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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  May 27, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> if you're at the airport, a lot of people on the road this memorial day weekend, the travel rush is underway. >> and despite things like sky high gas prices, apparently a lot of people just want to get away. now, let's take a live look at some of the bridges around the bay so i'm like, ok, the richmond, sandra fell the golden gate bridge. look pretty good. tampa tail and they were bridge not too bad, but that is a big backup. the at the bay bridge. people trying to get into the city. >> i think a lot of people took off earlier in the afternoon to head out because, yeah, i saw at the early afternoon. 1, 2 o'clock people hitting the road. kron four's beckstrom tells us, though, weather is looking pretty good this holiday weekend. yeah, really good guys. because not
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going to be too hot nor too cold. it's going to be right kind of in the middle. so, yes, we're talking mostly 70's around the bay area. if you like those, it's going to be a perfect holiday weekend for you. >> outside right now, you can the cool off is all thanks to a lot of the clouds and fog starting to roll through here. the golden gate bridge. in fact, you can see the flag on the right hand side of the screen. it's definitely going to be breezy during the overnight hours. winds are going to really be a factor as we get into tomorrow evening as well. but cooler temperatures that we can expect this weekend versus what we saw at the beginning of the week and the possibility of some sprinkles tomorrow evening in the north and maybe even along the peninsula. we're going to be seeing a tail and a really weak storm system coming through and that's is going to keep us a really cool tomorrow. temperature wise, possibly bringing those sprinkles and also kicking up the wind speed. next week, though, a big warm-up that we're talking upper 80's for summer inland spots. i'll have more details on all of this coming up in just a bit. back to the town for the holiday
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weekend. that's often pretty big deal. now on the covid restrictions have been lifted in the >> 3 day weekend is seen as the unofficial start of summer and for more, we're going to head north kron four's terisa stasio joining us live. she's a nevado theresa. i know you're talking to visitors travelers. what are they telling you? >> well, right now, i want to show you what the traffic is light. and of course, we're back was talking about the wind and it is certainly really windy out here. we are in nevada. that's one that you can see right behind me. and you can save yourself that there is not a lot of traffic. it's been a very interesting traffic pattern. and i think you guys both hit it on that. the nail on the head because earlier today when i was out here, this was like a parking lot. now, it doesn't seem that there's a lot of people out here. it's probably backed up a little bit more on the narrows, as can you know that area. well, when you head up towards that heading towards petaluma against a really restricted out there, let's talk about people like was
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several gable this friday afternoon before the three-day weekend. now only one person i spoke with said that he and the family were going to be going out of town. everyone else said that they were staying local. some blame the high price of gasoline. and then some pointed to the rising rates of covid. take a listen. >> yes, so we're hanging out. sarah fell and trying to go to the pool gets warm. a lot of park time. we have 18 month-old so. >> spending time outside and just hang out family and friends. i think in a covid little bit on the rise there, just trying to keep it a little bit close to home and not, you know, not not increase in the extra risk, but we're happy to be local and hanging out. so no, we did. our traveling last weekend to beat the crowds. >> and was an expensive, the gas and all that. it was very expensive. we've we have a rv. >> and we feel that app and we went well. we will be doing that as much as we normally do.
