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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  June 6, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> now at 5 gunfire erupting inside a san jose safeway over the weekend. >> the shooting killed a safeway employee and the suspect is still on the run tonight. this is video of a growing memorial forming outside the grocery store. good evening. welcome to kron. 4 news at 5, great load and i'm vicki liviakis safeway's corporate offices have identified the shooting victim. >> as many whose are this is the latest deadly shooting to happen in san jose. our kron four's amanda hari has the latest now on the investigation. and reaction
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from the community. amanda. >> i actually just got off the phone with the victim's brother about 10 minutes ago. and he tells me he can't even process what has happened just yet. he says he's devastated. he tells me his brother manny was loved by so many people and a smart intelligent man. you can see all of that love behind me here. this is the sidewalk near the safeway. >> some of his friends have come and created a memorial for him. lots of flowers, some of his favorite things. i think i saw starbursts up there, but just a lot of love and support for him. his family has identified him as manual are san jose police say the shooting happened around 3.35. on sunday morning at the safeway along the 1500 block of hamilton avenue when they arrived on the scene, they found him inside the store suffering from a gunshot wound. he died of his injuries. investigators searched the entire area. they
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were even back here today looking for more information. they questioned everyone they could find at the time, but it was very early in the morning and not many people were around. they are asking anyone who has any information about this to come forward. the person who did this is still on the run at large and they're still looking for that person and any information coming up at 6, you will hear from his brother. i have that information. that sound. i just spoke with him. so makes you come back at 6 for that live in san jose amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> all right. thank you, amanda. this is something people in san francisco do every day you go. grocery shopping. get a ride home. but criminals you see here got involved in this case. and the scary situation was captured on surveillance video. you has the story you'll only see here on kron 4. >> you're looking at video of with what appears to be at least one assault rifle being used to rob the occupants of this silver vehicle. they did
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getting away. it happened on june second 2022. at around 07:00pm hyde street between california and pine and san francisco's not hill district. in the video, you see what appears to be a silver rideshare vehicle. police go over to wait for passenger. then you see the victim who just finished some shopping at trader joe's grocery bag and handed walking towards the rideshare. however, he was unknowingly being followed by the robbers of this white vehicle with dark tinted windows. the suspect vehicle pulls alongside, locking the other vehicle's path. then the 3 robbers make their move to the way that they're carrying. >> like what you see in a movie that is the voice of the concern, uphill shop owner from their perspective, the robbery is a symbol of pride being out of control in that area and that it is impacting business. >> they asked not to reveal their identity. we used to be
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open. later, we staying open until 08:00pm. >> and then we have to change it to and now we a shortened that until 6.30, and even it's starting >> it's already been and >> there's all kinds of crime i reached out to san francisco police. investigators say the victim complied and that no one was injured. police gave no descriptions of suspects door in vehicle. information in what should be happening >> in our local neighborhood in, hello in there for to it is getting done. nobody's handling it. >> anyone with information is asked to contact san francisco police. has it made you cry for >> the man accused of molesting a family member of ufc fighter cain. velasquez pleaded not guilty. today harry appeared before a judge
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virtually today in santa clara county superior court that blazquez his supporters and family members of the alleged victim or inside that courtroom kron four's rob nesbitt spoke with them about plea hearing and the attempted murder charges against flask u.s.. the child to harry goularte is accused of molesting his 4 years old. family members say statements made by the child make it clear that large is guilty. goulart appeared before a judge virtually from his home pleading not guilty to the felony charges of child molestation against him. lisa chávez, the alleged victim's aunt and attended the plea hearing monday afternoon. from what i know he's guilty and no 4 year-old says the things that that 4 year-old said without. >> somebody being guilty. court documents say the 43 year-old molested a child multiple times at a daycare. his mother owns the child is related to former ufc fighter cain. velasquez. last is facing attempted murder charges for allegedly trying to gun down goulart during an 11 mile high-speed chase through san jose goulart
