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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  May 26, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> now at noon today marks one year since that tragic mass shooting at the vta railyard in san jose. how the community is supporting the victims. and tonight we get to watch game 5 of the nba western conference finals. the warriors back at home and they're looking to knock down the mats to get to the playoffs. and hollywood star ray liotta has died. one the legacy he leaves behind. >> from the bay station. you're watching kron. at noon. >> thank you for joining us on the kron. 4 news at noon. i'm
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stephanie lin. today marks a solemn milestone in the bay area on may. 26 last year a gunman shot and killed 9 workers at the vta railyard in san jose. there they are. they were husbands, fathers, friends, all beloved members of the local community. the shooter turned the gun on himself. this the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the bay area. this morning, vta workers and families of the victims came together for a ceremony at the rail yard to remember those who died. kron four's will tran shows us what happened. >> the ceremony started at 6.30, in the morning. exactly. 365 days after the massacre took place right behind me at the vta railyard. they purposely chose 6.30 because that was the time the shooter left his home. he came to this location a few miles away, didn't live very far burst into the union meeting at 6.30, and started opening fire
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on his fellow co-workers and a year ago, this place was chaotic. the santa clara county sheriff's deputies. they rushed to the scene there. only about 150 yards from this area on the same block. now, here are co-workers showing up this morning. many of them were dropped off by vta buses because parking was so limited that they actually jumped on a bus at another location. came here. many of them got to the corner, which was the location where the deputies pretty much used at just jumping off point. they started hugging each other. some of them even have big posters of their loved ones holding it up as they were heading into the ceremony. we were respectfully off campus off the rail yard to leave them alone. but they did spend a lot of time about 45 minutes or so at this ceremony and a lot of tears. lot of laughter. a lot of reflection as well. can you believe it's been a year? i
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mean, so much is happening? no, i can't its own. it's just >> and i really fast but then in other ways, the healing part of it, it's it's not been really fast. so it's just a lot to take. it's going to take a very long and we just wanted to be here for each other and show our love and support the massacre. obviously was so traumatic that it took a long time. >> they'll be the first to admit that things are still not back to normal because and actually shut down rail service for about 3 months. and then there was a building where a lot of co-workers were inside at the time. they didn't know what to do with it for 2 reasons, one that they ended up working remotely to it was just too traumatic for co-workers to go back inside that building, which is why couple of months ago they decided to go ahead and start demolishing. >> that building. so it's no longer here. but obviously the heartbreak, the memories will
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always be here, which is why a lot of people showed up. tears, hugs and even have ribbons. that said 5. 26, which is obviously today. >> now the healing really continues there. the santa clara county district attorney held an event to remember the tragic shooting kron four's. charles clifford joins us live now with the latest from that event. charles. >> yeah, you know, as tragic as the vta shooting was, it could have very easily have been worse if it weren't for the quick action of first responders, the sheriff's deputies, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, got there quickly today. they given a very well earned. thank you. on thursday morning, santa clara county officials thank the first responders who rushed in to help victims during the chaotic moments after the vta shooting one year ago. >> these heroes rushed sirens on toward the sound of gunfire at the vta rail yard. they burst through doors even
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though they didn't know what was behind them. i was in the room. where's 6 of my friends were brutally murder. john courtney was working inside the vta are the morning of the shooting. he believes the quick actions by sheriff's deputies, police officers, paramedics and firefighters. >> prevented further loss of life, including his own. >> and i'm i'm getting goose bumps just thinking about that morning. as i watched. the actions of our community. run into a place that i was trying to get out of because of the i've seen. >> at thursday's ceremony, there was also reflection on the tragic events happening around the country, including the recent shooting, a texas elementary school kerry been bo's son jose died in the vta shooting. >> baseball quit. my son has a sister yesterday. and a friend. they come to her had not seen or know well and said, hey, a and she's what? you don't. all. mass shooting.
