooting since sandy hook. now
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president biden is calling on congress to do more than express thoughts and prayers when in god's name. we're going stand up to the gun lobby. connecticut senator chris murphy made an impassioned plea for republican senators to support gun control measures he says are common sense. what do you go through all the hassle? of getting this job? if your answer. >> is that is the slaughter increases as our kids run for their lives. we do nothing and it appears all eyes turn to republican senators after the shooting. when are we going to do something? golden state warriors head coach steve kerr. >> used his press conference to implore republican senators to support measures like universal background checks. are you going to put your own? >> desire for power ahead of the lives of our children and our elderly and our church goers because that's what it looks like. every time there's
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that comes up. >> it wouldn't good. oklahoma senator jim inhofe wasn't alone in dismissing the idea of gun reform. texas senator ted cruz said in an interview that such restrictions don't work and he pushed for more armed law enforcement at schools. instead, indiana senator mike braun said he's open to finding common ground including solutions not related to gun control is generally mental illness factor to it. >> and for years now, democrats have been fighting to try to pass measures like requiring universal background checks for all gun sales or renewing the federal assault weapons ban. >> but none of those measures have gotten enough support to become law live in washington. alexandra limon. thanks a lot, alex. >> and in the east bay because of this, parents and students are going to see where sheriff's deputies on campuses around contra costa county and not surprising. the sheriff says that he wants to increase
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patrols around schools in light of what we just saw in texas. >> if anything, just to give parents and a sense of security as they're heading off to school this morning. kron four's will tran is following the story for us there in cocoa county because will, as you mentioned in your can't help but put your own think of your own children. the situation like that and just rips your heart. >> i'm thinking about my kids this morning. there's no doubt about it. nobody's going to school and about 90 minutes from now. there's not a parent in america in the bay area in contra costa county. my current location that isn't thinking about their kids when they drop off the kids at school and hoping that they get the hug. at the end of the day. james terry, i want to quickly show you over my left shoulder. this just happened. they are getting ready for school day and before yesterday the american flag was raised all the way to the
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top and today all the way through saturday, it will be at half-staff to honor the victims of what happened in texas. everybody sending their condolences out to texas, the victims and their families. but the contra costa county sheriff's department, there are also sending out extra deputies because let's face it, everybody is terrified the politicians will do what they do or what they want do. but the bottom line is that parents, the teachers, the administrators and the kids, they still have to go on. take a look at your screen. this was tweeted out by the contra costa county sheriff's department late last night just to ease the fears. i want to quickly say there is no credible threat to any school in the bay area in contra costa county. but it doesn't mean that people are not scared to death. and according to the contra costa county sheriff's department, they said on behalf of the contra costa sheriff's office, our deepest condolences to the family and friends of that texas school shooting victims.
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our thoughts are also with the community and first responders. although there are no known threats in contra costa sheriff's office jurisdiction. i have ordered additional patrols around all of our schools. obviously, there are so many schools within this particular county so they will not be station at one school, but they will be patrolling around. i'm sure they will get out as they've done before. unfortunately, james this is they've had too much practice at this. let's face it. they've had too much practice at this. they will be patrolling the schools. oftentimes they'll get out to show a presence once the kids get to school as well. teachers and administrators. i have done this story way too many times. i can basically be their spokesman for them this morning that i've done this as far as to teachers and administrators who are free, they will also be asked to stand in front of the schools and in the hallways to walk around to also show a presence. everybody thinking about what's going on. and
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once you drop off your kids this morning. you will see this flag at your particular school. also at half staff. >> ok, thanks a lot. and we will can continue to keep you updated throughout the day as more information comes in on this story, through our broadcast and also online. you can scan that qr code that you see on your screen that will take a kron 4 dot com work. we're compiling the stories and the various bits of information you're going to need to stay up to date on the latest with this. >> it's 6.12, right now. and changing gears to some other news. the state legislature is one step closer to banning police department from using the dna victims of assault and other criminal investigation. a bill banning the practice is now head of the assembly where it's expected to pass kron 4. sarah stinson is following the story for us from the newsroom. >> good morning, sir. >> yeah, this is a big step for the assault victims act that passed the senate unanimously and it's now heading to the assembly for policy committee hearings.
