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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  May 27, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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the only one cats ask for by name. >> now at 3 o'clock chilling details revealed in the tragedy in texas. why authorities say they made the wrong decision when responding to the school shooting. and just about 4 hours away from uvalde, the nra begins its annual gun convention in houston and protesters are making their presence known. plus the school shooting is taking a toll on the nation's mental health as we enter both memorial day weekend. what experts want us all to know. from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4
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news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waltman and we start with devastating new developments in the school shooting in texas. >> authorities are now admitting that law enforcement made the wrong decision during their response to the deadly shooting. this now is coming 2 days after conflicting reports, including how many officers we're at the school when the attack began and whether or not they confronted the suspect before the shooting what we learned today, even contradicted what texas governor greg abbott told us on wednesday as we're looking now at pictures of these lives that were lost, that the students that were murdered, the teachers who tried to protect them. the governor responded today about the new information that we learned and he was livid. >> the information that i was given. in part to be inaccurate. there are people who deserve answers the most. whose lives have been destroyed. answers that
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inexcusable. we have suffered from any inaccurate information whatsoever. >> authorities say 19 officers were in the hallway of the school as the shooter locked himself inside of a classroom and that police could and should have acted sooner. our coverage continues now with reporter kareen wynter. >> a combative news conference as reporters shouted questions at the texas department of public safety director steven mccraw, who was on the defensive about the response time by law enforcement officials first admitted the gunman managed to gain entry to robb elementary school in uvalde on tuesday through a door that had been propped open by a teacher. that gunman then locked himself inside 2 doors of a classroom after shooting into the windows of the school. that's when the 9-1-1 calls poured in. it's for that reason. you listen to it. still, those accounts were
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heartbreaking, end graphic. one of the first calls was from a student who was spread on the line that 8 to 9 students were alive. initial call our call back. >> student trial. go back. we're told us down the line to be very quiet. she pulled in one that he shot the door, probably 12. 43 12. 47. she has 9-1-1, police and the police confirmed that more than a dozen officers were inside the hallway. when pressed on criticism about the slow police response, mcgraw admitted that it was the wrong decision to wait to breach the classroom door as officers instead waited for more tactical gear to arrive in the war on variant. >> there's no no excuse for that. but again, i wasn't there, but i'm just telling you from what we know. we believe there should have been in it for you that as soon as you can. officers didn't enter the classroom until critical minutes later after retrieving keys from a janitor there now calls by some officials for an fbi investigation into the response time.
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>> some families are outraged by how this incident unfolded. others say it's unclear how much of a difference it would have made with the shooter killing so many victims in such a short period of time. how fast can you act? i mean, >> don't know. i don't know how much of difference it would make. yeah. maybe they could have acted faster. >> remains to be seen. >> that was kareen wynter reporting for us this afternoon. the mother of the gunman spoke out for the first time today and she apologized on behalf of her son and begged the victims to forgive her. we're also learning new disturbing details about how an 11 year-old girl survived the robb elementary school shooting earlier this week. it was an interview with cnn that mia, sir elio says that she smeared the blood of one of her classmates on herself and play dead in case the shooter returned to her classroom. luckily he did not during the attacks are herself was hit in
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the head and shoulder by bullet fragments. just days after this tragedy, the nra convention went forward as planned in houston today. several high-profile conservatives are scheduled to appear, including former president donald trump. protesters gathered outside since yesterday are calling organizers to ctncel the event. houston's democratic mayor says the city is contractually obligated to host the convention, but he did ask politicians to skip it. governor abbott did cancel his in-person appearance but recorded a video message for the event. the nra released a statement condemning the school shooting. their supporters are arguing the nra is not to blame for the violence. we're going to live to the scene coming up in a report at 3.30. stay with us for that. we're going to see what the situation is unfolding there in real time. and we will continue to the developments on this breaking
