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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 26, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> and now a day for remembering the 10 lives lost one year ago today, the memorial held for victims of the mass shooting at a vta railyard. new developments on that deadly school shooting in texas that took the lives of 19 students and 2 teachers. how long the suspect was inside the classroom before law enforcement got to him and a staffing crisis could lead to an answer. emergency calls. what? well, i hope police are saying about that problem. thanks for joining us tonight for kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. >> today does mark one year since the mass shooting at the santa clara vta light rail yard. 9 employees were killed
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by a co-worker 10th employed, took his own life after witnessing the tragedy. today there was a series of events planned to pay tribute to the victims and the survivors. it started with a candlelight vigil this morning for employees and their families during the vigil of eta train horn sounded in honor of each of the men who died. a group of employees also built an eternal flame, took them months to design and well, the special tribute that torch was officially lit at the memorial today, santa clara county and san jose city officials. they also held an event. this was specifically to thank first responders who rushed into the facility that day to help the victims. it makes you wonder about people. it makes you worried. but there are people who give us hope like these first responders who wake up at all hours. put on their uniforms and go to work. some
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survivors say they really do believe the quick actions of first responders probably prevented more deaths. one of the victims of the vta shooting was 63 year-old lars kepler lane. his family filed a lawsuit against the t a saying it didn't do enough to prevent the largest mass shooting in bay area history. kron four's rob nesbitt reports on how they're hoping that the lawsuit will prevent another family from suffering the same loss. >> an attorney for the lane family says the vta its security should have seen the warning signs that the employee who shot and killed 9 people was capable of doing so when the stories of mass shootings make headlines, the deadliest one in bay area history comes to mind. today marks one year since vta employee samuel james cassidy opened fire in a rail yard of san jose civic center neighborhood killing 9 men and then himself. nicholas rallies, an attorney for the family of one of those victims, lars kepler lane to was a hard-working, wonderful man. >> who put others, you know,
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and in front of himself cared about people worked hard provided for his family. >> lane's family is suing the vta claiming the authority failed to act when cassidy showed signs of insubordination and had 4 separate altercations with co-workers, they should have fired him. at least counsel him. >> they should have put up his picture and said don't let this guy back in. the had entered a contract with the santa clara county sheriff's office and universal protection service to provide security. >> raleigh says the 2 failed to carry out proper security screening, surveillance and risk mitigating measures. he's allowed carrying a duffel bag with enough guns and ammo, not bullets to kill everybody. to kill. >> the >> almost 400 people that were there. vta says they are honoring those who died one year ago. their statement saying in part the tea's focusing on the continued healing of our employees and the families of our deceased co-workers. tragically, we are
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also mourning loss of the dozens of other victims of hate filled massacres that have happened throughout the nation. we will address lawsuit claims at a more appropriate time. the santa clara county sheriff's office says no official comments due to a pending litigation. i also reached out to allied universal, the parent organization for universal protection service but not heard back. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> now to the latest from the texas elementary school massacre. law enforcement agencies are under fire now over how they responded to that tragedy that left 19 students and 2 teachers today. authorities revealed the gunman was inside the school for more than an hour before law enforcement killed him or just in waltman joins us now live with the latest on that. a lot of controversy tonight over how authorities handled that incident. and the question is, could lives have been saved if authorities had gone into the school sooner? what happened during that hour time period. >> this is stirred a lot of anger in questions for the community of uvalde. they want
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to know why it took that amount of time to stop the shooter. the family say that heavily armed officers stood outside the school, restraining them rather than storming the building. and you can see here desperate parents were begging police officers asking them to go inside and save their children. >> rush in and like i know that that that we did see that. for me. that leaves the house. ali, you know, and if anything, fish, it could have been. a lot more. could have been prevented compared the that if you bears at >> as should weather here is done. >> that was the father of 10 year-old jacqueline cazares. he's speaking out because he wants the publoc to know more about what could have been done to save his 10 year-old