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this bill aims to protect assault survivors by prohibiting the use of dna profiles collected from victims by police for any other purpose than to identify the attacker. meaning police could not use the victim's dna from a rape kit to later connect them to another crime. this bill was put together by senator scott wiener and assemblymember phil ting san francisco district attorney chesa boudin also sponsored the bill along with other groups. this bill came about after it was discovered right here in san francisco assault survivors. dna was being used against them and other unrelated crimes. the assault victims act would stop this from happening across the state. sen wiener says it's already hard enough for survivors to come forward and undergo invasive rape kit exam at the hospital. so the last thing they need is to fear it will be used against them in the future. assaults are significantly underreported, fewer than a quarter of survivors come forward to
6:14 am
police of those survivors. only a small percentage undergo the dna collection. there's already a federal law prohibiting the inclusion of victims dna in the national dna system. but there was no california state law to prevent hibbett this from happening and from its entering local law enforcement agencies, databases, legislation would remedy that. and so far it's only received bipartisan support. i'm sarah stinson reporting live in the newsroom. back to you. all right. thank you, sarah. 6.14, right now. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, a new statewide is supposed to help californians conserve water. >> motivation will explain son who it applies to. and gas prices keep going up as you might be jumping in the car to see what the president's trying to do to get the prices down.
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how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. (music throughout) >> 6.17 right now and the big news in the weather is hot.
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still. yeah, unfortunately. but john, talking about after today, maybe a little bit of yeah. definitely one more day to get through. and then the relief gets here. it is a beautiful morning. we are under some clear skies and san jose as well as the rest of the bay area. temperatures are solidly in the 60's this morning. so hardly even need the jacket as you're getting out there. the last thing you think about is the jacket later today will be seeking out see the fan, at least or even a cooler day out along the coastline. vacaville atlas peak still breezy this morning, but winds do generally calm down at least that dry northwesterly wind replaced by cool sea breeze into the evening tonight. that is the first sign of that big change. now as far as a red flag warnings go, they expired. 11:00am today. so after that, we're still going to be under high fire. danger is high pressure. ridge is going to keep us dry cold front to the north and west, though, going to sweep through allowing that cool coastal air to push it along with it. it also allowing some fog and even misty drizzly conditions at the coast to start your morning tomorrow. as you venture outside to start your
6:19 am
thursday morning. not like the crystal clear conditions. we've had the past few days. you will be running into some lower visibility again. that's thursday morning today. daytime highs still in the 70's for sf mostly 60's out along the coastline, which will be cooler than yesterday. the rest of the bay area pretty similar to yesterday. still solidly in the 90's with san jose at 92 degrees. fremont over to the tri valley on up to walnut creek and concord in the mid 90's. well, oakland, berkeley and richmond, a little cooler in the upper 70's not tapping into that marine air just wind with vacaville at 100 degrees today. santa rosa had a little bit and nevado in the low 90's tomorrow you see how temperatures plunged as much as 20 degrees for some of our inland spots from the upper 90's in some spots today to just the low 80's and our warmest tomorrow rain. john, definitely a warm one. so we have a major bar delay. this is between macarthur and 12th street. >> oakland city center in the antioch sfo direction because
6:20 am
of equipment issues that are happening there on the track. so again, keeping a close eye on that 20 minute drive into the city this morning, maze that fremont street exit. i don't see any accidents or hazards, but traffic is building at the bay bridge early this morning. 13 minutes making their way across towards the peninsula via the san mateo bridge and the south bay traveling along one. 0 one. you can see the green across the map. 30 minute drive from 85 in to menlo park to 18. 82. i don't see any issues over there. crockett about 15 minutes for you as you're traveling. and then let's check on 8.80, northbound moving along nicely. slight delay to hey, we're on the southbound side of 80 darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. and we are talking a rain about the gas prices heading into memorial day that we reached another peak. >> a record high this week and the white house is scrambling to try to bring down those prices before the real crush of traffic happens, which is tomorrow thursday and friday and as a story. >> with gas prices and the
6:21 am
cost of diesel fuel reaching record highs. the administration now says they're considering tapping into the nation's emergency diesel reserve. the average price per gallon is around $4.60 for diesel. 5 $1 and $0.55. the president. >> has not taken any tools off of >> the table on tuesday. secretary of energy, jennifer granholm toward the nation's strategic petroleum reserve in louisiana, which following president biden's direction is releasing 1 million barrels of crude oil every day for the next 6 months so that we can helped us do our part to stabilize. >> the that mismatch between supply and demand globally. but the price at the pump is only expected to keep climbing. it's all because of biden's policies. california republican kevin mccarthy says americans are paying the price. >> because the trucks, trains and boats used to deliver products all run on diesel.
