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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 4, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news we want >> we don't want to for this. now at 8, the search for alexis, gabe hits another obstacle is the number one suspect in her disappearance. >> has now been killed by police. good evening. welcome to this hour of kron. 4 news. i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn. we are hearing from alexis gabe's parents just days after police announced. >> alexis was likely killed. her ex-boyfriend. the prime suspect was shot by federal officers thursday in washington state kron four's
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amanda hari talked with gabe's parents tonight about the news and the phone call they received from the suspect's mother afterwards. amanda. >> good evening, alexis. gabe's parents tell me that this is the first time they've heard from her ex-boyfriend's mother. they say the conversation was difficult and one they never imagined having. >> we were so price. alexis, gabe of oakley has been missing since january. police announced thursday that they believe she was killed by her ex-boyfriend. >> marshall curtis jones of antioch. he's been a suspect in the case for months this week, the pacific northwest, violent offenders task force tried to execute a search warrant. they say jones charged at them with a knife. that's when officers shot and killed him. he wanted him arrested. you don't want to for alexis. gabe's parents say this was an emotional week. they found out wednesday night that jones had been killed
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about a day later, his mother reached out to gwen gave on facebook asking for his number. a game that saw her. she called me like within 30 seconds. >> it was very, very intense that we knew was an intense conversation. she said she was a shame that she's just now reaching out to us. it took this long. they asked her if she knows anything about alexis. we tried asking for. >> what happened. and she just kept saying she doesn't know. she also said that she can bring back one of them that you were to select since the game's new jobs. they say he was loud and funny. we never knew there's another side to him. he's like a so when high they say his death makes the case more difficult. the police have already identified another person of interest. >> and they believe more people know about what happened. marshall is gone. >> that's why i think you
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should be afraid anymore. if you have information. give us the information we need. we want to find our daughter. >> well, the game still are holding out hope. $100,000 reward remains for any information that could lead oakley police to games. whereabouts or body. live in the newsroom. amanda hari kron, 4 >> all right, amanda, thank you. police have released the identity of the man. they say brutally stabbed 3 people inside the encino hospital medical center friday afternoon. they say would it chacon, a mere soleimani who stabbed 2 nurses and a doctor in an area of the emergency room. 2 of those victims have been treated and released while a 3rd is in stable condition tonight, amir soleimani was taken into custody hours after he had barricaded himself inside of a room. he's since been booked into jail to face 3 possible attempted murder charges. >> for the first time in 6 years, marin county hosted a
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gun buyback event today. county law enforcement agencies offering gun owners cash in exchange for their weapons. no questions asked as kron four's felipe call reports the goal is to get as many unwanted guns off the streets as possible. >> no testing for fingerprints or questions asked if you had a gun no longer needed or wanted and preferred it out of the house. rinne county law enforcement agencies made it easy saturday for county gun owners to safely get rid of their fire. >> my ex-husband left it behind and i don't use guns and it's not safe to keep it around the house. the county had about $100,000 to get out and collected about 500 guns, which will be destroyed within 2 months. functional handguns, rifles and shotguns were worth $100 semiautomatic weapons spent $200. common goal here is to >> remove and ensure that we prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands. lake county,
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law enforcement agencies took part in the event spearheaded by a gun safety collaborative including the marine county district attorney's office and the mayor of santa bell. >> the district attorney's office says about 25% of guns used in crimes are locally. we don't have a lot of tools to deal with gun violence. >> but one of them is to get gun, unwanted firearms out of people's homes. there's also shaken by the deadly mass shooting at robb elementary school in uvalde, texas last month, which claimed the lives of 19 students and 2 find a way to stop. this is just terrible that our children scared to go to school and this kind of this is the first gun buyback event held in greene county since 2016. and local leaders say more are in the pipeline. >> in sandra fell billy kron. 4 news. >> funeral services are continuing this weekend for some of the children killed in the uvalde texas school shooting 2 of the 19 kids who were shot and killed were laid to rest today.