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news story on air and online on kron 4 dot com. you can stay up to date by using your phone to scan this qr code and it will take you right to our web page where you can get the latest on the investigation and learn more about the victims. a new gun control bill in california has passed the assembly and it's now headed to the senate. the bill would allow private citizens along with state and local governments. >> to sue gun manufacturers and sellers. if they violate the state's assault weapons ban or other gun control measures. supporters hope the lawsuits will hold gun makers accountable and push them to be more responsible. the bill is modeled after a newly passed anti-abortion law in texas that allows private citizens to sue anyone who gets an abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy. before we move on, talk about other events that are happening around the bay area like the warriors heading to the nba finals with the weather is going to like for memorial day weekend. also the bottle rock festival. we do want to acknowledge it may
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be very difficult for some people to be dealing with these traumatic events that have been unfolding, especially after which happened in texas. so we do have one our rip. it's hard for me. whenever reporters is talking to a therapist right now, but how we can all deal with the trauma and be able to take care of her mental health and even help the people around us, including children. we'll have those tips for you. coming up. 3.30. i definitely need to watch that. okay. we do get to move on now and talk about. california democrats in the state assembly are trying to remove democrat anthony rendon's from his position as assembly speaker. no specific reasons have been given, but sources at the legislature say there are a series of unnamed issues that have led to this decision. we're also told lawmakers are looking to replace friend in with democratic assemblyman robert remus of salinas. the assembly will have to hold a public vote on that change. the earliest chance of that happening would be on tuesday. we'll keep you posted on what happens here. now. millions of people are expected to hit the
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road today for the long memorial day weekend. and if you are filling up your gas tank in the bay area, you're going to be paying for a record. high gas prices are at the pump, according to triple a you can expect to pay more than $6 per gallon. wherever you look, napa has the most expensive gas in the bay area, $6.32. the lowest cost gas is in the valais whole area for $6.9. kron four's will tran caught up with one driver in the east bay who says he pays hundreds of dollars every week just to fill up his tank. >> how much does it cost to that? but a full tank, but foot back. probably 120. but time. put the $400 week. $400. yes, there's nothing you can do, right? you need this money to do it. yeah. needed to for sure. so you run a business. how do you? make it work? how does it happen? well, some things that thing the say why
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you try me a little more, you know up and we need to raise the prices and all the jobs for sure. >> that's everything. got a lot of money. >> a bipartisan group of republicans and moderate democrats are working to get a bill approved that would end the state gas tax for one year. the bill must be passed in the assembly by the end of the day today. >> several have now said that they are in favor of it. we need to provide this relief. people have waited far too long. >> governor gavin newsom previously proposed sending $400 to every registered car owner in the state. there's still some disagreement on whether those payments should be based on income or family size. let you know what happens with the decision that needs to get made by the end of the day today. we'll have an update for you at 5. and if you are one of the millions that will be hitting the road, aaa does have a list of the best and the worst times to be driving this weekend's. let's check it out. if you're leaving town today, the worst time is between noon and 07:00pm. so we're right in the thick of it. you're better off
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leaving later at night tonight on saturday and sunday. you're better off hitting the road. but before 10:00am and on monday as you head home, triple a suggests leaving before 11. levin at the worriers are heading back to the nba finals for the 6th time in 8 years. they beat the mavs in 5 games to become this year's western conference champs. the final game 5 score was one. 21 10. so now the warriors going play the winner of the heat celtics series. and right now the boston celtics lead that series against the miami heat. 3 games to 2. so they play tonight at 5.30, our time. so they could have a deciding factor. whether or not we're going to go into miami or boston tonight. we'll keep you updated there, matt. i'm brie some. would you rather be
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going to miami or boston which has weather as we take look at right now at san francisco international airport. it is the holiday weekend. people got plans out about greece's got the forecast. so what do you think? miami or boston? i mean, nothing beats the west coast just just few days ago, you were complaining to me about how hot it was your e you're never satisfied. come on. give let's take a look at your memorial day forecast. if you're planning a staycation, don't blame, especially with those gas prices, but we're going to warm up. >> just in time for your memorial day monday, mid 70's inland mid 60's along the coast and we are going to get a cool sea breeze. if you're planning any barbecue weather heading to the beach, it's going to be perfect but were noticeably cooler today. that's going to continue through the weekend as well. we are tracking a mix of sun and clouds. so a lot more sunshine out there, paula. while 2 in san jose in the low 70's, as is livermore at 72 degrees with downtown san francisco at 59 degrees, as is berkeley with widespread mid to upper 60's for those of you
