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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  May 26, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the coastline. some pockets of sunshine really prevailing in the inland east bay. and even along the south bay, current temperatures are in the 50's 60's over to the 70's in brentwood. unlike yesterday, these temperatures not going to do that much moving into the afternoon. really only peaking in the 70's for the vast majority of us, which i'll get to still to come over to james. all right. thank you very much, john. here's a quick check of the few bridges for the bay bridge. actually looks really nice as we're looking conditions that are pretty well pretty light as you make your way from oakland into san francisco as well. so far as you make your way across that stretch of 80, the san mateo bridge. >> have a little more volume earlier this morning. let's check it out now. looks fantastic as you're making your way out toward the peninsula and then we'll check the richmond. sandra fell bridge for you this morning. west bound 5.80, and look pretty good. last check. rain a decent looking back up here. but so far you're doing fine. and the traffic also moving well, although a little heavier for you here at the golden gate bridge. but no
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major delays are making their way into san francisco. well, here at 9 o'clock, let's get to our top story this morning. the fact that today marks one year since the mass shooting at the vta railyard in san jose. that's when 9 people were killed after a disgruntled employee opened fire. employees and families of the victims came together for a ceremony earlier this morning to honor those who died in kron. four's will tran has been out there this morning following that story for us. well. >> and james, just like exactly 365 days ago. lots of tears and hugs at the vta railyard, which is right behind me when year ago this place was a crime scene lockdown with dozens of santa clara county sheriff's deputies. instead, they were there this morning. they were part of the first responders, but they were there to make sure that everybody got into the rail yard. just fine. in fact, let me show you some video. this ceremony wrapped up at around 7.10, in the
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morning, but they actually showed up at around 5.30, or so because many of them came from great distances and also because of parking problems, they actually had to be bussed into this area. there dozens of family and friends and of course, colleagues that showed up to the rail yard. here's video of that ceremony. this took place deep inside. the railyard took place at 06:30am, in the morning. not an accident. james. that's the time when the gunman came into the rail yard burst into a union meeting and started opening fire on his fellow co-workers, ultimately killing 9 people before the santa clara county sheriff's deputies, which is literally about 100 yards away. they sprinted to the scene. they got into the area surrounding them or at least got close enough to him where he felt cornered. and then ultimately he took his own life. a lot of people still obviously remembering what happened. their family and friends and colleagues of theirs got a
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chance to talk to them on their way out. very kind of them to stop and talk to me. here's what they had to say about one year later. can you believe it's been a year? i mean, so much has happened. you know, i can't its own. it's just >> and i really fast but then in other ways, the healing part of it, it's it's not been really fast. so it's just a lot to take. it's going to take a very long and we just wanted to be here for each other and show our love and support. >> ok, james, and our viewers, i want to show you close the deputies were. you're seeing a live shot. you see that gray building right there. that is the santa clara county sheriff's department. those officers were there. many of them were on patrol, will move at 6.30, in the morning. they sprinted down to this location
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here. in fact, i see a lot of them pulling into their own parking lot for the deputy's office. that's the real your look at how close it is to this particular scene here. obviously the shooting so traumatic that it took a long time and many of them will admit things are still not back to normal. 3 months. it was so traumatic 3 months. that's how long the rail system, the real service was offline. and then there was a building. and we did this story a couple of weeks ago. james, you might recall that there was a building where a lot of the shots ring out so traumatic for the co-workers to come back there. that vta ultimately decided let's demolished a building. let's start you too many bad memories of that particular may be able said this was a good ceremony. obviously it's a good chance for them to cry to hug. >> and obviously, to remember those no longer with. and hopefully >> to even if just a little bit. thank you very much. well, at 9, 0, 4, let's also
