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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  May 27, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ now. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> tonight, if i chilling new details revealed about what exactly happened as the tragedy in texas was unfolding this week. why authorities say the wrong decision was made. his officers waited outside the classroom where the gunman was still shooting. thank you for watching kron. 4 news at 5. everybody. i'm grant lotus and vicki liviakis. many questions still linger following the shooting that killed 19 students and 2 teachers. but >> more answers are being
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reveal tonight as police release new details describing the nearly 90 minutes of terror at robb elementary such a long time. and earlier today really was a surreal at times chaotic press conference as authorities are now admitting. >> that the officer in charge on tuesday at the time of the shooting, they say clearly made the wrong decision not to bust down the door and go after the shooter. this comes 2 days after 2 days of conflicting reports, including how many officers were at the school when the attack big n whether or not they confronted the suspect before the shooting. what we learned today even contradicted what texas governor greg abbott told us on wednesday. >> and abbott responded to the new information a short time ago. and he's not happy. >> the information that i was given. to be inaccurate. there
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are people who deserve answers the most. whose lives have been destroyed. answers that. inexcusable. any inaccurate information whatsoever. >> today we learned to separate timelines. the police response and the 9-1-1 calls coming from inside the school. brian entin now goes over the new timeline and reports on how the revelations are raising more concerns about the police response. all eyes are now on the police response at robb elementary, the director of the texas department of public safety says officers waited too long to go inside and save children. benefit of hindsight where i'm sitting now. >> of course, it was about the right decision the wrong decision. variant. there's no no excuse for that. a new timeline is now emerging at 11. 28. the gunman crashed his truck near the school.
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>> 2 minutes later, a teacher called 9-1-1 and said there was a man with a gun at 11. 31, the gunman started shooting in the school parking lot at 11. 33, he entered the school. investigators say he entered through a propped open side or made a turn down the hallway and entered rooms one 11 1.12 where he fired more than 100 rounds. 2 minutes later at 11. 35 3 officers entered the school by 12. 0, 3.19. officers are inside the school in the hallway. the student calls 9-1-1 from one of the classrooms at 12, 15 more tactical officers arrive. one minute later, the same student calls 9-1-1, for a 4th time and says 8 or 9 children are still alive in her classroom. but it's not until 12, 50 an hour and 15 minutes after officers first entered the school that they breached the classroom door and killed the gunman. the texas department of public safety says the incident commander made the decision to wait
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instead of going in immediately searched, sir, who was the incident commander and has that chief consolidated school district is that he's good man and has that person been raised is a cool. he's the chief of police. okay. i think this is sped up. >> yeah. yeah. that's the record discussed this. won 30 were clear that they should have gone right again. you know, i'm not going dps says the chief believe the situation had transition from active shooter to a barricaded gunman. >> they say he was wrong and the waiting may have cost lives. forget how do without parents. we're me. >> officers and stuff like that. we take an too, hold a lot of the tech people when time something tragic like said, we want to know what happens if we can do better next time. bottom line, we call it like it is for this tragic.
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>> making that nightmare even worse. that was brian entin reporting for us tonight, texas law enforcement admitting that the lead officer mishandled the shooting is raising new questions tonight about training and decision-making kron four's. dan kerman spoke to experts about what needs to happen going forward before the next school shooting. >> in the >> friday, law enforcement authorities in texas admitted waiting. 45 minutes to re-engage the shooter who barricaded himself in a classroom with school kids was the wrong call, especially considering shooting continued during that time frame. >> if we had children in that room who were? potential victims or or becoming victims as this was unfolding, then there's that it's not even a judgment call. the officer should have gone in. security consultant brian higgins is a lecturer at the john jay college of criminal justice.
