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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  May 29, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. >> it is memorial day weekend. and if you thought you were headed to the north bay, well, you can still go. it's just going to be really, really delayed their out on those roads. thanks for joining us tonight at 6, i'm noelle bellow. that was some video there just off the golden gate bridge. >> kron four's gayle ong reporting from rodeo beach in the marin headlands this evening. >> when people are enjoying a day at the beach here in read headlines. but getting here a different story you can expect. wait time on the roads. the golden gate,
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national recreation area tweeted sunday about major traffic congestion on highway one. 0, one near the alexander exit heading to the marin headlands. there was about a 20 minute. wait on the roads. but this beachgoer had no issues getting here. but that's good. this come early. traveling early will be key for memorial day monday and it's also been breezy out here. so you want to bring a jacket reporting from marin county, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> a couple of vegetation fires popped up in the east bay over this weekend on friday east contra costa. fire crews responded to one in the creek behind the streets of brentwood. you can see lots of dry brush catching fire. there. windy conditions helped grow the flames to about 2 acres before it was brought under control. that around 3 o'clock this afternoon. today there was a 2 acre vegetation fire in fremont. this one at lake elizabeth, just south of
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the water park there. smoke might still be visible in the area from this one crews remained on scene until this evening to monitor any hot spots. the cause of both of these fires are under investigation. and over in oakley this weekend, a barbecue fire ended up quickly spreading to some neighboring homes and trees in the area. this is unclear at court just before 7 o'clock last night. east contra costa fire protection district says wind helps spread those flames as well. at least 2 homes were damaged here. one majorly units were on scene for nearly 3 hours fighting that blaze. now he's all calm as there's going to be a red flag warning in place tomorrow for the memorial day holiday was much warmer today. you could really tell out there this is a live look out at golden gate bridge. it does seem that all that traffic at the bridge definitely has lightened up at this hour. we've got
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meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joining us now with a look ahead at what we can expect for the holiday tomorrow. hembree said hey there, no, well, yeah, we're going to start our memorial day monday morning with a red flag warning going into effect starting at 11 o'clock for those of you in solano county. >> going to continue through 8 o'clock tuesday night because we're going to see relative humidity dropped as low as 5% with little relief and recovery during the overnight hours. just that 30th to 50th percentile range. so we're still tracking very pleasant temperatures. spring-like forecast mid 60's along the coast. mid 70's for most of our inland valleys could be flirting with 80's in some of our warmest cities. but it's those northwesterly offshore breezes that really have any concern. most of the bay area going to see in that 20 to 30 mile per hour range. but for those of you in solano county, you could see gusts upwards of 35 miles per hour or less. so we are going to see the relative humidity, meaning moisture content drying out
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significantly already by mid morning with that red flag warning not going into effect until 11 o'clock. we're going to drop into the teens by your noon lunch. time hour with fairfield as low as 17% relative humidity. so not that much moisture going to be extremely dry to start out this upcoming week. but we are going to see gusty winds right now along the coast, a cool sea breeze influence, but it will change in direction out of the northwest. that is going to contribute to our slightly warmer temperatures and dangerous fire conditions, especially for those of you in solano county, vacaville and fairfield by monday mid morning. we could see gusts up to 30 miles per hour already. and it's going to continue throughout your memorial day monday and even through tuesday as well with those northwesterly breezes even along the coast, a little bit of a more sea breeze influence for downtown san francisco. so we're tracking warm temperatures by wednesday. we could actually reach the low 90's, newell for some of our warmest inland valleys. so another mini heatwave, but
