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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  June 7, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> at 6 california's primary election is under way. voters are deciding on candidates for governor, the u.s. senate. congress, state assembly, attorney general and other major positions locally here
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in the bay area. >> thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news tonight at 6. i'm moore and i'm ken wayne. kron. 4 is your local election headquarters and tonight we'll be tracking the major elections that are happening in the bay area. >> from the san jose mayoral primary to the district attorney races in alameda and contra costa county. we have team coverage tonight to bring you the latest on the election. turnout and the results. cloud forest justin campbell live in san jose. he's monitoring the mayor's race, their horses and kerman live in san francisco outside city hall checking on the voter. but first we start with kron four's. dan thorn is live in the newsroom with the latest on the san francisco district attorney's recall election welcome attend. the district attorney is facing a recall through proposition h. >> millions of dollars have been raised to give chase aboudi in the boot because opponents believe that he has just been weak on crime. those pushing this recall effort include a group called san franciscans for public safety who say routines approach to criminal justice has made the city less safe. medina's argue
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that the old way of doing things is not worked in that the focus needs to be on the root causes of why these crimes are happening. he's defended his work by saying the criticisms are simply republican talking points in the effort to oust or him his republican backed booting was out this morning campaigning and asking people to help him win. this recall fight. >> the recall is a massive gamble with public safety. we have no idea who or what would replace me. we don't know what policies will what track record they have. it will destabilize our district attorney's office at a time in our city desperately needs the steady hand of leadership. and that's exactly what i'm going to continue fighting for san francisco fighting for safety know, and san francisco is really happy that at this point that we've come to this where we have to remove a public official. >> because of their gross negligence, incompetence and unwilling to serve. >> all right. there was richie greenberg who is one of the leaders of the recall chase abou dean movement. he says
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he's feeling optimistic about to dean being recalled, but says the celebration would be bittersweet because so much work needs to be done here in the city to get things back on track to dean was first elected in 2019 and labeled as a progressive prosecutor. this is now the second recall election to take place in san francisco this year in february, 3 board members were shown the door. and last year, governor newsom easily survive the recall election. but recent polling is showing that butina is facing an uphill battle tonight. but we'll see how all of this works out. ken and pam. >> well known a couple hours. thank you, dan. san francisco, not the only bay area county that could see a new district attorney has correct. let's start with the east bay. alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley is retiring. voters will choose one of these 4 candidates to replace her. whoever wins will become the county's first ever. black district attorney. if no candidate wins more than 50% of the vote, then the top 2 candidates will have a runoff election in november in
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contra costa county, the incumbent district attorney diana becton is currently the only black da in the entire state. she's being challenged by her colleague, deputy district attorney mary knocks. knox has strong backing from law enforcement were aspect and has drawn criticism from some officials for prosecuting a former sheriff's deputy for an on-duty fatal shooting in the south bay, santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen is facing competition for the first time since he was elected more than a decade ago. former deputy da daniel chung is currently still in motion for a tally. ation zhang claims that he was fired for criticizing the current da in an op ed piece. and the 3rd candidate, deputy public defender said git kind has accused rosen of disproportionately prosecuting people of color. and finally, the north bay, current seminole county district attorney krishna abrams, is running against her own chief deputy d a sharon henry henry is accused abrams of playing politics in a position after abrams recused herself from investigating the police
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killings of willie mccoy. and sean monterrosa. while voter turnout is expected to be low across california, we hope that changes before 8 o'clock tonight, san francisco's contentious district attorney recall measure might bump up the turnout in the city. kron four's dan kerman has been talking to voters and he joins us live outside san francisco's city hall. dan. >> well, you know, most voters we spoke with outside city hall who are dropping off ballots in person say if there's one contest, our measure that really is getting them to the polls today. it's the recall of be doing in. these are people on both sides of the issue. the official ballot drop box outside san francisco city hall was getting a workout tuesday afternoon as a steady stream of people delivered their mail in ballots in person for many voting each and every election is essential, especially if they're passionate about a certain contest or measure. >> i always vote. it's really important to me. but the most important issue, today's
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voting no on the recall of chesa boudin. i think he's doing an excellent job. i think it's a huge waste of money in reserve a 3rd recall election this year we can do better this up. a few seen the breaking off sand. >> the crime everywhere. you know, we need to someone see it is to take care of that business has of election day morning about 125,000 mail-in ballots have already been received in the elections office. >> indicating turnout would be at least 25%. but election officials think it will end up being a bit higher. >> the or election probably would be the february 2022 election. we had san francisco only only san francisco where the 3 were of education members were recalled in that election. and we had about 12125 summer in that area. ballots back and the same the day before the morning of election day. we have 125,000 back morning of election day for this election. so we're we're tracking that february 20 election. well, as far as numbers are concerned, the
