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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  May 27, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> good morning. thank you for joining us here at 07:00am on a friday. i'm james fletcher. radar be in for darya folsom and we are excited about the weekend. yeah. and weekend. the lawyers, the big winners. yeah. winners of the western conference finals. we've got more on that coming up in a live report with a sarah stinson msa. stay tuned for that. but at this weekend, lot of folks outdoor plans excited for that. weather is good for celebrate. it is cooperating. yes, definitely big, much more comfortable. big cool down from where we were earlier this week. a little bit of cloud cover, a little bit of sunshine out there on the embarcadero. got a couple of you jogging out there before you maybe a enjoy. a nice weekend away. now, as far as we go with radar right now, skies are nice and clear. some of that low gray is shrouding some of our hillsides resulting in a few misty spots. but really nothing that's going to slow you down or come close to it. temperatures right now are really comfortable. oakland hayward, fremont at 58 degrees, nevado dublin in
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concord, egypt. 57. so we're starting the morning, really mild a bit on the breezy side. that's really the only catch to it. i've got your full memorial day weekend forecast. still ahead, tom, thank you for that. let's get a look at the traffic this morning. hey, if you're heading into the city right now, a 10 minute drive making it from the maze that fremont street exit. >> the san mateo bridge a little under 14 minutes to make it across 81 on one out of richmond as you're heading across towards san rafale. things are slowing down about 11 minutes to make it and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes for your drive. >> that's what it sounds like when the warriors win the western conference finals. they are the best in the west end have punched their ticket. now to the nba finals. yeah, this is the 6th time in the 8 years that the dubs clinched a spot in the finals are excited
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absolutely. and her 4 sarah stinson chief among them, she's been the big rah rah sis, boom, bah party leader here all week long as >> am still pumped here on the rooftop screaming to san francisco that we are the best and the west. and it feels so good to say that because we're confident that you just don't want to be too confident. you don't want to do that victory lap too soon, but we can do it now. we've got some time until the nba finals until next week. so we can really relish in this. and they really the players are relishing in this because you know how they are there on to the next. they are so stoked to get to the nba finals and they want that badly. take a look at them celebrating after the game is they said they brought out the hardware. they brought out the trophies and they're bringing up before the game was over. there's like 30 seconds left and like, oh, god, oh, god is it? ours is a and it's ours. we won. >> matt against the mavericks one 10 to one, 20 to one 10 in game 5. the warriors winning
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just about the entire game, mostly 20 to 25 points ahead. game 5 clay came to play scoring 32 points, man. did he do good? the splash brothers were better than ever. it's incredible to see their chemistry when they play together because he will. they will throw to each other when they're not even available yet. but they get to that ball right in time. and then one of them shoots and scores. and you know, got a little scared. tells the forced the 4th quarter got close with a 10 point range lead making us all a little bit nervous. luka don-chich woke up from another nap. started making those threes again. but we pulled it off. we played such a strong game the entire time and it paid off the first time the team has made it to the final since 22,019 and the dynasty, as they say, coach kerr steph curry, klay thompson, draymond green, all making it to the finals 6 times together. now despite steph and klay getting through injuries in the last couple of years, they came back better and stronger.
