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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  June 8, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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highs in the 70's to 80's compared to the 90's, triple digits. that's going to cool, though. you look outside of the golden gate bridge. skies are clear out that direction. we still do have that sea breeze that's rushing inland, allowing temperatures to be moderated by that nice ocean. cool there. when they cut off that sea breeze starting tomorrow and temperatures are about to soar. as for our current temperatures right now, most of us are in the 50's san jose conquered vallejo and fairfield in the low 60's, though, in brentwood, even in the low 70's, definitely a standout compared to the rest of the bay area this morning as we move into the latter part of the day, expect highs in the 70's to 80's sunshine through the day. really nice feel enjoy every minute of it because the heat is on tomorrow and i'll get to it and the rest of your forecast back over to rain. all right. john planning for a one-week traveling into the city this morning just under 11 minutes to make that drive from the maze to that fremont street exit san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula just under 13 minutes to make it to one. 0, one from a 80. a lot
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of richmond heading across or center phil under 10 minutes to make that drive. >> the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. a 20 minute morning commute. across california. gas prices have hit new record highs for the 11th and 12th day in a row here in the bay area are paying for some of the most expensive gas in the entire country force. charles clifford has those details. >> across the country and here in california in the bay area, gas prices continue to rise. we're well past memorial day, but we're still seeing prices inching their way up almost by the day. now, according to triple a nationally, a gallon of regular is going for $4 and $0.92. 2 weeks ago, it was about 4, 60 here in california. a gallon of regular is going for $6 and $0.37 2 weeks ago. that was about $6 a gallon. now here in the bay area, almost every county has gas above $6 a gallon. a marine county has the most expensive gas right now. it's $6 and $0.64 on
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average. now, as for why gas prices are high and they continue to climb. that is a very complicated situation that supply chain issues lingering from the pandemic disruptions caused by the war in ukraine. gas prices always go up in the spring time when people are traveling here in california. and right now, there's no relief in sight. some people have speculated that gas nationally could go well above $6 a gallon by later this summer. and finally, if you think our gas prices are high right now up in jenner in mendocino county, there is a chevron station, according to gasbuddy dot com. the discharging $9 and $0.63 for a gallon of regular. but for now in alameda, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> lawmakers are fighting over how to address inflation. american dependency on oil is a key sticking point. meanwhile, republicans say more government spending is the problem, not the solution, taking aim at the biden administration's green policies. democrats say they're working on clean energy proposals. >> they want to make you sell
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your truck and they're going make gasoline is so expensive that your family hurt as a result political theater to point just prices are up and my reaction is they're up for everybody. the question is what i'm going to do about it. >> well, treasury secretary janet yellen says lawmakers should focus on the sectors that are driving price increases and believes investments in clean energy are going to help. well in the bay area news, hundreds of people in san francisco are in limbo after their apartment buildings flooded on friday. the building management says a water leak caused the flooding and everyone must stay out of the building for at least several days. prof are aqi has those details. >> more than 400 residents of 33 to hama in san francisco are displaced as of friday night. water flooded the 382 unit high rise after a pipe burst at the top of the building to incredibly disruptive. you know, not knowing where i'm going to sleep. i mean,
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>> their parents in the building who have kids who are going to summer school. austin caldwell is one of the hundreds of residents who were forced to evacuate right now. >> since then, heinze, the real estate development and management firm has been booking people in nearby hotels. as of yesterday. it's essentially become a lottery system with the building. there's no rhyme or reason for. >> you know who who they're moving around. you know, it honestly seems like a game of chess that we're playing with the building. caldwell says. >> some people have been relocated to a new place daily others to south san francisco in some haven't been nearly as lucky getting emails saying you will have a place to stay tonight. and i just didn't hear from them for 24 hours and had to take matters into my own hands of manhunt out. kaylee jordan is now nearly 5 grand out of pocket. >> after booking a hotel room for monday through friday this week. >> she says finding an available room was tricky. >> an extremely expensive due to several conferences in the city this week. hein says that
