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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  May 27, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> from the bay station, you're watching kron. at noon. >> now at noon, authorities in texas on the defense says they admit they made the wrong decision during their response to this week's massacre at an elementary school. thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news at noon. i'm stephanie lin. our top story today. texas officials are trying to set the record straight on the timeline of the chaotic moments leading up to that deadly shooting at an elementary school. we've gotten several conflicting reports about the shooting over the past several days in some of the points that have been unclear how many officers
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were at the school when the attack began? why did the officers on scene choose not to engage? officials gave an update on that today with what they say are the hard facts of the case. correspondent kareen wynter breaks it down for us. >> a combative news conference as reporters shouted questions at the texas department of public safety director steven mccraw, who was on the defensive about the response time by law enforcement officials first admitted the gunman managed to gain entry to robb elementary school in uvalde on tuesday through a door that had been propped open by a teacher. that gunman then locked himself inside 2 doors of a classroom. >> after shooting into the windows of the school. that's when the 9-1-1 calls poured in. it's for that reason. you listen to a still those accounts were heartbreaking, end graphic. one of the first calls was from a teacher at the school whispering that 8 to 9 students were alive. then a call from a student initial call. our call back. >> student trial. go back.
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we're told us down the line to be very quiet cold on one that he shot the door. probably 12. 43 and 12. 47. she has 9-1-1, police and the police confirmed that more than a dozen officers were inside the hallway. when pressed on criticism about the slow police response, mcbride noted that it was the wrong decision to wait to breach the classroom door as officers instead waited for more tactical gear to arrive as it was made at. this is a barricaded subject. >> situation that was time. >> we treat the keys and wait for tactical team with the equipment. the go ahead and breached the and take on the subject of that point. that was the decision that was the thought process. that particular point in time. officers didn't enter the classroom until critical minutes later after retrieving keys from a janitor. >> there are now calls by some officials for an fbi investigation into the response time. some families are outraged by how this incident unfolded. others say it's unclear how much of a
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difference it would have made with the shooter killing so many victims in such a short period of time. fast can you act? i >> don't know. i don't know how much of difference it would make. yeah. we know maybe they could have acted faster. >> remains to be seen. so much heartbreak out there. that was kareen wynter reporting for us. there is still no word on a motive for this shooting. texas governor greg abbott is expected to hold a news conference this afternoon at one 30. we will carry that for you live on our streaming service. kronon and our website kron 4 dot com. just days after this tragedy, the nra's national convention still in forward as planned in houston today. >> several high-profile conservatives are scheduled to appear, including former president donald trump. protesters gathered outside since yesterday calling for organizers to cancel this event. >> my kids are in second and
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4th grade. >> and this one he'll lot closer to home. then, you know, we're comfortable with. we've been politicians. been going back and forth since combine 23 years. we made barely any movement and what we need to do to protect our kids at school. >> houston's democratic mayor says the city obligated to host this convention, but he did ask politicians to skip it. governor abbott canceled his in-person appearance but recorded a video message for the event. the nra released a statement condemning the school shooting. their supporters, though, arguing the nra is not to blame for the violence. >> anybody in their right mind has to be upset a deranged person goes and does something black to innocent children teachers. i've got daughter lives that are teachers, but everybody blames the gun. everybody blames the you know, we're not the bad guy. we have. our main ansah safety training.
