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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  June 7, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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here about me up on that, right, just as nice, at least and hopefully better. i like the optimism today. going to be a nice one yet again, repeating a lot of the factors you probably enjoyed about yesterday. >> keeping them going through tomorrow to skies are pretty clear over san francisco right now. only a couple of patches of fog and not a whole lot of those mostly in the mountains just right along the coastline. cool sea breeze again, going to rescue us from the very hottest of temperatures. this sea breeze is going to be cut off starting on thursday. that's what's going to allow are inland temperatures to rise as swiftly as they will come friday saturday and sunday, especially as for today. right now we're in the 50's and 60's brentwood, pittsburgh in the 60's right now. a couple of 40's up in the north bay. but as you can see, most numbers out there still solidly in the 50's currently as we move our way through the day, similar numbers to yesterday, most of our inland areas in the 80's 70's alongside the bayshore and 60's at the coast. enjoy
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it because the heat is on and a couple of days more about it. still to come back over to irena. john, thank you for that. all right. let's go look at your bridges this morning. had about a 10 minute drive as you're traveling from that free much. exit from the maze. let's check on the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. a little under 13 minutes as you're making your commute well out of richmond headed across towards center fell about a 9 minute drive there and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. >> about 20 minutes on this tuesday morning. and the south bay, san jose police are looking for the person who shot and killed a safeway employee. now the shooting happened sunday morning at the safely store. this is on hamilton avenue in the willow glen neighborhood. when police arrived on the scene, they found the victim. manny was our. he was suffering from a gunshot wound. he later died. now the victim's family held a memorial to honor him last night. kron four's amanda hari was there. >> he tells me his brother was
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a nice guy. >> very dedicated to work and well loved by his community and his friends. you conceal that love behind me here. this is a memorial that's been set up for him outside of the safeway and it just continues to grow and grow. it was just like guy. great guy. azar is grieving. the loss of his brother. >> manuel isaac ways. our kron a hope who was killed at the safeway early sunday morning. police say the shooting happened just after 3.30, in the morning, but it would be hours before guillermo knew what happened to his brother who was like many aim at a call friend. i don't know but some are going to say something happen the same way. >> call your brother. they tried to call their brother who they call manny and he didn't pick up. >> the family went down to safe way to talk to police. they were told everyone was at the station downtown. they went there and no one would tell them anything. it find out many was the victim until
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early afternoon as that thing that want to come >> i lost my i live with them. i with them to my brothers are much just from bank coming home. it was so hard. i went to his room. i cried like freshly by his bad. i couldn't. >> some safeway patrons are also feeling manny's loss. marc andre, a son says he would often shop at night and he would seem an e he says they would always talk about sports. he was like. >> just the nicest, most engaging guy he was kind of the heart, the heart and soul of the store in a way because like everybody loved him, he says he will never forget. manny. >> and that he was a special man. heart goes out to his family. started. yeah. heart goes out to his family. police are still looking for the suspect and they're asking the public to help them with this fpcase. if you have any information. >> reach out to san jose police in san jose amanda hari
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kron. 4 news >> san jose police are investigating a shooting that happened inside of a library yesterday who police say 2 people chase that victim into hillview branch library. this happened in the afternoon. one of them fired a gun, hitting the victim at least once. police say more than 20 children, teens and adults were inside that library during the time of this. thankfully, none of them were hurt. investigators are still looking for 2 people involved at a motive for why that shooting took place. the man accused of molesting a family member of ufc fighter cain. velasquez pleaded not guilty. alaska's supporters and family members of the alleged victim once courtroom, then kron four's rob nesbitt spoke with them about the plea hearing and the attempted murder charges that are now against last guests. the child to harry goularte is accused of molesting his 4 years old. family members say statements made by the child make it clear that large is guilty.
