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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  June 2, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> now at noon, it's game day in the bay area. the warriors gearing up for the first nba finals game ever at the chase center. why the team says this title run is different from years past. and monkey pox continues to spread in california. what we know about the disease and with the latest case is now detected. plus, a huge development in the case of a missing east bay woman. the prime suspect in her murder shot and killed. what we're hearing from police. >> from the bay news station, you're watching kron. and news.
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>> thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at noon. i'm stephanie lin. our top story this afternoon. major developments in the missing persons case of oakley woman. alexis gabe, the police department announcing today the prime suspect in games disappearance and likely murder is now dead. officers confirming with kron 4 news. a task force led by u.s. marshals in washington state killed gabe's ex-boyfriend, marshall curtis jones. police say jones charged at officers with a knife yesterday and he was shot and killed. you're watching video of a recent search of jones home. oakland police say alexis is still missing and they hope somebody comes forward with information to help them find her. >> we do understand the death of marshall jones is not what we had hoped for. but we do hope somebody who has knowledge of elections, whereabouts. well now feel more empowered to come forward without having to feel a negative response from
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marshall jones. >> the investigation is still ongoing. police say jones was the only suspect in games disappearance. we'll bring you more information and a live report at the bottom of the hour. >> happening now, the fbi is investigating a school threat made against casa grande high school in petaluma. >> according to police, that threat was to be carried out on june 10th, the last day of class investigators say they immediately started working to determine the credibility of this threat and identify potential suspects. the superintendent of petaluma city schools released this statement. it reads in part, our graduating seniors deserve to celebrate such a significant accomplishment together on june 10th, especially given all we've come through as a community over these past 2 years, it is a top priority for petaluma city schools that we are able to celebrate with a safe and successful end of the year and commencement ceremony. an investigation is underway in berkeley where police say
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they've arrested a 16 year-old who tried to recruit fellow students to take part in a shooting at berkeley high school. police say they got a tip about the teen last saturday and when they searched his home, they found parts to explosives and assault rifles. several knives and electronic items that could be used to create weapons. investigators say the teen turned himself in on monday. berkeley mayor jesse arie gene called plot disturbing, especially given the recent school shooting in texas. and now to that deadly shooting in tulsa, oklahoma, that left 4 people at a medical facility dead. police say the shooter, michael lewis was a surgery, patient of one of the victims. investigators say lewis had back surgery on may 19th in called several times complaining of pain after the shooting. police say they found a letter on the gunman that showed he intended to kill his doctor and anyone who got in his way. investigators say the shooter bought an ar 15 style rifle just before going on his
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rampage. he shot and killed 2 doctors, a patient and a receptionist. at least 10 people suffered non life-threatening injuries. the gunman took his own life. the tulsa shooting was one of 233 mass shootings to happen so far in our country this year. in the wake of the texas school massacre and other violent shootings. a u.s. house committee is set to move on new gun safety legislation today. trevor shirley is in washington, d.c., with more. >> the house judiciary committee is meeting today over legislation aimed at making it harder to buy certain types of firearms. the bill would raise the age to buy a semiautomatic rifle like an ar 15 from 18 to 21. it would also make it a crime to import, build or possess high capacity magazines and creates a federal program to buy back such magazines. the house is expected to pass the legislation. however,
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republican opposition in the senate means it likely goes nowhere. this is a peculiar. >> american on this doesn't happen anywhere else in the developed world. and we have response do something about it. and i think the american people demanding congress take action. we're going to do more today and i hope our republican colleagues will join us this >> the bill before us is shortsighted and not solutions or its a one size fits all approach to punish is law abiding citizens while doing nothing to make our community safer. we all want to keep children safe in school. but this bill would do that. this bill is just another democrat attack on the second amendment. >> even though the house democrats bill isn't expected to survive in the senate. that doesn't end the effort to pass some kind of gun safety legislation. a group of bipartisan senators says it's drawing up a plan that would expand federal background checks a red flag laws. more comprehensive. the plan would likely not include any measures that changed the age of when a person can purchase an assault weapon. nor would
