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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  May 29, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> a red flag warning is going into effect tomorrow morning for several spots in the north bay. with the memorial day holiday, fire officials are asking people to be extra careful. thanks for joining us tonight at 9, i'm noelle bellow. it is wildfire season which means it's important to be extra careful, especially when around vegetation fires like these in the east bay, several fires have already sparked over this weekend. this one was in the wetlands near pittsburgh. in bay point,
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it started burning again today as winds increased. it originally started yesterday afternoon. it burned about 20 acres. then an additional 30 acres were burned today, according to contra costa fire. this one will continue to smolder for a couple more on friday. east contra costa. fire crews also responded to a vegetation fire in the creek behind the streets of brentwood. you can see lots of dry brush catching fire. there. windy conditions helped grow those flames to about 2 acres before it was brought under control. and at 3 o'clock this afternoon, there was a 2 acre vegetation fire in fremont as well. this one at like elizabeth, just south of the water park there. smoke might still be visible in the area from this. one. crews did remain on scene until earlier this evening to monitor. and the cause of that fire is under investigation. now. kron four's amanda hari did speak with the fire prevention group about why the risk will be especially high in the north bay over the next few days i
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spoke to a woman who was a firefighter for decades. she says a major issue is the wind. >> she says because of the wind, a tiny spark can become a massive fire. quickly. >> don't know. >> how fast or how big that parking yet. >> and those conditions, president of fire safe sonoma. roberta mcintyre says people should take the red flag warning seriously. fire officials are forecasting critical fire weather conditions. there will be a combination of low relative humidity, high winds and warmer temperatures. >> mcintyre says any spark can cause a wildfire. it could be from a cigarette, a chain dragged behind the car. >> or even cooking had tension. do your equipment you're using had tension too. you know the barbecue you've got going on. is it too windy for for a barbecue? >> this is video from the east bay on saturday. all of that
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smoke is from barbecue fire that got out of control. winds spread the flames to nearby trees and homes. mcintyre says most fires are caused by human error. roughly 95% of fires in california. >> are caused by people. whether it's a quiet month. are people doing silly things? santa rosa fire has already been busy this week. this is video from the vegetation fire on wednesday. >> sunday there was a structure fire and the franklin park area that required 4 engines and a ladder truck. but really is that? >> key influencer for while them fire disasters is the man so far firefighters have been able to control the fires. >> when there's a red flag warning in effect, mcintyre recommends having your go kit ready and making sure you know where your pets are. just in case be ready evacuate if you live in an area where a red flag warning is in effect, i'm told you should reach out to family and friends.
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>> out of area to find somewhere to stay. just in case you have to evacuate in santa rosa amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> with all of that, it's time to take a live look outside. talk to about your 4 zone forecast. this the golden gate bridge tonight. looking beautiful as the sun is setting. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joining us now with a look a little bit closer at that red flag warnings go into effect tomorrow. yeah, it's going to go into effect at 11 o'clock monday morning. for those of you in solano county, we're going to see. >> warm, dry, offshore winds dropping relative humidity down to 5% monday into tuesday afternoon. so critical fire danger concerns going to continue through tuesday night just because we're going to see little relief and recovery during the overnight hours. as far as moisture content goes just in the 30's to 50th percentile range. so going to remain dry from morning to night temperatures, though, for your memorial day monday, mid 70's for most of our
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inland valleys, 60's along the coast. if you're having a beach day or barbecue, have fun, be safe out there, bay area. but watch out for those northwesterly winds sustained at 20 to 30 miles per hour for much of your memorial day monday. and let's take a look at how those northerly winds are going to affect our moisture content because we're going to be in the teens by 11 o'clock. when that red flag warning goes into effect for solano county, including areas of fairfield and vacaville down to 10% by early monday afternoon. so let's be safe out there because we're going to see wind gusts upwards of 35 miles per hour or less throughout much of today and even into tonight as well, getting a strong seabreeze influence for downtown san francisco this evening. nice wind chill effect, but it is those northerly winds are going to change direction out of the northwest that we really have to watch out for because they do have a warming and drying effect. and that's what we saw. what it did for those of you in solano county is like putting a hair dryer
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right over that area. just dries out. the vegetation significantly by midmorning going to see gusts near vacaville. 35 miles per hour. and it's going to continue throughout the morning and afternoon, even shortly before sunset, we're going to see those wind gusts continuing out of the northwest for vacaville and fairfield. that's why that red flag warning has already been issued for tomorrow into tuesday. and not only that, but we're tracking warmer and drier weather ahead for all of the bay area, especially for all of our inland valleys. wednesday, we could even see some low 90's more. my full forecast as we get a sneak peak of summer by mid week in just a few minutes. back to, you know, well. and greece and other news tonight, police have made another major arrest in the sacramento mass shooting. >> that left 6 people dead and wounded 12 others. this weekend police arrested but to la peyton and connection to the crime, detectives tracked down the 27 year-old at a las vegas apartment complex on saturday. sacramento and las vegas pd worked with the fbi to find and arrest him. police
