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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  June 6, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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gun violence here in the u.s. is not slow down. in fact, over the weekend, at least a dozen people were killed.
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>> and more than 60 injured, at least 10 mass shootings just over the weekend here in the u.s. and >> here's where some of those mass shootings took place in score texas. people say 5 people were wounded after a shooter fired into a crowd. it was gathered for a high school graduation party. all 5 people shot are teenagers in philadelphia. police say at least 2 people were killed and 11 others were hit by bullets at a bustling entertainment district in the city. a 3rd person who died might have been one of the shooters, according to police. also in saginaw, michigan, 3 people were killed and 2 people were injured in a shooting. there. congress is back from the memorial day recess and new gun safety legislation is one of the first agenda items to be taken up this week. reshad hudson is on capitol hill with the latest on negotiations. lawmakers say they're closer than ever to reaching a deal
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on new gun safety measures over the weekend, there were several small-scale mass shootings. this is pressure is mounting for congress to do something. >> the calls for gun control legislation were loud and clear on capitol hill monday. >> gun safety advocates rallied outside of the capital demanding action from lawmakers. we will not stop working, will not stop fighting. >> every community, every neighborhood, every school in this country. it's a safe place. connecticut senator chris murphy and pennsylvania senator pat toomey are among the bipartisan group of lawmakers working on a compromise gun control bill. >> we all agree that violent criminals and deranged dangerously mentally ill people shouldn't have firearms. the items currently on the table are investing in mental health care, red flag laws and expanding background checks. murphy is also calling on the american people to put pressure on their lawmakers.
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if everybody cares about this does one thing a day over the course of the next 30 days. >> we'll pass. president biden wants congress to go further by including a ban on assault weapons. but the president also acknowledges that's not likely to pass given the current gridlock. senate majority leader chuck schumer says he wants a vote on gun control legislation this week. it will take 60 votes in the senate for any new gun measures to pass reporting in washington reshad hudson, back to you. the former top leader of the far right proud boys, extremist group henry enrique tarrio. >> and for other members were charged today with seditious conspiracy in connection to the january 6th insurrection. the indictment alleges that the proud boys conspired to forcibly oppose the lawful transfer of presidential power tarrio and the others were previously charged with different conspiracy counts. the house committee investigating last year's insurrection at the capitol will start presenting its findings this week. the first
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of 8 hearings is thursday. it will be an overview of the 10 month investigation and an outline of upcoming hearings which will reportedly have specific themes. it will be an overview of the 10 as but that the investigation and an outline of those hearings as we already mentioned, grants. new at 5 tonight. there is a historic shift happening in juvenile justice reform. >> according to the fbi, fewer teenagers are facing adult court systems. data reported to the fbi each year by thousands of police departments across the country shows the percentage of youth taken into custody, who were referred to adult courts dropped from 8% in 2010 to 2% in 2019, the percentage dropped to one percent in 2020, although that year's data is considered unusual because of the pandemic, which force many courts the closed for a time. instead, more teenagers are being sent to juvenile courts or community
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programs that steer them to counseling, peer mediation and other services aimed at keeping them out of trouble. the shift has been mostly supported by law enforcement officials around the country. but some worry that leniency has emboldened a small number of young criminals. >> time now for 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside right now to san mateo bridge. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. back with us now with a look ahead and how hot it's going to get this week. yeah, we're going to be cranking up those temperatures. keep that ac ready. we're talking triple digit heat, a rolling into the bay area, at least a part of the bay area later on this week outside. right now, you've got lots of sunshine after a cloudy and rainy weekend. most that moisture moving out of town. now you can see up the coastline. there's another cold front out there. but we're going to see a high pressure taking over here. still a few clouds in the forecast the next couple of days. in fact, you're seeing some of that cloud cover along the coastline. see that patchy fog and the sea breeze kicking in right now around the bay area. some of those winds that little
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blustery in spots specially coast side. you're looking at 24 mile an hour gusts at sfo, 18 now in the san francisco, 30 mile hour winds in play on 15 in fairfield overnight. tonight. you can see low clouds and fog trying to settled in, although beginning to break up a bit only to return late in the morning hours and then as you get your morning some fog along the coastline early on, then lots of sunshine and a few passing clouds into the afternoon. the patchy fog and linger out toward the beaches, but should be a pretty decent the evening as we head toward a lot of part of the day. in fact, the temperatures are going to be very nice. how about mid 80's in lots of 70's around the bay and 50's along the coastline. watch out there. much warmer weather coming our way there. you've got some 90's, even triple digit heat by friday. thanks. alerts. an arkansas couple is pleading for help finding their 8 month-old chihuahua. >> it was stolen in san francisco and the dog was taken from their car during a smash-and-grab. our first taylor bisacky has the story.
