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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 6, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news >> he's not even next out. >> now at 9, a couple becomes the victim of a racist rant in the south bay. appreciate you joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 9, everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. the couple says that they stepped in after seeing the man as you heard in the video there, start yelling at a woman who was alone in her car. >> and then he blocked her in our first hillary sackey has a
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story you'll only see on kron 4 news >> a racist rant caught on camera at a walmart parking lot off. france tried in milpitas on >> a >> kids. it i don't know. but they only is being motive to. are no motto was the one taking this video. she and her boyfriend, sebastian say they saw the man in the video who are asking a woman in a car nearby. they say he parked behind the woman's car, preventing her from leaving. got out of the vehicle and then begin knocking on her windows. that's when the couple got out of their car and stepped in to help so i just, you know, when and then i went out of my car and >> so you saw me, you know what? got wrong. >> motto says that's when he began yelling at her and her boyfriend, colin sebastian in derogatory slur and telling the couple who are from
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colombia to go back to mexico. she says the man even threatened them with a knife. >> call the cops. left before the cops there. and then the cubs did not make us ask me farms for their licensing, wouldn't allow hopping with these guys. the motto says she's disappointed by the continued racism and hate across the country. never face falls. just i mean, what you on facebook capitol for a you know, anything here. >> but he's doing the best we can with think that people we try have these in milpitas. taylor kron, 4 news. >> the time in 10 is a memorial is now growing in rememberance of a safeway employee who was killed over the weekend. the suspect tonight is still at large. police say that about 3.30, sunday morning. they found the employee inside the store with a gunshot wound. that employee and the gunman had gotten into an argument before the
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shooting happened. the victim later dying from his injuries. safeway identified the victim as many boys are. police are now reviewing surveillance video but have yet to identify the suspect. the community now mourning the loss of ways are our amanda hari spoke with his brother who tells us he was known and loved by many. >> he tells me his brother was a nice guy, very dedicated to work and well loved by his community and his friends. you conceal that love behind me here. this is a memorial that's been set up for him outside of the safeway and it just continues to grow and grow. it was just like guy. great guy. azar is grieving. the loss of his brother. >> manuel isaac ways. our kron a hope who was killed at the safeway early sunday morning. police say the shooting happened just after 3.30, in the morning, but it would be hours before guillermo knew what happened to his brother who was like had a call
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friend. i don't know how, but some are going to say something happened the same way. >> call your brother. they tried to call their brother who they call manny and he didn't pick up. >> the family went down to safe way to talk to police. they were told everyone was at the station downtown. they went there and no one would tell them anything. it find out many was the victim until early afternoon as that thing that want to come >> i lost my i live with them. i live with them to my brothers are much just from bank coming home. it will fall apart. i went to his room. i cry like freshly by his bad. i couldn't. >> some safeway patrons are also feeling manny's loss. mark andrea son says he would often shop at night and he would seem an e he says they would always talk about sports. he was like. >> just the nicest, most engaging guy he was kind of the heart, the heart and soul
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of the store in a way because like everybody loved him, he says he will never forget. manny. >> and that he was a special man. heart goes out to his family. we yeah. heart goes out his family. police are still looking for the suspect and they're asking the public to help them with this case. if you have any information. >> reach out to san jose police in san jose amanda hari kron. 4 news >> police in san jose are also investigating a shooting that happened inside a library tonight. police say 2 people chased the victim into the hillview branch library around 3.30, this afternoon and one of them fired a gun hitting the victim at least once. police say more than 20 children, teenagers and adults were in the library at the time. none of those people were hurt. investigators are still looking for the suspects and why the shooting happened in the first place. >> new at 9, a small business owner in san francisco says he's fed up with crime in the city after his stories robbed