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turnout in favor. 22 was 36% again. the average for the last few given to our primary elections as 39%. so all 36% turnout is likely election. officials say it could get as high as 39% depending on how many people vote in person and drop off ballots before 08:00pm tuesday. >> now we should be getting our first results here in san francisco about 8.45. not really will shed some light. and what the final recites will be because whether or not it's 36% 39%. >> the number of ballots in right now really accounts for 2 thirds of all of those who will be voting. so again, it will shed a lot of light and what those final results will be live at city hall. dan kerman kron. 4 news. dan, you've covered a lot of elections in the city and i'm just curious is based on your own pass to witnessing those kinds of elections. >> it does seem light or doesn't. and i know a sot of people do vote by mail, but it
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seems like it's pretty sparse. as far as the crowds go dropping off ballots there. well, it's definitely more sparse in terms of people dropping off ballots today and especially at the neighborhood. >> locations where people can no vote at their neighborhood polling places. those are really quiet corner box here at city hall has been very busy this afternoon. but again, keep in mind that already 125,000 people had already turned in their ballots by this morning. that accounts for 25% of the electorate. so it's about 2 thirds already in this morning. so we'll have to see it just anybody guessing just how many more people are going to come out today to make that extra difference. >> all right, dan kerman, they still have time to get out there and cast their ballots tonight. let's hope they do. thank you for that live report in the south bay. voters in san jose are deciding who they want to become their next mayor. sam liccardo has been in the position since 2015. he's terming out. tonight's primary will determine who will replace him. and if nobody gets that 50% plus of
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the votes, then there will be a runoff in november. kron four's justin campbell live for us in san jose with a look at tonight's big race. justin. >> yeah, that's right. we're here at this county building building the manager with the county register. voters basically tells me that not a lot of people are coming inside this santa clara county is a mail in ballot. 90 1% of the people here mail in their ballot. but so far today, they have roughly over 200,000 ballots have so far been counted. those numbers will come later. she says that is 19% of the registered voters of 1 million. he says that's not enough. he would like to see more. take a listen. >> it's disappointing because elections are important primary and general, but it has stored plea in california gubernatorial primary elections have always been %% low. so i mean, we always want
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people the more the more the merrier to come out and vote. >> she's expecting a turnout of 35 to 45% of eligible voters here in the county. and he also says that if you believe in eligible voter but may not have registered, you can come to one of the over 100 polling locations in the county register in still cast your ballot before 8 o'clock tonight. stay with kron. 4 will have more updates later tonight after the polls close at 8. for now, we're live here in san jose, justin campbell kron 4 news. all right, justin, thank you for that. will be checking in throughout the night. kron. 4 news in kron. 4 dot com or your sources were primary election coverage. join us tonight. starting at 7 for election results as they come in. we'll have analysis and live reports from campaign headquarters all over the bay area. coverage again starts at 7 o'clock tonight right after this newscast on kron on and kron 4 dot com. on this day 2 weeks ago. other news tonight, an 18 year-old gunman shot and killed 19 students and 2
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teachers. >> at an elementary school in uvalde, texas today. actor matthew mcconaughey made an emotional plea at the white house urging congress to take action. now, actor who is a gun owner was born and raised in uvalde. he read the names of each of the victims well detailing their stories and telling people who they were. kellie meyer has more on his passionate call for change. >> i'm here today, you know, to apply with energy reason. the passion that i have. in the china turn this moment into a reality. because as i said this moment. >> is different today. star power at the white house podium. actor matthew mcconaughey in a passionate plea for new restrictions on guns. and look, it is is divided. is our country. is. this gun responsibility. issue is one that we agree on more than we don't. >> it really is. but this should be it. a nonpartisan
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issue. this should not be a partisan issue. there's not a democratic or republican value in one single act of the shooters. not. but people in power. have failed to act. the act are inspired to speak out after the mass shooting at robb elementary school in uvalde, texas. >> the town where he was born to make the loss. >> of these lives matter. wife and i might. i we spent most of last week on the ground. the families in uvalde, texas. we shared stories tears and memories. the common thread independent of the anger in the confusion and sadness. it was the same. how can these families continue to honor these deaths? by keeping the dreams of these children and teachers alive. again. how can
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a loss of these lives matter? jen motional mcconahay spoke of wife joining him at party thing on air of green high tops worn by one of the victims be same numbers. >> on her feet that turned out to be the only clear evidence that could identify her act. the shooting took on his walk on role in the briefing room came after a brief meeting with president joe biden. and before that with leading lawmakers on capitol hill, including speaker nancy pelosi pushing for reform and both sides rise above. can both sides see beyond the political problem at hand and admit? >> that we have eli preservation problem on our hands. we've got a chance right now to reach for an to grasp higher ground above our political affiliations. the chance to make a choice that does more than protect your party. a chance to make a choice that protects our country now and for the next
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generation, mcconahay says he learned how to be a responsible gun owner while growing up in uvalde. we are not as divided as we're being told. we are. >> the start given a us all of with real leadership. let's start getting all of us. >> good reason to believe that the american dream is not an illusion. >> that was kellie meyer reporting. his appearance comes as a bipartisan group of senators say that negotiations are moving in the right direction for some kind of new legislation. the closed door talks have focused mostly on expanding background checks and enhanced a red-flag loss. coming up at 6 on this primary election day. we are live in sacramento for more on those challenging governor newsom tonight for california governor.