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>> the nra convention is scheduled through sunday. it's expected to draw around 55,000 attendees. and some parents are turning to bulletproof backpacks in the wake of the texas school shooting demand for bulletproof gear is going up with many companies reporting an increase in purchases since the shooting. these backpacks are designed so kids can protect themselves by holding up the backpack to their bodies to deflect bullets. the cost of a bulletproof backpack is not cheap. prices can range from 100 to $400. the san francisco unified school district is launching an anonymous reporting system. students in grades 6 through 12 will be trained on how to report serious concerns. they have access to a crisis hotline, a mobile app and website tipsters can use the system for a number of things from school threats they see around them to getting help with more personal issues like mental
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health or bullying. and we continue to follow the developments on the mass shooting on air and online at kron 4 dot com. stay up to date on the latest information you can use your phone to scan this qr code it will take you directly to our web page where you can find the latest some relief for families struggling with the baby formula shortages on the way cans of formula are expected to hit store shelves as early as this weekend as to when supplies will be back to normal. fda officials say to please hold on just a little longer. they say families could see supplies return to normal sometime mid summer. meantime, lawmakers are questioning leaders from the abbott formula plant about their safety protocols. the plant shut down after reports of food contamination earlier this year. just 4 companies produce 90% of america's baby formula. millions of people
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are expected to hit the road today for the long memorial day weekend. and if you are filling up in the bay area, expect to pay record high gas prices according to triple a you can expect to pay more than $6 per gallon. wherever you look, napa has the most expensive gas in the bay area at $6.32 per gallon. the cheapest gas is in the valais area for $6.9. kron four's will tran caught up with one driver in the east bay who says he pays hundreds of dollars every week just to fill up his tank. >> how much does it cost to that? but a full tank. >> but foot back. probably 120. but time and i put the $400 week. $400. yes, there's nothing you can do, right? you need this money to do it. yeah. needed to for sure. so you run a business. how do you? make it work? how does it happen? well, some things that thing the say why you try me a
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little more, you know up and we need to raise the prices and all the jobs for sure. that's everything. got a lot of money. >> a bipartisan group of republican and moderate democrat leaders are working to get a bill approved. that would end the state gas tax for a year. the bill must be passed in the assembly by the end of the day today. >> several have now said that they are in favor of it. we need to provide this relief. people have waited far too long. >> governor gavin newsom previously proposed sending $400 to every registered car owner in the state. there's still disagreement on whether those payments should be based on income or family size. and if you are one of the millions of people planning a road trip this weekend, aaa want you to know the best and worst times to avoid hitting traffic out. take a look. if you are leaving town today, the worst time to be on the road is between now and 07:00pm. if you are better off leaving early in the morning or late at night on saturday and
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sunday, you're better off hitting the road before 10 and on monday as you're heading home, triple a suggests leaving before 11:00am so plan to get a bright and early or end up driving very late at night. okay. so this could be one of the busiest travel weekends in the bay area since the pandemic began. we start by taking a live look here at sfo. not a plane's, not many planes in the sky, but i do some cloud cover there from 4 meteorologist ridge rig. as with our forecast and what can can know, what kind of conditions can people expect when they're hitting the road this weekend? the yeah, we're going to notice cooler temperatures. if you're planning a staycation in the bay area. temperatures. >> 50's and 60's along the coast. 70's inland. even for your memorial day monday, we are going to see a lot more sunshine, slightly warmer temperatures bringing us to near average with mid 70's for our inland valleys, mid 60's along the coast and that cool sea breeze about 20 miles per hour less, especially along our bay area coastline. but we
