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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  May 26, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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area is remembering the victims who died one year ago today in a mass shooting at the vta building in san jose. >> we're live we're live at a memorial service which is under way this morning. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here at 07:00am on this thursday morning. i'm james fletcher right. harvey in for darya folsom and we have over the past few days, it's been heavy story after heavy story. we're still covering a one-year anniversary of rta today and we'll have more on all of that coming up in a minute. let's get you quickly caught up on weather, though. and traffic here at the top the hour as we take a live look outside with john. good morning, john. good morning, guys. yeah. of a mix of cloud cover and sunshine. there. james, just and for me, this is a carnival ship from canada right? yeah, victoria, canada, that right here. so >> they're getting greeted by something a little less sunny
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and warmer than what we had yesterday. your view outside visibility not so great along part pockets of the coast nor the north bay mountains. take a little slower out there on your commute this morning. most of us are okay with visibility with that low cloud cover hitting above us. but some of us are in the midst of it. now skies are dry otherwise and temperatures are actually fairly similar at this point compared to yesterday. right now we're in the 50's and 60's later today as you're really going to notice the difference. no more 90's, no the 80's hardly. i've got the full breakdown on what to expect. still to come right now. john, thank you for that. all right. let's look at a traffic this morning. hey, if you're heading into the city about 15 minutes to make it from the maze. >> to that fremont street accident, san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. about 13 minutes for your drive. no delays. there out of richmond heading across the worse and rafale. you're looking at a 9 minute morning ride and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes for you on this thursday morning. >> 71 is the time. let's get
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to our top story this morning. today marks one year since the mass shooting at the vta railyard in san jose. that's when 9 people were killed after a disgruntled employee opened fire. >> employees and families of the victims are going to come together today for ceremony this morning to honor those that were killed. kron four's will tran has been live in san jose and he brings us the very latest. good morning. well, >> they are together at this very moment. 365 days and 30 minutes ago the massacre took place. we will zoom in us far as we can possibly do it. we are respectfully a distance away. you can see beyond that fence there. there are hundreds of people outside this beautiful thursday morning sunrise. they are obviously remembering family and friends who were massacred inside the vta rail yard. one year ago. it happened at 6.30, in the morning. let me show
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you some video that we got a little bit earlier. they started arriving as early as 5 o'clock in the morning. some of them they were put onto a bus by the t a and arrived to the scene because parking will be very difficult. they came here. many of them just walked right onto the railyard. others stopped, hugged each other. they had. big posters, placards of their family members. just so everybody in the whole world will know exactly who they don't have with them anymore. this happened at 06:30am, in the morning one year. >> i think we may have just wills microphone will try to get that reestablish. but as he was saying, it was one year ago today at 6.30, in the morning that that disgruntled employee opened fire there at the vta rail yard in san jose right next door to the police headquarters. in fact, it was only a matter of minutes between the first 9-1-1 call of shots being fired before
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officers were on scene. and that's when they began discovering the wounded. in the end, 9 people killed that day. a 10th person sadly took their life in the months that followed over the grief that they experienced in the wake of that shooting. but again, we'll following the latest at that ceremony as the family and friends of the victims have come together to remember their lost loved ones one year ago. we'll have continuing coverage of today's ceremony throughout the day. >> now we're learning details about what led up to the mass shooting in uvalde, texas, texas governor greg abbott says the gunman posted his plans for the attack on social media. just minutes before it happened. >> and we're also learning to that all of the victims were killed inside one 4th grade classroom. brian entin has more on the story. >> this morning, parents and uvalde texas questioning the police response to tuesday's school shooting that killed 19 children and 2 teachers. investigators say 18 year-old