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daughter and now police are going over the timeline of what happened on tuesday. >> during that time that they're making those calls to bring get help to solve this problem and stop it immediately. there are also evacuating personnel. personnel, students. teachers. there's a lot going on. >> so that there was the regional director at the texas department of public safety. and while the school normally has an armed school safety officer when the suspect arrived on tuesday. they revealed today there was not an officer there. so from after the gunman his grandmother and crashed her stolen car near the school. we got it understanding today of what unfolded at robb elementary. the first 9-1-1 call came in at 11 30, but authorities say the response time is unclear. >> the gunman entered the school through the building's west side around 11, 40 and
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walk through the hallways until he reached an open classroom. local police officers arrived on the scene at 11. 45 according to investigators, local police officers took rounds within 4 minutes of the shooter entering the school. authorities said they called for backup within first, exchanging gunfire with the gunman about an hour later u.s. border patrol tactical teams arrived and began trying to get inside. and that's when a u.s. border patrol agent shot and killed the suspect. so today investigators were not able to answer why it took more than an hour to breach the classroom and killed the gunman. they're saying the investigation is not complete. >> but we did learn some other new information, including that the shooter's grandmother who he shot in the face before going to rob elementary school is alive and is in stable condition. it was also announced today the president biden and the first lady will visit uvalde on sunday. ken
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and catherine, back to you. just teen. thank you. procedures for police operations during mass shootings have evolved over time. >> tonight kron four's dan kerman talks with a former swat team member on how it was how it is now and what questions need to be asked about what just happened in texas. >> when looking at police response to mass shootings, the protocol up to and during 1999, ce columbine massacre was quite different. the officers did engage the subjects in the parking lot. >> but then they follow what the standard protocol us when officers were outgunned >> they they waited for tactical teams to respond. security consultant brian higgins is a lecturer at the john jay college of criminal justice. >> and retired bergen county police chief in swat team member. he says after columbine, the protocol changed waiting for tactical team is not the answer. officers will respond. have to go in immediately so long as the shootings occurred.
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initial reports suggest police in uvalde, texas initially followed protocol by engaging the shooter. 4 minutes after he entered robb elementary school. but then were driven back by gunfire. then an hour passed before tactical team re entered the school and took out the shooter. but we need to know is did the shooter stopped shooting number one? >> and where their victims in this in this room who had not been wounded yet. >> higgins says if that was the case, there can be an argument made for waiting to re enter the classroom. >> if there are victims who were not injured still in the room with this subject. if the officers enter and they're not prepared, they don't have the the the equipment and the tools to go waiting gauges subject. then they may create more injuries and more deaths and they don't want that. so there's this balancing act. we'll have we'll have to get more information to see. it wasn't a balancing act. and what were what were the tactics at the time? dan
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kerman kron, 4 news. pressure is growing for congress to respond to the latest mass shooting spot without a clear path for new gun laws. >> a lot of republican senators are pointing to other bills they say would help. they include a build, a better trained teachers and spotting a potentially violent student. and there is a proposed safety act named after 2 victims of the parkland school shooting in florida. that one would create a new website. it would give schools direct access to security grants. meantime, democrats in the white house are pushing to expand background checks and ban assault style weapons like the 2 used by the shooter in texas advocates for stricter gun laws say they're planning a second march for our lives protest in washington, d.c., the first demonstration was held in 2018. >> after the mass shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida, where 17 students and staff members were killed. david
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hogg, a survivor of that shooting and the founder of march for our lives says, quote, this time democrats, republicans, gun owners and non gun owners come together and quote, this next rally is set for saturday, june 11th in our nation's capital. >> coming up in a getting more answers from the fda. the agency's top official details, the baby formula shortage and has the latest update on when more help us con. >> call you don't want to go unanswered. the severe staffing shortage bay area emergency call center what it's facing. and we've got clouds rolling in now. more on the way. some drizzle to have your holiday forecast coming up next.