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>> the families kennelly l rod and are fernandez torres held funerals today for the 2 young students. mckenna's family says she used to write notes to her family and would hide them so they could find them later on. she also loved going with her dad to the family ranch to feed animals. meanwhile, hellos school bus driver called him funny and charismatic. his family says he was a helpful and intelligent boy who played football and video games. funerals for the remainder of the 21 victims killed will continue over the next 2 weeks. >> the old fire that's been burning in napa county is now up to 75% containment. cal fire says 570 acres have burned so far since that fire first broke out on tuesday afternoon. crews are right now in what they're calling the mop up stage. there's been no report of any damage to any buildings and there is still no cause of this fire that has been discovered yet. going to be taking a look now at our 4 zone taking a live look over
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san francisco today. it looks like some moisture is going to be moving in may be helping out with hot spots up there in the north. definitely we're supposed to get a lot of good rain tomorrow. want to know is it a lot of good rain tomorrow for north bay? yeah. in the coastal mountains of sonoma could get up to an inch of rain. so yeah, i'd call that good or rare june storm, right? let's take a look at your forecast out there because current conditions right now in napa where that old fire is burning. 63 degrees, check out relative humidity. also at 63%. so looks like 63 is the lucky number there in napa with wind speeds in the teens. >> 14 miles per hour with gusts near that 20 mile per hour range. but fortunately not tracking any gusty winds tonight through tomorrow out of the southwest at 20 miles per hour. less and radar for. >> tracking dry conditions out there. but should some showers out in the pacific and even to the north of the north bay going to make its way into the northeast shortly before midnight tonight as this
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storm. >> very rare for june standards arriving tonight in the north bay, widespread light rain for the rest of the bay area. it is going to be noticeably dry this evening until the overnight hours. that's when that storm is going to slowly start to shift to the south and east breaking apart and drying out for your sunday morning. we are going to see some pockets of some widespread light showers. but take a look at the east bay valleys and even those of you in the south bay noticeably dry. so you could see little to no rain, unfortunately, just because of this fast-moving storm, it is on the weak side, but it is tapping into some tropical moisture from hawaii giving those of you in the north bay, a nice soaker. in fact, santa rose about a 3rd of an inch of wet weather. less than a quarter of an inch for nevado an app a slightly more than a 10th of an inch of rain. certainly going to help out firefighters getting those pop-up flare ups and also those spot fires out there for the old fire. but areas south of golden gate bridge, as you can see for half moon bay in downtown san francisco.
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>> just about a 10th of an inch of rain or less and traces amount. unfortunately, for those of you in livermore and san jose. but hey, it's pretty rare to have then the storms in june, the should be the time of year. we start drying out and warming up. but that dry and warming trend won't start until monday of this upcoming week with 90's and your triple digit heat in the extended forecast. more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes, dan and well, back to you. thank agrees to a dreary morning today up in the north bay prevented the sonoma county hot air balloon classic from taking off. but as kron four's camila barco reports a large turnout made pilots happy. >> to share their passion. >> day one of the sonoma county hot air balloon classic didn't take off as expected. the pilot say part of the experience is sharing what they know about their hot air balloons with other people. about 25 hot air balloon pilots got. they're burners going saturday morning at the santa rosa. there.
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>> but liftoff didn't happen on day. one of the sonoma county hot air balloon classic only. but we want to be playing, you know, because of the weather. the pilots weren't able to fly. but pilots like mike hijack says it's about sharing the experience with othe.s. it's not like other events like stand back on the line. >> we're coming up that's what's fun about dozens took the chance to go while others got a one-on-one with pilots like eileen jones. >> and learn what it takes to launch the giant this is the the joy, >> he's sharing with this, especially for this big. this is awesome. jones has been flying for 30 years. she says she can fly high as any big pilot and when she's up soaring through the skies, it's but then every now and then we have to do white cloud. but otherwise, it's so
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quiet up there that if you're flying along, you can hear people talking. you can hear dogs barking. you can hear chickens. >> and roosters crowing. a tail hernandez, another pilot named his hot air balloon el gallo, which means rooster in it's been his childhood dream to fly these balloons. >> and he says he's never scare. >> almost no, not at all. except right now. kron. 4 news. >> looks like a lot of fun out there. but unfortunately due to that wet weather that's forecasted tomorrow. the festival has had to cancel day too. >> coming up here on this hour, the kron, 4 news as a monkey as monkeypox made its way to san francisco. what the city's health department is saying about the virus. plus the california primary election just days away what our polling numbers are showing about the races.