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>> now, speaking of travel and town here locally and marin county open airport is reporting a huge swell passengers. so indeed, a lot of people, you know, flying out coming in to have a great time on this 3 day weekend. and of course, it is kind of the kickoff for summer. but right now the temperatures are pretty mild here in nevado. but the wind is certainly kicking up as you can kind of see, i'm flapping around here. reporting live here in the bottom. theresa stasi, back to you guys. >> forecast theresa, thanks so much. if you are among the many people hitting the road for memorial day weekend, aaa has it does this every year list of the best and worst times to drive. they considered today up until 7 a bad time ago that windows closing soon. people have been urged to leave early tomorrow instead or late at night saturday and sunday lead by 10:00am if you're heading home
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they say also lead by 10 in the morning, we have other details on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> if you are going on a trip this holiday weekend, expect to pay some record high gas prices according to triple a you can expect to pay more than $6 a gallon just about anywhere. you look, napa has the most expensive gas in the bay area on average at 6.32. a gallon. the lowest price gas is in area at $6.9. a gallon. a woman kneels next to tiny white crosses lining the grass outside robb elementary school in texas. and just when we thought that this horrible situation couldn't get any worse, it seems that has mistakes were made in those critical moments with the children and their teachers trapped inside a classroom in uvalde, texas. the head of the texas department of public safety now admits it was the wrong decision to delay confronting the shooter and as the shooting happened, tuesday might remember there were scared, frustrated parents
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screaming at law enforcement asking officers to get inside the building. today we learned a little girl inside the classroom with the shooter has been calling 9-1-1 several times whispering to the dispatcher. please send police. now. there are still children alive in here. brian entin has the latest on the investigation. all eyes are now on the police response at robb elementary. >> the director of the texas department of public safety says officers waited too long to go inside and save children. benefit of hindsight where i'm sitting now. >> and of course, it was about the right decision the wrong decision. very there's no no excuse for that. a new timeline is now emerging at 11. 28. the gunman crashed his truck near the school. >> 2 minutes later, a teacher called 9-1-1 and said there was a man with a gun at 11. 31, the gunman started shooting in the school parking lot at 11. 33, he entered the school. investigators say he entered through a propped open
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side or made a turn down the hallway and entered rooms one 11 1.12 where he fired more than 100 rounds. 2 minutes later at 11. 35 3 officers entered the school by 12. 0, 3.19, officers are inside the school in the hallway. the student calls 9-1-1 from one of the classrooms at 12, 15 more tactical officers arrive. one minute later, the same student calls 9-1-1, for a 4th time and says 8 or 9 children are still alive in her classroom. but it's not until 12, 50 an hour and 15 minutes after officers first entered the school that they breached the classroom door and killed the gunman. the texas department of public safety says the incident commander made the decision to wait instead of going in immediately searched, sir, who was the incident commander and has that chief the consolidated been school. is the incident command and has that person been raised is a cool. he's the chief of police. okay. i think this is sped up.
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>> yeah. yeah. that's come back and discuss this. on what? from one, 30 hollers were clear that they should have gone right in with again, i you know, i'm not going dps says the chief believe the situation had transitioned from active shooter to a barricaded gunman. they say he was wrong and the waiting may have cost lives. texas governor greg abbott who praised the police response earlier this week was frustrated today. i was misled. >> in detail about what everybody in that room told me and sequential order about what happened. there are people who deserve answers the most. and those are the families whose lives have been destroyed. answers that. inexcusable. i have suffered from any inaccurate information whatsoever.
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>> that was brian entin reporting for us tonight. the admission from texas law enforcement that the shooting was mishandled. his reason a lot of questions about training and decision-making tonight. kron four's dan kerman talk to experts to get some insight. >> is a variant. there's no no excuse for that. law enforcement authorities in texas admitted friday they should not have waited. 45 minutes to re-engage the shooter who barricaded himself in a classroom with school kids, especially considering shooting, continued during that time frame. the protocol is very clear. you have no choice but >> stop the shooter come pulling the trigger. >> pierre, everybody knows that. there's a you know, you go to the gun. go to that you confront the threat. yeah. and you want to neutralize and stop the threat. if it's ongoing, you know not you don't have the luxury of time. experts say given what's known now, law enforcement officials clearly made a mistake. it was
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the wrong call because they had an active shooter and they're the continued the shooting killing of the kids. apparently they had. >> active shooter training and while the and a that part of texas. but apparently they need to do some more trade. >> experts say that active shooter training must also include what happens when a suspect barricades himself with his victims. they also say there must be better coordination with schools before an incident happens. not just something you can read, but actual training. >> where there's interaction and where they have a protocol and then were they where they tell the school what to do when there's a line of communications set up. >> experts say investigators will have to determine whether it was poor training, her bed decision-making that led to the mistakes in texas. some are also calling for stepping up the way we protect our kids in school. >> thank you. need to have armed security, a deterrent, someone that that is trained
