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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 26, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> that is a happy sound of the golden state warriors are heading to the nba finals after defeating the dallas mavericks tonight at chase center in the city. thanks for joining us tonight at 10, i'm ken wayne and and i'm catherine heenan. i could just kind of sit there and watch that for a while. >> the warriors beat the mavericks one. 22 1 tan. we've got team coverage live from chase center. our kylen mills has details on the game. gayle ong will tell us how warriors fans are feeling tonight. i'm guessing a pretty good, but we'll start with kyler and kyler on what a game. >> hey, catherine and ken, what an emotional night for the golden state warriors. there was so much joy here on
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the floor after that final buzzer just 2 seasons ago. the worst of the worst record in the nba tonight. they're heading back to the nba finals for the 6th time in 8 years. head coach kerr said they could have done it without every single player on this team doing their part. that's exactly what happened tonight in game 5 of the western conference finals. the warriors ball movement was elite. they were passing making the extra pass to turn a good shot into a great shot, spreading the floor. everyone just playing unselfish basketball. the team finished with 36 assists on 45 made field goals. the players leading the way. no surprise the dup's incredible backcourt duo of steph curry and klay thompson. curry. the floor general led the team with 9 assists. thompson led the team in scoring with 32 points on 50% shooting from beyond the arc. kerr said he couldn't be prouder of this core and this team. >> kind of had a flashback tonight, too. i would have
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been 7 years ago when we beat houston to get to the finals at oracle you know, we're up 10 or 12 with 30 seconds left remember, you know, the place was just rocking and i just looked you through the arena and i couldn't believe that we had. you know, got into the finals and tonight was different, you know, because we've done wasn't the first time we've done it before. but it in a different way. i'm incredibly meaningful. given everything that we've been through. >> curry >> said will receiving the magic johnson western conference finals, mvp trophy here on the floor tonight that this win meant so much more because of the adversity. this team has faced. by the way, curry won the inaugural trophy averaging more than 26 points per game. so far this postseason. his play continues to be up impressive along with thompson, they said they're going to celebrate tonight,
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but then it's back to work. the job is not done. this team is after an nba championship that will start on june second for now. we're live at chase center kylen mills kron. 4 sports must have been fun to be there. thank you. kylen. >> let's check in now as kron four's gayle ong. she has reaction from fans who obviously we're very excited about all this scale. >> yeah, ken and catherine fans, of course, have no doubt about tonight's game. they definitely predicted the win. we'll show you why. take a look right on the court. people still soaking in the moment. you can. looking at 6 western conference finals trophies so even know the dubs last tuesday. the fans that came out tonight really had no on the court and steph curry won mvp and he even talked
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about and thank the fans for their support, especially here in the new chase center. >> we've been open to the back of >> and back here live, you can see. oh, look at this really sweet moment right by the trophies. you have draymond green and has some posing for pictures in front of the 6th when stirring. conference finals. trophies. what a sweet moment here. still obviously soaking it in tonight. what a great game to witness. definitely nerve-racking at times, especially that last quarter. but where little closer here, courtside. and it was a really fun game. and this is the new western champ
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western conference champs t-shirts. so the dogs did debut this tonight after the game and this is what fans will get when they attend game one one week from today and we'll see who they play next week reporting live from chase center, gayle ong kron. 4 news and draymond green is called boston saying that he thinks play boston. thank you, gayle, california, celebrating the dubs win tonight. >> governor newsom tweeted that the warriors are the western conference champions making california proud coach kerr is a legend and this team is talented down to the last guy on the bench. a team of superstars. but no egos. next goal raising the larry o'brien trophy. some remember, matt haney also tweeted tonight the warriors are headed back to the finals. congratulations dubnation. let's get it done. and this is from san francisco, mayor london breed. let's go dubs back to the finals. >> and the warriors of announced information on nba finals ticket sales. the first pre so event begins tomorrow morning at 10. that's just for
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season ticket holders. the general public can start buying tickets saturday afternoon at 2, the warriors host game one next thursday, game 2 sunday, june 5th, if necessary. game 5 monday. the 13th in game 7 sunday, june 19th. all right. now to the 4 zone forecast as we step outside, show you a little bit >> construction activity going on on the golden gate bridge on this thursday night said. kind of felt like a dose of winter out there today. yeah, it did. and was just so different from yesterday on kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. continuing to call off. yeah, rather abrupt wasn't that we went from all those hot baking temperatures, even record heat. >> toy where's my jacket is get a little chilly outside. all of a sudden that on shore breeze kicked in and that changes everything that ocean air just full of moisture that cool air. and boy, it's really sweeping well on shore again tonight. we're going to see plenty of that for tomorrow