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steph curry awarded the first ever magic johnson western conference finals. mvp. he averaged 23.8 points per game. this series. let's hear now from coach kerr. of course he's proud of his guys. >> tonight was different, you know, because we've done wasn't the first time we've done it before. but it in a different incredibly meaningful. given everything that we've been through. >> so much perseverance, not only from the team, but also from pham fans being there in the bad and now being there in the great times, you can see video of those fans at thrive city, you know, thrive city wasn't really around the last time we had them go make it to the final. so to see all those fans right outside chase center, cheering, dancing, singing, celebrating after the game. it was an incredible sight to see. i wish i had been there. but instead i had to head right to sleep. and now we're here celebrating on
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the morning show. what better way. and guess what? we're headed to the finals and next week, june second is game one. the teams already thinking about it. they're already strategizing. but who will we play? it's either going to be boston or miami. most people betting that we will play against boston. those to face off tonight. we can't wait to see who we play against, but honestly, i'm not even worried about it because i'm just again relishing in this moment. let's go warriors, nation. we need yet that i don't care. you know we're even running out has everybody. yeah, the sleet, everybody is nursing, a headache. i hearty on rating. thanks a. >> and if you are planning on catching game one of the finals, as you can imagine, it's going to cost you a pretty penny. here's a quick look at stub hub where they've got some estimated fees already up cheapest ticket we can find right now is more than $700 the most expensive. well, over $1000. and that
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does not include courtside. by the way, if you do want to get there, the closest seat in the 20 to $74,000. those the price or you cannot give up now to it's almost as expensive as filling up a tank of gas may be. the guest is just not paying for when millions of people are expected to be hitting the roads over this holiday weekend. for that long memorial day weekend, yes, been to dry up filling up that tank and it's painful. we've got record high gas prices as we've been reporting and kron four's will tran has more on that part of the story as we head into this holiday weekend. well, >> gas prices are going up and up nationally. it's $4.60. that's a steal compared to what we're paying in the bay area at this gas station. 4 $1. i wish it was $4 right? $6 and $4. we're talking maybe 2010, $6.39. if you're lucky enough to fall, find anything
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below $6. you are lucky because probably won't even be a name-brand. let's talk to people this morning. here's sofia. can't you didn't even bother doing a full take race simply too expensive. super expensive for my car loan. it's about one, 10, one, 15. >> just because i don't want to get knocked gas. they don't want to get guys. so when they do get good gas, it's really but it's what i need. so i just kind of added it's my utilities and made it part of my bills for the month. memorial day weekend. >> normally historically, would you have traveled? i mean, it's a three-day weekend and americans are traveling, especially coming out of covid. yeah, i probably would have gone to like the lakers something or tried to go to the city and hang out at the beach. but just because of how crazy the traffic is going to be, use more gas in the city anyway. and i don't want to pay the price gas in san francisco. we're talking about you filled up $30 not even 5 gallons. you're saying you pulled up and you've seen gas
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prices. 200 to 50. yeah. it's been super crazy. and i mean, i definitely couldn't afford to 50. i probably to stop driving good. i can tell you. thank you, sophia, for stopping by. can tell you some of the gas prices in the bay area this morning. if you're waking up and these are just average gas prices, let's in napa 6.30, to 6.31, in san francisco 6.26. in santa rosa. >> and 6.18, in oakland. and before it gets better, it will get worse because we are in california and we're talking the summer blend, which has probably 5, just $0.10 per gallon. so a lot of people this memorial day weekend, they have. 3 letters. they're not going from say sfo. instead, they're flying out of it. bbq. >> back to >> i will. aaa put together a list of the best and the worst times for you to hit the road. so let's say if you're heading out of town and maybe you're