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in the north bay right now, santa rosa, 65 degrees. but napa and petaluma flirting with 70's. >> but in the upper 60's. so we are tracking breezy sea breezes when right now throughout the coast. and even as you make your way inland into our north and east bay valleys, napa and allay 20 to 25 miles per hour range. but we could see some light scattered showers for those of you specifically in the north and along the coast saturday. details on that and what you can expect for your full weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes to back to you. >> the recent thank you. coming up here, 3 o'clock today. an investigation is now underway after an east bay church wrapped it in flames this morning. also when the fda says we can expect baby formula supplies to be back to normal as that shortage crisis continues. we'll also head to napa this afternoon so we can take a look at all the bottle rock festivities. you're rock festivities. you're watchin ♪ pop it like it's hooooot. pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot.♪
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for your money right now. cans of baby formula are expected to start hitting store shelves as early as this weekend. but as to when supplies will be back to normal. the fda commissioner says. >> we have to hold on just a little bit longer. officials say we could see supplies return to normal in the middle of the summer. lawmakers are questioning leaders from the abbott formula plant about their protocols and procedures that led to the contamination that shut down earlier this year. they're also investigating why only 4 companies produce 90% of america's formula. dozens of dmv offices around the state are going to extend hours over the summer months, starting next thursday. 64 offices will be open from 07:00am. except on wednesdays and they're all going close. 5 bay area locations include san francisco, san mateo, santa clara fremont and vallejo officials say while the dmv has made many of its service is available online, extending hours will help people with
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transactions, especially the people who need to process applications for a real id because starting next may a real id will be required as a form of identification to board domestic flights. got to get one of those. good reminder. happening right now. bottle rock is back in the napa valley. the music festival is happening all weekend long with some pretty impressive headliners. kron four's charles clifford reports now from the festival grounds. >> well, your nap on friday. bottle rock has returned. the gates opened up at 11 30 on friday morning. people just rushing in. a lot of these folks were metallica fans in a hurry to get their seats lockdown as early as possible. now, bottle rock features food and music. of course. and there are 5 stages with over 70 acts. the headliners on friday are metallica. and then on saturday as 21 pilots in black crowes on sunday, it is pink and luke combs. now last year's bottle rock was held in september. but this year they moved it back to its normal
3:18 pm
days, which is the memorial day weekend. and people are just happy to get back to normal. it is. it's really great to interact with other people. just kind be unified by music. of course we did. we went to coachella earlier this year. so trying to get money the kinds of their open. now. >> couple other things this year. you do not have to show proof of vaccination to get into bottle rock. >> you also don't have to wear a mask. you certainly can. if you want to. it's recommended for some of the indoor venues. one other thing, if you're headed here to the concert, keep in mind that parking is extremely tight and it's highly recommended that you plan ahead. >> but for now in the north bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> san francisco's carnival is back in person this year. the two-day festival is famous for a grand parade and carnival is san francisco's yearly celebration of latin american and caribbean culture. the festival is in san francisco's mission district features food, crafts and music. all weekend wraps up with that grand parade and 60 groups made up of 3,000 artists will
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cover 20 blocks and it starts at 24th and bryant street in san francisco at 9.30, on sunday morning. it is always a good time. and our meteorologist rodriguez is here now to look at the forecast as we take a live look outside across kind of a gloomy golden gate bridge and is very cool out there in comparison to where we have been the past couple days. but the got plans for the weekend. the breezes got a look at the forecast. now. let's take a look at your bottle rock forecast because we're going to track in napa. temperatures on the cooler side, but still very pleasant in the low 70's by saturday. a lot more sunshine. >> and mid 70's by your sunday afternoon. so have a fun, safe time that bottle rock bay area. let's take a look at your radar for. we are still seeing that stubborn a grey right along our bay area coastline. but it is going to make its way inland overnight, bringing us another round of drizzle fest during the overnight hours into your saturday morning with a weak storm trying to make its way into our north bay valleys. we're just going to get the tail end of it, but barely. in