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and it could keep the temperatures down. i think into the holiday weekend up toward the golden gate bridge. little busy out there on the bridge tonight. otherwise that fog continue to move on by not as wet on the bridge tonight as that of marine layer has lifted just a bit. but still, these temperatures really got knocked down by that cool ocean air 62 degrees in san francisco. remember just a couple days ago, we were near 80 degrees in downtown san francisco. 69 in oakland, san jose. you're out of the hot 90's. only 79 today, but very comfortable. livermore had a record high yesterday of 102 degrees. they dropped. 22 degrees still warm and 80, but check out conquered there in the 90's yesterday and today they couldn't even get into the 70's and say with santa rosa up in the 90's. now in the 60's. so what a change we've had just from that wind direction kicking in and bringing that nice ocean air off the cool waters there along the coastline and bringing that nice cooler out there now. so temperatures really dropping off across the board around the bay area. the cool temperatures got to stick around that on shore breeze continuing outside. you can
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see it moving that fog and it's going to push all the way into the delta into the bay and you name it. it's going to be a cool start your day tomorrow with plenty of fog and low clouds, maybe even a little drizzle along the coastline. now, how might that affect your holiday? of course, we get the unofficial beginning of summer memorial holiday. coming up. well, that you're 10, 10 forecast in a few minutes. orange tank, you. today marks one year since a mass shooting at the santa clara vta light rail yard and 9 employees were killed by a co-worker. the gunman took his own life after the shooting and then a 10th employ. >> took his own life after witnessing that tragedy today, there was a series of events to honor the victims and survivors, including a private memorial at the yard. a candlelight vigil this morning that was for employees and bt a train horn sounded at that vigil for each person who died. its own. >> it's just and i really fast but then in other ways, the healing part of it, it's it's
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not been really fast. so it's just a lot to take. it's going to take a very long and we just wanted to be here for each other and show our love and support. >> a group of employees also built what they call an eternal flame. they say it took them months to design it and to get welded together and that torch was lit at today's memorial. >> santa clara county and santa sit a san jose city. officials also held an event today honoring the first responders who rushed into the facility to help the victims on the day when the shooting happened. >> it makes you wonder about people. it makes you worried. but there are people who give us hope like these first responders who wake up at all hours. put on their uniforms and go to work. >> some survivors told us they
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believe the quick actions of first responders prevented further loss of life. >> one of the 9 men killed that day who shot and killed. 63 year-old lars kepler lane. his family has now filed a lawsuit against the vta saying the agency did not do enough to prevent the largest mass shooting in bay area history. kron four's rob nesbitt reports on how the family says people was capable of doing so when the stories of mass shootings make headlines, the deadliest one in bay area history comes to mind. today marks one year since vta employee samuel james cassidy opened fire in a rail yard of san jose civic center neighborhood killing 9 men and then himself. nicholas rallies, an attorney for the
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family of one of those victims, lars kepler lane. you know, the father, the husband that we all want to have in our family. she was a hard-working, wonderful man. lane's family is suing the vta. >> claiming the authority failed to act when cassidy showed signs of insubordination and had 4 separate altercations with co-workers, everybody. you know who work with that guy and the supervisors knew that there was a fear. that this man would go. postal vta had entered a contract with the santa clara county sheriff's office and universal protection service to provide security. raleigh says the 2 failed to carry out proper security screening, surveillance and risk mitigating measures. he was a lot of carrying a duffel bag with enough guns and ammo, not bullets to kill everybody. to kill. >> the >> almost 400 people that were there. the says they are honoring those who died one year ago. their statement saying in part the tea's focusing on the continued healing of our employees and
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the families of our deceased co-workers. tragically, we are also mourning the loss of the dozens of other victims of hate filled massacres that have happened throughout the nation. we will address lawsuit claims at a more appropriate time. raleigh says the lawsuit has been filed with santa clara county superior court. he expects a jury trial to begin within a year to year and a half. the santa clara county sheriff's office says no official comments due to a pending litigation. i also reached out to allied universal, the parent organization for universal protection service but not heard back. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> in uvalde, texas today authorities revealed in a news conference that the gunman was inside the elementary school for more than an hour before law enforcement killed him. >> the family say heavily armed officers stood outside the school restraining them rather than storming the building. authorities confirmed today that the gunman was not stopped from the moment he shot his grandmother to the point where he made entry into that school campus. he walked in and instructed initially.