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>> and a retired bergen county police chief and swat team member. he says this incident should spur all agencies to re evaluate their active shooter training quite often. what you see in. >> active shooter training as the police come in and they act as if the shooter is there and and they go after the person who is acting as the shooter but i think we need to fix to expand the training to all elements such as when it goes to a barricade situation. >> police departments need to have interaction and training with the schools. >> former fbi agent rick smith says there also needs to be better coordination between law enforcement and schools. before an incident happens. >> where there's interaction and where they have a protocol and then were they where they tell the school what to do when there's a line me to make a shun set up. smith says investigators will have to determine whether it was poor training or bad decision-making that led to mistakes in texas.
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>> he also says going forward the way we protect our schools must change. he favors armed security guards at all schools. >> they got to have it is the first line of defense and that person's is trained to communicate with authorities. something happens. so i know it costs money, but you've got to do it. just have to do it right now. dan kerman kron, 4 news >> and we're now learning new disturbing details of how an 11 year-old girl survived the robb elementary school shooting in texas earlier this week in an interview me says that she smeared blood. from one of her classmates on herself and she played dead in case the shooter returned to her classroom. luckily, he did not. but during the attacks, rio herself did get hit in the head and shoulder by gun fragments and will, of course, continue to follow the developments on this breaking news story on air and online at kron 4 dot com. the stay up
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to date on the latest information. you can use your phone to scan this qr code and it will take you directly to our web page where you can find out the latest on the investigation and reaction from lawmakers. >> another big story we're following tonight. a move has been launched in sacramento to try to remove lakewood democrat anthony rendon as assembly speaker. no specific reasons have been given. but sources at the legislature tell us a series of unnamed issues led to the decision. democratic lawmakers are looking to have salinas assemblyman robert grievous succeed. rendon. they will have to hold a public vote on the change. the earliest chance of that happening would be tuesday. kron four's ashley zavala. we'll have details on this story coming up tonight on kron. 4 news at 6. alright as we have a live look at traffic around the bay area course. you know, holiday weekend is officially kicking off today, although a lot of folks were taking off yesterday yesterday, indeed.
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kron four's rebecca show joins us now with a look at the forecast. and boy, is it cool down the past couple ticks big-time? i mean, i was living in near the triple digit area. so it was very, very earlier this week. so, yes, we're very appreciative, especially inland with the all these 70's, very comfortable, very conditions that we're seeing. >> and in memorial weekend is going to be much of the same or actually seeing a lot of fog out there right now. and things are really going to start cool down. we today we're going to feel that the rest of the weekend. so it's still going to be nice as far as barbecuing and getting outside. but it's not going to be a i want to say miserable. some folks love it hot, but it's definitely going to be a lot more comfortable for a lot of people. the golden gate bridge, though, really nice shot. right now we're seeing of the breeze starts to pick up as well around the bay area. we're going to see that over the next couple of hours and we're going to see it during the overnight hours as well. and then yes, cooler temperatures throughout the entire weekend. and then the possibility of some maybe afternoon sprinkles tomorrow afternoon in the north and even along the peninsula, we
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could be seeing that and it's going to be very light. it's about a 20 to 30% chance. but we're seeing week tail and of the storm system that we're tracking. and then next week it's going to be far different. a warm-up that we're going to be seeing and things are going to get back to feeling like spring to even summer-like conditions. i'll have all those details coming up a little bit later. back to the news. thanks effect. also coming up. >> just about 4 hours from fall day, the nra has started its annual gun convention in houston. and there are lots of people criticizing decision to go forward with that one bay area. lawmakers is saying about that move to proceed with the event. looking ahead, the napa for a look at the bottle. rock festivities says the three-day music fest kicks off the holiday weekend. nation rejoicing. the warriors. back in the nba finals. this championship run may have been aided by a popular rapper.