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with a firearm that can do something about this. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news. and we continue to follow developments on the shooting on air online at kron 4 dot com to stay up to date. you can scan this qr code on the screen. it will take you right to our website for the latest details. breaking news out of the state capitol to tell you about assembly. democrats say they want to remove the leader of that house speaker anthony rendon from his position actually first broke this story earlier this afternoon as lawmakers wrapped up for the week and she explains what's going on. >> multiple sources confirm assembly democrats will try to remove anthony rendon from that powerful leadership position. now, the sources i spoke to spoke on the condition. they remain anonymous, but they are close to the situation unfolding here at the state capitol. they would not get specific but said a series of issues led to this point where a majority of democrats feel it's time to move on from renton. we're told assemblyman
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robert reavis, a democrat from salinas has the votes to become the new speaker of the assembly. rebus confirmed this today rebus would be the first representative from a rural district to hold the position in modern history. he's the chairman of the agriculture committee and vice chair of the legislative latino caucus. speaker of the assembly serves as a link between this branch of state government and other major state and federal offices. the speaker assigns leaders of the assembly's various policy committees. in a statement riva said i'm honored to have earned the support and confidence from my colleagues across the state from the mexico border to the oregon border. i look forward to the progress we will make together to alleviate our affordability crisis. protect our environment and ensure california remains a land of opportunity for every resident. riva said he notified reading about the votes and discuss the leadership change but rent and has not yet commented. riva said, quote, anthony randon has been an effective and unifying speaker. i'm grateful to him for his steady leadership and i'm confident smooth transition of power is a shared value of hours. the
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timing of when a change in leadership could happen is unclear. the state budget is due june 15th and the primary election is less than 2 weeks away. rebus will need to be formally voted into the position by the full assembly on public record. the earliest that could happen is next tuesday, when lawmakers return to sacramento reporting at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> coming up, teaming up in the fight against climate change. california announces a new international partnership. we're going to head to napa for a look at the big rock and roll festival gets underway on a rock. >> also a former contra costa county sheriffs volunteer is now charged with selling ghost guns will hear from the count i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message.
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developments in the case of the former sheriff volunteer accused of building and selling ghost guns in contra costa county. criminal charges have now been filed today.
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kron four's haaziq mod-yoon talked exclusively with the contra conta a contra costa county d a about this investigation. >> former contra costa county sheriffs volunteer now charge kron four's learned this weekend. arrest warrant was issued for 54 year-old john key. he self tuesday. it has since posted bail. he had been charged with 2 felonies put illegally possessing a certain caliber of assault 2 different charges. and he was also charged with one misdemeanor for manufacturing or assembling an unregistered firearm. also known as about spin. >> the investigation is being led by the contra costa county district attorney's office. this is exclusive video of the search warrant being served at the home of judge back on february. 1st of this year, mister cain allegedly gained access to guns, gun parts and ammo for the technician while working at the sheriff's gun range in clayton. according to
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the probable cause document obtained by 4, he then sold it to civilians and sworn members of the contra costa county sheriff's office. i'm curious in light of that, your office and the sheriff's office been in communication about these allegations? >> we've not. but i do understand that i that the nation is still ongoing. and so that is always a possibility in the future. but that is an allegation crowd for first told you about this investigation earlier this month. >> investigators say 132 guns were confiscated from the home of jon and we spoke exclusively to his soon to be ex-wife who says she repeatedly tried to tip off the contra costa county sheriff's office about her husband want the right thing to happen. a lot. >> for my children to be safe, but the community safe. her efforts eventually getting the attention of the contra costa county district attorney, especially finding the ghost >> we believe in the district
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about that, that we have an obligation to wait for what we reached out to the contra costa county sheriff's office who declined to comment citing the ongoing investigation. john king was arrested and released on $200,000. as for the possibility of facing additional charges, the da would only say the investigation is has it made you kron 4 news? >> our 4 zone forecast and it is dinner time in richmond. yes, the osprey. a feeding time for the 2 chicks that hatched a week or so ago that she's tearing into a big fish. yeah. look at her feeding them. we believe that's mom and forgot the name of the say it's rich or something having to do with richmond since this is in richmond that over near the rosie the riveter museum. i'm just fascinated at her tearing off those chunks of fission turning around what she will do in a moment here. there she goes, no feeding. i