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employees pepper sprayed. he says the thieves have been targeting the 2 designer eyewear shops. he owns. >> in the latest robbery today, an employee was threatened and then hurt kron four's. dan thorn is live in the newsroom tonight with more on their story and what they want done about the crime stand. >> well, grant, vicki, there is anger and anguish. and that is the reaction tonight from the store owner and his employee. they will say that it's now dangerous running a small business in san francisco. >> shelves of expensive designer eyewear wiped clean. they'll optics in the mission district hit for more than $40,000. monday. an employee who tried to stop the robbery. pepper sprayed tear up. i was choking out shaping it was just too surreal. does that and heard, you know, for a piece of plastic. >> and >> business owner james says this is the second time in as many weeks that his st-res have been targeted. but unlike
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last month's $16,000, i wear heist in the marina district. no one was hurt. >> i'm not supposed to you know grab the glasses from them. but they're stealing from my family at this point. so something needs to get that this is female that getting pepper sprayed. and you know what's going to happen? this might be the moment in time. the next time something worse. test. >> says this is the group that continues to come in without any fear of repercussions. he's worried that the pepper spray attack is showing that thieves are only getting bolder. he's calling on city leaders to step up and help out small businesses. we a year that is willing to go out there and do a news conference to say, hey, look, we can make the change. but when does that change come to us and not political, but i'm getting involved. >> i've had enough is also pointing the finger at district attorney chase abou dean. he thinks crimes have been getting downplayed by the da and that's made life
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dangerous in san francisco. i just don't feel safe. they feel like >> police even if they do want to help their hands are tied. >> we asked fail why he does not have security at his stores to help curb this problem. and he says with the high cost of already doing business in san francisco, security would be too expensive and he's fearing that if something does not change, he will look to move his stores far away from the city reporting. live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron, 4 news. >> certainly a problem. thank you, dan. well, a small business owner and freeman is now rethinking how he will accept payments for customers after a thief broke in overnight and still the whole cash register their security camera video from tea and coffee padre parkway person in a hoodie, ages rips the register right off the counter. the owner of that boba shop tells kron 4 news. the person who broke in tried once at about 10, 30 last night but failed to break the front glass door. then it appears the same person comes
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back at about 3 in the morning. chuck's a rock at the front door to break the glass and then runs out with the register with all the cash in it. >> definitely, i think small whatever we can that like this all day. all they do is, you know, just they can listen to you and on the debt, which they also now have to replace all of the year glass on the door. replace. the is you know at least, you know, 3, 4,000. >> the owner also tells us he will likely now just take credit cards as payment to avoid having any cash in the store. and he wants harsher punishments for crimes like this to discourage things like this from happening again, anybody with information on these cases should call local police. >> on capitol hill, u.s. lawmakers are back from memorial day recess and hitting the ground running with new gun safety legislation. it's one of the
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first agenda items to be taken up this week. lawmakers say that they're closer than ever to a deal on new gun safety measures. this after several mass shootings happened across the u.s. items on the table include mental health care, red flag laws and expanding background checks. the bill receiving bipartisan support. >> we will not stop working, will not stop fighting every community, every neighborhood. every school in this country. it's a safe place. but i'm interested in. >> he's keeping guns out of the hands of those who buy current wall are not supposed to have them. president biden wants congress to go even further and include a ban on assault weapons. but he acknowledges that's not likely to pass. >> given the current gridlock. >> right now, politics from 4 is your local election headquarters. tomorrow is election day for the california primaries. and according to the latest numbers, voter turnout so far.
