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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  June 6, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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4 news at 6. >> we're pleading with the public today. if you go anything in regards to this case. >> if you were president, perhaps to provide your statement to detectives, please come forward. >> now at 6 san jose police looking for the person who they say shot and killed a safeway employee. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. police say the shooting happened at the safeway store on hamilton avenue in the willow glen neighborhood of san jose. it happened early sunday morning shortly after 3.30, police say when they got on the scene, they found the victim. many we sorrow was suffering from a gunshot wound and he later died. the circumstances surroutding the shooting have not been released. police say they're still reviewing surveillance video, but so far have not identified a suspect. meantime, outside that safeway, a memorial being held by family and friends of the victims, some of them told us they are stunned by this turn of events from ford's amanda hari just talked to the victim's brother and amanda,
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there's a lot of grieving going on there and a lot of questions. >> yes, still a lot of questions. his brother, he's having a very hard time with that. he says that his brother was a very nice guy, dedicated to work and very well loved by his community and his friend. you can see all that love behind me here with this memorial that set up and all the people that are around it right now. i've watched this afternoon as more people have come out and added flowers to it. >> many will isaac whose their corn, a hose brother, guillermo, says he's also seen the memorial and is touched by it. the victim's brother tells me he worked overnights, but he would always come home by 07:00am. at 09:00am on sunday. his other brother got a call from someone saying something happened at safeway. they fight to call. he's there and he didn't pick up. they went to safeway and talk to police. the officers said people were downtown for questioning at
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the police department. went down there to see if his brother was there, but police wouldn't tell him anything. it took a couple of hours for the coroner to actually tell them that he was the victim. >> i think if want to come i lost my i live with them. they would them to. my brothers are much just from bank coming home. it was so hard. i went to his room. i cry like freshly by his bad. i couldn't. >> his brother tells me they still don't know a lot about what happened, but they hope to learn more from police soon. police are still looking for the suspect in this case and they're asking the public if you saw anything or know anything to reach out to san jose police live in san jose amanda hari kron. 4 news. amanda, thank you for that report. another big story we are following tonight. the man accused of molesting a family
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member of ufc fighter cain. velasquez pleaded not guilty today. harry goularte appeared virtually before a judge today in santa clara county superior court. >> alaska's supporters and family members of the alleged victim were also inside the courtroom. kron four's rob nesbitt talked with them about the plea hearing and the attempted murder charges against cain, velasquez. the child to harry goularte is accused of molesting his 4 years old. family members say statements made by the child make it clear that large is guilty. goulart appeared before a judge virtually from his home pleading not guilty to the felony charges of child molestation against him. lisa chávez, the alleged victim's aunt and attended the plea hearing monday afternoon. from what i know he's guilty and no 4 year-old says the things that that 4 year-old said without. >> somebody being guilty. court documents say the 43 year-old molested a child multiple times at a daycare. his mother owns the child is related to former ufc fighter cain. velasquez. last is facing attempted murder charges for allegedly trying
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to gun down goulart during an 11 mile high-speed chase through san jose goulart attorney steve defilippis said it's the reason his client wasn't in the courtroom can't get shot at virtually several supporters of alaska's attended the plea hearing and that stood outside the courtroom with signs. deaflympics says his client is looking forward to the opportunity to prove his innocence. you start wondering why people would be following this particular case as opposed to the hundreds and hundreds of other similar types of cases that are at the courthouse every day. >> chavez says it should be obvious that the attention is coming from the celebrity status of the alleged victim's relative. she believes goulart will be found guilty despite the attempted murder charges against it doesn't change what happened after what he did is what he did. nothing after the event happened. the victim is still a victim. >> i don't have any sympathy for him being shot at next court appearance is scheduled for september. 20th. the judge ordered that he stay 300 yards away from the minor. he's accused of molesting velasquez