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>> so from. the grandmother's house to the bar to the school into the school. he was not confronted by anybody. approximately an hour later. u.s. border patrol. tactical teams arrive. they make entry. shoot and kill the suspect. >> investigators were not able to answer why it took more than an hour to breach the classroom and killed the gunman. but we did learn that the shooter's grandmother we shot in the face before he headed to robb elementary school is alive and is in stable condition. coming up at 10, 30, we're going have a full timeline of the police response to that deadly shooting. >> tonight, a community in millbrae was honoring the victims and the school shooting in texas. the millbrae elementary school district. they invited the public to come join a candlelight vigil to remember the 19 children. the 2 teachers killed tuesday. there
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were students and parents. they were law enforcement officers joining in the group also prayed for peace and healing. >> on average, 3 people are hit by a car while walking every day in san francisco. that's according to a local nonprofit. >> and the number one culprit they say is speed. so to bring attention to the problem, there was a vigil tonight for all 10 pedestrians killed in 2022. kron four's ella sogomonian listened in. she's in the newsroom with that story. l a? >> well, temporary shoe prints were drawn on the sidewalk in their memory and messages were written on yellow hearts. as you just saw, walk san francisco and san francisco bay area families for safe streets, health, a vigil at the fatal crash site where a mother named mary henderson and her daughter willa took their last steps on sunday over on 3rd and mission streets. but the memorial brought attention to all 10 pedestrians. as you mentioned,
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who have been killed this year alone by just trying to get across san francisco city streets for one time. i was crossing the street and i was looking at my and i saw bus coming. but i i was so into the pond that i didn't check on the and not just like a somebody and somebody pull my hair so hard. >> and i turn around and then i feel that car passing by it. >> i said and then i thought, oh, my god, it should be really care. parts soul, but that this dance and the drivers. we have to really pay attention to what we >> the group is calling on the city to do 3 things and for slower speed limits on certain streets and designed them to discourage speeding, such as narrower and fewer lanes and no turns on red as well as red light cameras and pedestrian safety zones as well as better prioritize safety above all else in the design of streets, especially in areas with significant foot traffic. the
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group says that people over 65 make up just 15% of san francisco's population. but typically make up around 50% of pedestrian fatalities each year. i know how hard this is. one person hit can destroy an entire community. my own grandmother was struck b% a car years ago down in la and even though she survived to the rehab and any age as excruciating as you can imagine. so drivers please look up and pay attention. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. ala, thank you for that. >> vallejo police officers association is voicing some concern over responding to 9-1-1. calls. they say the city's 9-1-1 dispatch center as a staffing kron four's amanda hari talk to the associations vice president about. >> what's contributing to that problem? >> how common is all to foreseeable. the vallejo 9-1-1 dispatch center is authorized to have prayers for supervisors and one manager right now, it is 6 operators
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and 3 have you believe the room? >> i'm here for simple personal the can't leave the building to go to it's there's a whole set downstream effects may stuck in the inning. >> a single place police officer and vice president of the vallejo police officers association. sanjay ram rocca says he's been with the department for nearly 20 years, has never seen anything like this. even back at the beginning of 2020, they were fully staffed. but between a global pandemic, the weight of the job and retirements, they're losing people faster than they can replace that is just the >> working environment. >> some of it that they can go elsewhere, from mitcham. take your calls for service to your calls in general. it's a very difficult job dealing a lot of trauma and a lot of a lot of these, you know, people are
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people get address it, you know, and they did. they take it out on on communications operators. officer ram rocca says operators are scheduled to work 12 hour shifts. >> but they're frequently working 16 that we cannot respond if they can't probably prioritize kohl's and get us out there. the says the department administration may be looking into a plan to relinquish. it's 9-1-1. calls to another entity during the night time hours. but for now, rahm rocca says he wants the vallejo community to know they will do everything they can to keep them safe. we are still here for we'll respond an expeditious manner. >> and that our people are working. part of it possibly can. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> it's now been more than 2 months in state. lawmakers promised relief to californians in response to rising inflation and the cost of gasoline. while democratic