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just 13% of ballots have been turned it according to the latest ballot tracker info from political data intelligence, senior citizens, white people, democrats making up the majority of participants so far. you know, >> being able to know the raw number of people have returned a ballot, but being able to know what that means in terms of the people who are making choices for the state as we go forward and how representative are not representative. they are of the overall population. >> secretary of state shirley weber says 81 and a half percent of eligible california voters were registered by late may, which is the highest percentage in nearly 70 years. but short of a significant boost in ballots cast tomorrow. this primary could break the record for the lowest turnout for an election in state history. and if you still haven't voted yet, you still have many options heading into tomorrow, in-person polling locations
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will be open until 8 o'clock tomorrow night. drop boxes will also be open until that time. and you could put your ballot in the mail. no stamp needed. just make sure it is postmarked by tomorrow. meanwhile, the recall of san francisco district attorney chesa boudin is one of the hottest topics on the ballot. kron four's theresa caught up with the d 8 day and yet a lot to say about this effort to try to kick him out. >> confident san francisco district htay somebody in casting his ballot at city hall monday. we work despite 15,000 signing a petition putting the recall on this june primary, dean calmly went into the san francisco elections office holding its ground. i'm feeling energized and optimistic. we're seeing a massive surge of support. >> right. as we go into election day, an increase in crimes like the smash-and-grab robbery on union square at christmas time. plus a jump in car break-ins and murders have
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put the progressive da and his >> is a race that is straight out of the national republican playbook. we see republicans from coast to coast in virginia and philadelphia and chicago and los angeles attempting to roll back victories at the ballot box of democratic reformers. that cannot be dustin head to head race is going to move forward. we move forward as a movement or to move forward as a city we have got work to do and excited to get back to the job i was with da does not mean defense attorney. he's supposed to be prosecuting crimes. >> and what we see instead is he basically criminals. richie greenberg helped spearhead the campaign to oust judean. so, you know, tomorrow election day and by >> 08:45pm when the first reports come out from the department elections here san francisco. we hope to see a
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avalanche of support of recalling trestle and san francisco, theresa kron. 4 news. >> voters in solano county can get a free ride to the polls on election day. seoul trends says will be providing those rides on all local and pair of transit routes tomorrow. the free rides are on all local fixed routes for more information call solano county public transit at the number on your screen. gas prices keep rising all across the bay area on the peninsula. a lot of people are paying. >> more than $7 per gallon in menlo park. a gallon of regular 7.49. premium is almost 8 bucks. the average gas price in the bay area. really not that much lower. according to triple a and every bay area county a gallon. is more than or the highest $6.60, a gallon. san francisco, san mateo napa counties are in the same range, the lowest in solano county, $6.37. in comparison.
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california average price for gas is 6.32. now an update on that baby formula shortage. today the white house announced another operation fly formula mission. >> this is the 5th one. it will transport 110,000 pounds of nestle baby formula from germany to fort worth, texas on june 9th. that's about one point 6 million, 8 ounce bottles. it will be available across the country through nestle and gerber distribution channels. >> santa rosa fire department officially declaring today the start of wildfire season in the region. despite the recent rain, officials say the conditions are dry enough for the temperatures warm enough to spark a wildfire down at any moment. the declaration means fire officials will begin inspecting land to ensure property owners are trimming their weeds and seasonal grasses. people living in high-risk areas. they're being asked to take extra steps to protect
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themselves from wildfires like you creating a defensible space are having a go bag ready just in case you need to evacuate. >> yeah, it has getting warmer out there and it's only going to get hotter as the week progresses. chief meteorologist, yeah. well, so we were hoping maybe that rain would help us out with it. it did give us a little bit of a reprieve in some spots. but, you know, you get these. he was going on all of a sudden. >> all that sort upgrade in there. it's gone. it was really nice to have that rain. there's nothing wrong with that this weekend. back it was a record-breaking event all about that. in fact. >> the 2 tenths in san francisco breaking a record set back in 1934. 1500 so using will get all that kind of rain in san francisco and the bay area at this time of year. but you look back to 18. 84. that's when we had one of the wettest june on record in san francisco over 2 and a half inches of rain during that month and happen very often, maybe in some el nino
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years. but this law in the new year, somewhat unusual, big changes ahead, though. and we'll see those temperatures soaring as we get toward lot of partly so let's enjoy the raindrops. all we've got it that we had over a quarter of an inch in oakland and napa. those are both record breakers as well and half moon bay at 0, 2, 8, also record. in fact, how about mount tam? you had almost 3 inches of rain and that is impressive. so here's where we sit today. this is just about the end now as we're going to get the end of the month of that is the official in of the rain season. and we've had over 18 inches. almost 19 inches of rain in san francisco, not bad, but still below the average of the 3%. san jose, the really suffering in the santa clara valley, you got over 7 inches of rain. that is only 55% of normal. oakland, not bad over 17 inches there. 92 1% of normal santa rosa. usually it had over 33 and a half inches. well, they've only had 26. so they are sitting at 78% of normal 89% of normal in hayward and 81% of normal over 12 inches in livermore. all right. here we