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it include any kind of ban on assault weapons or high-capacity magazines. a group of 10 bipartisan senators met again wednesday and at least one member of that group said the meeting was, quote, very productive. >> that was trevor shirley reporting for us. and we're taking a live look now at the white house where at 4.30, this afternoon, our time president biden is expected to deliver a speech on the recent mass shootings across the country. we're told to expect that the president will urge congress to pass new laws that address gun violence. and the dobbs host, the boston celtics in game one of the nba finals tonight. this will be the 6 nba finals the team has played in the past 8 years. but it is the first time the finals will be held in san francisco. klay
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thompson, draymond green and andre iguodala were all with the team when they made their first title run back in 2015 though they finished last in the league 2 years ago. the players still have the confidence they could make it this far thanks to their combo of experience talent in chemistry. steph curry was asked what makes this year's trip to the finals run different from before. >> just the context of the last 4 from. game 6 of the 19 finals to to know everything that we went through as a team. certain guys individually. the injuries obviously up and then this happened last. to have years like everything. that we've all through. this is the ultimate goal of getting back on this the chance to play for championship flight. you know, clay coming off of re broke my
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hand dream. i was into a bunch of different stuff. we end a lot of young guys coming into the fold and trying to reclaim our camera. she is a core, but also, you know. get those guys up to speed and how they can help us and help with impact winning. you look up and all the work that you put in the last, you know, 2 years paid off. they built on the, you know, the no experience and just a veteran and a presence that we have. >> you know, the anticipation is causing ticket prices to soar. this is the first ever finals hosted at the chase center. and we have reaction from one fan. >> at tickets, there were the 14th row. i thinking this is pretty expect. ivan went to the world cup and russian face value for the best seats were 250 bucks, $1200 for the cheapest. want to face likes of i couldn't come to terms
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with that. but then the next day i was like, yeah, i'm not gonna miss out. and i locked him in just shy of $900 apiece. >> that is certainly not cheap. if you're still looking to get your hands on a pair of tickets, you probably want to pick some up as soon as possible. but to save yourself, some headache. you want to avoid getting tickets from non verified third-party sites are just people trying to sell it on the street. the nba finals are sure to bring a lot of business for local hotels with people traveling far and wide for the big match up. if you're looking for a good deal, better at quick, there are still a lot of rooms available going for surprisingly reasonable rates. a quick search on booking dot com for thursday shows a wide range of options across town around 60 bucks for a budget motel to $100 in union square. the director of the hotel council of san francisco says the finals are good news for hotels because that event means more revenue and jobs. it's it's a wonderful time for san francisco to our home
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team. >> being in the playoff finals and bring in, you know, the media and the teams and the fan base that comes in. >> that's just not only great that it helps that, of course, it's fantastic for the restaurant for our transportation services for entertainment venues. all of there businesses benefit something like the finals comes into play. >> and to give you an idea, just how much money the games can bring the milwaukee bucks historic championship run last year brought in an estimated 57 million dollars in spending to the community there. so san francisco is really going to stand to benefit from all this. and did you feel it? a 4.1 magnitude earthquake shook the east bay early this morning. the quake struck northwest of bay point just after 5 with aftershocks and redwood, the waves could be felt as far north as fairfield in parts of marion county. more than 3,000 people
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reporting waking up to the quake. bart ran at reduced speeds for the morning commute. coming up, we have an update on the grandmother of the shooter who attacked robb elementary school in texas. op>> the latest on her conditio and what's next for the community? still grieving? plus, a case of road rage turns into a brutal beating. one man ending up in the hospital. the other in handcuffs. and oversight coming to an end. the new probationary period in effect for oakland police. and tracking the very latest on
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>> welcome back. 20 years of federal oversight is about to end for the oakland police department. >> the court appointed monitor has watched over the department since the year 2000 after officers were caught planting drugs on suspects. falsifying police reports and beating suspects after meeting dozens of requirements over the last 2 decades. the department is now in a one-year probationary period. kron four's justine waltman explains. >> and those that should not have a batch will not have a badge. and oakland, oakland police chief leronne armstrong talked one-on-one with kron 4 news about how the end of 20 years of federal oversight is right around the corner. june. first marks the final year of probation for the department. hope our community feels like they are being served by a