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reply was which one? >> a lot of ways we haven't come 2 terms. racism issues, our mental health issues and our gun issues. and we haven't been able to have honest conversations. and if we don't have those honest conversations were always going to be spending and we're always going to be hamster wheel. it makes you worried. >> but there are people who give us hope. there are people like these first responders who wake up at all hours. put on their uniforms and go to work. >> all right, back live now. the county also today, a unveiled its new resiliency center, which is here in san jose which offer support to people who might be victims or families of victims of
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workplace violence. but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news now. this whole thing still so very heartbreaking. >> thank you so much, charles, for your live report. turning now to our coverage of the mass shooting in texas that left 19 children. >> and 2 teachers dead. we've learned 2 sets of 10 year-old cousins were among those killed in tuesday's classroom massacre. today was supposed to be their last day of class before the summer break, texas officials shared what they know so far about the chaotic moments. they confirm the shooter was not blocked from entering the school. >> that came out early on. it was reported. school district police officer confronted. the suspect was making entry. not accurate. he walked in and instructed initially. so from.
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the grandmother's house to the bar to the school into the school. he was not confronted by anybody right now. according to the information we have the majority of the gunfire was in the beginning. in the beginning. i say numerous more than 25. i mean, it was a lot of gunfire in the beginning during the negotiations, there wasn't much gunfire other than trying to keep the officers at bay. but that could change depending on what we analyze the video. right now. according to information he did not respond. >> and we are hearing more stories about the victims of the uvalde shooting, who they were and what made them smile. correspondent brooke shafer spoke with grieving families who are still trying to come to terms with their heartbreaking loss. >> these are some of the faces of the 19 kids shot and killed at their elementary school in texas. kids anxiously waiting
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for summer vacation like 10 year-old xavier lopez. his grandmother called him the life of the party. he was simply looking forward to a summer of swimming. xavier died alongside many of his 4th grade classmates like 10 year-old ellie, ana garcia. she was very happy very outgoing. >> have 2 dads saying play sports. they can to family enjoyed being with the family. >> couldn't. she was. tuesday. sunny. >> also among the victims are to 4th grade teachers, irma, garcia and ewa meet on this each with kids of their own.
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meet alice, his daughter posted this picture on twitter, writing a letter to her mom calling her a hero who jumped in front of her students. she wrote my heart will for ever be broken. my best friend. my twin was taken from me. meet alice, his friend said this on news nation prime. i would describe her as a she. >> she lived up to that to the and one of things that i that well always remember about by lose her smile. anne marie garza was another one of the children shot and killed. her family said the gunman walked in and said you're all going to die. >> 10 year-old anne marie had a cell phone. her family said she was gunned down as she tried to call 9-1-1. that was brooke shafer reporting. we continue to follow the developments on this. >> terrible shooting on air and online at kron 4 dot com to stay up to date on the latest information you can use
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your phone to scan this qr code. it will take you directly to our web page. you can find the latest. and new at noon fremont police arrested a 17 year-old boy for allegedly threatening to shoot a school employee on social media. police say they were alerted to the teens threats wednesday morning by staff in american high school where the teen goes to school. police say the student made comments about potentially shooting people at another school. the threats included several racial epithets, according to police officers arrested the teen and booked him into juvenile hall. police searched the student's home where they say they found evidence but no guns. an investigation is still ongoing. and some sad news in the entertainment world. actor ray liotta has died. he was shooting a film in the dominican republic called dangerous waters. early reports say he died in his sleep. the otas breakout film was the 1989 baseball classic film field of dreams. his
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signature performance came a year later in the 1990, mob classic goodfellas. to leave behind a daughter and his fiance. he was 67 years old. coming up, the national rifle association moves forward with its annual conference tomorrow. what we know about this year's meeting and the rule the nra plays in shaping gun policy in the u.s.. and the golden state warriors on the verge of greatness. more on what's next for the ducks from kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney straight ahead. >> and relieve has finally arrived to the bay area tracking widespread 60's and 70's. today we're noticing a big drop in temperatures and it's only going to get cooler for your memorial day weekend. mo welcome back by the end