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go around the bay area. now we've got 50's along the coastline. couple patches of fog out toward the beaches. so warm. 72 degrees in concord. 73 degrees in pittsburgh. and 72 in fairfield. nice evening outside tonight. we've got some warmer weather ahead. but still very active weather pattern out there right now. thank you. see the storms in the gulf of alaska and boy usually don't see that at this time of year. usually things settling down and a big dome of high pressure builds in. and that really is the end of the season. but we may just have a little something coming our way as we look toward the weekend outside. now, though, that sea breezes kicked in and with that breeze that will carry with it. a couple patches of fog overnight tonight. but i think most of the interior valleys and the bay should stay nice and clear breezy in this evening to 12 miles per hour. and the san francisco 17, though, into fairfield. but there's that cold front off the coastline, mostly energy from that system is going to stay well, north of the bay area will see some high clouds from that tomorrow. otherwise the temperatures going to warm up a few degrees and we're going to get downright hot. i think as we get into thursday and
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friday talking triple digits in some of the valleys as we head closer to the weekend. but the weekend could hold some very interesting weather, too. will have more on that coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. legal close to a case tonight that ignited a national firestorm. >> over immigration crime and sanctuary cities. today a federal judge sentenced jose ines garcia a to the 7 years. he's already spent in jail and told him to never return to the u.s. who is from mexico is the man acquitted of murder in the 2015 shooting death of kate steinle at pier 14 in san francisco. he was in the u.s. without legal documentation. he admitted to accidentally firing the gun but said he founded under a bench and didn't know what it was. so pleaded guilty to firearm charges in march. to the north bay. now a small private plane in classic corvette went up in flames at the petaluma airport
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today. officials say the plane's owner park the plane inside a hangar after a flight. walked away a few minutes later. there is a big explosion. and by the time firefighters arrived on the scene that hanger was completely engulfed in flames. crews were able to prevent the fire from spreading to any other hangers. fortunately, nobody was hurt, but the cause is being investigated. >> in san francisco, several sections of the aids memorial quilt are hanging from city hall as of today. see the video here earlier this morning. they were but up over the mayor's balcony this year marks 35 years since the first panels of the quilt were stitched together during the darkest days of the aids pandemic. now 50,000 panels of the quote, travel to hundreds of communities every year. >> well, there wasn't even a i'm much change made so many medical but people still. so
9:22 pm
many people from the drugs received hundreds of new panels each month from people lost in recent recently >> the panels will next. go to golden gate park, which is where the largest display of the quilt in san francisco history will take place this weekend. straight ahead at 9, why a trip to the grocery store turned into a terrifying ordeal for a local resident. >> and one more clean energy. what we just learned about a
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of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
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>> stalled solar projects in the u.s. will soon get the green light. the biden administration announcing today will temporarily waive tariffs from chinese companies on solar panels and also offer new federal support for domestic manufacturing kron. four's washington correspondent jessi turnure reports. >> it's about reducing cost for american families. the white house announced monday it will temporarily lift tariffs on solar panels to help shield project developers from higher costs. this is important step to getting to where we need that to your waiver on import tariffs comes on. commerce department is investigating whether chinese companies are dodging u.s. penalties. that probe has postponed projects across the u.s. essentially halting the flow of solar panels that make up more than half of u.s. supplies and 80% of imports. this is particularly urgent
9:26 pm
given the impact of russia's invasion in ukraine on the global energy supply as well as intensify the impacts of climate change while many including members of congress and governors have called on the biden administration to respond some american manufacturers and labor unions are calling this a win for china. today's announcement is about one country, one country alone and it's about the united states. that's why press secretary karine jean pierre says the administration will also invoked the defense production act to drive the domestic manufacturing of solar components. all in an effort, she says, to reach the president's goal of cutting u.s. greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> president biden is hosting other world leaders at the summit of the americas in los angeles later this week where they plan to discuss climate change issues across the globe. that is scheduled for thursday. >> straight ahead on kron, 4 hearings on the january 6 insurrection, their scheduled for this week. we have details
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coming up on that. plus, uk prime minister boris johnson will be keeping his job after surviving a vote of no confidence today and calling all apple fans, the company. well, the big tech of and revealing some new software that's on the i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. elon musk promised to pay a million customers $30,000 a year if they bought his car. they bought his car. so, where's their money? he promised customers if they bought his car, its value would increase to $200,000. they bought his car. so, where's their money?