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department that they can begin to trust and have confidence in the oversight comes after a police corruption scandal in 2006 men in west oakland claimed they were falsely arrested on drug charges assaulted and framed by police. the officers were found not guilty but a civil case led to a settlement requiring oakland police to improve the way it trains and disciplines officers. the department was required to complete 51 tasks to improve the way it trains and disciplines its officers. when i took over as chief. >> i said that one of the things i would do was bring us to this point where we would be in full compliance with a negotiated settlement agreement, but also credit to the men and women of the local police department and their willingness to be able to accept the changes that we've implemented. the chief tells kron 4 a lot has changed over the past 2 decades. >> including uncovering excessive force, preventing unnecessary stops and embracing civilian oversight,
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including creating the oakland police commission, which the chief credits as an important part of its success. >> they've been right at the table help in this draft progressive policy. the willingness as a department to hold itself accountable. those are the things that i think bring us to this moment. >> to complete the oversight over the next year. the department has to sustain the progress made acknowledge any misconduct and investigate complaints. basically it has to not slip up in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. >> mayor london breed unveiled her budget proposal for the next 2 years and includes 14 billion dollars focused on several key issues facing the city. those include building back the city's economy, continuing covid-19 response and investing in public safety initiatives. the mayor plans to help fill 200 officer positions with more police academy classes and higher starting salaries. plus, retention bonuses for officers
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at 5 to 15 years of service. mayor breed's plan also seeks to address homelessness by creating more housing. and police in san francisco continue to investigate a double shooting today. this happened just before 01:00am at 8th street at the mission. they say 2 men from oakland were shot but are expected to recover. police have not said how the shooting happened, but they are asking anyone with information to please give them a call. and firefighters continue to make progress on a wildfire burning now in napa. the old fire is now at 570 acres. and is 45% contained? favorable weather conditions helped cal fire crews get the flames under control overnight on wednesday. firefighters continue to monitor the area for hot spots along old soda springs road and reinforce containment lines as well. residents return to their homes late wednesday night after a mandatory evacuation. cal fire says one firefighter
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did suffer minor injuries, but thankfully no homes were damaged. it's a switch gears now to talk a bit about the weather. a live look now outside at the golden gate bridge >> looking a little bit foggy or is that cloud why we have from 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez with all the important they those definitely june gloom making a comeback. in fact, it is bringing some much-needed relief for inland valleys, especially those of you in napa. 66 degrees out there, relative humidity up to nearly 60%. thanks to the cooler temperatures. a little bit windy out there. but in the double digits. fortunately in the teens at 15 miles per hour, winds with gusts upwards of 20 miles per hour or so. >> we are tracking winds out of the south out there right now for napa. still getting a little bit of a northwesterly flow along the bay area coastline. but we're going to see that cool sea breeze influence making its way into napa throughout tonight. 26 mile per hour. wind speeds
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expected 2 to 3 o'clock this afternoon with gusts upwards of 30 fortunately well below advisory level. so it is going to give firefighters a much-needed break as they battle that wildfire in napa with calmer conditions by your friday morning. so relative humidity expected to really decrease of by around 27% at around your noon lunch time hour. and it's going to hang tight down to 26% relative moisture by around 2 o'clock this afternoon. thanks to those gusts year wind speeds. but then tonight we're going to see more marine layer and with that a lot more humidity that's going to help out firefighters, especially with those pop-up flare up so much needed moisture heading our way. just a few more hours to go very dry, breezy weather, but great air quality tomorrow. but remember, we do have an air quality advisory in effect near where that old fires burning specifically in napa. please limit outdoor activity as much as you can, especially those of you with pulmonary and respiratory issues, cooler weather and rain arriving this weekend. your full forecast coming up
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with your rain outlook in the bay area in a few minutes. back to you, stephanie. yeah, glad to hear about those weather. conditions are sounding favorable for firefighters. thank you. agree so. >> coming up, an estranged husband murders his wife then turned his service weapon on himself. why some are seeing the chp is to blame and more that on the major settlement that follows. and the man who tried to assassinate president ronald reagan set to go free. the reason why up next?