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>> well, we're just days out from the primary election day here in california in ashley zavala is taking a look. >> at voter turnout so far and what the new polling shows how the governor is doing and how the attorney general is doing in their races. >> a new berkeley igs la times poll shows governor gavin newsom and attorney general rob bonta could coast through tuesday's primary. the poll showing the 2 democratic incumbents for statewide office hold a double-digit leads compared to the
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republican and no party preference opponents of the more than 3,400 likely voters surveyed 50% of them said they would choose newsom for governor. while 46% said they would choose rob bonta for attorney general. those numbers similar to democratic turnouts so far with the state's vote by mail ballots. the latest ballot tracker for political data intelligence shows democrats make up more than half of the ballots turned in but participation so far is low with just 11% of ballots submitted of the 22 million cent tell. and what we're seeing is really turnout so far. paul mitchell is the vice president of pdi. he says, although california has made it easier than ever to vote, there are several factors contributing to the low numbers, including voter fatigue. the primary marks california's 3rd election in the last 2 and a half years following the presidential election in 2020 and governor newsom's recall. we just don't have that sense collectively as a state. >> that this election is as important and it will have
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consequences in terms of the kinds of people they get elected with this, as you said in the mic turnout. >> could that be a recipe for some surprises? yeah. throughout the state, there are a lot of competitive races where determining who makes the runoff is essentially determining. >> who will be the next insurance commissioner or attorney general. so those races really are going to be for all intents and purposes in the primary. mitchell also notes those who have turned in their ballots so far don't fully represent the state's population. for example, latinos make up 40% of the state's population but make up just 15% of the ballots turned in. well, seniors make up a quarter of the state's voting population, but make up for about half of the ballots turned in. mitchell says it's possible republicans who don't trust voting by mail could boost turnout as more in-person polling locations open between now and tuesday. >> it's unlikely to be in the big numbers that really need to significantly impact this
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turnout the official vote count begins tuesday night in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> the san francisco city attorney's office has pledged to provide free legal representation to people seeking abortions and abortion providers. if roe v wade is overturned, those groups could face civil suits and criminal charges. city attorney david chiu says any legal problems will be handled by a battalion of local lawyers ready to help at no cost >> this legal lines for reproductive rights. one of the things that we're going to be doing is looking for opportunities to be creative to use the tool of the law to really stand up for folks who need assistance and are looking for health care. so we'll be looking for opportunities to challenge unconstitutional laws in other states as well as to think about what can we do in california to make sure that all women have the right to exercise their reproductive rights. >> the group is made up of the city attorney's office and more than 20 other law firms.
