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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 31, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news. 4. >> well, good morning and thank you for waking up with this bright and early here on the kron. 4 morning news. >> today is tuesday may 31st. the last day of may, john just had to remind me that i've kind of went over my head. hopefully you had a really nice rest on monday. now you're back to the grind today. we're going roll in john, what's happening in terms of weather today. so weather today and in between between the cooler set we had yesterday and the really hot stuff we've got tomorrow. >> but this is only a brief warm-up. so if you love the heat, joy today and tomorrow,
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slightly warmer conditions. we'll get right back to the cooler stuff later on this week. as for this morning, you can see skies are nice and clear. nice start to the day. shouldn't see too much out there. that's interrupting your morning commute as we're up to another fog for the start and definitely a dry start as well. 40's and 50's for our current temperatures. concord at 54 degrees. same for you in alameda oakland and san mateo at 50 with some 40's hanging out across the north bay. now what we can expect later today is still some breezy conditions at the coast as well as inland. that is resulting in a continuation of red flag warnings for areas like solano county in the central valley. as for the rest of us, no red flag warnings for most of the bay area, but certainly a dry and warm day highs climbing a little further into the 80's today. we're going to see a touch of a warmer afternoon and the details on that. still to come back over to john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your bridges today about a 10 minute drive as you're heading into the city this morning. >> san mateo bridge heading
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across towards the peninsula. no major delays there. so a little under 13 minutes as you're making your drive. let's check on the richmond. sandra fell bridge about a nine-minute drive as you're heading out of richmond and the golden gate bridge 37 to the tolls about a 20 minute morning commute. well, in the east bay, a shooting victim is in stable condition this morning after getting shot in oakland last night. the shooting happened before 6 on east 12th street near fruitvale station. well, police say they found a person who was shot and the victim was taken to a hospital. they haven't released any information about a suspect or said how that shooting took place. and the south bay investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong with that hang glider came crashing down out of the sky. a man died and a woman was injured in that accident at a park in milpitas on monday morning. kron four's dan thorn has that story for us. a windy afternoon at at our llevan county park becomes deadly.
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santa clara county deputies responding to the scene in milpitas after report of a hang gliding accident. investigators say one man died and one woman was taken to the hospital. >> the victims relationship is unknown. this >> especially on the holiday trial trying to have fun and end losing your life. just doesn't get any worse than that. >> this park is a popular spot for the air sport. the usual winds and high hillsides make it ideal for launching off and then soaring into the air. authorities say the woman and the man crashed on the 2500 foot tall monument peak just before noon monday. the circumstances surrounding the accident are still unclear. but it is known that there are risks despite how rewarding the sport, maybe and pretty interesting. and it looks like it would be fun, but i know i would not write its latest fatalities. statistics. the u.s. hang gliding and paragliding association reported just one hang gliding death in 2020 down from 4
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deaths the previous year reporting in milpitas, dan thorn kron. 4 news on the north bay. a 72 year-old woman has died after getting run over by her own car. >> petaluma police say on friday the woman was trying to stop or car that somehow rolled down our driveway and aounty. he'll on glenn eagle drive. the woman then fell to the ground and was run over. she became trapped. police are withholding her name pending the notification of her family. and one person is dead and another one at the hospital after being pulled out of the water yesterday. this is all black sands beach in sausalito, the shelter, cove ocean rescue team used a rescue boat and a jet ski to find the victims. they say they were able to save one person from 15 to 20 foot waves. investigators have not identified either of the victims. well, a few kite boarders at to be rescued from
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the bay over the weekend. gale force winds and waves reaching up to 15 feet on sunday, prompting a rescue from the moraine county sheriff's office. well, officials say luckily all 3 kite boarders are properly prepared. they have radios and necessary safety equipment on to stay afloat until the rescue boat reach them. well, santa cruz firefighters spent memorial day battling a vegetation fire north of boulder creek. while no structures or power lines or threaten the firm fire grew to about half an acre before crews are able to contain it. these photos posted to cal fire's twitter page show just how difficult it was for fire crews, even access the blaze. 2 engines remain on scene overnight to monitor hot spots. memorial day is a time to join together with friends and family while pay no respect to the service men and women who gave their lives protecting our freedom four's ella sogomonian has a look at how memorial day was spent across the bay.