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>> the vallejo police officers association is voicing concerns over responding to 9-1-1. calls. they say the city's 9-1-1 dispatch center has a staffing crisis and kron
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four's amanda hari talk to the associations. vice president about what is contributing to this problem. >> a tragic outcome is all to foreseeable. the vallejo 9-1-1, dispatch center is authorized to have prayers for supervisors. >> and one manager right now, it is 6 operators and 3 have you believe the room? >> i'm here for simple personal the can't leave the building to go to it's there's a whole set downstream effects may stuck in the inning. >> a single place police officer and vice president of the vallejo police officers association. sanjay ram rocca says he's been with the department for nearly 20 years, has never seen anything like this. even back at the beginning of 2020, they were fully staffed. but between a global pandemic, the weight of the job and retirements, they're losing people faster
8:16 pm
than they can replace that is just the >> working environment. >> some of it that they can go elsewhere, from mitcham. take your calls for service. take your calls in general. it's a very difficult job dealing a lot of trauma and a lot of a lot of these, you know, people are people get address it, you know, and they did. they take it out on on communications operators. officer ram rocca says operators are scheduled to work 12 hour shifts. >> but they're frequently working 16 that we cannot respond if they can't probably prioritize kohl's and get us out there. the says the department administration may be looking into a plan to relinquish. it's 9-1-1. calls to another entity during the night time hours. but for now, rahm rocca says he wants the vallejo community to know they will do everything they can to keep them safe. we are still here for we'll respond an
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expeditious manner. >> and that our people are working. part of it possibly can. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> senators on both sides of the aisle coming down on the fda over the nationwide shortage of baby formula as abbott works rather to reopen its factory. lawmakers want the fda to coordinate with other countries to ensure that more baby formula. becomes available. senators say they want more focus on increasing the number of baby formula producers. so this problem doesn't happen again. are we waiting any of the requirements to try to fix a shortage? >> we're not waiving basic nutritional requirements or safety requirements relate were waving some of the labeling requirements that are time consuming to get exactly right. >> the fda says it stands by its decision to shut down the abbott baby formula factory back in february, due to the poor conditions there. it says
8:18 pm
that factory is expected to reopen on june 4th. >> california's drought, of course, is adding to the risk of wildfires. are the image there on the left of the screen is the latest drought monitor map. this came out just today. if you compared to the one on the right. that was from a same time last week. you can see a bigger chunk of the state is back and that dark exceptional drought category. and that is the most severe. >> had a change of pace in the weather today. i'm going from those extremely hot temperatures, norms to what looks almost like which route. yeah. to love these numbers running below average for this time of year. but a change been 24 hours. you get that win switching directions and that's all it will take. you get that cooler coming right off the cool ocean waters. and there you go. the rolling in over the east bay hills now headed well inland overnight tonight out toward the golden gate bridge. yeah. you got the flashing lights dry right now, but it might be a little damp later on. it was tampa early
8:19 pm
on today as we have weak system sliding on by. we've got another one coming our way. alright, temperature wise. here's how it worked out. 62 degrees in san francisco. that's a far cry from almost 80 degrees 2 days ago. oakland, 69 degrees, san jose. they were 93 yesterday. 79 today. but check out live more yesterday at a record high of 102 degrees. 22 degrees cooler today, but still warm. but boy, only 80 in livermore compared to triple digits. conquered a sure way down. you are in the 90's yesterday. now you're in the upper 60's and santa rosa. only 63 degrees. they dropped almost 30 degrees, says the past couple of days out there. now that fog has moved back into the bay. we're seeing plenty of events going to stretch well on shore. i think all the way through the delta tonight. and so that is going to foggy start. lot of gray skies. start of the day tomorrow and you can see right now just that on shore push through the arrows uch is pushing the fog and low clouds right into the bay on into the delta into the sacramento
8:20 pm
valley. that's going to fill in overnight tonight. in fact, on the big picture, got a cold front out there right now. you can bring with it. some rain up in the pacific northwest. they're seeing some showers in that direction for us. we're just seeing for the most part, a lot of clouds, but likely going to see some patchy drizzle out there early on tomorrow morning. but we've got another system or watch out for not necessary. that one right there. but it's this one right here. there's the outside chance that we could be talking about some scattered light showers. very, very light, maybe parts of a sonoma county as we head in toward the weekend, maybe saturday afternoon. we'll take a close look at that in a few minutes. out there tomorrow, you're going to see a dry conditions. temperatures well, much, much cooler than the past couple of days. 50's and 60's around the bay. maybe 70's in the santa clara valley, mid 70's. the warmer spots well inland. thank you, lawrence. game 5 of the nba west finals is a. >> over as of this moment, it just ended turned into a little bit of nail-biter in the last few yeah, the sand
