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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  June 7, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> it's election day here in california and voters are casting their ballots. there are several races all across the bay that we're keeping and i out for tonight. thanks for joining us on this election day. i think he'll be a and i'm grant lltus. kron. 4 is your local election headquarters and tonight we will be tracking. >> everything from the san jose mayoral primary to the district attorney races in alameda contra costa, santa clara counties all over the place. but our coverage tonight with a race that is getting a lot of national attention. the attempt to
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recall san francisco district attorney chase force dan thorn is live in the city with more on that. good evening. debt. >> good evening, grand. yeah. this is the big one here in san francisco. the district attorney facing an ouster through proposition h millions of dollars have been raised to get rid of booting and it's because the people that are against him believe that he is soft on crime. booting says, though, that hit this effort is simply just republican talking points. it's republican backed and its republican money that's trying to get rid of him. he's defended his work by saying that the old way of responding to crime such as mass incarceration has not worked here in the city and that the focus needs to be on the root causes of why these crimes are happening. booting was out this morning campaigning asking people to help him win. this recall fight tonight. but recent polling is showing that this is going to be an uphill battle for the district attorney. >> the recall is a massive gamble with public safety. we
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have no idea who or what would replace me. we don't know what policies will what track record they have. it will destabilize our district attorney's office at a time in our city desperately needs the steady hand of leadership. and that's exactly what i'm going to continue fighting for san francisco fighting for safety. the idea that she is >> implementing or trying to implement his own version of what criminal justice reform is supposed to be. it just ain't it. and he's been now on the last couple of months, at least on a defensive mode trying to save his job rather than trying to clean up what he should be doing. more >> that right. there is a richie greenberg. we just heard from is one of the leaders of the recall chase, a budding movement. he says he's feeling optimistic about beauty in being recalled tonight. but he says that the celebration would be bittersweet because so much more work still needs to be done to get this city back on track. it is important to note that dean is recalled tonight, the san francisco board of supervisors, we'll have to
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officially declare the election results. the mayor will also have to wait at least 10 days to appoint an interim district attorney and then the race for the district attorney will then be put on the november ballot so we could be potentially looking whole new set of candidates that would be running to be the top cop here in the city grant vicki. >> all right, dan lot going on tpthere. we will be checking with you throughout the you turnout is expected to be low all across count of california. san francisco's da recall measure you know, make the turn a little bit higher for the city, perhaps that motivate some people. kron four's dan kerman has been talking to voters. he joins us live outside san francisco city hall. dan, what are people saying? well, we've seen a lot of steady stream of people dropping off ballots throughout this afternoon. but we can tell you that the majority of mail-in ballots. >> we're already mailed in before this morning. in fact, san francisco set out about a
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half a million ballots, 500,000, all the registered voters here in san francisco. they've already received 125 thousands of those about 25%. so turnout will be at least 25% that they're thinking it's going to be a lot higher. >> a steady stream of people were sliding, mail-in ballots into the drop box outside san francisco city hall tuesday afternoon. for many of these folks voting each and every time is critical, especially if they're passionate about a certain contest or measure. >> i'm voting no on h keep chasing. he's doing a good job. i am not a fan of the recall. so it's not very democratic. >> we need change take and we do know it is a big step. >> as of election day morning about 125,000 mail in ballots heard already been received in san francisco's election office, indicating turnout would be at least 25%. but election officials think it will end up being higher.
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>> this is tracking pretty well with what we received for the february election with the 3 board of education members on the ballot for the those recall elections right now. that's tracking pretty well. and the turnout for election was 36%. depending on what happens at the polls today, we may we may be be around the 36% from the february election that still slightly less than the last 3 gubernatorial primaries. >> when turnout was about 39% in san francisco. that could still happen. but it depends on how many people vote in person or drop off ballots on this election day. >> now, those first results will be reported about 08:45pm tonight from the registrar of voters here in san francisco. one thing to keep in mind is is regardless with the turnout is 36% and 39%. if they have 25% of the ballots already. that means about 2 thirds of that vote that we hear about
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at 8.45. that will be 2 thirds of the total amount of people voting. so that really will give some indication of what the final results will be live at city hall in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> good insight there. thank % you, dan. and san francisco is not the only bay area county that could see a new district attorney in the east bay alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley is retiring. voters will choose one of these 4 candidates to replace her. whoever wins will become the county's first-ever black district attorney. >> if no candidate wins more than 50% of the vote in the top, 2 candidates will have a runoff election in november in contra costa county, the incumbent district attorney diana becton is currently the only black da in the entire state. she is being challenged by her colleague, deputy district attorney mary knocks. knox has strong support from law enforcement. >> whereas becton has drawn criticism from some officials for prosecuting a former sheriff's deputy for an on duty fatal shooting.