10:19 pm
state leaders continue to work on a plan, some other lawmakers want to take action by the end of this week. a bipartisan group of republicans and moderate democrats are trying to push through a bill that would suspend the state gas tax for a year. it faces a friday deadline tomorrow to pass in the assembly. supporters say they have more democratic support now and they might try again tomorrow. >> several have now said that they are in favor of it. we need to provide this relief. people have waited far too long. there are also ongoing efforts to send money to californians. governor newsom wants to send $400 to california car owners. >> there's still disagreement on whether or not the payments should be based on income and family size this comes as california has a budget surplus of roughly 100 billion dollars. the big basin redwoods state park in the santa cruz mountains. it's been closed for 2 years after a devastating wildfire. but now state officials are
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announcing a new vision for that park. they call the project re imagining big basin. it will include moving visitor buildings out of the corps old growth, part of the forest. obviously, you're looking at that fire from 2 years ago. >> and they're not going to move some campsites, though, set up a shuttle from the visitors building to the park. the park will reopen the summer. they say with limited access. >> coming up, former congresswoman gabby giffords speaks out about the mass shooting in texas. >> and we're case of monkeypox has been confirmed in california after the break. why washington, d.c., lawmakers are pushing the fda to work with other countries in response to the >> baby formula shortage. i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message.
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elon musk promised to pay a million customers $30,000 a year if they bought his car. they bought his car. so, where's their money? he promised customers if they bought his car, its value would increase to $200,000. they bought his car. so, where's their money? he promised investors if they bought his stock, they would get $50 billion a year in profits from robotaxis. they bought his stock. so, where's their money?
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and he told investors tesla was worth $1 trillion by claiming tesla was the leader in driverless robotaxi technology. but tesla doesn't have driverless robotaxi technology. tesla's full self-driving software requires a driver! many other companies have already deployed driverless robotaxis that are way ahead of tesla's. so where's the investors' money? in the last year, elon musk pulled $48 billion out of tesla, seven times the profits they've ever made. his ceo compensation was 1,000 times the average for a fortune 500 ceo. elon, is your full self-driving software just a trillion-dollar ponzi scheme? did you become the wealthiest man in history by swindling customers and investors? i'm dan o'dowd and i'm running for u.s. senate because congress needs to shut down elon musk's full self-driving fiasco. someone needs to stand up to him.
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senators question the fda commissioner on how the agency is handling the baby formula shortage as abbott works to reopen its lawmakers want the
10:24 pm
fda to work more closely with other countries to make sure that more baby formula becomes available. >> washington correspondent basil john reports. >> it's time that we hold the fda accountable. you've got up your game. thursday, democrat and republican senators came down on the fda for allowing a nationwide shortage of baby formula. right now we have 3 but mead and nestle. who dominate the entire market. vermont senator bernie sanders says there isn't enough competition in the formula market. many more foreign manufacturers can important are going to help out quite a bit of the very part. i hope that you will focus on increasing the number of companies who are producing. so we don't run into this problem. kentucky republican senator rand paul agrees and doesn't see the point in making it difficult to import formula from europe and asia. are we waiting any of the requirements to try to fix a shortage? we're not waiving basic nutritional requirements
10:25 pm
or safety requirements were late, were waving some of the labeling. >> requirements that are time consuming to get exactly right. despite the problems it caused, the fda stands by its decision. >> to close the abbott baby formula factory due to the poor conditions that are replacing roofs, replacing floors. they're still not done. and you just can open a plant with bacteria growing. and the fda says there are steps the country can take to make sure shortage doesn't happen again. how can we insurer? but this doesn't happen again. i think we're going to have to have a surplus reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. still ahead, attend the monkeypox outbreak is here in california. we're going to tell you exactly where plus. >> california's drought posing more of a risk for wildfires. want to show you the areas that are experiencing extreme drought. and after the break, emotions run high in texas after authorities say it took and our to kill the suspect in the shooting at that elementary school. we take a closer look at the response.