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it expects to be operational and available to assist with cases later this year. if roe v wade gets overturned celebrity surgeon doctor mehmet oz is now the republican nominee in pennsylvania, senate race. former hedge fund ceo david mccormick called to concede on friday. that primary was last month. but less than 1000 votes separated the 2 candidates. so they had to do some extra counting. oz will now face lieutenant governor john fetterman in november. >> all right. we're going to be taking a look now at our 4 zone forecast. here's a live look at downtown san francisco. trans mayor pair. transamerica pyramid out there. a little foggy out there yeah. carla making an appearance and just clouds in yeah. very muggy out there to. did you notice today a little bit tropical out there. you weren't the only one bay area. we certainly felt it. >> subtropical moisture out in the pacific tapping into this week's storm. and it's a very unique because it's rare when
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we see storms in june. but hey, we'll take it. we certainly need it right now dry, but we are seeing some showers out in the pacific and just to the north of the north bay currently over your rica right now. >> but we are starting to see those storm clouds billowing over golden gate bridge out there this evening. temperatures for the most part, widespread 60's in the low 70's for san jose. so enjoy that you're easily the warmest city out there in the bay area. with timber on on the cooler side at 59 degrees. but everyone else in the 60's with the exception of santa rosa currently at 58 degrees. but overnight lows tonight, widespread upper 50's to low 60's antioch, though, cooling down into the mid 60's for your overnight lows. more than 10 degrees cooler for those of you at half moon bay and santa rosa cooling down to 54 degrees. thanks to that blanket of that june storm. cloud cover but high temperatures tomorrow we're going to be about 5 degrees below average for warmest inland valley. santa rosa in the low 70's with mid 70's for livermore concord at 76
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degrees. freeman in san jose, though, in the low 80's and upper 70's possible. so certainly flirting with that low, 80 mark right there with downtown san francisco. a few degrees above average at 68 degrees in oakland. also about 2 degrees above normal in the low 70's. but no one complaining we're all happy for the rain until we start to warm up and dry out and clear out with temperatures by later next week. warming up into the low to mid 90's. and it looks like the peak will be next friday where we could even see triple digits hottest inland valley. so summer, i know right around the corner, but we're already getting another heat mini heatwave setting up next week. so be prepared, will take as much rain as we can get tomorrow for we get a said. thank you. all right. well, monkeypox is liaely made its way to san francisco. >> the city's department of public health announcing on friday that the first >> probable case was detected. health officials say the person traveled from san francisco to a location with
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an area that was dealing with outbreaks. that person is said to be in isolation and also in good condition. officials did say that they also did not come in close contact with anyone during the time period where they could have spread the infection to others. the city's department of public health is now waiting for confirmation of the test results from the cdc. a new study from the national institutes of health says that people with food, allergies seem to have a lower risk of getting covid-19 researchers tested more than 4,000 people and they say that those with food allergies were only about half as likely to become infected. the study also found those with obesity issues had a higher risk of getting covid. >> still ahead here on kron, 4 news at a there's a party being thrown for 70 years on the throne. we're taking a look at the queen's jubilee and all the fanfare coming up next.
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>> welcome back. some call it a quest for love. others say he's got tpo much time on his hands. self-described tiktok bachelor matt were nig has taken his courtship on the road with a plan for 50 dates in 50 states. he quit his job to do it and says it's actually been worth it. >> it's been really cool to meet all kinds of different
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people to grow in that way and connect with all kinds of different people, not just my dates, but also their families. roommates, friends. >> he's 25 looks a little younger than that. but he is 5 of the uses tiktok to find all of his dates. and despite being jobless, he says for every date he does pick up the tab. so he's a gentleman would like to see it left. see it across the pond. some festivities continue this weekend for queen elizabeth. the second 22,000 people gathered at the most high-profile event of the weekend. tonight, the platinum party at the palace other clinic, the plow, this celebration, prince charles and prince william took to the stage to pay tribute to the queen as they mark the monarch's 70th year on the throne. the star-studded concert featured the music of diana ross, elton john, alicia keys, duran duran and andrea bocelli. >> andrew lloyd webber and lin manuel miranda were also expected to make an appearance to honor the queen's love of show tunes. >> well, the woman that was
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known for being the original gerber baby has passed away and turner cook was 95 years old. gerber announcing cooks passing on instagram saying they expend their deepest sympathies to and family and anyone that the pleasure of knowing her cook was 5 months old with a neighbor drew a charcoal sketch of her. that later won a contest. gerber was holding for a national marketing campaign. it became the company's trademark in 1931. and has been used in all of its packaging ever sense. cook grew up to be a school teacher in tampa. and later, a mystery novelist. >> coming up next, pride month in full swing here in the bay area. why this year is special for one san francisco neighborhood.