8:21 pm
and seconds ago. let's check in with the gayle ong. she's been watching the game with fans and we can >> a perfect timing again. take a look. in. the lawyers happening at finals. they just to go before the 5 time. and it just a moment here see never you see that going >> nothing but we are right >> take a look goal >> at times, especially the last the warriors got better
8:22 pm
to war. >> getting that vibe again. zozo dubnation coming back in full force. >> back here live. watching quite quiet right moment lighting time to be a lawyer fan the nba finals game one. i mean, it. >> nation for you guys. good morning a better on kron. 4 news. >> thank you very much. happy celebrating in the city
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>> a case of monkeypox has been confirmed in california. the cdc and sacramento county public health people say it's in sacramento. it is one of 9 confirmnd cases in the u.s. scattered throughout 7 states. the cdc has issued a level 2 health notice as the cases are spreading around the world. although the risk is still considered low, travelers are being advised to take extra care monkeypox symptoms include headaches, muscle aches, fever, and a distinctive rash. and abbott
8:27 pm
labs says it is actively developing a test for monkeypox. a spokesperson told reuters that the company will provide test kits to partners of its pandemic defense coalition. as for now, the cdc says the vaccine used for smallpox is considered and effective protection from monkeypox. >> coming up next tonight at 8 o'clock in the east bay school placed on lockdown over online threats against the campus. what police are saying about the student they say is responsible. plus, after being heavily damaged during the czu lightning complex fire in the santa cruz mountains in 2020, we take a look at how big basin redwoods state park is recovering as we get a special tour of california's oldest state park. and the warriors win fun to say sports director jason dumas. so have highlights of
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>> a student that american high school and fremont has been arrested for making threats against a school employee. fremont. police say they arrested a 17 year-old boy on suspicion of making felon a terrorist threats and a hate crime kron forcefully to call reports. >> some students at american high school in fremont thought twice about showing up for class thursday. i feel so and say just a day earlier the campus learned the 17 year-old boy, a student at the school was arrested for allegedly using racial slurs in a group
8:31 pm
chat with other students online and allegedly threatening to shoot a school employee who students say is a teacher. fremont. police say the boy also threatened to open fire at another school. i'm scared of my life like because like sitting in texas to the fremont unified school district superintendent notified families, a student was arrested wednesday. cameron jackson son is a junior at the high school and both viewed screenshots of the social media exchange tuesday. he's frustrated that the school district didn't act quicker and did not notify families earlier. he says it he is the one who alerted police say word was used over 20 times. >> there's a derogatory word referencing 2 of the asian community they were homophobic slurs as well. police say they searched the arrested students home and did not find the gun is good, but i did not us. >> that and say is this mother hopes the fremont unified
8:32 pm
school district and police department conduct thorough investigations. police say the other students involved have been identified and contacted by investigators. >> in fremont collegiate all kron, 4 >> this just in the state assembly has passed a measure aimed to hold the gun industry more accountable. the bill introduced by san francisco assemblymember phil ting would allow citizens. the state attorney general and local governments to sue gun manufacturers and sellers for the harm that was caused by their products when the state's strict gun laws are not followed. the bill now heads to the state senate. this is one of the gun-related bills the governor newsom wants to have signed by the end of next month. we'll keep you posted on that. >> the nra is planning to go ahead with its annual convention. kicks off tomorrow. it is set for houston, texas. the convention will bring together the nra's top brass and notable conservatives, including
8:33 pm
former president donald trump, senator ted cruz, guns will not be allowed. the group released a statement yesterday expressing sympathy for the victims and the school shooting but called it the act of a lone deranged criminal. some of the musicians scheduled to perform at the nra conference. they're dropping out because of the shooting in texas. don mclean, known for the 1971 hit american pie, said, quote, in light of the recent events in texas, i've decided it would be disrespectful and hurtful for me to perform. larry gatlin and the gatlin brothers. he's canceled saying i'm a second amendment guy, but the second amendment should not apply to everyone. it's that simple. and larry stewart who contributed lead vocals and the band restless heart. he's also canceled. time now for our 4 zone forecast and we're giving you a nice shot of the golden gate bridge as we get ready for a holiday weekend that is approaching and lauren suspect was here. they get away for
8:34 pm