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management will reimburse residents but didn't specify how much it is really unfortunate that it there's just so much miscommunication and that they were not prepared for an emergency like this. the building is in the management company and the ownership is. >> you know, it. it's it's honestly the bar gets lower every single day. caldwell says this isn't the first time either. he and his partner were flooded out of their apartment at 33 to hom in august. >> and with displaced for several weeks, currently, most residents have accommodations through saturday. however, caldwell says he's not sure what will happen next or where they'll go at this time. building management says they don't have a reopening timeline. >> in san francisco, taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> well, it's been 2 months since a mother and a daughter were killed in a hit and run in san jose and police are continuing to search for the suspect. investigators have identified jose huizar as the suspect responsible for the april 7th crashed. it happened along a call avenue in court. police say they have found the red truck that hit the victims
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and they're still searching for him. if you have any details about his whereabouts call san jose police. this year's violent crime in oakland has prompted one city leader to call for the national bar. however, the idea does not seem to be catching on with some council members. we're also running for mayor of the city. all fours haaziq madyun has that story. >> take a close look at this video of a dangerous drive by shooting. witnesses say luckily no one was seriously injured. it happened sunday, june 5th near the intersection of 35th avenue and foothill boulevard in the city of oakland. here is another video recorded on 5/12/2022. at that same location. it starts as a robbery of customers waiting for their orders at a taco truck. then one of the robbers pulls out a gun and shoot one of the victims opd investigators can for this shooting was deadly. the shootings are part of that accumulation of violent crime this year in oakland city,
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councilmember noel gallo is fruitvale district prompting him to make this call. and the only choice that i have considering what's going on in my neighborhood is called the national guard. >> reality is here's where 100 police officers short and it's going to be a while for us to catch up. >> and but we do need >> this those support when it comes to safety from other governmental did reach out to the sheriff in to the highway patrol. and they're short of staff as well. the situation is so dire that will take all the help. we can get the president of the union that represents oakland police officers. barry donelan says violent crime is statistically down from this time last year and explains why last january, which had staggering numbers, which is an outlier for out. >> if you take that out, you've seen increasing crime each one through 2022. >> as our numbers of police officers have continued to
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fall asking the governor to send in the national guard is a call that can only be made by the mayor of oakland, the current mayor, libby shaft was not available, but i reached out to ask if she supported the idea to oakland city council members and mayoral candidate shane wintry burried both say they do not approve calling in the national dog council member and mayoral candidate lower taylor did not send a reply. >> has it made you kron? 4 news? >> well, the cdc has raised its alert level for monkeypox to level 2. it's now recommending that travelers wear masks as a precaution. there are now 31 confirmed cases in the u.s. san francisco health officials identified a probable case last friday. the sacramento county, a 4th suspected cases been identified. the public health officials say all of those cases are linked to one person who recently traveled to europe. the 4th person was identified last week, but the cdc steel needs to confirm that diagnosis. health officials say the sudden appearance of monkeypox adjusts it's been spreading
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for a while. it has just been undetected so far. well up, a scribe barn on the san andreas lake dam took place in san mateo county. cal fire crews and the san mateo county fire department doctor that burned yesterday. the 5 acres fire consumed dead and dry grass in order to reduce fire dangers to that area. it also helps remove vegetation that could compromise the integrity of the dam. cal fire tells us the prescribed burn also provides training for firefighters as we head into the busiest part, a wildfire season. >> we have new firefighters every year and we want everybody to see live fire before they're actually on a fire line fighting and uncontrolled wildfire. this is a much safer environment. it also helps our new firefighters be more of a student, a fire to see how it minutes under their control. >> yesterday's prescribed burns in about 2 hours to finish. no issues reported news. well, new details on the fire that broke out at a private hangar in petaluma
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officials estimated the loss and damage to be at least $150,000. fire crews were able to stop that fire from spreading to the adjacent hangers and the same building protecting about 2 million dollars and other assets. well, the fire destroyed a small plane and a classic car. the cause of that fire still being investigated. coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news lawyers, a boston getting their reps in game for a matchup with the celtics. we have reaction from the team get back.
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>> in a u.s. senate hearing, lawmakers wanted to sound the alarm about the severe drought in the west, which they acknowledge has not been this dry and 1200 years. they say urgent action is needed to deal with the drought and to keep it from getting a lot worse. our washington correspondent alexandra limon has those details for us. >> the colorado river provides drinking water for 40 million people in 7 states and serves about 5 million acres of farmland and it is running out of water. most of the western united states is experiencing severe drought. this drought is threatening our local regional and national food supply. >> and the main reason for all this is climate change.