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update you on the latest at a texas to as we're learning new details about what led up to that mass shooting in uvalde texas. that state's governor greg abbott says the gunman posted his plans for the attack on social media just minutes before it happened. and we're also learning that all of the victims were killed inside one 4th grade classroom, brian has the story. >> this morning, parents and uvalde texas questioning the police response to tuesday's school shooting that killed 19 children. jurors investigators say 18 year-old salvador ramos barricaded himself inside a classroom. officials say he encountered a school security officer before entering the school. but there are conflicting reports about whether the 2 men exchanged gunfire. and again, just brave men and showed up on scene that were met with gunfire. a father of a 4th grader who was killed says he wanted to charge into the school with other bystanders because he was frustrated with the police response. police say between 40 minutes to an hour passed from when the first shots were fired to a tactical team killed the gunman. one law
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enforcement official says police struggled to break open the classroom door and had to use a key to enter the classroom. these agents in these dps troopers. >> started smashing the windows and pulling children and teachers out of these windows. police still have not given a concrete timeline of how the gunman was in the school or when he was killed were still trying to determine all those details as well as trying to determine now, actually how he was able to make entry exactly where the shootings took place. as i mentioned, still active. we are here was because this is active shooter situation of this morning. a new timeline is unfolding on social media. texas governor greg abbott says there were warning signs on social media starting 30 minutes before the attack. >> the shooter allegedly told the girl in germany, quote, i'm going to shoot my grandmother and i shot my grandmother and this final message. i'm going to shoot an elementary school. the shooter's grandfather says he didn't expect this and didn't even know his grandson had a gun at you. >> give us any insight into
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when's the last time you spoke to him? they booked u.s. and we just don't know what know, you had gotten out. i don't know. i i get up at 5 o'clock. >> salvador ramos is neighbors says the teenager had lived with his grandparents after having a dispute with his mother. he says ramos was bullied because of the way he talked. >> he just >> did they wouldn't accept the way you want? to patients with the lives that when they went up what you need to buy the lives. couldn't. we they are analysts. >> as brian entin reporting, meanwhile, here in the bay area millbrae elementary school district is going to be holding a vigil to honor the victims of that shooting in texas. it's going to be 7.15 at the caroline shea center courtyard just off of taylor
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boulevard. that vigil is open to the public now to some developing news out of the north bay where a man is shot by a state parole officer in santa rosa. and this morning, investigators are trying to piece together what led up to that officer having to use his gun in that way. kron four's camila barco is in the newsroom this morning with the latest on what we're learning. good morning, camila. >> hi, james. yeah. the sonoma county sheriff's office says that there at the beginning of their investigation book. we know that paramedics rushed one person to the hospital after shots were fired. and santa rosa neighborhood. it happened around one 40 yesterday afternoon on la hinge lane in santa rosa. this neighborhood is filled with plenty of homes. but at this time it's unclear what led officers to initially respond to the home. according to the sheriff's office, the shooting involved parole agents from the state department of corrections and rehabilitation. paramedics rushed one man to the hospital and he had to have emergency
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surgery. the sheriff's office says that heat is in critical condition. as you can see crime scene tape then surrounded the home evidence markers were placed all around while investigators gather their evidence. now, there's no word on what led to shots being fired. but james, i have contacted the sonoma county sheriff's office. they say that we should be expecting an update later this morning or this early this afternoon. and once we get those details will be sure to update you on air and online for now. back to you. thank you very much. >> 9 o 9 is the time. let's turn to happier news. we've got the golden state warriors once again trying to make its way to the nba finals. tonight could be the night they do it. they'll be facing the dallas mavericks in game 5 of the western conference finals. they're up 3 to one in the series and they could lock it up tonight with a win kron 4. sarah stinson out live at the chase center this morning where sarah you're inside before looks like you're outside now.