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charged payton and 2 other suspects diandre and smiley martin each with 3 counts of murder. investigators say payton and the martin's were part of 2 rival gang groups who started shooting at each other on april. 3rd, payton is now being held at a facility in nevada, but he will be transferred to sacramento. last week. santa clara county collected 415 unwanted guns off people's hands. the gun buyback event was held in milpitas. the county received 14 military-style weapons similar to the ones used in the uvalde school shooting as well as in the vta shooting last year, 7 ghost guns were also turned in last week. county supervisor otto lee says he was surprised by what was collected and says gun violence is a problem, not unique to big cities. >> it's really everywhere. some of the be the largest city. and i county one in people was one which was half
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the highest number of injuries resulting from, you know, accident and and you've crime as well. so but that really is a problem that bounded by so you boundaries. we certainly have guns being turned in from another county, media and from fremont and elsewhere. so we're very gratified that this was successful. this one time we really want to have a kid to other cities counties to also consider hosting these events. >> lee tells us the county also collected in illegally sawed off shotgun that gun along with all others was taken. no questions asked and destroyed. now marion county is sponsoring its own gun buyback event next saturday. they are offering up to $100 for a handgun or rifle $200 for any assault weapons that are turned in boxed ammunition will also be accepted at this event. it's taking place in the marin county sheriff's office parking lot from 09:00am until 01:00pm again, that's next saturday, june 4th, all of the drop-offs are
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completely anonymous. will warm weather. plus a holiday weekend means traffic in the bay area this afternoon. cars were crawling as they tried to make their way into the marin headlands kron four's gayle ong has the details. >> when people are enjoying a day at the beach here in read headlines. but getting here a different story. if you are heading to marin county, you can expect back up on the highway around noon sunday. the golden gate, national recreation area alerted drivers via twitter about major traffic congestion on highway one. 0, one near the alexander avenue exit heading to the headlands later in the afternoon we experienced about a 20 minute delay around the exit. the agency also getting a heads up about limited parking near rodeo beach. this beachgoer and her family planned ahead. how would that >> but this this come early. we really to avoid waiting for a parking spot. she gives this
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advice for anyone heading back to the area on monday. >> traveling early will be key for memorial day monday. that's also been breezy out here. so you want to bring a jacket reporting from marin county, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> well, veterans as well as active and reserve military members can visit some of california's state parks for free tomorrow. it's one of the ways the state is honoring those who have served this memorial day here in the bay area. you can check out angel island, jack london state historic park or mount tam state park to name a few. all you got to do is show a valid military id or proof of discharge to get in for free. all right. coming up, music was in the air this afternoon in san francisco, a little dancing as well card of all back and better than ever after a 2 year hiatus. >> plus, a scooter us crashes into an oncoming car in emeryville. that more details on that story coming up. and the president and first lady
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were in uvalde today honoring the victims of tuesday's school shooting. more on their visit straight ahead. when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful,
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>> welcome back another somber day in uvalde, texas. president joe biden and first lady jill biden making the trip there today to mourn with families following last week's school shooting that left. 21 people dead. the shocking outrage from the poor police response time has now reached the justice department. it will now investigate the seemingly explicable inaction of law enforcement. that day. reporter robert sherman has the details. president biden in the first lady arrived in uvalde texas sunday morning. okay. of flowers in hand. they pay their respects and that the ever growing memorial outside robb elementary commemorating the 19 children and 2 teachers whose lives were taken. >> and the horrific school shooting tuesday, his reception was warm. but uvalde
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residents telling news nation they want healing and change. not photo ops. >> we have been affected very, very, very bad. be hearing about so close to the port of their spell out every single day. so i'm glad that he's here to show support for the families. but i want to know what he's really going to do to protect our community because he hasn't done anything up into this point. >> governor greg abbott's reception featured boos and jeers from a crowd consisting of some uvalde citizens. but some out of towners as well. >> this is the line of people waiting to drop off flowers and visit the memorial outside of robb elementary school. and people have been coming from all over to visit this community of 16,000. some are here to call for action. others just want to pay their respects. >> as the president was set to leave the crowd, encourage him to take action, some shouting. we need help. he paused stared at the crowd, listened and was gone on his way to his next stop sunday mass. something always on the 46 president's itinerary. but this time at sacred heart catholic church