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are tracking the return of that may gray and that's keeping temperatures on the cooler side today. widespread 50's along the coast of pacific and downtown san francisco at 59 degrees and 60's. as you make your way inland. we're tracking 66 degrees for those of you in paulo alto and dublin and livermore in the mid to upper 60's there with livermore trying to flirt with 70's. but 68 degrees and a mix of 50's 60's. for those of you in the north bay that petaluma 57 degrees with santa rosa. barely in the low 60's. so we are going to see a strong sea breeze today about 30 miles per hour or less already tracking that sea breeze influence. extending for those of you in fairfield. 25 mile per hour sustained winds, but we could see a slight chance of scattered showers by saturday. details ahead as a track that forecast because then we're going to warm up once again next week. more my full forecast in just a few minutes. back to you, stephanie. all right, looking forward to it. thank a we might find it harder to catch a flight on delta this summer. the airline is kept cutting
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about 100 flights each day in the u.s. and latin america starting from july first through august, 7th, it's all part of an effort to avoid flight disruptions for travelers with staffing shortages and weather delays expected on the way. now, keep in mind, the cuts make up just about 2% of delta's scheduled departures. the carrier is asking pilots to pick up extra shifts during the memorial day weekend. jetblue and alaska airlines also expected to cut some summer flights because of similar issues. >> coming up, difficulties with police dispatch. why east bay officers say they can't seem to get to crime scenes fast enough and festival season is back in the bay area. how the organizers of bottle rock are gearing up for sold out crowds. that's coming up. that energy. it is
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official. the warriors are headed to the nba finals. this is the 6th time in 8 years. the dubs clinched a spot in the finals. kron 4 sarah stinson has all the highlights for us. >> the warriors won last night and that means we can finally shout from the rooftops. we are the best in the of nation. we are so excited. let's take a look at the team celebrating after last night's game with the hardware in hand. in the end, the warriors won against the mavericks, won 20 to one 10 in game 5. the warriors winning just about the entire game. mostly 20 to 25 points ahead. game 5 clay came to play scoring 32 points. hear how he felt after the game. >> stephanie, a moment i'm going to enjoy tonight. my family, my friends they were there during the dog it was like 1000 cafes, the day and
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you know, it's painful times. but i just saw this insight towards the 4th quarter of the game. it got close within a 10 point range making us all nervous for me on the edge of my couch. luka don-chich woke up from another nap starting to make those 3 pointers yet again. >> we were able to stay strong and it paid off for the first time the team has made to the final since 2019. the dynasty, as they say, coach kerr steph curry, klay thompson and draymond green all making it to the finals 6 times together. now something that many people said was not possible because steph clay had to get through injuries in the last couple of years. but they came back better and stronger. steph curry awarded the first ever magic johnson western conference finals mvp award. he averaged 23.8 points per game. this series never lost faith that we can get back here like that and celebrate this moment for sure. because
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>> you can take it for granted is nothing is ever guarantee. >> already the warriors have their sights on the nba finals. they want it so badly, but we still don't know who we are going to play. will it be boston or miami? the 2 face off tonight. many people believe it will be boston. that's what a lot of people are betting on. either way. we're ready and we're ready to win. it will be on june second and got home court advantage. i'm sarah stinson reporting in san francisco. >> back to you. love seeing that team spirit. thank you, sarah. and if trying to go to game one of the finals, it will cost you. this is a look at the prices on stub-hub right now with estimated fees included the cheapest ticket is more than $700. the most expensive is well over $11,000. and that's not even courtside. a floor see will cost you between 20 2, 74,000 bucks. a lot of people are
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going to think that's worth it, though. all right. there's a new theory brewing online that suggests the warriors could be champions again. and it has to do with rapper kendrick lamar since 2015, the warriors have never won a championship in a year that lamar did not drop an album in 2015. them are released his sophomore album to a butterfly the same year the warriors won their first ring under coach steve kerr 2016 came and went without a ring or unofficial studio album. but the next year, both lamar and the warriors went back to back the rapper dropping the album in 2017 and the soundtrack to the black panther album in 2018 while the warriors won 2 championships in a row that are taking a few years off. kendrick lamar then dropped his 5th album, mister morale in the big steppers just a couple of weeks ago. so will the trend continue this year? i my executive producer chris cook asked him. i think so.