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rain chances return in the forecast. more on that in a few minutes. i didn't expect to hear that. a good team. thanks thanks. >> other news tonight, police have made another major arrest in the sacramento mass shooting that left 6 people dead and wounded 12 others. this weekend police arrested >> to la peyton in connection to the crime. detectives tracked down 27 year-old at a las vegas apartment complex on saturday. sacramento and las vegas pd worked with the fbi to arrest him. police charged payton and 2 other suspects to andre and smiley martin, each with 3 counts of murder. investigators say payton and the martin's were part of 2 rival gang groups who started shooting at each other back on april 3rd, payton is now being held at a facility in nevada. he will be transferred to sacramento. developing news tonight on a shooting in downtown chattanooga, tennessee. we first told you about this one during our 10:00pm show last night. in total, 6 people were shot and most of those victims are believed to be teens and young
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adults. at least one person of interest has been arrested. no word on any charges. several of the victims were taken to the hospital and 2 are suffering from life-threatening injuries. police say it is believed the group of juveniles were walking around the downtown area and the shooting took place from within that group. today, president and first lady biden visited uvalde texas to honor the victims of last tuesday's school shooting. they honored the 19 students and 2 teachers who were killed in that massacre. the president and first lady laying a bouquet of flowers at the memorials and pausing to look at the pictures of the victims. they also mourned privately with the victims, families and first responders as the president was leaving to meet with the families he was faced with chanting from the community yelling, do something. the president then responded saying we will. on
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friday, the director of the texas department of public safety said police made the wrong decision by failing to storm that primaries. the primary school classrooms, the justice department announced today it will be reviewing the law enforcement response to the shooting and will make its findings public. here. locally communities are standing in solidarity with uvalde over an alameda twin towers. united methodist church set up a public vigil outside the church doors. 21 school chairs for the 21 victims killed with flowers sitting in those chairs. the church posting the picture to social media with the caption, quote, let us transform our tears into faithful action. new at 6 house speaker nancy pelosi's husband, paul pelosi was arrested this weekend on suspicion of dui pelosi was arrested in napa county last
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night. he was booked for driving with a blood alcohol content level of 0, 0, 8%, or higher. the 82 year-old was released on $5,000 bail. the pelosi family has not commented, but according to the speaker's office, she is on the east coast and was not with him at the time. straight ahead here on kron, 4 news at 6 marin county holding a gun buyback event next week. >> details all that in just a few minutes. plus, cal-fire issuing a red flag warning for most of northern california. how you and your family can stay safe. and part of all back in the bay area after a 2 year hiatus taking a closer look at the parade after the break.
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day this weekend after a two-year hiatus, carnival returned to the streets. >> of san francisco today, 2000 people participated in this year's event which celebrates the culture and heritage of latin america and the caribbean kron. 4 s camila barco was there. >> we're a colombian can parse that. we actually represent mean that you do like with that. it doesn't. i'm representing high, huge, which means ray of light in english. and it is a brazilian samba colombia, peru, brazil, just some of the dozens of countries and cultures celebrated in san francisco's carnival parade 64 groups showcase their heritage in different ways. some with their cars. others with their clothing. it takes a good 20 to 30 minutes to get all pinned into be a tire. that's letizia with the brazilian samba troupe, the colorful jewels and 2 foot tall
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headrest represented this year's carnival theme his family or which means colors of love. so it's all about the embodiment living breathing. arts are actual theme is brazil and water color. >> ruth danced their way through the streets of the mission district with a dance called boteach at this. it's going to. >> just a lot of color. so you can see and everything had made from head to toe. >> everything like that. and they sporty from through a swell columbia, performed a typical colombian dance called mumble company seattle. the is just began, so. this is just our way of to show our culture and you know how we behave and how often the event has become a mixing pot of all that that will change latin america and the caribbean giving participants a chance to showcase more about their heritage. we we want to show through is known about. >> you know, because we're i put the delicious, but will
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welcome back. last weekend, santa clara county collected 415 unwanted guns. >> off people's hands, the gun buyback event was held in milpitas. the county received 14 military style weapons similar to the ones used in the uvalde school shooting as well as the vta shooting last year. 7 ghost guns were also turned in last weekend. county supervisor auto lee says he was shocked by what was collected. he says gun violence, though, is a problem, not unique to big cities.
