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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 27, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> and nowadays, the holiday weekend is here. we're keeping an eye on the roads and the skies as people head out of town, why texas authorities say they made a wrong decision when responding to the school shooting that left 19 students and 2 teachers dead. >> also and new plan to increase security at south bay schools. how san jose police are responding to the texas shooting. thank you for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. it is set to be a busy weekend of holiday travel all over the bay area from the roads to the skies. we have team coverage of the push to get out of town. let's first. >> head over to kron four's theresa she caught up with some drivers who are heading
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to the north bay north. a little calmer out there right now. theresa looks like everybody got out of town who wanted to go. >> i think they were so wise, ken and catherine to get out of town early. now earlier, it was a little tricky out here. it kind of looks like a parking lot. not actually a one. 0 one heading northbound here in nevada. >> anyway, at this hour, as you can see behind me that there is no problems out here. >> but the interesting thing was that everyone i spoke with, they actually we're not heading out of town. they plan to have a staycation. this three-day weekend. >> the flip flops are out. so are the paddleboards rash guards. all signs summer is in the air here at sports basement in nevada. you can in the running i caught up with colin age 4 and his mom about what the family plans to do for the three-day memorial day weekend fest. i think in a covid little bit on the rise there, just trying keep it a little bit close to home and
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not, you know, not not increase in the extra risk, but we're happy to be local and hanging out. another new mom echo the sentiment, a staycation is in their plans. also paying out, sarah fell and trying to go to the pool gets warm. a lot of park time 18 months old. so >> spending time outside and just hang out. family and friends, others i saw out on friday had other reasons to stay put it actually try to rest because i'm an active coast guard reserve last weekend. and so for me, it's >> going home and doing the things you do my weekend because i give up at least one weekend a month. and you know, with my >> wife and my family, we did our traveling last weekend to beat the crowds. >> and was expensive. the gas and all that. it was very expensive. we've we have a rv. >> and we feel that app and we went well. we will be doing that as much as we normally do. >> enlarge contrast. take a
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look at this. oakland airport was buzzing with travelers. >> a spokesperson says that the latest figures show a sharp rise in people leaving for a vacation and coming in to have some fun in the bay area. >> so the bottom line in all of this, that no matter if people are having a staycation or if they're flying in or they're flying out or so for a bike that everyone seemed to be on the same page when it came to the fact that they were glad that it's 2022, not 2021 and that covid is less of an issue and that they are just going to have some fun reporting live here in nevada. theresa back to you guys. >> can't disagree with that. thanks, teresa. >> if you are filling up with gas before heading somewhere out of the bay area, you know, we can expect to pay record high prices. >> good luck finding any place selling gas for under $6 a gallon. napa has the most expensive gas in the bay area. $6 and $0.32 a gallon on average, the cheapest, the area for $6 and $0.9.
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>> holiday air travel season in full swing at sfo as people head out to their memorial day weekend destinations. and that's where we find kron four's gayle ong. she's joining us live from sfo. gayle. >> catherine and ken, well, it has been fairly quiet this evening, but workers tell me here at the airport, it has been busy in the holiday travel. rush is on and from people you know, getting away to their flights and even renting cars arriving here. they say they have seen an uptick in travel. and one thing that travelers i spoke with tell me is that the airfare has gone up. it was expensive. >> you care to share of it. a last minute for last minute to do is over 5,000. >> that is over $5,000 for a last-minute trip to hawaii. but that woman said it is all worth that. she's really excited for her vacation.