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attorney steve defilippis said it's the reason his client wasn't in the courtroom can't get shot at virtually several supporters of alaska's attended the plea hearing and that stood outside the courtroom with signs people says he doesn't understand why the case is being followed so closely. looking forward to having the opportunity to prove his innocence i know there's a lot of people that don't agree with that. one of those being chávez, she believes glut will be found guilty despite the attempted murder charges against blazquez. it doesn't change what happened after what he did is what he did. nothing after the event happened. the victim is still a victim. >> i don't have any sympathy for him being shot at lights. next. court appearance is scheduled for september. 20th. >> the judge ordered that he state 300 yards away from the minor. he's accused of molesting velasquez is scheduled to appear in court friday. he's currently being held at santa clara county jail without bail in morgan hill. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news fremont. police are offering $60,000 in reward
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money and homicide investigation from 2007. >> the april in april of that year, 19 year-old erin anthony breaux was found dead from a gunshot wound at an apartment park complex parking lot. >> on the 3800 block of fremont boulevard. that's why washington high school witnesses told officers that they heard 2 gunshots but didn't see any suspicious vehicles or persons. police say that they have some information but are hoping the new reward can help them solve this cold case. aaron's mother says the last 15 years have been nothing short of unbearable. anyone with information is being urged to call fremont police. >> in oakland, parents, educators in some community members are continuing their protest against the closure of parker k through 8 school. now the demonstration was held this morning by the oakland educational justice activist. our kron four's justine waltman joins us now live from the newsroom and has more on what parents and advocates had to say today. just being well. grant and vicki parents stood
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outside of parker k through 8 school this morning to confront school board members. the demonstration began. >> first is a 24 7 sit in that started. may 25th, which was the last day of classes for that nearly 100 year old school that's been targeted for closure. but since then, parents and advocates have been saying they have reopened the site as parker community school and are providing summer educational programming, nutritious meals and activities to students who are at risk of losing the only public elementary and middle school in their neighborhood. >> parker elementary school is the only k through 8 school in this area. community day. school is the only service of its type in oakland. it's a last chance cool with this schools slated for closure. the gap between public education and incarceration becomes even smaller. these children will have no other option and will end up in juvenile hall. >> activists have said that
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they want the school board to reverse its decision to close parker. they're also calling for the superintendent to create a plan to provide an adequate learning program for community day. school students in partnership with impacted families and educators. the oakland unified school district says that a fiscal crisis forced it to move forward with closing about a dozen schools this year and next year. that includes parker live in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman, kron, 4 news. thank you, apple's annual worldwide developers conference is back in person. >> the company's first in-person event in 2 years unfolded. new software upgrades and products. our country's justin campbell live from apple campus with a all the latest. do tell justin. and that's right. this conference usually just showcases the next version of its operating systems. but today. >> big surprise. new mac pro computers on the way. apple ceo tim cook making an appearance at monday's wwdc
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2022. >> where the company revealed its next line of you're looking at apple's new mac book air powered by the company's own second generation. him to chip. it's thinner, lighter and faster mac books will be available in july. i think the new macbook air looks really great. super slam. super cool looking. i think people are really going to like that and because people are always looking for new hardware and that's exciting to them that something they can gravitate to. o'donnell, president of technology says says apple hit some basic but key changes to their software and products. the new apple watch upgrade coming this fall will allow you to track your medications. medication is a big part of a lot of people's lives. and the other thing that it says to me is that they're taking devices in the watch of west. >> and making it of interest to older people as well. it's not just a young person device. if you're not buying a new watch or computer, don't
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worry, you can upgrade your iphone. this fog with ios 16. >> one of the biggest changes will allow you additional ways to customize your lock screen, including many apps that will show you any notifications you would like. also you ever send an email or text too quick with a misspelling so you'll be able to re send it. everybody's had that experience was like, oh, my thank god. i got that. >> and i've done that, too. and i'm sure many of us have, but also this camera right here on your phone, you're going to actually be able to make it into a web cam to connect to your mac. so a lot of big changes are in store in coming, especially this fall reporting here in cupertino, justin campbell kron. 4 news. all right, justin, coming up, the warriors dominating game 2 before heading. >> to kron, 4 sports reporter kylen mills standing by with the latest on their push to the championship. but first, gas prices are soaring again. >> the bay area city seeing