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he promised investors if they bought his stock, they would get $50 billion a year in profits from robotaxis. they bought his stock. so, where's their money? and he told investors tesla was worth $1 trillion by claiming tesla was the leader in driverless robotaxi technology. but tesla doesn't have driverless robotaxi technology. tesla's full self-driving software requires a driver! many other companies have already deployed driverless robotaxis that are way ahead of tesla's. so where's the investors' money? in the last year, elon musk pulled $48 billion out of tesla, seven times the profits they've ever made. his ceo compensation was 1,000 times the average for a fortune 500 ceo. elon, is your full self-driving software just a trillion-dollar ponzi scheme? did you become the wealthiest man in history
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by swindling customers and investors? i'm dan o'dowd and i'm running for u.s. senate because congress needs to shut down elon musk's full self-driving fiasco. someone needs to stand up to him. >> it is something people do every day all over the place is go grocery shopping. then maybe >> order a ride. home
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rideshare. yeah. but this time armed gunmen were involved. the scary situation was captured on surveillance video happened in the city. kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. you'll only see here. >> you're looking at video of mid armed with what appears to be at least one assault rifle being used to rob the occupants of this silver vehicle, then getting away. it happened on june second 2022. at around 07:00pm hyde street between california and pine and san francisco's not hill district. >> in the video you see what appears to be a silver rideshare vehicle. police go over to wait for passenger. then you see the victim who just finished some shopping at trader joe's grocery bag and handed walking towards the rideshare. however, he was unknowingly being followed by the robbers of this white vehicle with dark tinted windows. the suspect vehicle pulls alongside, locking the other vehicle's path. then the 3 robbers make their move to the way that they're carrying.
9:31 pm
>> like what you see in a movie that is the voice of the concern, uphill shop owner. from their perspective, the robbery is a symbol of crime being out of control in that area and that it is impacting business. >> they asked not to reveal their identity. we used to be open. later, we staying open until 08:00pm. >> and then we have to change it to and now we a shortened that until 6.30. >> and even it's starting frightening. it's even and >> there's all kinds of crime i reached out to san francisco police. investigators say the victim complied and that no one was injured. police gave no descriptions of the suspects nor in vehicle information. i also reached out to san francisco supervisor aaron peskin is office not appeal as part of his district. his staff told me that they have not received
9:32 pm
any calls about a rise in crime in that part of in what should be happening. >> in our local neighborhood in, hello in there for to it is getting done. nobody is handling it. >> anyone with information is asked to contact san francisco police. has it made you cry for new? >> all right. whether time now as we take a live look outside here above san francisco. pretty dark out there today. >> it is. it's getting warmer and warmer. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to run it down for us. yeah. going to be interesting. i think in the coming days here we've got a heat wave. then boy, the models try to bring another chance of some showers in the forecast that we really we're going to see that happens or not. but outside tonight, a kind of a quiet night out there. the winds starting to calm down a bit was a beautiful day. they have some patchy fog along the coastline and that. but the things are staying still in the gulf of alaska. you can
9:33 pm
see another storm system developing out there. beautiful looking storm. somewhat unusual, though, to see a storm like that developing in june. but here we are another one out there and there's more to come after that. you see now are up a trade by the models now. so the green here and is that that same low that was being pictured on the satellite image. of course, he reopened in the bay area. will see the system get a little bit closer tomorrow. probably just going to see some high clouds from that system drifting on shore overhead throughout the day. tomorrow. kind of reinforce that marine layer to tomorrow. should be a nice day, though. and then that system slowly works its way through. and then by wednesday afternoon, that front finally moves through behind that high pressure builds in. that's when these temperatures are going to start to soar in thursday and friday, going to be hot, especially inland, the tri valley over the east bay hill. some of these temperatures soaring in the triple digits. them gets in string friday afternoon. you've got this next round of moisture on the way. watch happens here. this model tries to bring that in. how about that? that would be something else could bring a chance of