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meanwhile, in the south bay, santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen is facing competition for the first time since he was elected more than a decade ago. he ran unopposed in 2014 2018 former deputy da daniel chong is currently suing rose in for retaliation. zhang claims he was fired for criticizing rosen in an op-ed. >> and the 3rd candidate, deputy public defender says she'd khan has accused rosen of disproportionately prosecuting people of color. finally in the north bay current district attorney krishna abrams is running against her own chief deputy da sharon. henry henry hes accused abrams of playing politics in her position after abrams recused herself from investigating the police killings of willie mccoy and sean monterrosa. california's top prosecutor, attorney general rob bonta and his wife state assembly member mia bonta cast their ballots in alameda this morning. bonta was sworn in last year to
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succeed javier becerra, who now serves the biden administration. >> i'm thrilled to be able to put myself forward after serving in the year just over a year. is california attorney general to serve a full four-year term? it will be honor and privilege of a lifetime to continue serving californians in the sec critical role. and i love that. we live in the state of california where we can freely and easily vote have access to the rights to be able to vote unfettered. >> after rob bonta was named attorney general is wife mia bonta won a special election to take her husband's vacant seat in the state assembly. both are now running to be reelected to full terms. there are several statewide races on the ballot. among them, governor, secretary of state. and as we just saw attorney general. >> but so many more as well, ballots must be postmarked before 8 o'clock tonight in order to be counted. >> all right. in the south bay voters in san jose are deciding who they want to become their next mayor. sam liccardo is terming out. so
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tonight's primary will determine who is going to replace him, at least to perhaps the top to it. if no one gets more than 50% of the vote. if no single person gets more than 50%, there will be a runoff in november between the top 2 kron four's justin campbell live in san jose tonight with a look at his big raise, justin. >> biggest city in the bay area. this is a big deal. >> it's a big deal. that's right. grant. and those numbers will come in after 8 o'clock tonight. but i want to talk to you a little bit about what manager with the office of basically records said here today that talking a little bit about the numbers, what she said as of 4 o'clock, the register's office said there's roughly 199,000 ballots that have been returned. and that is 19% of the eligible voters so far of a million people here in the county. they're expecting 35 to 45% voter
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turnout today in had around 35%. so one of the things the manager of the register's office also told me today is that this is a vote by mail county, roughly 90% of the eligible voters vote by mail here. the people that are coming into this county building or people that may have had a clerical mistake on their ballot or maybe they didn't receive a ballot in the mail. it's those types of things. a lot of the different a lot of the ballot or vote by mail for santa clara county. now we will be here covering the race through the night. the mayor's race as a lot of people want to see what is happening with that. and as we learn more, when those numbers come in around 8 o'clock tonight, stay kron. 4 will give it to you for now. we're live here in the south bay, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> all right, justin kron, 4 news and a kron 4 is your source. 4 election the night primary coverage join us tonight, starting at 7 for election results as they come rolling in analysis and live reports from campaign headquarters coming in from
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all across the bay area. again, our coverage starts at 07:00pm. >> yeah. if you can't be with us and the air online, the mobile app, it's all good right now to switch gears really quickly. take a look at the bay area forecast on this election night. just a gorgeous shot at this hour of the golden gate bridge. yeah, election coverage. weather right? know that, know, it just use whether to get out there. put on your flip-flops, your t-shirt. >> go vote. it's a good night to it right. just to get the mailbox. there you are. sticking it and not worry about, right? yeah, it is beautiful weather out all around the bay area. the sea breeze has kicked in again. but gorgeous all the way. the golden gate bridge. no fog there. we've got a couple of clouds along the coastline. temperatures cool up toward the beaches are in the 50's along the coastline. 73 beautiful in san jose. the still 78 and warm in liberating and cocker right now you're looking at temperatures. the 68 berkeley, 79, beautiful napa valley and 77 degrees in the bottle.
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there's a cold front off the coastline. there it boy, really interesting system for this time of year. the sea, this strong of a system developing off the coast. but here you go. most that rain, though, headed up in the pacific northwest right now. it's kind of clipping far northern california that chilly, though that's going to move on through live in a few clouds. but keeping us dry. and then once it moves by the temperatures are really going to warm up right now. we're seeing that on shore breeze, some 20 mile an hour gusts out toward the coastline. but just a general sea breeze today and some high clouds moving in overhead. if you are stepping outside, here's your voting forecast. if you're going out this evening. yeah. pretty comfortable in the valleys. lot of 70's there. nice and warm 60's inside the bay, even by 8 o'clock tonight some comfortable weather. little patchy fog developing overnight tonight. we'll have more on that and the potential for a little heat wave coming our way in a few minutes. all right, lauren, straight ahead at 5, the primary race for california governor is well under way. we're going to have >>lus, gas prices keep climbing here in the bay area.