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>> and we've got guys wanted to get >> some heartbreaking sights and sounds from parents in uvalde, texas tuesday, fathers and mothers shouting and crying outside robb elementary. some of them wanting to get inside to try to reach their children. 19 children, 2 teachers were killed inside that school. you can imagine the emotions running very high after authorities said during a news conference set an hour went by before. >> police were able to killed the 18 year-old suspect. justine waldman has a timeline
10:30 pm
that leads up to that gunman's death. >> know how long the little girl. >> as we're right. that parents who lost their children in the uvalde school shooting are upset. the gunman was inside the school for over an hour. heard the shots, you know, they we're going to go back. their lives are ago. but the drop to a school the lead that weight, the first 9-1-1 call came in at 11, 30 after the gunman shot his grandmother in the face and crashed her car. police revealed he had with him a rifle and a bag of ammunition. he then shot a 2 people outside and then started shooting at the school. he walked in and destructive initially. so from. >> the grandmother's house to the barbie age to the school it to the school. he would not confronted by anybody at 11, 40. the gunman entered the school through an unlocked door. multiple rounds, numerous rounds.
10:31 pm
>> discharged. in the school. local police arrived on the scene at about 11. 45 by then the gunman had made his way inside a classroom. police say he shot at 2 officers who then called for backup during this time that they're making those calls to bring get help to solve this problem and stop it immediately. there are also evacuating personnel. personnel, students. teachers. there's a lot going on about an hour later. u.s. border patrol tactical teams arrived and began trying to get inside the school. finally, they were able to kill the gunman victims. families say it took too long and i know it is it's hectit but still, i believe there should have been lower. we're creating for for. was it will be expected. the small town. could lives have been saved if
10:32 pm
police went in sooner and what happened during that hour inside the school, all questions the police department in uvalde is investigating in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. president biden and the first lady will visit uvalde on sunday to meet with the victims. families. >> procedures for police during a mass shootings have evolved over time tonight. kron four's dan kerman talk to the former swat team member on how it was and how it is now and what questions need to be asked about what just happened in texas. >> when looking at police response to mass shootings, the protocol up to and during 1999, ce columbine massacre was quite different. the officers did engage the subjects in the parking lot. >> but then they follow what the standard protocol was when officers were outgunned >> they they waited for tactical teams to respond.
10:33 pm
security consultant brian higgins is a lecturer at the john jay college of criminal justice. >> and retired bergen county police chief in swat team member. he says after columbine, the protocol changed waiting for tactical team is not the answer. officers will respond. have to go in immediately so long as the shootings occurred. initial reports suggest police in uvalde, texas initially followed protocol by engaging the shooter. 4 minutes after he entered robb elementary school. but then were driven back by gunfire. then an hour passed before tactical team re entered the school and took out the shooter. but we need to know is did the shooter stopped shooting number one? >> and where their victims in this in this room who had not been wounded yet. >> higgins says if that was the case, there can be an argument made for waiting to re enter the classroom. >> if there are victims who were not injured still in the room with this subject. if the officers enter and they're not
10:34 pm
prepared, they don't have the the the equipment and the tools to go waiting gauges subject. then they may create more injuries and more deaths and they don't want that. so there's this balancing act. we'll have we'll have to get more information to see. it wasn't a balancing act. and what were what were the tactics at the time? dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> senate republicans and part one know washington, d.c., blocked a domestic terrorism bill today and this would have enhanced efforts to investigate prevent and prosecute acts of domestic terrorism. democrats have been hoping to push this bill through in response to the recent mass shootings in texas and buffalo. the final vote, though, was short of the 60 votes needed to take up the bill. also that republicans did vote against it. my 4 4th grader yesterday had to have conversations all day school with his classmates that no child. but no 10 year-old
10:35 pm
should have to have. and he is forced to have those conversations. with his friends about where they will high about where they will run because of decisions that are made and this place. that is democratic senator chris murphy today railing alongside several gun control advocate groups outside the u.s. capitol today. >> demanding lawmakers pass substantial gun violence legislation. democratic senate majority leader chuck schumer says he'll give bipartisan negotiations in the senate about 2 weeks while congress is away for a break to try to forge some kind of compromise. bill that could pass a 50 50 senate. then 60 votes will be needed to overcome a filibuster. gabby giffords knows firsthand what it's like to be the victim of gun violence. the former congresswoman was shot in the head in 2011. that was during a campaign stop. >> today she was the guest at manny's, the political community space and san
10:36 pm