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of the night, the dogs could be in championship contention. >> all that stands in the way
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of the dallas mavericks fighting for survival in game 5 of the western conference finals. >> kron 4 sports reporter kate rooney joins us live now in the newsroom with the latest. hey, k. >> i the pointed that the dubs didn't close the series out tuesday night in houston, but the silver lining is not chance to do it at home at chase center where they are so far undefeated in the postseason. but one thing the warriors haven't done well, this postseason is take advantage of close out opportunities. they haven't been able to clinch series on the first try in these playoffs. they did have the opportunity to do it against the nuggets and game 4 in the first round ended up taking 5 games, had a chance to do it in game 5 against memphis ended up taking 6. but the good news is the dubs have done plenty of other things. well, this postseason and then the western conference finals, pretty tough on dollars to get the scoop on what it will take for them to seal the deal tonight in this game, 5, our kylen mills spoke to san francisco chronicle warriors
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beat writer cj holmes on last night's hoop session. >> i think the biggest key is being ready to play on to say that workers weren't ready to play down there in dallas. you know, you come back home. here's a chance. another chance to close out team, you know, the struggle for the warriors this post season. still to come, the mindset of get the series over can get some rest. think the finals going to be key for another week he's defending the three-point line. now down says a team that takes and makes a lot of threes and so far throughout the series and of course, until game 4 of those 3 corridor following the kind of got the sense that some 0.1 of those gabler game 3 or game 4 in their home building that was going to rain little bit in that 6. happy what he did. both literally in the game. >> well, fortunately, the warriors probably don't have to worry about leaky ceilings at chase center. i do want to give some injury updates for this game. andre iguodala is out for tonight's game. still dealing with that neck injury.
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otto porter junior has been a big defensive presence for the dubs. he's questionable. he's been having foot trouble should have some better insight later today as to whether he'll be able to go for this game 5, stephanie? >> a great update. we'll see what happens. thank you so much, kate. and by the way, there are still tickets available. if you're thinking last-minute trip, the cheapest seats we found on stub-hub are going for around $260. there's also a viewing party in thrive city outside the arena. the fans have been taken up that space pretty quick. so make sure you get there early. for the first time in several years. colin kaepernick is tossing around a football with the team in the nfl. espn reporting the las vegas raiders started workout with kaepernick this week. the former niner has not played in the nfl since 2016 when he started kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice. it was kaepernick's first workout for an nfl team. since then you met with the seattle seahawks in 2017, but that team
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ultimately chose not to sign all right. go ahead and take a live look outside right now. we see the transamerica building under some what appeared to be some pretty cloudy skies here to fill us in on all those weather conditions out there. we have kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa madrid as hey, good more or good afternoon to you. risa haters 70. yeah, we're definitely noticing a big cool down from coastal valleys. finally some inland really for we're seeing widespread 60's and 70's. >> livermore mid 70's there. paulo alto currently at 66 degrees with san jose. also in the 70's downtown san francisco, barely in the 60's at 61 degrees. but check out santa rosa. 58 degrees out there right now. so you're seeing a 35 degree drop within the last 24 hours. thanks to that increase in that marine layer and that cool sea breeze bringing some much needed relief for most of our inland valleys. so most of u.s., 10 to 20 degrees cooler than where we were around this time yesterday. and here's why that
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fog bank not only increasing humidity levels, but it's also going to help diminish that threat of fire danger in the coming days, especially right ahead of that long holiday memorial day weekend. and thanks to that cool sea breeze. we're noticing that low and high cloud cover going to stick around the bay area. 10 miles per hour. wind speeds out there right now. a little bit breezy with that cool sea breeze influence for pacific up 17 miles per hour sustained winds, but in fairfield and even conquered, we're noticing that onshore flow with fairfield thing. 24 miles per hour, sustained winds and the cooling trend only going to continue throughout this weekend. in fact, we're going to be below average saturday and sunday. details ahead on your memorial day monday outlook as we are going to warm up just in time for your memorial day monday. stephanie, back to you. all right. it looks like an update to look forward to. thank grace a still ahead. a scary moment for a chicago news crew in a suspect allegedly points a gun at them during a live report.
