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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  May 30, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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deputies responding to the scene in milpitas after report of a hang gliding accident. investigators say one man died and one woman was taken to the hospital. >> the victims relationship is unknown. this >> especially on the holiday trial trying to have fun and end losing your life. doesn't get any worse than that. >> this park is a popular spot for the air sport. the usual winds and high hillsides make it ideal for launching off and then soaring into the air. authorities say the woman and the man crashed on the 2500 foot tall monument peak just before noon monday. the circumstances surrounding the accident are still unclear. but it is known that there are risks despite how rewarding the sport, maybe and pretty interesting. and it looks like it would be fun, but i know i would not try its latest fatalities. statistics. the u.s. hang gliding and paragliding association reported just one hang gliding death in 2020 down from 4
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deaths the previous year reporting in milpitas, dan thorn kron. 4 news investigators have not yet released the name of the victims in sausalito. one person is dead. another in the hospital after being pulled out of the water today off black sands beach. >> the shelter, cove ocean rescue teams used to rescue boat jet ski to find the victims. they say they were able to save one person from 15 to 20 foot waves. investigators have not identified either of those victims. >> a few kite boarders had to be rescued from the bay over the weekend. gale force winds and waves reaching up to 15 >> knots, i believe on sunday prompted a rescue from the marine county sheriff's office. >> officials say luckily all 3 kite boarders were properly prepare. they have radios and necessary safety equipment on to stay afloat until the rescue boat. i was able to
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reach them. it has been a deadly weekend along the california highways, the california highway patrol says that they responded to 15 deaths since starting maximum enforcement on friday night. the agency also arrested nearly 900 people for dui. chp has maximum enforcement period continues until midnight tonight included in those arrest numbers for driving under the influence is paul pelosi, the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi. the incident happened in napa county saturday night after a minor 2 car crash. chp says pelosi is car was struck by a jeep in a non-injury collision. officers book mister pelosi for driving with a blood alcohol level of point. 0, 8, or higher. the 82 year-old was released on $5,000 bail speaker pelosi's office says she was on the east coast at the time. she will not comment on the incident. >> new at 9 tonight, a 72 year-old woman has died after getting run over by her own
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car. petaluma police say on friday the woman was trying to stop or car that somehow rolled down her driveway and started down a hill on glenn eagle drive. the woman fell to the ground, then was run over and became trapped. police are withholding her name pending notification of family members. firefighters in the north bay are on high alert to red flag warning is set to be in effect until 8 o'clock tomorrow night. gusty winds, low relative humidity and warm temperatures all make it easier for a fire start and spread. officials say roughly 95% of fires are caused by people. so they are urging everyone to be careful, especially given this is a holiday weekend. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about those red flag warnings. and, you know, the winds are going to die down a little bit because that's scary. yeah, no, it's going to pick up tonight, especially in the north bay and it's going to switch directions. that's what makes them really dangerous. you start to get a northerly wind kicking in so that sea
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breeze. and so this much drier air makes it into the atmosphere. but well, it's just as made for some beautiful weather around the bay area overlooking the bridge there. the golden gate bridge as we watch the sunset in the bay area. no clouds to speak of. but the winds, they're going to be a big concern overnight tonight as those winds again going to be picking up. i'm not super strong but still sustained 15 to 25 miles per hour. probably gusting to over 30. maybe 35 miles per hour. but the humidity, it's just getting so low. you can see between 5 to 15%. you watch now overnight tonight, not so bad, but as we head through the day tomorrow, that dry air really mixes in and then you're talking 7% relative humidity to fairfield out. bill, about 21% of the concord. that's by 3 o'clock in the afternoon tomorrow. so a very dry conditions out there in those winds will be picking up. here's the latest forecast. wind gusts. you can see all of us and the winds turn more that northerly direction overnight. tonight and tomorrow morning. that is that normally offshore wind developing all of a sudden you're looking at 2030 mile an hour gusts models. we want to