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goulart appeared before a judge virtually from his home pleading not guilty to the felony charges of child molestation against him. lisa chávez, the alleged victim's aunt and attended the plea hearing monday afternoon. from what i know he's guilty and no 4 year-old says the things that that 4 year-old said without. >> somebody being guilty. court documents say the 43 year-old molested a child multiple times at a daycare. his mother owns the child is related to former ufc fighter cain. velasquez. alaska's is facing attempted murder charges for allegedly trying to gun down goulart during an 11 mile high-speed chase through san jose goulart attorney steve defilippis says it's the reason his client wasn't in the courtroom can't get shot at virtually several supporters of alaska's attended the plea hearing and that stood outside the courtroom with signs. deaflympics says his client is looking forward to the opportunity to prove his innocence. you start wondering why people would be following this particular case as opposed to the hundreds and hundreds of other similar types of cases that are at the courthouse every day.
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>> chavez says it should be obvious that the attention is coming from the celebrity status of the alleged victim's relative. she believes goulart will be found guilty despite the attempted murder charges against blazquez. it doesn't change what happened after what he did is what he did. >> nothing after the event happened. the victim is still a victim. i don't have any sympathy for him being shot at next court appearance is scheduled for september. 20th. the judge ordered that he stay 300 yards away from the minor. he's accused of molesting velasquez is scheduled to appear in court friday. he's currently being held at santa clara county jail without bail in morgan hill. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. so the east bay, a small business owner in fremont is rethinking how to accept payments from customers. >> after a thief broke in overnight stole the entire cash register. here's security camera video from tea and coffee bar on the sale. padre parkway, a person in a hoodie just rips the register right off the counter owner of the boat was shot tells kron 4.
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the person who broke into tried once at 10, 30 sunday night. they fell to break the front glass door and it appears the same person came back 3 in the morning monday, schutz a rock at the front door and then runs out with a registered all the cash inside. >> definitely. i think small whatever we can that like this all day. all they do just take listen to now. and on the debt, which they also now have to replace all of the year glass on the door replace the is you know at least, you know, 3, 4,000. >> well, the owner says he will likely just take credit cards as payment to avoid having cash inside the store. and he wants harsher punishments on crimes like this to discourage and from happening to anyone else. again, anyone with information is asked to call fremont police. well from a police.
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they're offering a $60,000 reward to solve a homicide from 2007 in april of that year, 19 year-old erin anthony broll was found dead from gunshot wound at an apartment complex parking lot on fremont boulevard. my washington high school witnesses told officers they heard 2 gunshots did not see any suspicious cars or people. police say they have some information but are hoping that new reward can help them solve this case. aaron's mother says the last 15 years of in nothing short of unbearable. anyone with information is urged to call fremont police. well, a couple became victims of a racist rant in a walmart parking lot of milpitas on friday. the couple says the man was yelling at a woman alone in a car and then blocked her in when the couple stepped in. they say the man began yelling racial slurs, telling them to go back to mexico. how force tellers aqi has that story? >> a racist rant caught on camera at a walmart parking
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lot off. france tried in milpitas on >> just a a >> kids. it i don't know. but they only is being motive to. are no motto was the one taking this video. she and her boyfriend, sebastian say they saw the man in the video who are asking a woman in a car nearby. they say he parked behind the woman's car, preventing her from leaving. got out of the vehicle and then begin knocking on her windows. that's when the couple got out of their car and stepped in to help woman. so i just, you know, when and how. >> then i went out of my car and so you saw me, you know what? got wrong. >> says that's when he began yelling at her and her boyfriend, colin sebastian in derogatory slur and telling the couple who are from colombia to go back to mexico. she says the man even threatened them with a knife. >> call the cops. left before
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the cops there. and then the cubs did not make us ask me for for their licensing, went on a we've the motto says she's disappointed by the continued racism and hate across the country. never face falls. just i mean, what you park on facebook capitol for a you know it when it anything wrong here. >> but he's doing the best can with think that people we try in milpitas taylor kron. 4 news. >> well, production at the abbott laboratories plant in michigan which produces about 20% of the country's baby formula has resumed. the fda shut down the facility for months ago after formula produced a was found to be contaminated with bacteria. right now, abbott says it's focusing on making specialty formulas of babies with special needs. those will be distributed via health care providers, not stores. the production of similac is still on pause. in the meantime, president biden announced
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yesterday a 5th flight from germany will deliver roughly 1.6 million 8 ounce bottles of nasty formula this week. now the flight is expected to land on thursday in fort worth, texas. the formula will be available nationwide to nestle is distribution channels. for your money. this morning. gas prices keep climbing across the bay area and on the peninsula. there are a lot of people that are pain. more than $7 per gallon. like in menlo park, for example, a gallon of regular is 7.49. and premium is almost $8 and the average gas price in the bay area's not much lower, according to triple a in every bay area county, a gallon is more than $6. county is the highest is 6.46 cents per gallon. san francisco, san mateo sonoma county are similar. the lowest average solano county's 6.40, in comparison statewide. the california average price is 6.37, a gallon $0.5 up from yesterday. coming up next to the kron 4 morning news.