9:34 pm
showers in the forecast as we head late in the day on saturday into sunday morning. that is still a big if, though, as we get later on in the season, just hard. get the come through. but a stranger things have happened. in fact, models are paid in the moisture coming with the 2 in the forecast here. look at that. the rain model so trying to drive as much as 100th of an inch of rain in the san francisco. but 2 tents there in the sacramento. you get to the north a few more than that. so we'll have to wait to see if that all comes to fruition. but right now looks impressive. and well, we'll just see what happens. temperature wise the around the state you can see about 98 degrees getting hot in the fresno about 94 in sacramento. 96 in bakersfield, 77 degrees in los angeles around the bay area tomorrow. you've got a lot of 60's in the san francisco 50's, though, coast side, the couple of patches of fog keeping those temperatures cool there. 60's inside the bay. yeah, they're going to warm those up as you head down the peninsula. fact that by the time to make your way in the southeast, 70's and 80's going to be common mid-eighties a possibility. well, inland by tomorrow afternoon, even some hot 90's in discovery bay about 87
9:35 pm
degrees in fairfield, 78 lail back toward the coastline, keeping the 50's there breezy in the afternoon. temperatures staying down the next couple days. then heating up on thursday, friday, get very hot inland. then cooling back down over the weekend with that slight chance of a couple raindrops. thank you. lourdes national news now a series of congressional hearings on the january 6th capitol insurrection will be held starting this week. >> the house select committee investigating the attack will hold public hearings televised in prime time since its formation. the panel has issued more than 100 subpoenas and done more than 1000 interviews at the center of the investigation. former president trump and his actions before during and after the riot. the hearing start thursday night. >> today is the 78th anniversary of d-day on 6/6/1944. more than 156,000 allied forces stormed the beaches of normandy, france as they began the liberation of nazi-occupied western europe.
9:36 pm
it is the largest amphibious invasion in military history and was a critical turning point in the eventual allied victory this year. crowds of visitors from around the world will let's celebrate day of the ceremony, which will include wreath laying and speeches for many d-day veterans. it will be their last time in normandy as the youngest of them are in their mid 90's. >> across the pond, conservative uk prime minister boris johnson has survived a no confidence vote, secure enough support in his party to remain in office. final tally. well, as 211 in favor and 148 who voted against him. the confidence vote was triggered by discontent. lawmakers in his own party. johnson has had a series of recent scandals including holding parties in government buildings during covid lockdowns after today's wind, johnson will remain in his position for a year before he can be challenged again.
9:37 pm
>> elon musk twitter deal hanging in the balance after threatening to call off the multi billion dollar acquisition. we have more on the story after the break. >> and in sports, the after game 2 of the nba finals, draymond green's energy and intensity. he's on your team. you love them front. if he's not on your team. celtics fans think he is so manhood looks different from guy to guy. but when yours bends in a different direction, you might feel bothered by it. so talk to a urologist. because a bend in your erection might be peyronie's disease or pd. it's a condition that involves a buildup of scar tissue. but, it's treatable. xiaflex is the only fda- approved nonsurgical treatment for appropriate adult men with peyronie's disease. along with daily penile stretching and straightening exercises, xiaflex has been proven to help gradually reduce the bend. don't receive if the treatment area involves your urethra, or if you're allergic to any collagenase or any of the ingredients. may cause serious side effects, including: penile fracture or other serious injury during an erection,
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>> and now kron 4 sports.