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in uvalde, a church attended by some of the victims in private. the president and first lady met with families of the victims and survivors wrapping his day by meeting with first responders in the uvalde community. while the president was in texas back in dc the department of justice making headlines announcing they will conduct a critical incident review of the law enforcement response to the shooting, which some, including texas dps police was too slow and that the decision to not reach the classroom door. the shooter was behind immediately was the wrong one. >> the benefit of hindsight i'm sitting now. >> and of course, it was about the right decision the wrong decision. variant. there's no no excuse for that. >> that was robert sherman reporting for us here. locally communities are standing in solidarity with uvalde over in alameda twin towers. united methodist church set up this public vigil outside the church doors. 21 school chairs for the 21 victims killed each of flowers sitting in those chairs that church posted this picture to social media with
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the caption, quote, let us transform our tears into faithful action. now, this coming wednesday, the alameda county office of education is going to be hosting a town hall discussion on school violence. it will be a virtual forum where families can talk about how to discuss the issue with your kids, spanish and mandarin interpretations going to be given as well. the forum will be held wednesday, june 1st at 06:00pm. that's the link there on your screen. it is a c o e dot org slash town hall. time now to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast. taking a live look outside across downtown san francisco tonight. all lit up nice and bright meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. joining us now with a look at how warm we got today. it was warmer every sunday. yeah. we saw upwards of 5 degrees of warming, especially for warmest inland valleys in the east bay. very seasonal temperatures returning there specially for concord, 78 degrees when you should be in the low 80's with downtown san francisco. 65
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degrees. perfect spring weather and oakland. >> in the low 70's. so no one complaining about the weather today was absolutely gorgeous for you to celebrate the 2nd half of your weekend or your long holiday weekend. i know memorial day is tomorrow and we are tracking those some changes in the extended forecast because we're expecting to see rain returning by next saturday in the morning. it's going to be pretty widespread with some light scattered showers and then it's going to become a little bit more scattered in nature impacting those of you in the north bay by saturday night until that storm track starts to break apart and shift to the south and east by sunday morning by early sunday afternoon. it is expected to exit giving us drier and clear conditions. but from now, until then, though, we're off to a really great start for sunday night. temperatures in the low 50's for pacific us a little bit cooler there. but low 60's for san jose and even conquered with concord of warming up into the mid 60's right now about 10 degrees warmer than downtown san francisco at 56 degrees. but
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petaluma noticeably cooler there in the mid 50's for your sunday night and overnight lows going to be slightly cooler than last night because of that lack of blanket a great actually going to cool down to 45 degrees for santa rosa mid 50's for antioch and everything else in between widespread 40's and 50's for most of the bay area and high temperatures tomorrow. little change really are north bay valleys going to warm up into the low to mid 80's specifically for those of you in solano county because of those northwesterly winds at around 35 miles per hour less santa rosa and about few degrees above average. but once again, a perfect spring day for your memorial day weekend downtown san francisco at 66 degrees with fremont and san jose in the mid 70's. and take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast. we're going to transition from spring to summer with our mini heatwave peaking on wednesday, 5 to 15 degrees above average. fortunately, no triple digit heat in the forecast know. well. and if that storm does pan out below average temperatures next weekend, i'm
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so excited for the rain. i mean, i need that. yeah, it's been a few weeks, right? i mean, i know we've got a lot of moisture yesterday and the air, but it wasn't really enough to move any sort of needles, right? i know i i can't wait just to be able to use the windshield wipers that like bigger water droplets on them and not just like misty drizzle. thanks for reading all. >> well, the uss hornet in alameda is hosting a memorial day ceremony tomorrow. the storied ship turned museum. >> whose predecessor took part in the battle of midway has a number of special events planned for tomorrow, including a color guard special exhibit and a memorial reef tossed into the bay. they do that each year. a former crew member of the original uss hornet is going to be answering some questions about his time serving aboard the ship during world war 2. i'm sure that's pretty interesting. that's also be a special q and a and book signing with the authors of a new book about the battle of midway. the ceremony begins at
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11:00am tomorrow. so if you're looking for something to do, that is one to put on the calendar. all right. ahead here on kron, 4 news tonight. >> the recent mass shootings in uvalde at buffalo, new york are causing scenes of panic like this one in a brooklyn. we have the story after the break. plus, the mission district flowing with music and culture in the carnival parade today. we've got a closer look after the break.
