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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  May 30, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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off with a check of our weather and traffic with john shrable. hey, good morning, this stephanie looking like a nice one to be getting back outside today. >> i mean, friday, saturday and sunday. we're nice, too. but with so many people having today off as well, enjoy it as well. quite our looks great under those clear skies, clear skies at the coast will entice you to head that direction. but hopefully with the jackets and sweaters because that's going to be a cool, brisk spot today. temperatures back into the 60's along the bayshore san mateo hayward, alameda oakland, down towards san jose in inland towards conquered in pittsburgh, all back into the low 60's winds at the coastline are going help to keep things feeling. kind of brisk out that direction. so some sweaters in pacifica, well inland, those same winds will up fire danger, talking some red flag warnings here in just an hour. still to come in your forecast, as for a bridge is very easy drive anywhere. you've got to be going. the bay bridge. very nice heading a 10 minute drive over the bay and looking at the san mateo bridge. you're rolling at the
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limit there under some sunshine. a richmond center fell much the same. not a lot of traffic going on in the golden gate bridge. easy go as well. if you are getting off into the marin headlands, though, that's where you're going to encounter some backups as there's a lot of recreation traffic today, stephanie. thanks very much, john. >> cities throughout the nation are honoring the fallen men and women who died while serving in our armed forces here in the bay area. ceremonies, parades and breakfast are expected to kron four's. sara stinson is live for us at the presidio national cemetery with more on what's happening there. good morning, sarah. >> good morning, stephanie. i learned amazing fact this morning. so share with all of you in case you don't know. but memorial day was established as a holiday in 18 68 and they've been celebrating and honoring soldiers at the cemetery ever since then. and they put flags on every single grave site. so to tell us more about that is joining us live is can chun
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with boy scouts of america. also on the planning committee for the flag. tell me how important is this to not only put a flag at each and every grave site but also to honor them. on thistday, though, u% it's very important to honor the veterans served this country. >> every year we have the boy scouts of america from the bay area come out and placed. 26,000 flags here at the percy a cemetery. it's been a great honor to do that. and to schedule that is that every year and we expect very, very large turnout today. but we have to remember that freedom is not free and we have to learn those people. defendant and not only our freedom, our democracy. >> can that so sure you've been doing this for 15 years. what is it like to do that today after, you know, we have been going through this pandemic may not have been able to celebrate like you normally did need in the last 2 years. has it feel like today to be able to do this again? it's received a lot lot. a lot of responses in terms of people wanted to come out and help. we get calls
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from home just volunteers, parents, leaders who want to come out throughout from the community who want to come out and assist with the flight planning every year. >> and tell me about some of the gravesite here. we're talking a little bit earlier about how old some of the grave sites or because this has been here since what the 15, see. that's correct. and other pca was established in 18. 68 we have veterans from all from the indian or spanish american. >> for one more work to be at no more operation iraqi freedom and people who have served in about inclusion. >> so those people were here today. i mean, the grave sites that are here today, people can walk around and see them kind put your eyes to the person's name and really visualize who were on during the evening at 6 special. because if you're not here, it's hard to like really grasped. >> absolutely. everybody has their own story and we actually have 39 medal of honor recipients here. and we
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asked each individual that come out on flight plan today to look at those individuals and look up their history to see what day '02 for the country to b 100 and to receive the medal of honor. >> now it's a beautiful day we really looked because we talked about i can get really foggy up here. of course, the presidio gorgeous day. we've got our very own can win coming out see who else can we expect to be at this event that starts by the way at 10, 30, you know, we expect to nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house of your today, senator alex padilla and the co-star mom. that will be also here presenting other reef the costar >> parents to. >> and again, that starts at 10, 30 anything else you want to stay but say about memorial day, such a special day to honor fallen soldiers know it's it's a it's a great honor to be here today. and i think everybody should spend a minute or 2 to think about all the individuals who have served this country safe, not only the sacrifices to our
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country, but you have to think about other family, too. so it's very important to 100. absolutely. thank you can for all the work you do with boys as america putting the flags the little kids that they're not that little younger. >> younger kids right over there and they did a lot of good work today. again, 10, 30, if you want to watch this. take a few minutes. just like ken said to really think about the people we're honoring today. you can just click in to kron on dot tv or get the app. and you can watch this stream it and just spend a few moments listening in. it will be an event that you will not want to miss and you don't even have to come out because you can just click and join right, ken? that's correct. aln right. thank you, stephanie, back to you. >> what a great way to honor our troops. thank you so much there for that live report. a red flag warning goes into effect in just a few hours and includes parts of the north bay. that warning will stick around until tomorrow night. fire officials are asking everyone to please be careful while enjoying memorial day festivities and keep an eye on those barbecues. kron four's.