francisco. and as kron four's terisa stasio reports, giffords had a lot to say about what happened in texas. >> our lives can change so quickly. minded when i was shocked. but i never give hope. i chose to make a new start to move ahead to not little back. i'm really nice only things how to walk, how to talk. and i'm i need to make the country safer. >> a powerful message from former u.s. representative gabby giffords speaking to an audience in san francisco on thursday, she shared her ongoing personal recovery from a brain injury after being shot in the head 11 years ago in an assassination attempt and mass shooting during a political event, a better world is possible. >> she doesn't happen overnight and we can't do it alone. joining me, let's move
10:37 pm
ahead together. >> giffords spoke during a zoom gathering sponsored by manny's, the san francisco community space. giffords launched gun owners for safety following the sandy hook massacre where 20 children and 6 staff members were murdered ever since the organization is work towards preventing gun violence. well supporting the second amendment and fighting for national gun safety measures including universal background checks, safe ownership practices and advocacy programs. i'm sad. >> children, children, children in. terrible, terrible. i know it's hard but actually just read the names of the people who were shot and killed on tuesday. so we have new of bravo. the owner of manny's says that they plan to hold a vigil friday night in san francisco for the victims of tuesday's shooting. >> and the shooting at the tops shopping market in buffalo last weekend. as for giffords, she says it is now more important than ever to keep fighting for more gun
10:38 pm
protections. we are living in challenging time, but we are up for the challenge. >> theresa kron, 4 news. >> growing drought is adding to the fire danger in california. the image there on the left side of your screen is the latest drought monitor map that came out today. and if you compare that to the image on the right there was taken from just last week, you can see much more of california has fallen back into that dark, exceptional drought category, which is the most severe. >> yeah. that that's not a good sign. time to take a look at the forecast as we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza proper chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by. we've got a memorial day holiday weekend. coming up, i'd be willing to bet that image is not to look the same by tomorrow. you're going to see. >> a lot of people out there on the roads. you get away forecast. if you're traveling around the bay area looking good. the airport so far, no delays at sfo. oakland. >> or san jose. you with the
10:39 pm
clouds outside. hey, head of the monterey bay. but grab your warm weather gear. is this going to be cool and gray specially in the morning some partial clearing toward the afternoon in carmel valley about 63 degrees. but downtown carmel. 57 58, monterey and 63 degrees in salinas. a look at only about 68 degrees in los angeles tomorrow, 75 in warmer. best. dina, about 66 in san diego in the high country. those temperatures that's going to be very similar, los angeles that don't happen every day about 67 degrees in south lake tahoe. 67 in truckee and a warm 78 degrees in reno. but if you plan on sticking around for the weekend, we've got some changes of some cooler air going to begin to move in with some partly cloudy skies on saturday. those temperatures hovering in the mid 50's saturday and sunday too. all right. want to show you this. i know a lot of folks like go out to little camping kind of kick off summertime. and yeah, we are going to see some of moisture in the just some drizzle along the coastline overnight tonight. tomorrow. well, not bad, although northern california could get clipped
10:40 pm
with a couple showers will watch what happens as we get to saturday. we've got another cold front following behind that. you see beginning to show up here. that one going to start to move on shore. and here we go. we've got a chance of some showers rolling into the bay area, kind of a ragtag system, not a real solid front coming through, but the chance you could see some isolated showers as that system comes through saturday afternoon, a better chance of far northern california up in the shasta and also into the tahoe where you could see some scattered pop up showers up there as well. all right. your memorial day, it doesn't look bad. it is going to be running a little bit cooler than the average highs will be in the 70's in the interior valleys, 50's with some patchy fog out along the coastline. otherwise things are looking a fairly calm as we head into memorial day. but that fog boy, that is the been the big story today. what a change. we have temperatures dropping more than 2025 in some cases, almost 30 degrees from just a day ago. with that on shore push with that cool marine air. so yeah, we've got changes in the works. now you've got a cold front off the coastline. you see bring some 7 northwest. by the time
10:41 pm
it gets here. just helps to reinforce that marine layer. but overall looks like we're going to really start to cool things down. in fact, i think those numbers coming down across the board as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. highs again, you're looking at 70's inland lot of 60's inside the bay, probably some 70's, the santa clara valley and 50's and cool along the coastline. so your tenant him as we take you through the whole day, those temperatures running a little bit below the average woman up a little bit on memorial day that a little toasty as we get toward the middle of next week. but yeah, if you're headed out to do in camp and you're packing up just on that rain gear, you might just need to briefly in the high country. sounds good and thanks for joining us. so we'll be back after the break. >> for your house tonight. first, there's this. a case of monkeypox has been confirmed in california. the cdc and sacramento county public health have confirmed that that case is in sacramento. its one of 9 confirmed cases in the u.s. across 7 states. the cdc has issued a level 2 health notice has monkeypox cases spread around the world.