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>> it's the first weekend of pride events and it's a first of its kind. and san francisco's japantown. yeah, kron four's gayle ong was out there today. she got more on what make that makes this event so special. >> you see the fab front, cisco flag up there waving in the wind here in japan town. but it's down temporarily making way for the pride flag for the first time ever. >> paolo francisco, how the pride flag will be flown in san francisco's japantown plaza until june 6 to celebrate and trans asian pacific islander week. >> and pride month district. 5
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supervisor dean preston spoke at the event saturday afternoon. this flag is really it's more than just a symbol. it stands as a testament to how we. >> continue to be a a city >> where all kinds of folks can seek refuge and say go home. >> celebrations included performers front and center. >> you have one more time for our >> district. 8 supervisor mandelman. the boards only lgbtq member had these words were so good in san francisco and recognizing. >> we're history is not just the castro. it's not just a particular community. it's everywhere. religious leaders in the japanese community showed their hard times. thank
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you, everyone. >> the event was put on by the japantown rainbow coalition. organizers hope to make this an annual pride celebration having an event like this brings us all together and mindset lgbtq plus people are everywhere in every community and is there to be highlighted in every community, especially the ones that we love. santa. >> and there will be more pride events held here in japan town and this city and across the bay area through the end of the month, reporting from san francisco, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> time now to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast. my goodness is our live look from mount tam. 9. the time on that june gloom, right that i don't know if that usually this shot. you know, we're looking pretty much all across the bay with the city and everything. so we literally cannot see a thing. karl is in eating. he said, yeah, i'm not and joy,
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this beautiful view. yeah, he's already is starting up tonight. but we're the good thing is we're also seeing not only called the june gloom and storm clouds at that. so i will take it. we need that moisture. much needed rain already starting to make its way just north of the north bay. specifically that northwest quadrant already got some light showers, but it has retreated back. but don't worry, it's going to arrive tonight. but let's take a live look outside san francisco international airport. >> because it is the weekend after a lot of you either think about heading out to this year. we are going to notice gusty winds throughout tonight. 35 miles per hour or less increasing wave heights at the lake level 2 to 4 feet. that's going to remain in effect through 11 o'clock tonight because not only is a bay area tracking some much needed rain, but the sierra as well. so we are seeing some showers on the western slopes of the sierra going to arrive overnight and even impacting those of you at south lake tahoe sunday. it is going to be a very active day in this year because we could see pop-up thunderstorms, gusty winds and brief heavy
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downpours. if any thunderstorms do form but really going to benefit those of you to the north. but we are going to see south lake tahoe, maybe picking up about a 10th of an inch of rain or less. so hopefully we do get a cell that forms right overhead. so we get that total up a little bit more. but we are going to notice though, temperatures in the low 60's for truck in south lake tahoe with partly cloudy skies drying out in clearing up by your sunday afternoon. by monday, though, already going to warm up 11 degrees into the low 70's and then mid 70's by tuesday. kuz not only is the bay area tracking another mini heatwave, but the sierra as well going to see some warmer temperatures in the days ahead after this weekend. temperatures out there right now. we are seeing some mild temperatures for this 8 o'clock hour. widespread low to mid and upper 60's san those 70 degrees with 68 degrees for livermore and concord, mid 60's of peace for oakland and alameda and widespread mid 60's for most of the north bay. but fairfax,
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61 degrees in daytime highs tomorrow in the low to mid 70's for warmest inland valleys in the north and east bay. but those of you at fremont and san jose flirting with 80. so you're going to see very seasonable temperatures, everyone else a little bit below average. but along the coast, 68 degrees for downtown san francisco with hayward in the mid 70's in half moon bay. 62 degrees for you. so we are going to notice the warmer weather ahead, especially monday were we're going to just skip spring and goes straight to summer in the next 7 days with through next weekend, back to you know, and and thank you, marie, some president biden and the first lady were evacuated from their vacation home in delaware today. >> after a private plane accidentally entered restricted airspace. the secret service rushed the first cocple to a nearby safe zone. one reporter says the presidential motorcade pulled into the local fire station. >> officials say the president was never in danger and a preliminary investigation