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is scheduled to appear in court friday. he's currently being held at santa clara county jail without bail in morgan hill. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. in oakland, parents, educators and community members are continuing their protest against the closure of parker k through 8 school. another demonstration held this morning by the oakland, educational justice. at this hour, grant lotus joins us live from our newsroom with more on what parents and advocates are saying today. grant. yeah, pannick and this group is pretty adamant. parents stood outside parker k through 8 school. >> again this morning to try to confront board members in the oakland school district. the demonstration started as a 24 7 sit in. they began may 25th, which was the last day of classes at the nearly 100 year old school that has been targeted for closure. parents activists say they reopen this site as what they're calling parker community school and they say they're providing
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some are educational programming, nutritious meals and activities for students who they say are at risk of losing the only public elementary and middle school in their neighborhood. >> parker elementary school is the only k through 8 school in this area. community day. school is the only service of its type in oakland. it's a last chance school with this schools slated for closure. the gap between public education and incarceration becomes even smaller. these children will have no other option and will end up in juvenile hall. >> activists have said they want the school board to reverse its decision to close parker. they're also calling for the superintendent to create a plan to provide and adequate learning program for community day school students in partnership with affected families and educators. the big picture here, oakland unified, says they have a fiscal crisis which forced them to close about a dozen
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public schools this year. and next year, pam. ken, we'll keep you posted. back to you. all right, grant, thank you. a small private plane and a classic corvette went up in flames. the petaluma airport today. >> officials say the plane's owner park the plane inside a hangar after a flight in a few minutes later, there's some kind of explosion by the time firefighters arrived on the scene, the hangar, as you can see was on fire. crews were able to prevent it from spreading to other nearby hangars. were other planes were? nobody was hurt. the cause of this fire is still being investigated. >> the santa rosa fire department has officially declared today. the start a wildfire season in the region. despite yesterday's rain, officials say the conditions are still dry enough and temperatures warm enough to spark a wildfire at any moment. the declaration means fire officials will begin inspecting land to ensure property owners are trimming their weeds and seasonal grasses. people living in high-risk areas are asked to take extra steps to protect themselves from wildfires such
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as creating a defensible space or having a go bag ready in case you have to evacuate. now in our 4 zone forecast talking about a hot weather here is a beautiful shot of san francisco from sutro tower. that rain was certainly beautiful and what a nice. yeah. that didn't. last long, though. it was still not in the hills are still brown and they're not turn much in the way of green but public suppress the fire danger just a little bit for another week or so. but >> we are going to see some heat coming our way to triple digits. probably as we get toward the latter part of the week out there right now. you get the haze out there, clearing out skies for the golden gate bridge. of course, yesterday and the rain, muggy conditions, too. but this was one for the record books. if cisco had a record of 2 tenths of an inch of rain, breaking the old record set back in 1934. a 1500's, in fact, the wettest june ever in san francisco had over 2 and a half inches of rain. i don't think we get anywhere close to that. that was set back in 18, 84. but there are big changes ahead and much warmer temperatures. in fact, getting
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hot in parts of the bay area here. some of the other records that fell around the bay area. we had a record of over a quarter of an inch of rain in oakland. the same in napa 0.2, 7. that was a record. how about half moon bay over a quarter of an inch of rain. >> and if you thought that was a lot of mount tam, almost half 3 inches of rain, if you can believe that from the storm system, that is incredible. so rather pacific out there. we've got another cold front on the way right now. we're kind of in between systems. that means a kitchen, a little sunshine out there today and a lot less muggy feel to also tropical feel to it yesterday with all that humidity in the air, that onshore wind continues to blow. you see a couple of patches of fog out toward the beaches right now. we'll see more of that overnight tonight. and tomorrow morning that front, that's off the coastline. going to get a little bit closer tomorrow. we're likely going to see some high clouds from that throughout the day. tomorrow. temperatures going to be warm, though, in fact, a little bit warmer around the bay area for tomorrow as well. and then the front's going to pass through once that front goes thrwugh, it's going to start to get hot. we'll talk about that.