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>> and actor kevin spacey now charged with 4 counts of assault with the alleged crimes happened. that's up next.
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spacey is charged with 4 counts of assault. british prosecutors say the alleged incidents happened as far back as 2005. that's when spacey served as the artistic director of london's old vic theater. at least 3 men came forward accusing spacey of inappropriate behavior. the alleged victims are now in their 30's and 40's. spacey has not commented on the new charges. he cannot be arrested unless he comes into the uk. a south bay school district has agreed to pay 7.5 million dollars to 5 men who were sexually abused by their teacher. the assault happened
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at their schools in a bar elementary in san jose. in the late 1970's and early 80's, the men accused dennis thomas who tough 4th and 5th graders of assaulting them during school. and after. >> these men are in their 50's. they were 10, 9.10, years old when they were abused. this was 40 years ago. this has been happening for too long and it's still happening today. this case is as an example, if it weren't for the change in the law for a b to a team that allowed these men. to come forward, they would still be silenced. >> thomas was convicted of 4 counts of lewd behavior with a child under 14 in 1982, his victims say the impact of what was done to them will last a lifetime. investigators say thomas admitted to having relationships with more than 40 boys. oklahoma's governor has signed one of the country's strictest abortion bills into law. it bans nearly all abortions starting from
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conception. there are some exceptions for rape or incest cases or to save the life of the mother. the law also lets private citizens sue abortion providers, planned parenthood and the center for reproductive rights said they plan to sue oklahoma over this new law which went into immediate effect after the governor signed it. coming up next at 12, 30, the bills. state lawmakers are now pushing to curb gun violence in the state of california. and a new update on twitter. the latest fallout over allegations the company is selling your private data. we speak with an expert on this in just a f welcome back. despit
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the recent mass shootings, the national rifle association is moving forward with its annual conference in houston tomorrow. joe khaleel investigates the nra's massive influence on lawmakers and how it possibly impacts u.s. policy. >> time after time, and kids in this country are panicking. they're panicking. but this continues to be the new normal and congress does nothing mass shooting after mass shooting. do you think there's anything that actually some common ground >> we wish all? well, one, i need to understand what the circumstances were. it seems congress never fails to fail on any solutions to these horrific crimes. one alleged
12:30 pm
possible reason why the money and power of the national rifle association, one of the largest lobbying organizations in the world spending tens of millions of dollars each year on political races and assets. in fact, public records show the nra's given significant amounts of money to every single sitting republican senator throughout their career. topping the list, the nra spent more than 13 and a half million dollars for mitt romney or against his opponents over his career. nearly 7 million on senator richard burr up 5.6 million on senator thom tillis. and the list goes on senator joni ernst who benefited to the tune of 3.7 million dollars deflected are questions tuesday about congressional action in response to uvalde the legislation and you have to ask him the nra recently bragged about spending 2 million dollars on ads against president biden's atf nominee and have lobbied against widely popular simple background check bills. but
12:31 pm
americans opinions on gun laws are nuanced. according to the most recent gallup poll, 56% of americans say they're dissatisfied with current gun laws compared to 41% who like the status quo. but when asked about banning assault weapons, more americans oppose the idea and on generally making gun laws stricter. it's basically a toss up. 52% of americans now say that's what they want to see. that was joe khalil reporting for us. and the nra released this statement saying, quote, >> our deepest sympathies are with the families and victims involved in this horrific and evil crime. recognize this was the act of a lone deranged criminal. and we reflect on these events and pray for the victims. california lawmakers are working on passing several gun control related bills. this includes one models, astor texas's abortion law, allowing private citizens to sue the makers and sellers of
12:32 pm
illegal assault weapons and ghost guns. >> we want to save lives. they use that to put women's lives at risk. we're going to use that the door. they open that law and that process to enforce a private right of action to get these guns off the street. >> other bills include allowing local governments and the state attorney general to sue gun makers and sellers. another bands, gun makers from targeting go excuse me. another the proposed bill bans gunmakers from marketing guns to minors. california has some of the strictest gun laws in the country with more than 100 laws already in effect. still, our state is not immune to violent shootings in april, 6 people died in a shootout in sacramento and one person died. and the laguna woods church shooting just this month. some republican lawmakers say they don't believe the proposed changes will fix gun violence in california. >> we need to start talking about the underlying conditions that and other issues that are leading to these mass shootings. another