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colorado senator michael bennet says it's the federal government's responsibility to help states fight the climate change that's fueling the drought. just like the government would help other states after a hurricane. but we haven't seen anything like that kind of response to the western water crisis. and the miller of the colorado river water conservation district says low levels at lake powell signaled dire consequences. no water in the grand canyon. >> no water for california, no water for nevada. experts say more federal funding is needed to implement new forecasting and water storage and to help farmers save water. >> but they say the root of the problem is human caused climate change. but republican senator tommy tuberville appeared to want a different answer. we know we've got a problem. why do we have a problem, too? because climate change we're seeing significant increases in temperatures. we're looking at potential low to no snow futures in wasn't going to go. >> one it's getting hotter. republicans and senator joe
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manchin have blocked meaningful legislation to fight climate change in washington. >> alexandra limon, all right. well, it certainly has been a dry one, especially. we've been feeling that here in the bay area it's going to help. but it's also going to be lot. >> warmer. so take advantage of today, right, john? yeah, absolutely. because we're only getting hotter from here for the rest of the weekend. has that story just told you? it's not just us here in the bay, newark, california. >> that are in the midst of this excessively dry conditions. the drought is gripping almost the entirety of the desert. southwest id that deep drought is definitely working its way back into the picture. you can see that we do have the return of summer rune indicating excessive drought over the past few weeks to the central valley, new drought monitor isn't going to be really still tomorrow. but a look at it right there. just definitely reinforcing what you saw on that story, which is a reminder we have to be saving water and as soon as get into see as much as possible because from the dry and at least mild conditions today to
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the really hot stuff tomorrow, friday on into saturday, daytime highs will be rising well into the 90's. even the triple digits come friday of the weekends, which is a likely our day to be breaking a couple of records out there. warm conditions today, but not her heart is just yet. we're still tap into this motion cooled air working its way into the bay from the west. tomorrow we're going to it, cut the top off and you're going to not see any of that cooler ocean air working its way into the bay. and temperatures are about to skyrocket as much as they will be. so from today's nice and relatively mild stuff to the heat tomorrow, big changes over the next 24 hours. that does mean you should enjoy today as much as possible. 60's and 70's for san francisco 60's at the coastline and then pretty solid 70's to 80's elsewhere across the bay saying carlos redwood city back to those upper 70's at 78 san jose and santa clara, a nice 81 degrees east bay. temperatures anywhere from the 70's 80's as
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well. clinton, i-75 walnut creek warm but definitely more comfortable than you're about to be a 83 degrees, vacaville or how to spot and only at 89 degrees. tomorrow we'll start to see 90's in london by friday. some triple digits inland. our hottest of the forecast will remain hot on saturday before we really start to cool things down into sunday. the best day of the weekend to plan anything outside. daytime highs from saturday into sunday falling as much as 10 to 15 degrees. rain. one. he's so warm one out there. thank you for that, john. >> well, travel into the city. let's check out the bay bridge to minute drive bays that fremont street exit san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula about 13 to make it to one o one. the sec on the richmond sandra fell bridge. looks like a light. 9 minute drive. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. you're looking at 20 minutes on this wednesday morning. the top you now for 47 am and the dubs practice at the garden trying to keep it loose before the game. steph curry, jordan
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poole trying to bring their a game. but the dep's know that it's going to take a lot more to be boston. they got to keep the celtics off kilter the way they did in game 2. part of that was a huge scoring run but also defensive pressure forcing turnovers and keeping the celtics from getting good looks. the lawyer said they expect another dog fight in game 3. >> i would expect tomorrow to be really competitive, right from the start. we know they're going to bring. level of you know, that that we brought last game and we've got to be prepared for that. and and i yet to be should be a great game. we know this team plays very well home. you know. >> usually our championship runs. you have to get a road win our to complete the mission. so this is not a new scenario for us and it comes down to just plain that brand basketball that allows us to