3:20 pm
fact, we're going to see just a few traces of amount of rain, just a few, 107 inch highest amounts for those of you at half. moon bay. but barely anything. so if you do notice some sprinkles, that's pretty much all we're going to get for your saturday with more sunshine and drying out by your sunday afternoon. but not a bad way to wrap up your workweek forecast on the cooler side. thanks to a great pattern. but temperatures out there right now. quite the spread. 57 degrees for downtown san francisco with antioch in the mid 70's out there right now. so very seasonal there about a 20 degree difference between our coolest coastal city and our warmest inland valleys with overnight lows tonight, widespread low to mid 50's but santa rose in half moon bay of cooling down into the upper 40's with temperatures tomorrow. very seasonable mid 60's for downtown san francisco in upper 60's for oakland and hayward with widespread low to mid 70's for inland valley, san jose and fremont. you can actually warm up into the mid 70's. so we're tracking very pleasant temperatures there for your saturday afternoon highs and then warming up just in time
3:21 pm
for your memorial day monday with another mini heatwave. this one going to be very short-lived peaking on wednesday where we could flirt with 90's. but then >> we're gradually going to cool down to very seasonal temperatures a week from today. back to you. just saying. >> we'll break that. thank you. not to the latest on the war in ukraine. and today, ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky gave a virtual address to the students at stanford. >> grateful for your interest and forth. so many sincere due to viewpoints. i can see people are not wearing armour eat. move west. we're not bearing helmets. you're not in the bomb shelters. there is no one date you want. it is the result of enemy shellings because of that, i'm happy for you.
3:22 pm
>> meanwhile, ukraine's foreign minister warned his fighters will not be able to stop russia from seizing 2 more cities without more weapons. russia wants to capture all of the donbas region sowinski also criticized the european union today. the eu has not yet agreed on a 6th round of sanctions would cook, which could include a russian oil embargo. the un estimates ukraine civilian death toll has reached nearly 4,000 people. and that includes at least 70 children. still ahead here at 3 o'clock today, the white house is reportedly planning to cancel thousands of dollars in student debt. who would qualify if the biden administration approves this i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message.
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elon musk promised to pay a million customers $30,000 a year if they bought his car. they bought his car. so, where's their money? he promised customers if they bought his car, its value would increase to $200,000. they bought his car. so, where's their money? he promised investors if they bought his stock, they would get $50 billion a year in profits from robotaxis. they bought his stock. so, where's their money? and he told investors tesla was worth $1 trillion by claiming tesla was the leader in driverless robotaxi technology. but tesla doesn't have driverless robotaxi technology. tesla's full self-driving software requires a driver! many other companies have already deployed
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months of internal debate, top white house aides are currently planning to cancel $10,000 in student debt per borrower, but they're waiting for president biden's approval. biden supposedly
3:26 pm
plan to make the announcement as soon as this weekend. but the timing has cha ged after the massacre in texas. the white house's latest plan called for limiting debt forgiveness to americans who earn less than $150,000 in the previous year. it is unclear if the administration will still require interested payments to resume at the end of august when the current pause is scheduled to lapse. and jif peanut butter has recalled a lot more products. the recalls now expanded to include at least 69 other products. the company issued a voluntary recall last week after the fda train state salmonella outbreak to its factory in kentucky. now other companies using just peanut butter are recalling their products. this includes fruit and veggie snack packs. premade peanut butter. and some other products that will tell you peanut butter and premade peanut butter, jelly sandwiches and individually wrapped. >> cops don't eat them. all
3:27 pm
right. still ahead here during kron, 4 news at 3, the stage is set for the national rifle association's annual conference just miles away from the tragedy in uvalde. we're live in houston. >> with more on the protesters have gathered outside and we have reaction from lawmakers who are in attendance. also today, it's been a rough week covering the murder of a schoolchildren in texas and a rough couple of years because we've been living during this pandemic. we have some tips from experts and how we can navigate through these difficult times. and as we head to break, we'll take a live look outside here. coit tower, a little windy and gray out there today. we're going to take a look at the holiday to take a look at the holiday weekend forecast what can i du with less asthma?