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gun law, our history shows it's not going to solve that problem. >> republicans say there are other public safety efforts. the governor could fast track such as putting an end to some early release policies for felons in prisons. we're going through the backlog of restraining orders that would take weapons away from people who should not have them. advocates for stricter gun laws say they are planning a second march for our lives protest in washington, d.c., the first demonstration was held in 2018 after the mass shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in south florida where 17 students and staff members were killed. david hogg, a survivor of that shooting and founder of march for our lives says it's quote, time democrats, republicans, gun owners and non gun gun owners come together. this next rally is set for saturday june. 11th. a disturbing scene caught on camera in chicago, a man walking behind a reporter's live shot appears
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to wave a gun at the news crew. >> the rip. >> chicagoans are expressing sympathy for families in texas. and there, of course, is the reaction that we have our own gun violence problem here in chicago. >> the reporter was on the street wednesday morning for a story on gun violence. and that's when can see that man just passed by there. that man walked behind the journalist and pointed what appeared to be a pistol towards the camera and crew. police are now searching for this person. back here at home. a man is in critical condition after he was shot by a state parole officer. it happened around 2 o'clock yesterday on the hinch lane in santa rosa. this is in the northwest end of the city near now the sahwa park authorities revealed very little information on what led up to the shooting. but we do know the sonoma county sheriff's office is investigating and they're working to release more details once those become available. san francisco police announced they'll be
12:35 pm
holding a town hall meeting tomorrow with an update on their investigation into a police shooting that left 2 people dead. that happened about a week ago around 08:00pm near ucsf benioff children's hospital. it is the department's policy to hold a town hall whenever one of their officers opens fire. that update is scheduled for 03:00pm. new at noon pg and e says they're nearly finished installing new safety settings and its power lines. the new setting span across 25,000 miles of line in pg and e's service area. once complete, the safety settings will automatically shut off power within one-tenth of a second. if a threat is detected like a tree branch falling on to a power line, the utility company is also working on other safety measures, which include burying 10,000 miles of power lines underground. that project is not expected to be finished for several years. and some scary moments for people living in one north
12:36 pm
bay neighborhood. on wednesday, a wildfire broke out in the same area devastated by the lnu lightning complex fire 2 years ago. dennis shanahan has the story from vacaville. >> with temperatures topping 100 degrees and flames climbing a vacaville hillside above pleasants valley road. jennifer dodi anderson dean, we're thinking not again, depending on. >> how close it gets or what you've been through its on a summer night in 2020, they had to drive through flames to escape the lnu lightning complex fire that ravaged this area. they're now living in trailers on their property so soon as that smoke, it's you know, it's scary. it just brings it all back. on this day, jennifer and her family found themselves packing up their belongings once again and moving their animals to safer ground. but thanks to firefighters. the flames of this fire were extinguished without any injuries or damage to homes. they just really got
12:37 pm
out here and got taken care of fast. and we're all very appreciative because it's pretty fresh in our mind. what we see here on this hillside provides a good visual reminder of just how easily the grasses grow back after a wildfire. >> becoming fire hazards once again. they're called annual grasses because they go back every year. >> unless the fire burned so hot that sterilize so. >> cal fire battalion chief josh randle has an important message. it's one we've heard a lot recently, but it bears repeating as firefighters are finding themselves facing flames all too often very early in the hot weather season. >> the fuel conditions are extremely dry. the relative humidity is extremely low. there's perfect potential for a catastrophic fire to happen, especially when the winds are picking up. and there's a lot of incidents that could deplete resources soon as that smoke it. and from jennifer dodi, we can all learn from the advice of someone who knows the painful losses that a wildfire can cause. don't start a fire. don't throw cigarette out.