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going today, the worst time to be on the road is between noon and 7 o'clock tonight. you better off leaving early in the morning or either late at night and on saturday and sunday. your off to sit in the road before 10:00am on monday. when you're coming back home. triple a says just to leave before 11. and it's been more than 2 months in state. lawmakers promised relief in response to rising inflation and the cost of gas. while democratic state leaders continue to work on a plan, some lawmakers want to take action by the end of today. a bipartisan group of republicans and moderate democrats of trying to push through a bill that would suspend the gas tax for at least a year. that's the state gas tax and the bill has to be passed in the assembly by the end of day to day. supporters say they now have more democratic support to pass the measure. >> several have now said that they are in favor of it. we need to provide this relief. people have waited far too long. >> there are also ongoing efforts to send money to californians. governor newsom wants to send $400 to
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california. car owners are still disagreement on whether the payment should be based on income or on family size. >> a student at american high school in fremont is in jail this morning after police arrested him for making threats against a school employee forcefully to call has the story. >> some students at american high school in fremont thought twice about showing up for class thursday. i feel so and say just a day earlier the campus learned the 17 year-old boy, a student at the school was arrested for allegedly using racial slurs in a group chat with other students online and allegedly threatening to shoot a school employee who students say is a teacher. fremont. police say the boy also threatened to open fire at another school scared of my life like because like sitting in texas to the fremont unified school district superintendent notified families, a student was arrested wednesday. cameron jackson son is a junior at the high school and both viewed screenshots of the
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social media exchange tuesday. he's frustrated that the school district didn't act quicker and did not notify families earlier. he says ultimately he is the one who alerted police say word was used over 20 times. >> there's a derogatory word fixing to of the asian community they were homophobic slurs as well. police say they searched the arrested students home and did not find the gun kids at all. just good. but i did not us. >> that and say is this mother hopes the fremont unified school district and police department conduct thorough investigations. police say the other students involved have been identified and contacted by investigators. >> in fremont police to call 4 >> well, still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, the gun control debate isn't just happening here in california. after the break. we're going to tell you what's happening with gun control reform up on capitol hill. >> and we are going to be seeing conditions today that
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are continually cool. you are heading up to the coast for a memorial day weekend out that direction. bring the sweaters and jackets. it will be in the 50's to 60's inland areas. even bayshore cities in the 70's really comfortable way to spend the weekend. i've got more on your forecast ahead. >> and bottle rockets, day one kicks off in just a few hours. i'm live in napa with what people can expect for the three-day music festival.
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for controller, yvonne yiu.
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as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. >> well, happening today, bottle rock is back in napa valley. you but the music festival is going to be happening this weekend lasting all weekend. big list of headliners too. crawford's camila barco actually joining us live this morning where people are getting ready for a good time. good morning, camila.
7:16 am
>> good morning. yeah, it's going to be a fun weekend here in napa for thousands of people. day one is going to kick off in just a few hours. and behind me, you can already see about a dozen or so people already in line to get through the gates. now going to hear from one of those festival goers in just a little bit for the people who did get tickets to the sold-out music festival. they're going to be able to check out more than 75 bands and artists. there's going to be 5 stages. and today, metallica. churches can go and so many other people will be performing. now, the lineup also includes pain 21 pilots, luke combs, pit bull. so many others who will be performing on saturday or sunday. now we're in napa valley and it would be a festival here without tasting, some of the local wines and food that's going to be available. there's also going to be the culinary stage where chefs will dish out their favorite plates alongside some
7:17 am
artists. now for the people coming here today. just remember, bottle rock is cash free, so you can only pay with credit card venmo or by registering your wristband. there will also be no vaccination testing or masking the festival's website and try to request tickets. now i spoke to one concert goer who is in line already. his name is rob wells. he has a stake in and he's been waiting in line since 5 this morning. here's why. >> i'm just an avid concert live music specifically. i target, you know, i mean, as far as festivals bar rockin outside lands are my 2 favorite festivals being local. so i all and it's a smaller >> everybody who works. it is great. it's a beautiful venue. it's just it's really, really special. really magical. >> now, back out loud here.