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and everywhere they're going up now for the 11th day in a row. we'll take a look at the latest numbers. >> here's back on the practice court today in boston ahead of their game. 3 matchup with the celtics. our kate rooney is there was reaction from the team coming right up. meet three sisters. the drummer, the dribbler, and the day-dreamer... the dribbler's getting hands-on practice with her chase first banking debit card... the drummer's making savings simple with a tap... ...round of applause. and this dreamer, well, she's still learning how to budget, so mom keeps her alerts on full volume. hey! what? it's true! and that's all thanks to chase first banking. freedom for kids. control for parents. one bank with tools for both, all with no monthly service fee. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> the 2 people accused of kidnapping that 3 month-old baby boy in san jose pleaded not guilty today. use any
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ramirez and jose por are charged with kidnapping. little brandon quay are. >> yeah. but only one of the defendants actually appeared in court today and kron four's rob nesbitt report time. why that is. >> jose por was not present at today's plea hearing. his attorney says it's part of covid protocol, but as far as she knows, he is not ill pleading not guilty on his behalf. use any ramirez was in court tuesday, pleading not guilty to all charges against her in the kidnapping. case of brandon quay are ramirez attorney cody salfen says baby brandon's family knew ramirez and relied on her for his care at the onset of this case. i think the general public was terrified because they thought that some random person went in and snatched the child. and even if you assume the truth of the allegations that are put forward by the prosecution at this point. >> it's very clear that that's not what happened. a preliminary hearing will begin next week for both and ramirez. the judge will need to decide if there's enough probable cause for the case to go to trial. just gives us a
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preview of perhaps the strategy of the prosecution and how certain witnesses may testify and it gives the court a sense of what's going on in the case last month, the santa clara county district attorney's office at attempted kidnapping charges saying ramirez and tried to take baby brandon from his family multiple times starting in march. >> but he owes attorney says the preliminary hearing will be an opportunity for those close to the family and the accused to present the facts that people will call witnesses, not just a detective, but actually witnesses. >> laypeople to explain what they saw didn't see. was a full opportunity to cross examine ramirez and portillo will remain in custody without bail. their preliminary hearing is scheduled to start june 13th in san jose. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news in the north bay evacuation orders have been lifted for people who had to leave their homes in sandra fell because of a late night brush fire last night. this is video. >> here we see the flames. this video courtesy of the citizen app. the fire started.
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>> in the area of deer park avenue near dominican university. not far from one. 0 one. the fire burned a steep hillside. it burned 2 acres before crews were able to contain it. took about an hour for them to put the fire out. >> whether time now as weak. get a live look here. the view from our sutro tower. and it has just been very warm bay area day, especially if you're inland, a little bit of wind to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow light breezy today. yeah. those with those breezes, you know, we get these in the afternoon that kind of cranks up the fire conditions out there. so you got to be careful. got things drying out in the hills in with all that rain that we had over the weekend. beautiful up toward the golden gate bridge. you can check out the flag, though, filled with some of those winds right now. more of that on the way as we head through the evening hours. temperatures out the door. yeah. you look at this. nice number. 60 degrees. very comfortable in the san francisco. 65 in oakland. 73 degrees in san jose. 78 still a little more warm, 80 degrees in concord and 78 in santa
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rosa. here's a cold front off the coastline. that front is going bring us a few more clouds. the rain is going to stay well to the north of 7 northwest with that system. we are seen a couple clouds out ahead of it, though. and that sea breeze continues to kick in. and some of those winds have been a little more blustery along the coastline. you get some gusts now to 20 miles an hour. plus, there, dylan beach, also the sfo, 15 of the west in oakland. a 21 mile an hour wind in fairfield, sonoma. get a 25 mile an hour. wind out of the west right now. but this cold front going to slowly work its way toward the coastline. a few more clouds coming our way for tomorrow. tomorrow should be a nice, warm day around the bay area. we are going to see some high clouds rolling on through and some patchy fog. continue now the coastline to keep those cooler. you see it overnight tonight. that's just a couple of patches of fog. not a really solid fog developing overnight tonight. you see it there by tomorrow morning. just in the half, moon bay, parts of the civic. and then as we head through the day that will mix out only to return again as we head toward tomorrow evening. and a