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>> stars and stripes could be seen in most places on monday for memorial day commemorations all across the bay groups gathered in every corner of the region to pay their respects to the fallen service men and women. navy veteran brad craven joined in at the danville ceremony to remind us what the day is all about. you have to understand that the men and women who passed away and gave their lives. >> and so for service, i think is the biggest thing. and it's honor remember that while we can letter grills and have good times of our families and be as free as we can is because of those men and women in mill valley was the first time in 3 years. parade went by along miller avenue. >> for this long standing tradition giving an opportunity for new generations to learn about the sacrifice. >> well, local dignitaries paid their respects at the san francisco presidio. >> for more than 30,000 service members are laid to
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rest. >> kron 4 anchor and navy veteran ken wayne led the event attended by house speaker nancy pelosi and u.s. senator alex padilla. >> well, that was ella sogomonian reporting for us. and another memorial day event throughout the bay area. the united veterans council, they hosted an event at the oak hill funeral home in san jose. yet congresswoman zoloft green spoke and reiterated that this is not a celebration but a memorial for military members who gave everything to protect our country. and east bay. congressman mark to sony, a marked memorial day by visiting the crosses of lafayette. the memorial behind mafia bart station commemorate soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan with a side containing a running total of the death count counted by the u.s. defense department. congressman to tweeted, quote, i'm so proud to see our community gather on memorial day each year in remembrance of those who laid down their lives for our freedom.
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>> will giants manager gabe kepler 10 that yesterday's national anthem in philadelphia last week, apple or said he would not take the field during the anthem until he felt better about the direction of the country. but in a blog post yesterday, kapur said, quote, while i believe strongly in the right to protest and the importance of doing so also believes strongly in honoring and morning, our country service men and women who fought and died for that right. >> thousands flocked to the airport to catch flights for the memorial day weekend. but for a lot of and it's been a major headache, according to flight tracking website, flightaware, there were more than 1500 cancellations on memorial day. most of them are delta flights. the airline's chief customer experience officer tells us that various
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factors contributed to that. like in that weather vendor staffing and increased covid cases. but experts say when it came to planning flight schedules, delta dropped the ball. >> well, a lot of airlines did peer back. there were moral day and some are flying. delta was not as aggressive and delta this weekend paid the price. >> the airline says they will reduce service by 100 daily departures from july to august and that the current operations are not up to their standards. meanwhile, experts suggest that double and triple check your flight status, timing and connections lights before leading to the airport. kron 4 is your local election headquarters and with the california primary just a week away, counties across the state continue to collect ballots while candidates raise cash. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has those updates for us. >> about a week out from california's primary election day, about 8% of ballots have
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been turned it according to political data, ballot tracker. 1.7 million mail-in ballots have been returned of the more than 22 million sent out turnout so far is heavily democratic with the parties, registered voters accounting for 52% of ballots turned in voters in june will pick potential candidates for statewide offices, including the governor and attorney general. the latest campaign finance data shows in the governor's race, gavin newsom. so far he's raised nearly 10 million dollars this election cycle. he has a long list of major donors including disney ride share company lyft and the california nurses association. his opponents include republican state senator brian dolly, who has so far raised 1.4 million dollars, including from business owners in the logging and timber industry. no party preference candidate michael shellenberger, his race, $995,000 through several maximum contributions, including some from tech real estate and finance executives in the attorney general's race, newsom's appointee. rob bonta has raised 5.1 million
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dollars. major donors include the california teachers association and several labor groups. he's no party preference opponent anne marie schubert has raised nearly 2 million dollars with her biggest contribution being from one of the state's largest police lobbying groups, the peace officers research association of california republicans, nathan hochman and eric early have raised 2.2 million dollars and $595,000 respectively in each of these races, the 2 candidates with the most votes will move on to the general election in november. in sacramento, ashley zavala kron. 4 news. coming up on the kron, 4 morning news. another covid surge is under way but positive cases are not the only number that funding. >> the warning from bay area doctors and political signs stolen. politicians looking for answers as video shows someone ripping them down. plus after the tragic mass shooting in uvalde, texas, lawmakers in capitol hill are efforting to push on gun reform. why they say the shootings should stop will be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news at for you now for 14, 08:00am here on this tuesday. can you believe it? the last day in the month of