7:18 am
you can see behind me the people waiting in line. rob is in line. like i said and slowly more and more people rayna james are coming. the three-day music festival kicks off later this morning and it goes on until sunday night. we'll hear more from these concert goers throughout the morning. but for now, back to you. >> thank you very much, camila. well, if you don't have any weekend plans to get go ahead with bottle of roy that break the boys there will be certainly a nice for good morning, john. even if you can't get the tickets, maybe just listen from outside. just the winery close by that with work for we're looking out there at san jose this morning. skies are really nice and clear other into the bay area just as nice as we're camila standing there in the north bay. now we are seeing a few clouds rolling across the bay, but it's only partly cloudy skies just enough to shay j keep decently cool. and then the sunshine still brightening things up for us. winds from the coastline going to be most noticeable along the coast and into the delta as that cool air sweeps in
7:19 am
from the west. keeping temperatures moderated all across the bay. >> cold front draping across the region. keeping us consistently cool today. tomorrow, sunday on into monday. all 4 days of your memorial day weekend looking good, especially if you like the feel of the 70's and low 80's this weekend is going to be key for you. now we are going to see a few clouds here and there tomorrow will continue that trend. you also notice a few showers up in the sierra snow level should stay above 9,000 feet in the sierra below that maybe a sprinkle or 2. if you're heading that way for the extended weekend bay area may see a few misty spots in the north bay mountains and along the coastline. really not a lot, though, to be holding you up as you are venturing outside. hopefully for that extended weekend 50's and 60's for your highs along the coastline today and 60's and 70's for most of our bayshore areas. really nice one in redwood city, palo alto, san carlos in the mid 70's, just shy of 80's for most of the santa clara valley. and as for the east bay, temperatures range from the low 70's along the
7:20 am
shoreline to the 60's from oakland, berkeley enrichment, a concord. you'll be at 78 today, antioch, pittsburgh, vacaville, some of our low 80's while napa for bottle rock. a really nice 79 degrees. tomorrow's temperatures, the coolest of the forecast and of the holiday weekend sunday and monday. staying nice and cool as well before temperatures next week really start to climb. taking us back near 90 by next wednesday. thank you for that. or i let's get a look at the bridges this morning. hey, meter lights have been off for all of this morning to look under 11 minutes. >> to make it from so that fremont street exit san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. little under 13 minute. it looks like we might actually be experiencing friday light. >> for your money this morning, 2 major airlines say travel demand is looking pretty strong this summer and u.s. dollar stores expect higher sales as inflation turn shoppers frugal. i know i i got on that pretty quick. jane
7:21 am
king is live the nasdaq to explain a j. >> yes, a lot of us looking to save a buck here and there and the dollar store chains are benefiting from this. so they raised their sales expectations for the year as bargain hunting americans increasingly going to these discounters. so families, they say, are looking for cheaper tissues. cereals, very similar to what we saw during the financial crisis in 2008 will southwest and jetblue strengthen their revenue outlook for the quarter, citing strong summer travel demand even in the face of inflation. now, southwest actually expects revenue to be as much as 15% higher from 2019 and jetblue says thanks for coming in. they believe that the high end of their expectations contracts to buy previously owned homes dropped to a two-year low in april. that is the latest indication rising mortgage rates and higher prices are dampening demand for homes. meanwhile, mortgage rates fell to 5.1% this week in the biggest drop since april of 2020 and moderna ceo says he'll get most of his money away stuff
7:22 am
and sell has an estimated net worth of 4.0. 1 billion, of course, moderna one of the key companies making the covid vaccine, he says he'll make sure kids get a good education and beyond that, the rest will go to charity by for the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king, back to james. all right. thank you very much, jane. >> well, coming up on the kron, 4 morning news, it case of monkeypox. it's now confirmed in california. we're going explain to you what we know so far. we'll be right back after
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has been confirmed in california. the cdc and sacramento county of public health says. >> it's in sacramento. it's one of 9 confirmed cases in the u.s. across 7 states. the cdc has issued a level 2 health notices, monkeypox cases spread around the world. but the risk is still considered. well, travelers
7:26 am
are being advised to take extra precautions. monkeypox symptoms include headaches, muscle fevers, body aches and a distinctive rash. >> well, abbott labs says it's actively developing a test for monkeypox spokesperson actually with the company told the media that they're going to be providing test kits to partners of its pandemic defense coalition. as for right now, the cdc says that the vaccine for smallpox is considered effective protection for monkeypox. it does come with some side effects. so they're going to try do something with monkeypox specifically. but there's always the smallpox vaccine, if necessary. but right now it's nowhere near outbreak stage 7.26. that i'm coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news. parents are questioning now the actions of police that responded to the mass shooting in uvalde texas. they want to know why officers didn't rush in. didn't rush in. >> and waited. i've lived in san francisco
7:27 am
for 20 years. i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases, even though nearly 500 people have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall chesa boudin now. we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets.