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salvador ramos barricaded himself inside a classroom. officials say he encountered a school security officer before entering the school. but there are conflicting reports about whether the 2 men exchanged gunfire. and again, just brave men and showed up on scene that were met with gunfire. a father of a 4th grader who was killed says he wanted to charge into the school with other bystanders because he was frustrated with the police response. police say between 40 minutes to an hour passed from when the first shots were fired to a tactical team killed the gunman. one law enforcement official says police struggled to break open the classroom door and had to use a key to enter the classroom. these agents in these dps troopers. >> started smashing the windows and pulling children and teachers out of these windows. police still have not given a concrete timeline of how the gunman was in the school or when he was killed. but we're still trying to determine all those details as well as trying to determine now, actually how he was able to make entry exactly where the shootings took place. as i mentioned, still active. we are he was because this is
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active shooter situation of this morning. a new timeline is unfolding on social media. texas governor greg abbott says there were warning signs on social media starting 30 minutes before the attack. >> the shooter allegedly told the girl in germany, quote, i'm going to shoot my grandmother and i shot my grandmother and this final message. i'm going to shoot an elementary school. the shooter's grandfather says he didn't expect this and didn't even know his grandson had a gun at you. >> give us any insight into stay the last time you spoke to him? they booked and we just don't know what know, you had gotten out. i don't know. i i get up at 5 o'clock. >> salvador ramos is neighbors says the teenager had lived with his grandparents after having a dispute with his mother. he says ramos was bullied because of the way he talked. >> it just >> you they wouldn't accept
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the way you want. to patients with the we have that when they went up what you need to buy the lips. >> couldn't. we less. i mean, our analysts. >> well, that was brian reporting u.s.. border patrol agent is actually who responded. that shooting going in without waiting for backup and ultimately shot and killed the gunman. that agent was also wounded in the attack. but he's expected to be okay. governor abbott says if it wasn't for that agent, this could have been a much, much worse tragedy. happening tonight. by the way, the millbrae elementary school district is going to be holding a vigil to honor the victims of that texas shooting. it's going to be at 7.15 that the caroline shea center courtyard. that's just off taylor boulevard. the vigil is open to the public. >> the alameda county sheriff's office is making sure that local deputies know what to do if they're ever faced with this living nightmare since the 90's.
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sheriff greg ahern has organized active shooter training sessions at local schools and alameda county. he says law enforcement present different schools is important. so that parents feel safe. her and began working on the scenarios for deputies to learn in the most life-like simulations to work fast, to identify the shooter from the lighting in that room to the obstacles they may face. >> what's that? a shooting took some training for our tactical we want to make sure that our units were ready to respond to those so trained have fast-acting response. with our teams ready to go in and engage and confront the threat immediately. >> well, the sheriff porches, school resource officer programs to make sure response time is as fast as possible. when asked, he said arming teachers themselves as a subject for debate, but he believes deputies are best position for active shooter response because they are extensively trained.
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>> developing news in the north bay, a man is shot by state parole officer in santa rosa. >> this morning, investigators are trying to piece together what led up to that officer having it uses gun kron four's camila barco live in the newsroom with the latest. good morning. camila. >> yes, and james rain in the sonoma county sheriff's office says that there at the beginning stages of their investigation. but so far, we know that paramedics rushed one person to the hospital after shots were fired. in a santa rosa neighborhood. now this happened around one 40 yesterday afternoon on well hinch lane in santa rosa. this neighborhood is filled with plenty of homes at this time. it's unclear what led officers to initially respond to the home. but according to the sheriff's office, the shooting involved parole agents from the state department of corrections and rehabilitation. >> paramedics rushed one man to the hospital and he had to have emergency surgery. the sheriff's office says that that man is in critical condition. crime scene tape surrounded that home. evidence
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markers were placed all around and investigators gathered there evidence at this time rayna james, there's no word on what led to shots being fired. i have contacted sonoma county sheriff's office to learn at least why the officers responded to this home. we're still waiting to hear back for now. back to you. >> well, thank you for that update. camila. 7.10, is the time and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, one bay area district attorney is calling for new gun safety laws across the country. >> we'll talk about the simple step that he says other states can take to save lives. john. and a big difference from yesterday. just look at this in livermore from the triple digits yesterday, back down into the upper 70's for your daytime highs today. >> big change of pace for the rest of the week. to your forecast account. >> we're live at chase center this morning where we're going to see the warriors tonight in game 5 against the mass of live with the details coming up.