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we'll just have to wait and see. now to our next story. the jif peanut butter recall now includes at least a 69 other products. the company issued a voluntary recall last week after the fda traced a salmonella outbreak to its factory in kentucky. now other companies using jif peanut butter are recalling their products. this includes fruit and veggie snack packs premade peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and individually raft wrapped gift cup. so if you have any of those products in your kitchen pantry just to double check, maybe goes out. >> all right. still ahead, a tribute to fallen soldiers for memorial day. >> we show you what's planned. plus, former president trump called to the stand. the latest details on an ongoing investigation. and a staffing crisis could lead to an answer. emergency calls in the bay area after the break. but delay hope police are saying about this p
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>> welcome back. in the north bay, the vallejo police officers association is voicing concerns over the response time to 9-1-1. calls. they say the city's 9-1-1 dispatch center has a staffing crisis. kron four's amanda hari spoke with the officers association. >> a tragic outcome is all to foreseeable. the vallejo 9-1-1, dispatch center is authorized to have prayers for supervisors. >> and one manager right now, it is 6 operators and 3 have you believe in room? >> i'm here for simple personal the can leave the building to go to it's there's a whole downstream effects for the stuck in the inning. >> a single place police officer and vice president of the vallejo police officers association. sanjay ram rocca says he's been with the department for nearly 20 years and has never seen anything
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like this. even back at the beginning of 2020, they were fully staffed. but between a global pandemic, the weight of the job and retirements, they're losing people faster than they can replace that is just the >> working environment. >> some of it that they can go elsewhere pretty take your calls for service to your calls in general. it's very difficult job feeling a lot of trauma and a lot of a lot of these, you know, people are people get kind of you know, and they and they take it out on on communications operators. officer ram rocca says operators are scheduled to work 12 hour shifts. >> but they're frequently working 16 that we cannot respond if they can't probably prioritize kohl's and get us out there. the says the department administration may be looking into a plan to relinquish. it's 9-1-1. calls to another entity during the
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night time hours. but for now, rahm rocca says he wants the vallejo community to know they will do everything they can to keep them safe. we are still here for and we'll respond an expeditious manner. >> and that our people are working. part of they possibly can. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> work is underway for a new national mall sculpture honoring world war. one veterans. it's called a soldier's journey. it's 5 scenes. 38 figures. every story deeply personal and emotional sculptor, sabin howard was chosen by the world war. one centennial commission to create a national memorial to remember a war they feared would be forgotten. a nice tribute there and world news russian forces continue to bombard ukrainian fighters in an eastern province of ukraine. ukraine's foreign
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minister warned his fighters will not be able to stop russia from seizing 2 cities without more weapons. russia wants to capture all of the donbas region. ukraine's president criticizing the european union today. the eu has not yet agreed on a 6th round of sanctions which could include a russian oil embargo. the un estimates ukraine's civilian death toll has reached nearly 4,000 people. that includes at least 70 children. today. ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky address students at stanford. he answered questions about his country's ongoing battle for independence. eager to hear from you. and former president donald trump will be forced to testify in a civil investigation into the trump organization. an appellate panel denied an attempt by the trumps to block subpoenas for their testimony. trump along with his children, donald trump junior and ivanka were issued subpoenas to testify back in december's new york's attorney general says her investigation found proof that
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the trump organization misreported the value of their assets to get loans and tax benefits. next at 12, 30 bottle rock is back. we have a live report from the festival grounds and what people can expect from this year's lineup. >> and an update on a california bill that puts pressure on wild pigs. how the state the state's plan to deal with the trou
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>> happening today, bottle rock is back in napa valley. the music festival is happening all weekend long with some pretty impressive headliners kron four's. charles clifford joins us live from the festival grounds of the look ahead at what we can all expect. hey, charles >> yes on app for right now, it's a beautiful day and model rock has returned. let's going take a look at some video here. look inside. now they're expecting 120,000. plus, people who attended the next 3 days. they open the gate 11, 30 this morning with folks just literally running into the venue. i guess a lot of them were metallica fans who wanted to get to the front of the stage and get their seeds lockdown. now there are 5 stages there have over 70 acts over the next 3 days. the headliner today is metallica. and then on saturday as 21 pilots in black crowes and then on sunday, it's pink. and luke combs now bottle it doesn't seem like it's been a year since the last one. that's because it hasn't. last year it was in september.