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powering possibilities.™ >> we're back 7.30, is the time here on the kron. 4 morning news. time to get a check of the weather and things and get a look behind us. a light breeze. nothing too major. know good morning, john. yeah, nothing that should be hold me up at all. a little bit of a breeze out there that cool coastal wind is part of the reason temperatures are staying so moderated and so nice out
7:30 am
there as you're venturing outside, whether it's on the embarcadero or further inland, a little bit of breaking out over the east bay hills in the distance. we do have some low cloud cover that's filtering in across the bay. not doing much to slow you down, though, just a little bit of fog at those higher elevations, like the oakland hills temperatures % in the 50's conquer dublin pittsburgh at 57 alameda and oakland at 58 degrees. cool start but comfortable enough and winds from the coastline pushing inland the most noticeable out towards fairfield and conquered all be talking about what we have the rest of the day today. the rest of the weekend and into next week, too. and your forecast right now, don, thank you for that. hey, for traffic has been pretty friday light for us. look at that. a 10 minute drive traveling from the maze that fremont street exit into the city. >> san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula here at about 13 to 14 minutes for your drive out of richmond heading out of san rafale, slight uptick, but no major delays. just 12 minutes to make it across richmond, sandra fell bridge and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the
7:31 am
tolls around. 25 minutes on this friday morning. >> at 7.30, let's get back to the headlines now. and as families in texas grieve, there are new questions coming out about how the mass shooting. >> on folded and why it took police so long to burst into the classroom and engaged the shooter. also learning that the school did not have a resource officer on campus. as we first thought, mary beth mcdade. >> has the latest for us. >> new video has surfaced of the chaos and confusion outside robb elementary school tuesday morning. cops restraining frantic parents as they urged officers to charge into the uvalde school and stopped the gunman or let them do thought of them. >> parents, fear and frustration grows as minutes tick with the active shooter. still inside, the school has already about an hour and gets it done out. among the parents
7:32 am
demanding answers about why it took so long to stop the shooter. this man we're seeing >> lehman he was one of the parents waiting outside while his daughter was one of the 19 students killed the rush in. and like, i know that that that we did see that. for me. that leaves the house. ali, you know. and very heard the authorities gave an updated timeline about their response. they say at 11:28am. the suspected shooter crashes. his grandmother struck near the school. >> hops out with the long arm rival and a bag of ammunition, then opens fire on 2 people. he encounters. he continues walking. >> towards the school offense. now he's in the parking lot. >> shooting at the school at 11, 40 enters a school walks down the hall and barricades himself inside to adjoining classrooms. authorities say 4 minutes later, local police
7:33 am
and school district police make entry into the school to hear gunfire. >> they take rounds. they move back. get cover. he says additional resources and technical teams are called in while the rest of the school is evacuated. approximately an hour later. u.s. border patrol. tactical teams arrive. they make interest. shoot and kill the suspect. >> they also clarified that no arm school district officer was on the premises when the shooter entered the school. you may recall the suspect shooting rampage began around 11 that morning when he allegedly shot his grandmother and her uvalde home where he also lived but heard the bullets. >> going. you know, it started right in front. you know. so you take all. >> his grandmother's neighbor helped rescue her and then the lady came on. >> all a little you huge. they
7:34 am
were here we didn't take very long. >> well, this coming sunday, president biden will travel to uvalde texas to meet with families impacted by this week's mass shooting. the president is pushing for gun control solutions. and alexandra limon joins us from washington with more on that part of the story. alex. >> good morning. president biden said in a tweet earlier this week that after the federal assault weapons ban expired mass shootings in this country tripled. but for any new gun legislation to be approved, the president's party has to convince republicans to join that. democrats on capitol hill are angry after the shooting in uvalde texas. >> and they're pushing back against republicans who say the solution to school shootings is to harden schools with armed security personnel know. >> putting more armed adults in schools is not the answer. if more guns was the answer.