12:38 pm
>> the elmo ing with them, you know, metal blade on a hot day where it could spark something. i mean, there's just so many things that just take some common sense and some thought. prevent some of these things from happening that are just horrific for so many people. >> that was dennis shanahan reporting that wildfire burned about 10 acres. it's the second fire to break out in that area this week. and an update now on the quail fire. it's now fully contained. it burned about 135 acres on the hillsides north of vacaville officials lifted evacuation orders for that fire on sunday. the cause is still under investigation. the growing drought is adding to the fire danger in our state's take a look at this. the image on the left side of your screen is the latest drought monitor map out today. if you compare that to the image on the right taken from this same time last week, you can see a larger part of the state has fallen back into that
12:39 pm
exceptional drought category, which is the most severe. so for more on that, let's check in with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez recent. what are the chances we're going to get some rain? >> it will slim to none. okay. done with wet season. i'm sorry. we have to settle with drizzle. so we are noticing a lot of marine layer. i know a lot of the track that drizzle this morning on your morning commute. that's going to continue again tonight and even into your friday morning. but let's take a look. close-up view of this drought monitor map of the bay area. as you can see, still holding steady with that severe drought that that tan the orange color that currently is over the bay area. but the one good news is we are seeing the return of that may gray. and that's going to add some much needed moisture to our vegetation and also that drizzle also going to help lessen our threat for fire sparking in the bay area. for your memorial day weekend. so great news there. let's take a look at temperatures out there right now because we're noticing widespread cooling not just along the coast, but
12:40 pm
even for warmest inland valleys. remember, we were already in the 80's flirting with 90's around this time yesterday, livermore 77 degrees with those of you in san jose in the mid 70's as its fremont. little bit mild there. but worse at 66 degrees for san mateo and alameda in the low 60's with widespread 60's. for those of you in our north bay valleys, santa rosa, even cooler than that. 35 degrees cooler than where you are around this time yesterday at 58 degrees. so we are going to notice, though, that marine layer staying put all weekend long. so a great because it's helping to keep us very cool and seasonal, which is something we haven't really sink seen during the spring season. but we are tracking, though, that cloud cover hanging tight right along the coast. thanks to that cool sea breeze. helping to push it right up against the bay area coastline. but it's only going to strengthen throughout today, in fact, are going to see wind gusts about 30 miles per hour or less. so that high cloud cover staying put along with our drizzle as well. so we're going to see another
12:41 pm
round of drizzle as bringing about traces amount of rain for the bay area tonight and even into your friday morning. quite a planner forecast going to show very seasonal temperatures along the coast and east bay shoreline. still relatively warm, though, for those of you in san jose 79 degrees. but temperatures tomorrow, very little change could warm up into the low 80's for santa rosa and nevado. but overall little change along the coast. and even for most of our inland valleys. thanks to a great finally returning to your bay area forecast. nice bump in temperatures just in time for your memorial day monday. but this weekend, stephanie below average high. so enjoy that cooldown. back to you. i will enjoy that, but i'm praying for some more rain. hopefully. all right. coming up, twitter charged with using your data illegally. >> the steep fees, the company now faces. and paving the way for the next generation. how one man's journey from dancer to choreographer is changing lives in his community.