tests about that. the unofficial beginning of summer, right. lot of folks getting out about packing up their bags, loaded the cars. >> getting ready to get out there and enjoy maybe the great outdoors going to watch out. we might have a little rain coming your way out there tonight. you can see the patchy fog moving in across san bruno mountain. as we look toward sfo right now, no delays being reported. sfo, oakland or san jose. make a little busy, though after this game here tonight. but otherwise, you're looking good in the monterey bay. you do have some patchy fog. it's going to be cool out toward the coast. 50's. there you see 60's and the in watsonville and carmel valley, southern california actually pretty cool for this time of year. 66 in long beach, 67 downtown los angeles in about 75 degrees and warm in pasadena, head up the high country. you'll find some partly cloudy skies. i think you're going to see a lot of high clouds rolling in overhead for tomorrow. temperatures, not all that bad about 66 degrees in southlake. 67 in truckee and about 78 warm in reno. if you plan, stick around, though, it's going to get cool. we're going
8:35 pm
to see more clouds throughout the weekend. doesn't look like we're expecting much in the way of rain, although there's a chance of a pop-up shower, especially as we head toward memorial day. but temperatures are going to be cooling off into the 50's for highs. all right. here's the latest forecast. you'll see as we head through time. yeah, tomorrow a lot of clouds coming across the bay area. chance of rain well to the north in far northern california. but on saturday we've got another cold front barreling into the bay area. here we go. how about that? would that be something to see a chance of some rain, mainly north of the golden gate bridge? probably in northern snowmen county doean't look like much but yeah, there's a chance you could see a couple raindrops. and if you head to the mountains, be prepared, likely to see some rain specially in northern california, maybe all the way down into the tahoe area. maybe a 72 temperatures are going to cool down the next couple days. memorial day looks nice plan of some sunshine and temperatures on the mild side. big basin redwoods state park has been closed for the past 2 years, but that's about to change. kron four's. justin campbell shows us a new vision for the park. >> this is just some of the damage after lightning hit the
8:36 pm
big redwoods in twenty-twenty park rangers say the forest is resilient and regrowing all. >> all on a media tour of the forest. there are signs of growth everywhere you look what changes are coming. california park ranger district superintendent chris spore were showed us where in old visitor building used to sit only a staircase remains after the fire. we have had the opportunity to rethink sort of the facilities in. >> the old growth and one of the focuses here is to move those facilities out of growth and to our facility called settle down. >> re imagining big basin. california's new vision for the park on top of moving a busy 2 buildings out of the court old growth part of the forest. the also be relocating some camping sites and establishing a shuttle. >> to the park in the future, it will be a more immersive and natural feeling experience where people will have the less congested a chance to
8:37 pm
really appreciate the grand tour of the forest. after 2 years of being close, they will reopen the park. >> 2 limited access this summer. this park has been an iconic flagship park. sarah bart with senator byron spawn a nonprofit that financially helps. the park says the 187 million given to the park by the legislature is not enough. we think it's going to cost at least 250 million dollars in additional funding to to put into place the infrastructure that state parks is talking about. >> and if we want to see this park reopened fully, that's what it's going to take in terms of public funding. >> reporting in big basin, redwoods state park justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> with summer coming up, rangers with the east bay regional park district are warning visitors be aware of they do tend to come out in the hot weather. people are
8:38 pm
being reminded to leave them alone. if you need reminding some basic advice, avoid hiking alone, pay attention to the ground as you walk, don't walk in tall grass of possible and check under logs and rocks before you sit down. yanks or stay home and read a book still ahead, the nba finals are coming to san francisco. we've got highlights from tonight's. >> big win over dallas and a push to bring relief from gas prices to californians the new measure that could be passed as soon as tomorrow. (music throughout)
8:39 pm
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>> it's been more than 2 months since state lawmakers promised relief to californians in response to rising inflation. of course, the high cost of gasoline. one democratic state leaders continue to work on some kind of a plan. some lawmakers want to take action by the end of this week. a bipartisan group of republicans and moderate democrats. they're trying to push through a bill that would suspend the state gas tax for a year. it faces a friday deadline friday as and tomorrow to and the assembly supporters say they do have more democratic support and they might try again tomorrow. >> several have now said that they are in favor of it. we need to provide this relief. people have waited far too long. >> there are also ongoing efforts to send money to california and side. governor newsom has been wanting to send $400 too. california car owners, although there's still disagreement on whether
8:42 pm
payments should be based on income and family size but the money is there. this comes as california has a budget surplus of roughly 100 billion dollars. >> coming up sports, the warriors have done it. they're heading to the nba finals for the 6th time in 8 seasons. director jason dumas slide for such a center with all the highlights and bite.