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man who shot and wounded president ronald reagan in 1981. will soon be a free man. tom dempsey explains. >> many americans may remember where they were 41 years ago when president ronald reagan was shot and nearly killed in now the man who fired those shots which paralyzed reagan's press secretary and injured a secret service agent and dc police officer will soon be a free man in just 2 weeks. john hinckley junior will be released of all restrictions after being found not guilty by reason of insanity. back in the 80's. he spent time in a psychiatric hospital in dc before gaining increased freedoms, including being able to see his mom on weekends and leader being granted to live on his own. on wednesday, a judge ruled that hinckley
12:24 pm
showed no signs of mental illness or violent behavior following the decision, hinckley's attorney spoke to news nation saying, quote, john, he's lived his life with tragic regret, wishing he could take back the harm inflicted before adding, quote, the is no longer a danger to himself or decades after the shooting, secret service agent tim mccarthy who suffered injuries that day found hinckley's release tough to support. probably. >> don't have a lot of good christian thoughts about john hinckley he could have left my wife, a widow and 3 of my children without a father. but, you know, as a christian, i don't carry a grudge either. a would-be assassin soon unrestricted by court orders with his crime still impacting the lives of others. if that's >> the opinion. >> of the best of the best we have that will night to stay the but they better be right.
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that was tom dempsey reporting prosecutors previously opposed hinckley's release, but they changed their position last year. >> saying they would support the release as long as he continues to show he's mentally stable. jury selection continues in the murder trial for the man accused of killing rapper nipsey hussle. prosecutors say eric holder junior was the gunman in the 2019 shooting outside of hustles los angeles clothing store. he died and 2 others were wounded in the shooting. investigators believe this all started with an argument police arrested holder 2 days after the shooting. his trial is expected to last at least a month. one man is in the hospital and another faces a felony charge after a road rage incident escalates into a brutal beatdown. the whole thing caught on surveillance video. this happened in torrance in los angeles county. the 2 men pull over and one of them starts to throw punches. the man in the overalls eventually starts
12:26 pm
kicking the other man. police say the driver and the gray pickup cut off the driver in the white pickup causing him to crash. a witness says she was shocked to see this violence unfold at the end of her street. >> i looked outside. i started knocking on neighbors doors because at this point it seems like the incident was quickly escalating. i saw fire engine and my immediate instinct was to run up their flag. the fire, the fire truck down and hope that they could give aid to the guy needed it. >> police say both men were taken to the hospital. officers arrested the man in the overalls for felony assault. coming up in just a few minutes, you may have heard of ultimatums from partners, but how about from your own boss? why elon musk is telling him? or else. plus biden is canceling over 5 million dollars in student could you be one of those lucky loners off the hook? stick with us to find out. and
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chilling new developments in the case of alexis, gabe. a suspect now dead 5 months after alexis is disappearance. hear from her family.