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meanwhile, with summer coming up, tsa says you need to come here early 2 hours for domestic flights, 3 hours for international reporting live from sfo, gayle ong kron, 4 news. all right, gail, thank you for that. now to our 4 zone forecast. you can see over at sfo there's a marine layer hanging in the sky. and rebecca strom us here and we're back. a lot of people going somewhere this weekend. >> yeah, right. or like the staycation, if you're going for say the bay area, weather is not going to get too hot not to get too cold. nice sweet spot if you like 70's around the bay area. that's what we're going to be expecting over the next couple of days. so a lot cooler the what we've been experiencing, especially the beginning of this week outside right now, though, yes, a marine layer keeping things nice and cool around the bay area here at the golden gate bridge, you can see, yes, the breeze is starting to pick up as well. we're going to be seeing winds increase, especially as we get into tomorrow. so your holiday weekend, cooler temperatures, you can expect and the possibility of some sprinkles tomorrow evening or even the
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early afternoon hours in the north bay, though, if we get anything and along the peninsula, we are tracking a really weak system. the tail end of it that might be bringing some of those sprinkles tomorrow. so yes, cooler temperatures. the winds are going to start to increase tomorrow afternoon as well. probably in your neighborhood. if you're in the north bay or some of our interior valleys. and then as we get into next week, big changes are on the horizon. a big warm-up that we're expecting. in fact, 80's upper 80's, even near 90 degrees and weaken expecting by wednesday of next week. for now, though, outside looking really good. we're seeing a lot of 50's and 60's on the board. a few 70's still struggling. 62 in san jose right now. 57 and hayward. 56 in alameda. we're looking at 54 degrees in berkeley. 54 degrees in san francisco and to see guys can see a much cooler conditions of what we've been experiencing earlier in the week. i like cooler, but a little sun would be nice. yeah. we'll get it on monday for sure. yet calling
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it the goldilocks temperature. not too hot. not too cold, all right. >> as we move into the holiday weekend, a police union is warning people to, quote, avoid unnecessary travel to the golden gate. national recreation area and the presidio. crawford's grant lotus is with us. grant is here. catherine, can earlier this week, the union representing the united states park police, which >> patrols many local national parks, issued a warning saying that these places just aren't safe destinations for families to visit. if the union chairman kenneth spencer, who released this statement, which reads in part, quote, millions of american families are putting the final touches on their summer vacation plans. it saddens me to say those plans should not include visits to the golden gate, national recreation area or the presidio because simply put they are not safe. the golden gate, national recreation area includes
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several sites in san francisco, san mateo and marin counties, including really popular places. alcatraz the presidio ocean beach near woods. spencer cites a staffing issue for his safety concerns. he says there are just 11 patrol officers to secure those areas on a 24, 7 basis but claims the massive area that these parks cover requires at least 83 officers, the national park service is public information. office disputes the assertion that its parks are not safe but did acknowledge a decrease in staffing over the last decade. park service leaders say restoring staffing capacity is a priority and that they are requesting more funding for the upcoming fiscal year. keep an eye on that ahead of the big holiday weekend. ken and catherine, back to you and trusting stuff. all right. thank you. grant devastating new developments in the school shooting in texas. authorities now admit that law enforcement made the wrong decision during
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its response to that shooting. and this follows 2 days of conflicting reports. today. authorities said 19 officers waited outside the classroom for more than >> 45 minutes as the gunman a shot and killed 19 students and 2 teachers. the director of the texas department of public safety revealed this morning that the commander who was at the scene during tuesday's shooting apparently believes that the gunman was barricaded inside a classroom and that the children were not at risk. the director call that the wrong decision not to bust into that room. u.s. patrol border agents eventually did get a master key to open the locked door of the classroom. and that is where they shot and killed the gunman. the new details are even more heartbreaking for already grieving parents. >> what kind of jobs they have. i mean, they're like this isn't about on the back of car to protect and serve. protect why? why didn't they protect you? >> in response to a news conference today, the texas
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governor says he was misled about the poor police response. scott, different information at first and says he is livid about what happened. >> and in response to that school shooting, a number of school districts in police departments here in the bay area are responding with increased security conference. justin campbell is live outside the san jose police department with details on their plan of action. justin. yeah. as you can imagine, this has been a hard and emotional week for many parents with this news coming out of texas this week. the san jose police department saying they want to make sure that >> parents and teachers feel safe inside of the classroom. so starting today, they will have increased patrols. they will have 4 police vehicles with 2 officers in each vehicle that will patrol all san jose schools. the program will run through june 10th. we spoke to parents this afternoon about how they feel about stepped up patrols.