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they've moved it back to its normal dates over the memorial day weekend after a couple years of disruptions because of the pandemic, the sort of kicks the concert hall summer concert season for a lot of folks and people just happy to get back to doing some normal concert stuff like they used to. >> it is it's really great to interact with other people. just kind be unified by music. of course we did. we went to coachella earlier this year. so trying to as many cars at the the kinds of their open. now. >> yeah, should be a lot of fun over the next couple of days. couple other this year. you do not have to show proof of vaccination for covid-19 to get in going to do that. you also don't have to wear a mask, although you certainly can. if you want to its recommended for some of the indoor areas. also, there's still some tickets left. if you want to go online, you can probably pick up some tickets dealt and also if you're headed out here, keep in mind that parking is extremely tight plan ahead. you can just show up the front door and expect to get a parking spot. you definitely need to make a plan to let the very latest
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here in the north bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. yes, some great tips there, charles, and please enjoy that great while you're out there. >> all right. new at noo , a bill lifting hunting restrictions to control the wild pig population has just cleared the california senate north base. senator bill dodd introduced legislation in response to complaints of wild pigs forging in wine country. the senator even going so far as to call it, quote, a taking swine bomb. supporters of the bill say the animals are causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to vineyards gardens and lawns. the wild pigs descended from animals set free by spanish missionaries and other european colonists. as far back as 250 years ago. dozens of dmv offices around the state will extend their hours over the summer months starting next thursday. 64 offices open at 07:00am except for wednesdays. they close at 5 bay area locations include
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san francisco, san mateo, santa clara fremont and allay officials say while the dmv has made many services available online, extending its hours will help more people with transactions, especially those who need to process applications for a real id. aad you're going to need that to travel starting next. may. california now has it has its first case of monkeypox. the cdc in sacramento county public health say someone tested positive in sacramento. it's one of 9 confirmed cases in the u.s. across 7 states. the risk of transmission is still considered low. travelers are, however, being advised to take extra precautions. that does not look like a fun thing to catch monkeypox symptoms include headaches, muscle aches, fever, and a rash. abbott labs says it is developing a test for monkeypox. as for now, the cdc says the vaccine for smallpox can prevent people from getting monkeypox so far,
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health officials found some 200 confirmed or suspected monkeypox infections in about 20 countries. so something we're definitely going to keep tabs on. all right. talk about our forecast as we take a live look outside at this lovely mountainside close for meteorologist rodriguez. phyllis, it on what exactly we're at over there. i did. i would you be able to tell us? i if you don't know. i don't yeah. we are seeing some rays of sun poking through the clouds that we are going to see a lot more sunshine with low 70's or freeman in redwood city. 7 days for you, 70 >> it was an intentional, ok, cool. but you knew where that was. i i literally was beautiful that i want to know after this. so i can use that shot in my over dragging mid 60's for oakland and san mateo. so temperatures today going to be a little bit below average out there. but we it is going to be warmer than
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yesterday. so not a bad way to wrap up an end. your workweek forecast and usher in your long holiday weekend. it's almost there petaluma 59 degrees with low 60's for delay hood, 62 degrees and we are tracking a mix of sun and clouds not as socked in with that thick blanket of cloud cover like we saw yesterday. but for a bay area coastline still tracking karl. and we are going to see, though, that fog being increasing tonight, patchy coastal drizzle. so drizzle fest going to continue tonight during the overnight hours with a slight chance of showers possible. >> mainly for those of you in the north bay. but as you could see, drying out as i speak. so we are going to see a lot of cloud cover below average temperatures for your saturday and really just traces amount of rain. those of you in half moon bay could see upwards of about 5, 107 inch of rain. thanks to that deep marine layer and also that storm to our north. that's going to try to make its way into the bay area. but it looks like we're not even going to get.