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amanda hari has more. >> i spoke to a woman that was a firefighter for decades. she says when you could pick up a leaf like this one here and just crush it into dust, you know, just how little moisture there is in the air and how high the fire risk in its own. tell you been in front of it and tell you that experience that in person. >> don't know how fast or how big that parking yet. >> and those conditions, president of fire safe sonoma. roberta mcintyre says people should take the red flag warning seriously. fire officials are forecasting critical fire. weather conditions just seems like there's been so much drought. >> and dry weather. and when that, you know, it's pretty much year-round there will be a combination of low relative humidity, high winds and warmer temperatures. >> mcintyre says any spark can cause a wildfire. >> it could be from a cigarette, a chain dragged behind the car.
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>> or even cooking had tension. do your equipment you're using had tension too. >> you know the barbecue you've got going on. is it too windy for for a barbecue? >> this is video from the east bay on saturday. all of that smoke is from barbecue fire that got out of control. winds spread the flames to nearby trees and homes. mcintyre says most fires are caused by human error. roughly 95% of fires in california. >> are caused by people. >> whether it's a quiet month are people things? santa rosp fire has already been busy. this is video from the vegetation fire on wednesday. >> sunday there was a structure fire and the franklin park area that required 4 engines and a ladder truck. but really is that? >> key influencer? >> for wow them fire disasters is the man so far firefighters have been able to control the
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fires. >> when there's a red flag warning in effect, mcintyre recommends having your go kit ready and making sure you know where your pets are. just in case be ready to evacuate if you live in an area where a red flag warning is in effect, i'm told you should reach out to family and friends. >> out of area to find somewhere to stay. just in case you have to evacuate in santa rosa amanda hari kron. 4 news. and if you plan to have some sparklers are fireworks. make sure you keep a close eye on those 2 and speaker of fire danger in the east bay. several fire sparked over the weekend. check out this one. it happened in the wetlands starting saturday afternoon near pittsburgh and bay point. >> contra costa county firefighters responded to the blaze but it continued to burn on sunday as the winds picked up. it's since been contained. but that fire did burn 248 acres in total fire. crews now keeping an eye on it. in the meantime, they say this fire will continue to smolder for just a couple more days. no
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homes are under threat at this time. and east contra costa. fire crews responded to another blaze in brentwood. you can see lots of dry brush catching fire there in a creek area. these flames spread about 2 acres before crews got it under control. then in fremont, another 2 acre grass fire sparked at 3 in the afternoon. this one at lake elizabeth, just south of the water park there crews remained on scene until the evening to monitor it. the cause of both fires are now under investigation. president joe biden and first lady jill biden traveled to texas sunday to pay their respects to the victims of the elementary school shooting and the department of justice is opening their own investigation into the uvalde police response. robert sherman has more. >> president biden in the first lady arrived in uvalde texas sunday morning. okay. of flowers in hand. they pay their respects and that the
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ever growing memorial outside robb elementary commemorating the 19 children and 2 teachers whose lives were taken and the horrific school shooting tuesday. his reception was warm. but uvalde residents telling newsnation they want healing and change. not photo ops. >> we have been affected very, very, very bad. the hearing about post reported there's bail out every single day. so i'm glad that he's here to show support for the families. but i want to know what he's really going to do to protect our community because he hasn't done anything up into this point. >> governor greg abbott's reception featured boos and jeers from a crowd consisting of some uvalde citizens. but some out of towners as well. >> this is the line of people waiting to drop off flowers and visit the memorial outside of robb elementary school. and people have been coming from all over to visit this community of 16,000. some are here to call for action. others just want to pay their respects. >> as the president was set to leave the crowd, encourage him to take action, some shouting. we need help. he paused stared at the crowd, listened and was
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gone on his way to his next stop sunday mass. something always on the 46 president's itinerary. but this time at sacred heart catholic church in uvalde, a church attended by some of the victims in private. the president and first lady met with families of the victims and survivors wrapping his day by meeting with first responders in the uvalde community. while the president was in texas back in dc the department of justice making headlines announcing they will conduct a critical incident review of the law enforcement response to the shooting, which some, including texas dps police was too slow and that the decision to not reach the classroom door, the shoot was behind immediately was the wrong one. >> the benefit of hindsight where i'm sitting now. >> and of course, it was about the right decision the wrong decision. variant. there's no no excuse for that. >> that was rob sherman reporting for us this morning. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, santa clara county now working to fight gun violence. the results of their latest gun buyback program. plus, are you
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shopping for a new home? what realtors are now saying about the summer market. >> and plenty of sunshine out there today. and temperatures feeling comfortable highs mostly in the 70's beautiful memorial day forecast. i will this memorial day, lowe's is home to prices that light up the whole season.