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>> you also don't want to see them turn to like a militarized zone where it's kind of ended with the patrols. looks like i guess so. i hope it. i know it will make me feel better in the short term. but i mean, it's not a long-term solution. unfortunately. >> i feel is a shoe the putt towed out of and is a school just in not just entities to 10. >> we do have we will be reaching out to the police department if they plan on making this program permanent and if they do will be sure to pass that news along to you. for now. we're live here outside of the police department. justin campbell kron, 4 news. justin, thank you for that. san francisco's unified school district is launching an anonymous reporting system. >> students in grades 6 through 12 will be trained on how to report serious concerns. i have access to a crisis hotline, a mobile app and website tipsters can use a system for a number of different things from school threats and they see around them to getting help with more personal issues such as mental
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health or bullying. coming up tonight at 8 o'clock updates on the supply chain. when the fda says we can expect to see baby formally supplies return back to normal. >> also, some major student debt could be in the works. what the biden administration is considering. but for some time stage taking deep breaths. tonight we talk with a mental health expert about how people can manage stress and anxiety after the string of shootings in some other
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>> we are learning some very disturbing details of how an 11 year-old girl survived the school shooting in texas on tuesday. in an interview miah serios as she smeared the blood of one of her classmates on herself and play dead. she says that was in case the shooter returned her classroom. he did not during the attack itself. i got hit in the head and shoulder by
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fragments. but this otherwise, ok? as we wrap up another stressful week in what's been a tough couple of years for many people, we are taking a moment to talk about mental health kron four's philippe djegal shares advice from a therapist on how to navigate these troubling times. >> it's been a turbulent last few years in the world as society reckons with another mass school shooting mounted on top of rising covid-19 case rates and the financial stress associated with recovering from the pandemic. doctor renee collins was a licensed marriage and family therapist based in castro valley and says people should be open and honest with themselves about what contributes to their stress. so their stress can be addressed lot reactions just, you know, frank, do you think when you said before, he don't deny it because we did not. and you kind of up. >> and we've all loved. it will be and also forms that
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and anger that the the most that in some more to get people pay for dangerous saints. doctor mom who works with kids through head start program says it's important to talk to young people about tragedy like the texas killings. >> adding, though, that it's important adults do so calmly. he says kids can sense a person stress thpough body language, even if their words are reassuring. unfortunately, you know, that is an opportunity for a teacher that when they are upset with where they are said think things are fair. >> his ways to handle it can be kind of system other people. it's also important to enjoy the positive things in life says doctor he says it's unhealthy to dwell on the negative, especially if it's out of your control that you can't do. you can't do things that are not used to. you might be under stress or something. but you know, you do what you can do. >> and you figured out that gives people a sense of power control and stability. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4
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news. >> after months of internal deliberation, top white house aides are currently planning to cancel $10,000 in student debt per borrower, but they're waiting for president biden's approval. the president supposedly plan to make the announcement as soon as this weekend. but the timing has changed after the massacre in texas. the white house's latest plan called for limiting debt forgiveness to americans who earned less than $150,000 in the previous year. it is unclear if the administration will still require interest in payments to resume at the end of august. that's when the current pause is scheduled to lapse. >> all right. time for another look at the forecast on fogging of san mateo bridge. pretty foggy out there, too. >> let's check in with rebecca strom to how the weekend shaping up for packing and shipping a pretty good will. if you don't like really hot temperatures are really cold ones. it's going to be right in the middle. so to be perfect for you, if you guys like that because with the goldilocks, the goal the like that. yeah. and it definitely will be guys over the next
