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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  June 6, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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for granted doing just about every day in san francisco. they go grocery shopping. then they get a ride home. but >> apparently some criminals got involved in this situation. and the scary case was captured on surveillance camera kron four's haaziq madyun has the story that you will only see here on kron 4. >> you're looking at video of armed with what appears to be at least one assault rifle being used to rob the occupants of this silver vehicle, then getting away. it happened on june second 2022. at around 07:00pm hyde street between california and pine and san francisco's not hill district. >> in the video you see what appears to be a silver rideshare vehicle. police go over to wait for passenger.
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then you see the victim who just finished some shopping at trader joe's grocery bag and handed walking towards the rideshare. however, he was unknowingly being followed by the robbers of this white vehicle with dark tinted windows. the suspect vehicle pulls alongside, locking the other vehicle's path. then the 3 robbers make their move to the way that they're carrying. >> i like what you see in a movie that is the voice of the concern, uphill shop owner from their perspective, the robbery is a symbol of pride being out of control in that area and that it is impacting business. >> they asked not to reveal their identity. we used to be open. later, we staying open until 08:00pm. >> and then we have to change it to and now we a shortened that until 6.30, and even it's starting
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>> it's already been and >> there's all kinds of crime i reached out to san francisco police. investigators say the victim complied and that no one was injured. police gave no descriptions of the suspects door in vehicle information. i also reached out to san francisco supervisor aaron peskin is office not appeal as part of his district. his staff told me that they have not received any calls about a rise in crime in that part of in what should be happening. >> in our local neighborhood in san it is getting done. nobody's handling it. >> anyone with information is asked to contact san francisco police. how is it that you on board too? >> in the east bay freemont police are offering a $60,000 reward to solve a homicide from 2007 in april of that year. 19 year-old erin anthony rowe was found dead from a
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gunshot wound. the incident happened at an apartment complex parking lot on fremont boulevard nearby washington high school witnesses told officers they heard 2 gunshots but did not see any suspicious vehicles or people. police say they have some information, but they're hoping that the new reward money can help them solve this case. the victim's mother says the last 15 years have been nothing short of them. bearable. anyone with information is asked to contact fremont police. >> in the north bay center fell, police are investigating a shooting from over the weekend. it happened saturday just before midnight on midway road and mill street. that's near a 7.11 in the canal neighborhood when police arrived on the scene, they say they found one man shot to death. officials have not released his identity. anyone who has any information on this case is asked to contact. sandra fell police. >> in national news, the trial of 2 former minnesota police officers charged in the death of george floyd has been pushed back to next year tote
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how and jay alexander kang were set to go on trial next monday. they face charges of aiding and abetting in batting second degree murder and manslaughter. the judge says the delay now is due to recent events surrounding the case, which would make it difficult for them to get a fair trial. still, though, the judge denied the motion for a change of venue. the 2 will be in court together next january. let's take a live look outside looking out at the skyline of san francisco. the transamerica. building a look at that blue sky. not a cloud in sight, lawrence. that means that it's going to be yeah, we're going get some warm weather. you don't see any fog all out there right now. but likely to see some of that return overnight tonight. so we'll see a couple of patches of fog not going to that offshore wind going just yet. but beautiful out there right now. gorgeous. look from the east bay hills looking back toward the bay. just a little ways. >> in the we've had some patchy fog out toward the coastal sections. but the overnight tonight likely to see a return of a couple
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patches of fog overnight tonight and some mid to high level clouds. it's going very patchy to start with. so tomorrow morning you get up to get a little gray out toward the immediate coast, maybe a pass inside the bay. but that is about it. and then as we head through the day, the app, you can see some of those mid to high level clouds roll through from that front off the coastline. the fog, the starter road out there toward the beaches, leave a little sunshine behind that said the temperatures tomorrow. lots of 60's as you make way to san francisco 50's along the coastline inside the bay. you're talking temperatures running up in the 60's in place like millbrae and burlingame. and then 71 degrees in san carlos. 74 in the mount. you've got a lot of 70's 80's in the south bay by tomorrow afternoon. the idea some nice weather showing up out there with warm temperatures. well inland, maybe some 90's in a brand. what about 88 in fairfield back toward the coastline, keeping the 50's and the 60's the next few days we crank up the heat. triple digit heat expect in the valleys by friday. thank you, lawrence. now the latest on the war in ukraine. russian forces continue to push forward in ukraine's eastern donbas region. >> meanwhile, ukrainians are
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doing all they can to try to hold the line. it has come at a great cost on june second, president zelensky of ukraine said between 450 and 500 soldiers were injured. he also set up to 100 people a day could be dying. medics and soldiers on the front lines say this time russia is using an increased amount of resources that includes air power and long-range missile. meantime, the united nations claims that more than 100 acts of violence have occurred in ukraine since russian forces invaded on february. 24. >> 3rd of june, the human rights monitoring team of the nations high commissioner for human rights has received the full list of 124 acts of conflict, religion, covering the games. women goes men and boys. >> the united nations also wars for the risk of human trafficking is evident. russia denies the allegations say they are unfounded.