6:22 am
everything you buy it cost more because of the transportation and with diesel supplies running low on the east coast, the biden administration is now considering tapping a rarely used diesel reserve as the short term solution. >> and the administration is under pressure to act fast with more than 39 million people expected to travel next weekend. increasing the demand for fuel. for now in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> all right. let's take a peek at the pump. prices them because napa is now number one. we're number one. it's not a good thing. a penny higher than san francisco which led the pack just a couple days ago. and then you can see santa fell coming in at 3rd. these are all the gas prices there. the averages throughout the bay area. it looks like the least expensive at the moment is fairfield delay. 0, 6, 0, 7, now we'll take a break 6.22. at the time. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. do you know your evacuation zone in case of emergency? well, we're going break down a handy new tool that will help you keep.
6:23 am
>> safe this wildfire season. we'll be right back.
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>> 6.25. right now. you're supposed to know your zone and it will really help in the case of a wildfire season. there is a new program and it's called zone a haven and it's helping people know if they are in harm's way and should evacuate. it's a software program and it assigns numbers. 2 areas in the community then they know if their community is affected by a fire. the program started in sam a tail expanded to other communities. and cal fire says that this can really make things simple in the midst of chaos. >> in the past, what would have a big map out the future? i'm sure peace. and then try to communicate sharpie lines to the public. so first, 4 months of huge to organizing
6:27 am
evacuation, it simplifies things in it. so i was on the public safety people to look at the same sheet of music. but most importantly allows the public to see the same sheet of music. so you can look at a map and see it. >> now, this new program zone haven is not replacing other forms of communication that are already in place getting out important information about wildfires. instead, it will just compliment what is already in place. >> just ahead, bay area sports team are reacting to the mass shooting at a school in texas. coming up, warriors coach steve kerr passionate plea for action.
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>> it's 6.29 and it's going to be hot but a pretty much a part of what we saw yesterday. so brace yourself for at least what one more day, john? yeah, this is the last one. in the end, we are smooth sailing for a while. actually looking at a really comfortable forecast after today. so get through this one. if you love the heat, the bank, even the really hot weather will it today that because we get really comfortable after this. your east bay view right here, looking nice and clear all the way up to the coastline tomorrow we're going to see the return of fog and cloud cover for many spots to start the day. so if you do like that, sunshine to start the day, enjoy this were in the 60's under all that sun. beautiful way to get things started. brett, would you are a warm pocket over there at the edge of the central valley at 80 degrees right now over towards pittsburgh. a lot
6:31 am
cooler at 68 as you're getting out there. definitely get that yard work the dog. walk the job because we are still just as hot as yesterday for inland areas, at least fairfield vacaville, breezy today, still under red flag warning. so mind that fire danger. i'll be talking the much cooler forecast that we have ahead of us. still to come, tom, thank you for that. will we have a major bar delay? that's between macarthur and 12 street oakland city center in the antioch. >> an sfo direction. equipment issues are having right now. so we're monitoring that closely about a 22 minute drive traveling into the city maze to that fremont street exit. no accidents. the traffic has been building as the morning goes on a nine-minute drive. richmond center fell bridge tolls to one o one. we're checking our golden gate bridge here. 37 to the tolls a little under 21 minutes. and if you're taking the san mateo bridge about a 14 minute commute, james, back to you. thank you. are in a 6.31. and let's get back to our developing story, which is the massacre at an elementary
6:32 am