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couple of days into the holiday weekend. so you can still go outside enjoying the outdoor activities. >> get the barbecue it's just not going to be as hot as what we've seen in past years for memorial day weekend. we're going to be seeing a it looks like that cameras out. well, we're going to be seeing visibility start to really during the overnight hours because of all that fog. the you saw an earlier shot there and there we're seeing it pretty much a creep through parts of our coastal areas, even getting into the bay. and along a east bay shoreline and the east bay hills. it's only going to get thicker and thicker during the overnight hours and into tomorrow. you'll probably wake up to some of that fog. and then by the afternoon, though, we will get peeks of sunshine, especially inland temperatures outside. right now we're looking at 50's 60's and even some low 70's still struggling there on the board. 53 half moon bay. 52 in pacifica right now. 66 in redwood city, palo alto currently at 61 degrees 60 in concord, 60 in valais home and a lot of 50's across the north bay, nevada. 59 and
8:20 pm
57 degrees currently in fairfax. oh, definitely starting to get a lot cooler during the evenings versus what we saw earlier this week. also big changes because we could see some drizzle tomorrow afternoon, maybe even into the evening hours. we're tracking the said just light really weak storm system. it's going to be coming through tomorrow and then we could see a touchdown in the north bay. even some drizzle along the peninsula that we can expect. but again, it's going to be very light and just very minor. so things are going to dry out, though, into a sunday and monday and open up to a lot of sunshine on memorial day. so that of the really nice to look forward to winds. also going to be continue to be a factor or seeing it breezy out there right now. they're going to increase overnight and then into tomorrow, especially into the afternoon and evening hours along the north and summer interior valleys as that cold, weak front pushes through the bay area. temperatures. there are going to be a lot nicer tomorrow afternoon. i'll get to those a little bit later. and then a big warm-up for
8:21 pm
next week of all those details coming up. ken. catherine, back to you. thank you, rebecca. well, it's almost like old times now just a few years ago, the warriors are crowned again, the western conference champions. >> the nba finals are returning to the bay area. so there's a lot of excitement. the tourists, basketball fans dubbed a shunt there ought to be packing streets and spending money in the city. and all of this is true, particularly since it is the first time chase center will host the finals. >> kron four's justine waltman says business owners along the waterfront are hoping for a big boost. >> read for san francisco with the warriors in the nba finals. the city is buzzing with unexpected boost in tourism. 70% of all the money they've been is not in the hotel. it's out in the community where they're buying souvenirs, buying clothing. >> the eating out, going to bars, taking course going to need to see you know, by an exhibit seconds it really is
8:22 pm
very deep. but people do when they spend money with nick scenes like the golden gate bridge and fisherman's wharf should get some screen time during the games broadcast showing off the city to an international audience, attracting them to come visit in the future. >> during the finals at chase center right down the embarcadero at pier. 39 restaurants are bracing for a big boom in business before during and after the games were aided by a lot of extra beverage and food and staff up because we're going to have been crowds over the next couple weeks. the first finals game is thursday. the second on sunday. that means a long weekend for basketball fans. >> and their wallets in san francisco, justine waldman, kron, 4 news. >> still ahead tonight at 8 o'clock, san francisco police address last week's police shooting that ended with 2 men dead. what's captured body camera video moments before officers fired their weapons. and the new trend involving
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>> a promising update on the baby formula shortage. the fda says supplies should be back to normal by july. the shortage began when a baby formula plant was closed because of unsanitary conditions. there's been some relief from overseas supplies, including 300,000 cans of formula coming in from germany, children with medical problems are getting supplies first, the fda says there will be more formula by next month and they're hoping shows will be fully stocked by mid-summer in the meantime, a lot of retailers are still limiting customers to 4 cans per order. >> for tonight, the fda is warning against a viral tiktok hack using off of condos. the
8:27 pm
hack involves submerging all the condos and water and storing them in the fridge. the video claims that keeps the fruit fresh and green for up to a month. but the fda claims this actually provides the perfect opportunity for bacteria to grow, including salmonella. agency says even disinfecting the avocado skin. prior to slicing it would not remove the contamination. >> coming up next tonight at 8 o'clock, a former contra costa county sheriffs volunteer is now charged with selling ghost comes. we're going to hear from the county's d a and the nra begins annual gun convention in texas facing major criticism for this. what one bay area lawmaker is saying about the decision to proceed with that event and we'll head to take a look at the bottle rock festival that the bottle rock festival that says the three-day event kicks meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. the bottle rock festival that says the three-day event kicks 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text.