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>> 7.15, is the time as we're taking a quick live look outside at sfo. we've got plenty of sunshine out there at the moment. am wondering it's a good day to maybe catch a flight because the weather is so nice. maybe just a perhaps. i think someone caught a fly maybe later sitting over hopefully well, because it was a good day to fly yesterday today is going to be alright to in fact, we're looking at some more and more sunshine peering down at coit tower after what's been a pretty gray start to the day. and i probably see you're san jose view is nice and sunny just doesn't want to load right now. as for our view, outside on radar, you can see we've got some partly cloudy
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skies overhead. sunshine will work its way through some of those partly cloudy conditions. but it is definitely not as crystal clear as yesterday. the more noticeable changes, just how much cooler it is. and yesterday, cool onshore breeze. pretty noticeable out to the delta, especially paired that with a cold front that drop there yesterday, we're consistently cooler 3 your holiday weekend actually only getting cooler into saturday and sunday, too. so you may want to bring the light jackets with you as you get out for memorial day weekend. a couple of drizzly spots right along the coastline this morning. most of us just tapping into some cloud cover and that cooler field tomorrow right around the same as today. and then saturday actually getting even cooler yet with sunday being the very cool list of your forecast. now, as far as temperatures go today, some pretty big changes, not as noticeable for the coast with temperatures still in the 50's 60's for san francisco as did get up to 80 degrees 2 days ago, though. so that is a change of pace for sure. our most noticeable changes will
7:16 am
be in our inland areas. areas like san jose from the 90's yesterday to the upper 70's today i showed you live or more just a minute from 100 degrees yesterday to just 78 today. while oakland, berkeley and richmond back down into the 60's and the occur only spot barely even holding on to the 80's right at 80 degrees tomorrow. as i mentioned, right around the same as today cooler into saturday and sunday with sunday, barely even making the 70's will rebound. start to warm back up towards tuesday of next week. great job. thank you for that. or i hit the road on this thursday morning. hey, little bit of a traffic there at the bay bridge. >> it's going take you about 15 minutes to make it from so that fremont she exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. things are starting to back up there a little bit. so about 20 minutes for your drive as you're traveling across towards the peninsula. let's get a look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge. she about 13 minutes for you as you're making your way out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls
7:17 am
moving along pretty nicely. a 22 minute morning drive. >> all right. let's turn our attention to the golden state warriors as tonight could be the night they punched their ticket to the nba finals. the dubs are back home to take on the dallas mavericks in game 5 of the western conference finals. we're excited about aren't so is kron 4 sarah stinson. she's been excited this entire series actually joining us once again from the chase center. hey, sarah. >> hey, i'm your early morning. high girl and i am all about that title. okay. i'm sitting here in section one. 21 road. 22, i want you to guess right now in your head. what you think this spot cost show you a $25,000. see down in v i p courtside this seat. kuss. $496. i want to say that's not bad compared to other seats. just still feels wrong to say that. but $496. and i the seats are really nice. take a look at what your view would be. also, you're looking at something that you
7:18 am
would not see as a fan. this is a very cool behind the scenes. look at the jumbotron. it's all the way. just a foot or 2 above the court and they are putting the pie rose and they're getting that all said. these are the crews that are here also in the wee hours before the game, getting everything set up so that it's perfect for you. i mean, they clean the the rails. they put all those the t-shirts on the chairs. i mean, there's so much work that goes into making sure this place in tip top shape so that your money going to good use to make sure it looks really beautiful here at chase center. and let me tell you, the rules is not leaking here. i'm like when it was a dallas holy moly. if you're watching that, that put a pause to the start of the 3rd quarter for like 2030, minutes. we're worried our team was going to get cold. what a game that was. let's jump into that. we lost by 10 points and that sounds like, well, what a close game. but it really was not a close game. the whole game we were behind between 20 to 25 points. it was frustrating
7:19 am