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try and paint that purple there. those are gusts over 40 miles per hour across on the mound. big so a little blustery start the morning by the afternoon that get to subside more that sea breeze and that moist air starts to kick in by the afternoon. so we're watching that very closely overnight tonight, the winds have backed off a little bit. we're looking at when even some 22 mile an hour gus so backed off just a little bit. still, 23 mile an hour gust in benicia 20 in the birds landing 14 into fairfield 11 in a vacaville. these more of a westerly wind right now. but you can see a little more of a northerly component just to our north into sacramento and also about mountain tower. but we're going to watch changes overnight. tonight is the our really fire weather forecast model shows things backed off a bit. but tonight you get those offshore winds begin to make it in mixon. look at the colors. begin develop by tomorrow morning. you start to see some orange developing there. that's a moderate risk of higher fire danger through that area through the morning. and then by the afternoon that again is going to begin to back off. so overall, though, the pattern for most people is just looking great. you're talking about high pressure, talking offshore winds are
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talking clear skies all the way to the coastline. so even now the beaches, you've got some nice sunshine again for tomorrow. temperatures right now all over the map. you've got some cooler low 50's along the coastline. still, 67 degrees, pretty mild in to conquer right now. warm 71 in brentwood, 70 degrees in st. in the 66 now in santa rosa. 59 in novato that big dome of high pressure will continue to roll in for tomorrow. bringing those offshore winds and some warm temperatures. in fact, it will be a little bit warmer by tomorrow afternoon, but there's also a chance of some rain in the forecast. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. memorial day, of course, time to join together with friends and family while paying our respective the service men and women who gave their lives protecting our freedoms are for sale is so the money and is live in the newsroom for us with a look at how memorial day was spent all across the bay l a. >> well, our u.s. military members serve our country above all else, day in and day out. but today we are taking the time to specifically honor those who could not come home.
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>> stars and stripes could be seen in most places on monday for memorial day commemorations all across the bay groups gathered in every corner of the region to pay their respects to the fallen service men and women. navy veteran brad craven joined in at the danville ceremony to remind us what the day is all about. you have to understand that the 2 men and women who passed away and gave their lives. >> and so for service, i think is the biggest thing. and it's honor remember that while we can. >> letter grills and have good times of our families and be as free as we can is because of those men and women in mill valley was the first time in 3 years. parade went by along miller avenue. >> for this long standing tradition giving an opportunity for new generations to learn about the sacrifice. >> well, local dignitaries paid their respects at the san francisco presidio. >> for more than 30,000 service members are laid to rest.
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>> kron 4 anchor and navy veteran ken wayne led the event attended by house speaker nancy pelosi and u.s. senator alex padilla. >> this is really a solemn occasion. the brings up feelings of both pride and appreciation. i know a lot of us have a tough time knowing what exactly to say to people who have lost loved ones. and ken, i know you had some pretty inspirational of messages out there for people at the presidio to specifically address what the rest of us can do on a day like this. >> well, one of the things that came up was a quote. the author is unknown and the quote if you want to honor a fallen soldier. being american worth fighting for took me a second. remember it, but that's it. yes, it is a big day and thank you for your service can thank you. east bay, congressman mark. the marks the memorial day visiting the crosses of lafayette, the memorial behind lafayette bart station. quick commemorates the soldiers who
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were killed in iraq and afghanistan was a sign containing a running death toll of the count counted by the u.s. department of defense. congressman dis on tweeted, quote, i'm so proud to see our community gather on memorial day each year in remembrance of those who laid down their lives for our freedom. on this memorial day, members of the livermore community are chipping in to help a navy veteran who lost his home and most of his possessions in a fire. 67 year-old ronald weber and his dog buddy managed to get out of the rv as it went up in flames. kron four's amanda hari talked with weber about how the community is helping him get his life back. >> its like nothing you can imagine. this is what 67 year-old navy veteran ronald webber's home looks like now black and melted destroyed by fire. still hasn't hit me. his rv was parked outside the lowe's on first street in livermore. when weber turned it on, there was a popping noise and smoke and flames.