8:43 pm
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8:45 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> well, the confetti showers just stopped your golden state warriors are once again western conference champions for the 6th time in 8 years. this team will be playing in an nba finals. the beacon of success, the beacon of consistency. yes, these last 2 years have been kind of crazy, but now they are back on the mountaintop. and draymond green said that that is what makes this the most enjoyable finals run. let's go to the highlights. see how it all went down. we had a crazy one here today at the chase center starting off this one in the warriors got off to a good start right off the bat early in the game. steph curry rolled his right ankle. scary moment. but he got it worked on quickly and he stayed on the floor. great time there.
8:46 pm
klay finally gets off to a good start. he hits this 3 pointer. that makes it 1912, warriors. in transition finds his guy belly for the layup luka doncic. he was food on defense tonight. couldn't stop anyone who was not running the floor. how about the rook? he's an old spirit. this kid, he makes a 3 that makes it 56. 38. >> the chase center was deafening at this point. steph curry love that as well. how about jordan poole is a pool party tonight. he had himself a game. followed by doncic. i told you got to put food tonight and if out. 62, the 44 golden state warriors. now more from more from the warriors. another another shot. right there. and there
8:47 pm
you have it. what a run. but it was a 15, 0, run 4. it was a 15, oh run. and it was just crazy, great game for the highlights. i've lost ifb. so i cannot hear my producer in my ear right now. unfortunately. but if we come back on camera, we'll review those full highlights later. what a game tonight from the golden state warriors. they got back to promise like get this andrew wiggins and kuvana looney. they lead the playoffs and offensive rebounds. get this. steve kerr is now 18 in western conference playoff series. as i said before. >> the ken of success in the western conference. now they're on the brink of there. 4th nba championship in the last decade. now, before we go tonight, i have to get to colin kaepernick. i'd be
8:48 pm
remiss if i didn't mention him. colin kaepernick. he hasn't played in the nfl since 2016. he got a tryout with the oakland raiders and oakland raiders head coach josh mcdaniels set. it was just standard. it was commonplace. he wanted to see. how colin kaepernick looked. but this is the first step. now the raiders they already have. derek carr, he signed a 3 year 121.5 million dollar extension. but kaepernick, this is the first step for him to maybe get back into the nfl. what a run. 4 him. but most importantly, what a run for the golden state warriors will have more coverage all night long will soon hear from steve kerr stephan curry. the whole gang as these guys go back to another nba finals. game one will be thursday, june 6. we don't know who they play yet. it will be either the boston celtics or the
8:49 pm
miami heat. the boston celtics had a chance to clinch this series tomorrow in boston against the heat. so we're on standby. but like i said, so much coverage to go later tonight, kylen mills will join me later for hoop session and we'll have some fun here at the chase center. but for now, i'm live at chase. back to you. >> all right, jason, thank you very much. she can hear us because he lost his ear piece there, boston or miami. what do you think boston would be more fun. i agree. go celtics. more fun. i agree. go celtics. take a break right back. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school.