appoints i was giving up. and then at the end, some of our younger players kind of got us into that 10 point range. but, you know, it was really our problems. luka doncic's woke up from whatever knapp he was in during the series and he got back he was shooting three-pointer after three-pointer. the team, the maps, they shot 23 pointers. that is a pretty good record. there. and they did well, but we cannot count on 3 pointers. we have to get our defense of our offense up and we got this now tonight, the game starts at 6 o'clock. and if you can't, have the luxury of sitting here may be up there where it's a little cheaper $189 or down here at 46, you can go to thrive city, which opens at 4.30. but you've got to get there early. james, rana, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, sara. it's going to be a good time 100 who cannot right? thank you, 7.19, is the time for your money this morning. google will let phone
7:20 am
users time travel apparently with their new street view feature. and new car sales are expected to plummet this month. we've got jane king lot, the nasdaq to explain. good morning, jane. >> hi, james. good morning. we don't actually get those numbers still early june, but of the thinking is a retail sales of new cars will drop about 21% this month compared to the same time last year. that's from the automotive research firms, jd power and lmc automotive. and this is because there's vehicle shortages sky-high prices. in fact, new vehicle inventory remains extremely tight. others been below a million new vehicles for sale for 12 straight months and along mask a step closer to buying twitter. a financial filing increases personal funding of the 44 billion dollar deal to 33 billion and the current twitter ceo says they're still talking and working through some kind of buyout. meanwhile, twitter founder jack dorsey is leaving the company's 4 and google has plans to launch a new time travel feature for its street view application to celebrate
7:21 am
street use 15th anniversary. and it looks kind of works like this that let users see how landscapes of change over the years through google's street view straight from their phones. and mark zuckerberg said he plans to invest heavily in the company's metaverse ambitions. and that will mean losing significant amounts of money in the next 3 to 5 years of the metaverse, an immersive digital world. well, eventually make money from a creator economy. he believes people build businesses, selling virtual goods and services live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to you. fascinating. all right. thank you very much, jane. >> 7.21. the time we'll take a break. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news. president biden taking some new action to change policing policies across the country will explain what he's hoping to do with this executive order. we'll be right back. the doctor will be in to see you shortly.
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>> the buffalo police department is honoring the retired police officer killed in the buffalo supermarket shooting nearly 2 weeks ago at a funeral yesterday for aaron salters buffalo's police commissioner awards salters with the medal of honor and also promoted him to the rank of lieutenant. >> lieutenant aaron salter will always be remembered as a loving husband, father, friend. and now lieutenant who showed true bravery in the face of evil. >> well, after nearly serving for 20 years as a buffalo police officer, salter was working as a security guard at the tops supermarket when that mass shooting happened on may 14th, investigators say salter was killed while he was trying to stop that gunman. >> what president biden has signed an executive order to address policing reforms have this new executive order is limited on what it can do. alexandra limon has the latest. >> good morning. president
7:26 am
biden felt he had to take the matter into his own hands after congress stalled on the issue of police reform on the two-year anniversary of george floyd's death. president joe biden signed an executive order in an attempt to reform policing practices. >> this executive order can deliver the most significant police reform in decades. floyd's family was among those who attended the signing the executive order creates a national database to track police misconduct and mandates body-worn cameras. >> it also restricts practices like chokeholds and no-knock warrants. but the order applies mainly to federal officers and agencies and the white house can't for state or local police agencies to comply, though it is looking for ways to use federal funding as incentive. no substitute for legislation, but it is a necessary and long overdue critical step. >> for ohio democrat joyce beatty, the chair of the congressional black caucus
7:27 am
applauded the president's lost too many lives. and this is a step of great progress. but when asked about the president's efforts, missouri republican senator josh hawley said he thinks the president's priorities are misplaced. >> i think that we ought to be helping local law enforcement hire more cops. i'd like to see 100,000 new cops. >> on capitol hill, it appears very unlikely that any piece of police reform legislation can get the 60 votes. it needs to clear the u.s. senate in washington. alexandra limon. >> coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news. we are continuing coverage of the deadly mass shooting in texas. we're going to explain the new information. investigators are finding out. we'll be right back.