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>> welcome back. president joe biden is in arlington national cemetery this morning for the annual wreath laying ceremony that ceremony honors those who lost their lives in the line of duty. now the state is expected to be very personal for the bidens. mister biden's son, beau biden served in iraq and he died of cancer 7 years ago today. let's listen in. >> the president of the united guard biden junior has the
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thing reading by the honorable kamala d the vice president of the united states, the honorable way, jane austen, secretary of defense general chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, i deliver director army national programs and major general for mobile. i remember united states
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>> and you're looking at live pictures now. if you've just joined us of the wreath laying ceremony for memorial day, this is happening at arlington national cemetery. president joe biden expected to be here be a part of the ceremony. he's also expected to make some this is part of a day of events mister biden, remembering veterans and their families before heading to the ceremony or before heading to this cemetery? i should say the president and first lady jill biden. they hosted a breakfast in the east room of the white house with members of a veteran's military service and military families.
9:21 am
groups. and as we mentioned earlier, this day is likely to feel very personal for the the biden started the day in delaware where the president visited the grave of his son, beau biden. beau biden was a veteran who served in iraq and died of brain cancer in 2015 when he was just 46 years old and monday actually marks the 7th anniversary of his passing. we know the bidens today will be joined by vice president kamala harris and her husband, doug emhoff. for this wreath laying ceremony. and afterwards, we're told the bidens will plant a magnolia tree on the south lawn of the white house alongside families of service members who have passed away. so again, live pictures here. from the arlington national cemetery of
9:22 am
the wreath laying ceremony. can see the bidens and it appears to be. vice president
9:23 am
kamala harris's family arrieing as well.
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>> and we can see president biden. arriving alongside vice president kamala harris. so it seems like just moments ago was their family members who'd just passed by a now. we're actually seeing the president and vice president. arrive here. again. this is part of a day of events for the president commemorating veterans and their families for their service.
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>> shoulder.
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>> shoulder.
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>> watching live pictures of the wreath laying ceremony for memorial day. president biden joined by vice president kamala harris. we just saw moments ago, mister biden laying the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. and this is just part of a day of activities for the president. vice president were expecting also to hear some remarks from the president later at the memorial ampitheater. and the bidens are expected to also plant a magnolia tree on the south lawn of the white house
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alongside the families of service members who have passed away. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. let's get a check of our memorial day forecast with john shrable. hey john. hey, stephanie, nice one today. much like we saw this past weekend today. we're keeping that nice comfortably. cool weather going in. obviously the sunshine to a scene from east bay hills. >> skies clear all the way out to the coast. now. my recommendation is if you are heading out to the coast, do not forget the jacket or the sweater. it's a little on the cool and brisk side out there. the rest of us should be able get away without that. the rest of the day. nevado 63 right now, brett, what you're already close to the 70's at 69 concord, alameda, oakland in the low 60's. now winds definitely a factor at the coastline to making it feel even cooler and a factor in increasing fire danger for some of our inland areas. we go back to a red flag warning about an hour and a half in solano county. all the more
9:35 am
details about that. still to come, bridges this okay. you have no issues out there when it comes to the roads. the bay bridge looking really nice. looking at that right now. you can see that we do hardly have a car. just a few people taking it easy as you're making your way into the city. 10 minutes to do so. san mateo bridge looking great as well. if you're making that drive across the bay looking good, richmond center fell just as nice. no backup at the toll plaza. there and the golden gate bridge. although your great across the span watch for some backups getting off of those exits, once you're in, the marin county had lenses. a lot of people are going to be getting off the highway there to enjoy a day in the headlines. back to you, steph. and looks like a lot of people are sleeping in chimes. thank you. >> americans across the country are on edge following multiple mass shootings. a false alarm caused a stampede saturday night during a boxing match inside the barclays center in brooklyn, new york, paramedics took at least 10 people to the hospital for minor injuries after a loud noise was mistaken for an
9:36 am