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may and may was only here. see mike for a few as we go into june. wow. can we officially say we've got that summer weather is here. >> yeah, it's definitely been here at least a couple of days so far this past month. but we have a nice little cool down this past weekend, which was certainly welcomes, got a little bit of a bump. and then we're right back to the cooler stuff. so whether can't decide what season it once just yet, but that means you never get tired of the one thing. as for conditions this morning, half moon bay looks nice and clear. not talking much fog this morning. certainly not taking any chances of rainfall. is out on a calm note and june will be kicking off on a warmer note tomorrow. now we are seeing winds out there still not so calm as far as that goes at the coast as well as up into solano county. this pairing of windy, dry and a little bit warmer weather today is continuing to result in red flag warnings in solano county and the central valley only in effect through 08:00pm
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tonight. but fire danger does remain a concern from here on out as we don't have any major rains in this forecast. but some chances of light showers to look forward to this upcoming weekend. yes, we might be working into the start of june, but we do actually have shower potential ahead of us. as i mentioned, nothing major, but something to look forward to today. skies will be nice and clear tomorrow, another clear day and tomorrow. also our warmest of the forecast. after that, we are going to see some cooler air sliding in across the region. this is going help to cool us off. starting on thursday, but especially into friday, saturday and sunday saturday and sunday bringing that chance of some light showers. now, as far as today goes 60's 70's for sf 50's and 60's at the coast and a range of 70's for most of our bayshore cities, foster city at 76 from saying carlo south into the south bay. we will see some low 80's today. definitely warmer than yesterday, but still comfortable enough. union city and hayward. there's your 70's. well, low 80's for the
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tri valley on up through walnut creek and concord clinton. i-76 today. well, antioch, pittsburgh, fairfield and vacaville inching close to the 90's. we're going to say that number for you tomorrow, which is going to be the hottest day and we will likely have a few 90's inland tomorrow. thursday will back off that trend of warmer weather and really back off of it come friday, saturday, bringing a chance of showers that will likely continue into sunday morning, john, thank you for that. let's get a look at your bridges this morning. if you're traveling into the city right now, makes that free must exit. >> around 10 minutes for your drive. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula, say 81. 0, one. that's about 13 minutes out of richmond heading across towards sandra fell a nine-minute drive and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes. memorial day has a new meaning in uvalde, texas, where newly uncovered 9-1-1, call suggest some children may have survived the mass shooting. only police had acted sooner.
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reporter robert sherman has more on memorial day in uvalde, texas. >> we will not relent until youvaldee recovers. >> we are texas and texans. are you not? >> texas governor greg abbott calling on texans across the state to pray for those families who lost loved ones at the robb elementary school shooting tuesday as the community works to recover the investigation into the law enforcement response intensifies. the department of justice announcing they will conduct a critical incident review to quote, identify lessons learned and best practices to help first responders prepare and respond to active shooter events. the investigation into what exactly happened led by the state of texas has been met with criticism due to a lack of public clarity and changing timelines. but texas dps now believes they have an accurate account of the shooting from start to finish. they say local law enforcement's decision to not breach the classroom door. the 18 year-old shooter was hiding
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behind and instead wait for backup was a mistake. the benefit of hindsight where i'm sitting now. >> and of course, it was about the right decision the wrong decision. variant. there's no no excuse for that. the department of justice's review was initiated by the mayor of uvalde and will be independently conducted. eliana alina jaramillo is a mother herself and says she wants the truth. whatever it may be. >> to see the light of day as more comes out. >> that's where anger comes in. because i know a family me as a mother and it was my children in this school. there's nothing i would have kept me from going for neal hersh. all he wants to make sure students return to school in the fall. >> feeling safe. >> i want the fear it will be before these kids go back to school. they're not afraid to go to school. >> well, that was robert sherman reporting for us this morning. and in the nation's capital, president biden and vice president harris honor fallen members of the u.s. military monday morning. the president laid a wreath at the
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tomb of the unknown soldier, arlington national cemetery. he made remarks on the sacrifices the nation's military is made for the country. the first family also attended mass in delaware, visit their son, beau biden's gray yesterday, mark 7 years since his death from brain cancer mothers. >> fathers, siblings, spouses, children. if we forget. but they sacrifice what they may. so that our nation might indoor. strong for a united. then we forget who we are. >> well, in national news a week has passed since the mass shooting in uvalde, texas. president joe biden says he will continue to push for action on guns ii. hope to see change in doesn't want this to happen again. why the president believes he and congress have a responsibility to get something done. basil john joins us live with the latest on the fight over gun reform. good morning, basil.