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>> there are new developments in the case of the former sheriff volunteer accused of building and selling ghost guns in contra costa county. criminal charges have now been filed today. kron four's has 8, but you talked exclusively with the contra costa county da about the investigation. >> a former country costa county sheriffs volunteer now charge kron four's learned this weekend. arrest warrant was issued for 54 year-old john key. he self tuesday. it
8:31 pm
has since posted bail. he had been charged with 2 felonies put illegally possessing a certain caliber of assault 2 different charges and he was also charged with one misdemeanor for manufacturing or assembling an unregistered firearm. also known as a bit of spin. >> the investigation is being led by the contra costa county district attorney's office. this is exclusive video of the search warrant being served at the home of judge came back on february. 1st of this year, mister cain allegedly gained access to guns, gun parts and ammo for the technician while working at the sheriff's gun range in clayton. according to the probable cause document obtained by 4, he then sold it to civilians and sworn members of the contra costa county sheriff's office. i'm curious in light of that, your office and the sheriff's office been in communication about these allegations? >> we've not. but do
8:32 pm
understand that i that the nation is still ongoing. and so that is always a possibility in the future. but that is an allegation crowd for first told you about this investigation earlier this month. >> investigators say 132 guns were confiscated from the home of jon and we spoke exclusively to his soon to be ex-wife who says she repeatedly tried to tip off the contra costa county sheriff's office about her husband. i want the right thing to happen. a lot. >> for my children to be safe, but the community to be safe. her efforts eventually getting the attention of the contra costa county district attorney, especially finding the ghost >> we believe in district that we have an obligation to make for what we reached out to the contra costa county sheriff's office who declined to comment citing the ongoing investigation. john king was arrested and released on $200,000 as well. the possibility of facing additional charges. the da would only say the investigation is has it made
8:33 pm
you kron 4 news? >> new at a san francisco police are sharing a little more detail on last thursday's shooting that ended with 2 men dead. police say officers responded to the area of mariposa and owens streets. they found 2 men and a fight. one of the men had a knife during a virtual town hall. today police released body camera video from that scene. >> so you got to drop the knife. you talk right now, sir. and the song til you drop the knife. >> well, as you heard of the video does show the officers repeatedly telling michael mccann and to drop the knife. they say it was pointed at rafael lot mendoza. mackinnon refused. and for officers and up firing their weapons. a
8:34 pm
coroner later ruled that mckinnon had been shot several times mendoza died from one gunshot wound. the department of justice is now investigating. san francisco giants manager gabe kapur says he will not be leaving the dugout for the national anthem. >> and that's in response to tuesday's shooting in. we've all day, texas this morning counter posted a long piece to his personal blog explaining his decision to skip standing for the national anthem during games for the foreseeable future. kapur explains that when he was young boy's father encouraged him to stand for the national anthem. if you felt our country was representing its people. well, and thus it if you felt it wasn't today capper road, he is, quote, not okay with the state of this country. we're going hear more from capture on that decision coming up a little bit later on in sports. despite leaving for 2 week recess, congressional lawmakers say >> they are fairly optimistic about reaching a compromise on gun safety legislation of any
8:35 pm
deal is going to depend on getting republicans to cross the aisle. so far the gop is not supporting any bill aimed at restricting ownership or an assault weapons ban. also any kind of restriction on ammunition. republicans are focusing more on federal grant money to make school safer and expanding access to mental health treatment. >> as as tragic as the shootings. all are. they're not the only instance when we have to balance people's individual constitutional rights, which with public safety and our goal and our hope and our belief is that we can find. >> that common ground. >> nothing will be happening, of course, until members of congress to return from 2 week recess. the nra is holding its annual convention in houston about 300 miles from tuesday's mass shooting in uvalde day.