active shooter. the noise spooked the crowd causing some 19,000 panicked spectators to make a dash for the exits. both madonna and tennis star naomi osaka attended this boxing match between javan to davis and rolando romero. police investigated and did not find any shots had been fired. developing news this morning on a shooting in downtown chattanooga, tennessee. in total, we're learning that 6 people were shot. most of the victims are believed to be teens and young adults. police arrested at least one person of interest. no word yet on any charges. several of the victims were taken to the hospital. 2 of them now suffering from life-threatening injuries. police say they do not believe the shooting was gang-related, but say it appears people in one group started firing on people in another group. the investigation continues this morning. a shooting at a memorial day festival in
9:37 am
oklahoma left one person dead and 7 others wounded. police say it happened early sunday morning after several people apparently got into an argument about 1500 people were at that music festival. police were in the area and provided first aid to the victims. no word yet on any arrests. this coming wednesday, the alameda county office of education host, a town hall discussion on school violence. it will be held virtually and families can talk about and learn how to talk about these issues with their kids. it will be spanish and mandarin interpretation and this forum will start at 06:00pm you can find the link on the web site listed on your screens will link to the web site of that forum. that is now home sales hit a two-year low as consumer costs reach a record high. nancy loo has more for us. >> new construction homes are still going up at a rapid pace, but sales have gone from hot to not as hot and new
9:38 am
stepped out confirmed that cooling but market watchers view it as a reality check. >> what's happening is maybe the market was traveling at 125 miles an hour. now. we're just going 100 miles an hour. it's still fast. it's just slower than before. so houses are still selling, but high prices are pricing. many out the hot market in las vegas is pumped up sales in per romp over an hour away from hertand you can get bigger lies, bigger property at for for last. the prices out here are still affordable. affordability is curbing sales overall, according to new data from the census bureau sales dropped by 17% in april. the biggest dip in nearly a decade. >> and home prices are up by nearly 20% with the median price. now, topping $450,000, potential buyers are waiting it out to the mix of overall inflation and higher interest rates that typical mortgage payment is up. 57%. >> compared to just a year
9:39 am
which really translates into $720 more on their monthly payment. yet demand still outpaces supply with new construction, which remains hampered by labor and supply chain issues. >> you have to take possession of the home and get resourceful for a few months and tell your microwave shows up or your refrigerator. >> some part like that tracking by realtor dot com points to more in the tory over the summer months with indications that more owners are planning to list their homes for buyers who have patients and can wait. it's likely that in just a few months are going to see it very distant housing market morning. the story more approachable prices. >> america's largest generation is a major market factor. millennial homebuyers have grown significantly over the past year and they're expected to continue to grow over the next 2 years. back to you. >> yes, nancy loo reporting for us for your health. the fda is investigating a link between strawberry is and a hepatitis outbreak. the
9:40 am
organic strawberries were sold at more than 9 retailers, including walmart and trader joe's. they were sold under the brand names fresh compo and h e b so far the fda has linked 17 hepatitis a cases to the strawberries. we know 12 people are now hospitalized. most infections reported in california. the strawberries were sold between march 5th and april. 25th. anyone who still has those strawberries in their freezer should throw them out. covid cases are again rising in the u.s. cdc data shows the country is now averaging 100,000 new infections per day. deaths still remain low. the cdc is now encouraging mask-wearing indoors there. also, matt recommending masking up while you're traveling for memorial day. >> like you're in a time warp even though for things are normalizing, i still i caution. >> researchers also expressing
9:41 am
concern about long covid. that's where covid symptoms last for at least 2 months after a positive diagnosis. a recent study found vaccines offered little protection against long-covid. but health experts say getting vaccinated still remains the best way to prevent getting sick in the first place. this is turning out to be a tough weekend for thousands of air travelers. more than 4800 flights canceled nationwide more than 8,000 of those just yesterday, san francisco international canceled at least 13 flights and delayed over 130 further south at lax. at least 40 flights were scrubbed last weekend. so far. well, nearly 420 have been delayed. delta reporting the highest number of canceled flights according to flightaware. that's a tech company that tracks this information. the airline saying it's all partially due to employee absences from covid. happening today, a
9:42 am
memorial day ceremony starts at the san francisco national park cemetery in the presidio. we just saw sarah stinson provide us a live report on that at the top of the hour. now, hundreds of boy and girl scouts joined volunteers, plant planted thousands of american flags at the graves of fallen soldiers. there. the site has hosted a memorial day event since the holiday was established in 18. 68. today ceremony includes a 21 gun salute honoring the 1 million americans killed in the line of duty. the u.s. air force band of the golden west travis brass is also scheduled to appear. the 3 hour event starts at 10, 30. our ken wayne will be the emcee for the event. and i believe he also served in the navy. we'll be right back.