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plus, the prospect for more rain in the forecast coming up and a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. gas prices keep rising across the bay area on the peninsula. a lot of people are paying more than $7 a gallon. >> menlo park a gallon of regular 7.49. premiums, almost $8. the average gas price in the bay area. not much lower, according to triple a and every bay area county, a gallon gas is more than $6. red counties high as $6.60 on average per gallon. san francisco, san mateo napa counties are similar. the lowest find in the bay area's in solano county at 6.37. a gallon in comparison. the california average is $6 and $0.32 and gasoline prices in the united states hit another record high. the national average for a gallon of gasoline is now $4.87. says. >> california is the most expensive state for drivers is followed by hawaii, alaska, arizona and michigan. gas prices are spiking for a
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number of reasons. they're strong demand. people are driving and flying more now. but the supply has not kept up because of russia's invasion of ukraine. >> coming up tonight at 6 primary election day is tomorrow and turnout has not been high. what you need to know before you cast your ballot caught on camera. a gunman appearing to use an assault rifle to rob a car ride or what police say about the suspect. and another 2 more mass shootings over the weekend. a group of lawmakers in washington say they're close to a deal on new gun safety measures. but some say safety measures. but some say it may not be enough. ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those drops will probably pass right by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation
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>> over the weekend, deadly mass shootings are up did in the east coast. on the left side of your screen, you could see chattanooga, tennessee and on the right philadelphia, pennsylvania. we'll start there in philly where 3 people were killed. 12 more were injured when shots rang out saturday night saturday night. there. police say hundreds of people were out enjoying south street. so that's one of philadelphia's most popular entertainment district when several people started shooting into a crowd, officers were already station nearby when they heard the shots, 2 men and a woman died at the hospital. police say 5 guns were used by the shooters. the attack may have grown out of an earlier fight. one of the gunman may be among the dead at this point. nobody has been arrested. >> in chattanooga, tennessee,
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another major shooting unfolded. this in the downtown area. this time 3 people were killed, 14 others injured when gunfire erupted early sunday morning at a nightclub. several of those injured were not actually shot but were instead hit by cars as people panicked and tried to flee. a motive for the shooting is unclear. investigators believe it was an isolated situation. congress is back from a memorial day recess and new gun safety legislation is one of the first agenda items to be taken up this week. >> lawmakers say they're closer than ever to reaching a deal on new gun safety measures. if we reach an agreement. law abiding gun owners will not be impacted at all. >> president biden wants congress to go further by including a ban on assault weapons. the president acknowledges that is not likely to pass given the current political gridlock. senate majority leader chuck schumer says he wants to vote on gun legislation this week,
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but some lawmakers say it will take longer than that to be ready with a bill that can pass 60 votes in the senate. >> well, one day before primary election day in california so far, even with a mail-in ballots, the voter turnout is low kron four's capitol bureau. ashley zavala explains the latest numbers and shows us how leaders of the state's democratic and republican parties are responding. >> here in downtown sacramento, the secretary of state is gearing up for california second statewide election day in less than a year. low voter registration is nearing record highs. voter turnout is on track to possibly reach a historic low. >> with one day left before california's primary election day, just 13% of ballots have been turned in. according to the latest ballot tracker firm, political data intelligence, senior citizens, caucasians and democrats make up the majority of participants. so far. big issue with turnout is unjust. >> you know, being able to know the raw number of people that returned a ballot, the
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being able to know what that means in terms of the people who are making choices for the state as we go forward and how representative are not representative, they are of the overall population. secretary of state shirley weber announced 81.5% of eligible california voters were registered by late may. the highest percentage in nearly 70 years. but short of the significant boost in ballots cast tuesday, this primary could break the record for lowest turnout for an election in state history. that record is currently held by the state's 2014 primary that had 25% turnout. i expect to see a huge surge on tuesday, california republican party chairwoman jessica millan patterson says gop voters are historically day of voters. >> in their plea to voters, republicans are focusing on the rising cost of living gas and other issues directly hitting the state. so if you want more of the same don't vote or don't show up. >> but if you really want change, if you want to make your voice heard, shot them about you don't have to.
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>> high drama drivers at the top of the ticket. you don't have initiatives spending millions of dollars and you do have admittedly some confusion with new district lines being in place. democratic party chairman rusty hicks pointing to some of the reasons why the primary is not pushing voters to the polls. candidates in his party are focusing on broader national issues. they promised to protect including abortion, access and gun control. the fight for our democracy and the fight for 2024. is dawn here and now. >> in 2022. and so whether 18 years old or i'm 78 years old. >> we want a every californian to get to the polls and make their voices heard. >> if you still haven't voted yet, you have plenty of options heading into tomorrow, including those in-person polling locations that will be open all day. if you still have that mail-in ballot, you can drop it off at any drop box location until 08:00pm