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>> welcome back. our top story this half-hour, major updates and the alexis gabe case. police say the oakley woman's
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disappearance is now being investigated as a homicide kron four's charles clifford was there when police made that announcement and he reports from oakley with more. >> on thursday, the oakland police department announced several developments in the search for alexis gabe who disappeared back in january. they say that after a lengthy investigation, her longtime boyfriend marshall curtis jones, has been charged with alexa, says murder. police say jones is the man seen in this surveillance video recorded near where alexis car was found after she disappeared. according to police, jones was staying with a friend in washington state when officers attempted to arrest him on wednesday. >> the federal task force in the detectives from the oakley police departments went to the residents were marshall jones was an attempted to serve the arrest warrant of him for the sole purpose of taking him into custody. marshall jones responded by coming out the front door with a knife and the charge. those officers marshall jones was shot because of his deadly and threatening actions. he died
12:31 pm
at the scene. >> alexis, his father says the family is devastated by jones's death. he says the 27 year-old had been a friend and this is not the outcome they wanted. we didn't want him dead. we wanted him arrested pay for students. we wanted to meet with him face-to-face. we wanted to look him in the eye and ask him why. ice cube where it is a lexus. the oakland police department admits that jones's death complicates their efforts to find a lexus. but they're hopeful that someone we'll still come forward with information. >> we do understand the death of marshall jones is not what we had hoped for. but we do hope somebody who has knowledge of elections where abouts. well now more empowered to come forward without having to feel a negative response from marshall jones. >> heartbreaking update there. that was charles clifford reporting. we just learned
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that the contra costa county da's office will hold a separate news conference on the alexis gabe case. we'll carry that live for you on our digital streaming platform. kron on and on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> new at noon, the chp agrees to pay nearly 4 million dollars to settle a lawsuit involving an officer who killed his estranged wife. >> it's one of the largest payouts involving the chp after 3 years of legal debate over whether the agency was responsible for the actions of officer brad weeked in 2018 officer we fatally shot. 42 year-old mary wheat and wounded her boyfriend trade be an before taking his own life. the bogey and claimed the chp new wheat made violent threats during his marriage. but let him have his service weapon, which was used in the shooting. the chp is not commenting on this settlement. the 18 year-old man accused of killing 10 black people in a
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racially motivated attack at a buffalo supermarket pleaded not guilty in court today, a grand jury indicted payton gendron yesterday on a state domestic terrorism charge in a hate crime charge that carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison if convicted. gendron has been in police custody since the may 14th shooting. he's also been charged with the attempted murders of 3 people shot during the attack but survived. new york has no death penalty. the grandmother of the uvalde texas school shooter is slowly recovering after being shot. 66 year old cba gonzales was the shooter's first victim when he shot her in the face. despite her serious injuries, she managed to call for help and was rushed to a san antonio hospital in critical condition. she's since been upgraded, but her condition that is too good. according to family members, it could be months before she recovers enough to return home. gun violence in the classroom is
12:34 pm
not the only concern right now. reporter dray clark has a look at the leading cause of death for kids. >> it's a sad and painful reality. the vast majority of children suffering gun-related deaths in america are not getting shot in classrooms. it's happening where they live and where they play. the centers for disease control recently published data showing there were roughly 45,000 gun-related deaths in the u.s. in 2020 10% of those deaths were children. 4,357 was the total death count, making guns. the number one killer of children in america. the whole idea of our work and street corner resources and then and now is to say that, like i should say, who is the founder of street corner resources in harlem. >> she's also a violence interrupter going into very dangerous areas to de-escalate confrontations before they turned deadly at kids. and i.