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>> that's the one that was and that she was gone. amanda chapman and her wife, rebecca, were visiting san francisco to celebrate him and his 21st birthday last month when their trip took a drastic turn on may 24th. >> thieves broke into their van parked near kearney and bay streets and stole her 8 month-old riley. >> my heart stopped. >> i >> immediate panic. so the ground. amanda says they called police immediately canceled all their plans to spend the rest of their time in the city. looking for riley since returning home to arkansas, they say life hasn't been the same. still do. everything that i would do it. she was here and then realize that she's not. and i do is down. amanda says riley is less than 5 pounds and she has 4.10, feet with a lighter patch of hair on your chest. >> she says the suspects also made off with some of their luggage and electronics. they
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could have taken every single item. >> that we had every belonging that we had out of that and and if we still had her, it would be perfectly fine with us. honestly, we just want her home safe. we don't care about any of the other stuff. we are offering a cash reward for information leading to her return no questions asked what so ever since becoming a victim of the smash-and-grab. rebecca says they quickly learned how common these sort of crimes are in the city. angering almost because >> there's no information about it. >> and then >> you come an app and see you and everybody's like, oh, yeah. that's a normal thing here. >> she hopes the city will warn future visitors to prevent more unsuspecting tourists from becoming victims in francisco's the purge in real life. >> and it's just crazy. there should definitely be a warning label on the entire city. if you have any information about riley, please contact sfpd.
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>> in san francisco, taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> coming up as covid cases rise across california and the u.s. going in the summer, we could see a new vaccine on the market. what you nee
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talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, production has resumed at abbott labs factory in michigan. >> the factory closed down in february because of an fda
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inspection that found multiple strains of bacteria that could be deadly to infants. but the reopening won't improve availability, least not right off the bat. that will be about 6 to 8 weeks for it to be back to full capacity and for the impact to reach store shelves. a new covid-19 vaccine could be made available in the u.s. this summer advisers to the food and drug administration are scheduled to meet tomorrow. they're going debate whether a shot developed by the maryland biotechnology company. novavax is safe and effective. novavax's vaccine relies on technology that similar to seasonal flu vaccines and routine childhood immunizations. it also does not need special refrigeration. if it's approved, it will become the 4th coronavirus vaccine in the country. >> still ahead, new developments in the britney griner cases. she remains in custody in russia. how athletes here are speaking out athletes here are speaking out to try to help get the
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>> the nba finals kicked off weekend games with a show of support for brittney griner. the wnba superstar who has been detained in russia now for more than 3 months after allegedly carrying marijuana. vape cartridge is through a russian airport. >> reporter alex caprariello explains how players across the league are using their platform to try to bring her back home. lebron james is the
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latest basketball superstar to call for the immediate release of the wnba is brittney griner from russian captivity. we need to come together and help do whatever we possibly can to bring bg home quickly and safely. james tweeted to his 51 million followers. james joins a chorus of others calling for the quick release of griner who for more than 100 days has been detained in moscow for allegedly carrying marijuana vape cartridges through a russian airport, a crime that could land her 10 years in prison for the here on saturday. several players of the boston celtics wore black t-shirts with the words we are bg in bold orange letters on the back. a qr code linking to an online petition calling on the white house to do whatever is necessary to bring griner back to the state. >> i feel like it was a good idea. >> to use our availability in our platforms to to bring attention to know certain matters, you know, and always stand for that being athlete, which is not appear entertain
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you guys. you also have voice last month the u.s. state department determined that griner is being wrongfully detained. diplomats have since been assigned to work on her release. >> and that was alex caprariello reporting for us tonight. the uk voted today to send multiple launch rocket systems to ukraine. this comes after russia's foreign minister war in the west that it provide ukraine with long-range rockets. it will respond by taking over larger areas. russia attack ukraine's capital for the first time in more than a month this weekend claiming it destroyed tanks from abroad. >> whether time now as we take a live look outside here. >> pretty clear they're going to golden gate bridge. marin headlands looks like maybe a little bit of low hayes is starting to work its way through. you know, it feels like we're getting a little taste everything all across the board that you like. unit was called got the that's a beautiful thing about
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california. the variety, right? you just a bit of everything in weather wise. we've been having that lately. we're going to see that that probably in the next 5 to 7 days again, we're talking about some heat. >> could we actuanly see a little more rain will on the models start to pay the least a chance. some showers again coming our way up there right now. you can see you've got a beautiful conditions out toward the golden gate bridge, the sailboat sailing under the bridge right now. what a gorgeous afternoon. the sea breeze is blowing, though, filling up those sales temperatures today, right at the average in san francisco at 65 degrees. slightly below the average in oakland at 70 77 degrees in san jose. a nice 81 warm in livermore. 83 in concord in 83 degrees in santa rosa. but this somewhat unusual, all not that we've got a storm off the coastline, but yeah, just pretty active for june to see the storms rolling through like this. we just have one come through something very similar. we're going to see another one, maybe 2 out there that could factor in the weather as we head to the next couple of days. so here's the long-range forecast. you've got this for storm system right out here right now. of course, we've