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>> i was inside. i got kicked out because of ads. they had to get some practice going or practice. so you want we're going to get it back tonight. >> or that's what it's going to sound like tonight. but like with more people, hundreds of people. >> out here at thrive city. this is the spot. look at. this is a chase loud. and then it continues on where everyone can put their plane gets out 3heir chairs and then they give you of this most epic screen. it's also i mean, that's where you want to watch the game if you can't get inside. and let me tell you, i was looking at prices of the tickets earlier. it's not cheap. we saw $17,000 to be saw 25,000 o c there is some standing room seats for $189 that are still left. and then i saw a pretty great to see that actually for 479. so, you know, not cheap. but if you're a diehard fan, they're still to tickets inside for sale for resale. so i'm not completely sold like originally by ticketmaster. but let's take a look at video from last game
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because we need a little discussion on this. our defense needs some work. i was just watching the tv like screaming at it because our defense was allowing luka doncic's to continue with his 3 pointers. one after the other. after the other. and was like you guys, let's get this to stop. and they kept going. i mean, it was 23 pointers for the mass and that's how they did it. that was their strategy. but now we know what their game plan is and we're going to stop them from doing it again. steph and klay are going to get back in it. i mean, they do so well at home. they are going to kill it. now tipoff is at 6 o'clock 8 tonight. so keep that in mind. if you want to be out here, thrive city, the doors open at 4.30. so you've got to get out here early because the lines get long in this game. as i said, last game is critical. but again, we let them have one. we're not going to let them have another. this for the first time since 2019. so we needed james. we've got
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this. let's go warrior. >> it was all part of the plan they wanted in front of the hometown crowd. it's all part of the plan. the plan. thank you very master plan. right. we're going to take a break here as we're coming up on 9.12. and still ahead, we have one bay area district attorney who is calling for new gun safety laws across the country. fact. >> he says there's one simple step that other states can do to save lives and we'll hear him. explain and today a much cooler one than we've been really all week long up to this point. >> livermore, for example, 100 degrees for your high yesterday to the holy 78. i'm talking the other changes in
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>> welcome back. 9.15, on this thursday morning. big changes from yesterday in your forecast and some big changes from yesterday in your drought monitor to this is a reminder of where we were at to start the season. we had exceptional drought. that's the worst category of drought all across the bay area. we'vee
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helped out temporarily by at least some early seasons as of this past week, most of the bay area was still in severe to extreme drought and only one percent of the state was in exceptional drought. unfortunately, the latest update, your drought monitor is showing the return of exceptional drought to much of the central valley and hoping that this isn't a sign of more and more that deeper red returning to our neck of the woods. like we did see last summer. now, as far as we go right now, at least we're not holding on to the extreme heat that we had been seeing nor the critical fire danger. fire danger does remain a big coecern and your memorial day weekend. but we're not going to be spending it in the triple digits nor even the 90's. temperatures today already around 20 degrees cooler than we had them yesterday. winds from the coast pushing on into the bay will help in putting that ocean cool. there are right there into our a neighbor's towards the central valley areas like brent would vacaville livermore. that's a
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triple digits yesterday will fall into the upper 70's today. high pressure ridge outs cold front moving in. this is also going to keep a steadily cold as we move through the holiday weekend. so all this is making free, really nice set up for getting out and about enjoying some 70's all the way through the weekend today, partly cloudy, you will see is plenty of brightness between those clouds tomorrow. skies grow a little bit clear. temperatures stay around the same as they will be today. and then saturday and sunday. get here with even cooler temperatures yet. and the potential of some light snow flurries above 9,000 feet in the sierra. some light showers up there mixed in with those flurries higher up. as far as the bay goes will remain dry. but we are going to remain cool. so that is a plus as far as fire danger and just our own personal enjoyment of the forecast coast, 60's and 70's along the bay shore today saying carlos, a beautiful 75 palo alto at 76 south bay. temperatures staying below 80 degrees as we will for most of the east bay, too. we've only got one spot on the map that
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will hit 80 today and that will be antioch right at 80 degrees. 70 at really nice, 70 up in santa rosa tomorrow, right around the same as today. cooling even further into saturday and sunday. james. time now to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black. joining us on a morning robbery or the dow's up like up 500 points. i'm feeling good feeling. we've got weeks and weeks of bad news. >> should i be feeling i getting ahead of the getting ahead of my skis. >> you're a little heavier. so summer is right around the corner. according memorial and and people in the financial institutions tend to go on vacation. there's less volume. we still have a little above 100 that's going to be problematic until it gets below 100. it is a little bit of a dead cat bounces little bit of a bear market rally. whatever you want to call a little bit of a reprieve retailers did well macy's dollar general and dollar store dollar general. probably tony, people are going a