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>> 3 days after and 300 miles away from the uvalde shooting, the national rifle association annul can annual convention is happening right now in houston. former president trump is speaking at this very moment and reporter daniel where it is live in downtown houston outside of the convention center where nra members have been met with hundreds of protesters outside. we understand you a little bit about what the former president has been saying today. thanks for joining us. no problem. thank you for having me. will. >> took a little bit of a jab at some of the other lawmakers right now. we get to what the former president said in just a moment. but first, things are pretty quiet out here as the former president is
3:31 pm
currently on the stage. but earlier today, as you might expect, the nra members were greeted by some very vocal and teigen demonstrators. >> holding a newspaper with photos of the uvalde victims. houston resident matthew rairie shouted shame as nra members filed into the convention chain >> it's shameful that these individuals, you can see this happening on a regular basis. we've had over 200 mass shootings and 2022 alone and i don't understand where the disconnect is across the street are blocked. 19 science convention attendee and concealed carry handbag designer julie will is from austin. >> says the uvalde victims are on her mind as well. ioh, mrie yeah. 8. >> i don't think any responsible gun owner. we didn't take a minute and feel that year.
3:32 pm
>> we're by democratic gubernatorial candidate beto o'rourke held a rally of his own. >> those who will be the victims of the next mass shooting unless we act are counting on us at this moment inside the convention center, a pre taped message works. current rival governor greg abbott. america is grieving within evil madman. that took the innocent lives of schoolchildren this past tuesday. lieutenant governor dan patrick and senator john cornyn both bowed out of the event in the hall. were no guns were allowed. the program concluded with former president donald trump. >> and the former president is still speaking right now. as i mentioned, it took a little jab at the lawmakers who did not attend today. he said, quote, unlike some i didn't disappoint you by not showing up. you've got to show up. now the mayor here in houston, sylvester turner. he did face some pressure to try and cancel this convention for members of his own city council. also, there was
3:33 pm
100,000 signatures. the mayor is a democrat, said he couldn't cancel for legal and contractual reasons. >> we'll send it back to you. >> daniel, thank you so much for your report. and we're going to have more coverage of what's happening at the nra convention tonight during kron. 4 news at 5. i'm rob nesbitt is working right now. i'm listening to what the former president is saying is we can hear that coming up during 05:06am, tonight. there are some parents who are now turning to bulletproof backpacks in the wake of the texas school shooting demand for bulletproof gear is spiking with many companies reporting an increase in interest and purchases since the shooting. the backpacks are designed so children can protect themselves by holding up the backpack in order to deflect bullets. the cost of a bulletproof backpack ranges from 100 to $400 so as we wrap up a very sad and stressful week and what has become an already challenging past few years, we're going to take a moment now to talk about our
3:34 pm
mental health. the tragedy in texas can be traumatic for all of us, even if are not directly connected to the shooting. kron four's felecia gaal's shares. now what a therapist told him about how we can manage these troubling times. >> you do not have to know anyone connected to the deadly mass school shooting in uvalde, texas to feel empathy for those living through the horror says doctor ronny he says empathy is natural, you but then what does that do to decide the future? just to take you down? >> or do you? to you? hopefully don't have activate meaning making you more aware of issues plaguing society, potentially inspiring you to get involved in correcting problems like educating people on the dangers of gun violence. >> when it comes to talking to kids, doctor moss says adults should match their words with their body if you're the adult. >> and you're terrified. you're anxious. you're stressed out. they pick up that energy. your worst might
3:35 pm