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>> welcome back. >> so what's going on with twitter this week? federal regulators charged the social media company 150 million dollars over privacy violations. and former ceo jack dorsey step down from the company board. so what does all this mean for the future of the company? and elon musk's bid to buy twitter? we're going to be joined by ian. sure. he's editor at large for c net. hopefully
12:45 pm
he'll pop up by in just a few moments here. but a number of the different questions that we're going to be asking him is, you know, the ft, ftc, finding twitter, this huge amount he's going to be walking us. the charges that twitter faces wife is happening now. also the you know, how concerned is the average twitter user have to be about where there data went? so our team is working on squaring of that interview up now because it sounds like we are having some working through some technical issues, in the meantime, i wonder if we could possibly toss to our next story oh, okay. it looks. okay. all right. sounds like my producer but would like us. talk a bit about our next story here. you know, here at kron 4, we're continuing to celebrate our local asian american and pacific islander community and from principal dancer to choreographer michael, how is paving the way for the next generation of dancers? kron four's gayle ong
12:46 pm
has his story. enjoy. michael lowe is helping dancers prepare for their big okay. so let's get she's up for born in oakland and raised in alameda low is a fixture in the bay area ballet community that the impulse that you have to have sink in. >> at a young age, he was an athlete. he played football in this field at encinal high school in alameda and was encouraged to try ballet to increase strength and coordination in sports. the reason why switches? because i'm a lover of music >> also the sort of the artistic in the creative side. everybody know what they're doing. >> yes, do. they know their count. that interest leading to a successful career in dance low spent 3 decades performing with the oakland la as principal county, deputy and retirement low.
12:47 pm
choreograph, asian cultural dances. as a dancer, i i danced roles that were. >> asian in nature. but mostly they're getting a like a character more than that real character development. and i wanted to see if i can. we have a voice different route. so i quit have to a version of the up in the where i was the first one we used look for. the martial artists needed martial arts now serving as the artistic director of member ballet in menlo park, which launched early 2011. >> he is helping the next generation of dancers take center stage. >> freeze. >> i feel i'm just really fortunate that i that i'm able to. i share my art something to say and to rich long kron. 4 news. >> and we hope you join us tonight for our special celebration of asian american
12:48 pm
and pacific islander heritage. a 30 minute special airs tonight at 6.30, hosted by our own will tran. all right. take 2 on this. we're going to do another check in. >> not just what's happening with twitter. we know that these former ceo, jack dorsey, he stepped down from the company board. we know that the company also faces some charges and some pretty big fines for some alleged privacy violations. joining me now is ian sure, he's the editor at large for seen it. thank you so much for being with us today. all right. so the ftc, they're finding twitter 150 million dollars. walk us through some of those charges and why this is happening now. >> you know, it's really interesting what twitter is accused of having done is collected. a lot of our phone numbers may remember if you have a twitter account oftentimes to try to encourage you to use something called 2 factor authentication. that's where they send you an extra password after you log in. that kind of proves you are
12:49 pm
you? well, unfortunately, it appears as though twitter used that phone number, which tentatively, i handed over to them along with a lot of other people for privacy reasons. they used it for ad targeting, which is very much and not part of the agreement that we had agreed to. and so as a result, the ftc fine twitter, this is more than a slap on the wrist. when you think of twitter itself because this is not a company that has made a lot of money on like facebook, right? they make billions of dollars. twitter had struggled to be profitable throughout a lot of its life. so this this imposed fine of hundreds of millions or tens of millions of dollars is something to twitter and it hopefully will kind of teach him a lesson. hey, you know, don't lie to people when you collect their phone numbers. >> and so does the average twitter user need to be concerned about where their data when and how those phone numbers are being use it clear while those phone numbers were used in the first place. >> twitter acts as though it's not clear how they were used
12:50 pm