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apple's biggest tech event of the year kicks off with so major announcements right off the bat. we're going to show you the new specs after the break.
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>> well, could a four-day workweek be the norm?
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>> offices nor weather. new research is find that a whopping 92% of the u.s. say they prefer it. sloane glass tells us about the world's biggest four-day workweek tests. take a look. >> the dream of a four-day workweek where employees could spend one less day in the office without seen any cut to their pay. now over reality for thousands of employees in the uk. more than 3,000 workers across 70 companies participating in the 6 month pilot program beginning monday from tax specialists to fish and chip chefs. >> researchers at cambridge university, oxford university and boston college will assess the shortened workweeks effect on productivity and quality of life. with results expected sometime in 2023. and while this is the largest study of the four-day workweek, it's far from the first microsoft tested the program for their
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employees in japan in 2019 and so productivity shoot up by a whopping 40%. and in new zealand, prime minister jacinda ardern has suggested a shorter workweek could save the country's economy by relying on residents rather than tourists to spend money locally on their extra day off. what started as a pilot program is now becoming permanent in the city of morgantown, west virginia, after city leaders saw overwhelmingly positive results. it's pretty positive support. but i think the lack >> negativity and the strong support and the but going from a firm that employs i i don't see it going away. >> four-day workweeks lead to higher employee satisfaction without a noticeable drop in productivity. it can also help companies retain employees longer something even more important to employers as jobless reports. 73 1% of
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currently employed workers are actively thinking about quitting their jobs. >> in june, their employees were quitting in droves by august. they've implemented a four-day week. people are dramatically happier and have never been more productive. >> all right. well, that was sloane glass reporting for us this morning, bill. well, you know what? i don't know if our industry take a four-day workweek because who's going to give you the news when we're not i'm sure john feels the same way in terms of weather. >> it's it's a 7 day. you know, seven-day thing, right? well, think if you people would like that friday it's a nice being on 5 days a week end. wouldn't mind sleeping an extra day. so tempting. it is definitely going to be a nice, comfortable day ahead of us today. today. tomorrow, the last of our comfortable ones before the temperatures really begin to spike friday and saturday, especially are very hottest of your forecast.
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>> nice clear out there from berkeley hills right now. radar shows you are dry skies across the region. couple of spots of fog up in the hills. not right next to the coastline. aside from that, though, no issues as you're getting your start this tuesday morning, high pressure ridge gradually building in more and more. now, what's this going to do for us? aside from keeping us dry? well, it's going to cut off the sea breeze that's been sparing us the very hottest of temperatures inland as that happens, temperatures will really climb back into the 90's and even triple digits by the start of the weekend around the corner. so today, tomorrow, these are the days to enjoy. we're going to be warming up but doing so. and still a very tolerable and actually quite comfortable way after that, it gets to be a little uncomfortable towards the weekend for a lot of our inland areas. 60's for your highs and san francisco 50's 60's at the coast and a pretty solid range of 70's along the bay shore. as i mentioned today, still a very comfortable one. 80's low 80's for the south bay and a range of low to mid 80's across the inland east bay. in the
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meantime, union city of oakland up to richmond, all still in the nice range of 70's, antioch, inching towards 90 vacaville are only spot up to 90 today. we'll start to see more and more of those 90's come thursday friday and saturday, friday itself getting very close to the triple digits on average, likely to see a couple of our inland cities back up into those 3 digit numbers to start the weekend right now. john, thank you for that. or i let's get a look at the traffic this morning. looks like we do have a hot spot. >> this is 80 east down at one o one south and san francisco. right now, all lanes are blocked there. >> so again, if you're traveling along a eastbound at one o one south of san francisco, all lanes are blocked traveling into the city. no major issues, no delays. about 10 minutes from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. it's going to take you about that 13 minutes to make that