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7:31 am
some of the low gray and fog depending on where you're at. watch out for some spots, low visibility, especially closer to the coastline. otherwise skies will remain dry today and temperatures that are mild this morning are going to stay pretty mild 50's 60's for most of our current numbers later today, we'll be rounding things out mostly in the 60's to 70's reyna. john, thank you for that. all rigst. let's check out the bay bridge this morning. hey, we are a little delay there about. >> 60 minutes for your drive to make it from so that fremont street exit san mateo bridge traveling across towards the peninsula, slowdown along one. 0, one. so it will be about 18 minutes to make that drive from 80 to one on one out of richmond. hate across or center felt no delays. traffic moving pretty nicely. 13 minute drive. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes. >> ok, let's get back in the headlines here in some new details emerging about the tragedy in texas where authorities now are releasing more about what led up to the shooting and with the gunman did during the attack. exactly. there are also
7:32 am
growing calls right now for tighter gun control measures. but the big question remains, will anything change? and we've got lauren lyster with the story. >> new photos in details emerging about the young lives brutally taken along with 2 teachers in a massacre at their schools. all being mourned as investigators search for clues into why the shooter went on this rampage and warning signs the only information. >> that was known in advance. was posted by the gunman on facebook. approximately. 30 minutes. >> before reaching the school, facebook reports the messages were private discovered after the fact that texas governor says the 18 year-old wrote i'm going to shoot my grandmother and i'm going to shoot an elementary school. he's accused of doing both. the grandfather he lived with tells abc news he didn't know his grandson owned guns. he
7:33 am
still has and so ever talk >> we talk about being upset or >> texas officials revealing chilling detail how the gunman killed 21 people in a single classroom. we did have multiple officers on scene that responded within a moment's notice. and without try to make entry to the school. but at that point, they are at a point of disadvantage because the suspect the shooter had very himself inside a classroom for a tease, say he was in the school for one hour of terror before a tactical unit from border patrol shot and killed him. new images show the desperate parents searching for their children there and tearful moment says young survivors reunited with family or >> right here. >> that was lauren lister reporting as of yesterday. the gunman's grandmother was listed in critical condition which still waiting for an
7:34 am
update on that today. >> we are also learning more about the 21 people that were killed in tuesday's shooting. crawl force justine waltman has some of their stories. >> even more ellis was a 4th grade teacher. she reportedly died protecting her students. she taught at robb elementary for 17 years. she leaves behind a husband and daughter her co-teacher. irma garcia was also killed in the attack. she's been teaching at the school for 23 years and was a mother of 4 children. jackie kuz heiress and annabel rodriguez were cousins in the same classroom. they're an says jackie, who had her first communion 2 weeks ago with social and outgoing. there are and also said and about was an honor roll student and the 2 cousins were close. there is 4th grader ig's a viewer lopez. his mom had just been with her 10 year-old at the school for an awards ceremony. she said he had a smile. she will never forget the youngest
7:35 am
victim. 8 year-old use. garcia his grandfather said he was the sweetest little boy. there is also 10 year-old amory joe garza. she just made the honor roll and was a girl scout. her father said my little love is now flying high with the angels above. the victim's family should be making their summer vacation plans. instead, they're planning funerals in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. >> well, in light of the shooting, a gun violence prevention package advance to the california senate. 6 bills are presented by 6 democratic lawmakers yesterday including oakland assembly member buffy wicks who had to speak through tears. >> and i think about what we're doing as a nation to how we are failing our communities on this issue. our number one job is to keep our community safe. and we are failing. >> the bills advancing to the city to include further restrictions on ghost guns,
7:36 am
closing loopholes that allow corporations to manufacture a large number of firearms, ensuring proper background checks at gun shows as well as adding additional misdemeanors to the list of crimes for a 10 year ban from owning firearms. and lastly providing medical reimbursement for violence, prevention services for victims of gun violence. >> as lawmakers throughout the country are calling for stricter gun laws. a local district attorneys actually pushing to see more red flag laws implemented nationwide. this laws already in place here in california. and it allows courts and law enforcement officials to temporarily take away guns from people who pose a threat to themselves or others. santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen says that the law has saved lives, including a recent incident where officials took 2 ar 15 assault rifles, ghost guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition from a fire construction worker who rosen says was threatening former co-workers.