8:36 pm
>> there were several calls from organizations and politicians for the nra to cancel that. the group went ahead as planned. several high-profile conservative politicians are speaking over the next 3 days already speaking today, former president trump kron four's rob nesbitt has more on what happened during today's event and the criticism it's receiving. the nra's convention is expected to draw around 55,000 attendees from friday to sunday. >> several speakers backed out, but that didn't stop others from voicing their opinions about the shooting at robb elementary school and gun before entering the door of houston's george r brown convention center. nra members were met with a chance and signs of protesters. senator scott wiener describes the association's choice to have the convention 3 days after the uvalde school shooting as tone deaf. but it's not surprising because we are a stronger over and over again. >> but it could care less this mass shootings that are literally showing her children
8:37 pm
friday. speakers included nra leaders, senator ted cruz and former president donald trump. he started by reading the names of the 19 students and 2 teachers who were shot and killed tuesday. aletha. >> ramirez. >> leader listing off ways to prevent another mass shooting that included changing the approach to mental health and increasing security in schools. >> there should be strong exterior fencing, metal detectors and the use of new technology to make sure that no unauthorized individual can ever enter the school. some politicians and celebrities canceled their appearances on stage, including texas governor greg abbott. and unlike some, i didn't disappoint you by not showing up. governor abbott instead sent a pre-recorded video saying stricter gun laws are not the answer. thousands of laws on the books across the country that limit. >> the owning or using a firearms. laws that have not stopped mad men from carrying out evil acts on innocent
8:38 pm
people. senator wiener says the country should take california's lead a state laws that restrict the access to assault weapons and require strong background checks before purchase. we already have the strongest gun safety laws in the country. we also have. >> and one student, one of the lowest rates of gun violence. the nra's annual meeting is only open to members despite their common interests. attendees are prohibited from bringing any firearms or firearm accessories into the convention. reporting from the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news still to come tonight at 8 o'clock, a popular rapper kendrick lamar may be influencing the nba finals by his latest album. could be a sign that. >> predicts another championship for the warriors. >> still ahead, summer cocktails season. those here that was there is one one popular drink that has the same amount of sugar they say as a bunch of doughnuts. we'll tell you which one next.
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>> warmer weather. that means summer cocktail season is here. dietitians, they're reminding us that can mean a surprising number of calories. they say just one pina colada has as much sugar is 8, 8, a krispy kreme, glazed doughnuts or 6 reese's peanut butter cups. wow. that is a while. well, that high sugar content may not be too much of a
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have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall chesa boudin now. we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets. >> now to our 4 zone forecast looking live on this friday night at the golden gate bridge. traffic is pretty light and it's a friday night. let's check in with rebecca strong to let us know what's happening out there yeah, guys, a lot cooler. we've seen the fog start to roll in a lot of cloud cover. so that's really going to be the story over the next couple of days. we're going to see much cooler weather as we get your memorial day weekend versus what we saw at the beginning the week with some triple digits. lots of 90's, very hot temperatures. >> not going to be the case over the next couple of days outside. right now, you can see that thick marine layer behind me here, san francisco international airport where a lot of folks we're going to be heading or are ready left the bay area or maybe you have
8:46 pm
some visitors coming here. well, these are the temperatures you can expect. this is the difference versus this time last night. so cooler and almost all locations by a couple of degrees. some about the same. but you could see the cool down happening much quicker. the what we saw last night, even in fact, we're down to the 50's and 60's mostly in our neighborhoods around the bay area. on average. 54 in san francisco right now. 52 in half moon bay hayward, 57, 60 degrees still in concord. 63 in antioch right now looking at mid to upper 50's across most of your zone. so you get the picture. we're definitely starting to cool down and things are not going to be too hot nor too cold as we get into the afternoon highs as well. and the winds also going to continue to a pickup into the afternoon and evening hours, especially into tomorrow night. and even now you can see breezy conditions that we're tracking. it's going to be this way during the overnight hours and then into tomorrow. you're going to wake up to some of that as well. so things are definitely in a field even cooler than what the temperatures reflect.