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duane woods was leaving lows on friday around one in the afternoon when he saw firefighters putting out the rv fire on anybody. >> they got out through the driver's door. he he's lost everything. woods lives nearby. he hadn't met weber yet, but he knew of him and i would see him take his star buddy. i'm out for a walk. i asked weber what is going to miss most family pictures, but he did gain something. a friend woods's started fundraising to help ever get back on his feet. it's off the charts. what people are doing. we actually had a motorhome donated. this is weber and buddies. new motor home. the people that donated it want to remain anonymous. but before hearing weber story, they were going to sell it for $10,000. i was >> more room for buddy to move around. woeld be too bad. it was and put would be one today. where would you be the
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>> and that's what i want to be in livermore. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> thousands of people are flocking to the airport to catch flights for the memorial day weekend. but for most of them, well, it is been big headache, according to flight tracking website, flight aware there were more than 1500 cancellations and that's just today. most of them where delta flights, the airlines chief customer experience, officer tells us the various contributed to that like bad weather, vendor staffing, increased covid cases. but experts say when it comes to planning flight schedules, delta really dropped the ball. >> well, a lot of airlines did hear back their and some are flying. delta was not as aggressive and delta this weekend paid the price. >> the airline says it to it
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will reduce service by 100 daily departures from july to august and that that period to that, the current operations are not up to their standards. so meanwhile, experts suggest that you double and triple check your flight status, timing and connecting flights before even leaving the airport. >> other news now we have a developing story. san francisco is seeing another round of covid surges. in fact, the city is seeing not just case rates climbing but hospitalizations as well. not good news tonight. kron four's dan kerman talk with medical experts about who's getting sick and what people who are not yet sick can do. >> san francisco is seeing another surge in covid-19 cases with an average of 500 new cases a day at least those are the ones being reported. 98 people are also in the hospital more than double from a month ago. you are seeing in the hospital right now 2 main groups. the first group in the biggest group so unvaccinated. >> the second group is those
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who have not received any boosters and they tend to be older. that increase could continue. following the memorial day weekend. but medical experts are not gravely concerned, but we're not seeing is this huge run on hospitals. we're seeing. >> you know, modest increases in hospitalizations, very small increases and icu admissions. no increase in mortality. so that's all those are good things. and as the virus continues to change, one sad truth is clear. covid isn't going to go away. it will probably be around. >> for many years, i think we're, you know, kind of stuck with this for a while. just like our, you know, our grandparents and great grandparents are stuck with tuberculosis is a fact of life. but medical experts say that doesn't mean staying at home in closing the door to the world. >> it means doing your part to prevent serious disease or omicron. you need the booster. >> it's a 3 dose series and if you haven't gotten the should get it. if you're over 50 or
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you have suppressed, get the 4th boost. get the 4th shot as well. doctors say step 2 is assessing your risk each day and taking steps to prevent infection from disrupting your life and the lives of others. if we're having events, we can request that people get tested before the event. >> i always carry my master on just like you carry an umbrella around sometimes and rainy season. it's rainy season right now for covid. still. and you pull it on when it just seems to be a little bit risky in an indoor setting that's crowded. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news. city of san jose is extending the deadline to apply for a city program that provides grants to support small businesses recover from the pandemic. san jose business owners who are unable to pay business rent any time between march 24th 2020 and august 19th 2021. may be eligible for a grant ranging from 5,000 to $15,000. officials with the city's office of economic development say these grants
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are for outstanding rent and utility debts related to covid-19. the money comes from the federal american rescue plan. act and it funds the funds provide up to 300 grants to small businesses, companies or enter prices. school officials in santa clara county are urging parents to get their kids vaccinated, especially during the upcoming summer months in santa clara county, as of may. 26. >> about 60% of children ages 5 to 11 are vaccinated and 70% of kids ages 12 and up have received a booster dose. the county does not yet tracked booster shots for ages 5 through 11 right now. pfizer is the only booster shot available for children, ages 5 to 11. they receive one-third of the dose given to those aged 12 and older. now to the latest on the baby formula shortage across the country. the fda say as a says, it may be formally supplies. >> should be back to normal by july. the shortage has been getting worse since an abbott
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industry plant with unsanitary conditions was forced to close in february about 300,000 cans of formula have already arrived from overseas and they'll be handed out to with serious medical needs. fda officials say more formula will be back on store shelves next month with shelves fully stocked by july. while supplies are limited, many retailers are limiting customers to just 4 cans per order. >> kron 4 is your local election headquarters and with the california primary just a week away, counties across the state continue to collect ballots. well, candidates raise cash. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has an update. >> about a week out from california's primary election day, about 8% of ballots have been turned according to political data, ballot tracker. 1.7 million mail-in ballots have been returned of the more than 22 million sent out turnout so far is heavily