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>> the tail end of that week storm mid 60's for downtown san francisco. upper 60's expected today for oakland and pleasant. temperatures in the mid 70's. for those of you in san jose and temperatures tomorrow, we are going to be on the cooler side. in fact, most of us going to be a few degrees below average fremont and san jose mid 70's. so enjoy that with low 70's for santa rosa and napa. so for those of you attending that bottle rock festival, it's going to be very pleasant. just expect a lot more cloud cover for your saturday. but a lot more sunshine by sunday afternoon. temperatures warming up in the mid 70's. so we are going to see mid 60's continuing for downtown san francisco on saturday with oakland and hayward, flirting with 70's with 69 degrees and then a nice warm up just in time for your memorial day monday is if you have any outdoor barbecue plans. if you plan on hitting the beach, perfect weather warming up flirting with the 90's next wednesday. but this mini heatwave going to be very short lived because by next thursday, we're going to start to gradually cool down with additional cooling a week from today, back to below average.
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back to you. stephanie. thanks so a reason for that update with all that nice weather expected on the way. maybe you want to step outdoors for a hike. big basin redwoods state park near santa cruz has been closed for the past 2 years. but that's about to change. kron four's. justin campbell was there. he shows us the new vision for the park. >> this is just some of the damage after lightning hit the big redwoods in twenty-twenty park rangers say the forest is resilient and regrowing all. >> stall on a media tour of the forest. there are signs of growth everywhere you look what changes are coming. california park ranger district superintendent chris spore were showed us where in old visitor building used to sit only a staircase remains after the fire. we have had the opportunity to rethink sort of the facilities in. >> the old growth and one of the focuses here is to move those facilities out of growth and to our facility called settlement.
12:38 pm
>> re imagining big basin. california's new vision for the part on top of moving a busy 2 buildings out of the court old growth, part of the forest. the also be relocating some camping sites and establishing a shuttle. >> to the park in the future, it will be a more immersive and natural feeling experience where people will have a less congested a chance to really appreciate the grand tour of the forest. after 2 years of being close, they will reopen the park to lumited access this summer. this park has been an iconic. >> flagship park, sarah bart with simpler viron spawn a nonprofit that financially helps. the park says the 187 million given to the park by the legislature is not enough. we think it's going to cost at least 250 million dollars in additional funding to put into place the infrastructure. the state parks is talking about. >> and if we want to see this park reopened fully, that's
12:39 pm
what it's going to take in terms of public funding. >> reporting in big basin, redwoods state park justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> yeah, it looks so beautiful out there. the city of south lake tahoe is working on a new response plan to natural disasters after the caldor fire ripped through the area 9 months ago forcing people to evacuate. you remain. you may remember this scene right here. the mass evacuations led to gridlock like this. some drivers waiting in bumper to bumper traffic for more than an hour as they headed east towards the nevada state line about 20,000 people live in south lake tahoe. residents headed to city hall thursday to learn more about the city's new strategy and what's being done to protect them from natural disasters. the plan is still being finalized, involves much more than just fires. but south lake tahoe officials say the fire threat is still the top concern. >> and i think everybody's
12:40 pm
very concerned. we a number of community partners. they're putting together things like firewise communities and working on defensible space. >> forming an official hazard mitigation plan will also give the city access to state and federal funding if a disaster occurs. california's drought continues to impact our waterways. lake mead the nation's largest reservoir serving millions of people is shrinking and federal officials forecast it will likely drop another 12 feet by this fall. that's far below what was predicted last year. there are pockets of water where fish are trapped and many of those animals have died. mandatory water cuts mainly impacting the agriculture industry are in place for much of the south. we west region of our country. the latest forecast suggesting california, arizona, nevada and new mexico could see even more significant water cuts starting in january.
12:41 pm
>> well, that's a pop as the kids like to say to get that right. okay. korean pop supergroup bts is headed to the white house. they're not. they're just for fun, though. the group just partnered with unicef to launch a global anti violence campaign. >> they'll meet with president biden next tuesday to talk about the rise in anti-asian hate crimes around the world. that discussion happens on the last day of aap i heritage month. anti-asian hate crimes have been up since the start of the pandemic, especially those targeting women and older people. coming up. it's a three-day weekend for a lot of families and it's going to be a warm one. >> what better way to escape the heat, then to head indoors to the movie theater. to show you what's hitting the bids. big screen. and the celebrity trial between actors johnny depp and amber heard is coming to a close. what comes next fo
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hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters.