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. trying for we continue to celebrate our local asian american and pacific islander communities. and from principal dancer to choreographer michael lowe is paving the way for the next generation of dancers. kron four's gayle ong has his story. >> michael lowe is helping the dancers prepare for their big okay. so let's get she's up for born in oakland and raised in alameda low is a fixture in the bay area ballet community. it's the impulse that you have to have sink in at a young age. he was an athlete. he played football in this field at encinal high school in alameda and was encouraged to try ballet to increase strength and coordination in sports. the reason why switches? because i'm a lover of music
8:53 pm
>> also the sort of the artistic in the creative side. everybody know what they're doing. >> yes, do. they know their count. that interest leading to a successful career in dance low spent 3 decades performing with the open as principal county, deputy and retirement low. choreograph, asian cultural dances. as a dancer, i i danced roles. were. >> asian in nature. but mostly they're getting a like a character more than that real character development. and i wanted to see if i can. you have a voice and different route so i have to a version of the upper in the where i was the first look for the martial artists needed martial arts now serving as the artistic director of member ballet in menlo park, which launched early 2011.
8:54 pm
>> he is helping the next generation of dancers take center stage. freeze. i feel i'm just really fortunate that i that i'm able to. i share. >> my art something to say and to. >> rich long kron. 4 news. well, it doesn't high school seniors. this isn't a montana. they traded their wheels for saddles. >> they went to school monday on horseback. they were taking advantage of an old state law to try to pull a prank on their principal. the law states that student comes to school by horse. the principal has to take care of the animals throughout the day. this case, there were 12 horses and principal had a busy work out for him. take care of all those animals, th students actually pull that same prank last year. and this year, he obviously stepped up their game. so see. but i love prince like this. it's nobody
8:55 pm
got hurt. the horses don't mind. let's just exercise. yeah. hey, by the way, we've been talking about the worriers and we'll be talking about him a lot because this is a such a great thing for the worst of back going to the national a finals. tickets are already on sale for that first finals game. it's going to be thursday, june 2nd and you can't really see it on the screen because it's small. but the prices on stub-hub the cheapest ticket right now, $769. and you can bet that up there right next to the and imagine down closer to the floor. and our producer, jake says parking is 200 $200 to park. for parking pass carpool. muni. a graham says the helicopter would be cheaper to swoop like neon deion used to do what he was doing. the science and the forty-niners in the cowboys. that stuff anyway, we're all pumped up and excited about the warriors. more on that in a little bit. but let's check
8:56 pm
in now with a our primetime coverage is just getting started. grant and vicki. yeah, we're going to be starting off the show talking about the word is going to go live to chase a what a great. >> come back, though, this team of veterans. you know, you didn't know with clay's injuries and steps broken hand and all they've been through and now the blend. the young guys. it's really just a great story. yeah, and sweep. that's what they're calling it. if you ever heard a call that now, if you let team win one given moment, sweeping a lot of think they kind of want i think it's pretty cute. yeah. >> all right, catherine, ken, thanks very much. so here's what's coming up next on kron. 4 news. yeah. the final score. >> and that big game of chase. one 20 to one 10. but it really wasn't even that close. we have some zoom is going on all over the place because everybody likes to do. yes, next at 9 powerful message
8:57 pm
from a former congresswoman and the victim of gun violence. gabby giffords story of ongoing recovery from being shot in the head more than 10 years ago. and her reaction to the deadly school shooting in texas. and we're going to continue our coverage on that horrible school shooting. lot of questions tonight after law enforcement had a press conference that was really vague earlier today. we'll take a look at the timeline of events that they say happened on tuesday. keep it here. on tuesday. keep it here. kron. 4 news at 9 is next. meet a future mom, on tuesday. keep it here. kron. 4 news at 9 is next. a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both.
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chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> in the arena outside the arena in bars in your living room. dubnation electric. tonight, the warriors beating the mavericks won 20 to one 10 just a little while ago. the dubs are now headed back to the nba finals for the 6th time in 8 years. just a remarkable run for this dynasty. thank you for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 9, everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. the warriors won in game 5 tonight to a complete their gentleman's sweep. >> at home. >> detonation. a pretty fired up at the chase center. we do have team coverage of tonight's big win


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