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gas costing more than $7 a gallon. >> i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. more than a little rain this past weekend. in fact, this was one for the record books. now we're hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> alright, worries time. golden state is headed to boston now after evening up the series with a big win at chase last night. game 3 of the nba finals is tipping off wednesday night. >> big game. it was kron. 4
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sports reporter kylen mills joins us winter with a recap of that game and a look ahead to the series kylen. yeah. awesome. less super excited. absolutely. had to win that game last night. no team has ever come back from being down 2, nothing when they lost those first 2 games at home. so that was absolutely huge for the however, you know, they still got their work cut out for them in game 3 as they head. >> on the road to this is just going to be such a tough series. the warriors, by the way, hopped on a flight heading for the east coast late this morning. if you want check out some of their fits, i'm a big fan of looney's right there. the center which with little matching action going on once they land, it's back to work. getting ready for game 3 on wednesday. the workers want to at least split in boston. then they came back home court advantage because both games, 5, 7, will be played at chase center in order to win game 3. the dup's need to replicate what they did in game 2 on defense. the worst the celtics just 88 points and 37% shooting from the floor head coach. she cursed at golden state, played more physical, closed out
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quicker in game 2 on offense. no shock here. the floor. general steph curry has been incredibly efficient in the series. he scored 34 points in game one and 29 points in game playing less minutes in game 2. he was shooting 50% from deep in that first game. and about 42% from deep in game to game 3 tips off at 6 o'clock pacific. time at td garden on wednesday night. sports director jason dumas, son. i'll be there in boston like i was just telling you guys will be bringing you all the action. all be on. the am shift. he'll be doing all the stuff that you guys see at night. but i'll be there. i know you'll be representing for sure. yeah. so it'll be exciting to see. they got a win at least and i'm still basking in the glow of last night's highland. victims at the game. but yeah. >> you're the. did you hear him even with a doing? this is a pity for the celtics pity party. i would just the pity party. well, what you think of the game for heaven sakes. >> it started out a little
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cocky. but, you know, we did. we found our footing. yeah. chasen was like, there's been fund or office. what do you think? i never want to oracle, but like i feel like it's been a fun atmosphere. you know, didn't measure the decibel really, lives up to its name. >> chase is a little more evenly distributed. okay, but loud and that we love to say here sitting there. i didn't bug him. okay. i just want you to know. but i was sitting behind. >> and start asking questions. so what we're streaming crop the answers. got the what? >> i was observing know he had how he handled the fans were taking selfies with him and the little kids. so, yeah, so easy when took a chill. all right. so we can report we can report that. could people hear you when you for? to kyle
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>> all right. enough name dropping. thank you. text me if you're sitting behind kyle nice. have fun and be in town bank you at some shout of forest. yeah. well, fortunately kylen as a media credential says she doesn't have to deal with these ridiculous prices. but if dubs fans live out there want to make the trip. >> it is going to cost you nearly 800 bucks. it looks like just to get in the building up in the nosebleeds. that's the latest on stubhub for wednesday night's game up in boston v i p tickets they say are going for more than $15,000. speaking of exorbitant gas prices keep rising across the bay area and elsewhere on the peninsula. a lot of people are paying more than 7 bucks a gallon for regular one spot. menlo park a gallon of regular look at 7.49. premium almost 8 bucks and the average gas price in
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the bay area as a whole. it's not much lower. take a look. according to triple a and every bay area county a gallon is on average more than 6 bucks. marin county has the most expensive 6.60, a gallon. san francisco, san mateo and napa county are similar. the lowest the cheapest solano county 6.37. in comparison, the california average for a gallon of regular is 6.32, alright weather time as we get a live look outside right now. downtown san francisco looking like a postcard. yeah, the gas prices are painful, but the weather is delightful out there today. very nice today. of course, kind of interesting this we have a little festivities of you're camping in the it was a real deal. it was judo rain to do. this was record rate. yeah, for our time of year. so hey, how about that? but things settling down a little bit now. but here we go outside. yeah, a nice day today. not as muggy. >> either almost feel tropical the past couple of days with