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determined the pilot of that private plane had gone off course. the first couple was escorted back to their vacation home after receiving the all-clear. >> former white house official peter navarro has been indicted on contempt charges after defying a subpoena from the white house panel in or out of the house panel investigating the january 6th attack in the u.s. capitol. the bar was arrested at an airport in washington as he was boarding a flight for nashville. he becomes the second former trump aide to be charged for failing to testify behind steve bannon. he also charge he's also charged for failing to produce documents. the committee requested navarro has publicly admitted his attempts to help former president trump overturn the 2020 election results. the new york times reported that 2 other trump aides, mark meadows and dan scavino. well, not face charges. >> as the nationwide baby formula shortage continues. and abbott nutrition facility has resumed its production to address the problem. the plant in sturgis michigan shut down
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back in february at the fda launched an investigation into contaminated formula from that facility. the move combined with supply chain problems and the war in ukraine has led to the monthslong shortage. ryan vast spoke with some parents who are now looking forward to some much needed relief. >> i've literally like i was shaking and in tears as a mom, i would have never and could have never imagined being in this position for >> it's going to essentially we're down to our last 2 cans. just hoping and praying. mom's like natasha and blessing and caretakers all over the country. >> may soon see the relief that they've been searching for with baby formula. hopefully returning to store shelves across the nation. abbott, nutrition's maybe from the plant is back up and running in sturgis michigan, reopening on saturday morning and what's hopefully a giant step towards easing the nationwide shortage that's plagued parents for months. >> it's cancer can. it's kind of can not just for for
8:37 pm
millions of mothers out i i refrain, you know, where you stand more days. literally. a husband is on the hunt right now. going to every single story be a down every last kind. i'm down to my second. my 2 cans. >> supply chain issues have contributed empty shelves. abbott's fda shut down in february. made matters even worse. the company recalled several major brands of formula after federal officials investigated for babies who suffered bacterial infections from formula made at that sturgis plant, forcing added to pause operations nearly 4 months ago. that factory produces roughly 20% of the nation's infant formula. the fda green light, the plants reopening in mid-may after they improved conditions and they resume production of health care and other specialty and metabolic formulas. the biden administration is trying to bring the production of formula in the meantime, invoking the defense production act to boost manufacturing and operation fly formula which the white house says will import 127 million bottles of safe infant formula to help stock shelves. >> we're going to make a lot more progress and ease the
8:38 pm
anxiety. a significant amount anxiety on the part of moms and dads. >> borders but parents are a bit skeptical of the overseas shipments, especially for babies that need sensitive types of formula. >> how are they going to produce these mass quantities of formula and u.s. as parents like know that what we're giving our children isn't going to have some scientific because they're producing in mass quantities. the president tried to ease some of those concerns. again. >> i mean, our constituents know it means stand or not bring in and it doesn't meet the high standards. >> the fda's commissioner said in may that the formula shortage could carry over into july even without plant back in business. parents like blessing want safeguards put in place to make sure this is the last shortage we ever see. doesn't make sense that a company shut down and then 40% of infants in the country and not able to eat. so we need to sit down and make sure that this never ever happens in
8:39 pm
america. >> coming up on kron, 4 news in sports. the warriors prepping for game 2 of the nba finals as they're looking to bounce back from their game. one 4th quarter meltdown kylen mills as steph curry's thoughts coming up. she's on ta
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okay. she van tech. >> and now kron 4 sports.
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>> the golden state warriors refocusing today after a shocking loss to the celtics in game one of the nba finals. the shocking part wasn't that goal that boston beat golden state was the fact that the warriors hold a 12 point lead heading into the 4th quarter. they were outscored 40 to 16 in those final 12 minutes. talk about a wake-up call. shooting guard. klay thompson said the worst got comfortable, something that should never happen during the playoffs. the mood today amongst the team to get sense of panic but a higher level of urgency now that they've had 2 days to watch the film or say they should have played better defense, especially in the 4th head. coach kerr says the dubs have to close out quicker and harder for the full 48 if they do those things, the words believe they'll take game 2. >> the locker room after the game was it was rough like no, no opportunity. we let slip in terms of, you know, that 4th quarter. but then kill your confidence that you can't come out sunday. and when that and that's where we're what we're going to do.