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drive out of richmond. i don't see any hazards or delays heading nine-minute, smooth sailing now, golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes for you on this tuesday morning. apple's annual worldwide developers conference is back in person and the company's first in-person event and 2 years unveiled new software upgrades and products kron four's. justin campbell has the latest from the apple campus. a big surprise new mac pro computers on the way. >> apple ceo tim cook making an appearance at monday's wwdc 2022. where the company revealed its next line of you're looking at apple's new mac book air powered by the company's own second generation. him to chip. it's thinner, lighter and faster mac books will be available in july. i think the new macbook air looks really great. super slam. super cool looking. i
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think people are really going to like that and because people are always looking for new hardware and that's exciting to them that something they can gravitate to. o'donnell, president of technology says says apple hit some basic but key changes to their software and products. the new apple watch upgrade coming this fall will allow you to track your medications. medication is a big part of a lot of people's lives. and the other thing that it says to me is that they're taking devices in the watch of west. >> and making it of interest to older people as well. it's not just a young person device. if you're not buying a new watch or computer, don't worry, you can upgrade your iphone. this fog with ios 16. >> one of the biggest changes will allow you additional ways to customize your lock screen, including many apps that will show you any notifications you would like. also you have or send an email or text too quick with a misspelling. so you'll be able to re send it. everybody's had that
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experience was like, oh, my thank god. i got that. also with these camera on your phone, you'll be able to use it for a web cam for your mac computer. big changes are coming reporting here in cupertino, justin campbell kron. 4 news. after the break.
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>> paramount is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit over top gun maverick. the family of the author who inspired the original top gun movie claims paramount ignored their original request of copyright in 2020. the author wrote an article about fighter pilots title top guns in 1983. 3 years before the original movie was released. the lawsuit is seeking an unspecified amount of damages, including blocking paramount from distributing future sequels and profits from the movie. is why the lawsuit, the movie just keep stopping records. tom cruise's top gun sequel higher than expected to rake in an estimated 90 million dollars in its second weekend. that was down just 29% from its memorial day record. analysts say that's the lowest decline in history for a second weekend of a movie that opened more than 100 million at the box office. it's now tom cruise's highest-grossing movie in his career in north america. and it could become his biggest movie. well, why in the coming weeks? now, a collection of
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michael jordan's memorabilia is an auction and a cheap christie's in new york is showing the collection and an online only sale items include a pair of game player exclusive air jordan sneakers, which she wore in his second to last game when he was a bowl. also available, a signed 1986. rookie card estimated at 2 to 3 million dollars. coming up in the next hour. today is the primary elections of voters are keeping a close eye on the recall of district attorney chase of game. we're going have the details on that in a live report. >> evacuation order is lifted for residents of san rafale. this is after a brush fire prompts resident staff to leave their homes will have updates on that. plus, friends and family gathered last night to honor the safeway employee was killed over the weekend. the latest in that investigation
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> good morning. and happy
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tuesday to you. i'm darya and i'm james. it is tuesday. it is election tuesday is primary day. one of our big stories, the recall of che should be topping headlines around the bay area. we'll talk more about that live report here in a minute. but first, we want to get a look at the weather because things are going to start heating up each day through the morning. yeah. definitely starting to warm up guys. no reason not to go out to the polls today. it's going to be sunshiny out there. not a lot to interrupt you. if you're venturing out coit tower looks good and are some relatively clear skies this morning. >> really the only spots of fog that you're seeing will be a couple of pockets in the mountains right along the coastline. other than that, we still have that cool. sea breeze rescue miss from the bulk of the heat that builds later on in the forecast. so as for today, we're still hanging out. really nice, relatively cool compared to where we're heading, at least 50's for current temperatures. alameda, you're at 56 conquered pittsburgh. brentwood, you're in the 60's right now. a few 40's up in the north bay. in those fe


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