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for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits.
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as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. >> welcome back. people are just celebrating memorial day this weekend after a two-year hiatus, carne of all return to the streets of san francisco today, 2000 people participated in this year's event which celebrates the culture and heritage of latin america and the caribbean concourse. camila barco was there. >> we're a colombian can parse that. we actually represent mean that you need to look what data it doesn't. bethel,
9:25 pm
i'm representing high, huge, which means ray of light in english and it is a brazilian samba colombia, peru, brazil, just some of the dozens of countries and cultures celebrated in san francisco's carnival parade 64 groups showcase their heritage in different ways. some with their cars. others with their clothing. it takes a good 20 to 30 minutes to get all pinned in to be a tire. that's not and the with the brazilian samba troupe, the colorful jewels and 2 foot tall headrest represented this year's carnival theme his family or which means. >> colors of love. so it's all about the embodiment living breathing. arts are actual theme is brazil and water color. >> and their way through the streets of the mission district with a dance called boteach at this. it's going to. >> just a lot of color. so you can see and everything had
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made from head to toe everything like that. and they sporty from through a swell columbia, performed a typical colombian dance. >> called mumble company seattle. the plan is just began, so. this is just our way of to show our culture and you know how we behave and how often the event has become a mixing pot of all that that will change latin america and the caribbean giving participants a chance to showcase more about their heritage. we we want to show through is known about. >> you know, because we're i put the delicious, but will that have the difference and millions tackle? this is like this one. >> and aside from the parade for the first time, this year's festival included a cannabis garden, a tech and gaming pavilion and lgbtqi. plus dedicated stage in the mission district. camila barco kron. 4 news >> lots of fun out there. straight ahead. why california
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lawmakers >> are pushing to make jaywalking legal. and i'm tracking your long holiday memorial day weekend. if you're planning on staying in the bay area are heading out to this year, got you covered. coming up in just a few minutes.
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>> developing news tonight on a shooting in downtown chattanooga, tennessee. we first told you about this during our 10:00pm show last night. in total, 6 people were
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shot and most of the victims are believed to be teens and young adults. at least one person of interest has been arrested. no word on any charges. several of the victims were taken to the hospital. 2 are suffering from life-threatening injuries. police say it's believed the group of juveniles were walking around downtown and the shooting took place from inside that group. in oklahoma shooting at a memorial day festival has left one person dead and 7 others wounded. the shooting happened early this morning after several people got into an argument about 1500 people were at the festival. and so police were also in the area. they were able to provide first aid to the victim. snow word yet on any arrests. now the mass shootings in uvalde, texas and buffalo, new york this month have people nationwide on edge causing scenes of chaos like this at the barclays center in brooklyn. a false alarm caused a stampede during a boxing match their last night.