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little bit frugal with their spending. hurricane season starts now as well. and john will tell you this would be the 7th above average hurricane season. we don't want hurricanes hit. the gulf are kind of want them to hit miami. the atlantic side versus the gulf side again because of oil and good news out of southwest and jetblue. they both raise revenue guidance for the 2nd quarter games which implies we're. we're out there spending rather shopping around the fly and we're doing business. it's good. >> ok, well, what's not good is fact, as of as of the grocery store the other day and picking up some hot dogs and gearing up for this there quite a bit more expensive than i remembered at a feeling that's going to be across the board for the rest of the stuff i need to get. >> yeah. you're picking up a hot dog, my spouse picks up not dogs. they're not side. they're half a foot foamy. so the memorial day and picnics, barbecues. you're right. 75%
9:20 am
of us plan to celebrate with a pool party or some sort of gathering. but 81% of us are feeling the pinch at the grocery store and we're changes. we're using more coupons were using more discounts, whatever we see, the cheaper meat, maybe we go with. overall cost of food for the barbecue season is up 13% this year. chips are up 20% beef up 20%. hot dogs up 13%. depp's up 10 plus percent this is damage one. it's damaging when it hurts. james, you know, up 7.3% outrageous. her age asahi with >> yeah, do all we will say, though, the one thing that i'm not shy about spending money on are, as you know, movie tickets for big blockbuster action adventure things on their anytime. there's a superhero movie. i bought my tickets the moment that the top gun tickets were available. it took mike. i have my kids. watch the original last week so that we can prepare for watching it tomorrow night opening weekend. and i don't think i'm alone. looks like some of the presale numbers look pretty
9:21 am
positive. > and also known as the moms club up here. we're getting it together. drink in the parking lot before the turning into the net free party. the movie in the parking lot. yeah. it's just like we do here. 25 years with the original movie came out, so the movies expected put 100 million dollars. and surprisingly, surprisingly, tom cruise never had 100 million dollar weekend opener. he does a lot of original movies versus versus equals. and because of that except for mission possible. the have a built in audience for any movie. 4.2 billion in box office draw for tom cruise in his career. 10.3 billion internationally. so 4.2 billion. the u.s. 10.3 billion internationally. he's a movie star. he's been doing this for 40 years. his longevity isn't seen in the pandemic has kept us all. and so we want events drinking in a parking lot of theaters and event in this day and age with other people who
9:22 am
are not your spouse and your family. of note, his second biggest movie or is big movie opening and it's going clips this weekend was war of the worlds when he teamed up with a steven spielberg brought in about 64 million. that's really. it in the first weekend. >> yeah. how? >> i didn't realize that. yeah. i guess i just associated with mission impossible. but you're right. yeah. most of his movies are all these one off great movies. but you have never 100 million dollars weekend. >> ok, you never won an academy award either. so we will get it for this one, but it will be fun. i hear it's great. i hear it's got all the emotions. people were crying and the and the aerial sequences are mind boggling as you would expect. >> caruso or you can see this weekend. ago with them in a and we go 2 weeks after it opened you know, i go oil, a place in volleyball, going come over crash a party. i feel the need. >> the need for sunnier speedy. i was invited. thank you to let take you across of as always.
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>> let rob know if you all have a movie like him to opine about a company, a topic you gladly do it. we're going to visit with him again on a monday morning. so facebook, twitter get those comments in. send him an e-mail. rob at rob black dot com. for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. the doctor will be in to see you shortly. ♪ hi. [ chuckles ] when you see things differently, you can be the difference. capella university looks at education differently.
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for 20 years. i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases, even though nearly 500 people have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall chesa boudin now. we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets. ♪
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sure, feels good when you get it right. and with the number one powered toothbrush brand recommended by dental professionals. philips sonicare makes it easy for you to always get brushing right. philips. time in san jose. a school district there's agreed to pay 7 and a ha%f million dollars to 5 men who were sexually abused by their teacher. those assaults were all reported at their school at the time, which was set of our elementary back in the late 70's and early 80's. the man accused their teacher, dennis thomas of a teacher who taught 4th and 5th grades. they say he assaulted them while they're in school and after school as well. >> these men are in their 50's. they were 10, 9.10, years old when they were abused. this was 40 years ago. this has been happening for too long and it's still happening today. this case is
9:27 am
as an example, if it weren't for the change in the law for a b to a team that allowed these men. to come forward, they would still be silenced. >> according to the men's attorneys. it was 90 in 1982. the thomas was convicted of 4 counts of lewd and lascivious behavior with a child under 14. in fact, investigators say thomas eventually admitted to having relationships with more than 40 boys. 9.27. is the time. we'll take a break here. but up next on the kron, 4 morning news. we're also following the latest in that deadly mass shooting in texas. and we're going to explain the new information investigators are finding out this morning.