training. their statement put out. they say it was a mistake in the news. a lot of those other words that you could find synonyms for in the thesaurus. but truth of the matter is that advertising and security were not separated from one another, at least internally twitter. and so, yes, there is a larger question about how our information is being used. unfortunately, one of the rules we at cnn often tell people is that if you put it on the internet, you have to kind of assume that it's public. and that's really frustrating because that's not the way that twitter or facebook or anyone makes it out to be. yeah. >> now, jack dorsey, he stepped down from twitter's board of directors. he left the ceo position last year. so what effect could this move have on the value of the company and its day-to-day operations? >> we're not what i heard that jack dorsey and step down. and as you plan co-founder of twitter, right and co he i was a little surprised because it sounded like he was supportive of elon musk's attempts to take over the company's so you know it. it raises a couple question marks and
12:51 pm
unfortunately, there are a lot of question marks around this acquisition of 44 billion dollars among them is where it does. jack dorsey want to be involved or not in these last stages of an acquisition? it seems as though even though there are efforts elon musk may be to back out or to question a lot of the data that put out there in the public sphere about how many bites they have and what not. it seems as though twitter is still trying to make sure this acquisition goes through, which makes sense. tech stocks have lost a lot of value and 44 billion dollars was the value before all those dropping numbers. so i can see why they're doing this. but it's it's weird to see jack dorsey suddenly back out like that. i want to see what happens there and >> today we also learned that elon musk is being sued by twitter investors. so what's happening there? >> yeah, i mean, this is all again tied to everything going here is the hardest part, right? is that if this acquisition doesn't go through and you would assume when they announced it to the public, they've gone through due
12:52 pm
diligence, which, by the way, must did not appear to go and they've gone through all the kind of, you know, crossing the t's, dotting the lowercase jays to make sure that they are getting this acquisition done correctly. and all they have to worry about is the government and whether or not it will prove it seems as though musk is trying to back out and he's been criticizing twitter. he's been trying to kind of suggest maybe that the company isn't being honest in a way that's dealing with them. and so now shareholders are sitting in a situation where if this deal doesn't come through their shower, shares are significantly worth less than what they were before he showed up. and that's a problem. >> ensure an editor at large was seen at. thank you so much for your insight on this. of course. thanks for having me. all right. coming up, sometimes it's good to be fashionably late. we have the math on exactly how late you can bet your next party. that's coming up next. it's a
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question we've all appear to ask ourselves. how late is too late to show up to a dinner party? well, one brave journalist is now claiming to have the answer. sam brody, a political reporter dc says he swears by the 38 minute rule. he claims that anyone who arrives 38 minutes into a party. he's found the sweet spot. according to brody. that'slthe time when you can still expect to get a seat at the table while also making sure you're not the first one there. and now mathematicians have taken it another step further. they worked with the
12:56 pm
atlantic to develop a formula to help you find the perfect arrival time for the next party. you go to that formula takes into account factors, including guest punctuality your level of excitement about the party and how awkward it would be to arrive early or late. you can test it out for yourself at the atlantic's website. 38 minutes. maybe i'll try that myself next time. alright, engineers at northwestern university say they've created the smallest ever remote-controlled walking robot. there it is. if you look closely, you can see it looks just like a little crab. it measures just half a millimeter in with you. can bank twist jump and little creepy. i would not want that on me. the researchers say the technology could be used to perform tasks in tightly confined space is very interesting. all right. we'll see how that the real world world uses for that. you know, we were just so enamored and
12:57 pm
with this little crowd walking around, we just we just it just, you know, kind of made us made us freeze in our tracks. but murray says quick check of our weather. >> as looking up their memories, i see a lot of work plays praying said, you know, we've been fun family praying so that little crab out there is going to be a lot of fun with that does come out, pet's take a look at high temperatures for tomorrow. very seasonable come also for today as well. we're tracking widespread 60's 70's a little bit warmer for santa rosa nevado the low 80's. but >> cooler weather all weekend long. back to you, stephanie. all right. thank you very much for that update. debris said that's it for the kron. 4 news at noon. thank you so much for joining us and have a beautiful day.
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