8:43 pm
>> giants at marlins. 4th inning bases loaded infielder donovan walton goes the other way down the left-field line. tyra strada jock peterson and brandon crawford all score on the double for nothing. giants halting can do it all. he was just on the mound in last night's game in san francisco 12 run lead. bottom of the 5th marlins. garrett cooper flares a hit to right fiemd. 2 runners score to tie it up for peace. a tough day for starter logan webb. he was pulled just before that single. >> a barn burner going into the 9th. sanchez with a fly ball to center. luke williams tapping at 3rd will mike yastremski makes the catch tries to throw home. he has no chance. williams scores easily to win it. a walk-off sac fly for the marlins 5 for miami. the final score. >> so sting the red sox. top of the 3rd rafael devers grounds ahead in the right center field. 2 runs score to make it 3, nothing red sox.
8:44 pm
4th inning, right fielder evers rbi moving on here in a second. alex verdugo the one up to the plate. looking to pad the lead for down you just the red sox yanks one deep to right field into the corner. another run scores on the double verdugo had 3 hits in a couple of rbi final score. ugly 8, nothing red sox ace try to avoid getting swept tomorrow. french open finals. 18 year-olds fien. i'm coco gauff playing in her first grand slam. final but eat but he got she act. was just too good. now the winner of 35 straight matches won the first 4 games. >> and never looked back. winning in straight sets 6, 1, 6, 3, it's the number one player in the world. second major title, both coming at roland garros for 35 match win streak ties her with venus williams for the longest wta winning streak of this millennium. what about dan thorn? big 10 of sky are not so much. not a big tennis
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guided watch king richard, though, a week ago. that was really good. actually just watched recently. i thought it was really get. i'm not a big fan of what will that at the oscars. but they need was very good as yeah. thank you for separating actually was a little bit controversial, though, because some people are unhappy with the way painted him as i don't know if you know the whole back story, but >> he actually had like a whole second family that he left. raising venus and serena williams. so i don't know there was it was the high still haven't i know i'm really late like all of the oscars. so i do it like a year later, right? you know, after all the buzz, i like to see if was an event, yeah, i know what you're reading about. what all right. well, you have some homework. yes, i do. i do. we'll be right b another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place.
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>> on the one 100th day of war in ukraine. the euroeean union formally approved an embargo of russian oil eu headquarters made the announcement yesterday saying russian oil will be phased out. >> over 6 months and other refined petroleum products will be phased out over 8 months. the eu also has approved sanctions targeting major banks and broadcasters all because of moscow's war on ukraine. >> meanwhile, the fighting continues in the eastern part of ukraine. 2 reuters journalists were hurt and their driver was killed this week. and that's when they were traveling in a car that was provided by russian-backed
8:49 pm
forces on the russian held part of the road. and that's came under fire on monday, a french journalist was also killed in eastern ukraine while on board of a humanitarian bus. there were civilians that were with them. they were fleeing a russian bombardment. he worked for the french b f and television news channel. >> back here in the states, residents and napa county, of course, dealing with the old fire this week. but florida residents have braved a tropical storm that left many miami neighborhoods flooded. yeah. that storm is still causing flooding and power outages and it brought more than >> 10 inches of rain to miami over the last 72 hours. gerard jebaily has the latest on this system. >> cars slowly trudging through waterlogged roads. it's a tropical system produces flash flooding across south florida. ironically, parts of the sunshine state saw more than 10 inches of rain in the last 36 hours. our
8:50 pm
own eliana diaz lives in miami. she's experiencing the flooding firsthand. >> heavy storms already passed through here. the mess in their past, many neighborhoods like this one are still shut down in miami because there's so much standing water just an hour this water came to my knees. >> potential tropical cyclone won its official title, spread rain throughout the northern caribbean. gusty winds and heavy rain battering cuba where reports indicate 2 people are dead and another person is missing. the storm began as hurricane agatha on the pacific side of mexico before losing steam as it crossed the yucatan peninsula. meteorologists at the national hurricane center still anticipated to form into tropical storm. alex as it exits florida emerges into the atlantic. now emergency crews in the miami area are helping stranded, homeowners and motorists in need. they're also urging people to stay inside and off the roads until the flood waters subside. the mayor of miami-dade county says crews are working hard to
8:51 pm