7:35 am
united states of america will be the safest nation in the world. reports indicate the shooter entered robb elementary schooltthrough an unlocked door and was in there for up to an hour before he was stopped by armed officers on the scene. >> all the while he was executing students and teachers inside. how is this acceptable? democrats like california senator alex say lawmakers have a responsibility to make the mass shooting stop and they say more gun safety measures like universal background checks, assault weapon bans high capacity magazine bans and red flag laws are a big part of the solution. goal and our hope and our belief is that we can find that common ground. connecticut senator chris murphy is leading the negotiations with republicans, but following the shooting in that texas elementary school, republicans have focused on the issue of mental health and providing resources for
7:36 am
schools to be able to identify possible threats. >> this is not excuse. >> friends of second amendment rights of law abiding citizens. i just don't think gun ban work. >> senator schumer says he won't allow negotiations to drag out indefinitely. instead he's giving democrats and republicans 2 weeks to negotiate. after that, he says he'll force a vote on the senate floor in washington. alexandra limon. >> well, advocates for stricter gun law say they're planning a second march for our lives protest in washington, d.c., the first demonstration was held in 2018 after the mass shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida, where 17 students and staff members were killed. david hogg, a survivor of that shooting and the founder of march for our lives says, quote, it's time democrats, republicans, gun owners and non gun owners come together. this next rally is set for saturday, june 11th in our nation's capital.
7:37 am
>> yeah, a gun bill that mimics the structure of texas's abortion laws actually headed to california senate. the bill would let citizens private citizens, the state attorney and local governments. it would allow them to sue gun manufacturers and sellers if they violate the state's assault weapons ban or other gun control measures. the state assembly passed the bill yesterday. so their goal is to use the lawsuit now to hold gun industry representatives accountable and push them to be more responsible in texas abortions are banned after 6 weeks into the pregnancy and their law allows private citizens to sue anyone who aids or abets and abortion. and so that is what california's law about guns is modeled after. >> still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, a staffing shortage. it's causing problems for the laos pd dispatch center. why the problem is making it hard for the workers and the officers.
7:38 am
plus elon musk is getting sued over twitter. why the suit claims musk is trying to drive down the value of twitter on purpose. and today, really nice start to the memorial day weekend. daytime highs only in the 70's for most of the bay area. >> and looking at some partly cloudy skies, more details about what to expect. still ahead.
7:39 am
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>> all right. well, pg e says they're nearly finished installing new safety settings. it its power lines. the new setting span across 25,000 miles of line and pg e's service area. now, once complete, the safety settings are going to automatically shut off power within one 10th of a second. well, it's a threat is detected, like, for example, of a tree branch falls into a power line. the utility company is also working on other safety measures. those include buried about 10,000 miles of power lines underground. that project is not expected to be finished for at least several years. >> the biden administration is proposing using 5 areas off the california coast to build offshore wind turbines. the development plan includes 3 areas right near morro bay and san luis obispo and 2 off the humboldt county coastline. it's all part of an overall effort to put wind turbines along every coastline in the country. the goal is to generate 30 gigawatts of power by the year 2030, california
7:42 am
plans to remove fossil fuels from the power grid entirely by 2045. the president says expanding wind power will help fight climate change and create new jobs. we'll take a break here at 7.41. we'll be right back.