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got some nice weather across the bay area after that storm system moved by yesterday. but here we go, put in that emotion. and yeah, a few more clouds begin to move in across our skies. mostly energy from this one, staying north of the bay area. but we're going to see some of those clouds for tomorrow as we get into wednesday, a few more of those clouds continue to move across our skies and then behind that once that system moves on by high pressure starts to build in that ridge takes over for a couple of days. that's when it gets hot thursday and friday, maybe into saturday. some a much warmer temperatures. but then you've got this line of showers off the coastline. watch what happens here as we get the weekend. how about that models trying to bring a chance of rain in the bay area again next saturday. that would be impressive if that happens, we have to wait and see that could easily just fade away. as we get a little bit closer. but something to bear watching as we get the weekend as people start to make their plans temperatures around the bay area as we've got 60's in the san francisco for tomorrow, little breezy in spots there as you head toward the coastline, 50's out toward the beaches inside the bay. you'll see those numbers in the 60's as well you can see
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about 71 in san carlo 74th in mountain then you've got some nice 70's and 80's into the south bay, some partly cloudy skies up above some high clouds continue to move on by temperatures running up in the 80's in walnut creek could see some hot 90's in brentwood and discovery bay. and then you've got those numbers are running well in the 80's into fairfield about 81, a benicia back toward the coastline. you've got that sea breeze blowing. the temperatures are going to be the 50's and the 60's up toward the beaches. 70's in the valleys next few days. yeah, we're going watch the temperatures warming up. in fact, get pretty toasty by thursday inland hot, triple digit heat expected on friday. >> all right, lawrence. coming up next, we're going to take you to the red carpet of the first ever black women on broadway awards in the big apple. the historic event honors those making a difference. both on and off
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just a trillion-dollar ponzi scheme? did you become the wealthiest man in history by swindling customers and investors? i'm dan o'dowd and i'm running for u.s. senate because congress needs to shut down elon musk's full self-driving fiasco. someone needs to stand up to him. >> celebrating diversity on broadway today. the inaugural black women on broadway awards ceremony took place in new york city from the red carpet arrivals to the exception speeches. reporter jennifer bisram was there for it all. she brings us the report now from the big apple. >> it was the first celebration for black women on broadway and the women we talked with say it was a long time coming. >> top of the empire hotel in manhattan became the stage for celebrating black women in theater monday.
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>> one of the ways to bring where to do things like this to say, yes, black women are not only are we here. we're celebrating each of actress and singer audra mcdonald is a founding member of black theater united. we've always that there needs to be greater representation. there needs to be more anti-racism, more diversity, more empowerment. >> 500 manatees within the theater you know, once the george floyd moment tragedy, i think everybody just realize it's now or never the 6 time tony award winner was a presenter at the first ever. black women on broadway awards. 2 time pulitzer prize winner lynn nottage, most recently nominated for a tony for mj, the musical and queen gene were both honorees. they're more they're more plays written by black women. >> then any other time in it's beyond black women was the women behind the inaugural
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award ceremony have been planning it before the pandemic. we've done so much for the community and haven't had an opportunity to be recognized. it means so much for us to gather to remind each other that when you feel alone is room for all of you know, and to also honor those that came before us, these pioneering women both in front and behind the stage say women of color should be celebrated even after the curtain goes down for them. black women on broadway is history in the making. i think that more than anything, it's as much space as we can for the younger light icing on the cake to be able to see all of i just be able to celebrate each other i think is is really great and mentor ship is another mission for black women on broadway. they say they want to create a space where women in this business feel supported and celebrated. >> i mean, head and upper west side, jennifer bisram.
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>> several sections of the aids memorial quilt are hanging from city hall the day indeed. earlier this morning, they were put up over the mayor's balcony. take a look. this year marks 35 years since the first panels of the quilt were together. hello, ken and pam. listen to this. it is during the darkest days of the pandemic is, of course, when it was initially constructed and then mayor dianne feinstein allowed to quell to hang from city hall back then as well. and that helped launch a national movement for action against stigma and hate the display of the quote in san francisco now will be taking place this weekend, june 11th and 12, sight to behold that wraps up kron. 4 news at 5. thanks for being with us. you got a sneak peek here they are for an extended stay. ken and pam, lot of history with that. quote, it really is something. all right. thank you. grant vicki you tonight at 6, 7, a safe
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way becomes the scene of the >> and open parents and advocates say they're not backing off their fight to keep public schools open what they want. district leaders to know after the closure of another campus in their community. i'm ken. (music throughout) for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms.
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managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron.
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4 news at 6. >> we're pleading with the public today. if you go anything in regards to this case. >> if you were president, perhaps to provide your statement to detectives, please come forward. >> now at 6 san jose police looking for the person who they say shot and killed a safeway employee. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. police say the shooting happened at the safeway store on hamilton avenue in the willow glen neighborhood of san jose. it happened early sunday morning shortly after 3.30, police say when they got on the scene, they found the victim. many we sorrow was suffering from a gunshot wound and he later died. the circumstances surroutding the shooting have not been released. police say they're still reviewing surveillance video, but so far have not identified a suspect. meantime, outside that safeway, a memorial being held by family and friends of the victims, some of them told us they are stunned by this turn of events from ford's amanda hari just talked to the victim's brother and aman


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