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>> today is the 78th anniversary of d-day on june 6th, 1944. more than 156,000 allied forces stormed the beaches of normandy, france as they began the liberation of nazi-occupied western europe. it is the largest amphibious invasion in military history. and it was a critical turning point in the eventual allied victory this year. crowds visitors from around the world will celebrate d-day at a ceremony which will include wreath-laying and speeches. many d-day veterans. it will be their last time in normandy as the youngest of them. he's now in their mid 90's. >> coming up next, could a four-day workweek become the new standard of groundbreaking study? starting today? researchers want to find out if a shortened workweek affects productivity and quality of life.
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embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. sections of the aids memorial quilt, a hanging from san francisco city hall today. earlier this morning, they were put up over the mayor's balcony this year marks 35 years since the first panels of the quote were stitched together. >> during the darkest days of the aids pandemic. then mayor dianne feinstein approved the quote to hang from city hall back then, too, that helped launch a national movement for action against stigma and hate. now, 50,000 panels of the quote, travel to hundreds
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of communities each year. >> when we started this there wasn't even a i'm much change. we made so many medical but people still. so many people drugs, just and we received hundreds of new panels each month from people lost recent recently lost a >> the panels will eventually be taken down and sent over the to golden gate park. and that is where the largest display of the quilt in san francisco history will take place. and that happens this weekend, june 11th and 12th. >> health officials are now reporting a 4th possible case of monkeypox showing up in sacramento. this person was identified to contract contact tracing the specimen taken from this case has been sent to the cdc lab for testing. if confirmed, this will be the 6th case of the monkeypox virus across the state of
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california since may. the 24th. >> cases that we are investigating. are appealing to or connect this time risk to the general public is low, but people still do need to be aware. >> the world health organization says the sun. the parents of monkeypox indicates the virus has been spreading undetected for some time. monkeypox is in the same category of smallpox, though it is milder. >> coming up in sports, the time to game 2 of the nba finals was all about draymond, green's energy and intensity. but to the celtics, it was an annoyance courts. sports director jason dumas has more on that coming up
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a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly - why, you should join. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> best player in franchise history. the face of the franchise, a global icon that steph curry, we all know that. but if you're talking about the heartbeat, the polls, the emotional leader of the golden state warriors. i have to go with draymond green. he's shown why time and time again. but last night was just another prime example. there's a little too much joking and laughter by the celtics players after that game. one, draymond green. he understood the assignment. the does need an extra boost in. he wears
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his emotions on his sleeve like a badge of honor, so to speak and it was just what the doctor ordered. >> we need that energy anyway. so for me to sit back and sell them. i will push into this as a back. i don't work. i got to be me. and with with the first tech, it is what it is like. it's not going to stop me from being aggressive or doing what i do on a basketball court. that's what going to try of the >> raised a level of intensity. we've got to raise ours. feel like they got away with a lot. but we've got to come ready to play. come ready eat that physicality on both ends. >> one skills, meet passion. that is draymond green. all right. let's take a look at the upcoming schedule game. 3 wednesday, june 8 in boston, td garden arena. i will be there. kylen mills will be there will have all the coverage live from boston and then again, a couple of days
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later on friday, june 10th, game 4. and then it shifts back to chase center. game 5 monday, june 13th. so the next week or so, we will have a lot of fun. devin haney made history this past weekend when he became the undisputed lightweight champion of the world. the oakland product also got some help from another oakland product in a pinch at that. chris lopez who owns lightning boxing club in oakland. what a nice cut man. in fact, chris didn't find out he'd be needed for duty until about 45 minutes before the fight. chris was already in australia for another one of his fighters. so it all made sense. and of course, boxing is a small community in everyone with some bay area ties. they're going to look out for one another. >> it's inspirinw because of that. you know that it could be done. you know, but i want to i want to say another thing. another kid from oakland, amare jones, improved to 16. 0, 6, knockouts. he's
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part of devin haney promotions and he also had a spectacular when he was one of the ones i have to wrap his hands. we're talking. >> his fighters in 10 hey, man, i this economy, the mailman i deliver. haha. >> chris lopez, that's my dog. his son, david lopez, an extremely talented fighter in his own right. he fights under mayweather promotions. company. all right. jimmy g he will not be at mandatory mini-camp this week but it's an excused absence. the team gave jimmy permission to sit out as they continue to explore trade options. this has been the longest trade saga that i can remember. wake me up when a deal is done. all right. you look at sports, back to you guys. >> jason, thank you. some news now that's just coming into our newsroom. san jose police are investigating a shooting