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democratic with the parties, registered voters accounting for 52% of ballots turned in voters in june will pick potential candidates for statewide offices, including the governor and attorney general. the latest campaign finance data shows in the governor's race, gavin newsom. so far he's raised nearly 10 million dollars this election cycle. he has a long list of major donors including disney ride share company lyft and the california nurses association. his opponents include republican state senator brian dolly, who has so far raised 1.4 million dollars, including from business owners in the logging and timber industry. no party preference candidate michael shellenberger, his race, $995,000 through several maximum contributions, including some from tech real estate and finance executives in the attorney general's race, newsom's appointee. rob bonta has raised 5.1 million dollars. major donors include the california teachers association and several labor groups. he's no party preference opponent anne marie schubert has raised nearly 2 million dollars with her biggest contribution being
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from one of the state's largest police lobbying groups, the peace officers research association of california republicans, nathan hochman and eric early have raised 2.2 million dollars and $595,000 respectively in each of these races, the 2 candidates with the most votes will move on to the general election in november. in sacramento, ashley zavala kron. 4 news, california lawmakers are considering a proposal decriminalize jaywalking. >> the state's lower chamber approved safe to walk act. it's now is sitting before the senate for consideration. >> that law would make it legal to cross the road outside of the intersections, quote, when it is safe to do so. san francisco assemblymember phil ting introduce this initiative. ting says that he hopes of the law promotes fairness in fines and puts a halt to unnecessary police stops this coming wednesday. the alameda county office of education is going to be hosting a town hall discussion on school violence. it will be a virtual forum where families can talk about
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how to discuss the issue with your your children, spanish and mandarin interpretation will be given the form starts at 06:00pm. you can find the link on the web site that is listed on your screen. there. crane. russia claims it's close to capturing the eastern city at the center of its effort to take control of the donbas region. >> the mayor there says the city is in complete ruins and has lost most of its buildings and critical infrastructure. he also says 10's of thousands of people have been driven from their homes. a french journalist was killed today while reporting on efforts to evacuate the city. ukraine has been pleading for long-range missile systems that can hit targets inside russia. straight ahead, we hear from a witness in you've all day who says that he saw the tense moments leading up to the deadly school shooting. >> plus, if you're worried about the monkeypox virus becoming the next pandemic, experts say you shouldn't be. we have details. and several
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california veterans honor fallen troops at the tomb of the unknown soldier. we have those sights and sounds right after the break.
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>> a group of northern california veterans presented a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. it's quite an honor. world war. 2 veteran ed lee of san ramon along with korean war vet jeanne dall of calaveras county, new manic of roseville and ken fair presented that reese. here are some of the sights and sounds natural sound of that solemn ceremony.
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>> on
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>> really profourd experience thank you for shooting for us to experience heaven. arlington, if you if you ever have a chance to it, it's it's quite a 400,000 souls buried there. is there anything like that that people can pay? homage are respects, you know, the way those headstones are laid out at arlington. if you go to the presidio in san francisco, it's very similar. i going to arlington. and then today i was at the presidio and it just reminded me of arlington. it's the same kinds of headstones. >> in the presidio in san francisco, not nearly as big as arlington, but just as impactful. when you stand there, you can walk among the
9:27 pm
headstones and see all the dates and the names and also how far back going back to before the civil war. so it's really an amazing place to especially on memorial day to see with all the flags and everything. so if you have a chance worth a visit. be right back.
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>> services will begin this week for the children and teachers were killed in the uvalde texas school shooting. and just yesterday, president biden and the first lady spent the day and you've all day. >> grieving with the community demanding for actionable change. robert sherman has the story. >> we will not relent until youvaldee recovers. we are texas and texans. are you not? >> texas governor greg abbott calling on texans across the state to pray for those families who lost loved ones at the robb elementary school shooting tuesday as the community works to recover the investigation into the law
9:31 pm
enforcement response intensifies. the department of justice announcing they will conduct a critical incident review to quote, identify lessons learned and best practices to help first responders prepare and respond to active shooter events. the investigation into what exactly happened led by the state of texas has been met with criticism due to a lack of public clarity and changing timelines. but texas dps now believes they have an accurate account of the shooting from start to finish. they say local law enforcement's decision to not reach the classroom door. the 18 year-old shooter was hiding behind and instead wait for backup was a mistake. the benefit of hindsight where i'm sitting now. >> and of course, it was about the right decision the wrong decision. very there's no no excuse for that. the department of justice's review was initiated by the mayor of uvalde and will be independently conducted. eliana alina jaramillo, it's a mother herself and says she wants the truth. whatever it may be. >> to see the light of day as more comes out. >> that's where anger comes in. because i know with me as
9:32 pm