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>> we're back 9.30, is the time. let's get straight to the weather center on this thursday morning. find out from john what it's going to be like out there for all of us who live here. and guess all of those visiting this morning, john. yeah, all those visiting from vancouver, canada, guests on this carnival cruise ship that is doctor right there on the embarcadero. >> cooler and breezier than it was yesterday along the embarcadero. a little cloudier as well. but we're pretty happy about that. cool down. i think especially for those of us that were in the midst 90's just as soon as yesterday and even triple digits out towards brentwood livermore in vacaville today. you're not going to see anything close to that right now. temperatures are in the 60's to even low 70's over towards brentwood. daytime highs today really only peaking in the 70's. so we've got a beautiful and much more comfortable forecast ahead of us, which i'll get to
9:31 am
the details of still ahead over to james. all right. thank you very much, john. so here's a quick look at the bay bridge this morning. as we gauge or ride looks like there's a bit of a backup actually. and that's more than what we had in a last check. so give yourself a little bit of extra time >> if you're heading from oakland and san francisco. up next, the san mateo bridge where we're looking at the highway. 92 ride from hayward out towards foster city. that's moving just fine. no worries there. the richmond, sandra fell bridge 5.80, westbound looks like you're moving just fine through the toll plaza. no major backups or slowdowns for you as you make your way across that span in brown county. and our final stop for you here. the golden gate bridge under low clouds and fog. you're making good time for marin county down into san francisco. no problems on that stretch. a southbound one. 0, one. back to the headlines here at 9.31. and we have some new details emerging this morning about the tragedy that unfolded in texas. authorities now releasing more information about what led up to that shooting and what the gunman did during the attack. there's also growing calls for tighter
9:32 am
gun control measures as you might imagine. but the big question is, will anything change? we have lauren lyster with the story. >> new photos in details emerging about the young lives brutally taken along with 2 teachers in a massacre at their schools. all being mourned as investigators search for clues into why the shooter went on this rampage and warning signs the only information. >> that was known in advance. was posted by the gunman on facebook. approximately. 30 minutes. >> before reaching the school, facebook reports the messages were private discovered after the fact that texas governor says the 18 year-old wrote i'm going to shoot my grandmother and i'm going to shoot an elementary school. he's accused of doing both the grandfather he lived with tells abc news he didn't know his grandson owned guns. he still has a so talking
9:33 am
>> we talk about being upset or were >> texas officials revealing chilling detail how the gunman killed 21 people in a single classroom. we did have multiple officers on scene that responded within a moment's notice. and without try to make entry to the school. but at that point, they are at a point of disadvantage because the suspect the shooter had barricade himself inside a classroom for a tease, say he was in the school for one hour of terror before a tactical unit from border patrol shot and killed him. new images show the desperate parents searching for their children there and tearful moment says young survivors reunited with family or >> right here. >> that was lauren lister reporting as of yesterday, the gunman's grandmother was listed in critical condition. we're still waiting for an update on her this morning.