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i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. at noon, california has entered a new climate partnership with new zealand, the country's prime minister joined governor gavin newsom in san francisco to make the announcement. >> it's been 36 years since the original top gun movie
12:45 pm
came out and in 2 more years of pandemic delays. but the sequel to one of the most popular movies of the 80's is finally here with tom cruise. reprising his role as captain pete maverick mitchell. this time, the high-flying smart, alec rebel has been called back to prepare a new crop of young top gun pilots for a dangerous mission. hard work overcoming obstacles, loyalty and pure courage are pretty much the themes of the plots and subplots here. they're pretty simple and straightforward. never getting in the way of what really sense this movie in the works. speed. the stunning action and airborne acrobatics. this is where the fun and excitement of top gun maverick takes off and never let you go. say what you want about tom cruise. he's about the only a list or that can still completely command the screen with just the right amount of fearlessness and swagger. still drawing huge audiences because of his relentless commitment to pushing the envelope and providing a good
12:46 pm
time for moviegoers. there's enough nostalgia here, including a character or 2 from the original movie that will bring a smile to your face. but crews wisely shares much of the excitement with this new breed of daredevil pilots. sometimes you just want to go to a movie for a good time and top gun maverick delivers it in mach speed. it's a dean's list. a in theaters only seat on the biggest screen that you can find for maximum impact. >> did you mean they're wave your arms all over the place? well, following it all because of so you nailed it. yes, great. and fans of the tv show bob's burgers will be pleased with the new super sized full-length. the bob's burgers movie. >> usually movie versions of tv shows give fans a little something extra here. not so much, but that will probably be more than enough for the faithful. it's 100 minutes of good. not great fun with the belcher family and a dean's list. b, you can always get my movie reviews and home video
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picks sent right to your phone's every week. just by texting the word dean to 9, 7, 9, 9, 9, >> i hope you have a great weekend in chicago and dean richards. >> some fun options for us this weekend. and san francisco's cart of all is back in person this year. the two-day festival in san francis is san francisco's yearly celebration of the latin american and caribbean culture. the festival happens in the mission district and features food, crafts and music. all this weekend. and it's all going to wrap up with a grand parade. some 3,000 artists are expected. the festival starts at 24th and bryant streets in san francisco at 9.30, on sunday morning. so mark, your calendars for that. you got movies and fun festival. all right. new at noon, california, back to this entered a new climate partnership with new zealand. we know that the country's prime minister joined with governor newsom in san francisco today to make the announcement watch. >> we're now how business.
12:48 pm
we're figuring not actually how to achieve them. that's hard. that stubborn right from the beginning. it was new zealand who is also pushing for those progressive elements of the eu. in that we still continue to seek reform on today. and sorry for that demonstrates i think some of she'd values that we have. >> the partnership establishes a formal exchange of ideas for combating climate change and making more use out of renewable energy. in tech. smart, rich demuro gets firsthand experience on the set of the latest sonic, the hedgehog movie. so this is going to be a lot of fun for our sega of fans and video game fans. watch this. >> making movies is a complex process. but digital technology is speeding things along today. i'm letting my voice to the latest sonic mogie to see how animation comes together. >> then time to say this, but i don't surely have a plan.