7:43 am
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>> well, they basin redwoods state park near santa cruz has been closed for the past 2 years. but that's about to change. kron four's. justin campbell was there and shows us a new vision for the park. this is just some of the damage after lightning hit the big redwoods in twenty-twenty park rangers say the forest is resilient and regrowing all. >> stall on a media tour of the forest. there are signs of growth everywhere you look what changes are coming. california park ranger district superintendent chris spore were showed us where in old visitor building used to sit only a staircase remains after the fire. we have had the opportunity to rethink sort of the facilities in. >> the old growth and one of the focuses here is to move those facilities out of growth and to our facility called settlement. >> re imagining big basin. california's new vision for the park on top of moving a busy 2 buildings out of the
7:46 am
court. old growth. part of the forest also be relocating some camping sites and establishing a shuttle to the park in the future. >> it will be a more immersive and natural feeling experience where people will have a less congested a chance to really appreciate the grand tour of the forest. after 2 years of being closed, they will reopen the park to limited access this summer. this park has been an iconic. >> flagship park, sarah bart with simpler viron spawn a nonprofit that financially helps. the park says the 187 million given to the park by the legislature is not enough. we think it's going to cost at least 250 million dollars in additional funding to put into place the infrastructure. the state parks is talking about. >> and if we want to see this park reopened fully, that's what it's going to take in terms of public funding. >> reporting in big basin, redwoods state park justin campbell kron. 4 news.
7:47 am
>> now, full districts recovering so hopefully you can get out there and enjoy it. if it's this weekend, if you're planning on heading out there, the weather looks fantastic. you've got yeah, great weather all across the bay area up into the sierra too. so thankfully we're not going to be dealing with the heat related illnesses. i'm sure, really sensitive to some 70's and low 80's. otherwise it should be smooth sailing, of course, get out there still with fire danger in mind. we may not be in the critical territory like we were a couple of days ago. it's still very dry, though. your view outside this morning, a mix of bright and a little bit of cloud cover that's still hanging out across the region will see partly cloudy skies through the day today, helping to keep temperatures moderated just as that cool sea breeze will, which at times will be pretty windy out along the coastline in right through the carquinez. sweeping that cool coastal air on into the delta cold front sliding across the region. also helping to nudge
7:48 am
out the high pressure ridge. that means over the next several days. we're going to keep this cool trend around, not just today nor tomorrow, but through sunday on into monday, too saturday. you can expect a couple sprinkles in the sierra if you're up there, it's not going to be anything that may be rude driving plans or anything like that. it is going to be a cool, brisk and sprinkling weekend in those higher elevations, though, here in the bay area, just a few clouds from time to time. temperatures remaining really comfortable. what's today looking like, well, 50's and 60's for san francisco sweaters, light jackets at the coastline. while temperatures along the bay shore as well as further inland will warrant maybe the long sleeve tee or even some shorts in the south bay. we're daytime highs will near 80 degrees. get to 80 degrees, los gatos and saratoga fremont union city hayward in the 70's. same for you in to the tri valley and up to concord. well, oakland, berkeley and richmond in the 60's, antioch, pittsburgh, vacaville in the 80's while napa for bottle rock today, an i-79 degrees. santa rosa, not much different at 78 tomorrow.
7:49 am
the coolest of the forecast, but staying cool all the way through monday. memorial day itself after that temperatures will climb and by wednesday, we're nearing the 90's. >> of course, if you're flying out to fiji in which case we're really jealous of yet, none of that applies because it will be here for it. but you will looking at a good forecast today for your flights. we are breezy so you may encounter some turbulence during takeoff, but >> skies are clear enough and i'm not seeing any delays, at least as far as weather related delays out of our local airports. john, thank you for that of writing. a will look a little gift on the ground. no delays at the bay bridge. >> about 11 minutes to make it from so that fremont street exit mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula at about a 30 minute drive this morning, a check on the richmond. sandra fell bridge about 10 minutes as you travel out of reach across or center. phil and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. it will take about 25 minutes to make that drive.