8:47 pm
and then though, we're watching this cold front that's going to be coming through tomorrow evening. and that's going to be kicking up the winds as well getting into the 30's for possible gusts, especially in our north zone and summer interior valleys. so keep that in mind tomorrow evening. it's going to be pretty much when the all weekend long. but temperatures look at this. a pretty nice anywhere from 50 60's to low 70's. that's we're going to top out at 64 in san francisco. 68 in oakland at 72 degrees and antioch in concord. much better than those triple digits that we saw earlier this week. and in fact, we're going to see that over the next couple of days and then a big uptick in temperatures. it is going to get hot during the middle of next week. so warm-up trend is on the rise. and once we get over the holiday weekend, back to the news. catherine. thank you. rebecca. >> california park rangers preparing for big crowds this holiday weekend. and they are reminding people, again, if you're out on the water on the river were ever always wear a
8:48 pm
life vest. children under 13 are required by law to do so. and alcohol is prohibited. most accidents happen when people are not wearing a life vest or they've been drinking. >> we do have our incidents on the river that there are but we try to minimize is every year. that's why this is important to get the word out early and have these people come out but but make sure that they are very safe. >> metro and city fire departments and park rangers, they'll be working together this weekend to enforce those >> san francisco's carne of all is back in action in person this weekend. the two-day festival as the city's yearly celebration of latin american and caribbean culture. the festival in the mission district features lot of good food, crafts and a lot of good music. it all wraps up with the grand parade. the festival starts tomorrow at harrison street running from 16th to 24th streets. the parade starts at 24th and bryant at 9.30 sunday morning.
8:49 pm
>> and happening now, some people are choosing to spend their holiday weekend enjoying art and music and wine. that sounds pretty good. this is the bottle. rock music festival returns to napa for 3 days for charles clifford has the details. >> well, your nap on friday. bottle rock has returned. the gates opened up at 11 30 on friday morning. people just rushing in. a lot of these folks were metallica fans in a hurry to get their seats lockdown as early as possible. now, bottle rock features food and music, of course, and there are 5 stages with over 70 acts. the headliners on friday are metallica. and then on saturday as 21 pilots in black crowes on sunday, it is pink and luke combs. now last year's bottle rock was held in september. but this year they've moved it back to its normal days, which is the memorial day weekend. and people are just happy to get back to normal. it is. it's really great to interact with other people. just kind be unified by music. of course we
8:50 pm
did. we went to coachella earlier this year. so trying to as many concerts some of the kinds of their open now. couple other things this year. you do not have to show proof of vaccination to get into bottle rock. you also don't have to wear a mask. you certainly can if you want it's recommended for some of the indoor venues. one other thing, if you're headed here to the concert, keep in mind that parking is extremely tight and it's highly recommended that you plan ahead. >> but for now in the north bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> warriors are heading to the nba finals. this is the 6th time in 8 years said the warriors clinched a spot in the nba championships and there's a new theory brewing online that suggests the warriors could be champions again and has to do with rapper. kendrick lamar since 2015. the warriors have never won a championship in a year that lamar did not drop an album in 2015, lamar released his sophomore album to a butterfly it's this the warriors, i just said that out loud. the same year, the
8:51 pm
warriors won their first ring under coach steve kerr rapper then dropped the album in 2017 and the soundtrack to the black panther album in 2018 while the warriors won 2 championships in a row. after taking a few years off, kendrick lamar dropped his 5th album, around the big steppers. that was just a couple of weeks ago. so will the trend continue this year? we will find out in a matter of a week or so. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> don't let can pull you to listen kendrick lamar every night on the way home. >> the warriors are waiting their opponent for the nba finals, but now they have to wait a little longer to find out who it's going to be great game. tonight in boston. celtics taking on miami in game 6 of the eastern conference finals. the celtics with a chance. >> to close this one out on their home court, boston garden and he fighting to