7:37 am
>> the laws are only as effective as law enforcement isn't using them. and so we've been very active in our county and using these laws because we've seen that they can reduce suicides and reduce mass shootings. >> it rose and went on to say that while red flag laws won't stop every mass shooting, more states do need to implement them. california. fact, just one of only 18 states that currently have these laws on the books. we'll take a break at 7.37. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. more and more pallets of baby formula are being shipped around. the country will tell you what lawmakers are doing to make sure the nationwide shortage. >> doesn't happen again. plus, the san jose unified school district settled a lawsuit centered around assaults. we'll tell you why and how much they're going to pay out. now. >> things are starting to brighten up for a lot of the bay area. now we're going to be partly cloudy today and a whole lot cooler than we have been highs really maxing out only in the 70's. your forecast is ahead.
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go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. 7.40. is the time in san jose. the school district has agreed now to pay 7 and a half million dollars to 5 men who were sexually abused by their teacher years ago. the assaults were all reported at their school, which at the time was cent of our elementary school. this was back in the 1970's and early 80's the man all say that their teacher at the time, dennis thomas top 4th and 5th
7:41 am
grades and they claim that he assaulted them during and after school. >> these men are in their 50's. they were 10, 9.10, years old when they were abused. this was 40 years ago. this has been happening for too long and it's still happening today. this case is as an example, if it weren't for the change in the law for a b to a team that allowed these men. to come forward, they would still be silenced. >> now, according to the man's attorney, it was back in 1982. the thomas was convicted of 4 counts of lewd and lascivious behavior with a child under 14. the men say that what was done to them will be with them for the rest of their lives. investigators say thomas also admitted to having relationships with more than 40 boys. >> well, on the peninsula, palo alto police are looking for man accused of exposing himself to a teenage girl. there. police release a sketch of the suspect is described as about 25 years old, about 5
7:42 am
foot 10. now the victim says his head was shaved and he was wearing a light blue t-shirt as well as some gray pants. police say the girl was walking on, asked what astra darrell road on tuesday morning when she saw a man he was standing near a parked truck there and she says the man said something to her in spanish and he was touching himself. now the girl continued on our way. and later notified police about that incident. >> it will be right back after the break.
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>> we are back at 7.44. baseball giants at oracle park was a great for everybody of all ages. let's get to the bottom of the first. this with joc pederson sending in a one out to the bleachers far enough. it was good for a 2 run homerun fact. 4th home run in the last 2 games. and then in the second inning, evan longoria stepping up the play here, sending this one deep to left. that was his second home run of the game that gave the giants a 9 run lead and they'd hold it to 93. the final giants with the when they're off today, they'll start a series with cincinnati beginning on friday. meanwhile, the age they were in seattle looking to win the series against the mariners. top of the 6. that's we're going to pick up the action with elvis andrews at the plate. and here he is rocketing one to left field. that one was gone. a 2 run home run gave the a's a three-run lead at that point
7:46 am
and they'd add to it. they go on to win by final of 42 oakland coming back home to host the rangers, 4, 4, game series. and that starts tonight. >> the former forty-niners quarterback colin kaepernick might be one step closer to making a return to the nfl cabinet was scheduled to work out with the las vegas raiders according to espn. now the team and kaepernick not confer whether or not it happen. raiders owner mark davis said during an interview a few weeks ago that he believes in kaepernick, this will be his first formal workout with an nfl team since he last played for san francisco in 2016, kaepernick's was x out from the league following that season. one, he started kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice. >> all right. let's check bay area weather here before you head outside john talking about temperatures today that i think will be a lot more comfortable for you. and it was a little warm. it was hypothetical. they have about the cooldown. not so fun the past couple of days for sure.