12:49 pm
>> in sonic the hedgehog. 2 now on digital sonic wants to prove that he's a real hero. once a auto tune, it sounds great. my challenge to prove that i have what it takes to lend my voice to the movie. >> this is where movie magic is made. the iconic game of paramount pictures once inside. so many famous people have walked this law. i get a crash course. so this is where it happens. atr additional dialogue, replacement on the stand behind that microphone. watch this movie clip on the screen and sync up my voice to what you're seeing. digital equipment allows engineers to piece together movie clips faster than ever. i was surprised to learn that voice actors often do their roles even before animation is complete. and in this case from home, i was in my closet for part of >> you can do this from home in your closet. thank you for min skype in all of these new technologies. and and the sound engineers will eke out few from the first movie to this film. >> there have been advancements now for my moment of truth, you'll hear 3 and
12:50 pm
where the 4th imaginary before being in the rhythm of the where you speak. >> for us there were no match for me. i've there for and i have and i have no training at all yet. here i am ahead of you got that's got to be embarrassing for the first take. i found audio inside my headphones. distracting? okay. i have no training at all yet. here i am. i had a view that's got to be embarrassing in the end. paramount's movie magic brings it all together. praying for this my entire >> and i have no training at all yet. here i am. i had a view that's got to be embarrassing. okay. kind of sounds like me who did great for first time. he came right after that. 3rd before the 4th would be. >> some people they love get that right >> thanks to zoom. even actors can work from home in their jammies. what a fun movie to be a part of and i'm available
12:51 pm
for sonic 3 just saying i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> he did not do a bad job handling that at all. impressed. i want to try that. all right. coming up next, a trip to 6 flags. we have a look at the new experience at discov
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
>> after 6 weeks of johnny depp and amber heard's defamation trial, the jury heard closing arguments today. depp's lawyer told the jury it
12:54 pm
was up to them to restore deaths. name heard's lawyers accused depp and his team of victim blaming depp is suing. heard for 50 million dollars over a 2018 op-ed. she wrote in the washington post describing herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse heard filed 100 million dollar counterclaim after her allegations recalled a hoax. the seven-member jury will decide both depp's claim and herds counterclaim at the same time. there's a new experience at 6 flags to sub discovery kingdom in vallejo reporter amy wallace got a chance to check it out. >> good morning. and he's always a fun time here at the 6 flags, discovery kingdom in vallejo. and this is it. this is the famous sidewinder safari. we're talking about 1378 feet of slithering track here. i just one on the right myself. and it was a fun time with the park and general
12:55 pm
manager. take a >> have been designed now this attraction is the theme parks, 11th roller coaster and get this. when you wait in line. >> you can actually passed by exhibits featuring real life reptiles. we caught up with one of the workers here known as captain lee about why he loves this right. so much, 1300 feet us live in tracked twists and turns and drops. the whole thing is just going to be amazing. people going to love it indeed a fun place to be. and if reptiles are your thing and food is, well, the good news is you're in luck. a look at all this food you can get here at 6 flags in valais hole and one final thing since series that today is open just to the season pass holders. they will get a special preview to go on the right and tomorrow the ride opens to the general public. it opens at
12:56 pm
11:00am you can buy your tickets on the 6 flags website reporting here in the layaway town was. >> and that looks like a lot of fun now to tell you about this in the san francisco bay ferry unveiled a new ship, the 320 passenger and the toronto will be the fastest ferry in the fleet. it's the first of several new lightweight ferries. the agency is rolling out its able to service any of the 6 current ferry routes. it also has more outdoor passenger space and any other fairy in the fleet. this comes just in time as rider demand increases sf. bay ferry says weekday ridership has quadrupled over the past years. hopefully this will make a big difference. all right. let's get a quick check on our forecast. our bottle rock forecast with rich, recent rodriguez. a lot of people heading out there for the festival. yeah. usually we have little mini heat waves around this time of year. instead we're tracking cooler weather for those of you attending bottle rock this memorial day weekend.
12:57 pm
>> low 70's on saturday. a lot more cloud cover could see some patchy drizzle as well. so just keep that in mind. and then by sunday, a lot more sunshine, very pleasant. temperatures in the mid 70's. but we are going to be below average for most bay area cities. our warmest cities tomorrow will be in fremont. and san jose in the mid 70's there with oakland, flirting with 70's at 68 degrees in downtown san francisco in the mid 60's. and as you can see, warming up just in time for your memorial day monday. back to stephanie. thanks very abre said that's it for the kron. 4 news at noon. thank you so much for joining us and have a great and safe day.
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