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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  May 27, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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high-profile conservative politicians are speaking at the event over the next 3 days, including former president trump who just addressed the crowd. har rob nesbitt joins us live in studio with more on what happened during. >> today's event and >> the criticism that organizers are receiving for. >> forging ahead. it's criticized. a lot of people are showing up guys around. 55,000 people are expected to go to this convention over the weekend. several attendees canceled their speaking engagements to be on stage, but that didn't stop others from showing up. >> and speaking their opinions about the school shooting and gun control. >> before entering the door of houston's george r brown convention center. nra members were met with a chance and signs of protesters. senator scott wiener describes the association's choice to have the convention 3 days after the uvalde school shooting as tnne deaf. it's not surprising because we are a stronger over and over again. >> but it could care less >> about this mass shootings
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that are literally showing her children friday, speakers included nra leaders, senator ted cruz and former president donald trump. he started by reading the names of the 19 students and 2 teachers who were shot and killed tuesday. aletha. >> ramirez. >> listing off ways to prevent another mass shooting that included changing the approach to mental health and increasing security in schools. >> there should be strong exterior fencing, metal detectors and the use of new technology to make sure that no unauthorized individual can ever enter the school. some politicians and celebrities canceled their appearances on stage, including texas governor greg abbott. >> he instead sent a pre-recorded video saying stricter gun laws aren't the answer. thousands of laws on the books across the country that limit but owning or using a firearms. laws that have not stopped mad men from carrying out evil acts on innocent people. senator wiener says
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the country should take california's lead a state with laws that restrict the access to assault weapons and require strong background checks before purchase. we already have the strongest gun safety laws in the country. we also have. >> and one student, one of the lowest ratee of gun violence. >> the nra's annual meeting is only open to members despite their common interests. attendees are prohibited from bringing firearms or any firearm accessories into the convention. reporting live in studio. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank you, robin. you tonight at 5 san jose police will be increasing their presence around schools in that city now until june 10th, the department's going to be a signing 4 squad cars to patrol all schools. each car will have 2 officers inside san jose. police say that this program is designed to put parents, students and teachers at ease following the mass shooting in texas. our current course justin campbell is on this story and he'll have more information coming up on kron. 4 news at 8.
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>> and san francisco unified school district is launching an anonymous reporting system. students in grades 6 through 12. well, now be trained on how to report serious concerns. they have still have access to a crisis hotline, a mobile app and a website tipsters can use the system for a number of things from school threats they see around them to getting help with more personal issues like mental health and or bullying. some parents are actually turning to bulletproof backpacks in the wake of the texas school shooting. >> demand for bulletproof gear. it's spiking with many companies reporting an increase in interest and purchases since the shooting. bulletproof backpacks are designed so that kids can protect themselves by holding up the backpack, too. deflect the intention behind bulletproof backpacks is to provide people some time and the little protection in the event of a shooting, the cost of a bulletproof backpack,
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though, is not cheap prices range from 100 to $400. and as we wrap up another stressful week, what has been an extremely challenging last couple of years for all of us. we're taking a moment now to talk about mental health and this week, especially upsetting it the tragedy. and you've all day it is so traumatic for many of us, even if we're not, you know, directly connected to that shooting or >> that part of the country kron 4 sleet shares a therapist's advice now on how to navigate these troubling times. >> years in the society reckons with another mass school shooting mounted on top of rising covid-19 case rates and the financial stress associated with recovering from the pandemic. doctor renee collins was a licensed marriage and family therapist based in castro valley and says people should be open and with themselves about what
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contributes to their stress. so their stress can be addressed lot reactions just, you know, frank beautifully. when you said before, he don't deny it because we did not. and you kind of up. >> and we've all loved. it will be and also forms that and anger that the the most that in some more to get people pay for dangerous saints. doctor mom who works with kids through head start program says it's important to talk to young people about tragedy like the texas killings. >> adding, though, that it's important adults do so calmly. he says kids can sense a person stress through body language, even if their words are reassuring. unfortunately, you know, that is an opportunity for a teacher that when they are upset with where they are said think things are fair. >> his ways to handle it can be kind of system other people. it's also important to enjoy the positive things in life says doctor he says it's
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unhealthy to dwell on the negative, especially if it's out of your control that you can't do. you can't do things that are not used to. you might want to something. guests but you know, you do what you can do. >> and you figured out that gives people a sense of power control and stability. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> all right. well, the weather is positive. giving us a live look outside right now as a foe. lot of folks taking off for the long weekend. yeah. get the town back. a strong is here with us. now, though, we're happy about that. rebecca, that kind of a dreary start to the holiday weekend. it really has been, i mean, a lot of gray skies. so we've been seeing that at least 1000. it is hot. i would say it's like the cooler right? most people like the more comfortable temperatures. folks like it hot, though. so i understand. but it looks like this weekend is going to be a pretty mild and cool. >> and a little bit more comfortable than what we saw toward said the beginning of the week. >> outside right now, you can see exactly why. yes, a little bit dreary out there. we've been seeing a gray skies across the bay area. in fact, even yesterday we saw it as