9:34 am
here. we're also learning more about the 21 people killed in tuesday's shooting kron four's justine waltman has more on their stories. >> even more ellis was a 4th grade teacher. she reportedly died protecting her students. she taught at robb elementary for 17 years. she leaves behind a husband and daughter her co-teacher. irma garcia was also killed in the attack. she's been teaching at the school for 23 years and was a mother of 4 children. jackie kuz heiress and annabel rodriguez were cousins in the same classroom. they're an says jackie, who had her first communion 2 weeks ago with social and outgoing. they are and also said and about was an honor roll student and the 2 cousins were close. there is 4th grader xavier lopez. his mom had just been with her 10 year-old at the school for an awards ceremony. she said he had a smile. she will never forget the youngest victim. 8 year-old use. garcia his
9:35 am
grandfather said he was the sweetest little boy. there is also 10 year-old amory joe garza. she just made the honor roll and was a girl scout. her father said my little love is now flying high with the angels above. the victim's family should be making their summer vacation plans. instead, they're planning funerals in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. >> in light of the shooting there in texas, a gun violence prevention package is now working its way through the california senate. 6 bills were presented by 6 democratic lawmakers yesterday including oakland assembly member buffy wicks who spoke. through tears. >> and i think about what we're doing as a nation to how we are failing our communities on this issue. our number one job is to keep our community safe. and we are failing. >> well, the bills advancing to the senate include further
9:36 am
restrictions on ghost guns, closing loopholes that allow corporations to manufacture a large number of firearms ensuring proper background checks at gun shows as well as adding additional misdemeanors to the list of crimes for a 10 year ban from owning firearms. and lastly providing medical reimbursement for violence, prevention services for victims of gun violence. and as lawmakers throughout the country are also calling for stricter gun laws. a local district attorney is pushing to see red flag laws implemented nationwide. now these are laws that are already in effect in california. they allow courts and law enforcement officials to temporarily take away guns from people who pose a threat to themselves and others. santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen says the law has saved lives and as an example, he cited a recent incident where officials took 2 ar 15 assault rifles, ghost guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition from a fired construction worker rosen says was threatening co-workers.
9:37 am
>> the laws are only as effective as law enforcement isn't using them. and so we've been very active in our county and using these laws because we've seen that they can reduce suicides and reduce mass shootings. >> rosen says that while red flag laws won't stop every mass shooting, most states do need to implement them. california, by the way, currently just one of only 18 states that currently have red flag laws on the books. president biden, meanwhile, has signed an executive order to address policing reforms. although this new executive orders pretty limited on what it can do. we have alexandra limon with the very latest on that from washington. >> good morning. president biden felt he had to take the matter into his own congress stalled on the issue of police reform on the two-year anniversary of george floyd's death. president joe biden signed an executive order in an attempt to reform policing practices. >> this executive order and
9:38 am
deliver the most significant police reform in decades. floyd's family was among those who attended the signing the executive order creates a national database to track police misconduct and mandates body-worn cameras. >> it also restricts practices like chokeholds and no-knock warrants. but the order applies mainly to federal officers and agencies and the white house can't for state or local police agencies to comply, though it is looking for ways to use federal funding as incentive. no substitute for legislation, but it is a necessary and long overdue critical step. >> for an ohio democrat joyce beatty, the chair of the congressional black caucus applauded the president's lost too many lives. and this is a step of great progress. but when asked about the president's efforts, missouri republican senator josh hawley said he thinks the president's priorities are misplaced. i think that we ought to be helping local law enforcement hire more cops. i'd like to
9:39 am
see 100,000 new cops. >> on capitol hill, it appears very unlikely that any piece of police reform legislation can get the 60 votes. it needs to clear the u.s. senate in washington. alexandra limon. >> thank you, alex. it is 9.38. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. gas prices continue to climb as we get closer to the memorial day weekend. we do have a few tips on how you might save a dollar or 2. we'll have more on that coming up.
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is the time. let's talk gas that they're now officially over $7 a gallon, at least one city here in the bay area. it's the chevron located along alameda del pulled us in menlo park. >> it's a it's a head turner average gallon of regular gas. there's 7.25 and that matches the federal minimum wage. believe it or not, gas prices all over have been steadily climbing as we closer to the memorial day weekend >> you still see people getting gas here on a day-to-day basis. a lot of people, i mean, this area have the money to do so and it's not a big deal, but that i definitely myself going to woodside or i would say to go get gas at this point. >> aaa says the national average right now is 4.59 for a gallon of regular. we don't have that here in the bay area. of course, california. the average is just over $6. san mateo county has the most expensive gas on average. it's
9:43 am
6.29. for a gallon of regular. there's only so much you can do that to save at the pump, by understand, but experts to offer a few tips for you that maybe they'll help. firstly, they say gas prices tend to spike on friday. so maybe filling up midweek will save you a little bit. maybe if you tune up your cars before this long holiday weekend, period, because that helps with your fuel economy go a little bit further properly inflated tires will help with that, too. some places that accept cash will give you a discount as opposed to a credit card. so maybe think about paying that way. and then using an app like gasbuddy dot com that can help you find low wherever the lowest prices in town. and, of course, expect the line while you're there. so just be ready for a lot of people are going to be filling up here on this memorial day weekend. we'll take a break at 9.43. we'll be right back.