a mother and it was my children in this school. there's nothing i would have kept me from going for neal hersh. all he wants to make sure students return to school in the fall. >> feeling safe. >> i want the fear it will be before these kids go back to school. they're not afraid to go to school. >> tall order there. that was robert sherman reporting for us tonight from texas. >> meanwhile, a witness to the shooting in uvalde tells the associated press said he was helping his son on a carpentry draw job when he saw the gunman crashed into a ditch and make its way toward the school. 56 year-old juan carranza says he saw 2 men run outside of a nearby funeral home to help the gunman but ran back inside after the gunman fired at them. carranza says he also saw a police officer fired the gunman. but then hold his fire as the gunman entered the school. >> that man kept walking after
9:33 pm
the police city. blocking street. they the fired, fired the gun man. and after that, gunman fired at them. this is that would if it was try to avoid the one. it's because it's so they have he had a the heavy duty too. you know, the van was parked. i could hear it. >> officials say the gunman did encounter a school district security officer outside the school there. although there are conflicting reports from authorities on whether or not the men exchanged gunfire. oakland police are investigating a suspicious death. it happened about 6 o'clock this morning on the 200 block of 13th street. that's by lake merritt. police say that they got a call about a person laying in the street. officers arrived on scene. they found the person, dad. no other details are being released tonight. anyone with information is being asked to call apd concord's vice mayor laura hofmeister is speaking
9:34 pm
out after she was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence last week on wednesday. >> in a statement, she said, quote, i am extremely disappointed in myself and deeply sorry and my lack of judgment. i sincerely apologize to the residents of concord in clayton, my colleagues, my family and friends, unquote. we're a little more than a week out from california's primary election in some candidates running for city office seats in san jose air getting their campaigns disrupted. they say they're getting their campaign signs stolen off of yards as kron four's. justin campbell tells us one such incident was caught on camera. >> in this cell phone video, you can see a man taking matt mahan election sign right outside his headquarters. mahan is running to become san jose's mayor that the intimidation that comes into play when somebody is tearing down other people's lawn signs is is just unacceptable. there's no place for that in our democracy. it's not just him to other candidates. bonia and van lay say hundreds of
9:35 pm
their election signs have been torn down to both the running for san jose city council seat. lay says roughly 200 of her campaign signs have been torn down. i believed to have to be some. >> the candidate did you know, my campaign, you can tell this is not an accident when the metal that hold the sides up is all working distorted. all of the candidates feel someone or whoever is behind stealing their signs are resorting to dirty politics. this is intended to try to dilute the massive support. we're all getting. and it's confusing voters. some people have even asked vonleh if she withdrew from the city council race. i said no way. >> it's a why did not see a sign? yes, i anyone and this area, all of the candidates, bill who ever is stealing their signs will not deter their campaign. >> reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron, 4 news. after the break. if you're reaching for those bacon bits
9:36 pm
to put on your salad, may want to listen up to what we call on literally tons of them. we have the details. >> and we've got some raindrops in the forecast. but tonight we could actually see a storm. we're not talking about rain will explain. coming up next. and is force warriors back on the practice court as they get ready for the nba championship? the final sports director, jason dumas, u.s.. >> we'll tell us what steph curry has to say about it. coming up. i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the bay area has essentially seen steph curry grow up before their eyes. 13 years here in the bay. some early lows with injuries and some really bad basketball teams. but the highs, of course, over that span have far outweighed anything else. his first nba finals appearance was back in 2015, 7 years ago. since then, his family has grown. he's added to his resume and of course, he had expanded kids bay area roots on monday. he reflected a bit about that journey as he sits on the brink of his 6th nba finals. 2. >> biggest problem or just an
9:40 pm
appreciation, a different level of appreciation of what it takes to get to the stage. dana did the first time because you really have no idea to do it. and kind of my question is, is more of pressure and the weight and an expectation that you carry all year? knowing this word know what it takes to get try to get here, which you have to do is sacrifice. it takes. even give yourself a over the last 9 months. plus, you know, you to to last year and how we finished last season. so and there's a balancing act is just all of that. i think i'm much more. where observing and just kind of calm in terms of my emotions going into the finals feels good. but still anxious and nervous like everybody else. >> the giants, they are in my hometown this weekend. gabe kaplan's, old stomping grounds. remember, he coached the phillies at one point game one of their series against
9:41 pm
philadelphia and kepler. he participated in the national anthem for memorial day. he had said he was done with all of that. he was protesting against the direction of our nation. top of the 9th tie game. evan longoria. he has been raking as of late. the solo blast. give the giants the lead. longo has hit a home run in 5 straight games. bottom of the frame, kyle schwarber. he talked his way that logan webb on a ride. the center the outfield early for it. but you can't get it. and just like that, the phillies tied the game. we're headed to extras. top of the 10th one offer kirk, u.s. ally and it was a whole bunch of home runs in this one. that one got out in a hurry. he didn't tell that one. goodbye. the go ahead. home run. put the giants up 5 to 3 bottom
9:42 pm
attempt. now the phillies cut it to a one-run game. camilla the ball in to close it. and he just that. let's go home for the night that the ball game guys win 5 to back at it for game 2 on tuesday. to the coliseum. the a's hosting the astros game one of the 3 game series here. top of the 5th houston up by 2 one officer, jose out today. this was his second home run of the game. that's a 2 run shot there. a fall 5 to one game. 2. this series is tomorrow. all righty. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back after the break.