school in texas and all of the families who are mourning their loved ones this morning after an 18 year-old gunman killed at least 19 children and 2 adults at an elementary school in. >> of all, the texas police say it all started when salvador ramos for shot. his grandmother then drove towards the school, but crashed his vehicle before. then. >> but didn't the term he proceeded on foot into that school and started shooting? they say it was a border patrol agent in the end that rushed into the school without waiting for backup and shot and killed ramos, even though he was wearing a bulletproof vest. >> you know, police are still piecing together why he did what he did. and families are just trying to figure out how they're going to put the pieces together. it a lot of families when they're not knowing if their kids were among the dead actually gave dna samples. and police say that ramos is grandmother, did survive the shooting. but what we know from a sergeant with the police there is that she is in critical condition and this is the deadliest school
6:33 am
shooting since the sandy hook shooting. and it comes about 2 weeks after the deadly mass shootings in buffalo, new york and laguna woods, california >> well, that massacre in unfolded as children and teachers were preparing to begin summer break. they were wrapping up the school year looking forward to the summer holiday. that all ended in tragedy. and we are learning more about the children who were killed. sandra mitchell has the latest. >> outside the elementary school, the horror started to unfold. parents embracing in agony, awaiting word on their children. first and foremost, per ease is to get information to our families as part of the investigation, the bodies of the victims were still inside the building. one of the first to be identified, 4th grade teacher even more ellis, the wife of a police officer, a mother and a running enthusiast. she worked at the district for 17 years. also
6:34 am
confirmed dead garcia married with 4 children. all of the other victims inside the school are believed to be 4th graders just 10 11 years old, including 10 year-old xavier lopez and bravo. another teacher, one of the injured. i thank god that she came out of surgery, ok? i have not been able to, but i did speak to her brother, my cousin, hector. >> confirmed that she's okay. and just recovering right now, 13 children were taken to uvalde memorial hospital to died on the rival. >> some of the other victims had to be transported 80 miles away to the nearest trauma center in san antonio. the shooting happened on the last week of school. the kids looking forward to summer break and then in a matter of minutes, everything changed. school will be closed with school year is done. >> we have no school tomorrow for thursday. all activities are canceled throughout the district.
6:35 am
>> and the local mortuary there and you've all day is offering funeral services for all of the victims at no costs. we've got much more online on this cropper dot com report met information there for you to take a listen to the mortuary talking about covering the cost. >> we are being held hostage by 50 senators. in washington who refused to even put it to a vote despite what we the american people want. they won't vote on it because they want to hold on to their own power. it's about enough. that was steve crist press conference before game 4. he walked said i'm not talking about basketball and you could see he was just incensed. >> and then he left the room talking about the shooting, very powerful moment there as coach kerr stormed out afterwards, not taking any questions but condemning what happened in texas and >> imploring congress to do something all all the
6:36 am
professional sports teams were reacting as well. and that's where kron 4 s camila barco is following this morning morning. she's live in san francisco. camilla. >> darya james, what you just heard we just heard from a coach, steve kerr. that the pre-game press conference. he didn't let not want to talk about basketball like doris ted. instead he made an emotional plea for gun control following the mass shooting at the elementary school in uvalde, texas before game 4 american airlines center held a moment of silence to mourn the 21 lives last. take a look. coach kerr and the warriors joined in on the moment of silence before facing the dallas mavericks. >> before the game, kerr talked for about 3 minutes to reporters saying that enough is enough. he was frustrated. he was angry. he called on lawmakers to mandate background checks for gun purchases. here's what he and steph curry had to say before the game.