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the successful. we always know out of find a way to win games no matter what. >> stout is how it's going. most going defensive battle shootout, whatever it is. we and level of and determination. this inability to finally get it done and and being hostile environments where you get tested, you push and our experience kind of shows at the right time. so. obviously in this situation, it's a must for us when championship. we've got to be up to that task. >> well, in baseball, the a's in atlanta taking on the brain's with current a's teammate stephen vogt. and kristen pat shea receiving their 2021 world series rings. look at posen. well, bottom of the 3rd a's are up by a run and the braves they end up
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tied it up with a home run race. take the lead at the bottom of the 6 hayes fall 3 to 2. i will for your help. just surprising news in the fight against cancer. there's a recent drug trial administer to a handful of cancer patients. it had surprising results. all participants saw the disease disappear. jennifer jordan has more on this story. >> it may be the first time this has happened in the history of cancer. 18 cancer patients with a particular mutation. now in remission after a groundbreaking clinical trial, the ability to have normal bowel function, which is >> not something i think all of us think about too much. but, you know, when you lose it, you know, just how valuable that to be able to preserve that. for this group of patients is really a game-changer. cleveland clinic oncologist, doctor sunil comment. >> reacting to the study that was conducted at memorial sloan kettering cancer center in new york with 100% success
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rate. >> the study detailed in the new england journal of medicine using an immunotherapy drug called ghost ali mob was administered to each patient every 3 weeks for 6 months. a 38 year-old woman was the clinical trials. first patient. and after 6 months, so her tumors disappear in the cleveland clinic trial now underway a different yet similar immunotherapy drug is being used called pd one inhibitors. one that we're using is more commonly available. >> so yes, it is. it's an ongoing thing. our institution and we're really excited to see based these results, what we might from from our trials want the risk of developing colorectal cancer is about one in 23 for men. >> and one in 25 for women. the cleveland clinic trial which began just a few months ago, has not revealed how many participants or what results
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they've seen so far. but doctors say the results from the trial in new york are definitely promising. that's really the biggest >> this study is that you more than likely all of these patients, if not a rare few will never need surgery at all in cleveland. jennifer jordan. >> we'll be right back after the break.
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>> well, if you're looking to fly southwest late summer, early fall, you're going to want to book your tickets within the next 3 days. here's why the airline is offering 40% off qualified fares approaches through thursday. the discount is going to plan to travel between august 16 and november. 5th customers can enter fall 40 in the promo code box. when booking online. okay. now you remember this stuff. breaking into a pescadero classroom. well, it turns out the little cub finally has a name. >> you name them sage. i like that name. the oakland zoo decided to follow the plant. they already established a match. the other mountain lion resident rose, they got rose just so cute. the zoo says that they are gradually increasing sages diet and that he's in better shape than rose when she right as a result, sage did not require intensive care. they plan on moving sage today to be next to rows in their hospital. ward. and if
4:56 am
everything goes well, when he's medically cleared the plan to introduce the 2 to each other, that would be awesome to see the next big >> down. yes, yes. >> and it a that loose on the highway in oklahoma. so who did they call ghostbusters? not a a cowboy. of the cowboys successfully wrangled the cow. our producer angelica set rodeo once that ran into the service road and looks like a callous is safe and in good. plus. the votes are in. >> and chase it with dean has been recalled. we're going hear why voters said yes to proposition age. and some san franciscans and some tenants here are looking for a place to stay now after their apartment building was flooded, will have an update on that. and there are some local leaders who are calling for the national guard to come to oakland after a series of
4:57 am
shootings here. why some leaders say that's not necessary. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> good morning and happy wednesday to you. i'm sorry and i'm james. we're ridway through the week. >> we have the results of the mid term or not the mid term, but primary primary got a lot that to tell you about the verdict is not in yet on the that came is tonight. so lots going on and we're waiting for more heat, i yeah, last day before we find out about the warriors and also before we get back to the heat. so a hanging on the lines today as far as getting out there and enjoying get a chance to today because >> tomorrow, friday, saturday, it's all going to be really, really hot. golden gate bridge looks nice and clear. we don't have any fog out there this morning and not a whole lot of fog anywhere along the coastline. kind of a surprise because we do have generous seabreeze pushing through. but none of that fog making its way on into the bay area. so you've got an easy commute, but you're still enjoying the benefits of that ocean. cool. there.


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