9:44 am
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we're back at 9.45. checking the weather outside right now. if you're going to be heading out, let's get our last full check of the forecast with john john. yeah. and this one looking a lot easier to get through. then yesterday, the day before that because we are ooking at in the 90's, hardly even any 80's on the map today. >> looking out there at san jose skies are overall pretty clear. we're definitely seeing some cloud cover near the coast and in the north bay right now, even right along the bayshore, this low stratus
9:47 am
worked its way in along the coastline first yesterday afternoon and that push-up ocean cool. there is definitely being felt this morning all the way out to the central valley. pair that with the cold front that's sweeping across the region and that's going to keep us consistently cool over the next few days all the way through your memorial day weekend. lots to look forward to if you want to get outside these next few days, not worrying so much about breaking a sweat from just stepping outside your door. cloud cover. definitely a thing today compared to the past few crystal clear days, we will have partly cloudy skies in times of sunshine, though. tomorrow looks a little bit clear saturday and sunday are actually going to be even cooler smack dab in the middle of the holiday weekend. after that, we'll start to see temperatures climbing back up into the 80's by tuesday and wednesday of next week. temperatures today 50's and 60's at the coast, including in san francisco. as for bayshore cities, it 60's to 70's really comfortable stuff. redwood city in palo alto at 76 south bay. temperatures drop from the 90's in many cases to just the
9:48 am
70's. well, areas like livermore, antioch, vacaville, brentwood fall from yesterday's triple digits to really just the 70's to barely low 80's today, antioch are only 80 on the 4 zone forecast. a look ahead of next 7 days. temperatures tomorrow. pretty similar to today, saturday and sunday, as we noted will be the coolest of your forecast. temperatures climb after that. eventually getting us back to the 80's inland by tuesday and wednesday. james. john, thank you very much. quick check of the bridges. it looks like things have gotten quite a bit bet3er here at the bay bridge. so all's well. >> with the backup, not even extending back to the overcrossing back there. so you're doing good as you're heading from oakland in the san francisco. let's once again check on what hopefully still a good ride at the san mateo bridge 92 from hayward at the foster city. you're moving at limit across the span. no problems on the flat section. no problems on the high rise. and boy, look at this. the richmond sandra fell bridge looks fantastic this morning as you're heading westbound on 5.80, from richmond out towards sandra
9:49 am
fell for armor. in county viewers, you're going to be heading down to the san francisco. looks like the golden gate bridge is wide open for you. no major problems or backups to report. you're just traveling under some low clouds this morning. ny 48 is the time a second shipment of baby formula is on its way to hospitals and pharmacies. and the fda is in the hot seat right now for not acting quicker when a factory that makes baby formula shut down basil, john. but the story. >> the second shipment of overseas baby formula is in the united states. >> food is the first and most important way. we nurture our children. first lady doctor jill biden and u.s. surgeon general doctor vivek murthy. >> greeted the arrival at dulles international airport. >> i'm here today to say the parents. >> you are alone. we will not rest until every parent has a point they need for their child. the flight from germany
9:50 am
delivered more than 100,000 pounds of nestle formula enough to fill a million 8 ounce bottles. these products have met the gold standard for safety that the fda sets and that parents expect. well, the administration continues to address the current shortage. members of congress want to know why the fda didn't react sooner after closing the abbott baby formula factory. why we moved in on all of these things in march and moving towards getting this. >> plant reopened. then we didn't have confidence that they would produce a formula until we control the plan consent degree. lawmakers like virginia republican congressman morgan griffith in new york, democratic congresswoman kathleen rice. one solutions to avoid this problem in the future. we maybe should look at, you know, increasing domestic production in on that front. the fda says now the baby formula factory should be ready to reopen in a couple of weeks reporting in washington. i'm basil, john.