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paramedics took at least 10 people to the hospital. for minor injuries. after a loud noise was mistaken for an active shooter. the noise just spooked the crowded cars, panic spectators to make a mad dash for the exits. madonna, tennis star naomi osaka. we're at that match. it was between gerb onto davis and rolando romero. there were about 19,000 other fans there in attendance as well. police investigated. they did determine no shots have been fired. new at 6 tonight, house speaker nancy pelosi's husband, paul pelosi, was arrested this weekend on suspicion of dui following a crash. pelosi was arrested in napa county last night. he was booked for driving with a blood alcohol content level of 0, 0, 8 or higher. the 82 year-old was released on $5,000 bail. the pelosi family has not commented on this, but according to the speaker's office, she is on the east coast and was not with him at the time. it is time now to
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get you a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. did you know it is actually the 85th or this weekend actually marks the 85th anniversary of the golden gate bridge being an operation. pretty cool. it's nice tonight. things are going to heat up a little bit tomorrow and the next day, the next as has the a breeze. yeah, there's a trend coming. we're warming up. but yeah, golden gate bridge looking very young out there right now. beautiful as always. let's take a look at san francisco international airport has. >> we're tracking some breezy winds out there thinks that cool sea breeze influence 20 to 30 mile per hour wind gusts. but we are going to notice, though, tonight, radar for not so a great. so we are going to see clear skies tonight. that's going to continue for the next couple of days. they said the warmer summer like temperatures heading our way in for those of you at south lake tahoe, drier and clear as well around this time yesterday, we're tracking some light scattered
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showers, but now we're going to see a drying trend taking place for those of you in this year. up. >> could see some light rain, maybe just south of reno. but overall, south lake tahoe in truckee looking great mid 50's for your monday more afternoon. but monday morning it is going to cool down very chilly temperatures around freezing upper 20's to low 30's. as you wake up monday and tuesday morning. but by the afternoon. >> the mercury is certainly going to rise. we're going to be 57 degrees on monday and warming up into the mid 70's with summer-like temperatures heading your way into the sierra in the coming days and for us here in the bay area. we're also going to get a mini heatwave as well with a brief summer sizzle on tap for wednesday as well. oakland in the low 60's as a san jose with downtown san francisco in san mateo in the mid 50's in petaluma. 54 degrees. but a little bit milder for nevado at 64 degrees just because of those light offshore breezes in that area. but summer-like temperatures not really going to impact us tomorrow for your
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memorial day monday, thankfully, but we will see low 80's for santa rosa and abbado and for the next 7 days, we're going to notice a bit of a warm-up peaking on wednesday, but then below average temperatures with a slight chance of showers saturday into sunday. back to, you know, well. >> thank you for breeze up. a reminder from police to be safe on the roadways this weekend. no matter your mode of transportation. yesterday in emeryville, a person riding a scooter right there illegally pass to lower train. good arm and then drove right through that intersection at 65th and shell mound street before crashing into an oncoming car. police say the scooter assist was taken to the hospital. they're expected to be ok, but as we see that crash again, they'd like to remind people on scooters bicycles to always wear a helmet travel in the same direction of traffic and follow all traffic and rail control lights. california lawmakers meanwhile, are considering a proposal decriminalize jaywalking, the
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safe to walk act was approved this week by the state's lower chamber. it now sits before the senate for consideration. the law would make it legal to cross the road outside of intersections when safe to do so. the initiative is brought by assembly member. phil tang is a san francisco democrat. he says he's hoping that the law promotes fairness and fines and puts a halt to unnecessary police stops. america is weighing in on the four-decade high inflation numbers. many say it's getting more than 65% of people questioned. in our latest news nation poll say they're living paycheck to paycheck. nancy loo has more. >> new construction homes are still going up at a rapid pace, but sales have gone from hot to not as hot and new stepped out confirmed that cooling but market watchers view it as a reality check. >> what's happening is maybe the market was traveling at
9:36 pm
125 miles an hour. now. we're just going 100 miles an hour. it's still fast just slower than before. so houses are still selling, but high prices are pricing. many out the hot market in las vegas is pumped up sales in per romp over an hour away from her and you can get bigger lies, bigger property for for last. the prices out here are still affordable. affordability is curbing sales overall, according to new data from the census bureau sales dropped by 17% in april. the biggest dip in nearly a decade. >> and home prices are up by nearly 20% with the median price. now, topping $450,000, potential buyers are waiting it out to the mix of overall inflation and higher interest rates that typical mortgage payment is up. 57%. >> compared to just a year ago, which really translates into $720 more on their monthly payment. yet demand still outpaces supply with new construction, which remains hampered by labor and supply
9:37 pm