6:37 am
>> when are we going to do something? i'm tired i'm so tired of getting up here and offering condolences to. devastated families that are out there. i'm so tired of the excuse me. i'm sorry. i'm tired of moments of silence enough. well, i ask you, mitch mcconnell, ask all of you senators who refused to do anything about the violence and school shootings and supermarket shoes. i ask you, are you going to put your own desire for power ahead of the lives of our children and our elderly and our church goers because that's what it looks like. i got center of the school every day. drop them off. >> and you feel for the parents that >> you know, going through what they're going through. i even imagine the pain. so for coach to come up here and say what said and everywhere that he said was powerful as
6:38 am
meaningful. >> now san francisco giants and the oakland a's also went on to play yesterday, but not before holding a moment of silence for the victims in texas as well as those who lost their lives in the recent mass shooting in buffalo, new york that left 10 dead the san francisco forty-niners also reacted to the news out of texas offering their condolences and prayers to the victims and families in a tweet. the organization went on to say that there needs to be, quote, real change when it comes to gun darya james, a lot of reaction from bay area. sports teams throughout the morning. we will be hearing from warriors, coach warriors head coach steve kerr and his emotional plea for action. >> back to you guys. yeah, you could just hear him barely containing himself there. thank you so much. camilla feeling like a lot of us feel this morning. that frustration that he referred to because kids keep dying. it's been almost 10 years since sandy
6:39 am
hook. >> yeah. that was the next deadly are just yeah. the deadliest school shooting at sandy hook elementary crawford just campbell spoke with a former school administrator there at the time. what he thinks now should be done to stop mass shootings like this. >> what's a realistic solution? and that start putting these people who are mentally ill cody mccubbin is the former secretary on the board of education in newtown, connecticut. he went to 4 funerals in one day after the shooting on december of 2012 left. 26 people dead at sandy hook elementary and he feels the solution to stopping mass shootings is to build more mental asylums. >> why did we not have these problems in the 50's and 60's? he had mental issues. also after the 80's to start having major crimes of of meth burner because we're having a just an incredible amount of people from street. >> company says he doesn't think taking action on gun
6:40 am
laws are realistic sol.tion to the problem. we want to talk about the gun trade, everybody. let's talk about guns. but do the math. >> there's 350 to 400 million guns in this country. there's no way you don't dissolve. you know, why are you don't wear out? there's no way you're going to get them. there's no political will in this country to go through its are taking people's guns away. mccubbin says unfortunately he was not surprised by tuesday's shooting in uvalde, texas and the worst is yet to come. >> grieving process is going to be painful. it's going to be long. this could be hard reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> and happening today, a vigil to remember the victims who lost their lives in the mass shooting in texas is going to be held at the foster city recreation center tonight. it's at the leo j ryon memorial park that gets underway at 7.30, at the gazebo. everyone is invited to attend and they'll have some battery operated candles.
6:41 am
there. just remember all holiday subtle kits were gone. 6.40, time. we have a another story that we're following from the east bay. the reward now is growing to find the missing oakley woman. alexis gabe, now $100,000 to figure out what happened to her. the only city council yesterday increased the cities where we're from from 10 to 50 grand to 50,000 from there and then the other 50,000 is from an anonymous donor. alexis game was last seen in january in antioch, police have searched friends, boyfriends house twice. but so far he has not been named a person of interest in the case. san francisco police are looking for the gunman who shot a person near a south of market in that neighborhood. 52 year-old man was injured. yesterday morning. the victim told the police that a car stop near him around 10th in harrison street. somebody in the car shot him and then took off. the victim is expected to be okay. police haven't released any information on
6:42 am
the shooter. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a case of monkeypox could finally be here in california. unfortunately, we'll tell you what we're learning about this potential diagnosis. >> and we're starting to feel cooler weather along the coastline today. highs falling mostly into the 60's out that direction. also see the return of fog towards the finish the day. >> inland areas yet to cool down just yet. still into the 90's, even triple digit or 2. but you've got your cooldown heading your way tomorrow. the forecast is ahead. >> and a few delays out there is traffic continues to build on this wednesda
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> we're back at 6.45. california water regulators approved a statewide ban on watering decorative lawns at businesses and institutions. and this comes as the governor is urging water agencies to be more aggressive with their drought response with ashley zavala from sacramento to explain. >> here at the california epa, building the state water resources control board voted unanimously to prohibit businesses and institutions across the state from watering their decorative or non-functional grass. officials say this means grass or lawns not regularly used for recreational or community purposes. this ban does not apply to the residential sector or when addressing the health of trees, perennial plants or immediate health and safety needs violators can be fined by any agency that can enforce penalties along with
6:46 am