be is ok, don't worry about but if you look shaken, your words will be. holland says doctor mom, who is a licensed marriage and family therapist based in castro valley as parents figure out what they can do. what they can do. forces also means that some with the captain, they can change the world. all that wants to can remove hatred. they kept evil, but they but they can't do certain things and certainly can tell children and we will do everything we can to make sure that you're safe and be sure to do with people who are take your doctor model recommends trying to find the good in life despite the turbulence in the world, it's okay to enjoy sports concerts and any other outings that make you happy. >> dwelling on the negative is unhealthy. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> in the span investigation is underway after a fire at a church in pittsburgh from earlier this morning. the roof fell in and much of the inside is said to be severely
3:36 pm
damaged. officials with contra costa fire protection say cooler temperatures this morning probably help the fire from spreading to other buildings no one was injured. it started in the overnight hours. the damage is pretty extensive. let's talk about our weather once more as we take this live look outside from our mount tam cam. a fog has rolled then can even really see. san francisco are all the way out to the bay bridge. and that's why it's much cooler out there. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now. details about when things might start to warm up. yeah, we're going to notice that warming trend beginning on your memorial day monday just in time. so it is going to be a cool weekend forecast. expect mid 70's for inland valleys, mid 60's along the coast with a little bit of that cool sea breeze out there for your monday afternoon. and may gray certainly going to be the big weather story. not just today, but all weekend long. but the good news is that cool sea breeze and also that drizzle really helping to clear out our skies where we are tracking very good air particles out there right now.
3:37 pm
and that's going to continue all weekend long. and also it is going to help decrease our fire danger threat for the long holiday weekend below average temperatures and even that marine moisture extending into our inland valleys where some of our dry valleys in the 40th percentile range up to 98% of normal. for those of you, it happened hope you're enjoying all of that extra moisture and humidity out there. temperatures for the most part, low 60's for pacifica. we're tracking 68 degrees for san mateo and those of you in livermore and palo alto in the low 70's as is nevado for north bay valleys. but overall, we are going to see below average temperatures throughout much of this weekend. thanks to that cool sea breeze pushing in that low and high cloud cover a little breezy right now for fairfield and napa. >> in that 20 to 23 miles per hour range, but we're going to warm up starting on monday and that's going to continue all next week all the way through wednesday or mini heatwave. going to take with temperatures, flirting with 90's. fortunately no 90 or triple digit heat in the
3:38 pm
extended 7 day forecast until we cool down to write about where we should be a week from today that to you just seen. >> all right, thank you. coming up, lawmakers one understand how disabilities, including having long covid are impacting americans wallets. on capitol hill.
3:39 pm
3:40 pm
lawmakers want to understand how disability is are impacting americans finances
3:41 pm
in 2021. the bureau of labor statistics reported 1.2 million more americans reported that they had a disability, health and human services says covid can lead to long-term impairment and that can sometimes make it very difficult for people to work. so lawmakers pointed out that there are so many facets of financial life in america that can become a danger when someone gets sick. >> employment opportunities entrepreneurship, affordable and accessible housing and beyond. as many as 7 million americans are now dealing with long covid and a lot of uncertainty about their future. lawmakers agree cooperation with the private sector could help secure jobs for people with disabilities. >> still ahead here after being heavily damaged during the czu lightning complex fire in twenty-twenty today. we'll take a look at how the big basin redwoods state park is recovering. >> as we get a special tour of california's oldest state
3:42 pm
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>> big basin redwoods state park near santa cruz has been closed for the past 2 years, but that is about to change. kron four's. justin campbell takes us there and shows us the new vision for this park. >> this is just some of the damage after lightning hit the big redwoods in twenty-twenty park rangers say the forest is resilient and regrowing all.