12:35 pm
>> kids a diet. we see that in the hospital. we pray with them of that goes guns have become a big contributor to gun related deaths in urban america. the cdc discovering the firearm death rate for black children was more than 4 times that of white children. chicago, philadelphia, houston and los angeles are among the city's overwhelmed with youth gun-related violence. but it can happen anywhere in the nation at any given time. what steps virus from happening is what i get. people begin to feel it. >> about they are. >> among the possible solutions to reduce the deaths, positive engagement with young people, employment opportunities and gun violence prevention programs. >> health officials say there is a likely case of monkeypox in la county that was confirmed by a los angeles county health officials. but it still has to be confirmed by the cdc. the patient is described as an adult who was
12:36 pm
traveling recently and had known close contact to another case. another positive case. the patient is isolated right now but has not been sent to a hospital yet. the san francisco city attorney's office is offering free legal support in response to the possible overturn of roe v wade city attorney david chiu announced what is being called the quote, legal alliance for reproductive rights. he tells kron 4 that any legal problems, women and abortion providers could face will be handled by a group of local lawyers ready to help at no cost. she says more than 20 law firms are already on board. >> as lawyers as officers of the court. we cannot stand idly by during this most precarious moment for constitutional rights in our lifetimes. i am very grateful to the bay area legal community for stepping up to date during this moment to stand up for justice and the rule of law. and today we
12:37 pm
invite and challenge legal communities around our state and our country to join us. together. we can dispel the darkness. >> california attorney general rob bonta also issuing a consumer warning about so-called crisis pregnancy centers. he said these clinics might look like real health centers, but they can work to discourage women from getting an abortion. bonta says women should stick with trusted services for information such as planned parenthood. california lawmakers in the state assembly and senate reached an agreement on the state's spending plan. legislative leaders are sticking with their proposal to send direct payments to taxpayers based on income and family size. the proposal also includes nearly 38 billion dollars in reserves after state financial analysts warn of a potential recession as soon as next year. governor newsom still needs to approve the budget agreement that's due on the 15th. if you live
12:38 pm
in the east bay, keep an eye on your water bill. east bay mud is adding a drought surcharge. the 8 per cent charge will be applied to the volume of water. you use that's set to kick in starting on july. 1st, it's the agency's latest step to address the ongoing drought last month. the agency's board of directors voted to mandate a 10% water use reduction districtwide. all right. let's talk a bit now about our forecast as we take a live look outside beautiful view of the city of san francisco. a little bit of fog there, though, perhaps and we were just speaking about the ongoing drought. you know, i'm curious to know when we can expect some more rain. we have recent our meteorologist standing by to give us some more details. can expect some showers anytime soon, especially for those of you in the northeast, you can get up to a 3rd of an inch of wet weather. but for the rest of us really just traces >> we are going to notice that june gloom drizzle in the forecast. drought monitor map,
12:39 pm
steady, though, unfortunately. >> not worsening, especially with our recent many heat waves that we've had lately. but let's take a look at napa current conditions out there right now. 66 degrees with relative humidity. also flirting with that 60th percentile range so much needed moisture certainly going to help out firefighters battling that old fire. but we are tracking that stubborn marine layer right along the coast and we're going to see some sunshine throughout this afternoon. but another round of drizzle fest overnight and into your friday morning. really just traces amount of rain at best. and then that cloud covar only going to get thicker because we are going to see a weak storm sweep through the bay area. first arriving for those of you in the north bay as early as saturday night for the rest of the bay area. it's not going to arrive until sunday morning drying out and exiting by sunday afternoon. so rain totals not going to be too
12:40 pm
impressive. unfortunately, golden gate bridge southward. but those of you in santa rosa, you could pick up upwards of about a 3rd of an inch of rain. but for now, but just slightly less than a 10th of an inch of that wet weather with our coastal mountains and highest peaks getting upwards of about half an inch of rain or less. so very surprising to see a storm in june. but hey, we'll take it. we certainly need it. coit tower. we are noticing some patches of blue trying to make its way throughout our bay area forecast mid-fifties from downtown san francisco to half moon bay and low 60's. for those of you in oakland and alameda with san jose at 71 degrees conquered in the low 80's. the warmest city out there right now with a mix of 60's and 70's for those of you in our north bay valleys. now taking a look at today's forecast, very seasonable weather, especially along the coast and east bay shoreline. still going to be a little bit on the mild side for san jose warming up into the low 80's. but taking a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast at or below average temperatures. thanks to that week's storm bringing us some much needed
12:41 pm