this band. the board also approved a requirement for local water agencies to move into what's called their level to water contingency plans, which assumes a water shortage of 20%. local agencies set the rules and they can vary from place to place, which can include cutting down on outdoor water. use and incentivizing people to use more efficient appliances. these rules would need to be in place by the week of june 6th to use them as a tool to see if they can work. >> to see if we can have more tailored approaches and importantly, see the the outcomes we all collectively need to given the challenges that not just california but their quest case on usage. this vote comes as governor gavin newsom warned large water districts monday that if there isn't significant water conservation the summer. >> more state mandates could be put in place. the governor is expected to meet with those local water agencies again, to discuss progress in the coming months, reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron, 4 news. >> all right, 6.46 right now and we have to talk about the
6:47 am
heat again. yep. the drought, the heat, it's all connected. and john saying we've got one more day, at least of this, a real hot stuff before some relief. yes, today, the last one. so we can hang on to that at least you're getting out there and wiping your brow again, just from walking out the front door looking out there at half. moon bay skies are crystal clear. tomorrow is not necessarily going to be clear stays right along the coastline. so if you want a nice day to head out to the ocean today is certainly good chance to do so. it's a nice escape from the inland heat. and it's the last day you're going to see all that sunshine at the coast. that's because tomorrow we see some fog pushing back into the coast in apthat same cool ocean air, a company by a cold front is going to result in a big cool down for inland areas. still under red flag warning for solano county were breezy. we're hot. we're windy out there. but guess what? it only last until 11:00am. after that point, we should see winds dying down and humidity is not going to be quite as bone dry today either. so we're already
6:48 am
starting to see those changes. there's your cold front behind us. the high pressure ridge is going to be nudged out and we're going to see that window opening up for some cooler air to sweep back into. you're going to already start to see that late this afternoon into tomorrow morning. starting to see some fog in pockets of the coast tomorrow. some drizzle in some mist along the coast and most noticeably for inland areas. you won't be getting the drizzle, but you will be getting that touch of cooler air. that's going to cool you from the upper 90's to the low 80's today in san francisco. really nice day. enjoy that sunshine in the city because tomorrow is going to be a much cooler feeling. one temperatures along the coastline in the 50's 60's to 70's pretty wide range along the coast. while 80's for most of our bayshore cities and a fair share of 90's as well for areas like the south bay at 92 degrees. fremont right at 90 still just as hot as yesterday for the tri valley on up to walnut creek and concord. we haven't tapped into that cool down just yet. oakland, berkeley and richmond. on the other hand, just a touch cooler back into the upper
6:49 am
70's and still at 99, vacaville still at 100 youngsville sanoma as well as nevado petaluma and santa rosa. you're still in the 90's to tomorrow. we all cool down low 80's for warmest of highs and look at the weekend. even cooler yet falling into the upper 70's of warmest by saturday and sunday john, thank you for that. well, we do have an accident. this is westbound 5.80, just east of 80 right here. >> and so if you're traveling from crockett down towards the maze, it's going to take about 25 minutes to make it there. once you finally do reach the maze, a 20 minute drive, making it to that fremont street exit traveling into the city. we have a traffic hazard here on the san mateo bridge right near the toll plaza. one lane is blocked because of that. so drive times only going up about a minute. 16 minutes for you to make it as you're traveling across towards the peninsula. well, highway 24 walnut creek down to 5.80, under 13 minutes of traffic. it's still pretty light on both sides of the highway. there, howie, for traveling from antioch, into
6:50 am
conquers to 40 to about 31 minutes. southbound 6.80, doubling down a free month. 17 minutes now. so traffic picking up there and check in on 8.80, southbound, a little sluggish northbound side moving pretty quickly. that started back to you. thank you, anna. 6.49. for your health this morning. the state health department is investigating its first suspected case of monkeypox in sacramento county. it involves a man who had traveled to europe. kron four's. dan kerman reports. this is what monkeypox looks like. it's characterized by a rash or posr filled lesions, which can often look similar to those associated with herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases. >> this is not a particularly serious disease unless you're bit really immunocompromised. and i can imagine the getting be problematic. well, historically, most cases have been in africa the more than 100 cases confirmed this month have been people in europe for those who have recently traveled to europe or canada
6:51 am
waits transmitted from human to human, a certain bodily fluids, including saliva and potentially other fluids like. >> if somebody has an open sore and this fluid in there that maybe virus and not, but it requires prolonged contact. that's why bay area doctors don't expect a massive outbreak in the u.s.. it's just difficult to transport. it has a very low. >> reproductive rate. so for every one case, you're going to have many fewer than one secondary cases. cdc has said this virus is no more likely to infect people and straight people. but david vise came in to be especially careful. >> since the majority of cases seen this month in europe are among those identifying as and bisexual men. simple rules of somebody doing the intimate with them. >> if somebody has a card teresa grass, you help have that report. and i know the contact tracing none. if you do get monkeypox. the cdc says most people recover within 2 to 4 weeks without treatment. >> dan kerman kron. 4 news.