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well. lots of fog. lots of cloud cover really starting to roll through. now. thus our live camera network our east bay's own the star camera, top of the berkeley hills. and you can check out look at all these temperatures. the ranging anywhere from the 50's 60's and even the 70's. 57 right now and half moon bay 60's, though, along the east bay shoreline. 65 in hayward. 64 degrees in oakland right now. 70, if you're in concord, 73 in fairfield, a really nice mild temperature there. 66 in napa and 63 degrees, mostly 60's in our north zone. there is a slight chance of some sprinkles tomorrow tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. it looks like if it happens, it's going to be primarily in the north bay, but we are tracking a light system here. looks like the tail end of it. we might be a getting some of it towards the bay area. and again, you're going to see it anywhere north of the golden gate bridge, possibly along the peninsula as well. but in the afternoon hours, it's going to be very quick. and then you can see sunday and even into monday
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will be dry. but temperatures are going to be nice and mostly in the 70's. in fact, here's a quick peek about tomorrow and i'll be back with more of these temperatures coming up. and my reporting a little bit later, grant. back to you. all right, rebecca, coming up, a man being called a hero tonight after saving his 4 year-old neighbor from drowning. >> how he was able to act so quickly. also, a car crashes through a store window. look at that. and it's 2 people what police say this ha
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take a look at this dramatic video out of this is out of arizona car as you saw there, just crashes straight through. >> a convenience store. it sends to employees flying. about 25 feet. fortunately, those employee suffered only minor injuries. police say that the driver accidently left the car in drive and then hit the accelerator is what happens. the driver was not charged for the crash but to was later arrested on an unrelated warrant. how are those minor injuries? that's the kind drilled okay in kansas. now. >> an alert neighbor and his son saved a four-year-old boy is apartment complex. the four-year almost drowned after jumping into a pool. and this thing was caught on video. take a look. a little boy here. just kind of runs into the pole, jumps right in now a
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12 year-old boy living in the same what happened right to tell his dad. there you see dad. yeah. coming out and pulls the little child out of the water and immediately starts chest compressions until ems arrived. >> definitely hits home a lot harder. having a son myself and glad everything turned out the way the club that he's okay now and my best friend. so i don't know what it would do that. >> mom, so lucky as to that guy and the 12 year-old we're able to help the man who saved the child is being recognized as a hero by the local fire station. there. and the little 4 year-old is doing just fine. >> well, still ahead, the fda says that we can expect baby fo
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>> a promising update on that baby formula shortage. the fda says supplies should be back to normal by. >> that's not that soon. the shortage has been getting worse since the abbott industries plant. that company was forced to close in february because of unsanitary conditions around 300,000 cans of formula have already arrived from overseas. and are being handed out to babies who have dire medical need. so not just going to normal store shelves, at least at this point. fda officials say more formula will be back on the shelves in june and they
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estimate that shows will be fully stocked back to normal by midsummer again, july at some point while supplies are limited, many retailers are cans per purchase. after t 4 p- months internal deliberation, top white house aides are currently planning to cancel $10,000 in student debt per borrower. >> but they are waiting for president biden's approval. biden allegedly planned to make the announcement as soon as this weekend. but timing has changed after the massacre in texas. the white house's latest plan called for limiting debt forgiveness, too. americans who earn less than 100 and $50,000 in the previous year. it's not clear if the administratioe will still require interest and payments to resume at the end of august. when the current pause is scheduled to lapse. >> before has entered a new climate partnership with new zealand. now how this? we're
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figuring not actually how to achieve them. that's hard. that stubborn right from the beginning. it was new zealand who is also pushing for those progressive elements of the eu. in that we still continue to seek reform on today. and sorry for that demonstrates i think some of she'd values that we have. and those are rough week. a popular new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern joined governor newsom today at the san francisco botanical garden. >> the partnership with california new zealand will establish a formal exchange of ideas for how to combat climate change and how to better generate and use renewable energy. >> taking a live look outside right now from a our mount tam cam. beautiful shot there. >> if you love clouds and fog, that is your wheelhouse right there. it is been an interesting week here in the bay area, triple digits
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earlier for inland areas and then it's like we flipped a switch yesterday. it was even cooler today. he yeah, a little glue a lot of sunshine that we saw today. but >> i mean, we'll take it right. we'll see what those triple digits every take some rain. are you offering or i would love to say that we're offering rain. there is a slight chance as we go into tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. the north bay could be seeing some sprinkles and even along the peninsula. >> it's going to be really light, though, in a very light chance about a 30% chance or so. but there is the outside right now. you can see yes, lots of clouds, lots of fog starting to roll through the bay area. thus our live camera overlooking san francisco international airport where, you know, it's going to be busy this weekend for the holiday and we're looking at so the visibility going to be just getting a less and less as we get into the overnight hours because more 5 more that marine layer going to be rolling through. definitely cooling things down around the bay area versus what we saw like grand. thank you for