7:47 am
and it's not been the best news as far as the drought monitor goes this morning, huge change of pace from where we were even last week. this was the start of the season. >> take note of this deep red because we were starting the season gripped by that exceptional drought, the very worst category of it. a few months of wet conditions helped us out with that and virtually eliminated at least exceptional drought from the picture. things were still not good with extreme to severe drought for most of the rest of the region. just last week, only one percent of the state had that very worst category of drought, the exceptional stuff. the latest drought monitor showing a return to around 12% of the state. now you see that deepest of red back in fresno, bakersfield in portions of the central valley bay area. we're still in the severe category of drought, but with conditions likely remaining dry for the next several months, not a lot of change in the good direction to be expected. there likely to be sinking back into those were some categories gradually. as far as our forecast goes in the immediate future, at least we're in for a cool down fire danger had
7:48 am
been critically high as temperatures rose into the 90's, even triple digits, breaking records, especially out to the central valley today. no records to be broken were returning to some really cool stuff. actually as much as 20 to 25 degrees cooler than yesterday was cool. sea breeze working its way in from the coastline. you'll notice that especially out in solano county, this paired with the cold front dropping into the region, nudging out that high pressure ridge. this is going to keep a steadily cooler for the remainder of the forecast through the week and into your holiday weekend. little bit of drizzle at the coastline. but some sunshine piercing through are partly cloudy skies today. tomorrow's temperatures are actually expected to be a little bit on the warmer side by one to 2 degrees with just a few more spots of sunshine than today. we'll see. temperatures are coolest saturday and sunday sunday itself barely even making the 70's for our inland areas for bay area highs today in the city 50's and 60's. same right along the coastline. some of the same spots we're in the low 80's just a couple of days
7:49 am
ago. mission in financial districts were really warm. now on the cooler side, really comfortable in saying carlos down through mountain view in the mid to upper 70's, same in the south bay where you are in the 90's just as soon as yesterday free might union city hayward back to the 70's. same for you in the tri valley on up through conquered. well, oakland, berkeley and richmond only in the 60's. only one spot on the map. that's antioch holding on to 80 degrees while santa rosa right at 70 today. tomorrow's temperatures very similar to today's could see the bay jumping a couple of degrees. as i noted, as for saturday and sunday, temperatures out or very coolest homely in low 70's on sunday and the slight chance of maybe a sprinkle or 2 better opportunity for that up in the sierra nevada by tuesday and wednesday, we're seeing temperatures rising back into the upper 80's. so enjoy this nice cool down in a nicely timed one at that for the weekend. and speaking of holiday weekend, so many of you are about to take to the skies. good news is i'm not
7:50 am
seeing any major delays out there. we may have seen a shift in our weather pattern, but that has not resulted in the disruptions out of our local airports. you for that, right. let's get a look at your bridges this morning. hey, about a 15 minute drive as you're traveling. >> from the maze to that fremont street exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge headed across towards the peninsula at about 13 minutes for your drive this morning. so conditions improving just a bit. a lot of richmond heading across towards san rafale. a look at standstill traffic right now about 17 minutes to make it across the war. sandra fell as traffic continues to build and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. a 20 minute drive all the talk about traffic. let's talk about those gas prices. they're now officially well above 7 bucks a gallon and at least one bay area city. this is at the chevron that's located along alameda de last poll guest in menlo park where a gallon of regular gas is about 7.25. that actually matches the federal minimum wage. gas prices all over have
7:51 am