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>> giants manager gabe kepler says that he will not be leaving the dugout for the national anthem. that's because he says the u.s. is not currently representing its people. well, kron, 4 sports reporter kate rooney joins us now. and kate, obviously he's going to get some heat from some people because of this. some people will applaud. >> the move. but he says he feels he has to do it. >> yeah, he said he knows that there's still a large group of people that will view this as offensive to former military members, veterans, et cetera. it's not what he means, though. this is in direct response to tuesday's shooting in uvalde, texas. this morning. kaplan posted a long piece to his personal blog explaining his decision to skip standing for the national anthem during games for the fore eeable future. in the lengthy post, kaplan explained that when he was a young boy, his father encouraged him to stand for the national anthem if he felt our country was representing its people. well and sit if you felt it wasn't
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today coupler road. he is quote, not okay with the state of this country. the third-year giants skipper who has been outspoken on social justice issues issues during the george floyd protests in 2020, for example, he cited mishandling of tuesday's shooting by uvalde police and an action by elected representatives. this afternoon he spoke to reporters i i just don't i don't plan on coming out for for the anthem going forward until i feel like. >> there's i i feel better about the direction of our country. that that will be the step. i don't i don't expected to to move the needle necessarily. it's just something feel strongly enough about. 2, 2, take that step. >> kaplan wrote in his post that he felt uncomfort%ble standing for the anthem during tuesday's game. but that that day he didn't want to draw any attention from the knowledge meant of the involved a
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victim. so now that, you know, things have passed, he was able to explain why he would be doing it. he felt it was more appropriate to introduce this now, rather than that day. >> sporting a, you know, events and people are taking a stand and letting it be known. will be interesting to see if anyone else follows in his footsteps with this decision. i guess last night during the yankees rays game, each organizations, social media teams instead of updating their >> fans about what was going on there. they tweeted air tweeted out instagram doubt facts about gun violence in america for 3 and a half hours took a lot of heat for that. got a lot of, you know, applause and admiration for that. it's a a polarizing topic. but courageous to take a stand. exactly that. it is ok, you've got a platform. so. >> thank you, kate. thanks, kate. it's official. it is
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official. the warriors are headed back to the nba finals. and chase center. it is getting a taste of the playoffs. now this is the 6th time in 8 years. the dubs clinched a spot in the finals. a remarkable run. what a dynasty this is. and there's a new theory brewing online that suggests the warriors could be champion sick and it has to do with rapper kendrick lamar. so, yeah, who knows here? but since 2015, the warriors have never won a championship in a year that lamar did not drop an album in 2015, he released his sophomore album to a butterfly the same year the warriors won their first ring under head coach steve kerr the rapper then drop the album in 2017 and the soundtrack to the black panther album in 2018 is the warriors won 2 championships in a row with kd on the squad after taking a few years off, lamar released his 5th album, mister morale
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and the big steppers just a couple weeks ago. so hope that trend continue this year. we will just have to wait and see. but you can only hope. so. i'm more practical matter. here's a look at the schedule for the nba finals case. you're just did they begin this upcoming thursday, june second, tip off time scheduled for 6 o'clock. the boy are still waiting to see who they're going to play as the boston celtics and the miami heat battle it out for the eastern conference championship. >> and if you're trying to go to game one of the finals, could cost you a pretty penny. we just check the price is the cheapest ticket. more than 800 bucks. that includes the fees, the most expensive ticket for sale at those are over. 74 $1000. that is for a courtside seat, a singular seat i might add. i don't know about all okay. well, if you're one of the millions of people hitting
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the roads over the holiday weekend, aaa has its list of best and worst times to drive. >> if you're leaving town today, the worst time to be on the road is right now. so if you're riding shotgun and watching on your phone, i don't know. do turn around and go home. probably not unless until 07:00pm, though they say you're better off, leaving early in the morning or late at night in general on saturday and sunday, the best time to hit the road. they say before 10:00am and on mondays, a lot of people are going to be heading home. triple a suggests leaving before millions of folks expected to hit the road for the long memorial day weekend. so if you're filling up in the bay area, you can >> expect to pay some record high gas prices according to triple a you're going to be paying more than $6 a gallon almost where ever you look, napa has the most expensive you bottle rockers that $6.32 per gallon. cheapest gas in the valais area. that is 6 blocks and $0.9 week caught up with one driver in the east