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♪ and the fire in the sky ♪ ♪ ♪ wait and see ♪ ♪ shadow down ♪ ♪ fall into line ♪ ♪ you're out of time ♪ >> welcome back here at kron 4, we continue to celebrate pthe bay area, asian american and pacific islander community from principal dancer to choreographer. is paving the way for the next generation of dancers. kron four's gayle ong has his story. >> michael lowe is helping the dancers prepare for their big okay. so let's get season for born in oakland and raised in
9:46 am
alameda low is a fixture in the bay area ballet community that the impulse that you have to have sink in at a young age. he was an athlete. he played football in this field that encinal high school in alameda and was encouraged to try ballet to increase strength and coordination in sports. the reason why switches? because i'm a lover of music >> also the sort of the artistic in the creative side. everybody know what they're doing. yes, do. they know their count. that interest leading to a successful career in dance low, spent 3 decades performing with the oakland la as principal county, deputy and retirement low. choreograph, asian cultural dances. as a dancer, i i danced roles. were asian in nature, but mostly they're getting a like a character and more than >> that real character development. and i wanted to see if i can. you have a voice
9:47 am
and different route. so i have to a version of the upper in the where i was the first one we used look for. the martial artists needed martial arts now serving as the artistic director of member ballet in menlo park, which launched early 2011. he is helping the next generation of dancers take center stage. >> freeze. i feel i'm just really fortunate that i that i'm able to. i share. >> my art something to say and to rich long kron. 4 news. >> incredible story. now. let's do a quick check on our bay area weather before you head out the door. how are things looking for memorial day, john, still another good one, stephanie. yesterday saturday, both beautiful days and we're keeping the trend going today. >> starting to see some traffic picking up there at the coast. got a lot of people out there with the strollers ready to go and join the coastline. if you are heading out that direction, just make
9:48 am
sure you've got the jacket sweater with you as the coast is going to be our coolest spots. also, munger windiest areas, too personal moral condition. personal besides south bay tri valley, mid 70's in the spots. so that is going to be absolutely beautiful. if you're hanging out right along those areas, windy at the coast as a and also windy further inland to and that is upping fire danger. a red flag warning taking effect in about an hour at 11:00am lasting through 08:00pm on tuesday due to those strong winds and of course, the dry weather. we're in the midst of temperatures today. still comfortable tomorrow. temperatures start to rise will be back into the 80's for more and more cities. and by wednesday, some of us will be approaching the 90's. so starting to see some warmer step just around the corner. temperatures today, though, nice and comfortable 50's and 60's at the coastline. and then as i mentioned, some of nicest of stuff is right alongside the shore of the bay palo alto and mountain view at 74 south bay. looks great too with san jose. at 75 and the tri valley. no 80's for you.