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>> to get gun legislation passed and the president and lawmakers say they want to see get done soon. after visiting uvalde texas in paying respect to the victims in the robb elementary school shooting. president joe biden says the shootings need to stop. >> i think lot >> he's called on congress to take action and pass legislation that can make a difference and he hopes republicans will cooperate. i do think there's an opportunity right now to be able to pass something significant. connecticut democratic senator chris murphy told cbs's face the nation he is meeting with republicans to get legislation across the finish line. republicans are not willing to support everything that i support like banning assault weapons. but i really think that we can pass something that saves lives. murphy says red flag laws, background
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check, expansion and safe storage are some of the things on the table. we should have. and all of the above strategy. and that's ultimately the path to 60 votes. this isn't saying there's things we can do to stop it. on abc's this week, illinois republican congressman adam kinzinger believes the gun owners and supporters need to step up as a person that appreciates and believes in the second amendment. we have to be the ones putting for reasonable solutions to gun violence. kinzinger wants to raise the age to buy guns to 21 but does not think that will get enough bipartisan support. right now. i think we need to get there eventually. the bipartisan group of senators will meet this week to discuss what they can move forward with reporting live in washington. i'm basil. john, thank you for that update. basil. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. russia claims it's close to >> claiming an eastern city and the donbas region. the ukrainian president pleading for long-range we'll be right back after the break. well,
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turning now to the ongoing invasion in ukraine, russia now claims is close to capturing the eastern city that is at the center of its effort to take control of the region. the mayor of severodonetsk says the city is
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in complete ruins. it's lost most of his buildings in the critical infrastructure. there. he also says tens of thousands of people have been driven from their homes. a french journalist was killed yesterday while reporting on the efforts to evacuate the city. ukraine has been pleading for long-range missile systems at can hit targets inside of russia. president biden responded to those requests. >> to the guardian president, volodymyr zelensky called on the european union to set aside international disputes and approve a 6 round of sanctions against russia. leaders announced they did reach a compromise to a partial oil embargo. well, as of now, it only covers russian oil that was bought brought in by scene. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news president or the residents. >> of one little more community came together this
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memorial day to help a vet who have lost everything, how they're helping him to get back on his feet. this is story you won't want to miss. we'll be right back after the break. welcome back to the
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kron. 4 morning news at all for you now 04:38am here on
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this. >> tuesday morning may 31st last day in may. so hopefully you make some good plans today to kind of cement this moment in time. but moving forward for the rest of the week, you're probably wondering how to dress for today. and yesterday, john, at the short shorts out. but for nice hike, it's a day still weather for, you know, short sleeve shorts to get outside. yeah, not too much different than yesterday. so if you like the field to yesterday today is going to offer up a little bit more of that. >> but we are bumping up temperatures a few degrees. so we're starting to get warmer. setting us up for hottest day of the forecast tomorrow. well, back right off that heat afterwards of you outside this morning. berkeley hills looks great. we have clear skies at the coast all the way inland. so not a lot to interrupt your morning commute. i know this is a monday for a lot of people, even though it's tuesday after the three-day weekend. so as you're getting out there, a very cooperative way to kick off the workweek. some 40's in the north bay, some 50's right along the bay in brentwood, you again, our


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