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>> it's really everywhere. some of the things they being the largest city. and since i county one in people was one which reports half the highest number of injuries resulting from, you know, accident and and you can from crime as well. so but that really is a problem that bounded by. so he's bound rees recently have guns being turned in from another county. look, me to and from fremont and elsewhere. so we're very gratified that this was successful. this one time we really want to have a kid to other cities counties to also consider hosting events. >> lee tells us the county also collected in illegally sawed off shotgun that gun along with all others water taken. no questions asked and destroyed. marin county is sponsoring its own gun buyback event. next saturday. they're offering up $100 for a handgun or rifle $200 for an assault weapon. bucs ammunition will also be accepted. it's taking
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place in the marin county sheriff's office parking lot from 09:00am until 01:00pm again, that's next saturday, june 4th. as was in santa clara county, all drop offs will be completely anonymous. well, cal fire in the national weather service has issued a red flag warning for a big patch of northern california, including vacaville parts of fairfield as well. a red flag warning issued is issued when conditions could result in extreme fires. >> within 24 hours, some ways you and your family can stay safe, include not knowing or trimming your grass not pulling over pulling over in dry grass and clearing any dead. weeds are vegetation. they're also suggesting you not burn any landscape debris during red flag warning which goes into effect tomorrow morning. >> we do have a quick traffic alert for you all lanes temporarily blocked right now on eastbound 80 in san francisco just before 7
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street. this is a live look at the caltrans camera. in the area. we've seen several emergency vehicles en route not exactly sure why the lanes are blocked, you can still get on the bay bridge. just have to avoid this area taken on ramp a little closer to the bridge will continue to monitor that in just a bit. but let's head on over to weather now. talk a little bit more about the weather that we can tomorrow afternoon. hey, maverick said, hey, they're all. yeah. that red flag warning meaning imminent fire. danger concerns will start 11 o'clock monday morning for solano county. >> warm, dry, offshore winds going to dry out vegetation to as low as 5% by monday afternoon. and then again, tuesday afternoon with this morning, not allowed to expire until tuesday night at 08:00pm. so let's be safe out there. bay area as we celebrate and commemorate our memorial day hot holiday. but let's take a look at daytime highs today. exactly where we should be for this time of year. warming up very nicely
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from coast to valleys. not too hot, not too cold. this is a spring forecast that we should be seeing in the bay area this time of year and radar for. we're tracking not even that much marine layer, but next weekend we actually have a shot at some light showers arriving saturday morning, scattered in nature throughout your saturday night. and then again, sunday morning until we start to dry out and clear out by early sunday afternoon. so f4ngers crossed that pans out. still about a week away, but i'm already very excited. can't wait to do that. rain dance that. let's take a look at current conditions out there right now to san francisco international airport. >> noticeably breezy out there, in fact, mid 60's for downtown san francisco and san mateo with low 70's for san jose. conquered 75 degrees. 20 degrees warmer than those of you at half. moon bay with the widespread low to mid 70's for most of our north bay valleys, petaluma in fairfax, a little bit cooler at 66 degrees with overnight lows tonight, mid 40's to mid 50's with santa rosa. 45 degrees and took a
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little bit milder at 56 in daytime highs tomorrow. very little change. we are going to see warmer temperatures for north bay valleys in santa rosa and avato in the low 80's due to those warm, dry offshore breezes. but then the heat is on. we're going to get a taste of summer midweek, the and noticing that midweek hot inland temperatures. so a little bit of a sneak peak of summer, but then cooling down to below average with a chance of showers next weekend. back to you know, well, agrees that coming up in sports, the warriors get some much-needed rest as they await. >> to find out who their opponent in the nba finals might be. we've got sports director jason dumas, us here with steve curse. take on the extra time off. i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> it is time to get back to work after a rare to daybreak from both games and practices. the dubs were back in the lab today, beginning their prep work for the nba finals. golden state will get some home cooking for the next week as games, one and 2 right here in san francisco. we don't know who the worries will play at boston, miami. they're playing right now in game 7 of their series. but either way the dubs took advantage of their break. rookie moses, moody told me today that there were some late night celebrations. but steve kerr said party time it's now over. it is time to lock it. >> the conference finals were.
6:26 pm
really tiring even the series only won 5 games to play every other day. is very and you factor in the back and forth of the 3 and a half hour flight. and i think both teams felt that night to be in our own beds. you know, for a week straight are actually 11, 12 straight days. it's very helpful. having said all that, so got to go out and do all the work and get the job done. job's not finished. >> giants at red cincinnati pitcher tyler malley. had a no-hitter going into the 7th, but with 2 out 2 outs in the 7th cairo estrada drives one off the wall in right center. he's in for a double molly left after that tough break for him. top of the 8th is 2 to one reds. evan longoria sizes this one up and he goes the opposite way a three-run home run his 3rd in 3 games.
6:27 pm
giants go up. 42 3 batters later. luis gonzalez goes opposite field and into the corner. a strata comes on in to score brandon crawford comes on in to score 6, 2 giants. san francisco wins 64 to salvage a game in this series there in the city of brotherly love tomorrow. this weekend. all right. well, we couldn't get to that a highlight, aids did when good good for them. i know that the giants and a's both loss last night. so he's >> we have more warriors later, too. we'll be back at 8. stick with us.
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