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>> best player in franchise history. the face of the franchise, a global icon that steph curry, we all know that. but if you're talking about the heartbeat, the polls, the emotional leader of the golden state warriors for the past decade. i have to go with this guy right there. draymond green. he show why time and time again. but last night was a prime example. there was a little too much laughing, joking. cheddar going on by the celtics players after that game one life remind green understood the assignment. >> the does need extra boost and he wears his emotions on his sleeve like a badge of honor. so it was just what the doctors really order for the warriors. >> we need that energy anyway. so for me to sit back and sell them when pushed to edge and topple back. i don't work. i got to be me. and with with
9:41 pm
the first tech, it is what it is like. it's not going to stop me from being aggressive or doing what i do in a basketball court. that's what going to, you know, try of the >> raised a level of intensity. we've got to raise ours. feel like they got away with a lot. but we've got to come ready to play come ready eat that physicality on both ends. >> all right. this series shifts to boston game 3 wednesday that u.s. starts at 6 o'clock at td garden. and then again, a couple of days later, friday at td garden in boston, massachusetts. i will be there. we will have all your coverage leading up to tip off while i am in boston and then shift back to san francisco a week from today. monday, june 13th. that game is also at 06:00pm. devin haney. he made history this past weekend when he became the undisputed lightweight champion of the world. the oakland product got some help
9:42 pm
from another oakland product com. see him right there spotlight and it happened in the chris lopez who owns lightning boxing club in oakland. he was a nice cut man. in fact, kristin, find out he'd be needed for duty until about 45 minutes before to fight there you see him up line of vaseline by a cut right there. chris was already in australia for another one of his fighters. so it all made sense. and of course, boxing, it's a small community and everyone with bay area ties were going to look out for one another. so oakland was well represented in here. what chris had to say about that once it's inspiring because of that, you know that it could be done. >> you know, but i want to i want to say another thing. another kid from oakland, marty jones, improved to 16. 0, 6, knockouts. he's part of devin haney promotions and he also had a spectacular when he was one of the ones i have to wrap his hands. we're talking. >> his fighters in 10 hey,
9:43 pm
man, i this economy, the mailman i deliver. haha. >> it's my guy, chris lopez, his son, david lopez. he's got next. he fights under mayweather promotions. he's only 17 years old. one, 0, and his young career. he's another fight. coming up, june 18th in houston, texas, so if you're fighting fan here in the bay area, you have a lot to look forward to. all that as you look at sports, we'll be right back.
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>> apple's annual worldwide developers conference is second person. big deal. the company's first in-person event in 2 years unveiled some new software upgrades and products are conference. justin campbell. live from apple campus. now he's not. why is all right. but he has the story. today. a big surprise. new mac pro computers on the way. >> apple ceo tim cook making an appearance at monday's wwdc 2022. where the company revealed its next line of you're looking at apple's new mac book air powered by the company's own second generation. him to chip. it's thinner, lighter and faster mac books will be available in july. i think the new macbook air looks really great. super slam. super cool looking. i
9:47 pm
think people are really going to like that and because people are always looking for new hardware and that's exciting to them that something they can gravitate to. o'donnell, president of technology says says apple hit medication is a big part of a lot of people's lives. and the other thing that it says to me is that they're taking devices in the watch of west. >> and making it of interest to older people as well. it's not just a young person evice. if you're not buying new watch or computer, don't worry, you can upgrade your iphone. this fog with ios 16. >> one of the biggest changes will allow you additional ways to customize your lock screen, including many apps that will show you any notifications you would like. also you have or send an email or text too quick with a misspelling. so you'll be able to re send it. everybody's had that experience was like, oh, my
9:48 pm
thank god. i got that. also with these camera on your phone, you'll be able to use it for a web cam for your mac computer. big changes are coming reporting here in cupertino, justin campbell kron. 4 news elon musk is threatening to call off his 44 billion dollar acquisition of twitter. >> he's accusing the company of hiding data about fake user account. musk's attorney sent a letter to twitter this morning. musk accused twitter of resisting his right to information about fake accounts, calling it a clear material breach of the terms of their agreement. twitter shares were down 5% in premarket trading this morning. >> for your money tonight, it is hard to go to movie theater without a big bag of popcorn for lots of folks. but now there is concern that the treat is going to get more expensive and harder to find with rising inflation and the cost of fertilizer going up, farmers might start growing less expensive crops like soybeans because growing corn
9:49 pm
might just be too costly. major popcorn distributor says he's paying farmers about 150% more now than he did pre-pandemic and he's had to raise his prices. he says, by some 80%. and popcorn is that the only thing affected candy cups, plastic leads even the bags for popcorn are going up in price. some 10 to 15% compared to last year. >> jetblue is waiving its offer for spirit airlines in a bidding war with frontier. jetblue has increased its breakup fee to spirit from 150 million dollars to 350 million. jetblue would pay that money if antitrust regulators didn't allow the 2 airlines to combine spirit shareholders vote on friday on that frontier offer. >> a lot of us learn to use a vpn to get work done remotely during the pandemic. but is it still worth using one for privacy and security? rich demuro now explains in tonight's tech smart.