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for second place. who will be his challenger in november. as you both mentioned, there are more than a dozen 2 dozen candidates on that primary ballot tonight. none of them are any of those big names we saw in the recall election in a september. a recent berkeley igs poll of more than 3,000 likely voters shows half would keep governor newsome in office. 16% said they were undecided and then the candidate with the next most votes there was republican state senator brian dolly at 10% and no party preference candidate michael shellenberger at 5%. governor gavin newsom seems to be treating tonight the same way he did the recall in which he's not having a watch party or an event like his opponents are this evening. at this point, it's unclear if governor newsom even plans to address voters tonight wants those election results are in. meanwhile, shellenberger is having an event there in the bay area tonight and because business is still underway here at the state capitol state. senator brian dolly will be here in downtown sacramento. we actually will be catching up with him within the next hour. and we hope to bring you some of his comments later on tonight this evening
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reporting live at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. ashley, i'm curious. what do you think can be attributed to the turnaround of the governor's fortunes? because >> when he's up for that recall, there some concern up could potentially lose. i mean, there's a >> a lot of arguments that we are in the midst of the covid pandemic and so on. now we have these surging gas prices. not much has been done to address that issue. doesn't seem like a lot has really changed since the last election. yet the governor seems to be in better shape this time. do we know why? >> yeah, i mean, i think it could come down to a couple of things. but yes, i mean, his opponents are definitely honing in on those direct issues that are affecting californians. others in, you know, democratic circles would point to, you know, recent events at the federal national level in terms of abortion and gun control or, you know, gun safety issues that have been really plaguing this country and not necessarily here. but governor newsom promises to protect gun control legislation. fact he hopes to even ramp up those efforts and
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has committed to protecting abortion access. so that could be really helping in his favor at this point. but, again, i mean, there's also the element of election fatigue here in california. governor newsom has been on the ballot now 3 times since 2018, including last year where voters have to decide in the recall election. so again, it's really helping the governor in his favor tonight. >> all right. ashley zavala live for us at state capitol in sacramento. ashley, thank you very much. the state's top prosecutor, attorney general rob bonta and his wife state assembly. remember me upon to cast their ballots in alameda this morning. monson was sworn in last year to assist succeed. javier becerra, who now serves in the biden administration. i'm thrilled to be able to put myself forward after serving in the year just over a year. is california attorney general to serve a full four-year term? it will be honor and privilege of a lifetime to continue serving californians in the sec critical role. and i love that. we live in the state of california where we can
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freely. >> and easily vote have access to the right to be able to vote unfettered. >> after obama was named attorney general, his wife mia won a special election to take her husband's vacant seat in the state assembly. both bonta's are now running to be reelected to a full term kron. 4 news. the kron 4 dot com are your sources for primary election coverage? join us tonight. starting at 7 o'clock for election results as they come in. and now this isn't live reports from campaign headquarters around the bay area. again, our coverage starts at 07:00pm. >> a beautiful election day around the bay area. no excuses for not getting out to vote. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is light right now. you know, we're talking about all these election issues. i'm so surprised at the drought hasn't been a bigger issue politically, but so far hasn't kicked in and it will of the continues, right more and more. so certainly the water issues are concerned we might get a little more rain headed our way. how about that? that be something else? not just
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yet, but we are going to see some changes coming our way. first going to be dealing with the heat. high pressure going to be building in the next couple days. beautiful evening out there. no reason not to get out there and vote. if you can clear skies all the way to the coastline. now, a couple patches of fog out toward the beaches today. temperatures still cool along the coastline in the 50's inside the bay, though, beautiful. 74 warm in redwood city. 72 in palo alto, 70 degrees in dublin, 78 in concord, 82 of pittsburgh. 84 degrees in saint lena and 73 degrees in the bottle. we do have a cold front out there right now. most the energy, though, is headed up in pacific northwest. nonetheless, the low is going to stay anchored off the coastline. that could affect our weather over the weekend. but now most the rain drops headed. well, north of the bay area. you see a couple of showers begin to move into far northern california. most of that, a scattered light shower activity up in oregon and also into washington. we, though, on the other hand, are picking up that sea breeze. again, seeing some of those winds gusting over 20 miles an hour. we've got some nice high clouds moving overhead going
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make for a beautiful sunset out there for tonight. and then overnight tonight, things are going to begin to change. looks we're going to see temperatures cooling off ever so slowly throughout the evening hours. staying mostly clear as we head toward 9 o'clock this evening. and then as we look toward the nighttime hours, the reestablish itself along the coastline, but just still very patchy, not a real strong fog bank. developing as we head to the day, kind of clouds on and off. i think tomorrow temperatures going to be very similar to what we had today. numbers running up in the 80's in many of the valley's going to see a lot of 70's, a few 80's inside the bay and 15 60's co side. bigger changes on the rise. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. thank you, orange. coming up, the suspects accused of kidnapping a 3 month-old infant in san jose is faced. faced a judge today. >> we'll have the latest on >> we'll have the latest on their plea.
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