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mentioning during the beginning of the week. temperatures outside right now already starting to cool down. we're at 57 here in half moon bay. 59 in pacifica right now. 60's along the east bay shoreline. 65 degrees in hayward, 60 in alameda right now. downtown oakland, you're currently at 64 and some 70's as we get inland like a concord, 70 degrees right now. pittsburgh, 73 brentwood, one of our warmer spots still in the upper 70's at 78 degrees. napa. 66 59. if you're currently in petaluma, 69 and saint winds are going to be picking up. you could probably feel it outside right now. very breezy, especially around the bay. and as we get inland and in fact, they're going to remain pretty steady during the overnight hours and the reeling in a start to kick up as we get into tomorrow afternoon, like i was mentioning the possibility of some sprinkles in the north bay and even along the peninsula, we're just going to see a tail and a really weak cold frontal system that's going to be a going through. but you can see in the 20's and 30's as far as those gusts
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co, especially in our north zone. so keep that in mind. things are going to feel a lot cooler tomorrow evening. temperatures tomorrow. look at the breakdown. we're going to be the 50's and the 60's along the coast. upper 60's around the bay and then just topping out into the 70's as we get further inland live to livermore 70 for 72 in concord, upper 60's in oakland and along hayward. 64 right here in san francisco. 57 for half moon bay. i-70 around the bay forecast. yes, it's going to be a lot cooler into a memorial day weekend and then things are really going to start to heat up as we get into next week. we're talking hot on wednesday, 80's that we're going to be seeing inland 70's around the bay in 60's at the coast. back to the news now. that is summer. okay. thank you, rebecca. san francisco's carnival will be celebrated in person this weekend after a two-year pandemic hiatus. >> the two-day festival is the city's yearly celebration of latin american and caribbean culture. it's in the mission and features food, crafts, music and the grand parade
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this year steam his colors of love. the festival starts tomorrow. and the parade begins sunday morning at 9.30, at 24th and bryant. >> imagine this. you get to ride a roller coaster and experience and animal safari all at the same time. it's exactly what you get on a brand new ride making its debut at 6 flags. discovery kingdom in vallejo tonight, heat on wallace got to test it out. he reports now from 6 flags. >> good morning. and he's always a fun time here at the 6 flags, discovery kingdom in vallejo. and this is it. this is the famous sidewinder safari. we're talking about 1378 feet of slithering track here. i just one on the right myself. and it was a fun time with the park and general manager. take a >> have been designed a now
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this attraction is the theme parks. 11th roller coaster and get this. when you wait in line. >> you can actually passed by exhibits featuring real life reptiles. we caught up with one of the workers here known as captain lee about why he loves this right. so much, 1300 feet us live in tracked twists and turns and drops. the whole thing is just going to be amazing. people going to love it indeed a fun place to be. and if reptiles are your thing and food is, well, the good news is you're in luck. a look at all this food. you can get here at 6 flags in valais hole. and one final thing since series that today is open just to the season pass holders. they will get a special preview to go on the right and tomorrow the ride opens to the general public. it opens at 11:00am you can buy your tickets on the 6 flags website reporting here in the lake away time was. >> alright next at 5.
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>> this young lady in alabama's about graduate high school and start a new chapter. how long? got her? the best gra
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>> there it is a sweet moment between mom and daughter in
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alabama. u.s. army soldier treated sisk surprised her daughter before her high school graduation sisk has been deployed in kuwait. >> sisk urges well or daughter jai sits at a restaurant and watching a video message from her mom. yeah, it's like home and can't be here because she's serving in kuwait. so here's your graduation video message. but then it's the real thing. just a. a lovely little moment there. and and, you know, it's good win. the hugs just won't let go right to see that. mom and daughter just wouldn't wouldn't let go of the embrace. so let that play out that the u.s. army, though, says that will be returning to duty in kuwait after the graduation. so that you can make it back to alabama in more than just virtually. and that wraps up kron. 4 news at 5. thanks for being with us this hour. stick around, though. a lot more news is set to come on. kron. 4 news at 6. ken and catherine are here with a look at that.
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appropriate considering what we're doing now. we're going into the memorial day weekend to what it means to be home for the holidays. it is a day meant. remember the sacrifice of u.s. military personnel. but >> this also kicks off the unofficial start to summer. checking out the travel conditions. >> as millions of people skipped town for the long weekend, also, a texas authorities today admitting to big mistakes and their response to the school shooting that killed 19 children to teachers. law enforcement experts are weighing in on what needs to happen now. that was quick. and rewarding. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. that means i earn on my bug spray and my sunscreen. you ready to go fishing? i got the bait. i also earn 5% on travel purchased through chase on this rental car.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> if you're at the airport, a lot of people on the road this memorial day weekend, the travel rush is underway. >> and despite things like sky high gas prices, apparently a lot of people just want to get away. now, let's take a live look at some of the bridges around the bay so i'm like, ok, the richmond, sandra fell the golden gate bridge. look pretty good. tampa tail and they were bridge not too bad, but that is a big backup. the at the bay bridge. people trying to get into the city. >> i think a lot of people took off earlier in the afternoon to head out because, yeah, i saw at the early afternoon. 1, 2 o'clock people hitting the road. kron four's beckstrom tells us, though, weather is looking pretty good this holiday weekend. yeah, really goo


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