3:45 pm
stall on a media tour of the forest. there are signs of growth everywhere you look. >> what changes are coming. california park ranger district superintendent chris spore were showed us where in old visitor building used to sit only a staircase remains after the fire. we have had the opportunity to rethink sort of the facilities in. >> the old growth and one of the focuses here is to move those facilities out of growth and to our facility called settlement. >> re imagining big basin. california's new vision for the park on top of moving a busy 2 buildings out of the corps. old growth. part of the forest also be relocating some camping sites and establishing a shuttle to the park in the future. >> it will be a more immersive and natural feeling experience where people will have a less congested a chance to really appreciate the grand tour of the forest. after 2 years of being closed, they will reopen
3:46 pm
the park to limited access this summer. this park has been an iconic. >> flagship park, sarah bart with simpler viron spawn a nonprofit that financially helps. the park says the 187 million given to the park by the legislature is not enough. we think it's going to cost at least 250 million dollars in additional funding. >> to to put into place the infrastructure, the state parks is talking about. and if we want to see this park reopened fully, that's what it's going to take in terms of public funding. >> reporting in big basin, redwoods state park justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> the biden administration is proposing using 5 acres skews me 5 areas off of the california coast to build offshore wind turbines. the development plan included 3 areas near morro bay and san luis obispo and 2 off of the humboldt county coast. it's part of an overall effort to put wind turbines along every coastline in the country. the
3:47 pm
goal is to generate 30 gigawatts of power by 2030, california plans to remove fossil fuels from the power grid entirely by 2045. the president says expanding wind power will help fight climate change and also create new jobs. we're taking a live look outside here in san francisco. there is the embarcadero for a lot of celebrations there last night after the warriors made their way into the finals, they one the western conference last night and our meteorologist chris rodriguez is here now with details on our forecast. it's memorial day weekend. the unofficial start to summer. lot of people can go to tahoe, maybe not for skiing, but the head to the lake. >> yeah. exactly. it's going to be great. lake conditions out there this weekend. a little bit breezy out there today. but take a look at this live picture. i-80 at castle peak. one thing missing snow. in fact, sierra snowpack now averaging 0% of normal for the
3:48 pm
snowpack. the only snow that we're seeing is in the highest peaks. in addition to very little to any snow that you're going to see in this year this weekend. unfortunately, they've had also a lot of many heat waves and that has created some spring snow melt as a result of that. so we're staying dry and clear out the right now in this year, breezy winds in the forecast for today. we're it's going to continue through tonight. this lake wind advisory gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour increasing wave heights up to 4 feet at the lake. but we are going to see calmer conditions by this weekend. a lot of cloud cover so cooler temperatures could even see some scattered showers that the north and western portions of the sierra but for south lake tahoe and even for truckee going to stay dry mid to upper 50's for truckee in south lake tahoe. and we're going to be very seaso%able, though, for the next couple of days. remember, it's spring, even though i know memorial day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. technically the calendar says spring out there. so we're going to stay
3:49 pm
in the mid 50's. even with that extra sunshine sunday into monday for your memorial day weekend. looking great in your bay area forecast. cooler temperatures out there right now. we should be averaging mid 60's to mid 70's. instead mid 60's to mid 70's. instead downtown san francisco degrees livermore in the low 70's as the san jose at 72 degrees with alameda in berkeley in the low 60's and widespread mid to upper 60's. for those of you in the north bay nevado 68 degrees and we're going to see temperatures warming up in the low to mid 70's for warmest inland valleys, mid to upper 60's around the bay area shoreline with half moon bay. 59 degrees for your saturday and temperatures warming up slightly on sunday and then great memorial day monday. in fact, temperatures not too hot, not too cold, just right, but we're going to crank up the heat by wednesday for the forecast flirting with 90's for warmest inland valleys. just in back to you. all right. looking good. thanks recent. >> let's see what news nation is working on for this friday night.
3:50 pm
>> the texas rangers say the children memorialize behind me in uvalde texas didn't have to die. who failed that and what the mistakes mean for your kids. safety everywhere in the country. that's on balance. here's dan abrams. >> thanks, leland. tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. lawmakers cursing up a storm at one another on social media and even face to face. it's happening much more than ever and it sure isn't helping. is it due to a lack of ideas are just trying to be the loudest voice in the room? that's tonight on dan abrams live. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed are right here. more details are on our website. kron 4 dot com. a bill to lift hunting restrictions to help control the population of wild pigs has cleared the california senate. the legislation was introduced by north base. senator bill dot the bay area has seen these animals damage people's lawns, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs and they go there. the bill has support from wildlife officials.