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bay who says he pays hundreds of dollars every week just to fill up this tank. how much does it cost to that? >> but a full tank, but foot back. probably 120. but time. put the $400 week. $400. yes, there's nothing you can do, right? you need this money to do it. yeah. needed to for sure. >> so you run a business. how do you? make it work? how does it happen? well, some things that thing the say why you try me a little more, you know up and we need to raise the prices and all the jobs for sure. that's everything. got a lot of money. >> happening now, some people are choosing to spend their holiday weekend enjoying some art music and wine. you mentioned, the bottle rock music festival returns to napa for 3 days kicked off today. kron 4 s charles clifford reports. >> well, your nap on friday. bottle rock has returned. the
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gates opened up at 11 30 on friday morning. people just rushing in. a lot of these folks were metallica fans in a hurry to get their seats lockdown as early as possible. now, bottle rock features food and music, of course, and there are 5 stages with over 70 acts. the headliners on friday are metallica. and then on saturday as 21 pilots in black crowes on sunday, it is pink and luke combs. now last year's bottle rock was held in september. but this year they've moved it back to its normal days, which is the memorial day weekend. and people are just happy to get back to normal. it is. it's really great to interact with other people. just kind be unified by music. of course we did. we went to coachella earlier this year. so trying to as many concerts some of the kinds of their open now. >> couple other things this year. you do not have to show proof of vaccination to get into bottle rock. >> you also don't have to wear a mask. you certainly can if you want it's recommended for some of the indoor venues. one other thing, if you're headed here to the concert, keep in mind that parking is extremely tight and it's highly recommended that you plan
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ahead. >> but for now in the north bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> coming up. but north a theme park debuts a thrilling new family roller coaster at animal exhibit experience all in one. >> and the tense trial between johnny depp and amber heard wrapping up today. why why experts are saying neither one make it
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(music throughout)
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>> if you've been you know, it's been 6 weeks of toxic testimony for actor johnny depp and amber heard that is suing his ex-wife for 50 million dollars over an op-ed piece she wrote describing yourself as a victim of domestic violence. depp says those allegations are false. he says heard concocted stories and images of the abuse too tarnish his life and his career heard filed 100 million dollar counterclaim after depp's attorneys called her a liar. well, now it's up to a jury to decide who's telling the truth.
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>> this was a very toxic unhealthy relationship that both of their careers were either room or severely destroyed. it will be difficult for either of them to regain the reputation they once had. >> the jurors who are currently in deliberations as we speak. they must come to a unanimous decision in order for death or heard to get paid. legal experts say the jury could decide that neither one is telling the truth and that both will get 0. up next. >> sometimes taking deep threats just as in the now we'll talk with a mental health expert about how people can help manage stress and anxiety after a string of mass shootings and a slew of other troubling events around the world. and teaming up to fight against climate change. california announces a new international partnership.
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>> the nra is holding its annual convention in houston, just about 300 miles from tuesday's mass shooting in uvalde. it. there were several calls from organizations and politicians for the nra to cancel. but they went on.
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>> as planned several high-profile conservative politicians are speaking at the event over the next 3 days, including former president trump who just addressed the crowd. har rob nesbitt joins us live in studio with more on what happened during. >> today's event and >> the criticism that organizers are receiving for. >> forging ahead. it's criticized. a lot of people are showing up guys around. 55,000 people are expected to go to this convention over the weekend. several attendees canceled their speaking engagements to be on stage, but that didn't stop others from showing up. >> and speaking their opinions about the school shooting and gun control. >> before entering the door of houston's george r brown convention center. nra members were met with a chance and signs of protesters. senator scott wiener describes the association's choice to have the convention 3 days after the uvalde school shooting as tnne deaf. it's not surprising because we are a stronger over and over again. >> but it could care less


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