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that happened inside a library. police say 2 people chase a victim into hillview branch library about 3.30, this afternoon. one of them fired a gun, hitting the victim at least once. police say more than 20 children, teenagers and adults were inside the library at the time of this incident. fortunately, none of them was hurt. investigators are still looking for the suspects involved as well as a motive as to why this shooting happened. >> course, we'll be following the story all night long here on kron 4 could a four-day workweek be the new norm at the office? new research finds a whopping 92% of u.s. employees say they'd rather have that than 5 days citing improve mental health and increase productivity. most say they know they can get all of their work done in 4 days. supporters long glass tells us about the world's biggest a four-day workweek test. >> the dream of a four-day workweek where employees could
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spend one less day in the office without seen any cut to their pay. now reality for thousands of employees in the uk. more than 3,000 workers across 70 companies participating in the 6 month pilot program beginning monday from tax specialist to fish and chip chefs. researchers at cambridge university, oxford university and boston college will assess the shortened workweeks effect on productivity and quality of life. with results expected sometime in 2023. and while this is the largest study of the four-day workweek, it's far from the first microsoft tested the program for their employees in japan in 2019 and so productivity shoot up by a whopping 40%. and in new zealand, prime minister jacinda ardern has suggested a shorter workweek could save the country's economy, but relying on residents rather than taurus to spend money locally on their extra day off. what started as a pilot
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program is now becoming permanent in the city of morgantown, west virginia, after city leaders saw overwhelmingly positive results. it's pretty positive support. but i think the lack >> negativity and the strong support and the but going from a firm that employs i i don't see it going away. >> four-day workweeks lead to higher employee satisfaction without a noticeable drop in productivity. it can also help companies retain employees longer something even more important to employers as jobless reports. 73 1% of currently employed workers are actively thinking about quitting their jobs. >> in june, their employees were quitting in droves by august. they've implemented a four-day week. people are dramatically happier and have never been more productive. >> can understand that. that
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was long glass reporting for us tonight. all right. let's check monday evening, weather forecast. a look at the golden gate bridge tonight for our 4 zone forecast. looks very nice out there. we had that unusual rain over the weekend that would never happen again would not possible k seriously. last couple weekends been interesting, right? i mean, we have the record rainfall this last weekend. some of the models want to say we could she possibly in this next weekend about that? i would be fantastic. that's still a ways out the forecast out there right now. you've got mostly clear skies. >> that we've got a storm system off the coastline. the really the pacific stain unusually active for this time of year. usually high pressure building in and we're really bringing a close to the rain. but now you've got another system out there making its way into the aleutians. and here we go. the system going to move a little further to the north of next couple of days. you can see some high clouds from the system otherwise going to keep things dry. temperatures will stay out a little bit, too about the middle the week. a couple of those clouds float through on wednesday as well. now, once that front moves through, high pressure starts to build in and the temperature going
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to get hot as we get to thursday and friday, probably some numbers near triple digits, especially inland. but watch what happens with this branch of moisture as we get into saturday about that, the models try to bring at least a chance of rain into the bay area by next saturday evening. maybe it's sunday morning. early on. we'll have to see if that happens or not. but yeah, hope springs eternal. maybe we'll get a little more rain coming our way right now. the temperatures going to be nice the next couple days getting hot through thursday and friday. cooling down on saturday. and yes, there's a slight chance of showers. hroug)
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>> nancy reagan is making a stamp on history as the u.s. postal service unveiled a new forever stamp of the former first lady. pretty nice rendition there. missus. reagan joins just 5 other first ladies on us stamps in attendance at today's unveiling where the postmaster general louis dejoy fred ryan, the chairman of the board at the ronald reagan presidential foundation and peterson, nancy reagan's nice. and they were all joined by current first lady doctor jill biden. >> first lady nancy reagan serve the american people with grace. she understood that the role of first lady came with inherent pit falls and scrutiny.
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>> she found the humanity in it all. she knew the potential of this role. >> dedication for the nancy reagan forever stamp will be held at the reagan presidential library in simi valley in southern california. on july 6th, which would be nancy reagan's 100 and first first day. >> that is a great lightness that stands out. that's it for us tonight at 6. see tonight at 8 o'clock. kevin icy. haven't i
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