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mean, it's just a lovely thing to watch. yeah. like to eat fish she's training them. right. so we're going to keep watching these guys. i think with some 1.2 eur ago and we saw them grow up and start their first flights out of that mass. so they have that live camera there. anybody can go find a i'm sure if you just it and find it. but any was so fun to watch. all right. conference or back of strong is here. it's but it's still pretty overcast out there. yeah, it really is. guys. we're seeing a lot of gray skies around the bay area. so no sunshine. it's been a lot cooler. but hey, we'll take it right. so no triple digits. >> this weekend is going to be more comfortable if you temperatures in the 70's. >> we're going to see some 60's. you can still get out there and barbecue on memorial day. it's just not going to be a scorching hot as will be felt earlier in the week outside right now, you can see, yes, a very breezy here in san francisco in other parts of the bay area's coit tower right here in downtown. but yes, a very overcast gray shop temperatures definitely starting to cool off are looking at 70 degrees right now. downtown san jose 50's
6:21 pm
and 60's along the east bay shoreline hayward, 63 degrees. 59 in alameda at the coast. 50's like pacifica. 56, half moon bay. you're currently at 57 looking 63 and allay 72 in fairfield in pittsburgh inland. we're still seeing some of those 70's petaluma currently at 57. and yes, much cooler than what we've seen over the last couple of days. and in fact, it's going to continue that way into the entire holiday weekend. we could actually see some sprinkles. thanks to this. a tail end of this storm system, the were possibly going to get touching down into the bay area tomorrow afternoon and into the evening hours, primarily in the north bay, maybe the peninsula might see some of the sprinkles, but it's going to be very light if anything, and then things are going to dry out into a sunday and monday. but the winds are still going to be a factor. we're still going to see some of those great conditions over the next couple of days and cooler ones until next week. things are going to heat up. i'll have all those details coming up in just a bit. ken.
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>> thank you. rebecca. today, california entered a new climate partnership with new zealand. that country's prime minister joined governor gavin newsom in san francisco to make that announcement. we're now on how business. we're figuring not actually how to achieve them. that's hard. that stubborn right from the beginning. it was new zealand who is also pushing for those progressive elements of the eu. in that we still continue to seek reform on today. >> and sorry for that demonstrates i think some of should value set. we have. >> the partnership establishes a formal exchange of ideas for combating climate change and making more use from renewable energy. coming up, the jury in the defamation trial between johnny and amber heard has begun deliberations. >> we'll tell you what the judge had to say today.
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ask your dermatologist defamation trials of actors, johnny depp and amber heard her now in the hands of a jury yet after 6 weeks, more than 100 hours of testimony, closing arguments were made today. reporter jennifer mcgraw has details. >> it has been 6 weeks of toxic testimony for both amber heard and johnny depp. now it's up to a jury to decide who is telling the truth. >> a parade like atmosphere outside is johnny depp arrived at the courthouse. it has been a similar scene there during each day of the trial. that's finally wrapping up with closing arguments. we ask you to give mustard at his life back. >> by telling the world that mister depp is not the abuser death. a suing ex-wife, amber heard for 50 million over an op-ed piece she wrote describing herself as a domestic abuse victim. death says he never hit her and that she concocted the abuse to ruin his life and his career. it's hard to make sure all the time. >> pictures of mister jeffs
6:27 pm
pictures of cocaine, pictures of property damage, pictures of herself as an actress. she was photographed all the time. where are the pictures of the horrific injuries? misheard describes her attorneys argue there's plenty of evidence of abuse, both physical and emotional. >> there's been no testimony that the marks you see on every space, including this mark with a straight line from the lower eye to the top for temple heard filed 100 million dollar counterclaim after deaths. attorneys called her a liar. they also argue that the op-ed piece doesn't name depp and in fact, say hurd wrote the article to support domestic violence legislation not to slam johnny. if you believe that miss her did not act, which legal in writing her off that then you must return a verdict for misheard experts following this trial closely say jurors have a lot to consider. the takeaway is that this was a very toxic. >> unhealthy relationship that both of their careers were
6:28 pm
either room or severely destroyed. it will be difficult for either of them to regain the reputation they once had. and jurors must come to a unanimous decision. and legal expert alison triessl says quite frankly, jurors could decide, but neither one are telling the truth and both will get nothing. >> that was reporter jennifer mcgraw. again with that story. >> russia continues to make gains in eastern ukraine capturing another city. why ukraine authorities say what happened in mariupol. it happened again. and when the fda says we might expect some baby for my supplies to back to normal. plus, it's been a rough week with news of the murder of schoolchildren in texas. sen rough couple of years. the pandemic to have some tips on navigating
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