7:50 am
>> all right. in the north bay village, police officers association now voicing concerns over responding to 9-1-1, calls. they say the city's 9-1-1 dispatch center is suffering a crisis right now. we spoke to the associations, vice president to hear what they think is contributing to that problem. kron four's amanda hari has those details for us. >> a tragic outcome is all to foreseeable. the vallejo 9-1-1, dispatch center is authorized to have prayers for superviso s. >> and one manager right now, it is 6 operators and 3 have you believe in room? >> i'm here for simple personal the can leave the building to go to lunch it's there's a whole downstream effects may stuck in the inning. >> a single place police officer and vice president of the vallejo police officers association. sanjay ram rocca says he's been with the
7:51 am
department for nearly 20 years, has never seen anything like this. even back at the beginning of 2020, they were fully staffed. but between a global pandemic, the weight of the job and retirements, they're losing people faster than they can replace that is just the >> working environment. >> some of it that they can go elsewhere pretty take your calls for service to your calls in general. it's very difficult job feeling a lot of trauma and a lot of a lot of these, you know, people are people get kind of you know, and they and they take it out on on communications operators. officer ram rocca says operators are scheduled to work 12 hour shifts. >> but they're frequently working 16 that we cannot respond if they can't probably prioritize kohl's and get us out there. the says the department administration may
7:52 am
be looking into a plan to relinquish. it's 9-1-1. calls to another entity during the night time hours. but for now, rahm rocca says he wants the vallejo community to know they will do everything they can to keep them safe. we are still here for and we'll respond an expeditious manner. >> and that our people are working. part of a possibly can. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> well, san francisco law firm has filed a class action lawsuit against tesla ceo elon musk accusing him of intentionally driving down the price of twitter which he's looking to buy. now, according to the complaint, they say must plan to finance the 44 billion dollar acquisition of twitter by using some of his tesla holdings, but that the falling price of tesla shares in their mind allegedly made that more difficult for musk, according to the suit, they claim must then tried to drive down the price of twitter so that he could either get a deal, get out of the deal or get a better one.
7:53 am
the lawsuit claims that musk is responsible for the dip that we've seen in twitter's share price twitter shares are down more than 20% since the day after musk made the offer to buy the company. >> we're back at 7.52.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> 7.55. is the time the san francisco bay ferry has unveiled its newest ferry in the in a growing fleet. this one look at that brand spanking new. it goes about 36 knots at its top speed, 320 passengers. it's called the mv dorado. in fact, it's the fastest ferry they have right now. it will be the first of this new lightweight ferry that they're rolling out pretty versatile fact. its range is long enough that it can basically service any of the 6 current ferry routes. it also has a lot more outdoor space for passengers than any other ship in the fleet. and it's just in time to meet the growing demand because as bay ferry says that weekday ridership is actually quadrupled over the past year. so they're glad to have this ship now in service, you know, finding it to be in so early. james, i would absolutely they're fun to write on the top the morning. >> coming up in the next hour, you know it. the boyers. >> they're going to the nba finals. we're going to hear what this means for the western conference champs and
7:57 am
all week we've seen gas prices go higher and higher and higher, even reaching $7 a gallon. so will gas prices look like this memorial day weekend? they will cross 4. will tran is live at the pump to show us and bottle rockets back in napa valley. we're going to tell you what you need to know before you head out there. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news >> good morning. thank you for joining us here at 08:00am on a friday morning. i'm james fletcher and i'm reyna harvey in for darya folsom today is the day today is the day celebrating. haha lawyers, something warrior when looking forward to a memorial day weekend with family and friends. and if you have any outdoor plans and john's got a forecast, you're going to like it morning, john. so nice. so much better than the 90's and triple digits. that's for sure. we are looking at a morning that is partly cloudy, a bit breezy, but the comfortable overall you can see the cloud cover that has pushed its way in, especially along the north bay. >> clear for the south bay right now. right now temperatures are in the mid to upper 50's. not a bad way to start the morning concord. you're sitting at 60 degrees currently as we make our way into the afternoon today. daytime highs push back into


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