light showers to the bay area, but then warming up and drying out. it looks like another mini heatwave. stephanie could arrive a week from today with low 90's returning for warmest inland valleys next thursday. back to you. all right. i'll have my shorts ready. thank a breeze out. >> the biden administration is forgiving some 6 billion dollars in student debt. this does apply only to students who went to corinthian colleges. this is the largest student loan forgiveness action ever taken by the white house. 560,000 borrowers attended the for-profit college chain which collapsed in 2015 after 20 years. the college's endured years of allegations of illegal recruiting, poor educational programs and false promises to their students about their career prospects. again, that's the corinthian colleges. and when we get back, celebrations kick off in england to commemorate the queen's. we have a live look rather a look at the matriarchs grand jubilee. >> and there's no end to the party here at kron 4. we're kicking off the first week of
12:42 pm
pride month with a look at this weekend's big celebrations. stick with us. we'll be right back. i love
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12:44 pm
that graphic. it's so cute. after a two-year hiatus, the san francisco pride parade and celebrations return on june 25th and 26th. this year's
12:45 pm
festivities again. bring back colorful, spirited rallies and performances. the city is expecting a large turnout more than half a million people through the weekend. kron four's taylor bisacky has the details. >> san francisco pride is back in action this year after cancellations of its large in-person events due to the pandemic, it will be the first time since 2019 where we can expect to see celebrations that look like this. >> 2018 2019, i was at the front of the parade on market street of experience that and the joy, the outpouring of love that you feel when you go down that street. i think going to be even magnified this year as interim executive director of sf pride. suzanne ford explains the huge pride parade, rallies and performance stages will return throughout the weekend on june 25th and 26th the half a million people out here. that's going to be one main stayed right where we're standing. >> they'll be for community stages out here. we will have exhibition exhibitor boost. >> and then we'll also have a
12:46 pm
beverage foods. it's just going to be amazing. >> the city has seen up to a million visitors during pride weekend in years past and many of the participants, an lgbtq businesses are hopeful to see the crowds return. however, getting to this moment hasn't been easy coming out of the pandemic when city's fighting to recover. >> it's essentially it's it's essential to the recovery of the city. excited that we're back in full force. and i'm hoping that everybody figures out a way to get back to their community, sport san francisco drag show host 20 to more. we'll bring back her annual pride party that benefits lgbtq nonprofits in the city. >> she's also one of the organizers of the peoples march, which follows the route of the first liberation march. 52 years ago along polk street thing that i'm most excited to feel is that she had only sort of feel. >> as big a party is for me during the day on sunday. there's still this really in 2 minutes feeling about it when
12:47 pm
i look around and so many faces that. so, you know, we're doing great stuff in the city. and taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> and we hope that you will join us on june 23rd for our bay area pride special love will keep us together. that airs thursday, june 23rd at 06:30pm. right now, oakland officials are taking public comment on the future of the proposed oakland a's ballpark is s of bay conservation and development commission is gathering feedback reps, oakland mayor libby shaft and the public. they're trying to evaluate whether they should remove the port designation from howard terminal, which would move ballpark. construction forward. the next official public meeting will be on june. 30th. it is officially the end of an era for one of the greatest nfl running backs of all time, frank gore will sign a one-day contract with the forty-niners today so he can retire with the organization. it was always the plan for gore who
12:48 pm
first announced his retirement back in april, gore played 16 seasons in the nfl. majority of them with the niners. he was drafted by the team in 2005 and became the franchise's rushing yards leader. he's all he also ranks 3rd in the nfl history in rushing yards and holds the league record for games played by a running back. wishing him a very happy time. and an nfl team is under fire for claims of harassment. joe khaleel reports on the congressional investigation underway. once again. the washington commanders under a microscope. >> congress is pursuing its next major step of the month's long investigation into the nfl franchises, alleged workplace culture of harassment, the harassment and objectification of the cheerleaders was constant under dan snyder's leadership. women were used as objects and tools to increase sales rather than dignified human beings. >> following damning testimony from multiple former employees
12:49 pm
who described a toxic environment. the house oversight committee sent letters wednesday to both the commanders owner dan snyder and the nfl commissioner roger goodell asking them to come testify at a hearing later this month. chairwoman carolyn maloney said in a statement, quote, the committee's work tirelessly to obtain critical information only to be met with obstruction from the commanders and the nfl at every turn, we must have transparency and accountability, which is why we're calling on mister goodell and mister snyder to answer the questions they've for the last 7 months. the committees investigating not just claims of harassment and mistreatment, but also allegations of potential financial crimes and looking into whether the nfl's investigation into the team is legitimate or just for show in an attempt to say face. an nfl spokesman responded to the request for commissioner goodell's testimony saying, quote, we received the committee's invitation this morning and will respond directly in a timely manner.