3:51 pm
farmers and other groups. up next, a very special reunion. you may remember this viral photo that showed former president obama letting this young boy touch his hair. >> well, now that boy has graduated from high school and he went to reunite with the he went to reunite with the fo meet a future mom, he went to reunite with the fo a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase.
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sweet pillows of softness! this is soft! holy charmin! oh! excuse me! roll it back, everybody!! new charmin ultra soft is now even softer so you'll want more! but it's so absorbent, you can use less. enjoy the go with charmin. bother the bugs... gotcha. ...not your family. zevo is made with essential oils which attack bugs' biological systems. it gets rid of the bugs plus is safe for use around people and pets. zevo. people-friendly. bug-deadly. plus is safe for use around people and pets. boy seen touching former president obama's hair in this iconic white house photo is
3:54 pm
now all grown up and has graduated from high school. jacob, philadelphia was 5 years old when he visited the oval office with his father in 2009 asked if obama. hair was just like his recently. the former president and philadelphia reconnected to reflect on that very memorable moment. >> we telling me that air is going to be great next time. >> i was not won. it sounds like you're doing great man and i'm so proud of you. congratulations on your graduation. i kind of remember touching his hair him towering over. >> it was a pretty big highlight of my life. >> philadelphia now plans to study political sciences at the university of memphis. so maybe his white house visit help shape his future career. the oakland zoo has 4 new bison calves all born this month. and zoo officials say they're doing great once they get old enough, the bison will travel to their herds native homeland in montana. it's part
3:55 pm
of the zoo's initiative to restore free-roaming bison to the blackfeet fleet. excuse me, blackfeet nation and nearby national park. since the program began in 2018, the zoo has returned. the zoo has returned. 24 bison to montana. hope you got the gist there. that's cute. the cincinnati zoo's littlest she'd ambassador now has a name. this is rosie. rosie has been spending a lot of time with her care team since she's been. hand-reared. but soon she'll have a new power play with. the zoo says eventually be paired up with a puppy. well, that's not the video we all needed to see today than i don't know what super cute. we have time for one final check of our forecast right now on this friday memorial day weekend. what you got murray.
3:56 pm
so it's looking good out there. yeah, it's looking great, especially for those of you looking to rock out a bottle rock this weekend, an app. but it's going to be great weather, in fact, are tracking low 70's by saturday. >> some patchy drizzle could be expected into your afternoon. so just keep that in mind by sunday. a lot more sunshine with temperatures warming up into the mid 70's. so very pleasant temperatures for those of you looking to rock out a bottle rock, have fun, be safe. and daytime highs on saturday looking great, especially for those of you in fremont and san jose mid 70's there. but a few degrees below average once again for most of the bay area. in fact, downtown san francisco, pretty seasonal temperatures in the mid 60's at 64 degrees with oakland and hayward trying to flirt with 70's but in the upper 60's. but those of you in livermore and even redwood city, 72 degrees for your afternoon. highs in taking a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast. we're going to track warmer weather on sunday. that's going to continue through your memorial day monday and then it looks like the calendar once again, just seen going to
3:57 pm
switch from spring to summer. in fact, by wednesday, we're going to above average temperatures 5 to 15 degrees above normal where we could be flirting with the 90's for warmest inland valleys, mid 70's along the east bay shoreline, still in the 60's along the coast. thanks to mother nature's ac. so keeping temperatures, they're pretty mild and temper it, though. but we are going to notice the cooler temperatures a week from today. we're back in the 70's for inland valleys. back to you. >> no recent. thank you. >> and thank you for joining us this week here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock. i'm justine waldman. it's been a rough one. and i really appreciate you joining us. have a great weekend. you can disconnect and reconnect and have some fun. see on tuesday.
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