chain issues. >> you have to take possession of the home and and and get resourceful for a few months and tell your microwave shows up or your refrigerator. >> some part like that tracking by realtor dot com points to more in the tory over the summer months with indications that more owners are planning to list their homes for buyers who have patients and can wait. it's likely that in just a few months are going to see him very distant housing market morning. the story more approachable prices. >> america's largest generation is a major market factor. millennial homebuyers have grown significantly over the past year and they're expected to continue to grow over the next 2 years. back to you. >> world news tonight, ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky made a rare frontline visit to kharkiv today wearing a bulletproof vest. president zelensky toward war ravaged neighborhoods, assessing the damage. she also thanks,
9:38 pm
soldiers for risking their lives and handed out several medals today. his visit comes as ukraine works to reclaim some territory in the south while russia devotes the majority of its force in the east. now the focus of its quest to conquer the donbas region. ukrainian lawmaker today said ukraine needs long range missiles to stop russia's eastern advance. >> this is something that we critically need to make sure that the 5 sessions back. you have hurt. they have been advancing in the east and we do need more weapons and we need specific weapons that we know that will help us. >> meanwhile, russia is making small but critical advances there in the east forces did capture the city of lyman home to a key railway junction. it's the second small eastern city to fall this week. now does say it's working to reclaim that territory around the southern port city of curse on while russia continues to devote their
9:39 pm
forces there in the east, carson was the first major city to fall when russia invaded back in late february. since then, it's been a key staging ground for russian operations. the ukrainian military says russian troops were forced into unfavorable positions around carson villages, although the significant losses reported could not be verified. russia has now scrapped its age limit to enlist allowing people over the age of 40 to join their forces. russian president vladimir putin also urged today by leaders of france and germany yet again to hold direct peace talks with volodymyr zelensky. for your help. tonight, the fda is investigating a link between strawberries and a hepatitis a outbreak. the organic strawberries were sold at more than 9 retailers, including aldi walmart and trader joe's. they were sold under the brand names fresh, campo and h e b so far the fda has linked 17
9:40 pm
hepatitis a cases to the strawberries 12. people have been hospitalized. most infections were reported here in california. strawberries were sold between march 5th and april. 25th. anyone who still has strawberries may be in their freezer, should throw them out. covid cases are rising months again in the united states. cdc data indicates the country is averaging 100,000 new infections per day, but deaths still remain low. despite the increase, the spike has prompted the cdc, however, to encourage mask, wearing indoors. they're also recommending masking up while traveling for memorial day. >> feel like you're in a time warp even though for many things are normalizing. i still >> i caution. >> researchers are also showing concern for a condition called long covid. we're symptoms can last for at least 2 months after diagnosis, sometimes longer. a
9:41 pm
recent study found vaccines were less likely to prevent that post-covid syndrome. but health experts are maintaining that those shots are effective at preventing severe illness. well, the warriors are the western conference champions. so the nba finals will return to the bay area this week. that could mean a big boost to the local economy is the first time chase center has hosted the final says kron four's justine waldman reports business owners along the waterfront to are hoping for a big turnout. read for san francisco with the warriors in the nba finals. >> the city is buzzing with unexpected boost in tourism. 70% of all the money they've been is not in the hotel. it's out in community where they're buying souvenirs, plain clothing. >> the eating out going to bars, taking course going to museums, you know, by an exhibit seconds it really is very deep. but people do when they spend money with the about nick scenes like the
9:42 pm
golden gate bridge and fisherman's wharf should get some screen time during the games broadcast showing off the city to an international audience, attracting them to come visit in the future. >> during the finals at chase center right down the embarcadero at pier. 39 restaurants are bracing for a big boom in business before during and after the games were aided by a lot of extra beverage and food and staff up because we're going to have been crowds over the next couple weeks. the first finals game is thursday. the second on sunday. that means a long weekend for basketball fans. >> and their wallets in san francisco, justine waldman, kron, 4 news. >> tomorrow is memorial day and there's going to be a ceremony at the san francisco national park cemetery in the presidio over the weekend. hundreds of boy and girl scouts joined volunteers planting 26,000 american flags at the graves of fallen soldiers. the site has hosted
9:43 pm
memorial day event since the holiday was established back in 18. 68. now tomorrow's commemoration includes a 21 gun salute honoring the been killed in the line of e p- duty. the u.s. air force band of the golden west travis brass is also scheduled to appear tomorrow that 3 hour event starts at 10, 30 tomorrow morning. and our very own ken wayne is going to be the emcee for that event. if you go maybe wait to him. quacks u.s. averted. >> a couple ducklings got stuck in a storm drain. how police got them safely back to their mom. we've got that story coming up. and in sports, we now know the warriors will face in the nba finals. kylen mills has the highlights from game 7 of the eastern conference finals. coming up.