10:42 pm
but the risk is still considered low. travelers are being advised to take extra precautions. monkeypox symptoms include headaches, muscle aches, fever. and as you just saw, that distinctive rash on the body. that does it for kron. 4 news at 10. yeah. the playoff edition of pope session will begin right after the break. so stay tune for. >> all things warriors have a good night.
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>> you're watching kron. 4 hoop session. >> a night we've here at chase center, the golden state warriors are going back to the nba finals 6th time in 8 years. this is kylen mills. i'm jason dumas. thanks for joining us in hoop session, highland, it feels like this year around was special. yes, it's somewhat familiar territory. 6th time in 8 years. but this version of the warriors different from any other version that went to the nba finals and they showed in that celebration after a lot of emotion. >> so much fun watching that celebration so much joy on the floor after the after the final buzzer because of how much this means to this warriors team head coach steve kerr postgame. it means more because of the adversity they faced the last 2 years yet. so
10:46 pm
much adversity. a lot of new faces. a lot of people counted them out. we'll get all the story lines in a second. >> let's get to the highlights, though. the chase center. it was rocking all night long from start to finish >> the dubs gave dubnation a good reason cheer from the opening tip. klay thompson with phenomenal tonight. >> close out play. we're going to call him since he's not game 1912, early 2nd quarter play continues to apply pressure. another trait and it's 45 to 32 warriors. about steffi play floor general tonight had 9 assists. here's one of them in transition to belly came off the bench and had a great game. how about the role wise beyond years? moses moody from the deep corner. 62 to 44 warriors. now let's go back to close out later. steffi loved from moses. jordan poll. nice
10:47 pm
finish there. by luka doncic and one in the all 3 to 3 the hard way luc a and travel. how about that? and a half klay thompson. and the warriors up 17 at the break. let's go to 3rd pilot. >> check out the sequence. doncic's misses the easy shot at one in. can't make it back to pick up clay draymond. he can do it in front and you can do it behind the back. thompson for another 3 pointer. 21 point warriors lead. >> the on a 15 to nothing run. they were going down easy. don sutton company cut the lead to 8 late in the 3rd dodgers to 15 of his 20 points in that quarter go on a run of their own kebab. looting with offensive rebound, kicks it out to belly from 31 feet. too easy. warriors lead back up to 17 still battling it. steph curry makes the defensive play of the game with this block
10:48 pm
dubs. still up 13, he is pumped a two-way player. exactly. jason, you read my mind. less than 3 minutes to play after another offensive board by loon. don thompson makes his 3 pointer. he had 32 points. one, 15, one, 10 dogs, steph. the best closer in the playoffs. why not? he says dallas. pack your bags for your flights back home. that one is on ice cores when one 21 10 draymond green team hoist that western conference champion trophy. they win the series in 5 games. they are going to the finals for the 6th time in 8 years. curry, by the way, was named the magic johnson mvp of the conference finals. let's get some reaction from head coach steve kerr and the players. >> the feeling leave in 2019 finals and realizing like, you know, you an amazing journey. and got hit with a lot of
10:49 pm
adversity and some speed bumps but never lost faith that we can get back here like that and celebrate this moment for sure. because you can take it for granted. nothing's ever guarantee. we understand how hard is that? when we say we said that. to blue in the face of last 2 years. but this is definitely special. it's up there. but we must we are if we complete the mission come next round. but >> stephanie, a moment i'm going to enjoy tonight. my family, my friends, they were there during the dog it was like 1000 cafes, the day and you know, it's painful at times. but i just saw this insight and kept going. proud of. only my after. but our whole team like we really job this year at the right time and we exciting times ahead of us. we feel great about after being counted you know, dynasty is over and all those
10:50 pm
things and to get back here. it's fantastic. it's a testament to the hard work and dedication. and then to an incredible organization. you know, we continue to stick with it. and, you know, show are capable so this one feels feels great. but for more ways to get. >> i swear the jay greene. he's always the star green press conference. you got to love it. now kylen steve kerr now 18 and o in the western conference playoffs. this remarkable so and what rate this feels normal going back to a final steve kerr. every time we get to the playoffs, he gets there was something about this year's team cuyler. it just feels different because, you know, the last 2 years, there's a lot of mayhem within this organization. >> just 2 years ago, the worst of the worst record in the nba to put things in perspective tonight. they're going to the