9:49 am
it's just the mid 70's. great day in livermore at 76 oakland at 71. little warmer for andy out pittsburgh, fairfield and vacaville. the low 80's. well, santa rosa at 79 degrees. tomorrow's temperatures climbing wednesday. the hottest, though, and after that, we see some relief. so it's a short lived. warm-up by the weekend. we're back down in the 70's, even some chances of showers towards saturday and sunday. of course, it is not a big commute day. so view like this is a very welcome sight. if you must head into the city here, probably doing so. just to take it easy and only a 10 minute drive across the bridge. back to you, stephanie. >> yeah, i seems like a lot of people are sleeping in this memorial day weekend. thanks very much, john. in sports, the dubs are back in action after a long deserved rest winning the western conference finals and a pretty good sunday for our bay area. baseball teams kylen mills has the details. >> back to work for the golden state warriors after enjoying a rare 2 days off, the dubs
9:50 am
are in action at chase center, preparing for the nba finals. the good news golden state will get some home cooking this week is games. one and 2 will be played here in san francisco. then they'll make the cross-country trip to boston for games. 3, 4, head coach steve kerr says he wants his team to soak in the western conference finals win and to enjoy some rest away from the game. now, party time is over. >> conference finals were. really tiring, even the series only won 5 games to play every other day. is very when you factor in the back and the count 3 and a half hour flight. i think both teams felt that night to be in our own beds. you know, for a week straight are actually 11, 12 straight days. it's very helpful. having said all that, so got to go out and do all the work and get the job done. >> get the job done. head coach steve kerr celtics-heat game 7 in miami who will face the warriors in the nba
9:51 am
finals. late 4th quarter. jayson tatum with the fade away jumper down. it falls to give boston a 10 point lead. however, the heat storm back down to with seconds left. going the other way. jimmy butler bringing the ball up in transition instead of driving. he goes for the lead missing from 3. >> celtics win 196 there. the eastern conference champion. >> they will play the warriors in the nba finals. game one at chase center on thursday. giants at red cincinnati pitcher tyler malley had a no-hitter before giving up the double in the 7th top of the 8 to one reds. evan longoria sense it deep the opposite way going back so long it's a three-run homer, his 3rd in 3 games for 2 giants lead 3 batters later, luis gonzales rockets that one into the corner. tyra was strong on brandon crawford come into score 6, 2, giants growing their lead. san francisco in 6
9:52 am
for to avoid being swept in the series. they had to philly to start a series on memorial day after it was easy a's hosting the rangers. kids got to run the field pre-game. you go girl. she looks fast. tie ballgame in the bottom of the 9th. jed lowry finds the hole in left center field. that'll do it. the a's win in a walk off. talk about a sunday fun day. flowery gets mobbed by his teammates. a's win 6, 5 oakland host the houston apastros to begin the week. >> we'll be right back.
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>> just about done here on the kron 4 morning news. but our next show is happening at noon. noelle bellow is standing by in the newsroom with a preview. hey noel. hey, stephanie, got you covered at noon and 3 o'clock this afternoon. we're, of course, going to have a look at the memorial day commemorations happening all across the bay area today, including the event in the presidio where our own ken wayne is emceeing. so be sure to tune in for that. plus, after visiting uvalde texas, the president says he sees a chance of rational gop approach on guns were going to share his remarks today at noon. be sure to join us. then happy memorial day to everybody. back to stephanie. thanks very much. looking forward noel san francisco pd came to the rescue of a mama duck and her babies. her ducklings fell through a grate into a drain in the oracle park parking
9:56 am
lot. >> officers say they heard the moms frantic quacking early in the morning. they removed the great and got all the baby safely back into their mother's arms or well wings. haha. >> police say the mom let her babies safely back to the happy ending to that story. and tom cruise got his first 100 million dollars opening weekend with his top gun sequel in its first 3 days in north american theaters. the film earned an estimated 124 million dollars in ticket sales. if you count international ticket sales that totaled doubles to 248 million dollars. john. wow, that's a lot of money. have you are going to see it? i think so. it be a great way to spend memorial day. i would even see the original top guns. i got some catching up to there we go. so you can do a little marathon. exactly. that sounds like a good plan for memorial day. if you're going outside for memorial day, good news. weather is very co-operative, whether it's for ceremony. if you're
9:57 am
taking a trip out to the ocean, though he bring those jackets with you. >> as for tomorrow and wednesday are hotter days of the forecast. little cool. right back down june first is wednesday, stephanie, human. and we're actually cooling into it, too, with the chance of showers into saturday and sunday. all right. very good update. well, thank you so much for joining us on the kron. 4 morning news. have a very safe and happy memorial day. >> west of your weekend. joining for that. you have yeah. good to get out. but
9:58 am
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