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>> time now for your 4 zone forecast. taking a live look outside tonight at coit tower. it's kind of changing from blue to yellow. lighten up for warriors. there it goes as we enter nba finals week. first game is set for chase center later this week. we do want to get you a check of how warm it's going to be later this week. murray's rodriguez has the details on that. warm up. hey, hey, don't know. yeah. we have one more day of spring-like temperatures until
9:47 pm
we transition to summer tuesday and wednesday of this week. let's take a live look outside and we can actually make out city hall. >> not covered. and that marine layer that was pretty stubborn around this time. yesterday. we're tracking crystal clear skies this evening. great air quality today and even continuing for your memorial day monday as well. and then temperatures out there right now, widespread 50's and 60's low 50's for pacifica and half moon bay about 15 degrees warmer for those of you. a concord at 66 degrees, the mall, the city out there in the bay area as his fairfield. but temperatures tomorrow, it's going to remain very seasonal. could see a few degrees of warming for the north bay valleys just because of those warm, dry, offshore breezes santa rosa and nevada warming up into the low 80's, trying to flirt with 80's. for those of you in napa and allay. but mid 70's for the east bay valleys and south bay and downtown san francisco. 66 degrees. so taking a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast. we are going to see
9:48 pm
temperatures >> the 80's to even flirting with 90's. for most of our warmest inland valleys, really peaking on wednesday. so we're going to get a little bit of a summer-like temperature trend heading our way this upcoming week with highs about 5 to 15 degrees above average. but fortunately, no triple digit heat in the forecast and then we're going to cool down by later this upcoming week with below average temperatures friday into saturday with a slight chance of showers making its way into the bay area. believe it or not, on saturday. >> and then by sunday morning, those morning showers going to clear giving way to plenty of sunshine by your sunday afternoon. one week from today. still a few days out, but it is really nice to see those rain chances continuing in our bay area forecast because we certainly do need it, especially after our summer-like temperatures peaking by wednesday of this week. and here's kylen mills with sports. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> back to work for the golden state warriors after enjoying a rare 2 days off, the dubs
9:49 pm
are in action at chase center today, preparing for the nba finals. the good news golden state will get some home cooking this week is games. one and 2 will be played here in san francisco. then they'll make the cross-country trip to boston for games. 3, 4, coach steve kerr says he wants his team to soak in the western conference finals win and to enjoy some rest away from the game. now, party time is over. >> conference finals were. really tiring, even the series only won 5 games to play every other day. is very when you factor in the back and forth of the 3 and a half hour flight, i think both teams felt that night to be in our own beds. you know, for a week straight are actually 11, 12 straight days. it's very helpful. having said all that, so got to go out and do all the work and get the job done. >> get the job done. head coach steve kerr celtics-heat game 7 in miami who will face the warriors in the nba
9:50 pm
finals. late 4th quarter. jayson tatum with the fade away jumper down. it falls to give boston a 10 point lead. however, the heat storm back down to wtth seconds left. going the other way. jimmy butler bringing the ball up in transition instead of driving. he goes for the lead missing from 3. >> celtics win 196 there. the eastern conference champion. >> they will play the warriors in the nba finals. game one at chase center on thursday. giants at red cincinnati pitcher tyler malley had a no-hitter before giving up the double in the 7th top of the 8 to one reds. evan longoria sense it deep the opposite way going back so long it's a three-run homer, his 3rd in 3 games for 2 giants lead 3 batters later, luis gonzales rockets that one into the corner. tyra was strong on brandon crawford come into score 6, 2, giants growing their lead. san francisco in 6
9:51 pm