10:51 pm
nba finals for the 6th time in 8 years. quite simply. head coach steve kerr said after the game i couldn't be prouder of this team. and when you talk about adversity have to talk about shooting guard, klay thompson, jason tearing his achilles during game 6 of the cause of the nba finals, rather not the western conference finals of 2019, then tearing his achilles going through those 2 injuries. that has to be so tough to make it back to this moment. you could see the emotion for him after the game and he went. >> 2 and a half years without playing a single basketball game and it was tough. you know, i was here for all 2 and a half of those years. and they were games where clay said he had a fight back tears. there days where clay, then he can really get to know if he would get back to this point. and we saw tonight close out clay. 32 point he had himself a night and then you can go and draymond green in twenty-twenty kylen. had the worst season of his career. he was awful. this is himself saying that and many around the league said it. the
10:52 pm
best days are behind this guy and he comes back and he was on his way to winning defensive player of the year until he had that we're this injury and his back that cause tightness in his calf. and then kyle and i know we've got to talk about staff. you hear all of the noise outside. can he lead a team to a championship anymore? it's all to play a game last year. did it make it your at that play in game and now we see step back up the mountain. top mvp, magic johnson. the ignoble want. >> it means so much to steph curry and all of these guys. coming up after the break, we'll talk about how team basketball is such a huge factor in this win tonight. jason, stay with us here in jason, stay with us here in session. jason, stay with us here in session. that was quick. and rewarding. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. that means i earn on my bug spray and my sunscreen. you ready to go fishing? i got the bait. i also earn 5% on travel purchased through chase on this rental car. that lake is calling my name! don't you get seasick? we'll find out! come on. and i earn 3% on dining including takeout.
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>> well, they are partying in san francisco and the bay area. tonight. the warriors are going back to the nba finals. kylen. it's been a crazy night and like i said in one way, you figure this is going to happen every year. close 6 time in the last 8 years. but this year it was a lot of created this and they got here, kyle and i we have our >> you're it, championship hat. >> and about one crazy think highlight is the warriors moniker over the last decade or so is strength in numbers and they showed it tonight getting back to an nba finals.
10:56 pm
it was a lot of team work going on a team effort. i think what they had about 36 assists 45 field goals. and this is what they do. >> this is what they do, jason. and this is what they did all season longer. they've done rather all season long. head coach steve kerr is talk so much about ball movement playing team basketball. no one on this team playing selfish. she's also talked about not wanting his stars to rush shots, rather make the extra pass, turn a good shot into a great shot and to set up your teammates and find success. and throughout the season, we've heard all the players say that they enjoy. making good shots for their in creating good shots for their teammates. right? and one guy, we'd be remiss if we did bring a pilot talked about earlier in the show. >> is klay thompson, this guy miss 2 and a half years of basketball tonight goes 12 for 25 8 for 16 from deep. 32 point yet 30 in the last close out game against memphis. how
10:57 pm
impressive has he been to you this season knowing all he's gone through the past couple years. >> thompson has been so impressive in particular in the postseason to me, jason, tonight, he came out firing shooting 50% from 3 from beyond the arc. exactly. the klay thompson that this dubnation has come to know and love. he came out with a vengeance. he came up with the fire and he's also been really determined to get back to where used to be on defense, which is so impressive. what he does on both ends of the floor. what make him such a force for this warriors team? >> you're going to a road warrior next week where all stand, where we go. >> draymond green's and boston struggle with blame him. be and a couple for kylen mills on and you might have a great night. everyone.
10:58 pm
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