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house tonight. check your cupboards. 92 tons of ready to eat bacon. bits being recalled over fears. >> may be contaminated with metal smithfield, packaged meats corporation issued the recall for its 5 pound packages sold under the smithfield golden crisp patrick cudahy and members mark brands. it was produced between february 21st and the 23rd and between march 3rd and 5th customers are urged throw out the bacon bits or return them to the place of purchase. the good news. no injuries have been reported. world health organizations, top monkeypox expert says that she doesn't expect the hundreds of cases reported to date.
9:46 pm
>> to turn into another epidemic, she acknowledge there are still many unknowns about this disease, including how it's spreading. and whether the suspension of mass smallpox immunization decades ago, they somehow be spreading its transmission. world health organization says past outbreaks have suggested the disease does not spread easily and that there is still time to contain the current problem. time now for our 4 zone forecast. vicki, if you go outside, you should look up look up there's a storm but not a rain storm. lawrence, very good. we're talking about a meteor shower. maybe. >> the for lucky a meteor storm, but they're still a lot of if in that possibility as we're going to see this meteor shower tonight, this one could be pretty impressive that how her king lives and if it's anything like it was back in 1966, we're talking maybe 1000 meteors per hour. that would be absolutely incredible. but
9:47 pm
it's so difficult to forecast these type of meteor shower events still, if you're headed outside about 10 o'clock tonight, that should be the best time to start looking. let your eyes kind of get accustomed to the darkness. and boy, us all the way to dog. that could be some kind of a special treat if it all works out. temperatures going in the 50's skies will be mostly clear. no moon tonight either. so really perfect viewing time. just all about the meteors. and if they really happened. all right. hey, we've got a major storm rolling in and that one hurricane or at was as it made landfall. now, a tropical storm. this is agatha as it began to move on shore today. and now you can see making its way haka and sustained winds of 70 miles per hour. so just tropical storm strength, but still it is carrying with it. just a ton of moisture off the pacific down slowly tracking to the northeast about 8 miles per hour. so because moving so slow, we could see tremendous amounts of rain, 10, 60, maybe 20 plus inches of rain, especially over some of those
9:48 pm
mountain. strange. you get over some of the topography there that is going to crank out a lot of rain then we're talking about flooding and flash flooding and that part of mexico. all right. good to back out in our neighborhood. we've got mostly clear skies out there right now. that's way it's going to stay. but watch this point. lot going on the weather right now. you've got the nice weather today and tomorrow. and then as we get a lot of part of the week, we cool down. how about that? the models have been watching this now for a couple weeks and really been paying something happening. and there we go saturday night into sunday. that is a pretty substantial cold front coming through specially for this time of year. so that could all change between now and then. but right now it has been looking more more impressive with these rubble. see how that all works out. all right. for tomorrow, though, should be a nice day. lots of sunshine. temperatures running the 60's in san francisco. 15 60's as you make way toward the coastline. 60's inside the bay 70's. you make way to redwood city and mountain view. lot 80's in the south bay by tomorrow afternoon and then mid 80's. the warmer spots well inland tomorrow should still be a nice day. even hot as you get the brentwood discovery bay to fairfield a
9:49 pm
windy. we've got the red flag warnings up and slow county back to the coastline. some pretty comfortable weather next couple days. those temperatures heating up. we start cooling down on thursday into friday. but yeah, this weekend. can you believe it? yeah. i know we could be talking about more rain and this has been something pretty consistent with the models. they've been pointing some of this for over the past couple of we'll see just had some spninkles in the north bay a couple days ago. we did over the weekend, too. and people are left me. i river vicki. you are laughing at me. you're saying no car, no. wasn't going to rain. but it's that you write this this time of year. usually we're starting to dry out, but that will still take it. so just to tamp down the driveway. it's a good. >> thanks, lauren. okay. construction is underway on a futuristic building on the las vegas strip. it promises a 360 degree entertainment experience. >> rich demuro takes a look at the msg building in tonight's tech smart. the msg sphere has been at least 4 years in the making and it's set to become a unique new way to experience