12:50 pm
the nfl has cooperated extensively through the committees, lengthy investigation of the washington commanders. that was joe khalil reporting for us. >> meantime, the number 2 executive at meta is stepping down. sheryl sandberg is not shared why she is leaving the tompany. she served as coo at facebook for 14 years in a facebook post. mark zuckerberg, thanks, samberg and added that he does not intend to replace her. and tesla ceo elon musk is not known for biting his tongue and now he's giving his employees and ultimatum come to the office or else. sloane glass shows us his plans for workers. looks like we're having some trouble pulling up that story for us. so we're going to go ahead and move onto the next one here. coming up is a big party happening in the uk flyovers, concerts,
12:51 pm
performances, all celebrating one very special person will explain right afte
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12:53 pm
>> welcome back. we want to bring you back to that story we were talking about just before the break about tesla ceo elon he wants workers to come back into the workplace. we have our sloane glass reporting on more for this on this for u.s.. watch. >> the tesla ceo sent a series of emails wednesday morning making his position clear show
12:54 pm
up or get out. anyone who wishes to do remote work must be in the office for a minimum. and i mean, minimum 40 hours per week or depart tesla, adding this is less than we ask a factory workers. musk has lamented on americans desire to work from home in the past. even comparing workers here to those in china. they were just what i told everybody that >> so who that they want, even maybe leave the factory type of thing where as an american people are trying to avoid going to a goal. and musk says tesla success comes from the fact that he walks the walk. >> the more senior you are, the more visible must be your presence. that is why i lived in the factory so much so that those on the line could see me working alongside them. >> if i had not done that tesla would long ago have gone bankrupt. and if you want to be the exception must says the request will have to
12:55 pm
personally be approved by him. an unlikely and intimidating backed according to pew research group. 2 years after the pandemic began, 59% of americans who say their job can be done from home are working from home all or most of the time. i think he's taking a risk. >> on it's specially in a very there's going to turn at tesla and spacex because this he's got over 100,000 well qualified employees that a lot of other companies would be happy to have right now. today, more workers say they are doing this by choice rather than necessity. >> according to co so cloud, 77% of remote workers say they are more productive when they are working from home. but that doesn't mean much to musk when a twitter user asked him what he would say to people who think coming into work is an antiquated concept. musk replied they should pretend to work somewhere >> that was sloane glass
12:56 pm
reporting. musk also reportedly used the corporate email to take a dig at his competition saying other companies don't have these requirements come about coming back into the workplace because they have not shipped a great product in a while. that's according to must. alright celebrations honoring queen elizabeth 70 years on the throne kicked off today. the 96 year-old queen is being commemorated with a four-day holiday weekend. the day started off with a military parade known as trooping the color britain's longest serving monarch. then some joined her family to watch a military flyover. the celebration of elizabeth's reign also includes a religious service, a concert at buckingham palace on saturday and a pageant featuring thousands of performers across the country on sunday. thousands of street parties are also planned across england, repeating a tradition that started with the queen's coronation. back in 1953. and if you take a
12:57 pm
walk in downtown san francisco closer to home, you might bump into these 2 watling about town like and daisy are a chihuahua and duck duo. that's quite unusual. but they look like they're getting along great. the owner says they've been friends for the ducks entire life. all have 7 months. they're quite popular on tiktok and they like to swim and explore so cute. all right. so for the kron, 4 news at noon, thank you so much for joining us. i'm stephanie have a great day.
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