manage the situation, but residents must be aware of the many hazards. >> let's be smart. let's not go out unless it's absolutely necessary. well, let's be sure to stay up above the water line. and of course, there are some in those waters as well. electrical lines that may be down. fortunately, we averted the worst of this storm. >> but it's an early warning system for us for a busy hurricane season. >> the atlantic hurricane season officially began this past tuesday. and most indications show that the 2022 season will be a busy one. >> that was gerard jebaily reporting for us >> do get your check of your 4 zone forecast here at home. a live look out at the golden gate bridge. you can see that fog and clouds just hovering right there above bridge and just hanging around and get ready for a bit of a storm. and, yeah, i mean, not quite what we saw in miami, but hopefully something here in the bay area. the recent. yeah, that's right. anna newell and at the peak of that
8:52 pm
miami storm at inches of rain per hour. so they easily got more than a foot of rain when that storm was all said and done. but here at home in the bay area, we're looking forward to a rare june storm that could bring us about an inch in the sonoma coastal mountains there by tonight through tomorrow. >> when we are tracking the bulk of the wet weather just to our north and out in the pacific. and it's going to arrive for those of you in the north bay tonight for the rest of the bay area. early sunday morning drying out in clearing out by sunday afternoon. so let's take a look at temperatures out there right now because we are noticing very mild temperatures at this near 9 o'clock hour with low 60's for pacifica and half moon bay. 70 degrees, though for san jose with timber on and point rays. 59 degrees. everything else in between widespread low to mid and even upper 60's. and santa rosa. currently 58 degrees. one of the coolest city. but still on the mild side here in the bay area this evening. but temperatures tomorrow we're going to be at or slightly
8:53 pm
below normal seasonal temperatures for those of you %% in fremont and san jose flirting with 80's. but about 5 degrees below normal for concord and even santa rose in t the low to mid 70's. there. oakland, 71 degrees with half moon bay, 62 degrees. and we're going to warm up and dry out by later this upcoming week. in fact, we're going to see another round of 90's with temperatures by friday about 5 to nearly 20 degrees above average along the coast is still going to get that cool sea breeze. so oing to be mild, but not as hot as our inland valleys. so if you want relief head to the beach because that's the place to be in the coming days next week. that's all good to go to little tips there for us for what we can expect. thank you reading eyes. all right. >> coming up here 8 o'clock over releasing an index of all of those items that are left behind in the rides throughout the year. the strange that made the list.
8:54 pm
(fisher investments) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? aren't we all just looking for the hottest stocks? (fisher investments) nope. we use diversified strategies to position our client's portfolios for their long-term goals. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions for you, right? (fisher investments) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money, only when your clients make more money? (fisher investments) yep. we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments, we're clearly different.
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matter. >> the kind of set it for station. maybe. so, sir. and that today. >> tom cruise's new movie top gun maverick. it has soared to the top of the charts for its second weekend of release paramount projecting an 84.5 million dollar hall through sunday. impressive for sure. but still a 33% drop from its 124 million dollars. opening weekend haul top gun maverick is cruises. biggest film at the domestic box office
8:57 pm
passing his previous best, which was war of the worlds. i have heard nothing but good things about this movie. people say they're emotional roller coaster. yeah, this so mustaches are back i need to go see it. all right. let's check this out. uber releasing its 6th annual lost and found index. >> revealing some of the most commonly last items, including the more unusual ones. the of course, there's phones and wallets to, of course, we lose those all the time. >> but how about this losing your front teeth? tater tots a muffler. a fingernail 500 grams of caviar, a bucket of slime and alive. brown tortoise a fingernail. yeah, what i mean? who cares? and then apparently 40 riders lost their c pap machines while more than 30 lost their retainers. wow. a lot ground for us. >> forget that. yeah. exactly. you got to keep an eye like they're moving so fast, right is running. that's just like someone just completely forgot that they brought that along with like they just left less the phones, right? everybody
8:58 pm
just i've lost my than before. so i'm not i'm last things that are before, but i mean, if i the tortoise probably or my friend or my false teeth, i forgot they are taking we'll be right back for kron. 4 news at 9. stick with us.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news


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