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that. the atmospheric river event rolling on in. and yeah, this was one for the record books. a san francisco downtown at a record of 2 tenths of an inch of rain. breaking the old record of 1500 set back in 1934. the wettest june ever in san francisco was back in 18, 80 for over 2 and a half inches of rain. don't think get there. but still oppressive. but now we've got some big changes ahead. some hot temperatures likely to roll into town some of the other records around the bay area record of 2700's in oakland, 27. 100's also in the napa valley and over a quarter of an inch in half moon bay. and how about this? almost 3 inches of rain on mount tam. all right. that rain is gone. here we go outside. you got 50's co-signed got 70's. even a couple. 80 still inland. some nice weather as we head through the evening hours that sea breeze there. it's kind of kicking up out there little bit, some 20, some 30 mile an hour gust and the pacific staying rather active, actually, for this time of year, you've got another area of low pressure developing in the gulf of alaska. something
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that may affect your weekend next weekend. but right now, high pressure going to slide in overhead. the temperatures going to be warming up. in fact, you see a couple patches of fog tomorrow. but other than that, some high clouds. we're looking at some nice weather ahead. if you're stepping out this evening. yeah, it looks beautiful out there right now that sea breeze is blowing temperatures generally in the 70's and many of the valleys are cooler 60's as you make way inside the bay 50's co side as we look toward tomorrow afternoon. enjoy that beautiful day. temperatures warming up a bit up. lets running in the mid 80's inland. you're looking at 70 served on the bay and you've got some 50's out of the yes, allergies, grass pollens are running high indeed. thank you, laura. it's coming up. what we can expect is a series of congressional hearings on the capitol insurrection.
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>> one before primary election day in california. and voter turnout, at least so far is low explains the latest numbers and shows us how leaders of the state's democratic and republican parties are responding. >> here in downtown sacramento, the secretary of state is gearing up for california second statewide election day in less than a year. low voter registration is nearing record highs. voter turnout is on track to possibly reach a historic low. >> with one day left before california's primary election day, just 13% of ballots have
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been turned in. according to the latest ballot tracker firm, political data intelligence, senior citizens, caucasians and democrats make up the majority of participants. so far. big issue with turnout is unjust. >> you know, being able to know the raw number of people that returned a ballot, the being able to know what that means in terms of the people who are making choices for the state as we go forward and how representative are not representative. they are of the overall population. secretary of state shirley weber announced 81.5% of eligible california voters were registered by late may. the highest percentage in nearly 70 years. but short of the significant boost in ballots cast tuesday, this primary could break the record for lowest turnout for an election in state history. that record is currently held by the state's 2014 primary that had 25% turnout. i expect to see a huge surge on tuesday, california republican party chairwoman jessica millan patterson says gop voters are historically day of voters. >> in their plea to voters, republicans are focusing on the rising cost of living gas
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and other issues directly hitting the state. so if you want more of the same, then don't vote or don't show up. >> but if you really want change, if you want to make your voice heard, shot them about you don't have to. >> high drama drivers at the top of the ticket. you don't have initiatives spending millions of dollars and you do have admittedly some confusion with new district lines being in place. democratic party chairman rusty hicks pointing to some of the reasons why the primary is not pushing voters to the polls. candidates in his party are focusing on broader national issues. they promised to protect including abortion, access and gun control. the fight for our democracy and the fight for 2024. is dawn here and now. >> in 2022. and so whether 18 years old or i'm 78 years old.
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>> we want a every californian to get to the polls and make their voices heard. >> if you still haven't voted yet, you have plenty of options heading into tomorrow, including those in-person polling locations that will be open all day. if you still have that mail-in ballot, you can drop it off at any drop box location until 08:00pm tuesday night or you can still send it in the mail. it just must be postmarked by tomorrow state. june 7 reporting in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> facing a recall election tomorrow. san francisco district attorney chesa boudin casting his ballot today at city hall. beatings. time in office has coincided with an uptick in brutal attacks against asian-americans. that and viral footage of rampant shoplifting fueled the campaign to remove him. critics say he has failed to prosecute repeat offenders amid widespread frustration with crime and homelessness. up next after a weekend of >> at least 10 mass shootings all across the country. congress. he's coming up with a new gun safety legislation.
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details on that coming up in yet another couple fall victim to their puppy being stolen while on vacation here in the bay. their story coming up right after the break. plus, new data shows teenagers and kids facing legal trouble. are becoming less likely to face adult court systems here in the u.s.
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gun violence here in the u.s. is not slow down. in fact, over the weekend, at least a dozen people were ki.


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