been steadily climbing as we get closer closer to memorial day weekend. >> you still see people getting gas here on a day-to-day basis. >> a lot of people, i mean, this area have the money to do so and it's not a big deal, but that i definitely myself going to what i would say to go get gas at this point. >> well, aaa says the national average is 4.59 for a gallon of regular and california is just over 6 bucks. san mateo county has the most expensive gas. the average is 6.29. for a gallon of regular. >> well, there's only so much we can do, but experts do have a few tips for you. if you're looking to save a little money while filling up at the gas station, they say gas prices typically go up on a friday or at least that's when the most expensive during the week. so maybe try filling up during the middle of the week. that might save a few pennies here. and there and also tune up your vehicle before any sort a long trip that just helps to fuel efficiency tire pressure to make sure they're properly inflated. that will help at
7:52 am
some places using cash is cheaper than credit cards to maybe look out for that. and then, of course, using the app gasbuddy or something similar can help you find where the cheapest prices around town and of course, expect lots of crowds for the memorial day weekend. there might be a line at the gas station be ready for that. >> well, a second shipment of baby formula is on its way to hospitals and pharmacies. and the fda is in the hot seat for not acting quickly enough. when a factory that makes baby formula had to shut down. basil, john has more on that. >> the second shipment of overseas baby formula is in the united states. >> is the first and most important way. we nurture our children. first lady doctor jill biden and u.s. surgeon general doctor vivek murthy. >> greeted the arrival at dulles international airport. >> i'm here today to say the parents. >> you are alone. we will not rest until every parent has a
7:53 am
point they need for their child. >> the flight from germany delivered more than 100,000 pounds of nestle formula enough to fill a million 8 ounce bottles. these products have met the gold standard for safety that the fda sets. >> and that parents expect. well, the administration continues to address the current shortage. members of congress want to know why the fda didn't react sooner after closing the abbott baby formula factory. why we moved in on all of these things in march and moving towards getting this. >> plant reopened. then we didn't have confidence that they would produce a formula until we control the plan consent degree. lawmakers like virginia republican congressman morgan griffith in new york, democratic congresswoman kathleen rice. one solutions to avoid this problem in the future. we maybe should look at, you know, increasing domestic production in on that front. the fda says now the baby formula factory should b% ready to reopen in a couple of weeks reporting in washington. i'm basil, john.
7:54 am
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>> 7.56 is the time. coming up % on the kron. 4 morning news in our next hour. we're following the warriors as they take on the mavericks in the heat game 5 of the western conference finals proper sarah stinson. we'll have a live report for us out of the chase center with all the preparations ahead of the big game. and
7:57 am
we're also keeping an eye on the situation in texas. as we learn more about the moments before the shooter opened fire. we'll have the latest on what we've learned so far. and it's been one year since the mass shooting at a vta railyard in san jose. we'll talk more about how victims came together today to honor them.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
stormed into a texas elementary school in murdered 19 children. and 2 teachers. we'll have the latest from uvalde texas and the bay area remembering the victims who died one year ago today in a mass shooting at the vta in san jose where live at a memorial service that was underway this morning. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning. it is 08:00am actually here on the 4 morning news. thank you so much for joining us. i'm james fletcher harvey in for darya folsom up heavy past few days. that stands for us here at home. and so customers and we'll keep you updated on. those is more information is coming in. so stay tuned for that. we've also been following some pretty warm temperatures to around the bay. but it looks like things are going to be turning. well, turn a little cooler. thanks morning. yeah. we seasons out the past. 24 hours yesterday we were still breaking records, especially in our inland areas out towards the central valley.


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