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tuesday night or you can still send it in the mail. it just must be postmarked by tomorrow state. june 7 reporting in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> facing a recall election tomorrow. san francisco district attorney jason today in casting his ballot today at city hall. but dean's time in office coincided with an uptick in brutal attacks against asian americans and viral video of rampant shoplifting. all fueled the campaign to try to remove him from office. critics say he's failed to prosecute repeat offenders amid widespread frustration with crime and homelessness. supporters of looting say he's making progress and police reform in the criminal justice system. the dean says the recall is a republican led effort. >> the school year may be nearly over, but governor newsom and officials with the california teachers association say that the work on community schools in the state is just starting as because of the recent approval of 649 million dollars in grants. the money will be used to ensure that students and
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families and local communities can get the resources at their schools, including health services, social services and support of instructions. >> we are. in a process of doing more to re. imagine public education that i believe any state in this country. not just to pay for all after-school and summer school for all the work you all did. we get together legislature, many others on universal school meals know what does that? no one. that we're very proud of that. >> the grant money as part of california, seven-year 3 billion dollar investment in community schools. officials say it is the largest commitment to schools in the nation. cta president eat toby boyd says that the creation and expansion of schools is necessary to address racial economic and learning devise following the covid pandemic. >> alright, stepping outside with a little weather whiplash from what felt like winter
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over the weekend to diving right back into summer like conditions. yeah. things really warming up the rest of this week. lawrence is here with details. it's going to hot. it's going to i think, uncomfortable for some places yet triple digits. yeah. that's when things get really toasty. and then you see that some of the valley's, i think get live morning in the tri valley. there you get a place like india and yeah, maybe even up the napa valley to get close to that. but you got the nice skies out there right now. look at the golden gate bridge, beautiful conditions, not much in the way of fog to speak of, although couple patches of fog continue linger near the coastline. temperatures right at the average in the san francisco 65 degrees. today, 70. an oakland it was 77 degrees in san jose. 81 degrees and live more. 83 warm in concord at 83 degrees in santa rosa outside tonight. you've got a variety of temperatures. cooler 50's coast side with some of that patchy fog now in the half moon bay. but over the hill, 75 in redwood city. 82 still in concord, 80 in pittsburgh. 84 warm and fairfield and 83 degrees in saint lina. so warm temperatures well inland. and if you're headed outside this
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evening, looking very nice out there. little breezy in spots specially coast side and through some of the mountain gap. but some pretty comfortable temperatures as we head through the evening hours and then well, tomorrow we're going to see a warmer day, i think in spots well inland, you're well into the 80's. i places like concord in the napa. you look at a lot of 70's inside the bay. still cooler 50's along the coastline. but the next few days, here we go. heating things up thursday and friday, temperatures could reach triple digits headed toward the weekend. >> all right, lawrence, thank you. still ahead, apple's biggest tech event of the year getting under way earlier today with some major announcements right off the bat.
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>> apple's annual worldwide developers conference is back in person and the company's first in-person event in 2 yea s avail. some new software upgrades and products for justin campbell was at the apple campus and has the latest from cupertino. >> today, a big surprise new mac pro computers on the way. apple ceo tim cook making an appearance at monday's wwdc 2022. where the company revealed its next line of you're looking at apple's new mac book air powered by the company's own second generation. him to chip. it's thinner, lighter and faster mac books will be available in july. i think the new macbook air looks really great. super
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slam. super cool looking. i think people are really going to like that and because people are always looking for new hardware and that's exciting to them that something they can gravitate to. o'donnell, president of technology says says apple hit some basic but key changes to their software and products. the new apple watch upgrade coming this fall will allow you to track your medications. medication is a big part of a lot of people's lives. and the other thing that it says to me is that they're taking devices in the watch of west. >> and making it of interest to older people as well. it's not just a young person device. if you're not buying a new watch or computer, don't worry, you can upgrade your iphone this fall with ios 16. >> one of the biggest changes will allow you additional ways to customize your lock screen, including many apps that will show you any notifications you would like. also you have or send an email or text too quick with a misspelling. so you'll be able to re send it.
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everybody's had that experience was like, oh, my thank god. i got that. also with these camera on your phone, you'll be able to use it for a web cam for your mac computer. big changes are coming reporting here in cupertino, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> coming up, as russian forces continue to move into ukraine. the united nations now urging russia to end violence. details on the damage shooting is accused of creating in ukraine. another possible monkeypox cases been found in sacramento. what we know about the virus. plus, an armed robbery caught on camera. why bay area businesses say crime is out of control and is affecting their bottom line. i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message.
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for granted doing just about every day in san francisco. they go grocery shopping. then they get a ride home. but >> apparently some criminals got involved in this situation. and the scary case was captured on surveillance camera kron four's haaziq madyun has the story that you will only see here on kron 4. >> you're looking at video of armed with what appears to be at least one assault rifle being used to rob the occupants of this silver vehicle, then getting away. it happened on june second 2022. at around 07:00pm hyde street between california and pine and san francisco's not hill district. >> in the video you see what appears to be a silver rideshare vehicle. police go over to wait


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