8:52 pm
extend their season to pick this one up tied at 99. late in the 4th quarter, jimmy butler drives to the rack. it's good. he's fouled so he go up 3 less than a minute left butler with the jumper to beat the buzzer heat. go up 6. he 47 points. 9 rebounds and 8 assists. jalen brown tries to bring the celtics back. this was originally called a over turn to a charge by the right call. so he paul and that would do it. this game is over. heat win. the series is now tied 3 to 3, but the deciding game 7 coming up sunday in miami. so no matter who they play, the warriors have the advantage of a lot more rest than their finals opponent. some time to press heal and just soak in the incredible moment. 6 finals appearances in 8 years. that number puts the warriors in very elite company. it's been 24 years since any franchise has done this. and the only other team to reach 6 title contest in 8 years in the last
8:53 pm
30 years was the michael jordan led chicago bulls. and this return to the finals is all the more impressive when you consider that just 2 seasons ago back in the 2019, 2020 season, the warriors finished with the worst record in the nba. but why look at the rearview mirror now, instead, here's a look at what's ahead. the nba finals schedule. the warriors are guaranteed home-court advantage no matter who their opponent is so games, one and 2. we'll be here in san francisco game one next thursday at 06:00pm game to that following sunday at 05:00pm and then the series shifts to either boston or miami. both great cities and then those games, 3, 4, we'll have a 06:00pm start time. well, major league baseball is investigating an incident involving giant slugger joc peterson. the giants are in cincinnati taking on the reds and the following account comes via the athletic during batting practice. reds outfielder tommy pham approach peterson and slapped him in
8:54 pm
the face. get this the dispute apparently over fantasy football pham was scratched from the red starting lineup just minutes before the first pitch peterson played but would not speak to reporters who approached him before the game. and right now, this game still going on. the bottom of the 8th inning. the reds currently have a 41 lead. we're going to have highlights coming up later on tonight.
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
january first, the beloved
8:57 pm
characters from winnie the pooh entered the public domain. but >> that means that anybody can use those characters in books, tv shows or movies and they don't have to pay to use those. plus they can make those characters do whatever they want, including turning our favorite lovable honey, bear into an evil killer bear. take a look at this. >> a horror movie featuring winnie the pooh know i know is little power. piglet there sooner. serial killers. this movie is coming out soon. it's called blood and honey, no fue and piglet go on a rage after being abandoned by christopher robin. he would never do that. reaction online is a bit mixed to say the leak least something gets funny. haha, others are straight up. outrage is not clear yet when the blood and honey we'll hit the big screen. ok, bad enough. winnie the pooh. but cute little piglet a serial killer. i can see tiger to being a killer or the your light energy. he's got to work
8:58 pm
it out. but is so awesome. so wrong feel good about yourself after eating >> and that tonight, grant vicki are here with what's coming up at 9 o'clock. all right. thanks, coming up on kron, 4 news at night. >> school shooting in texas were 19 children. 2 teachers were killed tonight, a texps authorities. they're admitting error in their response. why they say law enforcement waited nearly an hour to get inside a classroom where the shooter was. >> also coming up next, memorial day weekend is upon us. obviously monday, a day to remember the sacrifice of u.s. military personnel who paid the ultimate price. but obviously the weekend also is the unofficial start of summer and people have some travel plans. will check out the conditions. millions of people are hitting the road for the long weekend. keep it here. long weekend. keep it here. kron. 4 news at 9 is next. meet three moms who each like to bank their own way. luckily they've all got chase.
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