for to avoid being swept in the series. they had to philly to start a series on memorial day after it was easy a's hosting the rangers. kids got to run the field pre-game. you go girl. she looks fast. tie ballgame in the bottom of the 9th. jed lowry the hole in left center field. that'll do it. the a's win in a walk off. talk about a sunday fun day, flowery gets mobbed by his teammates. a's win 6, 5, oakland host the houston astros to begin the week. >> get a little w for their fans needed. but the golden state away and get this matchup with boston. i mean, i'm definitely not a celtics fan being a lakers fan celtics are not my not my cup of tea. so they can pull out the w maybe we can sweep it. i don't know. we'll that right. but it's like the new age domination of the celtics have
9:52 pm
that long history of combination. these 2 very storied franchises. and the first time chase center is going to be hosting a final series. so that's exciting to yeah. so far fans have brought it very impressive of highland. we'll be right back after the break because we've got a story about birth control. >> for birds? yeah. you heard that right. why one country wants to put their pigeons on the bill. i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. elon musk promised to pay a million customers
9:53 pm
$30,000 a year if they bought his car. they bought his car. so, where's their money? he promised customers if they bought his car, its value would increase to $200,000. they bought his car. so, where's their money? he promised investors if they bought his stock, they would get $50 billion a year in profits from robotaxis. they bought his stock. so, where's their money? and he told investors tesla was worth $1 trillion by claiming tesla was the leader in driverless robotaxi technology. but tesla doesn't have driverless robotaxi technology. tesla's full self-driving software requires a driver! many other companies have already deployed driverless robotaxis that are way ahead of tesla's.
9:54 pm
so where's the investors' money? in the last year, elon musk pulled $48 billion out of tesla, seven times the profits they've ever made. his ceo compensation was 1,000 times the average for a fortune 500 ceo. elon, is your full self-driving software just a trillion-dollar ponzi scheme? did you become the wealthiest man in history by swindling customers and investors? i'm dan o'dowd and i'm running for u.s. senate because congress needs to shut down elon musk's full self-driving fiasco. someone needs to stand up to him.
9:55 pm
>> welcome back. san francisco pd came to the rescue of a mom and her babies, a mommy duck. that is her poor ducklings fell through a great into a drain in the oracle park parking lot. officers say they actually heard the moms frantic quacking early in the morning. they were moved the great and got all the babies safely back into their mother's wings of police say the mom let her babies. then back to safety. they all look like they're ok after that fall down. the great. well. speaking of birds, officials in barcelona say they're pitching population has gotten so out of hand. they've put their birds and birth control. it's feared derek excrement is damaging some of barcelona's, most ancient and beautiful buildings like the sagrada familia es. so food is now being left out for the birds. that includes a non lethal contraceptive drug. barcelona started this program 5 years ago. now it has more than 40
9:56 pm
food dispensers around the city. since then, the pigeon population has actually declined between 20 and 30% each year. and if you've been to barcelona, you know, they do have a lot of pigeons out there. well, tom cruise got his first 100 million dollars opening weekend with his top gun sequel in its first 3 days in north american theaters. the top gun maverick earned an estimated 124 million dollars in ticket sales. people are raving about this movie with international ticket sales. the total doubles to 248 million. the new film, which has crews bringing back the role of maverick is now among the top pandemic era openings. like i said, a lot of people reallysraving about this. if you're on the fence, i say go for it. all right. that's about all the time we've got for this hour of the kron. 4 news at 9. we'll be right back here with more news ahead at 10 o'clock. stick with us.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 temperatures in the bay area on the rise and strong winds have prompted a red flag warning for the memorial day holiday. good evening. this is kron. 4 news at 10. i'm noelle bellow. a red flag warning is set to take effect in parts of the north bay from late monday morning until tuesday night. fire officials asking people now to be careful while taking part in memorial day festivities, especially those barbecues kron four's amanda hari has more. i spoke to a woman that was a firefighter for decades. she says when you can pick up a leaf like this one here and just crush it into dust. >> you know, just how little


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