9:50 pm
entertainment in las vegas. >> recently i got a sneak peek inside to see how it's coming along. >> the las vegas skyline changing once again. it's potentially one most photographed buildings in the planet. msg sphere is a new high-tech venue. we hope will redefine what it means to do live entertainment. this structure located behind the venetian set to open in 2023. this is an active construction site first i was there for a new milestone primary. structural work is now complete. this thing is going to be big over 500 feet wide, 300 feet tall. it's going to the world's largest structure. the exterior will be wrapped in one big screen inside the. >> we're circular part of the structure. we take a freight elevator up to 7 from here. the scale of the building is clear. you're inside a massive ball. that's an engineering
9:51 pm
marvel. 775 tons of steel surround you. it will hold a giant 16 k screen. the led starts behind you. >> moves over. you. and on the site. and you'll be completely immersed with the media play the canvas so unique msg built a new studio in burbank to create new forms of content. this is meant to be entirely new tool box and how for the world's best creators, there will be haptic seats. plus the ability to manipulate wind temperature and smell. >> along with 164,000 speakers where i'm standing right now center stage and the venue can hold up to 20,000 people. we certainly think that this technology, the whole generation ahead of venues and experience that you can see today. >> i can't wait to see this when it's all finished. the msg sphere is expected to open in the 2nd half of 2023. at a
9:52 pm
price tag of nearly 2 billion dollars. it's going to host music entertainment and live experiences, including something around next year's f one race in las vegas. all right. more on the website. rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> i straight ahead. ready set paddle humans and their fido's battle it out of barcelona. it's a race for first place. we've cut story after the break. (music throughout)
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
dog has their day, especially these dogs in barcelona, the seaside village of el mas. new. >> hosted a panel. surf race with as you can see, people and their dogs. so here's the idea. the name of the game is to have the dog sat patiently on the board while their human companions paddle like crazy on the surfboard. >> almost a mile seems like pretty simple. but a dog's natural instinct might be to just jump in the water. so the goal is for them to stay still, maybe they should just dog us. last team took a good 20 minutes to complete the race. the quickest team took 10 minutes. so there you have it. that's what happens in park alone. ice vicki came up with it and i stole its ok, our team work by from mark
9:56 pm
alone. that does wrap up kron. 4 news is and pam can't wait for us to >> you guys are way too clever. you that you'll be staying around for the 10 thank you, bo a couple. i'm sure he did. well, he always has some singers. so we'll say thank you both. all right. coming up next, at 10 o'clock, a lot going on, of course, fire danger of big concern. cal fire crews responding to a brush fire broke out today in santa cruz county will have a look at the damage caused and have the latest on a red flag warning that went into effect over the weekend. >> plus, a solemn ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. this memorial day this morning, president biden, vice president harris there last a group of veterans from northern california just to stay. we have sights and sounds from the special events all day at 10.
9:57 pm
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to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 10. >> spent on the holiday and trial trying to have fun and end up losing your life. doesn't get any worse than that. >> now at 10, investigators are still trying to figure out what went wrong after what is
10:00 pm
normally an exciting memorial day activity. turns fatal. good evening. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong when a hang glider came crashing down. a man died. a woman was injured in that accident today at a south bay park. kron four's dan thorn has the story from milpitas. >> a windy afternoon at at our llevan county park becomes deadly. santa clara county deputies responding to the scene in milpitas after report of a hang gliding accident. investigators say one man died and one woman was taken to the hospital. the victims relationship is unknown. this >> especially on the holiday trial trying to have fun and end up losing your life. so doesn't get any worse than that. >> this park is a popular spot for the air sport. the usual winds and high hillsides make it ideal for launching off and then soaring into the


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