9:51 am
>> okay. lets talk bay area baseball. it was a pretty nice day out at oracle park for everybody of all ages. as you can see there. let's get to the bottom of the first joc peterson here. you see him sending one deep into the bleachers for a 2 run shot. that was the the 4th home run actually in the last 2 games. so great performance there. and then in the second inning, evan longoria at the plate. here he is driving this one deep to left field. that one was over the wall. his second home run of the game and that gave the giants a 4 9 run lead. they go on to win by final of 9 to 3 giants are off today. but then they'll start a series in cincinnati beginning tomorrow on friday. as for the a's there up in seattle and they're looking to win the series against the mariners. top of the 6. that's where we'll pick it up. elvis andrews at the plate with this shot here that rockets one deep to left. that was a 2 run home run. and that gave the john the a's a three-run lead. at that point, they go on to win final score there. 42 oakland, they're coming back home. they're going to be hosting the rangers for a four-game series starting
9:52 am
tonight. it's 9.51. we'll be right back.
9:53 am
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9:55 am
newsroom with a preview of that. good morning, stephanie. >> hey, good morning, james. well, today marks one year since a gunman opened fire at the vta railyard in san jose vta workers and santa clara county officials holding a memorial this morning to remember the lives lost. we bring you a live report and big bazan state park continues to heal from the burn scars left behind by the massive czu lightning complex fire 2 years ago. you may remember that fire forced evacuations across san mateo and san mateo county. excuse me, santa cruz counties. our justin campbell shows us the state of the force today and what's planned for its future for that story and more breaking news headlines. make sure you join us at kron. 4 news at noon. james, back to you. ok, stephanie, thank you. we'll see you then. all right, briefly, before we go, we've got to let you know that in the east bay contra costa county is opening 4 new covid. >> test to treat sites this week. these are sites that can make prescription medication available to people who test positive. so you go in there
9:56 am
for a test and you can get treatment all in the same trip if it's deemed necessary. got to consult with your doctor. but this is video from a similar program that opened this month in san mateo, the antioch, brentwood, san pablo and pleasant hill sites are all participating in this program. and that's in addition to the existing sites that are already in place in walnut creek and san ramon and viral medication like paxlovid can reduce the chances of an infected person becoming seriously ill. so if you need the services of a test and treat site, know that there are a few more opening up for you there in the east bay. and with the start of summer just around the corner, we've got to put out the warning. now that got to be carol of rattlesnakes. i a lot more people are going to be hiking in the hills and the east bay regional park district. want you to be aware that this is also the time that rattle snakes like to come out and enjoy the warmer weather. and so be careful. don't toy with them. don't taught them. don't try to pick them up. they will bite you and they say try of also trying to void hiking through tall grass because
9:57 am
they like that, too. and spots under rocks careful was watching the videos all week trying to caught up with it. and this was like my nightmare in the back of out, although it could be great hiking weather. sure is. the rattlesnakes are going to be back inside today because they like the heat and this isn't the hottest a forecast. any more so happy for that. >> great hiking weather. absolutely. you can see we're even cooling down further into the weekend. james, low 70's inland by saturday and sunday. all right. that's it for us. go warriors. we'll see you tomorrow.
9:58 am
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as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. >> announcer: today on an all new "dr. phil"... ♪ ♪ country singer clare dunn. ♪ ♪ >> her world changed forever when a late night ride took a really terrifying turn. >> this country music singer said she was attacked by her lyft driver. >> he ripped me from the car and slammed me face first down into a ditch. we are alone, we are in the dark, he's a big man. >> at that point, what did you think was going to happen? >> a wave of violent crime appears to be sweeping the nation, and yet there are those that want to defund the police. what are your thoughts on the need for police presence? >> i'm very grateful that we do have law and order here. >> defund everything that has nothing to do with police, and let cops be cops.


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