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couple high clouds up above all that being said, the temperatures tomorrow are going to be nice. very similar to what we had today plan on some mid 80's inland. got a lot of 70's, a couple low 80's around the bay and cooler 50's and 60's out at the coast. all right, lawrence, you know, we're about 24 hours away from game 3 of the nba. had warriors are in boston. they landed yesterday today. >> they were on the court. they're the td garden having whole half-court shots to keeping it light ahead of the big game 3 tomorrow. our kate rooney joining us now live in the newsroom. kate, nobody thought this would be a sweep, you know, kind of a really hard fought long series. probably now it's tied. 1, 1, they go to boston. where is there trying to get one when they're right. >> it's crucial that they do. they can't win the series without its own other, getting some practice in on that td garden court today. here's a promising thing, though, about away games for the dubs. the golden state warriors are also really good at being road
5:21 pm
warriors. they've won at least one road game in their last. 26 nba playoff series. that's a league record. and so tomorrow it's a chance to extend that record. looks like the dubs were trying to keep things a little loose and their practice session today. you see steph shooting some long-range threes. he likes it. and then jordan poole. he's also get in on a draining a half-court shot there. gary payton, the second was also seen practicing some left-handed threes. that is the arm that he fractured. but for the dubs, it isn't just about their perimeter shooting, although that is one of their biggest weapons. it's also about keeping the celtics office. he'll turn golden state forced 18 boston turnovers in game 2. held them to 37.5% field goal shooting. here's what steve kerr and klay thompson had to say about game 3 earlier today. >> i would expect tomorrow to be really competitive, right from the start. we know they're going to bring. level of you know, that that we
5:22 pm
brought last game and we've got to be prepared for that. and and i yet to be should be a great game. we know this team plays very well home. you know. >> usually our championship runs. you have to get a road win or 2 to complete the mission. so this is the not a new scenario for us and it comes down to just plain that brand of worry basketball that allows us to be successful. >> now, clay also talked about needing to improve personally. he made it very clear he was not happy with the 4 for 19. he shot from the floor in game 2. and clay actually said he plans to watch youtube videos of himself to help can help him get back into that championship mode. as for which videos he said he usually watches game 6 clay. so super stars. they're just like the rest of us. >> a lot of fans hoping that gets back on track, that that would be awesome watch the best version of yourself.
5:23 pm
that's game 6. but thanks, kate. thank you, kate. >> still ahead, actor and uvalde native matthew mcconaughey speaks out about gun reform. has the country continues to try to heal from the recent mass shootings. and just ahead, kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala joins us live to break down. the numbers is governor newsom finds himself on a ballot yet again. across califo
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prices. boy, they have hit new record highs for the 11th day in a row. >> here in the bay area, we're paying for some of the most expensive gas in the entire country. our first charles clifford has details. >> across the country and here in california in the bay area, gas prices continue to rise. we're well past memorial day, but we're still seeing prices inching their way up almost by the day. now, according to triple a nationally, a gallon of regular is going for $4. and $0.92 2 weeks ago, it was about 4, 60 here in california. a gallon of regular is going for $6 and $0.37 2 weeks ago that was at about $6 a gallon. now here in the bay area, almost every county has gas above $6 a gallon. a marine county has the most expensive gas right now. it's $6 and $0.64 on average. now, as for why gas prices are high and they continue to climb. that is a very complicated situation that supply chain issues lingering from the pandemic disruptions caused by the war
5:27 pm
in ukraine. gas prices always go up in the spring time when people are traveling here in california. and right now, there's no relief in sight. some people have speculated that gas nationally could go well above $6 a gallon by later this summer. and finally, if you think our gas prices are high right now up in jenner in mendocino county, there is a chevron station, according to gasbuddy dot com. the discharging $9 and $0.63 for a gallon of regular. but for now in alameda, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> coming up next, we lot of political experts joining us.
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>> is your local election headquarters and governor newsom is seeking reelection this year and some people think he could just coast right through tonight's primary. yeah. ashley zavala said the state capitol to explain what we're watching for in the governor's race, especially. >> vicki and grant. yeah. recent polling shows governor gavin newsom could easily cruised through the primary tonight. but what we're watching for essentially it's who voters decide to pick as his challenger in november. and there are more than a dozen candidates on the primary ballot for governor. none of them are any of those big names we saw in the recall election just 9 months ago. a recent berkeley igs poll of more than 3,000 likely voters shows half of them would keep the governor in office and then 16% said they were undecided and then the


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