9:50 pm
>> vpns are heavily advertise for their ability to protect your web, surfing and secure internet connection. so do you need one? i talked to some experts to find out when you should use one and what to look for. >> bp ends are a 30 billion dollar business and promised to keep us anonymous and make our web surfing safer. there's actually i tech companies that we use your ip address to track you across the internet and serve you of advertisements. vpn stands for virtual private network. vpn does is it creates an encrypted tunnel that way your information stays private between you and the beacon provider. once you turn on no one, including your wi-fi or internet service provider can see the sights you connect to. that means a vpn can protect your browsing history or let you access sites that might be blocked by government or organization. make the disadvantages that now you're trusting the vpn because the vpn does know the website. can
9:51 pm
this is why you want to look for a no longer be pn. that promises not to keep user data. this means that they're not going to take all your different web site information and sell that check for an independent audit on the vp ends website. >> you can activate your vpn anytime you want your connection to be more private, especially if you're doing banking or other sensitive transactions on a public network. vpn is really good. any time you're on public wi-fi. one downside vpns can slow down your connection. look for a provider that supports the wire guard bad has a pretty consistent track record of sort of checking all the boxes of things that i personally look for. i think mozilla's a really great brand that provides up and that's been supporting online security and privacy for over 20 years. other recommendations include i vpn surf, shark and tunnel bear be prepared to pay about 5 to $10 a month. if you don't pay for the product, you are the so i think that definitely applies when it comes to p d. other
9:52 pm
things to look for bp make sure it works on all of your devices. has lots of servers in different locations and no bandwidth caps. >> you probably don't want to use your work vpn for personal reasons since your employer can monitor your activity there. all right. want those vpn recommendations. one more time. you can go to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> coming up, how much you have to cough up. if you want to get your hands some items from the go. his airness m j. from the go. his airness m j. that story's next. alright. shortest roost fry drives next. ♪ worth it. ♪ my $4.00 roost fries with 100% all-white-meat chicken, melty cheese, and good good sauce. order on the jack app today.
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a collection of michael jordan memorabilia is at auction and as you might imagine, cheat. christie's in new york is showing the collection in online. only sale items include the pair of you saw that game worn player exclusive air jordan sneakers. what you were in a second to last game when he was a bull. also available and you saw this a signed 1986 rookie card estimated at 2 to 3 million dollars. >> and top gun just keeps topping records. tom cruise's top gun sequel flew higher than expectations to rake in an estimated 90 million dollars in its second weekend. that was down just 29% from its memorial day record. analysts say that's the lowest
9:56 pm
decline in history for a second weekend of a movie that opened more than 100 million at the box office is now tom cruise's highest grossing movie in his career in north america. and it could become his biggest movie worldwide in the coming weeks. >> when a staffer tires, what an icon he's going to be just walking around and how much money like his gear, even more of an icon than e r is. well, yeah, his legend will grow. i think you're the fascinating to see that, especially if he sticks around, you know, the bay let's hope so. i'm still young. we're going to that wraps up. kron. 4 news 9. but stick around. a lot more news is coming up. and in kenner. back now with a look at what's coming up next on kron. 4 news at 10, one of tom cruise auction off his helmet from the maverick movie. i might be or something i sure what would you pay? i can't afford what none of us can afford that. but maybe maybe that's really
9:57 pm
guys. coming up next on kron, 4 news at 10, a thief breaks into above the shop in the east bay and takes off with the entire cash register. tonight, the business owner tells us how this came up with the plan after failing to break in the first time. >> and we're less than 24 hours away from the polls. closing in california's primary election. what you need to know before you cast your vote. >> on news at 10 is next.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news. so if you want more of the same don't vote or don't show up. >> but if you really want change, if you want to make your voice heard, shot them out. >> now at 10 and just hours from election day here in california and with an unprecedented number of registered voters, why are election officials preparing for a record low turnout? good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us at this hour kron. 4 news. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. california voters could break records with this primary and not in the way local officials might want voter turnout so far is a lot lower than expected. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the latest numbers and shows us how leaders of the state's democratic and republican parties are responding.


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