6:52 am
>> 6.51 is the time. a new study suggests the neurological effects of covid-19 could last more than a year. a study looked lasting effects of the illness on the brain. and it found that at least 85% of so called long covid patients reported neurological problems at least 6 weeks after infection. symptoms include. a sense of brain fog, numbness, dizziness, sometimes blurred vision among other symptoms, researchers say neurological effects can persist. now up to 18 months, even as other symptoms may be gone away. >> it is 6, 12. 52 will be back with more in just a minute.
6:53 am
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just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. april: when i think about teacher appreciation day, i really think about all of the things teachers do that they think go unseen. rosy: my son's first grade teacher really made a difference. he went above and beyond.
6:55 am
kiyoko: when a parent tells me that i've made a difference in their child's life, it means the world to me. terrence: when i think of my daughter's teachers, that's about as close to a superhero as you can be. announcer: because the california teachers association knows quality public schools make a better california for all of us. >> all right, 6.55 is the time san francisco firefighters are training alongside the california office of emergency services all in preparation for wildfire season. so cal, oh, yes, provides a city in the county of san francisco with dozens of fire and emergency trucks and those trucks and the firefighters who trained on them could be sent pretty much anywhere across the state, in fact, across the entire west coast to assist with major wildfires that are burning training like this is intended to add an extra layer of resources when it comes to fighting those larger fires. >> california, we always have a lot of events. we want to make sure that we always have
6:56 am
a capacity to respond. so, yes, it's it's like a whole nother state-wide fire department on that. we can move will be need to during emergencies. >> yeah. the san francisco fire department says that if their fire crews do get sent somewhere else out of the city, that they still have enough staff here in san francisco to man all of their equipment and respond all the calls as needed. we'll take a break at 6.56. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. we're going to break down the latest on the texas school shooting as the death count, unfortunately, continues to rise every action from lawmakers and various sports teams to plus the contra costa sheriff's department is increasing patrols around schools in light of that shooting. we'll tell you what we expect to see at local campuses and the california senate passed a bill that would protect assault victims will explain how it works. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money.
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wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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6:59 am
>> i asked nation to pray for them. give the parents and siblings and strength. in the darkest a few right now. >> as a nation, we have to ask when in god's name. we're going stand up to the gun lobby. wind and god's name. we do. we all know in our gut needs to be done. >> president biden, an impassioned plea following the murder of 19 children and 2 teachers at a texas elementary school this morning. we're following the latest on the
7:00 am
investigation as well as what we're learning about the young victims. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning. and we thank you for watching. you don't have to it's strange to say that it's hard enough to report what's going on. but if you have little kids, you may not want them to watch the news today. going to try to walk you through what happened is compassionately as before we get to that, let's update you on weather traffic in case you have to leave here pretty quick. we've got john standing by with our forecast. another. >> hot weather data on yet another hot one today. but the final of the hot ones after this, we get a whole lot more comfortable and stay that way to the rest of the forecast. so get through this one. find a cool place to get to and then you don't worry about it so much anymore. your view outside looking crystal clear from the east bay all the way up to the fog really mild out there, too. current temperatures are mostly in the 60's hayward


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